Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode starts out with a recap of the end of ep. 157, when Kagome shot Naraku with Kikyo's arrow. Naraku/Hakudoushi decides that since Kikyo still has enough power to nearly destroy him, she needs to be eliminated.

During all this, Kohaku learns of Kagura's intention to betray Naraku. Kagura asks him if he has any information that could help her, but since he's hiding the fact that he's regained his memory, he tells her nothing.

Scene changes of the Gang waiting for Inuyasha to come back from yet another meeting with Kikyo. Shippo is upset because Kagome is seemingly calm about Inu still running off after Kikyo all the time. Kagome gives him a lolipop to shut up.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha is at the place where he last met Kikyo, but for some reason, she's not there. He sees a vision of her, and worries about where she is, and if she's alright. (Blah, just get OVER her already...) He then returns to the gang, where Kagome (Despite "not" being mad) sits him. (OUSWARI!) She then starts yelling at him about being late, and sits him about 6 times. Shippo just shakes his head and says that some people take advantage of an open heart like Kagome's.

Flash to Naraku, Kagura, etc. Kagura has just brought some clothes for Hakudoushi (he somehow became naked?), and Naraku tells Haku to lure Kikyo out of hiding so that they can kill her. He tells Kohaku to go with Haku to help destroy Kikyo, to Kohaku's dismay. Kohaku thinks to himself that he has to obey Naraku, no matter what happens, at risk to revealing his newly regained memory.

Haku and Kohaku then go and kill a large rat, Zushi Nezumi, who has a device called a "zushi" on his back, that creates an endless swarm of demon rats. They place it in a vacant area and run away, then watch the swarm of rats go forth and begin to destroy villages and massacre people. Naraku hopes that this will lure Kikyo out of hiding to try and stop the flood of rats.

The gang comes upon a swarm of rats, and Inu, despite a warning from Sango, tries to slash them. For every time that he slashes them, more rats appear, increasing the size of the hoard. Miroku eventually sucks most of the rats up with his air void. Inu decides that they should find the source of these evil rats.

Haku and Kohaku are still watching over the rats coming out of the zushi, Haku finding it amusing about the destruction they're causing, while Kohaku is horified.


That's all I have time for tonight.. time for bed. I'll post the second half later. :3
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku and Hakudoshi are still being repaired on account of the arrow. Hakudoshi and Naraku have a plan to bring out Kikyo from hiding. It involves releasing demon mice from a small wooden box. Kohaku has regained his memories and wants to kill Naraku, but cant yet so plays along until he has a chance. Once Hakudoshi kills the rat master, the rat babies go off to devour feudal japan. Countless villages are devoured. This is finally discovered by Inuyasha gang. Kagome and Inu and Shippo go after the end of the trail to Kikyo, Sango and Miroku go towards the source. The source is where Kohaku is left by Hakudoshi to watch over, and is watched by the 'bees' to see if he renegs. It ends with Sango arriving, seeing her bro holding the box and proceeds to kill him in fury.
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Following the battle in the Next World, Naraku decides that he is going to do something really, really bad. So he decides to try to lure Kikyou out into the open so he can destroy her. To do this, he makes use of an enchanted miniature shrine box, from which he will create a huge torrent of nasty youkai rats. This huge river of rats begin to torment village after village...

When Inuyasha and the others find out what's going on, they also discover that Naraku's plan has indeed brought Kikyou out from hiding. In order to lure the rats away from any villages, Kikyou creates a mayose tree, which draws the rats and subsequently destroys them. In order to try and control the rats, Inuyasha and Kagome go to find out where they are all heading, while Sango and Miroku go to find the source of the flow. And there, they find...
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode, Naraku is mulling about Kikyou's arrows while Hakudoushi is healing himself. He want Kikyou dead because of her strong miko powers, but she is hiding so well that even he cannot sense her.

Meanwhile, Kagura and Kohaku sit just outside, Kagura telling herself that now she is sure that the heart of Hakudoushi and Naraku is in the other half of Hakudoushi; the baby. Similarly, Kohaku is wondering why Naraku and Hakudoushi cannot die, and wondering what he can do to defeat Naraku. Kagura gets his attention and tells him about the baby, and that unless he can defeat Naraku, there would be nothing left for him, since as soon as the shard is taken out of his back, he will die. He plans to continue to take Naraku's orders, trying not to betray the fact that he has regained his memories. Eventually, he thinks, he will get to the baby again.

Meanwhile, Inuyasha had gone back to the place where he saw Kikyou, but there was nothing but a memory. Upon returning, Kagome 'sits' him numerous times for hurting her several times.

After Hakudoushi heals, Naraku orders him to go and flush out Kikyou by any means necessary. He tells Kohaku to go with him; Hakudoushi seems amused about something.

Hakudoushi and Kohaku find a demon rat feasting on the leftover bones of his minions; he attempts to eat Hakudoushi. Kohaku kills him quickly, and Haku orders him to take the "zushi" that was on his back. A zushi is a portable shrine used by wandering priests.

They take the zushi to a rocky field and open it; millions and milions of one eyed demon rats pour out of it with no end. They immedately devour whole villages, and cutting them only makes them multiply. Inuyasha and crew encounter them and find out that fact the hard way. Sango states the only way to kill them is with poison smoke; but they have no such herbs on hand. So they have to find the zushi and destroy it; it will make all the rats dissapear.

The plan had worked; Kikyou indeed notices the multitude of rats, and sends Kochou to find particular tree branch called Ogatama.

Inuyasha and crew finally figure out why the rats were set loose.

Upon returning with the branch, Kikyou draws a perfect star shape in the ground and sticks the base of the branch in the middle. Soon, a huge tree grows from that one branch that goes right into the heavens.

The rats are immediately drawn to this tree, and Inuyasha and crew notice their change in direction. Miroku deduces that a mayose is being performed; a method to attract demons and defeat them all at once. He also says it can't be done without strong holy powers. So they split up; Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippou to find Kikyou; Sango, Miroku and Kirara to the source of the rats.

Meanwhile at the source, Hakudoushi senses Kikyou and leaves Kokahu to guard the zushi, and warns him not to close its doors. Again, he seems amused. Kohaku wants to close the doors of he zushi, but Naraku's insects are watching him. But before he can decide on anything, Miroku, Sango, and Kirara find him.

Sango is devastated to see that Kohaku was behind the rats. It's all that Kohaku can do not to call out her name. Sango says that she had hoped that he wasn't involved in this. With obvious effort, Kohaku says that he cannot disobey orders from Naraku. With furious tears, Sango leaps from Kirara with a yell toward Kohaku with Hiraikotsu at the ready.
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku figures out Kikyo is alive, thus sends countless mice to flush her out. She then makes a lure to all the mice which will attract them all, to kill them. Inuyasha and Kagome are supposedly heading towards Kikyo, while Sango and Miroku head towards where Kohaku guards the shrine. (If the shrine is closed, all mice supposedly die, also, Kohaku has regained his memory sometime before, and is trying not to blow his cover)
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After almost getting killed by the arrow Kikyo give Kagome, Naraku and Hakudoshi decided to kill Kikyo once and for all. But they dont know where is Kikyo hiding. So they decided to force Kikyo into using her powers by letting out tons of demon mice. And the mice can only be killed by poison or miroku's wind tonel, they's mutiply if you slash it. Hakudoshi and Kohaku(he have his memory back now) guard the cabunet that let out the mice until Hakudoshi went after Kikyo. Inuyasha & Kagome & Shippo go to see Kikyo, while Sango & Miroku & Kirara go to find the source of the mice. the ep end with Sango about to attack Kohaku(Kohaku dont dare to show Sango that he have his memory back because Naraku's poison insects are there).
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagura understands now that Naraku's heart is inside the baby while Kohaku is realizing the same. Kohaku has regain all of his memories btw and doesn't want anyone to realize this. Inuyasha is off somewhere looking for Kikyou. Kagome sounds and look calm for awhile but then freaks out on Inuyasha when he got back. Naraku then tells Hakudoushi and Kohaku to lure Kikyou out. Hakudoushi finds Zushi Nezumi(flesh/bone eating rat youkai) and Kohaku beheaded him for the zushi. They released millions of zushi rats and they devoured a few towns. If they are cut they would multiply. Then of course Inuyasha's team went to look for who's behind it. Ahh, here's Kikyou... she tells Kochou to grab a branch from the Ogatams tree. Kikyou planted the tree which then lured the zushi rats up to the heavens. Sango sees Kohaku with the zushi and blames him for it and jumps to attack Kohaku...
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku suffers a setback as the result of his confrontation with Inuyasha and Kagome. While he and Hakudoshi recover at his mountain lair, Naraku recalls the last time Hakudoshi’s barrier was broken - it was pierced by an arrow from Kikyo. The damage to Hakudoshi indicates Kikyo is still alive and Naraku is eager to put an end to her once, and for all. He needs a plan to lure Kikyo out of hiding and kill her while (he believes) she is still weak and vulnerable from his last attack. But Naraku isn’t the only demon hatching a plot - outside the den Kagura reveals to Kohaku she wants Naraku dead. Kohaku shares her desire but wrestles with his conscience. Although Kohaku also wants to kill Naraku, he remains silent. Kohaku doesn’t dare reveal his intent: to do so would expose his regained memory and would mean certain death before destroying his evil master. Concerned about Kikyo, Inuyasha returns to the place of their last encounter. Disappointed but not surprised, Inuyasha finds no one - Kikyo has disappeared again. Elsewhere, Kagome plays the waiting game, trying to be nonchalant in front of the others. However, when Inuyasha rejoins the group, he receives a jealous interrogation from Kagome with the usual ground-slamming results’. Back at the villain’s retreat, Naraku completes his trap for Kikyo and prepares to implement the scheme. He dispatches Hakudoshi and Kohaku to steal the Zushi Nezumi (a demonic box containing vicious demon mice). Hakudoshi opens the zushi releasing a torrent of voracious mice that produce an endless swarm of death and destruction. Hakudoshi watches the hungry hoard, entertained by the carnage and anticipating Kikyo’s taking the bait. Inuyasha and the others don’t quite realize they’re headed for trouble until Shippou senses “something coming” on the path ahead of them. Suddenly, a horse streaks towards them bearing an old man and child. Pursuing the pair is a river of rapacious rodents. Inuyasha leaps to their defense, but, even as he strikes the first blow with Tetsusaiga, Sango warns him not to cut the mice. When Tetsusaiga slices through the wave of demon mice, they split and double in volume - cutting them only creates more! Miroku brings the situation under control by using his wind tunnel to vacuum up the swarm. The old man tells the group a horror story about the destruction of his village by the frenzied mice. Miroku and Sango take Kirara for aerial reconnaissance. While they track the progress of the mice Hakudoshi also watches the murderous march of the mice gleefully. Kohaku stands quietly, disgusted with Hakudoshi’s amusement. High on a mountain, Kikyo also observes the monstrous mice. Kikyo orders Kochou, one of her shinidama, to fetch a branch of the ‘oyadama’ tree for her. While Sango and Miroku check out the mice, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo wait in the safety of a barrier-sealed cave on a mountainside. They notice Saimyoushou patrolling the area before Miroku and Sango return. The Saimyousho prove Naraku’s implication in the plague of uncontrollable mice. The gang wonders if the demon wasps were looking for them, but Miroku offers a different explanation - perhaps the Saimyoushou were sent to search for someone else - like Kikyo! Kochou, the shinidama, returns with Kikyo’s oyadama branch. Kikyo plants the branch and casts a spell that causes the branch to grow into an enormous tree. From their vantage point outside the cave, Inuyasha and company watch as the tide of rodents turns all their attention to one direction and stream away. Miroku wonders if someone is performing a “Mayose” ceremony - a ceremony that gathers demons together and destroys them. The ceremony requires great spiritual power and the only one they know who could perform the rite is Kikyo. Kagome suggests she and Inuyasha follow the mice to the Mayose while Sango and Miroku trace source of the mice and locate the zushi. Back at the zushi, Hakudoshi senses the Mayose, too, and leaves Kohaku in charge of the box while he goes to find Kikyo. Meanwhile, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo arrive at the Mayose tree. They watch the mice race up its trunk into the clouds and disappear. There is no sign of Kikyo -- just her spell. With Hakudoshi gone, Kohaku debates whether or not to close the zushi and end the carnage. He hesitates, stopped by the arrival of the Saimyoushou; if he closes the zushi he’ll raise Naraku’s suspicions. As Kohaku stands with his hands on the zushi, and Sango and Miroku arrive. Spotting her brother with the zushi, Sango accuses Kohaku of unleashing the demon mice. Shaking rage and bitter disappointment, Sango attacks her beloved brother, unaware he struggles to keep a secret that might kill them both!
Episode Summary for Episode 158 - A Stampede of Countless Demon Mice. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
While IY and co. are having a great time having brunch, suddenly countlesss mice rush towards them. IY and co. keep on kiling and killing them, but they keep on coming. So fimally, IY surrendered and the demon mice ate IY and co.