Episode 161 - Miroku's Old Mistake Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 161 - Miroku's Old Mistake. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the begining of this episode you see Kagura and Naraku standing infront of a prison door where Mouryoumaru is (although he is looking a lot more grotesque from when we last saw him)Kagura asks who he is and Naraku replies nevermind and to just look after him and that that will be her last job for him. The scene then switches to the Inu-gang.

The gang is rushing towards a village. Inu tells Miroku that he should have stayed with Kaede untill he got better. The gang start questioning this ''Medecine that cures all'' that Kaede told them about and wonder if there is really such a thing. There is a flashback to when they are in Kaedes' hut and she tells them about this ''Medicine Vendor'' who can cure all. When they gang reaches the village they talk to a women who has met the Medicine Vendor, she says that he was one of the most handsom men she has ever seen. Inu then later picks up the scent of a different medicinal plant, and youkai! Kagome comments on how Sango is so eager to find a cure for the Samyoushou's poisen that Miroku was attacked with (Aww ^_^) The gang later meet another women who was treated by the Medicine Vendor. They notice some fang marks on her neck and the women says she has no Idea where those came from. Inu says they better act fast because this Medicine Vendor doesn't seem to be very good news for women.

Sango proposes that she and Inuyasha go and find the Medicine Vendor, and leave Kagome to take care of Miroku. Miroku then tells Sango to not fall for whatever the Medicine Vendor tells her ( Kagome and Inu are inthe backround and Kagome goes all dreamy and says ''Aww he's jealous that Sango will fall for this other man) But Sango doesn't listen to Miroku and says she is going anyways.

So Inu is sniffing around for the scent of the Medicine Vendor and Sango is close behind. Inu is near and cliff and he starts sniffing around and looks as though he is drunk. He then launches himself at a group of butterflies flying near by and falls off the cliff. (It's quite humorous) Sango leaps off of the cliff to save Inu but she is snaged by a bunch of poisonous vines, also the Juzo beads Miroku gave her for protection break! The Medicine Vendor then appears and tells Sango that he will help her. (And yes, he is very handsome) Sango has a very shocked look on her face.

The Medicine Vendor says that he will give her an antidote to cure all in return for this: He grabs her and reveals his fangs and starts lowering his head to her neck. Sango tries to resist but her body is paralyzed.

Scene goes to Miroku and Kagome. Miroku has a worried look on his face. A very funny looking/ugly man tells them that him and his wife have been happily married for years but ever sibce shes returned she would look at his face and sigh in dissapointment. Miroku asks if the man thinks this could be the work of Youkai trickory.

Back to Sango. She is trying to resist the Medicine Vendor. Inu then leaps out of -no where- and starts biting the Medicine Vendor in the head, but he vanishes. Inu asks Sango if she is OK and she says that her neck stings. You then see the Medicine Vendor and he starts biding Sango toward him. Sango goes all dreamy/drunk looking and starts walking toward the Medicine Vendor, Inu tries stopping her but she pushed him over and says ''shut up''.

Kirara goes to fetch Kagome and Miroku, they both scence something bad has happened so they follow her to where Inu is. Inu tells them that the Medicine Vendor has taked Sango with him, Miroku is looking very worried and is now afraid that Sango might have actually fallen for this man.

The scene changes to Sango and the Medecine Vendor again, they are sitting on a giant lily pad in the middle of the lake. Sango is still in her dreamy state, but when she notices the Medicine Vendor trying to bite her she snaps back to reality. Sango smacks the Medicine Vendor hard and he says ''WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?'' and Sango yells back ''THATS MY LINE!You better not have done anything weird when I was under your spell!'' The Medicine Vendor then puts on thisy grin and says ''And what if I have..heheh'' Sango gives him a death glare and he quickly tells her that it was a joke. He starts explaining his reason for doing what he did. He tells her that to go back to his original form he has to suck the blood of an ideal women.

Inu tells Miroku and Kagome that they are close by and that they need to act fast if they want to get to Sango in time. Miroku jumps on Kirara and they fly away. Kagome sighs and says ''I knew he was worried''.

Miroku and Kirara fly over head of Sango and the Medicine Vendor. From Miroku's point of view it looks as if the too are cuddling, but the Vendor is only trying to suck her blood. Miroku launches himself at the man and beats him up and asks Sango if she is OK. The rest of the gang turn up and Sango explain everything to them, and that the Medicine Vendor will give her an antidote in return. Miroku seems to be having a hard time to beleive the whole story, but in the end he trusts Sangos' words. Kagome then asks why Sangos' hand wouldn't work to break the Curse. The Medicine Vendor sighs and says it will work just fine. He quickly bites Sango's hand Miroku says ''Uh...he vanished?'' They notice a Misquito flying away and it says to them ''Thank you for freeingme. I have sprinkled the antidote on your hand''

At the end of the episode Inu is questioning what this antidote that cures all is. Kagome tells them that it's an antidote to cure the itchyness of misquito bites...And that's the end of the episode!
Episode Summary for Episode 161 - Miroku's Old Mistake. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The show starts with these men by a shrine.They are carrying-on a demon extermination. It fails and angers the demon. We soon find out that these men are trying to expel a fish-demon who is set on marrying the lord's daughter. Who is actually engaged to none that our monk,Miroku! Currently fiance to Sango,Miroku is in a rather tight spot. No time for personal matters however! The fish-demon soon shows up with a trailer of gifts,demanding his bride. The lord's daughter refuses pleading she is "bound to Miroku" (in old Japanese culture if you sleep with someone,you've got to get married) making our poor fishy cry. The monster than gets extremly angry and transforms into an nasty looking beast.Inu Yasha fights him and puts the demon at his mercy.

Inu Yasha shows humanity however,but when everyone's back is turned.... fish-demon steals the young girl! sango goes after him with the others far behind. Sango slips and gets grabbed my the monster. As kirara carries the girl to safety,Sango is left defenseless. She is told by the monster that she will be his concubine.She is being dragged into the sea by the horny oni! Then Miroku shows up and jumps in the water without thinking. The monster chids him telling him he is powerless. The crafty monk sucks up the lake with his hand and beats the crap out of fishy. All while screaming "How dare you touch MY woman???". Then it is revealed that Miroku and the lord's daughter aren't "bound together",she had made the whole thing up to get out of the marriage. So everyone is happy...
Episode Summary for Episode 161 - Miroku's Old Mistake. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The group comes across a village where Miroku asked a girl to bear his child two years ago. Since Sango and Miroku are promised to get married, Sango becomes angry. The girl has also been promised to a youkai in that village. The youkai kidnaps the girl after she refuses and Sango runs off. The rest of the group follow the youkai and the youkai decides to take Sango instead. Miroku gets angry and says to leave his woman alone. Miroku defeats the youkai and the two eventually make up.
Episode Summary for Episode 161 - Miroku's Old Mistake. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Good old Miroku you never fail to amuse us with Sango around. One day, our heroes travel to a shrine and meet up with a man who met Miroku before. They meet a young woman named Shima, apparently she promised to "bear his child", and like normal Sango is ticked off. It turns out that a dmeon by the name of Nushi is after Shima too. Apparently the medical herbs that Miroku sold them two years ago, worked with the fact that Shima's father had to make a deal with the demon Nushi. As Nushi came for his bride and Sango depressed about Miroku and planing to break off their engagement, Miroku surprises everyone by saving Sango and calling Sango his "woman"(apparently he has decided to stay with one woman).
Episode Summary for Episode 161 - Miroku's Old Mistake. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well, this is one HILARIOUS episode, as well as one of the best Miroku/Sango episodes out there. This episode starts out with Kagome and Inuyasha walking ahead of Miroku and Sango. Kagome remarks to Inu about how Miroku is still depressed about a pickpocket stealing his wallet. It then switches to Miroku telling Sango how it's his fault, and Sango just tells him he shouldn't let it get him down. Miroku then stops and takes her hand, telling her there is no need to be kind to him. He then hugs her and brings her close and says he cannot forgive his own stupidity, and Sango looks embarrassed/shocked. Sango then says now wait just a second...and we see that Miroku is (of course) rubbing her bottom. Kagome and Inuyasha is looking at him with HILARIOUS expressions on their faces, and Inu asks "that's being depressed?"

Scene switches to a man trying to put a ward on a shrine to ward off a youkai, but the shrine starts sparking and the ward turns to ashes, and the whole area shakes like an earthquake is happening. The Inu gang feel the tremors and come running toward the man. The man has his back turned toward them, and Miroku asks him what's happening. The man then slowly and disbelievingly asks if it is really Miroku? Miroku looks all confused, then the man asks him if he has come to marry into his family, as Miroku promised. Kagome incredously asks "marry into the family?"

Scene switches to the man's house, and the Inu gang are seated on the floor. Sango is asking Miroku "what's this all about" Miroku is hesiatating and Sango asks "You don't remember?" Inu goes "keh there are probably too many for him to remember". The man's daughter comes running to where the gang is seated and in a happy voice tells miroku she has been waiting for him. Miroku looks up at her, and pounds a fist in his hand (as if he's just remembered something). The viewpoint switches to a close up of Sango's face, and we see her watching Miroku get up and go up to the daughter. Miroku takes the daughters hand, and exclaims how Shima (the daughter) has become very beautiful. Shima says she is so happy, but then we see a tremor go up Miroku's back and he looks like scared. He turns around to look at Sango, and we see her face is shadowed. Sango stands up, and we switch back to Miroku, who has his head down. He says "calm down" and Sango blankly stares at him and asks "this is something from the past right?" Suddenly Shima's father says yes, in the past his wife and he had almost given up. We find out Shima had been sick and Miroku had given her herbs to heal her. (he also ripped off the family on the price of the herbs LOL). Miroku then left shortly after, but not before he asked...."When you get better, will you bear my child?" And Shima had said "yes". At this point, Sango nails Miroku on the head with her boomerang LOL. She says, "it's fine, it's something from the past right?" And proceeds to continue banging Miroku on the head. Inu remarks "Man this is rediculous". LOL He then asks what about the demon at the shrine?

Scene switches to Miroku agreeing and asking about the demon. (note that there is a HUGE bump on his head that is glowing red LOL) The house suddenly starts shaking like mad. Shima grabs onto Miroku saying how she's scared, and then we see a HUGE red flaming aura glow from Sango's body from the side of the screen and Miroku thinks to himself "I'm scared for another reason." LOL. We find out from Shima's family she is to be married to the youkai in the shrine, well actually it's really a youkai of the lake. The youkai had healed Shima, but asked for her to be his wife later on. Shima doesn't want to, and shippo remarks "she's really dead set on bearing Miroku's child" LOL. This getting real long so I'll make it quick. The inu gang are outside the house at night while Miroku is inside talking to the family about marriage. Suddenly a huge Sango head bursts inside the house and screams at Miroku, and we find out it's Shippo trying to help Sango. Sango walks in and takes Shippo out, but glares and thinks "die you idiot" at Miroku before walking out. Miroku thinks to himself her eyes looked liked they were saying "die idiot" LOL. Well outside the demon pops out, it's really stumpy looking and has a cart full of stuff behind him. He wants to marry shima, she says no, she already has done the wild thang with miroku. (the demon only wants to marry a pure woman) The demon pouts. And then Inu just walks up and slaps him. LOL. The demon cries, and transforms to a huge catfish and starts wreaking the house. Meanwhile, Miroku and Sango have been arguing, and no one is paying attention to the demon. Kagome is even commentating on the argument to shippo when Inu pops out and says "um...shouldn't we be worrying about the demon WREAKING THE PLACE?" LOL. Well Inu goes "**** it" and jumps at the demon catfish. He just punches it on the side, and the catfish demon detransforms back into his small form, and starts crying. Well now everybody just starts paying attention to Miroku and Sango's argument, and Sango runs away. Miroku doesn't follow her because he says she won't listen to him. Meanwhile, the demon has kidnapped Shima while everyone was preoccupied.

Scene switches to Sango. Shes on a hill overlooking the lake, sadly remarking to herself how Miroku hasn't followed her. She suddenly sees the demon flying with Shima on a cloud thing, and starts to get her stuff to go save Shima, when she hears Shima scream at the demon how she's bound to Miroku. Sango hesitates and glares. The demon dives into the lake, when Sango's boomerang whacks him on the head underwater, stunning him. At this point the Inu gang has arrived. Shima gets out of the lake, but the demon drags Sango into the lake with him, saying how he'll make Sango his concubine. Miroku suddenly looks pissed and yells "WTF did you say you bastard about MY WOMAN?" And dives into the lake. The demon taunts miroku about how he can't do anything to him underwater, and miroku unleashes the Kazanna, which drains the lake. Miroku then beats the living **** out of the demon, and picks him up and yells how Sango is HIS. Sango looks slightly happier. Miroku tosses the demon away, and starts after Sango. Sango glares at him once more, and walks away. Miroku chases her and Sango starts giggling, and Miroku laughs and continues chasing her. Everything is fine in the end, Shima tells Sango how she lied about doing the bad thing with Miroku, and gives up on Miroku. The gang starts walking away, when Kagome asks Miroku why didn't he just tell Sango he didn't do the bad thing with Shima. Inu says he probably was confused with all the other girls he was promised to. Miroku flinches and Sango turns around and grabs him yelling is this true?????? The episode ends.
Episode Summary for Episode 161 - Miroku's Old Mistake. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu-tachi are traveling around when they come across a man praying to a shrine by a lake. He recognizes Miroku almost immediately and asks if he’s come back to marry into the family. This of course is news to the gang.
Later on, they’re inside a house and everyone is questioning Miroku about it, but he doesn’t seem to recall. Then a girl named Shima runs in and squeals happily about Miroku’s return. He recognizes her and flirts a bit, but then stops when he feels everyone staring at him. Shima’s parents come in and explain what happened.
Two years before, Miroku happened upon their village. Shima had been very ill since childhood and he gave the family overpriced herbs to heal her. Before leaving, he asked her to bear his child which both Shima and her family took as a proposal for marriage. Inuyasha asks about the yokai Shima’s father was praying to earlier. Suddenly everything shakes. Shima jumps into Miroku’s arms, pissing Sango off. Shima’s parents need Miroku to help them since Shima is supposed to become the bride to the yokai, named Nushi-sama.
Scene change to Nunshi who laughs happily about his bride.
Later that night, Miroku tries to talk his way out of marrying Shima. Outside, Inu-tachi are talking about what he’ll do, and arguing a bit. Shippou takes the form of a giant Sango head and freaks the people inside out, but Sango claims to not be angry, though she obviously is, and leaves. All of a sudden, Nushi makes his appearance. He turns out to be a whimp, though, and Inuyasha, revved up for a battle, angrily bops him over the head and tells him to go away. Miroku and Shima-tachi come out and cower in fear, which is strange cause Nushi isn’t all that intimidating.
Nushi claims that Shima was promised to him at which her father admits that while begging for the return of Shima’s health, he promised Nushi whatever he desired, which turned out to be Shima. Shima apologizes to Nushi saying she didn’t know about the promise, but she is still unable to marry him. Nushi wants a pure maiden, and Shima claims to have “bound” herself to Miroku (meaning she slept with him) and would be unfit to marry Nushi. Nushi transforms and starts wrecking the place. Miroku asks Sango for help in fighting him, but she basically tells him to screw off and deal with his own problems, looking quite angry/scary and making Shima think she too is going to transform. Miroku and Sango are arguing, Kagome worries about their relationship, and Inuyasha plans on taking on Nushi.
Nushi is subdued easily, though, and transforms back to his little pathetic self. InuYasha takes pity and decides not to kill him. Miroku and Sango are still arguing. Shima tries to stop them and take the blame, but Sango just runs off. Then Nushi takes Shima and claims he’ll keep her anyway.
Back at the lake, Sango is sitting with Kirara upset that Miroku didn’t follow, even though she told him not to. Then she sees Nushi drag Shima under the water in his bigger form. She knocks him with her hiraiktsu, and rescues Shima. Miroku-tachi show up, but Sango is convinced he didn’t come for her. Then Nushi takes Sango and states that she, too, will become his concubine. At this, Miroku flips out and jumps into the lake. He sucks up all the water with his wind void, and then beats Nushi a little bit for trying to take “his woman.” He then turns his attention to Sango who, confused about her feelings, gets up to walk away. He follows her calling out her name, and eventually she starts to smile and he does too, but they keep up the cat-n-mouse thing for a while anyway.
InuYasha is standing there with his sword, angry that he never fought.
That morning, Shima admits she lied about sleeping with Miroku to get out of marrying Shima. Miroku figured Sango would understand. The two make up and are a little fluffy. As they leave, Kagome voices that Miroku should have told the truth about not sleeping with Shima right away instead of leading them on. Shippou says he probably didn’t remember if he did or not, and Sango gets a bit mad and asks if this was true. Miroku just kinda gets nervous and says “hey, it’s in the past, right?”
The End.

Note 1: During the scene where Kagome is yelling at Inuyasha for being insincere, the camera starts to zoom in a bit when she starts talking about “old girlfriends”. I think this is meant to show the parallel to their own situation (Inuyasha/Kagome/Kikyou), though they didn’t expand on it or show a reaction from InuYasha or anything. So it’s possibly just speculation.
Note 2: Miroku usually uses very polite mannerisms when speaking, and when referring to himself, he uses “watashi”. So when saying something is his, like “my water” he’d usually say “watashi no mizu” or something like that. However, when referring to Sango as “his woman”, he uses the pronoun “ore”, saying “ore no onna” (my girl/woman) instead of “watashi” which is .. well, it’s very masculine. It’s hard to explain, but Kouga and Inuyasha use “ore” all the time, and they tend to speak more bad-ass Japanese then proper Japanese. That’s the best way I can explain. The point of this is that it was out of character for him to use that form of speech, so he was SERIOUS. That’s probably also why Sango was a little shocked.