Episode 150 - The Light that Leads to the Saint Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 150 - The Light that Leads to the Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha is holding the arrow which broke through Hakudoshi's barrier when the red Tetsaiga could not. It was shot by the cloaked Hijiri-sama who's true identity is rumored to actually be Kikyo. However, he doesn't pick up any her scent on the arrow.
One of those cute twins protects the villagers from Princess Abi's bloodsucking birds with a barrier though three foolish men try to run and all but one are completely drained. Hijiri-sama and the second twin come to the rescue. Abi's pissed that her minions are all obliterated from a single arrow but knows when to retreat.
Kagura discovers that the reason for Hakudoshi's near invinsiblity is that he doesn't have a heart. She can still hear its beat though so it must be hidden elsewhere.
Kikyo's burial soil is stolen once again but this time it's done by the twin girls. Kaede says that they are most likely shikigami (I think that word means puppet). Inuyasha stays behind to take out a horde of Naraku's demons while the others advance to meet Hijiri-sama.
Kikyo's shinidamachu (flying snake things) beckon Kagome to follow them past a barrier, which she does...leading to Kikyo who is sleeping underneath the surface of a waterfall.
Episode Summary for Episode 150 - The Light that Leads to the Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Because of the power of the arrow the Saint fired to destroy Hakudoshi's barrier, Inuyasha, Kagome and company conclude that the Saint can only be Kikyo. While Inuyasha struggles between whether or not the Saint can be Kikyo, Kagome is utterly convinced. The group decides to continue on to the town where the Saint is supposedly residing to figure out the Saint's identity and stop Princess Abi.

In a cave near the Saint's town, the townsfolk hid within a barrier created by the Saint; one of the Saint's assistants, a small girl attempting to keep them calm. Outside the barrier, Princess Abi is on a rampage to get to the townsfolk. The Saint arrives in time and drives away Abi, destroying most of her birds with a single arrow.

Inuyasha and the others arrive to find millions of dead bird corpses. Kagome quickly interrogates the townsfolk and discovers that the Saint has gone to find and destroy the bird's nest. When Kagome suggests that they go to find and solve the mystery of the Saint, Inuyasha is reluctant. He is worried that if the Saint really is Kikyo, why has she not revealed himself to her. He also worries about what Kagome will think if they do encounter the Saint and the Saint happens to be Kikyo.

Inuyasha and his friends aren't the only ones trying to find the Saint; Hakudoshi is equally determined to find the enigmatic archer. As Hakudoshi heals his body, which had been damaged by the Saint, Kagura looks on and plots.

Meanwhile, in the village, Kaede and two village men see the Saint's two assistants gathering soil from Kikyo's burial site. Kaede is reminded of the last time someone took soil from Kikyo's burial site and makes a connection.

Kagome, Inuyasha, and the others continue their search for Princess Abi and the Saint. Kagome notices a waterfall in the distance and the group all see thousands of demons rushing towards it. When a powerful sacred arrow shot from the forest destroys them, the other demons take notice of Inuyasha and the others and the demons attack them instead. Inuyasha decides to face the demons alone with his Tetsusaiga and has Miroku and Sango protect Kagome. He disposes of the demons easily enough and heads off into the forest towards the Saint, still wondering what he'll do if the Saint turns out to be Kikyo.

It does not take long before Inuyasha runs into a mysterious cloaked woman upon a horse: the Saint. As Inuyasha demands the silent figure to identify herself, her two assistants respond. They tell him that their mistress has been weakened severely by the miasma so she can no longer speak. Only her soul fights on, but even now it fades. As Inuyasha approaches the Saint, now convinced that she is Kikyo, she is torn apart by blades from Kagura's fan. Inuyasha is horrified to see the Saint's face is that of Kikyo's. He tries to touch the Saint's remains, they dissolves into a paper doll. Inuyasha looks around and see Kagura laughing, dispatched by Naraku to locate and destroy Kikyo. The Wind Sorceress admits that she had been deceived by Kikyo's doppelganger as well, but she pleased because this confirms that Naraku's greatest adversary still lives.

By the water, Sango and Miroku continue to fight the demons that come their way. Kagome notices Kikyo's soul collectors and they beckon her to follow them. They lead her through a barrier to a small pool near the waterfall. Kagome sees that beneath the surface of the pool lies Kikyo.
Episode Summary for Episode 150 - The Light that Leads to the Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It begins with Kagome giving a little brief flashback of last episode of how a mysterious purifying arrow pierces through Hakudoshi's barrier. It seems most likely that the arrow belongs to Kikyou but Inuyasha points out that it doesn't have any of Kikyou's scent. Miroku says that they didn't say anything and Inuyasha replies that that was what they were all thinking. lol. The villagers suddenly stated that it was probably Hijiri-sama's arrow. Then it shows Hijiri-sama and one of her little "girls" riding back to where the rest of the villagers are kept.

Back to where the rest of the villagers are... the 2nd little girl of Hijiri-sama's is holding up a barrier and Princess Abi's birds are attacking it but aren't having any effect. Princess Abi summoned her birds to burst into flame and it actually fires up the barrier. A few villagers were scared of being burned alive so they ran out of the barrier and one ended up getting killed by the birds. The other villager was running away and that's when Hijiri-sama's purifying arrow shot through the air and killed all of Abi-Hime's birds.

Back to the Inuyasha gang; they're in the process of going over to Hijiri-sama's town but when they arrived, Hijiri-sama had already left. Kagome asked the villagers where Hijiri-sama went and they told her that Hijiri-sama went to find and destroy the birds' nest. Kagome then asks Inuyasha if they should follow and Inuyasha has this depressed look and went off to think.

Then the scene changes to night and Miroku + Sango are building a campfire and talking about the Kagome/Kikyou/Inuyasha issue. Sango
suddenly has a mean look as she says that she wouldn't forgive Inuyasha but Kagome would. This is really funny. lol.

The scene then changes back to Inuyasha + Kagome and Inuyasha points out that if Hijiri-sama was really Kikyou, then Naraku will come once again to take her life. They end their conversation with Inuyasha saying that they have to exterminate the birds' nest.

Now the scene changes to a little hut where Kagura + Hakudoshi are at. Hakudoshi has a purple light around him as he rebuilds his body and Kagura realizes that Hakudoshi has his heart at a different location.

Back in Kaede's village.. two villagers summoned Kaede because 2 shikigami (Hijiri-sama's) were rummaging around in the grave and took some burial dirt.

The scene changes once again to Inuyasha's gang and they see some of Naraku's youkai and assumed the youkai are searching for Hijiri-sama. Inuyasha's gang asked some people nearby and they're told that two "glowing paths" went into the Forbidden Mountain. Then off they go into the mountain. While they were going into the direction of the mountain; Shippou points out that it seems like their goal has switched to meeting with Hijiri-sama and Miroku says that he shouldn't say that in front of Kagome; but Sango points out that Kagome probably already knows.

As Kagome is off riding on Inuyasha's back, she seems something glittering and it's a waterfall. We get a closer look of the waterfall and see the
two shikigami os Hijiri-sama's dump the burial soil into the water. Then they all see youkai heading through the Forbidden Mountain. Hijiri-sama's
purifying arrow shoots through the air and kills some youkai. Some youkai went into the lower parts where the Inu-gang are at and they all start attacking it. Inuyasha tells the rest of the gang to take Kagome and he will take care of all these youkai. It seems like both Kagome and Miroku are wondering if it's okay for them to go on ahead and meet Hijiri-sama first.

Inuyasha finishes off all the remaining youkai with a Kaze no Kizu and then started after the others only to run into Hijiri-sama herself. He demands to see her face and then the scene switches to the Inu-gang (minus Inuyasha) and more youkai are coming after them. Kagome seems some of Kikyou's Shinidamachuu and she runs after them. Miroku + Shippou run after her but Kagome disappears into a barrier.

Then the scene changes to where Inuyasha and Hijiri-sama are at and he demands to know if she's Kikyou. Hijiri-sama's little shikigami are telling Inuyasha that a strong shouki has eaten away at Kikyou. He then runs at them and suddenly something cuts through Hijiri-sama and you can see Kikyou's head that disintegrates into little souls and then flying away. Inuyasha then sees the clothing and a little paper of a human shape slips out. Kagura in the meanwhile appears and she tells Inuyasha of what a pointless job she has been assigned to do and that Naraku thinks Hijiri-sama is Kikyou because the arrow that broke Hakudoshi's barrier had soil from Onigumo spread on it. Kagura then flies away and Inuyasha realizes that Hijiri-sama's 2 shikigami girls disappeared.

Now it changes to Kagome running after Kikyou's soul stealers. She realizes that they are beckoning her and she follows them into where the waterfall is at. At the waterfall, Kagome then sees Kikyou in the water but unconscious.

{Kochou & Asuka are the names of Kikyou's two shikigami girls. (you get to see that in the "Inuyasha's Jar" thingy)}
Episode Summary for Episode 150 - The Light that Leads to the Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
InuYasha tells Miroku, Sango, and Kagome to find Hijiri-sama while he fights the demons that appear. While InuYasha fights them, the clan are fighting their own demons that are attacking them. Kagome is with Sango on Kirara. Kagome gets off of Kirara and Kagome notices Kikyo's soul creatures in the woods. Kagome runs after them, following them into a barrier. Miroku chases after Kagome but Kagome vanished. Back to InuYasha, Hijiri-sama shows up and InuYasha demands to know if she is Kikyo. I don't speak Japanese so, I don't know exactly what Kikyo is saying. Suddenly Kagura uses her wind to destroy Hijiri-sama. Hijiri-sama ends up to be nothing but paper. Back to Kagome now...she ends up at a waterfall. She looks down and notcie that it's Kikyo in the water.
Episode Summary for Episode 150 - The Light that Leads to the Saint. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Saint's arrow is troubling - especially for Kagome and Inu-Yasha. Only one individual can wield the power to destroy Hakudoshi’s barrier: Kikyo. Although Inu-Yasha is torn between hope and denial, Kagome‘s heart is frozen by certainty Hiriji-sama must be Kikyo. The team continues their journey to Hiriji-sama’s town were they hope to end the mystery of the ‘saint’ and Abi-Hime’s reign of terror. In a cave near Hiriji-sama’s town, townsfolk huddle inside a protective barrier created by the saint. One of the Saint’s young assistants, a young girl, tries to keep the people calm inside the shield. Outside, Abi-Hime wages an all-out assault. Flaming demonic birds hurl themselves at the barrier, ferociously pecking and clawing, terrifying the villages within. Hijiri-sama arrives driving away Abi-Hime with a single, powerful arrow that incinerates scores of birds. When Inu-Yasha and the others arrive later, they find a killing field filled with charred bird carcasses. Kagome is first to ask the villagers - “where is the Saint?” They tell her the Saint has gone to find and destroy the bird’s nest. Turning to Inu-Yasha, Kagome asks him if they should follow. The request disturbs Inu-Yasha: if the enigmatic ‘saint’ is Kikyo, why hasn’t she revealed herself to him? Inu-Yasha asks Kagome if she’s all right with pursuing the Saint in case it’s Kikyo. She wants to know what he’ll do if it is Kikyo. Inu-Yasha admits he doesn’t know. Regardless of the Saint's identity, the team still has a job to do - locate and kill the demon birds. Someone else wants to find the Saint, too. Hakudoshi. As the demon child heals his devastated body, Kagura observes and plans. Elsewhere, Kaede’s village receives two odd visitors. Kaede and two village men catch the Saint's two peculiar young assistants taking soil from Kikyo’s grave. The theft of the soil stirs up a grim memory for Kaede -- there can only be one reason for them to take such a thing … Following the Saint's trail, the team notices an abundance of yokai. The demons seem to be headed in the same direction they are. Further into their journey, Kagome takes notice of something sparkling in the distance and Inu-Yasha confirms it’s a waterfall. The waves of the ubiquitous yokai rush towards the shimmering water, but are destroyed by a powerful spirit arrow shot from the woods near the falls. The angry demons turn their attention to the team and attack. Inu-Yasha places Kagome in the protection of Sango and Miroku, facing the demonic horde alone. As he prepares to blow away the onslaught with Tetsusaiga, Inu-Yasha wonders what he’ll do if the Saint is Kikyo. He quickly vanquishes his opponents and dashes off into the woods, determined to find Hiriji-sama and solve the puzzle. Inu-Yasha’s search stops cold - his path blocked by an imposing female figure on horseback: the Saint. Startled, Inu-Yasha tensely demands the silent, shrouded rider to show him her face. The two young girls with the Saint tell Inu-Yasha that the miasma has affected their mistress so badly she is weak and cannot speak. Only her soul can fight but that too, is fading quickly. Certain the veiled person before him is Kikyo, Inu-Yasha rushes towards her. As he draws near, Hiriji-sama is ripped apart by familiar blades. The Saint's decapitated head has a familiar face -- Kikyo. Horrified, Inu-Yasha grabs for Hiriji-sama as her body dissolves. Nothing is left of her but a small paper doll; the Saint was a shikigama puppet. A well-known laugh taunts him and, looking up, he spots Kagura. Naraku has dispatched the wind sorceress to locate Kikyo. She was also deceived by Kikyo’s ruse. It does confirm one thing to Kagura’s satisfaction - Naraku’s greatest opponent still lives. Sango, Miroku and Kagome continue to battle the swarming yokai who share their path. While Sango and Miroku fight the creatures, Kagome spots Kikyo’s soul collectors. They beacon her to follow them. The creatures lead Kagome through a barrier and to the edge of a small pool beneath the waterfall she spotted earlier. There, beneath the surface of the pool, lies Kikyo.