Episode 157 - Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha! Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 157 - Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku now has the final shikon shard (stolen from Housenki) and is fighting Sesshomaru. If you could call it fighting that is, Naraku is simply hiding behind his barrier while Sesshomaru tries to attack him. You can tell that Sesshomaru is getting nowhere and is becoming very angry.

It looks like Naraku is winning, and Housenki finally decides to help out. He tells Inuyasha (who is severly wounded from fighting both Housenki's possessed form and Naraku), that if he can cut open his body, Tetsusaiga will have a new power. (I didn't say this before, Housenki is the youkai of jewels and he attacks using a mineral,kongouseki, that is stronger than a diamond - making it very deadly) However, Housenki warns Inuyasha that if he fails he will die.

Inuyasha accepts the offer and tries to slice through Housenki, but Housenki's body has become so solid that Inuyasha can't even dent him. In fact, every time Inuyasha hits the youkai, slivers of kongouseki. It becomes obvious that if Inuyasha doesn't slice through Housenki soon - he will be sliced up and die.

Meanwhile, Naraku decides to let Sesshomaru "cut him" and sends out different body parts from the barrier, of which Sesshomaru, does indeed, slice thorugh. However, every time a limp/body part is severed, shouki is released and coveres the area. While Inuyasha is busy "fighting" Housenki, Kagome uses her arrows to purify the shouki, but she soon only has one arrow left. But the arrow ends up being the "gift" from Kikyo and rejects her, leaving Kagome defenseless.

Inuyasha decides to take matters into his own hands, and ignoring Housenki for the time being, he fight against the shouki. Housenki doesn't seem to happy (he doesn't have much expression on his face - his being a rock and all) and taunts Inuyasha about making his sword stronger. Inuyasha tells him to shut up and that he needs to protect his friends more than he needs to make his sword stronger. Housenki is silent while Inuyasha begins the famous Kaze no Kizu attack.

The attack goes toward Naraku, but he is unfazed as he knows it will be useless. However, a new power raises out of the attack and Naraku is surrounded by kongouseki, and Naraku's barrier is dimished. That's when everyone notices that Tetsusaiga has been covered by kongouseki as well.

Housenki speaks and tells Inuyasha that if he would have chosen to continue to fight him instead of protect everyone, he would have died. After that statement Housenki splits in half and tells Inuyasha that he as inherited Kongousouha.

Inuyasha releases Kongousouha on Naraku and Naraku is impaled. Sesshomaru decides to join in to finish off Naraku and unleashes his attack on him, but even though Naraku is in pain, it is not enough (and Naraku still has the last shard).

As Naraku starts to vanish, the arrow the Kikyo gave Kagome starts to react and Kagome decides to use it as it has finally accepted her. As Kagome draws the bow Kikyo and Kagome are both seen before she releases the arrow. Naraku is hit but he vanishes (thanks to Hakudoushi) and the shard returns to Kagome. After a few scenes that I am not going to spoil, everyone follows Sesshomaru to leave the "In Between World".

Episode Summary for Episode 157 - Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshoumaru's arrival in at the gravesite begins another battle, this time between him and Naraku. However, it seems that even Sesshoumaru's attack with the Toukijin has no effect on Naraku's barrier. Every cut begins to release a wave of deadly shouki upon both Sesshoumaru and the others who are in the grave...

Inuyasha and the others are then confronted by Housenki, who seems to know of a way to strengthen Tessaiga and allow it to able to break down Naraku's barrier. For that to happen, Inuyasha must first find a way to slash him open and, perhaps, slay him. Inuyasha's repeated attempts to break the youkai apart fail, and instead shower him with deadly shards of diamond. When Naraku's shouki begins closing in on the group, Inuyasha's makes a decision to abandon trying to strengthen his sword for the time being, and protect his friends from the immediate danger, despite not knowing what the consequences of decision will ultimately be...
Episode Summary for Episode 157 - Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome was flying around yelling for Inuyasha on one of the skeletal demon birds after Inuyasha was attacked by the Diamond Demon (can't remember his name...sorry) and fell to the canyon floor. Just then, Naraku's evil presence is felt by all as he makes his appearance. He seems to have waited until Inuyasha was defeated before showing himself. Naraku floats up to the Diamond Demon and reaches his tentacles out to obtain the shikon shard embedded deep beneath the demon's diamond-armor-like-skin, and just then the light of Inyasha's kaze-no-kizu slices through Naraku's tentacles, stopping him in time from reaching the shard. He and Naraku fight, and Inuyasha tries several different attacks on Naraku, from the Kaze-no-kizu to Bakuruuhya with no success. His last attack on Naraku catapults him into the Diamond Demon and he is trapped there. While he is trapped, Naraku reaches into the Diamond demon and pulls out the last shikon shard, right from under Inuyasha's nose.

In the meantime, Kagura has shown Sesshoumaru the gateway to the underworld and he has entered past the two rock guardians using Tenseiga. The rock guardians recognize the sword as a "sword of the underworld" and let Sesshoumaru pass through the gate unharmed and unchallenged (I did wonder why Inuyasha couldn't get through with Tessaiga, though...it is also supposed to be a sword of the underworld...just a thought).

Inside, as Inuyasha lays defeated, Sesshoumaru enters the fight in a spectacular way by throwing a huge ball of blue light at Naraku, surprising him and stopping his attack on the trapped Inuyasha for a moment. For some reason Sesshy was ticked off at Inuyasha for making a mess of their father's gravesite and he decked him, then turned his attention back to defeating Naraku. Naraku belittles and makes fun of Sesshoumaru's attempts to defeat him, even going so far as to stick tenticles of himself outside his barrier so that Sesshoumaru will attack them and expel shouki all over the place. When Naraku asks Sesshoumaru if he is worried about getting shouki all over and dissolving everyone/everything, Sesshoumaru replies that "he is not concerned over the fate of a few mere humans", and continues to fight. (What a swell guy)

Inuyasha, Kagome, Miroku, Sango, Jaken and the Diamond Demon are all inside Inu's Dad's stomach when the Demon challenges Inuyasha to "break open his skull" in order to obtain the diamond spear blast power. Inu asks him what will happen to him (the demon) if he does that, and the demon asks him why was he worried about it, because if Inu fails, he would die from the diamond spears that would become imbedded in him as he tried to break the skull open. Inu thinks that this seems fair, for either the demon dies, or Inu will die trying to obtain the power of the Diamond demon, so he takes Tessaiga and tries to break open the skull with no success.

After several attempts to break open the skull, and also seeing that Naraku and Sesshoumaru are still fighting outside and getting shouki all over the place and putting his friends in imminent danger, Inu stops. He is bleeding profusely from his attempts to break open the skull and all the the diamond fragments that had come "shooting up" towards him, but he tells everyone to get farther back into the cave since he can dispell the shouki with his kaze-no-kizu. The demon asks him why he would put his friends above gaining a new power and Inu tells him that "that's just how I am". The demon's eyes glow very red just as Inuyasha walks to the front opening of the cave and releases the kaze-no-kizu to disperse the shouki, and behold, diamond spears shoot out of the blade along with the wind. Inu is astounded, but the demon tells him that it was because his put the other's benefit before his own, otherwise the diamond spears that had imbedded themselves in Inu's body while he was trying to break open the demon's skull would have killed him (Inuyasha) instead.

Inuyasha launches a full diamond spear attack on Naraku, piercing him through the heart, and Sesshoumaru slices Naraku for good measure, so Naraku is forced to leave, badly mangled. Just as he leaves, Kagome sees the shard still within Naraku, and takes out the arrow that was given to her by Kikyou and shoots it at Naraku, further damaging him and forcing him to drop the shikon shard. Naraku does manage to escape, but barely...he is badly damaged and makes it back to a hut in the "real" world where Hakudoushi is waiting in a barrier for him to return to, along with Kohaku and Kagura. He has to piece himself together again. Sesshoumaru leads the way (not because he's a good guy or anything, just because he's going that way) out of the underworld with Inu, Kagome and the rest of the gang following behind him.
Episode Summary for Episode 157 - Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
To start off there's a few scenes from the previous episode just to get viewers caught up. Then we see Naraku and Sesshoumaru facing off. Sesshoumaru attacks Naraku with his Tokijin, but it has no effect. Naraku smiles and says he is easier than Inuyasha.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha is listening to Housenki, who tells them that Inuyasha must cut him before the last shard is absorbed by the Shikon no Tama. Housenki's skull then turns completely into kongouseki. He tells Inuyasha that if he's not qualified to take the shard, then he won't be able to cut him and he'll die trying. Inuyasha says that he feels better after hearing that. Then he tells the others to get back and whips out his Tessaiga. He raises it and brings it down on Housenki's skull. Kongouseki shrapnel immediately flies out and hits Inuyasha everywhere, making drops of blood fall. A worried Kagome yells out, and Inuyasha - who is now sweating and bleeding from cuts - stands back and sees that he hasn't even made a crack.

Next we see that Sesshoumaru still isn't having any luck trying to break through Naraku's barrier. Naraku seems to be having a fine time, and taunts him. Poor Fluffy. Finally Naraku brings his three tentacles to attack Sesshoumaru. The ends of the tentacles become monsters and quickly descend on Sesshoumaru, who he barely jumps out of the way before they smash the rock he's been standing on. As Naraku's monsters rush after him, it cuts to a shot of Inuyasha, who's taking another try at Housenki. More shards fly out, cutting his face some more, but he still hasn't managed to make a dent. Housenki taunts Inuyasha on, asking him what's wrong. Inuyasha says he'll do this as many times as it takes. He raises his sword for another try, and then it cuts back to Sesshoumaru. Sesshoumaru's sword easily cuts off the heads of the three monsters, but Naraku only chuckles. The three headless monsters then pour shouki out at Sesshoumaru.

It seems both the brothers are in trouble, since Inuyasha still can't pierce Housenki. Even worse, he looks worn out now, and he's panting heavily. Kagome and Miroku tell him to just give up, but Inuyasha yells at them to shut up and watch. He's just about to bring his sword down again, when they hear Jaken shout out in fear. Apparently the shouki that poured out of Naraku is now heading their way. Miroku tells everyone to get back, and it looks like Jaken's a goner as the shouki quickly inches towards him. Naraku is looking at where Sesshoumaru was standing, and as the shouki clears it becomes apparent that Fluffy is fine. He looks derisive, and asks Naraku if he honestly expected for that level of shouki to affect him. Naraku laughs, and looks over to where the shouki is spreading to the others. Jaken is still too scared to move, but Kagome saves his life by shooting an arrow at the shouki and purifying it.

Naraku then tells Sesshoumaru that every time he cuts the tentacles, which are now growing back, more shouki will pour out and everyone in the area will be killed. Kagome then shoots the shouki again with the last of her arrows. Of course, there's still the arrow Kikyo gave her, but it's still rejecting her. Next we see Sesshoumaru telling Naraku he's not generous enough to care if the shouki kills some measly humans, and attacks Naraku again. More shouki pours out, and Inuyasha immediately runs over, telling everyone to get back. Housenki asks him if he is going to cut him to make his sword stronger, but Inuyasha just tells him to shut up. Then Housenki calls him a fool for losing sight of his goal in favor of his friends' crisis.

Naraku compliments Sesshoumaru for being a flawless youkai, and Sesshoumaru replies he is just concentrated on killing him. Then we see Housenki getting on Inuyasha's nerves, calling him a hanyou and asking if he could even handle his youkai power. Inuyasha replies that he is who he is, and that he does what needs to be done. Then he calls up the Kaze no Kizu and cuts through the shouki. Suddenly a strange light appears. The sword's blast, which now has pieces of kongouseki with it, hits Naraku and destroys his barrier. Then Tessaiga's blade turns to kongouseki, and Housenki tells Inuyasha that if he had cared only about strengthening his sword, the kongouseki shards would've killed him. A crack then appears down Housenki's skull, and he tells Inuyasha that with his hanyou heart, he can inherit Kongousouha, his youkai power. Inuyasha uses Kongousouha to pierce through Naraku with giant diamond spears, and then Sesshoumaru blasts through Naraku, destroying him. Well, not completely. Naraku is blown into small pieces, but then he starts disappearing. That's when Kagome sees the final shikon shard and shoots it with the arrow Kagome gave her. It works, and the shard falls down, but Naraku disappears, taking her arrow with him.

Next we see Kagura flying along, thinking that Naraku still isn't dead yet. She lands in the hut where Hakudoushi and Kohaku are. Hakudoushi looks like he's asleep, but then his eyes open and he demands to know where Kagura's been. Kagura replies she was just taking a breather. Suddenly, a strange light appears inside Hakudoushi's barrier, and Kagome's arrow suddenly comes out and hits him in the heart. He falls to the ground, and Naraku comes out. He immediately starts to piece back together, and he thinks to himself that if Hakudoushi's barrier had been shot through a moment sooner, he wouldn't have been able to return. He also knows that though it was Kagome who shot him, she had Kikyo's powers.

Back to Inuyasha's gang. Inuyasha tells Housenki he'll be taking the Shikon shard, and Housenki tells him that he's sorry he wasn't able to end the conflict surrounding the Shikon no Tama. Inuyasha, looking sad, tells him that as long as the jewel exists, the fighting can't end, and he vows not to stop fighting the people who're after the jewel. Then Myouga jumps in, saying they have to follow Sesshoumaru through the gate to get back to their world. The gang leaves, and the last memorable event to happen is Sango looking sad, thinking about Inuyasha's words and the meaning they hold for Kohaku.
Episode Summary for Episode 157 - Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In the Manga, it was spelled Kongousouha, and this episode is where I believe Inu-Yasha learns a new attack. The attack is pretty cool in my opinion because Tetsusaiga's blade crystallizes, and it sends out large diamond shards. It seems to be much more effective at breaking Naraku's barrier than Red Tetsusaiga. But, before that, Inu-Yasha must somehow defeat Housenki and gain his Youkai power.
Episode Summary for Episode 157 - Pierce Through Naraku! Kongosoha!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well I havent seen this episode but i've read the manga so here it goes, Inuyasha is in the tomb and "defeated" Housenki but Naraku appears and Inu beats down Inu with Housenki (by throwing him at Inu) so of course Naraku thinks Inu is dead (yeah right, *sigh*) so he takes Housenki's shard,***IMPORTANT*** I've just realized Sess isnt here in the manga yet opps ***IMPORTANT*** Inu then attacks at a distance with kaze no kizu but does nothing (barrier agian, always with the barriers) so he does red Tetsusaiga kaze no kizu, but it wraps around the barrier and is sent back at the gang, Inu then does red Tetsusaiga's Bakuryuuha (never seen him try that before...) but it does nothing. Stuff happens... Sesshoumaru has attacked Naraku lots of times, but of course the barrier is in his way, Naraku tentacles get cut... miasma pours out Kagome purify's it but is now out of arrows (execpt for Kikyou's arrow) (i'll wrap it up now) Housenki tells Inu to cut him to make his sword stronger ('cause he's a greater demon/youkai) and Inu attacks Housenki and diamond shards pepper his body (ouch!) then more miasma pours down and Inu goes to attack and push it back (at Naraku) but Housenki calls him a fool, that he would rather save his friends and not strengthan **aaahh spelling** his sword, but Inu attacks the miasma anyway and its pushed back. Naraku chuckles that it is only a temporary solution, then WHAM!!! giant diamond shards are in with the kaze no kizu (Windscar in english) and rip through Naraku's barrier, (for some reason he's ok???) then Housenki tells Inu that if he cared only for strengthening his sword the diamond shards that peppered him body would have killed him, with his half-demon heart he inhearited Kongousouha (all the "u"'s are gone in the anime version???) but anyway Inuyasha's blade is all crystallized (cool!) and he yells out: "Take this, Kongousouha!" and giant shards go through Naraku like he's a pin cushion, then Sess rips his head apart with Toukijin. Here is where im guessing the episode ends?