Episode 154 - The Demon that Links to the Other World Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 154 - The Demon that Links to the Other World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Two children appear and tell Inuyasha that Kikyo wants to see him. He leaves while the rest of his group sleeps. He finds Kikyo sitting by a tree looking really week. She tells him that Naraku wants them to go to the next world to find the Jewel. It's a trap. She give Inuyasha an arrow and sais it's Kagome's choice to use it or not. She tries to walk away but falls. Inuyasha grabs her sholder and is telling her she's to week. She sais all her spiritual powers are still there.

Back at the group Sango and the rest are saying how Inuyasha sucks for leaving at a time like this. Kagome is sitting alone thinking. Inuyasha appears and tell her right off he was with Kikyo and gives her the arrow Kikyo gave him to give her. She takes it calmly. He said he just wanted to see if Kikyo was alright with his own eyes and asks if shes mad. He sais no but then he realizes she is.

They all leave to find Naraku. Naraku was eaten by a giant bird but ends up killing it from the inside and the bird's dauther.
Episode Summary for Episode 154 - The Demon that Links to the Other World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode begins with the inu gang asleep inuyasha wakes up and i think smells the birds nest nearby. he gets up and sees kikyous shikigama(glowing children). they tell him that kikyou is waiting. He folllows them into a forest where he meets kikyou. he checks to see if shes alright and tells her basically he felt guilty for not being able to protect her.

She then explains to inuyasha why he could smell the birds nest becuase naraku had removed the barrier. he removed the birds nest becuase the link to the next world is somewhere in the nest and he wanted to lure kagome there so she would fine the final shard for him(trap). she then give inuyasha a arrow to give to kagome to use agianst naraku if she wishes. Its covered in the soil from onigumos grave.

In the morning the whol gang is up and inuyasha still hasnt returned. kagomes upset and everyones scared shes going to yell inuyasha returns tells kagome what happened and asks if shes mad. kagomes says know says she believes him but wants to know exactly what happened:she is mad.

I think they see narakus demons flying around and follows them to the nest where naraku and abi-hime start to fight. both luaghing annoyingly. Then abi-hime tells naraku that he mother has recieved enough blood. introducing tekkei(just a huge bird) they fight naraku a bit, inuyasha and the gang show up, tekkei swallow naraku, they threaten inuyasha. then naraku bursts out of tekkeis head(instant death). abi-hime trys to attack and naraku summons back the trident which takes abi-himes arm to. naraku kills her, claims to had helped inuyasha and the group cuts up tekkei which just so happens to be the link to the next world.(tekkei is an accomplice of the birds that reside in hell,in other words shes a youkai with connections to the next world.
Episode Summary for Episode 154 - The Demon that Links to the Other World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This is very short and very simple i'll tell ya wat i saw first hand.Sesshoumaru is the link because when Kagura comes to the tell him were Inuyasha went he goes after him arriving at the same gate but the guardians let him trough because the tensiga sword and its carrier are the only ones that can decide life or death which allows him to get trough. Sess also hurts Naraku very bad YES!!
Episode Summary for Episode 154 - The Demon that Links to the Other World. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha follows Kikyou's two shikigami girls into the forest where he finds Kikyou, her body still weakened from the shouki poisoning. Knowing that Naraku's goal is to get the final Shikon shard, which is at the border between This World and the Next, and that Inuyasha plans to follow him there and confront him, Kikyou gives him a warning: to keep Kagome safe from Naraku, as his goal is to use her eyes to seek out the final shard. In order to defeat Naraku, she gives him an arrow covered with the soil from Onigumo's grave, and instructs him to give it to Kagome...

Naraku's plans to find the border of the Next World also begin to solidify. He confronts Princess Abi's mother, the giant Bird youkai, Tekkei, as well as the Bird Princess herself. In destroying them both, he begins to open the pathway that will take him there...