Episode 148 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (2) Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 148 - A Fateful Love Song from Before we Met (2). Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
First, we see young Kaede running, looking for her sis Kikyo. She finds Kikyo with Tsubaki (the black priestess). Kikyo n Tsubaki fights together against a bunch of demons. Tsubaki n Kikyo kills the demons (Kaede watching them hiding from a rock) and this little red spider demon (who is apparently angry that his demon friends got killed) says "I wont forget this!".
In a diff scene, there's a one-eyed, horned, big, black demon saying "Where did u run, hanyo!" then inuyasha comes out and kills the demon with sankotessou and angrily says "nobody calls me a hanyo and lives'.
Next scene there's Sango's exterminator village and a man (Shako. He's Sango's grandpa) with Hiraicotsu and Kirara(so cute!). Some ppl come running to him saying something¡¯s going on in the cave. So Shako follows them to the cave (where Midoriko's body is) and sees that something's glowing from the cave. there's also a dead centipede demon (who is the same demon that was in the well from episode 1) in front of the cave. shako then uses his hiraicotsu to poke the dead centipede demon and from its body came out the shikon jewel (highly polluted wit evil). Shako grabs the jewel n says that Midoriko's soul is responding to the jewel. then, the centipede become alive and slashes Shako's shoulder. Shako strikes back with his hiraisoctsu and the demon runs away. Shako says the jewel should be given to a priestess who can purify it.
In a diff scene, Kikyo and Kaede are leaving a village. Apparently, Kikyo was going around exterminating demons. Tsubaki is also there to bid them farewell. There, Tsubaki gives Kikyo an advice. Tsubaki said ¡°A priestess must lose all her human emotions to become strong. So never fall in love. If u do, you will die¡± and her eyes flashed red 4 a sec. Kikyo knew that tsubaki cast a curse on her, but she didn¡¯t care because she didn¡¯t think she¡¯d ever fall in love anyway.
In a diff scene, inu is fighting two demons who are the brothers of the demon he killed earlier. The demons say stuffs like ¡®you¡¯re only a hanyou!¡¯ And inuyasha kills them ,saying ¡°what about a hanyo!!¡± inuyasha¡¯s shoulder is hurt from the battle. He thinks to himself ¡®I need to get stronger if I¡¯m going to survive¡¯
In a diff scene, the exterminators give Kikyo the tainted shikon jewel. And from then, her life was dedicated to protecting it. (shows flashs of her envying other girls her own age enjoying life)
In a diff scene, inuyasha is running, but he stops as he smells a lot of blood to c what¡¯s going on. There, he sees kikyo, who had just killed a demon and she looks very tired. It must¡¯ve been new moon that night, because inuyasha transforms into a human at the spot. kikyo falls to the floor and faints from exhaustion. Human inu goes to her and think to himself ¡®amazing/strong priestess¡¯ but he runs away because the villagers came searching for kikyo.
Next day, inuyasha finds kikyo and demands that she give him the shikon jewel. Kikyo shoots him and pins him to a tree and walks away and say ¡°if u don¡¯t wanna die, don¡¯t come near me again.¡± Inuysha replies ¡°I¡¯ll find u again kikyo! I can smell your disgusting smell anywhere. U smell like demon cuz u killed so much of them¡±
In a diff scene, inuyasha finds kikyo again a start a fite. They look into each others eye for a bit. inu thinks ¡®a priestess who lives a life tainted with blood¡¯ kkyo thinks ¡®neither a demon or human. A poor hanyo looking 4 a place he can belong¡¯ kikyo asks inuyasha ¡®what is your name, hanyo? Even a hanyo like u should have a name.¡¯ Inuaysah say ¡®hanyo, hanyo, stop saying that!¡¯ kikyo say ¡®then tell me your name. If u do I¡¯ll never call u a hanyo again¡± so inuyasha tells her his name and attacks her. But onces again, kikyo pins him to a tree and walks away.
The centipede demon chases after kaede, but inuyasha kills the demon saying that the jewel was his. Kikyo threw away the body of the demon into the well. Next scene, Kikyo and inuyasha sit down and have a talk. Kikyo says ¡®although im a human, I can¡¯t be one. I must lose all mi emotions because I¡¯m a priestess. You, a hanyo, r like me. And that¡¯s y I can¡¯t kill you¡¯ and she leaves. Inuyasha says ¡®meet me here tomorrow. I have something to give you¡¯
That nite, kikyo prepared the rosary (yes, folks, the ¡®sit¡¯ rosary!) so she can give it to inuyasha tomorrow. Kikyo said ¡°if inuyasha put this on, he can be controlled. What should the ¡®word¡¯ be?..yes..¡¯lovely¡¯ would be the word¡± (instead of sit!!!)
Next day, inuyasha gave kikyo a shell with red lip makeup in it. It was his mom¡¯s. kikyo thanked him and was going to give the rosary, but for some reason (I think its becuz kikyo didn¡¯t want to control inuyasha in such a cheating way with the rosary) she changed her mind and lied that she forgot it. That night, kaede saw kikyo putting on the makeup. She looked beautiful¡¦ler.
Kikyo was protecting Onigumo. She hid him in a cave and fed him. But she didn¡¯t tell inuyasha about it cuz she knew that inuyasha would get jealous.
In a diff scene, kikyo and tsubki meet in a forest of sakura trees. Tsubaki knew that kikyo fell in love, and demanded that she give her the jewel because kikyo didn¡¯t deserve to protect the jewl. Kikyo refused, and tsubaki attacked. But kikyo reflected the attack rite back at tsubaki¡¯s rite eye.
The red little spider demon came to onigumo and made out a deal. Demons feast on onigumo, and combined to form¡¦naraku! Naraku released demons to kikyo¡¯s village to steal the shikon jewel. Kikyo and inuyasha fought off the demons. Kikyo noticed that her spiritual powers weakened (because she fell in love). Kaede was hit and lost her rite eye. But eventually kikyo defeated all the demons.
Inuyasha and kikyo met, and kikyo asked if he would become human. Inuyasha agreed. They were on a sunset boat ride, and when kikyo got off the boat, she slipped and inuyasha caught her. And they hugged. (remebr episode 15?) and kissed.
That nite, when kikyo and inuyasha walked back to the village, they agreed to meet the next morning at Goshinboku (the sacred tree = where inuyasha was sealed) But naraku transformed into inuyasha and talked to kikyo to meet him earlier tomorrow. And when tomorrow came, kikyo came to the promised place she took out her shell makeup and was about to put it on when naraku (disguised as inuyasha) slashed her shoulder and took the jewel. He also crushed the shell makeup and said ¡°these makeups don¡¯t suit you¡± and he came bak to the village and put the jewel back. He then transformed into kikyo and went to the sacred tree. Inuyasha was waiting for kikyo, but naraku (deguised as kikyo) tried to shot him. And inuyasha ran away to the village to steal the jewel.
Inuyasha stole the jewel, and was running away when kikyo sealed him to the tree. Then she died, taking the jewel with her.
Time passed, and kaede has grown old. She wondered why kikyo didn¡¯t use her spirit arrow to kill inuyasha. Y did kikyo sealed inuyasha to the sacred tree that controls time? and because the tree is special, inuyasha body didn¡¯t grow old.
In ¡®present¡¯, kagome was born, with the jewel in her body. 15 years later, she traveled to sengoku-jide (feudal era)