Episode 153 - The Fate is a Cruel Reunion Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 153 - The Fate is a Cruel Reunion. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
As Princess Abi's attack on the human castle continues, the people trapped inside find themselves suddenly facing the young boy who had just saved so many of them... Kohaku. Under Naraku's control, Kohaku is ordered to protect Naraku's baby and kill all the people of the castle. He continues to slaughter person after person until only the Lady of the Castle and the baby are left, when Sango arrives on the scene of bloodshed...

In the moments surrounding her arrival, Kohaku finds himself having a sudden surge of past memories, and he realizes why the face of the girl standing before him always haunts his mind... it's his sister, who he thought had been killed by his own hands. The murderous rampage comes to an abrupt end when Kagura comes for him and brings him back to Hakudoushi, leaving Sango and the others behind in the wake of the tragedy...
Episode Summary for Episode 153 - The Fate is a Cruel Reunion. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts with Kohaku protecting a woman holding Narokuís baby from the youkai birds. Other villagers are helping him protect her and they are thanking him for his help. Suddenly Kohaku starts killing them (the villagers). Kohaku hears Narokuís voice telling him to kill the people and take the baby. Kohaku hesitates, questioning his orders. The villagers begin to attack him though and he kills them and the womenís attendants. He is fighting the orders though and has tears in his eyes. The woman notices this and asks if another is controlling Kohaku. Just as he is about to kill her, Kirara and Sango arrive. Kohaku turns to face them, and the woman runs away with Narokuís baby. Sango is horrified by what her brother has done.

The woman with Narokuís baby meets Kanna as she tries to escape. Kanna steals the womanís soul with her mirror. Kagura is watching this from the sky and guesses the baby is the other half of Hakudoushi. The poisonous bugs show up around Kagura and tell her to pick up Kohaku and Kanna vanishes.

Scene changes to Abi-Hime and Inuyasha fighting and trading insults. Abi-Hime is using the trident Naroku gave her and it creates a barrier so Inuyasha canít touch her. Kagome tries to take a shot at Abi-Hime and almost gets nailed by a fireball, but Miroku saves her (and drops Shippou in the line of the fireball). Abi-Himeís youkai birds begin to swarm around her. She says they have collected all the blood in the castle (that apparently belongs to Naroku), and she had expected more resistance. She withdraws with a parting insult about Inuyasha being a hanyou. Inuyasha throws one last Kaza no Kizu (wind scar) at her, but her barrier holds. As they watch Abi-Hime escape, Kagome realizes Sango is missing.

Scene changes back to Sango and Kohaku facing each other. Sango says Kohaku has done it again. Kohaku is trying to figure out what she means about ďagainĒ. He starts to remember killing the demon slayers, and other memories about Sango and their village come out. Kohaku is shaking by now and holding his head. Just then Kagura sweeps in (literally) and picks him up. Kohaku is shaken by his returned memories and tries to jump off her feather. Kagura manages to catch him though. Kohaku vows to kill Naroku.

Back at the castle, the group finds Sango. She admits Kohaku killed some of the villagers. Next scene shows Sango walking away from the castle. She is wondering if she can save Kohakuís heart with all the killing he has done for Naroku. The group is following behind her quietly. Just then, they notice some movement in one of the castles outer buildings. It is a group of villagers who Kohaku had protected. They ask where he is, as he saved them. Sango begins to cry and Kagome tried to comfort her.

Next morning, the group is sitting by a river and Miroku asks Sango to tell them what happened. As Sango explains what happened, she realizes the baby she saw looked like Narokuís baby. Flash over to Kagura and Kohaku. Kagura is questioning Kohaku, but he sits silently. Kagura is trying to figure out what was going on at that castle too. She lands at a hut on a mountain sight where Hakudoushi is waiting. Looking at Hakudoushi, Kagura realizes the baby may be Narokuís heart.

Back to Inuyashaís group. Inuyasha can not catch the youkai birdsí scent at all, and theyíre our no clues as to where the nest may be. As the group camps, they discuss Naroku and Abi-Himeís connection and how Naroku is trying to reach the boundary between this world and the next. Sango and Kirara are sitting off on their own and Sango is worried about Kohaku. Miroku approaches and asks if it is OK for him to sit with her. He comforts her, without groping! Shippou and Inuyasha are spying on them and are amazed that Miroku is not trying anythingÖ perverted.

Change scene again to Naroku looking at the youkai birds mountain/nest. He removes a barrier from around it. Abi-Hime is there talking to her mother. (The eye in the mountain) Her mother (Tekkai) says the blood from the castle diluted the poison, but warns Abi-Hime to not be careless. Tekkai knows the barrier around the mountain is gone. Abi-Hime says Naroku is just a stupid hanyou.

Back with Inuyasha again, Inuyasha wakes up, realizing he can smell the youkai birds. He moves the top of a hill to try and find a direction and sees Kikyouís two, whatever they are, approaching. They tell Inuyasha that Kikyou is waiting.
Episode Summary for Episode 153 - The Fate is a Cruel Reunion. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Upon the orders of Naraku, Kohaku kills the guards of the Lady of the castle. Shocked, the Lady realizes that Kohaku is under the control of someone. Sango then comes to the rescue. Meanwhile, Abi-hime seem to doubt that Naraku is protecting the village since he didn't appear. Inuyasha ang the gang (minus Sango) is still fighting the youkai birds. Back to Kohaku, Sango says Kohaku has done it again (killing his comrades). This made Kohaku think, "again?". He finally understands what happened (all of it, from killing his comrades and being a minion of Naraku). Kanna appears and took the baby. Kagura also appears and took Kohaku, the escapes. Kohaku tries to jump off her flying feather but Kagura saves him. She wonders why he jumped. Upon meeting Kanna, she saw the under half of Hakudoshi and concluded that baby has his heart. Inuyasha and the gang regrouped. Sango remembered that the lady of castle was holding a Hakudoshi baby.
Episode Summary for Episode 153 - The Fate is a Cruel Reunion. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Continued from last episode, Kohaku is protecting the Lady of the castle from Abi's birds, but Naraku tells him to kill everyone and take the baby (Akago) to safety. Kohaku swings kis chain weapon, and even as the guards thank him for saving them, he kills them. Naraku uses the Shikon shard Kohaku has to make him kill the Lady's protectors, but Kohaku asks 'Why must I kill these People?'

The rest of the guards attack Kohaku, but he kills them too. Under Naraku's control, he makes his way towards the Lady, killing everyone in his way. He is splattered with blood. In his mind, he protests, but soon only the Lady is left alive. As Kohaku raises his weapon, teards start to flow from his eyes. The Lady senses his heart is being controlled by someone.

At that moment, Sango arrives. Kohaku recognises her as 'that person.' Sango sees the corpses on the ground, and Kohaku covered in their blood, and realises what he's done. The Lady slips away, but Kanna appears takes the Lady's soul with her mirror, and takes the baby away. Kagura sees this, and recognises Akago as the other part of Hakudoshi. Saimyoushou (Naraku's insects) appear, and tell her to pick up Kohaku.

Inuyasha and Abi-Hime continue their fight, with Inu unable to break through the barrier Naraku gave Abi. Kagome tries a holy arrow, but Abi nearly burns her (and panicked Shippo) with her fire. The birds gather near Abi, who says they have all the blood they need, and that there seemed to be nothing special about the castle after all. As she leaves, Inuyasha attacks, but is repelled again by the barrier and shouki. Abi escapes.

Sango faces Kohaku, among the corpses. Sango says 'you've done it again,' and this makes Kohaku remember killing the other demon slayers, his father, and even Sango. He grabs his head in pain, Sango calls out to him, and he remembers her from in their village. Just as he realises who he is, Kagura appears and takes him away on her flying feather. Sango is anguished, having lost her brother again.

Kohaku now remembers fully what he has done, killing his family, and many other innocents. He steps off the feather, falling towards the forest. In his mind, he sees himself hearing Naraku telling him to forget, and then sees himself attacking Sango, Rin, and many villagers, under Naraku's command. Kohaku screams in the pain of his recovered memory. Kagura catches him before he hits the ground, and as they fly away, Kohaku resolves to kill Naraku or die trying.

Inu and gang catch up with Sango, and see the bodies of the people Kohaku killed. Sango says Kohaku left again, and wonders if she can save him after all he has done. Then, the door on a building breaks open, and the servants who worked with Kohaku come out, calling Kohaku's name. They tell Sango that Kohaku saved them from the youkai birds. Sango cries, as she realises that the real Kohaku must still be alive.

Sango later tells Inuyasha and co. that she saw Akago, Naraku's baby, at the castle. Kagura also saw Akago, but Kohaku can't tell her why the baby was there. When they arrive at where Hakudoshi is, Kagura remembers how Akago and Hakudoshi grew from the halves of the original baby, and that Hakudoshi has no heart. She suddenly realises that Akago has Hakudoshi's heart, and that it must also be Naraku's human heart.

Inuyasha and gang have decided to follow Abi, because even though she has betrayed Naraku, the human blood she's collecting must have something to do with Naraku's plan to travel to the last Shikon shard, in the 'boundary between this world and the next.' As they talk about this around a campfire, they see Sango sitting away from themwith Kirara, looking depressed, thinking about if she can save Kohaku. Miroku goes over to her to comfort her, and asks if there is anything he can do. Sango says 'just stay beside me.' Miroku does, and Sango leans against his shoulder.

Inuyasha and Shippo are surprised Miroku isn't being his lecherous self. Kagome says Miroku isn't all bad. Inu wonders if you take the lecher out of Miroku, what do you have left? "Probably just the Kazanna" answers Shippo. Miroku, however, promises that he won't pat Sango's bottom (Wow Miroku, you can resist being a lecher, just this once).

Naraku stands near the mountain that Abi and her mother (Tekkei) live at, and removes a barrier he put there to hide it. Tekkei is nearly better because of all the human blood, and says she expects Naraku to attack them now. Inuyasha smells the birds' nest now that it is revealed, but the two girls that are Kikyo's Shikigami appear, and invite Inu to see Kikyo...