Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kohaku has regained his memory, but is trying to make it so Naraku doesn't realize it. He still follows what he thinks Naraku would order him to do. In this episode, he is commanded to let rats loose and destroy villages.

In the meantime, Kikyo draws a star on the ground, sticks a baby tree in it, and makes it grow. This tree has special powers, and the rats are drawn towards it.

They find him, and Sango is bummed to realize that it's him. He wants to stop, but he realizes that some of Naraku's insects are watching him, and if he showed the slightest bit of compassion towards Sango, he's be killed. He continues to let the rats loose. Then someone (forgot the name, but he works for Naraku, and is commanding Kohaku to do Naraku's bidding) puts slugs on the tree, so if Inuyasha tries killing the slugs, it'd destroy the tree too, so the rats could be evil again. If the rats reach the top of the tree, they're purified.

The slugs are eventually destroyed by Inuyasha and Kagome. The rats go wild again. Sango tries to destroy the box that the rats come from, but nothing works. Then the rats go WILDER and start attacking her and Kohaku. Sango tries to save Kohaku, but is drowned in the rats with him. Inuyasha smells her blood, and tries to come to the rescue. Kohaku really wants to help her, and realizes that it's all because of him that this she's getting hurt...

They finally destroy the box, and the rats dissapear. The guy that works for Naraku takes Kohaku away ( :'( ). He asks Kohaku what kind of relationship he has with Sango, and Kohaku lies that he doesn't know her.

Later on, Sango is talking to Miroku about Kohaku. She says that she can't forgive him for the things he's done. She has a flashback of a time he destroys everyone in a village.. sad..
Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Upon realizing the Kohaku is one of those responsible for releasing the torrent of youkai rats, Sango does the only thing she can think to do. Try and chase down Kohaku and crush the enchanted shrine box to stop the flow. Of course, that opens her up to new danger when Hakudoushi appears and summons a monster slug to destroy Kikyou's mayose tree...

When the tree begins to lose its power, the rats begin to disorganize and head back towards their origin. There, they attack Miroku, Sango, and Kohaku...
Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
*note: I've only seen this eppie in Japanese with English subtitles, but I'm confident that this is correct. Besides, this is my first summary, so you get the point. I'm writing the episode as it happens, as in play, pause, write a bit, play, pause write a little bit..


the eppie starts off with Hakudoushi confronting a demon named Zushi Nezumi (seems to be a rat demon) with the words " You let your minions devour the flesh of your victims...and you eat the bones" the eating demon then turns around and with a few taunting words lunges for Hakudoushi. Before he can get to Hak (abbreviation for Hakudoushi) Kohaku appears and slays the demon with one stroke. Hak then tells Kohaku to bring the box that the demon had been carrying on it's back. (IMPORTANT: keep in mind that Kohaku has Already regained his memory, though still serves Naraku, hoping to slay him when he least suspects it) Kohaku then accidentally drops it and Hak gives him the warning "Do not open it here, you'll die"

The scene changes with a field that is invested with mice. the mice seem to be coming out of one place. the box. Hak then laughs explaining that the rats (in millions probably) were scattering everywhere and were going around killing villagers. (remember what Hak said to Zushi, so that means that the rats eat the villagers alive.) as hak is explaining, you can see a human skull emerge as the rats continue to run.

the scene changes with Miroku and Sango on Kirara's back as they hover over the number of rats. Sango explains that the Zushi rats, Multiply when cut and can only be destroyed if they destroy the box.

the scene changes with Kikyo drawing a star in the dirt with her bow and placing a small tree in the middle. using her miko powers, you can see a strange purple aura surround the tree and almost instantly start to grow. The tree grows until it's HUGE and reaches the heavens. When this is done, suddenly all of the rats start sniffing the air and running in the opposite direction, straight for the tree. When inuyasha and the gang see this, miroku explains that there is probably a mayose being performed somewhere (the tree, what Kikyou did) and a mayose is a method of gathering a lot of demons and destroying them all at once. Since it can only be done if the person had strong miko powers, inuyasha suspects that it's Kikyou. Inuyasha then thinks to himself that kikyo is on the end of this road. Kagome then wants to follow the rats to see where they go, while Sango and Miroku take Kirara and try to find the source (the box)

The scene changes with kagome and Inuyasha at the tree. All of the rats seem to be climbing it towards the heavens.

the scene changes with kohaku standing beside the zushi box and wondering if Kiykou had already shown herself. Kohaku, debates whether he should close the door, aware that it should save at least some people's lives, but before he can do anything, he realizes that the Saimyoushou (naraku's insects) are watching him. Not wanting to give up his act and lose his chance to kill naraku, he stops himself.
Suddenly, Sango appears with miroku and kirara, seeing Kohaku standing over the box. (she hasn't realized that he's regained his memory) Sango almost on the verge of tears, think to herself that Kohahku is the reason all of the villages are devoured. Kohaku, fights to say something, but bites back. sango then jumps off of Kirara and tries to destory the box.

*sigh* i'm not sure why, but here's the part where inuyasha presents the episode, even though we're laready 5 minutes into it. T.T

kohaku then shuts the box while closing it and jumps out of the way. Miroku tries to kill the rats by using his kazaana but there were to many to suck in.

the scene changes with the rats still continuing up the tree and Inuyasha, kagome and shippou watching. kagome guesses that when the rats reach the top, they're purified. All of a sudden, the sky begins to swirl, as the voice of Hakudoushi booms over the land "she just set it up and ran away? What an annoying woman" as Hak unleashes these slug demons onto the tree and make the tree start rotting. hak then starts to explain what trouble he/she (?!) had went to just to lure Kikyo out (so basically, this whole thing was about luring Kikyou out) inuyasha tries to attact, but he can't use the wind scar, because it will detroy the tree as well. kagome strats purifying the slug demon as inuyasha tries to attack Hak. finally, Hak appears to have jumped off the tree giving Inuyasha the opportune moment. he attacks with the wind scar, and it appears that Hakudoushi was cut, with only the head remaining, but he/she starts to laugh (just the head) and dissapears. With the final words "so long as you run after Naraku, this kind of thing will happen"
As the tree rots, the rats start to hesistate and starts to become normal again, and Inuyasha and Kagome conitune to kill the demons.

The scene changes to Sango who's chasing Kohaku. While they battle, Kohaku is still thinking about his sister, yet he knows that he must pretend to really fight her. As Miroku watches from a distance he turns around to find the rats heading their way. He tries to use his kazaana, but there are too many and the rats head for Sango and Kohaku. yet Kohaku can do nothing since he's being watched by the Saimyoushou. suddenly, Sango turns around to only see that the rats are moving around them.

The scene changes to kagome and inuyasha finishing up with the demons. They're all slayed yet the tree has lost most of it's powers and the rats return to normal. shippou transform and they fly off. Slower than usual, since Inuyasha is really heavy as Shippou say XD

the scene changes back to kohaku, Sango and Miroku. As the two siblings are battling, the mice nearly get them, but miroku uses his wind tunnel yet again. While Sango is worrying over houshi-sama, Kohaku manages to get away and starts running. sango gets on Kirara so it'd be safer and Miroku has his kazaana, but as Kohaku was running, the mice get to him and he falls. Sango, seeing her little brother being devoured rushed in and tried to strike the box but it seems as though a barrier was placed on it. Giving up, she hold Kohaku while Kirara is at their side. The mice attack.

the scene changes. inuyasha can smell the blood of sango, jumps of Shippou and runs on ahead.


Kagome can sense a shikon shard so she suspects that Kohaku is nearby and urges Shippou to go faster

Meanwhile, Kirara almost manages to pull everybody out but was pulled back in. There must be thousands of rats devouring them. miroku is helpless because he can't use his kazaana or he'll pull them all in, and the rats start to attack him as well. Suddenly, inuyasha arrives but before he can do anything, a holy arrow appears out of nowhere and hits the box, causing the barrier to dissapear. Inuyasha destroys the box and all of the rats dissapear. kagome and shippou finally arrived to see a wounded Kohaku, Sango and Kirara lying on the ground. kagome looks up and sees Kikyo standing on a cliff with her two apprentices. Inuyasha says her name but does not go after her.

Miroku says Sango's name and we see Kirara trying to wake her up. She's lying on Kohaku, the exact same position they were in when they died together (countless eppies back) kohaku is the first one to wake up and says "sister...she's wounded all over, and all for my sake." he has flashbacks from the beginning. Sango wakes up and tries to talk to him but he pulls away. The saimyoushou are still there. Suddenly, a purple bubble forms around him and he starts floating up in the sky. The head of Hakudoushi appears and says "What is that woman to you Kohaku? Why did she protect you?" Kohaku answers "I don't know." and realizes that hakudoushi was watching. he thinks to himself that he doesn't want her to expose her to anymore danger, so he must defeat Naraku quickly.

The scene changes. the sun is setting, Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippou are outside tending to the fire talking about Sango. Inside, Miroku sits with her, as she explains that she cannot forgive Kohaku , even if he was commanded to kill all of those people, as she has a flashback of all of the villagers that died because of him. Including her father. As she talks, (it's a long, heart warming, touching speech) in a nut shell, she said that even though he could nenver be forgiven, she could not hate him. Miroku listens and in the end assures Sango, putting his hand over hers. She thanks "Thank-you, Houshii-sama"

The scene changes with kikyo and her apprentices. she was wondering about how far Naraku would go to get her out. She takes out a knife and cuts off part of her hair and gives it to her apprentices, Asuka and Kochou.

"Take this and fly" they both fly off with gold auras around them.

Kikyou- "Should i find it? ...his hiding place?"

Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kohaku recovered and now just walks around the vilages and forests. Sango just got kidnapped by Naraku's demons and got taked to his castle. Sango was tied up. Back with Inuyasha, Kagome, shippo, and Miroku they search for Sango. Miroku was really worried about Sango. He Said he will kill who told Sango. Kagome thinks Miroku cares a lot about Sango. They finally found Sango tied up and then free her she was all right. Miroku was glad even though he didn't show it. Inuyasha killed the Naraku puppet in half. It was then sunset and Sango, Miroku where talking on top of a hill. Inuyasha and Kagome where talking too on the same hill. The story ends with Sango And Miroku looking at the sunset and laying on each other happy. Same with Inuyasha and Kagome happy. THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The rats continue to head toward the giant tree, but Hakudoushi releases a bunch of giant slugs, which start to rot the tree away. Kagome and Inuyasha set to work on destroying the slugs, but the rats are already starting to scatter.

Sango chases after Kohaku, but when she finally catches him, they have to fight each other. Miroku,who's watching the two, turns to find a large amount of rats is headed their way. He uses the Kazanaa to try and get rid of them, but there are two many, and some get away and run past him, toward the fighting siblings.

Inuyasha finally destroys the last slug, but its too late. The tree is dead. Shippou,Kagome, and Inuyasha decide it isn't safe to stay there, as the rats are starting to scatter, and they head off to destroy the zushi.]

Realizing the situation, Sango tries to get the zushi from Kohaku again, but he still protects it, wanting to make sure Naraku didn't discover he had recovered his memories.Kohaku runs off, and Miroku tells Sango to get on Kirara. But once she's safe, the rats head after Kohaku. They eventually catch him and bury him, but Sango jumps from Kirara and puls him out. She tries to destroy the zushi, but discovers that there's a barrier. The rats surround them and Inuyasha hurries ahead of Shippou and Kagome,smelling Sango's blood.

Kirara tries to pull the siblings out from the sea of rats, but there are too many and they're buried once again. Inuyasha arrives, and an arrow suddenly hits the zushi, destroying the barrier around it. Inuyasha then destroys the box, getting rid of the rats as well. Kikyou walks away from the scene.

Everyone's attention is then directed toward Kohaku and Sango, who are unconscious. Kohaku wakes up and looks at Sango, who's lying on top of him,resisting the urge to call out to her. Sango then wakes up,glad that Kohaku's still alive. But he jumps away from her, and Hakudoushi takes him back to Naraku...

Later that night, Sango and Miroku talk. Sango says she's ashamed that she can't hate her brother, even though he's done such horrible things. But Miroku comforts her, and says that's what it means to have a human heart.

Then Kikyou,standing by a river, gives a strand of her hair to her attendents and tells them to take it and fly. Then on to the ending theme.
Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango attacks Kohaku, who finally makes a decision to close the zushi and halting the stream of rats. She pursues her brother while Miroku keeps a vigilant eye on the river of rodents. So far, Kikyo’s Mayose spell is working, attracting the rats to the oyadama tree. At the great tree, Kagome, Inuyasha and Shippo watch the multitude of rats climbing its heights to their death. Inuyasha scans for Kikyo but she’s gone. As if reading Inuyasha’s mind, Hakudoshi appears, cursing Kikyo for her interference. Demonstrating his aggravation, Hakudoshi attacks the oyadama tree with gigantic slugs. Inuyasha retaliates, attacking Hakudoshi. Wounded, Hakudoshi departs, giving Inuyasha a message for Kikyo: until she reveals herself to Naraku, more incidents like the rat plague will happen. Unable to pursue the brat, Kagome and Inuyasha do the next best thing; try to save the oyadama tree and salvage Kikyo’s Mayose spell. Though they destroy the slugs, the creatures have killed the tree and the Mayose spell is broken. The rats start their rampage again. While Sango chases Kohaku, Miroku notices the rats have changed direction and are headed straight towards them! Stalling for time, Miroku uses his Wind Tunnel to protect Sango and Kohaku. Sango finally pins Kohaku hoping to reason with him. As the Saimyoushou hover ominously over the siblings, Kohaku knows he must continue to act like Naraku’s loyal minion in order to destroy him. Even at the expense of breaking his sister’s heart. Back at the tree, Inuyasha makes the decision to go: the Mayose spell is broken. The only way to destroy the terrible tide of rodents is to find and destroy the zushi. Traveling on Shippo (his “balloon form”) Inuyasha and Kagome race back to Miroku and Sango. En route, Inuyasha senses trouble, catching the scent of blood - Sango’s blood! He leaves Kagome and Shippo to rush ahead. Kohaku manages to escape Sango, but is overtaken by the rats. They wash over him like a living wave, and Sango races to his rescue on Kirara while Miroku tries to stem the tide of rats. Sango pulls Kohaku from the rats, and then tries to break the zushi with her Hiraikotsu. She is appalled a barrier protects it. Beating on the zushi desperately, the mice inundate Sango, too. Miroku flails at the swarm with his staff, watching helplessly as Kirara attempts to pull Sango and Kohaku from the rat pile, only to be sucked down into the living mass. Inuyasha arrives and finds the trouble he anticipated - Sango, Kohaku and Kirara buried beneath a blanket of demon mice with Miroku about to join them! Suddenly a glowing arrow slices through the chaos, piercing and destroying the zushi’s barrier -- Kikyo’s purifying arrow. Wasting no time, Inuyasha crushes the zushi with Tetsusaiga and the demon rats vaporize. Arriving by air, Kagome and Shippo watch the horde disappear and spot Kikyo and her shinidama in the distance. As the air clears around them, Inuyasha spots Kikyo as she turns to go; Miroku only has eyes for Sango. She and Kohaku are on the ground, unconscious and wounded by the rats. Kohaku regains consciousness in Sango’s protective embrace; he grieves for his sister’s wounds, remorseful for the pain emotional suffering he’s caused her. Sango wakes and, despite her condition, beams with joy to see her brother alive. She tenderly caresses her brother’s cheek, but Kohaku bolts away from her, fearful of revealing his true heart to Sango. Sango’s heart breaks as she tearfully watches Kohaku leave her again, spirited away by Hakudoshi. Kohaku also suffers, leaving his sister with another bad memory, but his resolve is firm: he must continue to deceive Naraku in order to destroy him even at the expense of his sister’s feelings. Later, the team recovers in a hut deep in the woods. Outside, Shippo expresses concern for Sango, but Inuyasha reassures him she’ll recover. Kagome worries more about the wounds in Sango’s heart. Inside the hut Miroku watches over Sango. Sango tells him about the conflict she feels towards Kohaku. She can’t forgive her brother, but she can’t hate him either, and wonders why she saved him from the rats. Miroku asks her if she’s sorry she protected Kohaku and Sango replies she’d be sorrier if she didn’t. Miroku takes her hand, and assures her she did the right thing by following her heart. Elsewhere Kikyo surveys the devastation from the demon mice Naraku sent to coax her out of hiding. Cutting a lock of her hair, Kikyo gives it the shikigama girls, Asuka and Kocho with orders to fly around with the tress. It’s Kikyo’s turn to try and entice Naraku down from his web.
Episode Summary for Episode 159 - Kohaku's Resolution and Sango's Heart. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Youkais released by Hakudoushi force Mayose Tree grown by Kikyo to kill. On the other hand, Kohaku,
guarding the shelf spiting out Youkai mice, ia running away from Sango. Being monitored by Saimyoshos,
he cannot give any indication of betrayal of Naraku. However, because Mayose Tree is destroyed, the mice
that lose the target attack Sango and Kohaku...