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Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Episode 151 - Kagome Honnou no Sentaku
(Kagome's Instinctive Choice)

AIR DATE: May 10, 2004

After following a group of shinidamachuu through the forest, Kagome finds Kikyou's lifeless form floating in a pool at the base of a waterfall. Kikyou's two shikigami girls, Kouchou and Asuka, tell Kagome of the shouki that is poisoning Kikyou's body. Kagome makes the decision to go into the water and save Kikyou's life by purifying the shouki. Following their encounter, Kikyou leaves without so much as a word of thanks...

Inuyasha and the others find Kagome by the waterfall, who is now dealing with her emotions surrounding Kikyou and Inuyasha once again, soon after. Kagome, a bit confused and upset about what had just transpired between her and Kikyou, draws away from the others for a while...
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kagome comes back from home and she packed a lunch for inu and the gang there sitting by some tree by a stream and so and kagome seems to be wearing a kimono and sango and it seems to be a hot day and they went to dunk there feet in a river inuyasha has his top pulled down adn he rolled up his pants and put his feet in the stream with miroku sango and kagome it seams they were enjoing there time for awhile when inuyasha had pirked up his ears and he heard a scream of a young madien in trouble kagome asked what was wrong and he just got up and told her there is something wrong so everybody got up the sceen changes where a demond that looks thatlike a over sized bird with a eagles head and a lions body and he is flying in the sky and he has some person in his mouth (carrying the person of course)inuyasha came running and used iron reaver and destroyed the damed bastard then he jumped in the air and caught the gurl and put her to kagome the gurl intro herself her name is saorinako he told them that she was heading to the near by village and told them the demond came down and picked her up and she started screaming her head off hoping that someone came by and saved her so she thanked inuyasha and started wlking down the path heading to where ever she was going kagome thought she had sensed something wrong but it only lasted for a fraction of a second that evening they were sitting next to the fire inuyasha was leaning next to a tree away from everybody else and he truned into a human kagome was saying to miroku and sango telling them that ther is something wrong with saorinako miroku suddenly blruted out that he had sensed something too they went to sleep all except for inuyahsa back with him he was looking into the starry sky thinking about when he was little and his mother who was holding him inuyasha closed his eyes felling the warmth of love just then he was interupted by saorinako who was standing in front of him in a different outfit it was a kimono with cherry blossoms petles on it inuyasha who was supprised by her and she told to be quiet telling him to not wake up the others inuaysha inhuman from was letting out a suprised confused look in hi eyes inuyasha took a wift of her smelling that she had human blood scent all over her and that she was a hanyou too(half deamond)inuyasha keeping his gaurds up as she spoke she told
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku's second baby has found a place in an affluent shogun's castle. While his wife is bewildered and suspicious that the child is not her own, faintly recalling a strange girl bringing the child and a great tragedy surrounding the child's birth, the Lord is delighted and pleased with having a new "son" and heir. Kohaku, in turn, happens to be heading to that very same castle. He helps one of the Lord's retainers and for Kohaku's kindess, they offer him a job at the castle. He accepts.

In the forest, Sango and Miroku are finishing off the last of the demons when Inuyasha returns. When he inquires about Kagome, they say that they think she saw Kikyo's soul collectors and when after them. Kagome entered a barrier and has since not returned. Inuyasha immediately sets off to find her.

Kagome is safe within the barrier where the soul collectors have led her. The assistants of the Saint appear and show Kagome,Kikyo, laying unconscious and motionless at the bottom of a pool near the waterfall. They inform Kagome of Kikyo's near fatal encounter with Kikyo and how the priestess was poisoned by Naraku's miasma. They desperately ask that Kagome purify Kikyo's body as Kagome is the only one capable of doing so.

Without a second thought, Kagome plunges into the miasma filled pool and attempts to save her rival. The assistants provide Kagome with Kikyo's burial soil to press into Kikyo's body, thus healing Kikyo's wounds and purifying her of the miasma. By healing Kikyo, Kagome unexpectedly experiences the priestess' memories. Emotionally struck by the tragedy behind Kikyo's death and Inuyasha's imprisonment into the sacred oak, she barely manages to complete healing Kikyo. As Kagome passes out, Kikyo awakens.

When Kagome regains consciousness, Kikyo stands before her with her two assistants. Kikyo wants to know what Kagome would save her, considering it was her own choice. Kagome says that she did it instinctively, that because she was the only one who could help Kikyo, she did. Kikyo replies that since Kagome didn't believe she really had a choice, Kagome was really sincerely trying to save her and says that she won't thank Kagome for saving her life. Kikyo leaves, saying that Inuyasha is coming to look for her.

As Kagome sits alone, contemplating her encounter with Kikyo, she grows angry. She thinks that it was all a test devised by Kikyo because of their romantic rivalry and feels hurt and exploited that Kikyo would do such a thing. As she becomes angrier and angrier, Inuyasha arrives and looks around the area. Kagome furiously tells him that Kikyo has gone; misinterpeting his relief that Kikyo is alive as happiness. Kagome's rage confuses Inuyasha, he is merely concerned about Kagome's well being. Losing her temper, she says hates him.

Later, Miroku and Sango attempt to console a confused Inuyasha as Kagome sulks alone. She regrets what she said to Inuyasha and Inuyasha is (as usual) reluctant to apologize to Kagome. Kagome is convinced that Inuyasha must have a low opinion of her now, but looks up to see that he sitting right next to her. He asks cautiously if she still angry and Kagome asks if he will go after Kikyo. Inuyasha tells her of his encounter with the Saint and her fate and was only worried about Kikyo's condition. He satified that Kikyo is now fine and touched that Kagome willingly healed Kikyo, despite her feelings towards the priestess. Just as their conversation seems to be going smoothly, Inuyasha demands that Kagome take back saying that she hated him, feeling hurt that she would say something like that to him.
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode, Kagome - while hiding from youkai - discovers two Shinidamachuu (soul snatchers). She follows them, which leans her past a barrier, to two shikigami girls, and Kikyo. Kikyo is in a waterfall, with shouki (poison vapours) coming out of the wound that Naraku gave her previously (episode 124).
The two girls ask Kagome, "Are you going to save her?" They explain that Kikyo had fallen into a stream of shouki, but didn't die. The only problem was, her soul was slowly dissipating, and would soon disappear if the wound was not closed. Kagome, with no hesitation, decides to save her. She jumps into the waterfall.
All Kagome needed to do was close the wound...which was quite a task. Some of Kikyo's gravesoil fell into Kagome's hand, which she then purified and used to close Kikyo's wound.
Once the wound was closed, and Kikyo was saved, Kikyo asked Kagome why she saved her when she had the choice. "Because I'm the only one who could save you, and you need help," was basically what Kagome replied. "Then I shall not thank you." Was Kikyo's answer. The barrier then disappears.
Inu-Yasha and the rest go through the once-was-barrier and find Kagome beside the waterfall. They learn from Kagome that Kikyo didn't actually die; she was just severly injured. Inu-Yasha, of course, wants to follow and find Kikyo, but he sees Kagome in such a sad state that he does not. A little argument follows, but Kagome and Inu-Yasha talk it out.
The episode ends with Kikyo and her two shikigami girls. Kikyo is wondering to herself why Kagome saved her. 'She had no hesitation. If she had, then the wound would not have completely closed. ...It's still warm.'
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Here's a play-by-play of the famous scene!

Kagome is sitting alone by the waterfall as she reflects back on what just happened. She replays the scene where Kikyo’s two little [whatever they are…] asks her, “To save or not to save. Please choose.”

Kagome (to herself): “What was that anyway? As if they were testing me…but why would they do such a thing. Wait, is it about Inuyasha? Because Kikyo is in my way so they thought I wouldn’t save her?! That’s the only plausible explanation.” She starts to shake in anger and makes a fist. “I can’t believe that they thought I am THAT low!” Kagome hears footsteps and directs her attention towards it.

Inuyasha enters the scene. He is running but stops as soon as he sees the sitting Kagome.

Inuyasha: “Kagome…” (then to himself) “She’s ok.”

Inuyasha slowly starts to walk towards Kagome while Miroku, Sango and Shippo show up behind him.

Shippo: “Kagome!”

Sango: “Kgome-chan!”

Miroku: “You’re ok!”

Pan to Inuyasha who is still walking but glancing around at the same time. He is obviously looking for Kikyo. Kagome interjects sharply.

Kagome: “What are you looking around for?” Inuyasha stops and can’t respond. “If it’s Kikyo, she already left. Why don’t you go after her.”

Inuyasha: “Kikyo was here?”

Kagome turns away.

Kagome: “That’s right but she already left even though I told her to see you.” Inuyasha breathes a sigh of relief. (to herself) “So he is happy about it.”

Shippo who is on Miroku’s shoulder cringes and hides. Sango looks sad for Kagome’s sake.

Miroku: “Inuyasha, what are you going to do? Are going to go after her?”

Pan to Inuyasha looking down at the still sitting and upset Kagome. Kagome draws her knees closer to herself.

Inuyasha: “Kagome, did something happen between you and Kikyo?”

Kagome: (to herself as she remembers how she saved Kikyo) “At that time I was trying so hard to save her but I can’t believe how lousy I feel now…”

Inuyasha squats [in his usual style] in front of Kagome.

Inuyasha: “Hey Kagome.” No answer from Kagome. Inuyasha raises his voice and changes his tone. “Hey! What the hell are you sulking about?!”

Kagome finally looks up with anger in her eyes.

Kagome: “Be quiet!” Inuyasha is drawn back. Kagome now yelling, “Everything is all your fault!! Oh, I HATE you!!!”

Inuyasha: “Whhaat..”

Pan to the peanut gallery aka Miroku, Sango and Shippo

Sango: “Kagome-chan?”

Shippo: (now completely hiding behind Miroku’s shoulder.) “She’s really scary.”

Back to Inuyasha and Kagome. After Kagome’s fierce declaration Inuyasha is speechless on the ground but finally manages to regain his voice.

Inuyasha: “What the hell did I do? Hey if you don’t cut it out I’m really gonna get mad!”

Kagome simply says, “Osuwari [Sit]” and down goes Inuyasha.

Back to the peanut gallery.

Sango: “What do you think about this Miroku?”

Miroku: “I don’t know the exact circumstances but either way Inuyasha’s probably the bad guy here.”

Shippo: “Yeah, because Kagome says so.”

Few moments later they’re all sitting around a fire where Kagome is still in the same spot as before with her head buried in her knees and everyone else is on the opposite side of the fire.

Inuyasha: “Say sorry?! Why me?”

Sango: “Look at Kagome-chan…have you ever seen her look so lonely?”

Inuyasha: “But still…”

Miroku: “Inuyasha, before that I have something to ask you. Are you sure you don’t have to go after Kikyo?”

Inuyasha: “I can’t go when Kagome is like this.”

Sango: “Oh so if Kagome-chan smiled and said go ahead you would’ve gone.”

Inuyasha doesn’t respond. He simply looks down deep into thought.

Pan over to Kagome.

Kagome (to herself): “I’m such a horrible person. I got all worked up and took it all out on Inuyasha. He probably hates me now.” She slightly lifts her head then notices Inuyasha’s presence. He is squatting but this time with his back towards her.

Kagome (still somewhat upset): “What?”

Inuyasha: “Are you still mad?”

Kagome: “Aren’t you going to go after Kikyo?”

Inuyasha: “When I was alone at the foot of the mountain. I saw Hijiri-sama [the mysterious person the group was going after to find out if it was Kikyo or not]. But that was only a puppet controlled by Kikyo. I heard that the real Kikyo was being eaten away by Naraku’s miasma and her life was nearing an end.

Kagome (to herself): “So he knew about it.”

Inuyasha: “How was Kikyo?”

Kagome: “She was wounded and sleeping. But the miasma was cleansed so she should be okay now.”

Inuyasha: “You did it?”

Kagome nods ‘yes’

Inuyasha: “I see.”

Kagome (to herself): “Of course he’s worried.” To Inuyasha, “Inuyasha go ahead and go, don’t try so hard to hold back.”

Inuyasha abruptly turns around.

Inuyasha: “I won’t go! You’re the one trying too hard. You saved Kikyo right?”

Kagome nods ‘yes’

Inuyasha: “Then she’s ok now. I’m not going after her.”

Kagome: “Really?”

Inuyasha: “Yeah.” Kagome smiles a bit. “So take back what you said before.”

Kagome: “Huh?”

Inuyasha: “Don’t tell me you forgot! You said you hated me.”

Kagome: “I said that?”

Now Inuyasha has his comical surprised face ^_^

Inuyasha: “Whaaaaat?”

Kagome: “Sorry I completely forgot.”

Inuyasha: “Do you know how hurt I was with that!?”

Pan to Miroku, Sango and Shippo.

Sango: “He was still hung up about it?”

Shippo: “He’s so naïve.”
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo is wounded badly, and Kagome had to chose either to save her or not. Like the nice,genlte, and beautiful she is she decides that she will save her. Then that ungratful Kikyo just says " it was your choice of saving me...so i will not say thank you" she just then leaves...thenInuyasha comes. But Kiyko does say that Inuyasha will be coming for Kagome, that's when she leaves. Kagome had doubts about this though, that's when Inuyasha shows up. She then tells him that he doesnt have to look around because Kikyo is not there no more. Inuyasha gets surprised by this and asks "Kikyo was here?!" and Kagome gets hurt, and she thinks that Kikyo was wrong and that Inuyasha only came beacuase of Kikyo. Inuyasha then later on finds out that Kagome saved Kikyo's life, and asks her if she did it for her. And kagome says yeah blahblahblahblahblah right after that she somehow regretted it. Inuyasha and Kagome are on a hill and Kagome is thinking about the whole Inuyasha'Kikyo thing, when he shows up. He asks her how come she's been moping around latley and Kagome gets mad and yelss " It's all your fault! I hate you!" Inuyasha is taken by surprise and almot had a heartaatack. And he then tells her to take it back...what she said i mean. And he says that she better take it back or he''ll get mad...and that she doesn't know how much that hurt him...(This shows dat he does care....) Kagome gets mad...and decideds to say....."SIT!!" ... well they continue fighting anyway.
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I saw episode 150 raw; and saw the preview for this one, plus i read it in the manga. Kagome sees Kikyo underwater. She's pulled in and chooses to save Kikyo... and so that she does... Of course she does it for Inuyasha because he's always whining about Kikyo. Hell, I'd save her too.
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This is the episode were kagome finds kikyo and decides to save her. kikyo is under water and kagome jumps in to try and purify her, you can see the hole in her chest and the water has miasma in it witch burns kagome, she puts her hand in her chest and starts to heal kikyo. then kagome passes out (under water!!). At the same time kikyo is wakening up. Fast forward: kagome finds her self on the ground by the river, she looks and sees kikyo, kikyo: “Why did you save me?” kagome: “ ihad a choice to save you or not, when someone in frount of me needs help, im not going to leave them” (something like thatJ) kikyo:” fine, it was your choice” “inuyasha will be looking for you.” and she walks of. Kagome: “that’s kikyo for you.”
Episode Summary for Episode 151 - Kagome's Instinctive Choice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
According to the Manga, Im guessing that this is the chapter where Kaogme saves kikyo from dissolving in Narakus miasma. but when kikyo comes out, she says 'I will not thank you' and leaves coldly leaving InuYasha and co. to find her. when she comes Kaogme tells him in tears what she did and that she saved kikyo and that he can go run to her and that she hates him. but he keeps to his promise and does not go after kikyo. he follows kagome and sits with his back to her and tells her that it really hurt him to hear her say that she hated him. she says sorry and he forgives ^_~*