Episode 147 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (1) Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 147 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The view is at ground level, the flowers and grass sway with the gentle breeze. Large puffy white clouds take over the blue sky. Just then we see the feet of a child running and kaede’s old voice begins to narrate, my name is kaede. (the view goes back showing young kaede from a distance running towards us.) I am an elderly miko (priestess) who has lived through many years of the Warring Era. (there is a close up of her starting from her stomache going up to her face). As child kaede runs, she looks like she is almost out of breathe as she calls out, SISTER!!!! SISTER KIKYOU!!! (kaede’s old voice narrates again as the view gives young kaede’s face a close up as she continues to run) but this was when I was still an innocent girl, who knew nothing of fighting or war. The view slowly scrolls to the right. First it shows a large rock and then kikyou, with her bows and arrows, standing in between the rocks, having her hair blow in the wind. There is a close up of her face, she looks very determined and focused when young kaede calls out to her. Kikyou looks behind her, still looking very serious, as kaede runs over to her looking concerned and tired. There is a close up of kikyous right profile as she looks over her shoulder abruptly telling kaede to stop and not come any closer. Kaede stops in her tracks and looks around curiously. Standing infront of a rock is tsubaki (from eps 60-62) holding a sword in her left hide, gazing into the distance. Kaede has a surprised look as she recognizes tsubaki. There is a flashback. kikyou and kaede are standing side by side, in the background, bowing down as a high status man walks passed them with tsubaki walking just behind him. Just then the view suddenly stops. White light, with pink around the edges shines down upon kikyou and tsubaki. The flashback ends and tsubaki walks over to kikyou and looks behind her asking, Is that your child sister, kikyou? Kikyou turns to face her looking ticked off and serious when just then everything becomes dark. Kikyou gasps as she looks up to find a void of dark energy swirling in the sky. Tsubaki asks, as you sure its all right? I am more than capable of handling this myself. (view of kikou gazing up into the sky) Stay back with your younger sister. Kikyou lowers her head, closes her eyes and smiles as she responds, you need not worry. There is a very nice close up of tsubaki (she looks really pretty here ^_^) as she smiles saying, impressive, not even hesitating to stay back, even though you may be placing your own family in danger. Out of the dark center of the void a HUGE swarm of demons pour out. Some fly around kaede as kaede looks up in horror yelling, DEMONS!! She hides behind a rock but a large turquoise demon finds her and growls. Kaede lets out a scream as she holds up her right hand to her head and closes her eyes. Just the moment the demon is about to eat her it shatters into pieces by a purity arrow. Kaede looks up, wondering where the demon has gone, seeing her sister readying another arrow. Kikyou has an emotionless, kick ass expression as a demon hurtles towards her. She shoots and the arrow goes right through its mouth and it shatters into pieces starting from its head all the way to the end of it body (pretty cool effect ^_^) . there is a close up of kaede watching her sister behind a rock looking impressed as she think, A-AMAZING!! Tsubaki is destroying all the demons surrounding her with ease using a wooden staff saying kikyou is such a cold woman. The view shows kikyou with her back first on the left and tsubaki with her back first on the right. They meet, standing back to back, weapons ready as a long grayish green soars behind them. Tsubaki continues, no, not a woman, yet unequivocally a priestess. The view turns this image of them back to back counterclockwise and now kikyou is facing us. Kikyou is holding her bow outward and then there is a close up of her. She looks very attentive, focused and determined as she thinks, yes I am a priestess. (the view scrolls to the right) That is my destiny. Suddenly a long, green demon with horns hurtles towards growling. She turns, readies her arrow and shoots it. The arrow flies at incredible speeds piercing the inside of the demon’s mouth, shattering it into pieces with a loud BOOM!!!! The view shows kikyou standing up straight, looking proud and determined as kaedes old voice begins to narrate, ( left profile of kiykous determined expression) A strong, proud, and beautiful priestess. When I was a child, kikyou was all these things to me. (the screen, still on her left profile, scrolls to the left. Then it switches to young kaede, still behind the rock, smiling with absolute admiration at kikyou) But there was no way for me to know (the view goes back to kikyou standing perfectly upright and proud with her bow in her left hand as tsubaki approaches her) what kind of sad fate awaited my sister. Then the view scroll to the left and ontop of a green demons remains a small red spider demon with 3 glowing red eyes says evilly and angrily, curse you. You won’t get away with this. This is not the end. After the title, we see a HUGE brown grey demon’s foot stomp down onto the ground. The view moves up, and we get to see his face. It has wild blue grey hair, one glowing red eye, and a turquoise outline around his eyes nose and mouth. The demon suddenly calls out, WHERE ARE YOU!!!??? (the view shows the demon from the back. He is standing in the middle of the forest, rays of sunlight beam down through the leaves) WHERE DID YOU GO HALF DEMON!!!??? The demon starts looking around and inu yashs zooms behind him like a flash of light. The demon looks behind him looking ready to kick some ass when inu shouts, RIGHT HERE!!! The demon looks up and inu yasha is up in the air with the sun centered right behind him. Inu yasha begins to fall from the air and using iron reaver to slice the demon in half, straight down (it was so quick too O_O). O_O DAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN O_O. each half falls down and lands on the ground with a BOOM. Inu yasha gets back up, staring at his claws looking ticked off saying, you FOOL, (there is a close up of inus ticked off expression, as rays of sunlight beam down on him) no one calls me a half demon and lives (what do you think you are? A teletubbie? Please *rolls eyes*). The view then shows a village, protected by a large, high and long fence made of logs as more rays of light beam down onto the land. The view shows a huge close up of one part of a large turquoise centipede-like demon. Just then a villager with a large blade chops one of its legs off. The view moves back showing more of the centipede demon, and 2 villagers are using a large blade, like a saw, pushing back and forth, cutting off one section of the demon. The view backs away even more showing many villagers cutting off pieces of this demon while another village. At the front of the screen, another villager pulls a cart with demon parts on it. The view scrolls to the right showing a man standing, with a boomerang just like sangos over his back. His name is shako, he looks like he is in his mid-late 30’s. Kirara jumps on top of his left shoulder and gives out a sweet meow. Just then 2 more villagers run frantically towards him yelling, BOSS!!!!! Shako turns around curiously asking what is the matter. They finally reach him and saying in a very worried and nervous tone, (the one on the left wearing a blue top and tan pants says………) THE SHOUNYUU CAVE!!!............ (the one of the right who wears a red top and blue pants, sounding more desperate continues………..) Please come with us, there is something wrong with the shounyuu cave. shako is curious to what is going on. Back at the cave, there are pieces of a centipede demon scattered at the front of that cave. there is what looks likes a blue barrier casted over the entrance to the cave. 2 villagers, are there already, holding their weapons in hand, staring at the cave curiously and the one on the left looks a bit surprised. Shako, kirara, and the other 2 villagers finally arrive. The ones that have been there greet him and ask what is going on with this cave. Shako gasps as he stares within the cave saying dumbfounded, this cant be…….. They ask him what is going on AGAIN, there is a close up of shako as he explains, there is no doubt about it. It’s Midoriko. One of the villagers replies in a shocked tone, Midoriko? (there is an image of Midoriko inside the cave, with a medium amount of green light being casted from the middle of her body) The legendary priestess that made the shikon jewel? The view closes in on her slowly as another villager says, It cant be! She died hundreds of years ago! There is another close up of shako as he looks down asking what this corpse is (the centipede). The villager wearing blue is in the center of the 5 of them explaining that they exterminated this centipede demon a couple days ago. As the view begins to show the scattered pieces of centipede demon another villager explains they have some trouble with it. He reassures them that they smashed its head so everything should be fine. But shako still looks concerned as he takes off his boomerang (kirara jumps off). He then thrusts the tip of the boomerang inside the large piece of demon in front of him and thrusts it back out. Suddenly, something sparkling comes out. It’s the shikon jewel as it pop out into the air and bounces on the ground. Shako picks it up and observes it. 2 of the 4 other villagers walk over to him and stare curiously at the shikon jewel asking shako what it is. Shako explains as he stares at the jewel, this is it. Midoriko’s soul is reacting to this. Shako stares up to look at the cave as everyone else stares at the shikon jewel in awe. Shako says that this is first time seeing it as he holds the shikon jewel up into the air. The shikon jewel shines as sunlight embraces it. Just then kirara becomes alert and starts growling. They all look down at her as shako asks her what is wrong. Suddenly there is a huge BOOM as the centipede revives. We see its face and LOW AND BEHOLD it is mistress centipede from ep 1. She looks furious demanding that they give it back. Her body continues to rise into the air as Shako tells everyone to get back as he readies his weapon. (for all you men and women ^_~ who love demon tits XD sorry there were no nipples drawn on her XD) Mistress Centipede yells that the jewel is hers as she soars down to attack. The view shows her coming towards the screen until we get an eerie close up of her face, and her mouth wide open with all her fangs. Shako tries to attack but she is too fast as she coils around him entrapping him like a snake. Shako screams in agony and everyone becomes highly concerned as they all yell “ BOSS!!!” in unison. There is another close up of her as she demands AGAIN that he give her the shikon jewel and bites him on his right shoulder. Shako screams in agony again and everyone yells “BOSS!!!” in unison again. Just then, kirara rushes over to the demon. In a blaze of fire she transforms and lets out an “IMA KICK UR ASS B!TCH” growl as she bites the back of Mistress Centipede. Blood shoots everywhere as Mistress Centipede lets out a painful scream and Shako is released. He takes this opportunity and unleashes his boomerang. Mistress Centipede is sliced and she falls down to the ground and does another dramatic agonizing scream. The tip of the boomerang lands on the ground, the demon is defeated. Shako kneels on the ground in pain, holding his right shoulder. Everyone rushes over to his aid. There is a close up of the shikon jewel shining with a dark aura around it. Shako realizes the demon revived because of this. He explains to everyone in a concerned tone, As long as this is nearby, (view looking out at his boomerang and the head of Mistress Centipede) it will keep reviving. There is a close up of her face and suddenly she revives again O_O. she looks ravenous as she looks from left to right growling. She then speedily crawls to her right, trying to escape. Shako tells kirara to go after her and makes sure she doesn’t escape. Kirara lets out a growl and she charges over to Mistress Centipede who just crawled behind the bushes. Kirara jumps over the bushes in pursuit. There is a close up of Shako, still looking in pain (his wound on his right shoulder looks worse) as he stares at the jewel he holds out in his hand saying in a frustrated tone, damn it, we wont be able to do anything about this impure jewel. (the view begins to back out slowly). We have to find a priestess. He then suddenly moans in agony, clutching his right shoulder. Everyone leans in closer to him yelling in a concerned tone, BOSS!!!! There is an overview of them. In a weak moan, Shako responds, A priestess that has the power to purify this…. Back in the forest, just leaving a nearby village, kikyou (on the left), kaede (in the middle) and tsubaki ( on the right) walk along the path. Old kaede begins to narrate once more, My sister and I traveled by foot all around the country, (rays of sunlight peak through the leaves and the view shows them from the side instead of the front) exterminating demons as wandering priestesses. Kkikyou and kaede stop walking and look back at Tsubaki. Tsubaki reaches them and stops as well. They both bow at Tsubaki and turn to leave again There is a close up of kikyou’s emotionless face as tsubaki stops her asking, are you sure you don’t want your reward? Kikyou looks over her shoulder and tells Tsubaki she can have it. Tsuabki bows her head slightly and thanks her. Kikyou smiles and both her and kaede begin to leave again when tsubaki interrupts them saying, kikyou, as a fellow priestess in training, let me warn you of one thing. (kikyou and kaede stops, kikyou still faces the same direction while kaede turns to look at tsubaki. Then there is a close up of tsubaki, smiling) A priestess shows her true power once she throws away her feelings. (there is a close up of the back of kikyou’s head) But as a woman, you will probably fall in love. Kikyou turns her head to look at her *FINALLY* and has a “you can’t be talking about me” look saying, me? *she now has a “ you cant be serious” smile* fall in love? Tsubaki smiles evilly as her eyes suddenly flash bright red telling her (there is a close up of tsubaki as the view zooms in on her face), do not forget. Do not fall in love. Do not be loved by a man *so that means women are ok XD* (the view gives kikyou a close up as she listens intently) If you ever meet such a man, you will die an unnatural death. Kikyou closes her eyes and smiles in an amused way saying, I will keep that in mind. Kikyou opens her eyes, turns and begins to walk away again. There is a close up of tsubaki as she watches them walk away she makes a “hmph” sound as she smiles evilly. Her close up fades out and an overview of kikyou and kaede walking along a path next to a stream fades in. kikyou comments that tsubaki is a complicated woman. Kaede looks up her curiously as kikyou says that tsubaki placed a curse on her. Kaede asks about the curse. Kikyou tells her not to worry about it. There is a close of Kikyou, she has a stubborn look saying that there is NO WAY that she would ever fall in love. The next scene shows 2 more of those demons inu fought before (horns, one red eye, light blue grey hair, large in size). One of them yells, We wont let you get away, HALF DEMON!!!! The begins looking around as the one in the background says, We will avenge our older brother!!! Somewhere, hiding, clutching a wound on his left arm, inu yasha is gritting his teeth, looking very worried thinking, I didn’t know he had allies. Just then inu yasha looks up horrfied when one of tehm finds him hiding.. It attacks and inu barely dodges by rolling. Finally the view shows that inu was hiding behind a very tall rock as the demon becomes even more furious yelling, YOU’RE NOT GETTING AWAY!!!! Inu yasha demands that it goes away as he pierces his bloody wound getting blood all over his hands. He then unleashes his blades of blood attack (hijinkessou). One of the blades strikes the demon in the eye, he steps back, coverig his eye with both his hands, screaming in agony. The other brother lands right in front of him with a BOOM now even more enraged charging towards inu yasha saying, DAMN YOU!!!! Who do you think you are half demon?!!?!? He speedily strikes where inu is but inu yasha does a SPECTULAR leap into the air, doing at LEAST 3 flips before doing a spring jump off the cliff yelling furiously, YOU GOT A PROBLEM WITH ME BEING A HALF DEMON!!!??? The demon is in shock. Inu soars through the air until he is RIGHT over the demon and unleashes iron reaver (sankontessou). DUN DUN DUN!!!! He begins falling at high speeds as he attacks them BOTH at the same time landing on the ground. Both demons scream in agony as they begin to deteriorate at the same time until there is nothing left. (don’t get on his bad side O_O) . inu yasha begins to get up from the squatting position he landed in but suddenly a huge rush of pain pierces him on his left arm. He quickly holds his arm where the wound is trying to mask the pain, gritting his teeth saying, dammit!!! Against such weaklings…. (there is a close up of inu yasha looking very frustrated trying the best to mask his pain as he begins to think………) I have to become stronger! I need…… I need more strength! It’s nighttime. The sun has almost finished setting. Kikyou and kaede are walking through a village. There is a lot of chatting in the background as the view changes showing kikyou and kaede walking from the side. There are a bunch of villagers standing in front of them welcoming kikyou. One of them steps forward informing her that an exterminator came by this morning looking for her. There is a close of kikyou, she has a curious/surprised expression as the villager continues, when we said you weren’t here, he said he’d stop by again tonight. Kikyou rests her head down looking deep in thought saying, an exterminator? I wonder what he wanted. Scene change XD. The view shows the ground and it begins to dampen. Suddenly the rain comes down even harder (see it DOES rain in this anime XD). The view switches to a tree, on the right side of the screen as young kaedes voice sounds in the background saying, Sister! Please hurry into the house! The view shows a small house. Then it switches to an overview of many demon exterminators (from sangos village ^_~. They are all kneeling down except for the one in the front.) as kikyou walks towards the man in the front. She opens her palms and he places something in her hand. He walks backwards for about 4 steps, bows, and all the exterminators begin to leave. There is a quick shot of a puddle on the ground, as it continues to rain, then one of the exterminators runs stomps down on that puddle as he runs. Back with kikyou and kaede, kaede rubs her eye looking like she was just woken up asking kikyou what is going on. Kikyou has a blank stare as she gazes at the thing in her hand, which seems to be giving off a black aura. Kaede then notices kikyou is holding something as she looks at kikyous palm with high interest asking what it is. The view shows a close up of her palm, its the jewel (it still a bit dark and needs to be purified though). Kikyou explains to kaede what it is and that she was given the job to purify it. There is a close up of kikyou’s palms together shown from the right side with kaede right next to them staring curiously at it as old kaede narrates, that was the first time I had ever seen the shikon jewel. (view of the shikon jewel glowing from ep one) Once kikyou took the shikon jewel, (image of kikyou in attacking position and a large bird demon, with 3 red eyes, right in front of her, that has just been pierced through the center by her arrow) her destiny changed dramatically. (image of kikyou in the background with a large shock way of power emitting from her from every direction. Several toad/lizard demons are hit by the attack. Then it switches to another demon, with glowing red eyes and blue hair as kikyou is in striking position using her bow chopping off the left half of the demons stomache.) Meanwhile, (view of several women gathered together checking out certain beauty products it seems. Kikyou walks by way in the background.) other girls her age were burning incense, putting on lipstick, applying rouge to their cheeks, (close up of kikyou with a sad expression) and otherwise enjoying life. Kikyou walks away and the screen goes black. It is sunset now, the sky is a beautiful golden orange. Inu yasha is charging through the forest. There is a close up of him, gritting his teeth thinking, damn it, I have to hurry tonight! The view shows inu yasha running from the back (and it AINT pretty -_-) and suddenly ahead of him, somewhere in the middle of the forest, a HUGE burst of shikon light explodes. Inu is shocked and stops running immediately holding his nose looking disgusted saying, that’s an overwhelming smell of blood….. The view shows the ground and demon part continue to rain down. Kikyou is all scarred up, and completely exhausted of strength as she continues panting heavily. Inu yasha is sitting up in a tree looking back at her. Just then sunset turns into night. Just then kikyou looks behind her looking like she doesn’t want to put up with anything more. Inu sees her face and is surprised thinking, a human woman? Is that really a woman? Just then in jerks (to the perverts of the world I don’t mean jerking off *rolls eyes*) his entire body pulses. First his claws begin to disappear turning into regular nails. Inu yasha thinks, damn it, it’s starting. The view then begins to scroll up starting at the top of his chest up to his face as his hair turns black but his eyes somehow stay gold. Then the view shows kikyou with inu in the background on top of the tree. Both her and her clothes are very dirty as she says in an annoyed tone, so how long do you intend to hide? Then the view shows inu yasha at the front and kikyou in the background her back to him. His eyes are brown now as he looks behind him at her. Kikyou turns around and there is a flash of lightning illuminating her body as she glares up at him. The view shows the night sky, dark cloud loom within it as it begins to rain heavily again. Then the view shows them from behind a tree. Inu yasha is in the background on the left and kikyou is on the right as she says in an impatient tone, are you after the shikon jewel as well? Inu asks about it. There is a close up of kikyou glaring then a close up of inu yasha glaring. Kikyou says with her usual attitude, if you do not know what it is, all is well. (there is a close up of kikyou with a pretty scary and fierce “don’t mess with me biatch” expression as rain continues to fall on top of her) But if you don’t want to be killed, never come near me again. Kikyou closes her eyes, turns, and walks away. Inu rests his back up against the tree as he looks over his shoulder at her. Suddenly he looks over more as he gasps. Kikyou has stopped, she has his fist over her heart looking in serious pain. She then collapses onto her knees and then falls to the ground. Inu yasha jumps off of the tree and rushes over to her. He looks very concerned as he kneels down beside her. There is a close up of Kikyou (she is beautifully drawn here ^_^) unconscious on the ground, as the rain washes the dirt off her face. There is another flash of lighting as inu leans over her asking himself, what kind of miko (priestess) is she? There is another close up of kikyou, then one of inu yasha. Just then villagers call out to kikyou and inu yasha instantly becomes alert. There are lots of torches in the background (don’t ask me how the fire is still there with all the rain *rolls eyes*) as the villagers continue to call you, KIKYOU!!!! KIKYOU!!!! Inu yasha runs away as young kaede calls out, SISTER!!! There is a close up of kaede continuing to call out to kikyou. She and the villagers are all wearing large hats and small jackets to cover themselves (they all look like little huts to me XD) just then kaede spots her, she looks highly concerned as she rushes over to her sister. She shouts “SISTER!!!!” again and kikyou finally responds saying weakly, is that you kaede? Kaede asks, daijobu? (are you ok?) as kikyou gets back up saying she is fine. Kikyou looks relaxed as she smiles slightly looking out in front of her saying in a sweet tone as she rests her head slightly, I guess he let me live. I suppose I have some luck after all. Back with mistress centipede, on the top part of her is whole and the bottom parts are just bones as she flies through the air and then stops. She senses that the jewel is close by. She soars to the right and then stops saying desperately, if I don’t hurry and increase my youkai (demon) power, my body wont last. She soars off into the night right above inu yasha resting in another tree. His eyes are closed, looking relaxed with his arms behind his back saying, I see, so that’s what this is all about. (he opens his eyes and smirks looking intrigued) The shikon jewel eh? Sounds pretty interesting. (suddenly, the image of kikyou, lying in the rain, as the rain washes the dirt off her face comes into his mind. He now looks pensive) I guess her name is kikyou. (pensive, another hard word to type without it coming out nasty XD). It’s daytime now. The view shows the dun beaming in the air as inu yasha’s voice is heard shouting “KIKYOU!” Kikyou turns around turning a bit looking behind her curiously. The view scrolls up starting at inu yasha’s knees going up to his face as he says mischievously, I hear the shikon jewel is an orb that has the ability to increase one’s demon power. Kikyou begins thinking, (the view moves back showing kikyou on the left and inu on the right from behind the bushes. Rays of light beam down) that voice, I have heard it before. Birds chirp loudly in the background. Kikyou has an emotionless expression as she says, I see, you were the one running and hiding last night. Inu yasha becomes furious and impatient clutching his fists demanding that she hand over the jewel. He charges towards her but suddenly has an expression of shock. Kikyou pierces both his shoulders with arrows and pins him up against a tree. (WOOT!!! INU YASHA PINATA!!! XD) Inu yasha looks very frustrated as he grits his teeth, struggling to get free. Kikyou has a “don’t waste my time” expression as she is still in her attack position saying, I see, I though you had a different youki (demonic energy). You’re a half demon aren’t you? (the view switches to inu yasha for a second. He becomes even more furious as he tries to pull free) If you get the shikon jewel, (the view shows the back of kikyou with inu yasha in the background. The view slowly scrolls to the left as rays of light continue to shine down on them) you will be able to become a full demon. Do you want your place in the world that badly, half demon? Do you honestly believe that is true strength? Inu yasha is highly enraged as he yells, SHUT UP!!!! I WILL BECOME THE STRONGEST DEMON!!!! THAT’S WHAT I DECIDED!!! (there is a close up of inu yasha, his face overflowing with intense rage) And what that happens, I will kill you first! Kikyou turns away from him, goes “hmph”as she replies proudly, As long as I am purifying and guarding the shikon jewel, that will not happen. Inu replies furiously, DON’T MAKE ME LAUGH!!! The smell of demon blood is ALL OVER YOU!! (kikyou walks away and inu’s tone becomes more taunting as he smirks) what? Did I say something to annoy you kikyou? Kikyou looks over her shoulder, glaring at him saying in an intense annoyed tone, if you don’t want to be killed, stay away from me. There will now be a third time. Kikyou walks away again as inu fidgets some more saying confidently, KEH!!! (someone asked about this word XD this is something that Japanese inu yasha says a lot. It has no meaning XD) I am not giving up! I’ll find you even if you run away! I will be able to find you quickly since you have the smell of demon blood all over you! There is a close up of kikyou as she walks away looking pensive as she whispers the word “smell”. The screen goes black and then shows a swamping river. Just then the water current speeds up and a HUUUGE fish demon jumps out growling. Kikyou is there with her arrow ready, she shoots nails the demon in the head. The demons disentigrates (it’s a really cool effect ^_^) and the water rises. Kaede, behind a tree is watching in awe of her sister. Kikyou relazes her arms, standing tall and proud saying, it’s over. Kaede runs over to her. Kikyou leans downward and tells her that they are going home. Kaede says in an excited tone, okay!! Just then kikyou goes back to her regular posture with a suspicious looking saying an annoyed tone, you. It’s inu yasha with his confident smirk, holding his fist up, he opens his fist, flexing his finger demanding that kikyou give her the shiko jewel. Kaede hides behind kikyou as kikyou replies intensely, you’ve appeared again. The view then shows inu yasha’s angry left profile I he says in a determined tone that he is NOT giving up and that he WILL end this today. He then points in front of him telling kikyou to let that “runt” go. Kikyou tells kaede in a calm voice to step aside only for a moment. Kaede says kikyous name in a concerned voice as she kinda scampers away. There is an extreme close up of kikyou, which focuses on her eyes. Inu yasha thinks, the priestess that walks along a blood-tainted path. The view does the same for inu yasha (the tip of his right fang showing) as kikyou thinks, an existence that is neither human nor demon. (the view moves back showing more of inus body) A poor half demon looking for his place in the world. Inu yasha readies his claws, kikyou readies her bow and arrow. There is an overview of kikyou as she says, there is something I want to ask you. Why didn’t you kill me that night? You should have been able to kill me easily. The overview continues to move to the upper right until inu yasha is in the picture as he responds, I cant do something underhanded like that. Kikyou chuckles and says “I see.” Inu yasha becomes angry again demanding to know what is so funny. She still has her arrow pointed at him as she says, let me ask you one last thing. What is your name, half demon? You at least have a name don’t you? Even though you are a half demon. Inu yasha becomes increasingly enraged demanding that she stop saying half demon over and over again. Kikyou responds, then just tell me you name and I will never call you half demon again. Inu yasha resists for a second but then grumbles his name. she repeats his name saying she will remember it. Inu yasha charges towards her furiously but kikyou shoots several arrows his way. We now see the familiar seen with inu pinned to the tree. (2 arrows on his left arm, one on his right, one on each leg.) kikyou readies another arrow, inu yasha looks terrified as he gulps preparing for the worst. Kikyou puts down her bow, puts away her arrow and walks away. Inu yasha demands to know why she didn’t finish him off. Kikyou abruptly turns around and says harshly that she didn’t want to waste anymore arrows. Kaede is watching from behind a tree. Old kaede narrates, I was a mystery to me as well. (kaede looks surprised as she watches her sister leave) why didn’t kikyou kill inu yasha? Why didn’t she use the hama no ya (exorcising arrow) when it came to inu yasha? (the view shows a waterfall) Around that time kikyou began to go bathing everyday. (kikyou *wearing all white* is at the bottom of the waterfall.) I have a feeling it had to become that way. (she tosses water in a container over her right shoulder) ever since the day she met inu yasha. Inu yasha watches her at top of the waterfall. There is a close up of him as he continues to observe her. Young kaede picks up a plant from the grass; she looks at it, smiles and saysa, saruhouzuki? I think I remember sister telling me it worked well on swelling. Just then mistress centipede hurtles over her yelling, SHIKON JEWEL!!! Kaede screams and runs for her life. As kaede yells for help mistress centipede says she will take her as a hostage and then steal the jewel from kikyou. She soars right over kaede and reaches out to grab her. Just then inu yasha comes to the rescue telling the “runt” to move out of the way as he readies his claws. He unleashes iron reaver piercing mistress centipede right in the face and down through her body. The pieces of her body fall to the ground. Inu lands proudly, flexing his claws, smiling confidently saying there is no way he’d let a weakling have the jewel. Kaede walks over to him. Inu looks annoyed and curious as she thanks him for saving her. Inu closes his eyes, lowers his head and gets a bit ticked off telling her to stop misunderstanding him. Inu then lifts up his head and looks away saying he just doesn’t want anyone else getting the jewel. There is a close up of young kaede as her eyes open wider; her pupils expand, as she gazes at him. Old kaede begins to narrate again, I couldn’t help but wonder. I wondered why inu yasha didn’t try to take me off as a hostage, (view of inu yasha with a proud smirk) like that centipede demon did. (mistress centipede’s bones *they glow blue* are in a box on a platform with wheels, being taken away. ) Kikyou was aware that the centipede demon’s corpse (view of kikyou *in front* 3 villagers * in the mmiddle* and kaede *in the back* approaches the infamous well XD) still contained demon power within it. Two villagers pours the bones into the well, then kikyou explains, the power of the shikon jewel shouldn’t be able to reach the remains if they are kept here. Back to the familiar scene of kikyou sitting down, in an open grassy area saying, inu yasha, you’re there, aren’t you? Why don’t you come down? Inu yasha peeks out from behind the bushes. Inu is sitting next to her, in his squatting position. Kikyou contines as she looks out in front of her, this is the first time I have talked to you up close. Inu grumbles back, so what? Kikyou turns and smiles at him saying she heard that he saved kaede. Inu yasha abruptly turns his head away and replies, KEH! That was…… kikyou then interrupts him saying she wanted to thank him as well. The view scroll slowly to the right until only kikyou is seen as she rests her head and closes her eyes. Inu yasha responds intensely, don’t do something when it’s so unlike you. The view shows the both from the back. The wind blows their hair gently to the left. There is a close up of kikyou gazing up into the sky. She looks pensive for a bit then turns to inu yahsa, smiling, asking, inu yasha, what do I look like to you? Do I look like a human? Inu yasha is baffled by this and asks, whaaaaaat? What the hell are you talking about? The view shows them both from the back again. They are looking t each other and then turn to face forward. Kikyou explains that she shows her weaknesses to no one and that she cant hesitate because then she would be attacked by demons. There is a close up of inu yasha looking pouty (the view scrolling to the right) as kikyou continues, even though I am human, I cannot act like a human. (view of kikyou looking out) You and I are alike…You’re a half demon. (she looks at him without turning then rest her head again smiling slightly) That is why I couldn’t kill you. Inu suddenly gets up with a “HMPH” saying angrily, you’re making excuses? That’s not like you. Inu yasha then turns away from her and begins to walk away. He then stops and looks back at her curiously. There is a close up of kikyou’s face, she is smiling even more now saying calmly, as I thought, this isn’t like me, is it? Inu yasha doesn’t take her eyes off her as she gets up, bows and arrows in hand. Kikyou smiles at him again, saying his name sweetly. Inu looks confused again but this time there is no “your wasting my time” look with it as he asks her, what? Kikyou turns around, leaves saying its nothing. Inu yasha gazes at her (aww feel the love XD) saying her name in his head then calls out to her telling her to come back here tomorrow. Awwww (fake cries) XD kikyou stops and turns around staring at his curiously. Inu yasha blushes, looks away, saying he has something he wants to give her. Kikyou is surprised then has a big smile on her face saying she has something she wants to give to him as well. Inu yasha gets all excited shouting back, REALLY??!!?! IS IT THE SHIKON JEWEL!?!?!!? Kikyou immediately says, of course not. Inu looks away again, puts his hands on his hip, looks away from her COMPLETELY and says, HMPH, yea yea. The view scroll up showing the tree tops and the blue sky with clouds scattered within it. It’s nighttime now, back at kikyou’s house there is what looks like a small octagon serving tray with small legs resting on the table. On top of it are the familiar beads of inu yasha’s sit necklace (crickets chirp in the background this entire scene). Kikyou holds one of the beads in her left hand. Her eyes are closed, looking very focused. Her middle and index finger of her right hand are the only ones up with the thumb pressed on the middle of them. Kikyou then opens her eyes slowly and sees kaede walking up behind her asking, are those kotodama beads? You’re going to give those to inu yasha? Kikyou turns back looking at the bead in her hand, chuckles a bit and says in an amused tone, yes. It’s sort of an underhanded trick, but it’s for his own good, to prevent him from doing something wrong. (close up of kikyou smiling, looking at the bead in her hand) Now then, what should the special word be (I got some in mind *evil grin* ). Then there is a close up of kaede behind kikyou just staring at her. Old kaede narrates, At that moment, I couldn’t help but notice that sister looked somewhat happy. There is another close up of kikyou, she puts her hand with the bead down, lifts up her head slightly and has a calm expression as she says, now that I think about it, that priestess named Tsubaki placed a weird spell on me. (close up of tsubaki. She has an evil expression and her eyes glow red then go back to normal. This image lasts for about 2 seconds then goes back to kikyou. She now looks amused and her eyes are closed) It’s unlikely that a priestess such as myself, who travels the path of carnage would fear an unnatural death. Kaede stares at kikyou in a very concerned way simply saying, sister…….. Kikyou looks at the bead in her hand, smiling slightly saying, Perhaps the kotodama should be beloved. It’s daytime again. The birds chirp in the background. Just then the view shows inu yasha’s hand with a shell in it. Kikyou’s voice in the background asks what that is. (I love this part ^_^). The view moves back showing inu yasha and kikyou standing in front of one another surrounded by trees and the blue sky above them. Inu yasha explains, There is no point in me keeping it. I’ll give it to you. (Kikyou then grabs it and opens it. There is some redish pink liquid or gel in it.) The only thing my mother left me was this *awwwwwwww ^_^* and the hinezumi no koromo ( robe of the fire rat). Kikyou has a surprised tone as she asks inu if his mother was human. Inu yasha looks away saying, well…..yea. kikyou is dumbfounded saying, I cant accept something this precious…. Inu yasha turns the other way so that his left side is facing her telling her not to worry about it. He turns clockwise a little more saying that the robe of the fire rat is working well enough. Kikyou walks over to him and grabs his left hand. Inu is confused by this gesture. Kikyou looks sad, like she is about to cry saying in an apologetic tone, I am sorry inu yasha. I had no idea that it was so precious to you, and I’ve shot holes into it so many times…. Inu yasha brushes it off telling her not to worry about it. He is very excited as he asks her what she is going to give him. Kikyou looks ashamed as she reaches into the sleeve of her kimono. The view shows the necklace inside. Kikyou grabs it but doesn’t take it out. She has an embarrassed smile as she says, oh, I’m sorry. I guess I must have forgotten it. Inu is disappointed as he tells her he was really looking forward to it. Kikyou turns her head to look at the shell in her hand. She looks very happy and touched. She turns her head to looks at inu yasha, smiling even more asking him if he is sure she can have this. Inu yasha opens his left eye staring at her curiously, he then opens both eyes (they look more welcoming now), smiles, and says it’s fine. There is a fade out and then it shows inu yasha sleeping in a tree. It’s nighttime and there are stars in the sky now. The view suddenly scrolls up showing a spider web right above him. It’s the same spider from before. It laughs evilly as it looks down upon inu yasha saying in a wicked tone, inu yasha and kikyou…. (the view moves back so that all of the red spider is visable now). Crickets chirp in the background as the view shows kikyou’s house/hut/ whatever XD. Inside kaede is sleep when just then two clicking sounds are made. Suddenly a light comes on waking kaede up. Kaede stirs a bit, opens her eyes wider to see kikyou, kneeling on the floor with her hair out. Kikyou takes out a mirror (you can see her reflection in it.) and her inu yasha’s gift on the table. Kikyou dabs her finger in it and puts it on her lips. Old kaede narrates again, that night, kikyou put on lipstick. (young kaede’s eyes open wider looking surprised) She looked so beautiful. (kikyou’s right hand embraces her right cheek as she looks very bashful, smiling, gazing into her mirror) But something about her still looked sad, (the view moves back still showing kikyou) even to my young eyes. The screen goes black and then shows several red leaves falling amist the black background. You can hear the wind in the background as well as it rustles the leaves. The black background switches to show inu yasha’s left profile. As the leaves fall around him he looks very deep in thought. Back to the familiar scene of inu yasha standing on the tree (all the tree have red leaves), you can hear kids playing in the background. There are 3 kids tugging on kikyou from differently directions looking cheerful. Kikyou looks cheerful as well as she says happily, what would you children like to play now? There is a close up of her large smile, then it suddenly fades as she senses his presence. She looks up, calls to him asking if he wants to come down and join them. Inu yasha abruptly sits down, faces the other way, crosses his arms and says harshly, don’t be ridiculous! The child on kikyous right side wearing pink suggests that they play with beanbags as she tugs on kikyous arm. Another one suggests they play with flowers. Kikyou gets pushed and tugged on some more as the view shows inu yasha again. He turns his head and gazes down at her. Back with kaede, she has a bow and arrow in hand. She shoots but the arrow curves and misses the tree (there are several arrows on the ground from her other failed attempts). Kaede is upset saying it’s useless saying she will never be as good as kikyou. Kaede looks determined now as she reaches for another arrow. She sets it up on the bow and tugs it will all her might. Just then kikyou comes in saying she is impressed. Kaede puts down her bow and arrow and forms an excited smile as she sees her sister walking over to her carrying several herbs. She sees kikyous smile and thinks about the time she put on lipstick. Kaede smiles, happiness pours from her eyes as she simply says, sister. Kikyou kneels down besides her asking what’s up. The view shows the both of them right in front of each other at the side as kaede smiles, shakes her head saying it was nothing. Kikyou looks confused for half a second, then smiles simply saying, I see. She gets up, and walks away passed kaede’s “target tree.” Old kaede narrates again, (the view continues to show kikyou fro the back walking away) I wanted to see my beautiful sister once again. I wanted to help my sister. I thought I was the only one with those thoughts. (there is an overview of kikyou walking. The view scrolls up and inu yasha is resting on the tree above her). Inu yasha scratches his nose and opens his eyes as he watches kikyou walk away.
Episode Summary for Episode 147 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
147 and 148 are about the story of Kikyou and Inuyasha before and sort of after naraku decieved them. I saw this episode with english dubbs. It shows Kikyous life of slaying demons and one day a woman (forgot name) curses her and tells her about a fate that would happen to her if she loved a man. So kikyou guards the shikon jewel and kills demons, she runs into inuyasha, who wants the shikon jewl. She doesnt want to kill inuyasha so she just pins him on a tree twice with her arrows. Inuyasha later saves kikyous younger sister and kikyou and inuyasha grow closer and closer each day. Finally, Inuyasha wants to become human and kikyou wants to become an ordinary women. They arrange a date, which kikyou would give the shikon jewel to inuyasha to become human and purify the jewel. While this happens onigumo meets a lil spider. The spider devours his soul but only if they grant him another body. He becomes known as naraku and can change his form, he is extremely evil. This guy was a thief who got hurt and was like paralyzed but kikyou took care of him, he hates her tho and wishes to make her hateful and miserable. So naraku turns into inuyasha and decieves kikyou and like almost kills her, he does the opposite to inuyasha and decieves him too. Angry, inuyasha goes and takes the shikon jewel from the village and runs away. Kikyou goes to the village shoots inuyasha with a sleeping arrow on a special tree that does not age and whatever touches it does not age as long as its touching. Kikyou dies and the jewel is burned with her. THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 147 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts with Kaede as a child,running around and looking for Kikyo.When she finds her sister,she is standing with Tsubaki.Suddenly,the sky turns a dark shade of purple and a lot of youkai come to attack them.Kaede hides behind a rock and watches in amazement as Kikyo and Tsubaki fight them off.

Then the scene switches to some giant...thing,looking around for Inuyasha who is running through the trees surrounding it.Suddenly he jumps down and rips the thing in half.

Then we see the tajiya village where it seems the extreminators have destroyed a giant centipede.Two men run up to Sango's grandfather,saying the cave is doing strange things.When he gets there,the barrier outside the cave is moving strangely.In front of the cave is the body of the centipede woman.Suddenly,he takes Hiraikotsu and stabs rips part of the corpse,producing the shikon jewel.Then the centipede comes back to life,demanding to have the jewel back.She wraps herself around Sango's grandfather and bites him,but Kirara comes to his rescue.The centipede scurries off and they decide to find a miko to purify the jewel.

We go back to Kikyo and Kaede,and Tsubaki tells Kikyo that she must never love a man,and if she does she will be faced with an untimely death.A while later,Kikyo tells Kaede that Tsubaki placed a curse on her,but she doesn't think that she could fall in love.

Inuyasha is in a cave,hiding from the thing's friends,clutching his shoulder which has been injured.They eventually find him,and he easily defeats them,but he still thinks he needs more power.

When Kikyo and Kaede get back to the vilage,they are informed that the tajiya had come earlier that day and that they would come later at night.Then there's a quick scene of Kikyo recieving the jewel and explaining its powers to Kaede.

A while later,Inuyasha is running towards some trees at sunset,knowing he'd soon be human.But he stops short at an explosion and the stench of blood.Then we see Kikyo,gasping for air as the corpses of youkai fall around her.Inuyasha looks down at her in amazement as night falls and he turns human.He has a breif conversation with Kikyo,and she says if he doesn't want to be killed he should not come near her.She turns to walk away,but then faints,and Inuyasha comes down to see if she's alright.He examains her more closely,but runs away when Kaede and some of the villagers come looking for Kikyo.He rests himself down in another tree furthur away,and listens to the centipede rant on about the shikon jewel,and decides to take it for himself.

The next day he confronts Kikyo,demanding the shikon jewel,but she pins him to a tree with some arrows.She talks to him while he's harmless,finding out his reason for wanting the jewel.She walks away while he yells threats at her.

The next day,Inuyasha tries to attack Kikyo after she's destroyed another youkai.As they start to face off,both pity each other.As Kikyou is about to launch an arrow,she asks him his name.Then she pins him to a tree again and tells him to stop bothering her,he's simply a waste of arrows.

Later on,Kaede is picking medical herbs when the centipede woman attacks her.Inuyasha destroys the demon,saying it was because he didn't want someone like that to have the shikon jewel.Kikyo and the villagers threw the bones in the well so she wouldn't return,which was how they got there when Kagome was dragged in.

Kikyo's sitting in the grass,relaxing,when suddenly she calls Inuyasha down from a tree.He pops out and sits down next to her.They talk for a little bit,and Inuyasha find out more about Kikyo.Inuyasha tells her to come there tomorrow,saying he has something for her.She tells him she has something to give him too.Later that night,she's making a rosary to give to Inuyasha.But she decides against giving it to him when Inuyasha gives her a shell with make up in it,explaining it was the only thing his mother left behind.Later that night,Kikyo used Inuyasha's gift,and Kaede was surprised at how beautiful she looked.

(Skipping a bit here)

Later on,Kikyo is standing in a small clearing watching cherry blossoms when Tsubaki shows up.She demands Kikyo give her the shikon no tama to purify.Then she sends a snake at Kikyo,but Kikyo deflects it with her bow,sending it back at Tsubaki.

Then we see Onigumo and Naraku's original form talking.Onigumo gives up his soul to demons so he can have a body and Kikyo as his own.

Then Kaede practices shooting arrows,with Kikyo teaching her.She teaches Kaede the sealing arrow,and tells her that if a youkai is sealed to the Goshinboku,it will remain exactly as it was.Kikyo has to stop the lesson early when hundreds of demons go in to attack the village.When they finally reach the village,Inuyasha's doing his best to fight them off.Kaede and Kikyo take over defending the villagers,but when a demon attacks Kaede,Kikyo shoots it and in the process takes out Kaede's eye.

After the battle is over,Inuyasha comes to sit next to Kikyo on a hill.Kikyo presents the idea of them both stop fighting,and become humans,saying they could use the shikon jewel to do so.Later on,on a dock,Inuyasha says he will become human for Kikyo.Then the two kiss with a beautiful sunset in the background.Kikyo says she'll bring the shikon jewel tomorrow at noon.Then we see Naraku who pulls off his baboon suit,in the form of Inuyasha...

While Kikyo is working on purifying the jewel,she notices someone outside.Its apparently Inuyasha,who asks if he could become human now.She says it would only work in the daytime,so she agrees to bring it in the morning instead.But when she gets there,Inuyasha is nowhere to be seen.She brings out the shell he gave her and turns around,but then something slashes through her,and crushes the shell.Its Inuyasha.He says he had no intention of becoming human,and takes the jewel from her before running off,putting it back where she had it before.But now he's in a baboon cloak.It falls down.Naraku has taken Kikyou's form.

Later on,Inuyasha comes to the Goshinboku,surprised to hear Kikyo call him 'hanyou' again.She launches an arrow at him,but he runs off towards the village to get the shikon jewel,thinking Kikyo has betrayed him.But the real Kikyo is stumbling back to the village.

Inuyasha crashes into the house where the shikon no tama is,and takes it before the place explodes.Just as he's about to run away,Kikyo comes.They both seem to hate each other now.Kikyo fires an arrow at Inuyasha,pinning him to the Goshinboku.He drops the shikon jewel,and starts fighting to stay awake.Kikyo walks over and picks up the jewel.Inuyasha thinks back to his time with Kikyo,and finally decides to give in,falling asleep.Kikyo tells Kaede to burn the shikon jewel with her remains,and then she falls over.

Now its fifty years later and Kaede is standing by the Goshinboku,where Inuyasha was pinned,thinking back on it all,wondering if she'll ever understand completely.

Then we go to Kagome's birth,and it shows her as a baby(Which looks really funny xD)with the shikon jewel glowing inside of her.15 years later,and we take a flashback to the first episode and there's a special ending of "I Want To Change The World".
Episode Summary for Episode 147 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kaede as young child is running up a grassy hill, reaching her older sister Kikyou, who is with Tsubaki. They're sharpening up their miko powers when a dark void opens up in the sky and many demons start attacking. Back to back, Tsubaki and Kikyou eliminate the youkai, while young Kaede watches behind a bolder, impressed by her sister's powers. The youkai are all eliminated, and their shattered body parts lay on the ground, both mikos watching over. A red spider with glowing red eyes watches the scene with interest from a far. The scene then switches to a giant youkai with one eye and two horns hunting down a hanyou. Inuyasha runs past a tree, jumping in the air and slicing the youkai down the middle. As Kikyou and Kaede leave Tsubaki's village, Kikyou notices that Tsubaki seems a little strange, as her eyes flash red.

That night as Kikyou and Kaede make it back to their village the rain starts and they head inside. Soon the demon exterminators show up and hand Kikyou the polluted Shikon No Tama. She accepts it and Kaede watches in awe.

The next day during the late afternoon Inuyasha encounters Kikyou for the first time. He hides up on a tree, with his back to her, watching her become exhausted by a recent youkai battle. Night approaches and Inuyasha turns human. She senses a presence and bluffs about attempting to scare whoever it is away with her words. The rain continues and thunder clasps, and as Kikyou makes her way to leave, she collapses on the ground. Inuyasha leaps off the tree and goes to investigate. He's about to lift her up when he hears some voices and torches can be seen in the distance. Kaede along with the worried villagers are out trying to find Kikyou.

Inuyasha and Kikyou met for the fourth time (After she already pinned him twice and he saved Kaede from the centipede youkai), and they decide to exchange gifts. The night prior, Kikyou was praying over some beads (The actual Sit beads). They meet the next day and Inuyasha hands her a shell compact with red paint inside (It used to belong to his mother). Kikyou is very touched by this gift and can almost not take it. She reaches into her robe and take out the beads but decides not too. Time passes and seasons change and slowly these two lonely souls start to fall in love. Soon it is winter and Kikyou along with Inuyasha are walking through a blizzard when a wolf demon attacks. Kikyou shoots the beast with an arrow and Inuyasha attacks with his claws, followed by another arrow by Kikyou finishing off the beast.

Young Kaede practicing her archery. She tries to concentrate, hitting the tree with little strength, while Kikyou watches. The miko explains to her younger sister that one has to concentrate very hard when stringing the arrow and releasing it. She does a small demo for Kaede, who is impressed and wants to be more and more like her big sister.

The red spider sneaks into Onigumo's cave and makes him a proposition. Onigumo wanting the jewel and Kikyou accepts the offer and gets eaten by the spider and a hundred other youkai, thus becoming the bamboo suit wearing monkey we all hate. Now with his new body and new found powers of youkai control, Naraku goes to the edge of the village and commands the youkai to attack. The villagers along with Kikyou, Kaede, and Inuyasha all fend off the attacks, killing the youkai. Kikyou is distracted just as a youkai creeps up behind her, and Kaede shoots an arrow (With little power) and wards it off. The injuried youkai then comes after Kaede and Kikyou shoots an arrow at close range, destroying the monster. As the body parts fly, a piece hits Kaede in her eye. Kikyou watches wanting to help, but can't as more youkai surround them and she begins destroying them. The youkai battle continues until the next day. That afternoon, Kikyou and Inuyasha meet yet again and discuss the earlier events. Kikyou offers him a choice of using the Shikon No Tama to become human and Inuyasha accepts. They kiss on the boat dock and stay together until night, planning to meet the next day. Later that night, Kikyou in praying at the temple where the Shikon No Tama lays and "Inuyasha's" shadow calls to her (Naraku in disguise) changing the meeting place. Kikyou accepts and goes outside to see him, but he vanishes.

Kikyou goes to meet "Inuyasha" to give him the jewel and she stops for a moment to take out the shell compact. She's about to apply the lipstick when she is attacked from behind and falls to the ground, the compact flying in midair and being caught by "Inuyasha." He crushes it and insults her calling her a "fool". Kikyou is crushed.
Episode Summary for Episode 147 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This has to be the SADDEST THING I I've ever seen... it's the Story of Kikyou and Inuyasha from the time they met to When they die. It also includes how Kikyou got the Shikon no Tama and the creation, And Naraku's creation/deception.

IT"S ONLY A FILLER! This epi is ENTIRELY set in the 50 years before the current story. Kaede tells the Story.

The first half is mostly if the individual Stories, how the Shikon no Tama giot to Kikyou, Tsubeki's jealousy... yep she's in this... Inuyasha's reason for wanting to be a full youkai, Inuyasha and Kikyou's first meeting and the very begining of their friendship and Onigumo's lust for Kikyou & the Spider Youkai's lust for the jewel.
Episode Summary for Episode 147 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (1). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The whole episode is actually about Kikyou and Inuyasha's past; from their first meeting to the final betrayal. It all started with Kaede as the narrator. Kaede starts from the point where Tsubaki and Kikyou were fighting against some youkai. After they successfully exterminated them, Tsubaki gave Kikyou some warning. She said Kikyou should be careful of falling in love. Kikyou thanked her for the advice but felt in her heart that she will never know love. Then the scene flashed to Inuyasha who was fighting some one-eyed youkai and won.

Then the scene changed to the Taijiya village where some villagers are cutting a youkai they defeated. Just then Midoriko's cave glowed and the Head of the villager went to investigate with some villagers. I think he's Sango's father or relative as Kirara was with him and he used Hiraikotsu. Just then, a centipede youkai appeared with the Shikon no Tama. They managed to defeat the youkai but the head of the villagers realised that they cannot protect the jewel and would need the help of a Miko. That night they went to Kikyou's village and entrusted the task to her. From then on, Kikyou had to fight against youkai who seek to possess the jewel.

Days passed. During an evening, Inuyasha was running through a forest when he smelt blood. Just then he saw Kikyou killing a youkai. Night falls and it started raining. Kikyou sensed Inuyasha's presence and asked if he seeks the jewel also. But Inuyasha asked what is Shikon no Tama. Kikyou decided to let Inuyasha go since he doesn't know what it is. Just then, Inuyasha start to turn into a human and Kikyou collapsed. Inuyasha came down from the tree to see how she is but the villagers came near so he ran away. After that he heard from the injured centipede youkai about Shikon no Tama and realised it could make him stronger and a full youkai.

The next day he approached Kikyou to demand the jewel. Kikyou pinned him to a tree and deduced that he wants the jewel to make himself a full youkai. They exchanged a few words and Kikyou left Inuyasha hanging from the tree by the arrows.

Scene changed to Kikyou killing a fish youkai. Kaede was hiding behind a tree watching her. After that, Inuyasha approached her again. Kikyou pointed the arrow at him and asked him why he did not kill her the first time they meet. Then she asked him for his name, addressing him hanyou. Inuyasha asked her why she kept using the word hanyou on him. Kikyou implied if he doesn't like that, then he should give his name. Then she will not call him a hanyou anymore. Inuyasha then gave his name. After that Inuyasha charged towards Kikyou but she pinned him to a tree again. Kaede hid behind the trees and wonder why Kikyou did not kill Inuyasha.

Some time passed. One day Kaede was running through the forest when the injured centipede wants to harm her to get to Kikyou. Luckily Inuyasha appeared and saved her. Kaede was amazed and perplexed why Inuyasha did not do the same and used her against Kikyou. Meanwhile Kikyou and the villagers threw the bones of the dead youkai into the well.

Kikyou was sitting in a green field. She asked Inuyasha to come down from where he was hiding. She thanked Inuyasha and start to ask Inuyasha what did he see when he look at her. (The conversation is the same as previous' episodes flashback.) Inuyasha asked Kikyou if they can meet again tomorrow at the same place.

At night, Kikyou was seen blessing some beads and fangs. It looks like the necklace that in the end Inuyasha wore 50 years later. Kaede asked if that is for Inuyasha. Kaede comment to herself that Kikyou looks happier than before.

The next day, Inuyasha gave Kikyou a clam shell. Within in was rouge powder (like blusher). Inuyasha said that this belonged to his mother, and was the only thing beside the fire-rat coat that she left him. Kikyou realised Inuyasha's mother was a human and took the fire-rat coat, saying she was sorry to damage his clothes due to pinning him to trees. Inuyasha asked if Kikyou had something for him. Kikyou felt the prayer beads within her sleeves and changed her mind about subduing Inuyasha. Unknown to them, the exchange was seen by a spider youkai.