Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kagome and inuyasha meet a (VERY,VERY,VERY,VERY,HOT....very hot)guy named miroku(i love his name)who has a black hole thingy in his hand,thanks to a evil demon....Grrrr.ITS SOOO FUNNY!!!!but someday it will suck him up too.NOOOOOO!!!!!!ohhh yeah,kagome falls on miroku and he touched her butt O.o and kagome's all"kill him".then they fight.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the beginning of this episode, a lecherous monk named Miroku goes to a rich mansion for an exorsism, as he hears a beautiful woman is the daughter of the nobleman who lives there. He banishes a weak weasel demon, and leaves with the nobleman's riches to sell off ( since his daughter was soooo ugly^-^). He and his shape shifting friend Hachi find out about Kagome's shikon shards and decide to go after them. Hachi distracts Inuyasha by attacking him head on while Miroku steals kagome's bike while she's still riding it. Miroku lets Kagome off the bike after some flirting while taking off with the bike. Kagome goes to see if Inuyasha is alright; he says hes alright, as long as the shikon shards are safe. Then Kagome realizes that Miroku also took the shards, adn Inuyasha gets really pissed.
Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippou go to the next village to see if Miroku had settled there and seeing Kagome's bike they go inside the building the bike was resting aside to meet Miroku inside, unentertained by the ugly hostesses and is soooooooooooooo happy to see Kagome's cute face ^-^. Inuyasha and Miroku start a fight and take it outside. Miroku realizes that his normal strength isnt enough to take on Inuyasha, so informs the villagers to escape the village as he reveals a black hole type thing in his hand to suck up anything in his way in order to kill Inuyasha ( since Miroku hates all demons). Kagome realizes that Miroku has no intention to kill any humans so she lunges towards Miroku to stop him from using Kaazana, and he does. Miroku is rendered unconcious for a moment. Inuyasha rushes to Kagome's side calling her an idiot for what she just did and Kagome tells Inuyasha about Miroku not wanting to kill humans in the process. At the moment Miroku, now concious ( Inu and Kagome do not know this) takes a moment to feel Kagome up in the ass, then she freawks out. Miroku explains why he hates demons and for the Kaazana in his hand; his grandfather was a monk who was after a powerful demon named Naraku, who tended to take many forms. Naraku took the form of a beautiful woman and Miroku's grandfather just couldn't defeat a beautiful face ( so being a pervert runs in the family 0_0). Anyways, Naraku burned a hole into the grandfathers hand and says the hole in the hand will run in the family until he is killed, and the hole will get bigger as time passes. Miroku says that this is why he kills all demons so he will one day kill Naraku and the hole in his hand will disappear. At the end though, Miroku is done with being serious and gets really close to Kagome and gets Inuyasha pissed ( or was Miroku getting serious there, too?)
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts off as inuyasha is day dreaming about kikyo(when will he learn)shippo hits inuyasha in the head inuyasha then goes chaseing shippo.

miroku is standing at a fork in the road it points right then he hears two guys talking about a beatiful girl so he turns it left.He gos to the food place and there is no beautiful girl there,He then hears the same 2 guys talking about a beautiful princess.He gose there and she is being controld by a weasal demon he kills it and gets the jewl shard from its 4-head then takes all the kings treasures and the three best horses.

(scene change)miroku is going in to a hot spring where kagome is also takeing a bath she inuyasha and shippo don't you dare be peeking at me!miroku thinks shes talking to him.inuyasha say's don't flater your self!kagome then swims off.shippo then gets un-dressed to go into the spring to but inuyasha stops him.shippo asked why don't you and kagome take baths together?he then says think of how much fun the two of you could have.inuyasha gets embaressed .then shippo says mom,dad,and i used to take baths together and we always had so much fun.inuyasha says i'll tell you when your bigger(how cute).Shippo then says i guess you haven't got that far with kagome what ever that means inuyasha then gets even more embaressed and says i'll tell you in 50 years when you old enough to understand it.kagome then screams inuyahsa and shippo then go runing to see what happened.miroku standing behind a tree says shes with another man i hate having to resort on violince.

the next day miroku attacks them and steals kagome then he says i wanted the shekon no tama and got a pretty girl too kagome says what am i a constalation prize.inuyasha is trying to fighting miroku's friend and almost gets suck in to the wind tunnel.he lets kagmoe go but takes the jewel and her bike.then he runs away.

inuyasha and kagome go to a town to get the jewel but her bike out side was a big clue.inuyasha and miroku fight miroku uses the wind tunnel inuyahsa almost gets suck in but kagome jumped out almost getting her-self sucl in but miroku shut in just in time kagome and miroku go flying she gets up and sits next to him he touches her butt she go's over to inuyasha and says kill him and is freaked out then he tells them the storie about naraku and then asks kagome to bare his child then they get into a big fight a three.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode the group meets Miroku, a very cute monk who is a little perverted, and has a black hole in his right hand, courtesy of an evil demon named Naraku. This episode is funny!!
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome and Inu and Shippo are all standing around, and Inu is thinking about Kikyo(stupid dog that he is!!) Then Shippo makes him angry(big mistake!) And he chases him around. Then we see Miroku. He is deciding which path 2 take when these 2 guys come up b-hind hind him and say something about a beautiful woman. Miroku follows them and ends up at a .... um, well,.... a big fat lady gave him food and the 2 guys that were talking b4 said that a princess in the area was possesed and that they needed a skilled monk to rid her of the demon.So Miroku goes to check her,... I mean it out(BIG surprise there) and he goes 2 her castle. Her dad is rich and Miroku saves the princess from a weasle w/ a jewel shard b4 stealing all of her dad's stuff and horses!!!

Then, Miroku goes to a hot spring(yeahyeahyeah!!!) and what a coinkidink, Inu, Shippo and Kagome r there 2! Kagome screams and Inu thinks she is in danger, when he goes 2 save her, he sees her naked(but fortunately, we don't.) The next day, they are walking and Miroku and A raccoon r following them. The raccoon attacks Inu and Shippo while Miroku grabs Kagome and the sacred jewel. The raccoon is having troubles w/ Inu( well,NOSHERLOCK)and so Miroku uses his wind tunnel 2 suck in Inu (thank the freaken lord he doesn't) and Kagome runs away from Miroku while he's proccupied w/ Inu. He lets her go only bc he already has her jewel shard. He rides off on her bike, ( WAIT A FREAKEN MINUTE!! WILL SOMEONE TELL ME HOW HE CAN RIDE A BIKE ON HIS FIRST TRY!!!) And then Inu gets mad at Kagome 4 losing the shard as the raccoon runs away to God only knows where.~commercial~. Now Inu and Shippo and Kagome r hunting down Miroku. It turns out he's in a town, in a room full of ugly girls( they don't deserve u, Miroku) he is happy that Kagome came, but not happy that Inu came too. Inu chases him out of the room, and throu the town, to the outskirts of a forest. Miroku uses his wind tunnel on Inu, and (imagine that!!)Kagome saves Inu. Then, Miroku rubs her b-u-t-t, and Inu gets mad. Miroku explains that he wants her to have his kids (not her Miroku!!) And then explains about how he got his curse from a demon named Naraku, ya da yad da, and we all went home happily ever after (UNTILL INUYASHA CAME AND DESTROYED IT!!)
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is sitting by a stream. Beside her, Shippo asks if she’s okay. She says yes, she’s fine now. She’s worried about Inu though, because ever since his “run in” with Kikyo, he’s been staring into space. Behind them, Inu is standing with his back to them, staring off into space. He inwardly starts doubting his purpose now, wondering that if he is able to collect all of the shards and becomes a full demon, will he really be stronger, and will he be able to forget Kikyo?

Kagome and Shippo say they've never seen Inu act this way before. Shippo jumps up and knocks Inu on the head. Inu asks Shippo why he did that, and Shippo replies that he was trying to knock some sense into Inu, and that they’re supposed to be looking for the jewel shards. Inu says that even he needs time to think once in a while. Shippo says that’s why he’s worried, and Inu then proceeds to chase Shippo around. Kagome thinks about how Kikyo claimed that Inu betrayed her, while Inu claims that Kikyo betrayed him, and wonders how two versions of the same story could be so different.

Scene switch, and a man is standing at a fork in the road (this is Miroku). He throws down his staff, which points to the right path, so he thinks he should go right. Two other men, travelling the same road, pass by, talking about a beautiful woman who is “unattached” and who works at the rest house where they are going. After they pass, Miroku moves his staff with his foot so it points left. He wonders if the men were talking about the same young woman that he knows.

At the rest house, Miroku is sitting outside, and a large, unattrative woman serves him a plate. He thanks her, then inwardly tells himself that he should have taken the right path. Behind him, two men are talking about the daughter of the Lord of the Region, and about how she's possessed by an evil spirit. They say that the Lord will need the services of a skilled priest.

Miroku goes to the Lord's house and gains an audience with the Lord, and the Lord says that Miroku must drive the evil spirits away from his daughter or he will receive nothing. Miroku, looking at all the valuable possessions the Lord owns, remarks that in such hard times, the Lord seems to be doing well for himself, and that his vassals must resent it. The Lord doesn’t like that comment.

The Lord takes Miroku to his daughter’s room, where she is lying on her stomach in front of a huge statue. Miroku kneels down to get a better look at her, and notes that her face is swollen. The Lord replies that it is always like that, then asks Miroku if he’s sure he’s a monk? Miroku then senses something and looks up at the statue. He learns that the Lord got it from a nobleman-turned-poor, and that it is rumoured to be a blessed idol. Miroku says he’s ready to begin and tells the Lord to leave the Princess with him and take everyone else outside the residence gates. He also says that no matter how alarming the sounds get from inside, no one is to look in. The Lord agrees and goes to do as told.

Miroku tells the evil spirit to come out and surrender peacefully, and after several seconds, the statue shakes violently and a weasel demon emerges. It zooms toward Miroku and he notices a shard of the Shikon jewel in its forehead. It comes at him again, and he brings down a hard blow on its head with his staff.

Outside, the Lord and his residents are listening to the awful sounds from inside, saying that the spirit sounds fierce. Someone says that they should look inside, but the Lord says that they will wait as Miroku told him. More crashing sounds come from inside, and someone remarks that it sounds not like an exorcism but more like the mansion is being pillaged. The Lord still tells them to wait.

At dusk, the Lord enters his daughter’s room and sees the dead weasel on the floor. He asks his daughter if that’s the creature that turned into a demon and possessed her, and she says yes. He then asks about the young monk, and his daugther replies “He gave me no name but left with my heart” (she obviously liked him!) A guard then runs in, and the Lord learns that all of his valuables have been stolen! We see Miroku travelling away from the residence on a wagon saying that he’ll have to find a place to pawn the valuables off.

Later that night, Miroku is taking a bath in a “hot spring". He hears a voice (Kagome marvelling at the hot spring) and peeks over some rocks to see her bathing. He sees that she has a shard on a necklace around her neck, and notes that it’s huge. Kagome yells “Don’t you even think about peeking at me”, and for a moment, Miroku thinks she’s yelling at him, but she’s really yelling at Inu and Shippo, who are sitting in some bushes on the shore) Inu tells her not to flatter herself and that he has no interest in looking. Kagome says fine and swims away.

Shippo starts getting undressed and tries to go into the water, but Inu stops him. Shippo asks Inu why he and Kagome spend so much time together but never bathe at the same time. He thinks there’s more fun to be had with two. Inu seems embarrased, and Shippo tells him that his mother and father and him used to bathe together all the time and that it was fun. Inu tells Shippo that he’ll explain it to him when he’s bigger (cute!).

Shippo says that obviously Inu hasn’t gotten very far with Kagome yet, and Inu gets even more embarrased! Oh Shippo! Shippo admits that he doesn’t exactly know what that means, but no one will explain it to him, and wonders why. Furious, Inu grabs him by the cheeks and says that he’ll tell him why, in about 50 years when he’s old enough to understand! Shippo says he only asked an innocent question and wonders what he said to make Inu angry!

Kagome inwardly thinks that she’s not the beauty that Kikyo was. She hears something behind her and screams. Inu and Shippo come running into the water, asking what’s wrong, and embarrassed that he saw her naked, Kagome bonks Inu on the head with a rock, saying she’s fine. She turns to shoo away the monkeys that had snuck up behind her. On the shore, Miroku is standing behind a tree (now fully dressed), noting that it’s too bad Kagome is with another man, because he hates having to resort to violence (he wants the jewel shard).

Next scene, Miroku enlists the help of a badger, and tells the badger that he’ll be compensated for his trouble. Next day, Inu, Kagome and Shippo are travelling along a path on the side of a cliff. They exchange a few funny words about the night before. At the top of the cliff, the badger asks Miroku if it’s the man in red that he’s supposed to attack, and Miroku says yes, so that he can make off with the girl. The badger asks Miroku why he doesn’t just use his powerful right hand and get the jewel in a matter of seconds? Miroku replies that if he used his right hand, everyone in the vicinity would die. The badger hopes that Miroku will remember who his friends are if this should get out of hand. Miroku says he will.

The badger jumps off the cliff and transforms himself into a huge boulder. He knocks Inu off the cliff, and Kagome falls foward onto the path with her bike. Kagome gets up and calls out after Inu as she looks over the cliff. Miroku grabs her from behind and pulls her up onto the bike in front of him. He starts pedalling away and tells her not to worry, he’s only a simple monk. Kagome angrily asks him if she’s some sort of consolation prize! That was great.

Near the bottom of the cliff, Inu is trying to hold off the huge boulder. He sees Miroku pedalling away with Kagome up on the cliff, and yells after her, wondering who the guy is and where he’s taking her. He punches the boulder off of him, saying that he has better things to do. He draws the Tetsusaiga, but the boulder turns back into the badger and the badger begs Inu not to kill him. Miroku sees this and removes some beads from around his right hand and holds it out toward Inu.

A huge wind suddenly comes up, first pulling the Tetsusaiga out of Inu’s hand, then pulling Inu away too! The sword lands in the side of the cliff, then Inu smashes head first into the cliff too. Kagome calls to him and then tells Miroku to let her go. He lets her jump down from the bike, saying that he got what he was after anyway (Kagome’s necklace with the shard on it). He pedals away as Kagome slides down the cliff to Inu and asks him if he’s okay.

Inu wonders who the guy was. Kagome says he claims to have been a monk, then wonders what the deal was with his right hand. Inu agrees, saying that he’s never seen such a strong wind come out of nowhere before. Kagome suddenly realizes that the monk took off with her bike, and yells after him that he’s a creep. Inu says it doesn’t matter, and doesn’t she realize that she was being kidnapped (which is more important)? Kagome thinks that Inu was worried about her and apologizes. He claims not to have been worried about her, but about the jewel shard. Kagome then tells him that the monk got the jewel shard too. Inu freaks out.

We then see Inu, with Kagome and Shippo on his back, leaping down a roadway toward a village. They reach the village, and Inu gets on his hands and knees, sniffing for Miroku. Kagome asks him what’s taking so long, and he tells her to get off his back, there are a lot of smells to sift through. Kagome tells him to hurry up, because there are a lot of people staring. Shippo agrees, saying they don’t look very friendly.

Kagome says that maybe the monk didn’t even go through the village, but Inu is sure that he did, cause he can smell him. Kagome says that even if he did, a thief wouldn’t hang around in a place like this....... then she sees her bike leaning against the outside of a “tavern”. Inside, Miroku is having a drink and being entertained by some women. He inwardly doubts the claim that this place had beautiful women, and says he would have had a better time having a drink with the badger!

Inu & Co. barge in. Miroku welcomes them. Inu gets his claw ready and takes a swipe at Miroku, but Miroku avoids him. Inu asks Miroku for the jewel fragment back, but Miroku says it doesn’t belong in the hands of a demon. Inu takes another swipe at him, and Miroku makes a run for it, and Inu chases him.

As they run through the village, Inu yells at Miroku to fight like a man. Miroku says that he will not fight a senseless battle, to which Inu responds that it’s all a matter of opinion. He draws the Tetsusaiga and bears down on Miroku. Miroku turns and uses his staff to block the strike and hold off the Tetsusaiga. Inu jumps back and swings the Tetsusaiga over his shoulder, saying that Miroku is no monk. Miroku then reveals his name to Inu, and says that he IS a monk who works to aid the common man.

As they stand off in the middle of a crowd of villagers, Kagome runs up and hears someone shout a warning that a monk is about to slay the demon. Inu says that Miroku is nothing more than a sleazy robber, and asks for the shard back again. Miroku says that it will be better off in his hands, and calls Inu by his full name. Inu thinks that Miroku did know who he was all along, but Miroku says “Not at all”. Miroku wonders if it was Kagome (“that beautiful companion of yours”) or Shippo (“the young fox”) that had called Inu by his full name, and that’s how he knew. Kagome thinks that Miroku can’t be all bad if he thinks that she is beautiful! Shippo tells Kagome to snap out of it..... reminding her that Miroku stole the jewel from under her nose.

Annoyed with the talking, Inu attacks Miroku. Miroku blocks every strike. Miroku then slips on a pile of twigs and loses his balance, and Inu knocks the staff from his hand. Miroku falls to the ground and Inu points the Tetsusaiga at him, telling him to hand over the jewel shard or die. Miroku smiles, then jumps up from the ground and starts to run away again. Inu chases him. As Miroku runs, he yells back at the villagers to distance themselves from this place, for their own safety (what is he going to do?). They are stunned, not knowing what to do.

Miroku runs to the outskirts of the villange near the forest, and stops, turning to face Inu. He holds up his right hand, and Inu hesitates. Miroku tells Inu that he is a sore loser, then removes the beads once again from his hand, yelling “wind tunnel!”. A huge wind funnel erupts from his hand and begins pulling everything towrd it. Inu plants the Tetsusaiga in the gound and holds on for dear life, while buildings, animals and other debris from the village gets sucked into Miroku’s hand. Miroku says they’ll see how long Inu can withstand the wind.

The Tetsusaiga begins to slip in the ground, and Inu realizes he’s in trouble. The villagers start panicking, and Kagome, who is watching all this from behind a building with Shippo, remarks that it’s just like a black hole, sucking in everything that isn’t nailed down. Shippo says they should escape while they can, but Kagome says they have to stop Miroku. She remembers that Miroku warned the villagers, and figures that he doesn’t want to hurt humans.

Inu, still resisting the wind, says he won’t let go. Miroku warns him to surrender because if he gets sucked in, he won’t come out alive. Inu says no chance, and then the Tetsusaiga comes free from the ground. As Inu flies toward Miroku, Miroku suddenly sees Kagome flying toward him too! Inu yells Kagome’s name, and Miroku quickly covers his hand back up to stop the wind tunnel. Kagome hits him square in the chest. The impact knocks Miroku forcefully backward a few feet. Inu calls Kagome’s name again and when the dust clears, Kagome is lying on top of an unconscious Miroku.

Kagome wakes up and sees that Miroku covered his hand back up with the prayer beads, and says that because he stopped the wind on his own, he can’t be all that bad. Inu runs over and asks Kagome if she’s crazy and that she could have gotten herself killed. She replies that she wouldn’t have done it if she hadn’t been sure. She says that Miroku could have killed them if he’d wanted to, but he hadn’t, so they should at least give him a chance. While she’s speaking, Miroku wakes up and reaches his hand up to pat her on the behind! She freaks out and jumps back toward Inu, who kneels down and puts a protective arm around her (aww!) She tells Inu “I was wrong, kill him!”. As Miroku stands up, Inu tells him that he just blew his last chance, but Miroku asks for a chance to explain.

At dusk, the group is sitting under a tree talking. Miroku tells the others that he is in search of the jewel shards too, and that he wants to eliminate a powerful demon named Naraku. Naraku is the demon that left him with the cursed hole in his right hand. Kagome asks what kind of demon it is. Miroku says that he doesn’t know much, but that the demon is very wicked, and said to devour people. He explains his history...about how his grandfather fought against Naraku a long time ago (over 50 years ago). The battle lasted for several years, and every time Naraku appeared before his grandfather, he took on the form of a different human. The last time Naraku appeared before his grandfather, he appeared in the form of a beautiful woman. His grandfather was somewhat of a lecher (like Miroku..... big surprise!), so Naraku got very close to him and pierced his hand with the abysmal hole. Naraku told Miroku’s grandfather that this hole would be passed down to each generation in his family for as long as Naraku lived, and that eventually, no one would remain.

Miroku says that each year, the hole in his hand grows bigger, and the wind more powerful. If he cannot defeat Naraku, the hole will eventually consume him too. He says the sacred jewel of the four souls disappeared 50 years ago, and is now shattered into many pieces, which Naraku will surely be trying to find in order to strengthen his evil forces. Miroku knows this because Naraku came close to getting the jewel 50 years ago and, in doing so, he slew the Priestess that protected it. Inu jumps to his feet and asks if Miroku just said that Naraku killed a Priestess? Inu then realizes that Naraku must have been the demon who disguised himself as Inu and killed Kikyo.

Inu grabs Miroku and yanks him up, asking what Naraku looks like now. Miroku tells Inu to calm down and says that if he had that information, he would have slain Naraku himself a long time ago. Inwardly, Inu vows to hunt down Naraku and avenge Kikyo’s death.

Kagome pulls out the jewel shard from around her neck and says that they’re bound to run into Naraku sooner or later. Miroku asks how she got the shard back, but she doesn’t answer, only suggesting that they search for the shards together. Miroku indicates that he prefers working alone, but Kagome replies that if they don’t act fast, he won’t even have his own company. He asks Kagome if she’s troubled by his fate, then goes over and takes her hands in his. He asks her if she would do him a good turn and bear him a son! Kagome is flabbergasted, and so is Inu! She asks him why she should do that, and Miroku replies that if he is unable to defeat Naraku, he would wish for his son to carry on the quest.

Miroku then pulls Kagome close to him, but Inu comes over and separates them by standing between them. He says “Hands off priest. Your only family mission is lechery”. Miroku responds that he is a monk, not a priest, but Inu tells him not to consider laying a hand on Kagome again. Kagome is quite surprised by Inu’s behaviour.

Miroku apologizes, saying he thought that Inu and Kagome were mere companions, but now he sees that Inu is in love with Kagome. Flustered, Inu claims that Miroku has it all wrong, and that Kagome is just a jewel detector. Kagome is offended and says “Is that all I am to you?” She turns her back on him, saying that she forgot he has a thing for dead girls! (Go Kagome!). Inu and Miroku are both surprised by this comment. Kagome then wonders who she should help out, saying that Miroku is a lot nicer than Inu. Inu says she wouldn’t dare betray him, but Miroku says he doesn’t blame her, and that Inu could be much kinder to her. As they continue to argue, Shippo, still up in the tree, sees the last hope for a peaceful solution going out the window. He says that he never wants to grow up! Too true Shippo.

As the camera pans up to show the setting sun, we hear the voice-overs of the argument still going on: Miroku says something to Inu about being more gentle. Kagome says “Yes, more gentle”, and Miroku says “Like this...”. It sounds like he touched Kagome’s bottom again, and she screams, yelling “Get your hands off me!” We then hear Inu telling Miroku “I told you not to touch her!” This was so much classic Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Omg this episode is as hell as funny....

the first part Miroku is in the path and drops his staff which points right..so he say's to himself he should turn "right" then 2 men come by and say theres this beautiful woman who owns a restaurant up the street and she's single....the men head "left", Miroku puts his foot on the staff and makes it point left, then he says "divine intervention", when Miroku gets to the restaurant Miroku twitchs his eyebrow since he is pissed, 2 seconds later it shows why, The woman who owns the restaurant is the chubbies thing I ever saw! then the men from earlier start talking about the "lord of this region has a daughter who is possed" the other man says they'll need a skill of a high preist, The scene switchs over to some fish and Miroku talking to the lord of the region, The man shows him the girl and Miroku says her face is terribly swollen, the dad says it is always so in a pissed off voice!" ok im tierd of writing know *yawn* he get's a weasel outa of a statue destroys it steals the guys richs,sells it takes a bath, see's Kagome naked, see her shikon no tama jewel shards and umm.... other things...., the shippo gets undreseed the camera reaveels he's a boy if um... you know what I mean? then miroku kid naps kagome on her bike steal the shards, get's his badger friend to hurt inuyasha,Inuyasha is about to kill him then miroku uses wind tunnel on him, goes drinking with some girls, see's kagome, get's happy, fights with inuyasha, inuyasha is about to kick his ass until he uses wind tunnel then Kagome jumps infront of inuyasha miroku closes his wind tunnel off with prayer beads and kagome falls on him*lol*, KAgome gets up and says they should give him a chance then he rubs kagomes butt, and kagome runs to inuyasha hugging him saying to kill him, but miroku asks if he can explain, he tells them how he got his wind tunnel and must destroy Miroku as the hole in his right hand will eventuelly such him up as well, he also tells how naraku killed a preistess 50 years ago and how naraku was ashaper, and inuyasha figures out naraku disguised himself as him and made inuyasha and kikyou look like the betrayed eachother,kagome says they should work together, miroku says he is more of a salintary man and prefers to work by himself, kagome sadly says but he won't even have his own company, miroku says, "dear,dear Kagome,does this wretched fate of mine trouble you?", kagome responds"sort of", the miroku says "then do me this good turm and bear me a son", kagome responds"hecka?"" and why,would i do that?", miroku responds"If anything ever happens to me I want a son to end the curse, inuyasha is pissed and steps infront of kagome telling the lechor to keep his hands off, miroku says"Oh i only thought you to were compainiens but it seems like you are in love with kagome""my, what an akward postition...", inuyasha says"no, no you got it all wrong she's just a jewel detector!, kagome says"is that all i am to you?""oh wait how could I forget you have a thing for dead girls!!" then theres a hillariouse fight and kagome considers mirokus offer until he touchs her butt-ox!!
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this special episode , at the beginning Kagome talking a nude bath,Shippou asks why aren't you taking bath with her Inuyasha? Inuyasha replies I tell you when your older!, Shippou say in an unknowingly voice but you can twice the fun with the two of Inuyasha?
Inyasha gets angry and grabs Shippou by the tail and punches him.Without knowing Kagome notices a strange monk looking at her, she asks the person [ Miroku] to join he comes in peacefully and eventually steals the jewel. The next day the trio are walking up a mountain and spot Miroku with the Jewel , a boulder almost kills Inyasha but it misses!They follow him to town. Inuayasha uses his dog demon smelling and finds him they battle eachother in the outskirts of the village. Miroku uses his special sucking power to suck everything into his hole in hand. They both join up Inuyasha and the monk join up because their mission is to destroy Maraku. At the end the monk asks Kagome to bear him a son Inyasha yells at him dont touch her because Inuyasha is jealous hint hint .
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Its starts when Miroku steals these items and at night he sees kagome naked while he was taking a bath the same time kagome was.next day he kidnapped kagome but did not success. he sent this raccoon to attack inuyasha while he was kidnapping kagome he stole her bag with the shards of the shikon jewel inside.Inuyasha and Kagomefind him and chase after him. Inuyasha broke him staff of him hand so inuyasha thought he was powerless but inuyasha thought wrong. Miroku told the villagers to run but they did not listen. he lifted up him right hand and a gust of wind came and Miroku attemped to suck up inuyasha.kagome was brave and nocked Miroku down while they both fainted. Kagome woke up and then told inuyasha to give him another chance.Miroku woke up and accidentally touched kagomes butt. she yelled and said i was wrong kill him!!When inuyasha was about to Miroku purposed to kagome and asked her if she can bare her a son.then inuyasha and Miroku had arguments.Oh and Shippo ,he was busy watching them have arguments.HAHA!! Bad luck.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode is about this monk names Miroku.He saw this rich family and dicided to steal there most rarest items. at night he was taking a bath and heard kagome while seeing her naked. the next day meanwhile kagome and inuyasha where continuing there little journey, Miroku told this raccon guy to go attack inuyasha while miroku takes kagome away. inuyasha was about to kill that raccon when he dicided to spare him another life.kagome was safe and told inuyasha her bag was gone inuyasha said forget about the bag kagome replyed but the shardes of the shikon jewel is inside.they went to look for miroku.when they found him he was with a bunch of girls. he saw them and ran away.inuyasha chased miroku.inuyasha broke his staff out of him hand and so miroku told the villagers in the village he was in to run away or they will get hurt but the villagers did not listen. Miroku used the wind in the pom of him hand and a gust of wind arrives to the village.Miroku temped to suck up inuyasha. but kagome risked her own live to save inuyasha.she successed to her little rescue but got hurt herselve.Miroku fainted but kagome woke up and started talking to inuyasha saying come on get him another chance. Miroku woke up and accidentally touched kagomes butt she screamed and yelled never mind kill him! inuyasha was about to when miroku grabed kagomes hand and perposes to her asking so give birth to a baby boy. inuyasha said dont touched her and miroku otomaticly said inuyasha had a crush on kagome. inuyasha refused to mirokus sentence and nervously said shes just my jewel detecter. kagome said in a very angry way,that all you think discribes me.miroku said inuyasha you sould learn to be more gentle.even kagome agrees, MORE GENTLE!! miroku gave a exanple like this. kagome yelled.THATS NOT GENTLE!! then Inuyasha said again I told you to dont touch her while shippo was on a tree watching them argue.The End!!

Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In the begginning Miroku drops his staff thingy.Then he goes to a
palace and steals everything.while Miroku was in the hot spring
he hered Kagomes voice. Kagome was screaming Inu Yasha checked on
her he got hit with a boulder.He then steals the shicon jewel
the Inu yasha gang track Miroku down.He then tells everyone to
evacuate the village then Kagome finds out his weakness and lets
herself be sucked in the wind.

Miroku then sees her and closes his void. Then Kagome lands on
Miroku. While Inu yasha is yelling at kagome Miroku touches Kagomes
but.Then Kagome tells Inu yasha to kill him.

Then they all go to a tree. Then Miroku asks Kagome to give him
a child, Inu yasha then interfears. They start arguing then shippo
says he doesn,t wanna grow up
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Wgile kagome was taking a bath there was a monk by and he saw that she had the shikon jewles.After he spoted inuyasha and kagome again he told his sidekick to throws him off the cliff when he did he got kagomes jewles when they saw hm again he tryed to kill inuyasha.Luckly kagome stopped him....even though he rubbed her ass......hahaha inuyasha got jealous that ws my favorit part and thas how miroku got into the group ^_^!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts out when Miroku sees Kagome takeing a bath and say"A woman and she has sard of the jewel and its huge."Then Kagome screams Inuyasha comes and get bonked on the head for seeing her nacked.(I thoght that was funny HEE HEE)Miroku told his bagger friend to attack Inuyasha why he kiddnaps Kagome.Then he does take Kagome and says" do not be scaryed I'am but a monk.Monk who desiers the jewel sards and got a lady in the peroess."And Kagome says"What I'am I a pize?!"(that was even funnyer HAHA)Then they end up in a town and start fighting.Then when Miroku
uses His wind tunnel on inu Kagome jumps right in
the cerint and Miroku stops the wind tunnel.Kagome falls on him he's nockt out Kagome say"He stoped the wind on his own he can't be that
bad."She says to inu Miroku wakes up and pats Kagome's butt then she says never mind kill him.(hahahahahaha)Then Miroku expalen why he has a hole in his hand and Inuyasha finds out who killed Kikio.-THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts out when Miroku sees Kagome takeing a bath and say"A woman and she has sard of the jewel and its huge."Then Kagome screams Inuyasha comes and get bonked on the head for seeing her nacked.(I thoght that was funny HEE HEE)Miroku told his bagger friend to attack Inuyasha why he kiddnaps Kagome.Then he does take Kagome and says" do not be scaryed I'am but a monk.Monk who desiers the jewel sards and got a lady in the peroess."And Kagome says"What I'am I a pize?!"(that was even funnyer HAHA)Then they end up in a town and start fighting.Then when Miroku
uses His wind tunnel on inu Kagome jumps right in
the cerint and Miroku stops the wind tunnel.Kagome falls on him he's nockt out Kagome say"He stoped the wind on his own he can't be that
bad."She says to inu Miroku wakes up and pats Kagome's butt then she says never mind kill him.(hahahahahaha)Then Miroku expalen why he has a hole in his hand and Inuyasha finds out who killed Kikio.-THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode opens with a monk, who we later learn is Mikoku, traveling to a lords house. The lord's daughter has been possessed by a demon. Miroku notices a rather evil looking satue, and tells the lord and his men to leave. Miroku has a fight with what turns out to be the sprit of a weasel demon who was in the statue. He then proceeds to raid the masion and takes off with all of the lords things. We see him driving a cart piled high with things down the road, lamenating that he won't be able to sell it for as much as it is worth.

Later, Miroku is bathing when he hears someone. When he peeks around the rock he is sitting behind, he sees Kagome, with her jewel shard around her neck. She catchs a glimpse of him, and screams, causing Inuyasha to come running.

Kagoem and Shippo are riding on her bike while Inuyasha walks behind them, pouting.
"Oh come on Inuyasha. You saw me naked, I hit you on the head. We're even." Kagome says. Inuyasha blushes and yells
"I saw nothing!"

Suddenly, they are attacked by a shape-shifting badger friend of Miroku's. The badger knocks Inuyasha and Shippo down the hill.
"INUYASHA!" Kagome screams, just before Miroku grabs her and rides off with her on her bike.
"KAGOME!" Inuyasha yells. He slugs the demon, then gets up and runs after them. Miroku stops the bike and takes the prayer beads off his hand, opening his air rip and using it to blow Inuyasha back down the hill. Inuyasha plunges the Tetsusaiga into the rock and hangs on. Miroku wraps the prayer beads back around his hand, then lets Kagome jump off the bike and then rides off as she runs back to Inuyasha.
"You need to be more careful! I can't turn my back without you getting kidnapped!" Inuyasha scolds Kagome. She takes it in the careing way it was meant, then tells Inuyasha that Miroku also took her necklace that had the jewel shard on it. Needless to say, Inuyasha doesn't take the news well.
"WHAT!!!" He screams.

Miroku is drinking while girls dance around him, thinking that he would have had a better time drinking with the badger. He hears a comotion outside and looks up.

Outside, Inuyasha is sniffing the ground, while a crowd gathers and whispers. Kagome tells him to hurry up because people are staring, but he tells her to shut up so he can concentrate. Someone in the crowd says
"The man and the boy are strange enough, but look at that girl! What is she, some kind of monster?"

Kagome is offended, and Inuyasha snorts at her.
"See how it is?" He asks. He picks up Miroku's scent just as Miroku comes outside. Inuyasha rushs him and Miroku surprises him by knowing his name.
"So, you knew who I was all along." Inuyasha says, drawing the Tetsusaiga.
"Not at all." Miroku replies, casuing Inuyasha to face plant. "Was it the young fox boy, or the beautiful girl who said your name?"

Kagome blushs and thinks 'He can't be all bad if he thinks I'm beautiful!'
"Come on Kagome! Focas!" Shippo scoulds her. Miroku and Inuyasha fight, then Miroku throws Inuyasha back, and then runs, yelling for the townspeople to get away. Kagome hears the townspeolpe leaving so that "the monk can slay the demon" and gets worried about Inuyasha and runs after them.

Miroku opens his air rip, and starts trying to suck Inuyasha in. Inuyasha refues to back down and might have been sucked in, but he sees Kagome flying through the air toward the air rip.
"KAGOME!" He screams, trying to grab her. Miroku also sees her and closes the air rip just in time. Kagome slams into him and knocks him to the ground, knocking him out. Kagome sits up and noticed the prayer beads. She realizes that Miroku has control over the air rip, and didn't want to hurt innocent people.

"Kagome, you idiot! You could have been killed!" Inuyasha scoulds her, running up and kneeling next to her.
"I won't have done it if I hadn't been sure." Kagome says soothingly. "Come on Inuyasha. If he was evil, he would have sucked me right in. But he didn't." She points out. As she talking to Inuyasha, Miroku comes too. With his eyes still closed, he reachs up and touchs Kagome on her butt. She screams and throws herself at Inuyasha, who wraps an arm around her waist and holds her close (awwww! He's so protective!).
"I was wrong!" Kagome wails into Inuyasha's shoulder. "Kill him!" She says. Inuyasha, his arm still around her waist, growls at Miroku and might have killed him, but Miroku holds up his hands and asks them to let him explain.

He tells them that his grandfather was fighting a shape-shifting demon named Naruku. Each time, the demon took on a new shape. At the last fight, Naruku took on the form of a beautiful woman.
"Let me guess. Your grandfather was a leach." Kagome interupts.
"Yes, how did you know?" Miroku asked.
"Lucky guess." Kagome says sarcastically.

Miroku contineues, and says that Naruku peirced his grandfathers hand with a peice of paper, and said that it would be passed from father to son until Naruku died. If Miroku doesn't kill Naruku, then his air rip will eventually kill him, just like it did his father and grandfather. Miroku also tells them that Naruku is searching for the Shiko Jewel, and that years ago, Naruku killed a preistess who was protecting the jewel.

Inuyasha realizes that it was Naruku who made him and Kikyo betray each other. He asks Miroku what Naruku looks like now, and Miroku replies that he doesn't know. Kagome invits Miroku to travel with them.
"Dear Kagome," Miroku says, grabbing Kagome's hands. "Does my condition distress you?"
"Maybe." Kagome says warily.
"My dear Kagome." Miroku says, hugging her too him. "Do me a favor and bear my child to avenge me if I should fail."

Inuyasha jumps between them, pushing Kagome behind him.
"Back off preist! Don't even thinkg of touching Kagome again!" Inuyasha growls.
"Inuyasha?" Kagome asks.
"Oh, I see." Miroku says. "I thought you mearly compainions. But now I see you are in love with Kagome. Well, this is embarassing." He says. Inuyasha blushs.
"It's not like that! She's just a shard detecter!" Inuyasha stammers.
"Oh is that it!" Kagome asks angerly, turning her back on him. "Oh, how could I foget, you have a think for dead girls!" She yells, not noticing the confused look on Miroku's face. "Who should I help out? Miroku is a lot nicer then Inuyasha!"

"You wouldn't dare betray me!" Inuyasha yelled.
"You can't blame her. You could be a bit more gentle." Miroku says.
"Yes, more gentle!" Kagome agrees.
"Like this." Miroku says.
"Ahh! Get you hands off me!" Kagome yelles.
"I TOLD YOU NOT TO TOUCH HER!" Inuyasha screams.

Shippo sits up in the tree, trying to ignore all the fighting while he eats.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
InuYasha & Kagome meet up with Miroku, a Buddhist monk of proven talent-- and questionable morals. Miroku is searching for the demon Naraku, who, many years ago, cursed Miroku's grandfather with a hole in his right hand (the "Wind Tunnel"); the hole is a vacuum of immense power, which can be greatly beneficial in battle (as is later proven by Miroku) but which will also eventually draw Miroku himself in. Miroku is searching for Naraku in the hope that if Naraku is killed, the curse will be undone.
InuYasha also learns the horrifying truth behind that fateful day 50 years ago. . .
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode introduces the perverted monk, Miroku. After saving a rich man's daughter from a weasel demon, Miroku steals most of the man's valuables and winds up with only a small payment. However, he manages to get the Shikone jewel shard that the weasel demon had and is bathing in a hot springs. Coincidentally, Kagome is at the same place and when he's about to get a peek at Kagome, Miroku is forced to flee when Kagome screams to a monkey getting into her hair. Inuyasha rushes into the hot springs to see what the problem is but gets hit in the head with a rock for seeing Kagome naked. The next day, Miroku and Hadji steal Kagome's jewel shards in an ambush. Kagome and Inuyasha track down the monk to a village where Miroku lures Inuyasha out of the village to use his hand on him. Kagome gets in the way forcing Miroku to seal up his hand. As Kagome begs Inuyasha to give Miroku a chance, the monk grabs Kagome's rear and she asks Inuyasha to kill him. Miroku calms them down and explains that his family was cursed with the Wind Tunnel by Naraku. Inuyasha learns that this same demon also killed Kikyo. After his story, Miroku asks Kagome for a request: to have a son. Kagome is in a state of shock and a humorous argument starts up between Kagome, Miroku, and Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode begins with Kagome and Shippo talking near a pond. A concered Shippo is asking Kagome if she still feels fine after her soul returned to her body. Both are concered because InuYasha has been staring off into space since his run-in with Kikyo. He wonders what he's going to do with the jewel now that some of his feelings have changed. In an effort to end InuYasha's day dreaming, Shippo leaps out of Kagome's arms and kicks InuYasha in the head. A disgruntled InuYasha grabs Shippo by the tail and asks him why he did it. After a wise crack, InuYasha tries to attack Shippo and they run around.

Scene change to Miroku the monk on a trail. He drops his staff and it falls to the right. Two men walk by speaking of a beautiful waitress at a rest stop on the right. Being the lecher that he is, he uses his foot to make the staff face right. Once at the stop, he regrets to find an unattractive girl. He overhears two men speaking of a possessed girl in need of a skilled preist. He figures he's the best cantidate.
Once there, he does his job and exorcises a weasel demon from an idol in the princess's room. He gains a shard of the jewel in defeating the demon. When the lord of the mansion returns, he finds that Miroku has stolen all of his valuables.

Later, Miroku is bathing and he sees Kagome entering the water. (Very funny scene with InuYasha and Shippo here.) He sees the stone hanging from her neck and tries to snatch it. She sees something (Miroku) and screams. InuYasha comes running.
InuYasha, Kagome and Shippo are taking a mountian trail when a hired badger attacks InuYasha. Miroku grabs Kagome and starts riding off with her. InuYasha sees her being kidnapped and gives the badger a good punch. He surrenders. Miroku sees that the badger has given up and he takes prayer beads off revealing a vortex in his hand. Prayer beads back on and Kagome runs to InuYasha. Miroku rides off on Kagome's bike with Kagome's jewel shard.

Furious, InuYasha runs into the nearest town and sniffs around for Miroku. Kagome is near giving up when she sees her bike outside of a building. They run in to find him in a room surrounded by some unattractive ladies. Miroku flirts with Kagome before InuYasha tries to rip his head off. They jump out the window and run through the town. InuYasha realizes that Miroku is more than ordinary when he can block the Tetsusaiga. After a good fight, Miroku slips on some wood and falls, InuYasha takes the opprotunity to knock his staff from his hands. Miroku runs away, warning the villagers to escape while they can. Once outside of the village, Miroku takes the prayer beads off and releases the wind tunnel. In a desperate attempt to avoid getting sucked in, InuYasha plunges the Tetsusaiga into the ground. Kagome realizes that Miroku doesn't want to suck humans into the void, so she lets herself get sucked to Miroku, he throws the beads back on and avoids sucking her in just in time.

When he wakes up, he does some groping of Kagome and InuYasha gets ticked. Then Miroku tells them his story. He explains that Naraku cursed his grandfather and that the hole in passed down through their family until Naraku is killed. Eventually, Miroku will get sucked into the hole himself. He tells them that Naraku was once close to the gem 50 years ago and killed the preistess guarding it. InuYasha realizes that Naraku was the demon that tricked him and Kikyo. He then vows to kill Naraku.

Miroku asks Kagome to bear him a son and InuYasha gets really protective. Miroku teases InuYasha about being in love with Kagome. He denies it and Kagome makes a crack about InuYasha loving dead girls. Then, he taunts him by saying she'll go searching for shards with Miroku. Some more funny stuff and some groping and then it's over.

Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the episode starts off with Kagome being worried about Inu-chan. Inu-chan is off-in-spacing about how he'll never forget Kikyo (which would be sweet except 4 that it's kikyo). Then u warp 2 a monk (Miroku) throwing his staff on the ground to decide which direction 2 go @ the fork in the road. He talkes to himself about how it pointed right. He then hears 2 men behind him talking about the girls in the town 2 the left so he moves the staff to the loeft with his foot. he then stops @ a sweet shop. some obese lady gives him some food. he hears the same men talking about how some rich guy's daughter is possesed and how a skilled preist is needed. you then see fishies (how cute) and hear the rich guy ask someone else about "this monk." next u see miroku in the rich guy's house. the guy is explaining 2 miroku that if the demon isn't gone, he doesn't get paid. Miroku comments on the man's wealth. the rich guy gets mad. u then see miroku &rich guy walking into a room where a girl (late teens 2 early 20's @ my guess) is laying on the floor. Miroku comments on how her face is swollen and the rich man says her face is normal. You see a big statue infront of the girl. Miroku asks where the statue came from. he tells the man 2 wait outside and 2 not look in. he threatens the statue, which makes an evil face. then a weasel demon pops out & starts 2 fight miroku. Miroku wins. he makes off with all the valuables & three of the best horses. the girl misses him once he is gone.
u cut 2 miroku in the hot springs thinking about how the valuables weren't that good. he sees kagome taking a bath. she yells @ inu-chan not 2 peek. inuyasha makes a rude comment. miroku sees the chicon jewel and thinks to himself "she has a shard of the chicon and the're, i mean it's huge" (miroku's first gross coment)inuyasha & shippo start fighting when they hear kagome screaming. you see miroku commenting on how she has a partner from behind the bushes.
u see miroku hitting a badger on the head w/ his staff. the badger makes cowereing statements. he rolls down the cliff and knocks shippo & inu-chan off. Miroku runs up, puts kagome in the basket of her bike, and rides off. He flirts w/ her.Inu-chan sees this & saves her. he runs off w/ the jewel shard & her bike after making this huge wind mysteriosly appear. When Inu-chan finds out that miroku has the shard he runs after miroku. u see inu-chan sniffing the ground 4 a scent of miroku. some villagers say mean things. they find miroku in a dancing club surrounded by women. he greets kagome happpinly. Inuyasha chases him out of town. he opens his glove & that wind appears again. Kagome jumps infront of him & he puts his glove back on. He pretends 2 be asleep but then, while kagome stand up 4 him, he rubs her rear .He tells them about naraku and inu-chan figures out that naraku is the one who framed him 4 killing kikyo. Miroku asks kagome 2 bear him a son and Inu-chan yells @ him. u see shippo saying that the chance 4 peace is gone.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After trying to "save" the one he loves inuyasha tragically lost Kikyo because she fell. Kagome's soul came back and they all continued their journey and found ahot spring. Kagome jumped in and that's when Miroku comes in. He plots to steal the jewel but since inuyasha and shippo was there he had to wait and think of another plan. He plot for one of his allies to distract Inuyasha and shippo while he took Kagome and the jewel away. Before Kagome realized he stole the jewel he was gone so she told inuyasha and they were off. They found Miroku in a town with a whole bunch of women. Inuyasha came in ruined the party, and then battled miroku for the jewel. Miroku unleahsed his wind tunnel and then to save inuyasha, Kagome jumps in front of the tunnel so miroku seals it up. Some humorous things arise and then Miroku explains his journey. Now Inuyasha knows who was the one who interfered with Kikyo and himself; a demon called Naraku. The reason why Miroku is looking for Naraku was because Naraku pierced his grandfather's left hand creating a wind tunnel that will shorten your life, and the curse will be passed on to every male generation. But summing it up as much as I could, now Miroku joined forces with Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippoto gather the shards and beat Naraku for all the harm he has caused.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha teams up with a perveted monk with a right hand that sucks everything in its way.Befor that Miroku tuched Kagome in the butt then she told Inuyasha that he could kill Miroku. After Miroku asked Kagome to bair hem a chiled. Kagome asked why she should and he sayed that if he failed to beat Naraku he would evenshly die from the curse in his right hand and he wanted someone to finish Naraku. Inuyasha got jelish and told Miroku to stop touching her. They started arguing then Shippo sayed he never wanted to grow up.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The group ends up at a village and meat Miroku who has a hole in his hand which 'sucks up' any thing in it's path. Miroku fights inuyasha but Kagome ends up winning because she finds his weakness, he doesn't want to hurt humans, only demons. So she jumps tward him and he closes his voide, which was tring to suck up inu, and tries to convince inuyasha not to kill miroku, then she feels a hand on her butt. She changes her mind but Miroku lives and now travels with them to defeat Naraku.
Episode Summary for Episode 16 - The Mystical Hand Of The Amourous Monk Miroku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The group runs into a monk named Miroku.Miroku starts stalking Kagome.He ends up stealing the jewel and seeing Kagome taking a bath.The group chase him and get it back.Miroku explains he wants to track down Naraku,who gave him the hole in his hand.He ends up joining the group.