Episode 155 - The Devil that Guards the Shikon Shard Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 155 - The Devil that Guards the Shikon Shard. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku's plan to open up the pathway into the Next World is set into motion as he decpaitates the now dead Tekkei. The blood flowing from her head creates a River of Blood, allowing him to enter the Next World. Inuaysha and the others give chase and follow him, only to find that the path leads them to the gravesite of Inuyasha and Sesshoumaru's father.

In possession of the final fragment is Housenki, the youkai who had made the pearl for Inuyasha's eye. Upon arriving at the gravesite, however, Father's old friend does not seem to bear any goodwill towards Inuyasha... or anyone wanting the fragment, for that matter. Thus begins the battle for the shard...
Episode Summary for Episode 155 - The Devil that Guards the Shikon Shard. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode opens with a recap of the last episode. So Naraku has just cut of Tekkei's head and a river of blood comes out. Naraku says that this is the way to the next world so Inuyasha and the gang follow the river of blood. We're taken to a scene where Sesshoumaru is walking towards where Tekkei and everyone else is when Kagura shows up and says that the entrance is closed, but she knows another way to get to the next world. Then we go back to Inuyasha and group going down the portal thing and they come out to find themselves at Inuyasha's fathers grave. Inuyasha and Kagome fly one of the birds while Sango, Miroku and Shippou follow. Inuyasha's eye where the black pearl was hidden starts to glow, he has a flashback of the time he was chasing his ball, ran to his mother and then when he was running from some youkai. Kagome gets Inuyasha to snap out of his falshback and then shards of kongouseki or Kagome says diamonds come shooting at them. The shards stop and the group flys in for a closer look. They find that Housenki who is a skull surrounded by the kongouseki has the shikon shard. Housenki is also the one who created the black pearl that was in inuyasha's eye. Inuyasha and Housenki talk and during the conversation Housenki says that the Shikon shards desire was to come to the place of the dead so that Naraku couldn't get his hands on it and corrupt it like all the other shards he possesed. Then Naraku makes the shard that Housenki has turn black, and Housenki becomes corrupted. Housenki attacks Inuyasha and in turn Inuyasha attacks Housenki. Inuyasha tries Kaze no Kizu but it doesn't work. He gets the same falshback again. Housenki attacks and Inuyasha tries another kaze no kizu but again it doesn't work, so inuyasha runs up housenki's body trying to get to the shard and housenki is shooting the kongouseki shards at him. So kagome tries to shoot one of her arrows but it doesn't do anything. Housenki's kongouseki cover up the part of his body where Kagome's arrow hit, so Inuyasha tells her to shoot another one, she does and he does a kaze no kizu. The kongouseki the surrounded the shard shatters and then Housenki knocks inuyasha across the face and he falls into the fog that's covering the place of the dead. The episode ends there.