Episode 15 - Return Of The Tragic Priestess Kikyo Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Return Of The Tragic Priestess Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well so Inuyasha goes after Urusua (i don't know the spelling). While that is going on kogome is put into this tub like thing. The evil demon fills the tank with this green liquid. kogome then starts to feel weak and can't move a thing. Inuyasha, Shippo,Kaiadai, then come along. Kikyo's voice then magically says "don't call out my name". but no one can hear this. inuyasha shocked to see kikyo agains says her name to himself. then all of a sudden the soul in kogome leaves. (but before that happens the soul was very angry.)
kogome then is dead, sort of since her soul left. kikyo starts walking and kills her creator. kikyo the crys out "inuyasha why are you still alive.." suddenly kikyo's left arm opens this HUGE cut, and blood is like pouring like rain. she screams out"inuyasha by did you betray me?" of course inuyasha is shocked by these words, because he remembers it as her betraying him. she then takes and arrow and bow and trys to kill inuyasha. inuyasha dodges the first arrow. kaiadai then tells kikyo to stop, and tells her that inuyasha is a friend not an enemy. kikyo doesn't recognize her at first (because kaiadai became so old). kikyo then pushes kaiadai away and takes her arrow. she takes another try and this time inuyasha takes out his sword. but the arrow is stronger, and inuyasha is hit. then suddenly kogome calls back her soul. and the sword that hit inuyasha disappears. kikyo still has a bit of her soul so she runs off, trying to stay far away from kogome before she takes the rest of the souls. inuyasha then runs after her. kikyo trips and falls of the cliff. but luckily inuyasha caught her hand. she electricuted him and said that she will kill him for betraying her. they both fall but inuyasha grabs on to a rock. kikyo's hand slips and she falls. inuyasha then starts to walk and talk about his love life with kikyo and how we was about to become full human to live with her. and then he falls because he is hurt and calls out her name.
Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Return Of The Tragic Priestess Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Urasue resurrects Kikyo using Kagome's soul, but the priestess burns Urasue's entire body with spiritual energy. Kikyo thinks that Inuyasha is responsible for her death. Before Kikyo could kill Inuyasha with an arrow, Kagome's body starts to take back her soul energy. Kikyo flees the scene, but Inuyasha follows. She attempts to kill Inuyasha yet again, but she falls off a cliff. Inuyasha then recalls the first time he met Kikyo up to when she supposedly betrayed him.
Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Return Of The Tragic Priestess Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The old lady takes kagome's soul out of her by using some sort of herb magic.
Kikyo kills the old woman and then tries to kill inuyasha(because they thought they had betrayed each other)
But before she gets to do anything Kagome calls her soul back to her body.
Kikyo tries to run away but Inuyasha follows her. She manages to keep part of Kagome's soul with her(the bit that hates Inuyasha)
Then she accidently slips and falls off a cliff.
Inuyasha grabs her hand just before she is about to fall right off the cliff.
She tells Inuyasha that she hates him and if she was gonna die again he would die with her.
Then she uses her miko powers and zaps him which makes him lose his grip on her, then she falls down the cliff. Amazingly she survived
Episode Summary for Episode 15 - Return Of The Tragic Priestess Kikyo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode begins with InuYasha hitting the bottom of the ravine. Kaede and Shippo land on top of him sitting of a giant leaf. The clay soldiers, having survived the fall attack InuYasha. He then is told by Shippo that Kagome has been kidnapped. Kaede observes that Urasue has imprisoned human souls to make the soldiers move. Also, bones are baked into the clay of the soldiers. She makes the point that Kikyo could be alive soon.

Urasue is pouring a yellow fluid into a basin in which Kagome is tied. Kikyo comes out of Urasue's lair dressed in preistess garb. Startled, Kagome askes who she is. Then, Urasue explains that soon, Kikyo will have her soul back and Kagome will be living dead. She starts to cramp up and Urasue sees that Kagome has a fragment of the jewel. The soul comes to life and creates an orb around Kagome. Urasue says that the soul looks angry, as if it had experienced betrayal in a former life.

InuYasha comes running and Kikyo's body straightens up. He stops straight, startled at seeing Kikyo's body. The soul pleads not to call out Kikyo's name, but InuYasha cannot hear it. He whisper's her name. Kagome's heart skips a beat and Kikyo's sould emerges. Frightened for Kagome :), InuYasha yells out her name. Kikyo's body wakes up. Urasue orders her to do her bidding but Kikyo approaches Urasue and burns her to a crisp. Then, Kikyo asks InuYasha why he is still alive. Both of them are ticked. A wound in Kikyo's shoulder opens up and blood spills out. Kikyo asks InuYasha why HE betrayed HER. InuYasha is puzzled. Kaede says that InuYasha did it. He refuses, saying that there must be a mistake. Kikyo has a flash back to when "InuYasha" attacked her and took the jewel. Kikyo approaches InuYasha as if to embrace him, but instead uses her powers to hurt him. Kaede tries to stop her, but Kikyo doesn't know who she is. Kaede explains that 50 years have passed. Kikyo takes away Kaede's bow and arrow and shoots at InuYasha. When she misses, she grabs the rest of Kaede's arrows. When she shoots again, Kagome begins to call back her soul. The arrow begins to pierce InuYasha's chest, but most of the soul is back in Kagome's body and the arrow disappears. InuYasha looks around for Kikyo and sees her running away. In her haste, she falls off a cliff, but InuYasha gets there in time to grab Kikyo's wrist. Kikyo tries to drag both herself and InuYasha off the cliff by using her powers to hurt InuYasha. They both fall, but InuYasha grabs onto a rock on the cliff. The sudden stop of momentum makes InuYasha's grasp on Kikyo slip and she falls to her "doom". InuYasha has a flash back to the day of the betrayal and how Kikyo shot arrows at him before he ran and got the jewel from the temple. Then he collapses.