Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out with a view of a group of monks/preists walking through a forest when they see a village on fire.The scene then jumps to the village showing a bandit one of the villagers.And then showing the other bandits killing everyone else in the village. As they look up onto a little cliff over looking the village they see sesshomaru watching them. Sess turns and starts to walk away but one of the bandits decide to follow him and Sess kills him w/his poisonous whip w/o even looking at him! The leader of the bandits call Sess a son of a b@!#h and orders his men to kill Sess, but Sess uses his whip again to kill the rest of the bandits. Just as all the bandits fall the group of monks come running up and ask if Sess had detroyed the village. Sess begins to walking saying "I have no use for humans." The lead preist then tries to use a spell on Sess but he easily blocks it with tokijin. The preist then realize that the group of men Sess killed were bandits and not villagers. The Preists r shocked that there spell didnt work and the leader wandered who the youkai(demon,Ive watched too many in japanese)was he stated that he had never felt such a "virulent force" before.

It then shows Inus group at a village and they are being told that all the children have been kidnapped, miroku offers there assistance but the man says they hired a group of preists(the ones from earlier). Back to the preists they are in a forest and come upon rin, she runs from them to Aun and flies away.

Then we see rin and jaken sitting by a fire and rin is asking jaken all sorts of questions about Sess plans. He tells her that he will one day form an empire in which jaken will be the minister, rin asks jaken what she will do in the empire and jaken asks if she intends to stay around that long and when she says yes he tells her that it probably wont happen for another 100 years and to a youkai thats nothing but rin will be dead.Rin gets sad and says thats not true.she then lookis up at the sky while jaken is sleeping and she says jaken-sama is silly.She falls asleepsaying "well always be together....always"then she a flute starts playing and rin stands up and starts to follow the sound as if under a trance. u then meet the kidnapping youkai.Jaken wakes up to find out rin is missing and begins to panic.

We then see inuyashas group around a fire on the night of the new moon.they see the preists coming, miroku starts teling them that the leader shows no mercy to youkai.shippo starts to shiver in fear.when the preists leader sees them with shippo he tells them they are irresponsilbe for traveling w/youkai.the preist noticxes kagome is a preistess and says u must know about the dangers of youkai, and inuyasha says "keh".they say that his sword is a youkai sword and Inu asks so what if it is?they say its an unsuitable weapon and may destroy him not realizing hes a hanyou and not a human. the preists leave.Then we see jaken looking for rin and Sess appears asking wheres rin, jaken explains that the kidnapping demon took her.Sess walks away to look for rin.

the kidnapping youkai was putting rin in a cave with other children, when she finally snaps out of the spell she is told be the other kids where she is at and they say how scary the youkai is and rin says dont be scared. they point out of course they are hes a youkai.she then says bandits are scarier, the other kids disagree saying youkai are.Rin states that bandits kill w/o reason and then says her mother and father where killed by bandits.Inu and group run into jaken and jaken explains about rin and Sess gone looking for her.we then see the kidnapping youkai who gets tricked by the preist to come out and then they start running circles around him and praying while throwing soutras(spelling, sorry) at him, the leader syas die youkai and he doesby exploding into a blue flame.they rescue all the kids but rin doesnt want to go, she wants to wait for Sess, but they pick her up and force her out. she begs for Sess to come save her, and then he appears.the preist accuse him of bewitching rin.then the leader orders the preists to do the same thing to Sess that they did to the other youkai but with a much larger explosion.to there dismay, Sess walks through the smoke unharmed.Inu's group hear the sounds and run in the direction and point out that if the preist try something stupid on Sess he will kill them.the prests then start circiling Sess again but this time they do a diff. spell and Sess feels it, he begins transform into his true form but just as he is about to he pulses and the holy staff suddenly breaks into peices and all of the prayer beads being used break.then the pink smoke around Sess explodes knocking everyone to the ground.the leader says "to think, he has such power." we then see Inu's group watching from the forest and we see rin run up to Sess and as if to prove a point he tells her " do as you like." she says "yes" of course and starts to follow him when the preists leader grabs her by the hand and tells her he is a youkai, not something a human child should follw.she fights free and says let me go.the he says to her that humans and youkai live in diff. worlds. she stops and gets a saddened look on her face and flshes back to jaken telling her she will be long dead when Sess make his empire.she turns and smiles, and then run to Sess. the preists crys out "why?...why?" we then see Inu's group and the preists in the village and the leader asks why kagome hangs around w/youkai, but before she can answer he says nevermind. then we see jaken looking for rin and Sess but Sess and rin come up from behind them, just as they r about to leave we see rin kneeling by some tombstones and she asks Sess if when she dies does he promise not to forget about her(awwwwww)Sess' mouth drops a little and his eyes widen as if completly shocked, he then gathers himself and looks up and tells her "dont be foolsh" and they continue there journey to find nraku!
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshoumaru is attacked by by a group of monks that specialize in killing youkai, but since he is so strong he overcomes them. The monks go look for other youkai to slay, and find Rin in the forest. They ask her to come with them but she flies off. During the night a youkai with children luring powers abducts Rin and takes her to his cave where he is hiding other children like her. The monks come and kill this youkai and save all the children but Rin wants to stay in the cave until Sesshoumaru comes to get her. The head monk does not understand this and takes her by force. Then Sesshoumaru comes out of the forest and is attacked by all the monks had in their power but once again he is too strong to be overtaken. He then gives Rin the choice to either come with him or go to a human village but she decides that she is going to stay with Sesshoumaru until the day she dies (hence the title). The monk is left in the dust confused and when he later sees Inuyasha he asks Kagome why she, a human, is with a youkai, but when she doesnt answer he decides not to try to kill Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out with a group of bandits attacking a village. Sesshoumaru is watching the bandits attack the village and the bandits try to attack Sesshoumaru. But, Sesshoumaru kills them. Then, a group of monks that hate youkai see Sesshoumaru while he's killing the bandits, so they attack him. But, Sesshoumaru leaves.
Inuyasha and co. are in a village and find out that all the village children are missing. They offer to help if they could have a place to stay but the guy at the village said that Ungai and his monks will take care of it. Inuyasha and co. are all depressed because they have to camp out.
Ungai and co. spot Rin in a forrest and mistake her for one of the village children, so they try to take her back, but she runs away on AhUn.
Rin is talking to Jaken about what Sesshoumaru will do after he beats Naraku. Jaken says that Sesshoumaru wants to become the strongest youkai and have his own empire and that Jaken will be the minister. Rin asks what she will do and Jaken says that it will take a couple hundred years and Rin would probably die.
While Jaken is sleeping Rin declines what Jaken says and says that she will be with Sesshoumaru forever.
All of a sudden a flute starts to play and Rin walks off with the youkai playing the flute.
The Inuyasha gang is camping out and Miroku starts talking about hos Ungai shows no mercy towards youkai, which scares Shippou. Ungai and co. come across the Inu group and start questioning them about Shippou and Kirara;that it is unsafe to travel with youkai. Inuyasha in human form then starts telling the monks to leave. Ungai then tells Inuyasha that his sword has youkai power and it is unsafe. Inuyasha then tells Ungai to mind his own business and Ungai and co. leave.
Jaken is out looking for Rin when Sesshoumaru comes in and questions Jaken about where Rin is. Jaken says that Ongokuki (youkai that abducts children the sound of a flut and sells them to other youkai) because he heard a flute. Sesshoumaru then leaves without Jaken.
The youkai took Rin to a cave full of children. Rin then regains her senses and asks the children what happened. They say that she has also been kidnapped by the youkai. All of the children are scarred. Rin tells them not to be scared and that bandits are skarier than youkai because bandits kill people for no reason. Rin says her parents were killed by youkai and that somebody will come and save them.
Jaken is looking for Rin and Sesshoumaru when he bumps into the Inuyasha gang. Jaken tells them that a youkai took Rin. He then asks if they saw Sesshoumaru looking for Rin. The Inu group says that they have not seen him so Jaken then walks off yelling for Sesshoumaru and Rin.
Ungai and co. set a trap for the youkai and kill him. Then they free all the townchildren and ask if there is anyone else. Ungai goes back into the cave and sees Rin again and tells her that he will take her back to the town. Rin says she's fine. Ungai then carries her out of the cave while she's screaming. Then Rin says that Sesshoumaru will save her.
Sesshoumaru is listening in the forrest when Ungai notices him and throws something towards him. Ungai and co. recognize Sesshoumaru from the day before. Sesshoumaru starts walking and Ungai and co are trying to kill Sesshoumaru. So they use the same move they used on Ongokuki. It doesn't even scratch Sesshoumaru.
The Inu group is now trying to find Sesshoumaru because Inuyasha says that Sesshoumaru is unaffected by human attacks and will most likely kill the monks.
Ungai then tells his group to bind Sesshoumaru's legs. While they are attempting to do that...Sesshoumaru's half transforms into his true youkai form and his youkai energy breaks the staffs of the monks and blows them away. The Inu group is watching from the trees. Rin runs up to Sesshoumaru and Sesshoumaru tells her to do what she wants (either go with the monks or come with him). Rin was going to follow Sesshoumaru when Ungai grabs her hand and tells her not to go. She tells him to leave her alone and she continues to follow Sesshoumaru...Ungai the says that humans and youkai live in different worlds...then Rin stops and remembers what Jaken says about Rin going to die...and then she waves goodbye to Ungai and she follows Sesshoumaru.
The village children are back in their village and hugging there parents. Ungai notices Kagome and asks her why she travels with youkai...like Inuyasha...but he then walks off and says she doesn't have to answer.
Jaken is on a hill still looking for Sesshoumaru and Rin when he runs into them. Sesshoumaru asks Jaken wher AhUn was and Jaken runs off to get them. While Jaken is gone...Rin spots some graves and asks Sesshoumaru not to forget her if she dies. Jaken returns with AhUn and Sesshoumaru starts to alk away. Jaken asks where he is going and Sesshoumaru says that he is looking for Naraku (Duh!!). Jaken asks if he could come (what's up with that) and Rin says yes.
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
A group of monks, that are youkai exterminators, are trying to help a village find their lost children. A youkai is gathering all the children. Rin gets taken along with them. The monks find the youkai and destroy him, but they try to take Rin back to the human village. Sesshoumaru comes to get Rin and the monks try to attack him. He goes through a series of brutual assaults againist him, but comes out unscathed. The monks get thrown to the ground by Sesshoumaru throwing their own energy back at them. Rin follows away with Sesshoumaru, despite the monks telling her that youkai and humans can not be together.
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
When a demon known as Ongokuki, shows up and kidnaps children with his flute to sell to other demons show up, he kidnaps all the children of a village including Rin. The village hired a group of monks, led by a monk named Ungai, that are skilled at slaying demons without mercy. Ungai and his monks easily defeat Ongokuki, but Rin refuses to move until Sesshoumaru comes to get her. After Sesshoumaru shows up, Ungai and his men refuses to hand Rin over to him. Of course, Sesshoumaru had to show a little of his power to convince them to let Rin go. Sesshoumaru then gives Rin a choice to do as she wishes. Of course, like this episode's title states, she chose to follow Sesshoumaru. In the end, you also see a little bit of Sesshoumaru caring about Rin(although you can already tell, but what you see in the end is quite amusing, considering the fact that its coming from Sesshoumaru).
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
(Opening 'Angelus')

*Somewhere in the forest, a group of monks are walking by. Then the group comes to a brief stop, to see up ahead is an orange-ish glow.*

Monk#1-What do you think it is Ungai-sama?
Ungai-sama-Let's find out.

*We see a village being burned down, and people are screaming everywhere in a rush of panic. Then we see some demons slaying the people. A demon stops what he is doing to see Sesshoumaru looking down upon a cliff. He turns away.*

Demon-You bastard, stay right there!

*Sesshy turns around and kills one of them with his whip. Then he walks away.*

Demon-You think you can get away? GET HIM!

*The other demons gather around him. Sesshy glares at them and kills them all off quickly with his whip. The monks earlier had witnessed the whole scene and looks at Sesshy*

Monk#1-Ungai-Sama! It's a Youkai!

*Ungai-Sama steps forward and examines what he sees, then confronts Sesshy*

Ungai-Sama- Is this your doing?

*Sesshy just walks away*

Sesshoumaru-I have no business with humans.

*Ungai-Sama won't take no for an answer. Quickly, he does some sort of spell aiming for Sesshy. Quick as always, Sesshoumaru blocks it with Toujikin, sending them a gust of wind. After the gust has dispersed, Ungai-Sama looks up to see Sesshy gone*

Ungai-Sama- He escaped huh? Who was he? There was an air of bloodlust, unlike what I felt before.

Monk#1-Ungai-Sama! These demons were simply bandits!
Monk#2-The youkai attacked the bandidts? So which of them attacked the village?

*Ungai-Sama simply looks up.*
+Episode Title pops up. Together with Sesshoumaru-Sama Forever+

*We now see a perfectly fine village where the Inuyasha group is*

Inuyasha- The village children have been kidnapped?
Lord- When I woke this morning, all the children were gone.. I have no idea what in the world happened.. Was it the work of a youkai, or were the spirited away?
Miroku-Lord, we will search for the whearabouts of the children.
Kagome-We may not look it, but were pretty good with these things.
Miroku-Slaying Youkai is something we are used to. And if we get tired...please lend us your house...
Inuyasha-Keh. That front again?
Lord-Oh! There's no need for that.
Miroku & Inuyasha-Eh??
Lord-We already asked some monks to do it.

*Inuyasha sighs. Then Miroku points at himself*

Miroku-Um, if you need a monk, there's one right here.
Lord- They are very skilled monks who specialize in slaying youkais.
Lord-If Ungai-Sama is the one we are talking about, he can get the job done.
Miroku-Ungai-Sama? I see... *looks down sadly.. Sango shakes her head.*

*We now see a forest clearing. The monks are walking by, when Ungai-Sama stops, to see Rin pulling out a root to eat. She stumbles, but pulled out the root no problem.*

Ungai-Sama-You there! Are you one of the children in the village?

*Rin looks behind her, and shakes her head no. Then she runs away.*

Ungai-Sama-Wait! Where are you going? *He runs after her* Come back! There is an aura of Youkai! Come back here!

*Ah-Un passes by, with Rin on the steed, that suprises the monks*

Ungai-Sama-So there was a youkai... Just what is that child...
Monk#1-Is something the matter Ungai-Sama?
Ungai-Sama-No. Let us continue.

*Night time has fallen, Rin and Jaken are resting in the forest*

Rin-Hey, Jaken-Sama.
Rin- When he beats Naraku, what will Sesshoumaru-Sama do after that?

Jaken-So you don't know. Sesshoumaru-Sama always is looking for ways to get stronger. *Picks up a stick with fish* Once he reigns as the strongest youkai, he will no doubt realize his empire. And when that happens, I will the minister of that empire. *He takes a bite and spits it back out*

Rin-Jaken Sama...
Rin-So in Sesshoumaru-Sama's empire, what good can I do?

*Jaken looks startled*

Jaken-You'll come with us that far?
Rin-What's wrong? Can't I come with you? *Rin grabs onto Jaken's Sleeve*
Jaken-You don't understand. It will take countless years for Sesshoumaru-Sama to built his empire. To us, a hundred years is nothing...but...for a human like yourself.. You'd be long dead when that happens.

*Rin looks suprised*
Rin-That...won't happen...
*Jaken and Ah&Un has fallen asleep. But Rin still thinks back to what the toad said*
Rin- 'Jaken-Sama...you idiot... I'll be with him forever...forever..'

*A flute melody is heard in the background. Rin gets up and walks away from their camp. Jaken sees her walking away*
Jaken-Rin? Do you have to pee?
*We see an ogre-looking like demon playing the flute. His name is Ongokuki. Rin stops and is just in front of the demon. Flute stops and the demon walks away. Rin follows. Obviously, she is hypnotized.*
Jaken-Uh, Rin? Rin! Where are you going?! Hey Rin!
*He looks around*
Jaken-She-she dissapeared.

*We now go back to the Inuyasha Group's Camp. They see the monks walking towards them.*

Shippou-Who's that?
Sango-Aren't they those renowned youkai-slaying demons?
Miroku-This is troublesome though....
Sango-What are you talking about?
Miroku-I have heard rumors of this Ungai-Sama. That he slays demons without mercy.
*Shippou looks freaked out. The monks stop in front of them*
Kagome-Um, Good Evening!

*Ungai-Sama looks at the group around. He spots Shippou clutching onto Miroku's robes. Shippou now looks more than freaked out!*

Ungai-Sama-Are you a taijiya?
Miroku-Well, something of that sort.
Ungai-Sama- You seem quite unknowledgable to the presence of youkai
Shippou-What was that?!
*Ungai-Sama glares at him. Shippou backs away*
Ungai-Sama-They are mononokes afterall. Do you really want to depend on the power of a youkai?
Sango-Kirara and Shippou will never hurt anyone.
Shippou- True! True!
*Glares at him once again. Then Ungai-Sama turns to Kagome*
Ungai-Sama- Are you a priestess?
Kagome- Well-maybe-I guess..
Ungai-Sama- Then you know the true power of youkai, do you not?
Ungai-Sama-You over there!
Inuyasha- What?
Ungai-Sama- That sword you carry is a youkai blade.
Inuyasha-Oh, Shut Up!

*Inuyasha walks over to the group and is revealed to be in his human form.*

Inuyasha-So what if it is?
Ungai- If you continue to use that weapon, it will devour you!
Inuyasha-Mind your own business!

*They both glare at each other*

Ungai-Sama-Very well. Do not get in our way!
*Shippou makes a face at them. Inuyasha looks at them as they walk away from the group*
Inuyasha-Who were those guys? They were so full of themselves!
Miroku- Thank Heavens it was the New Moon tonight.
Sango- If they had seen your usual form, there would've been an argument.
Jaken-Riin! Riiiin!! Rin-chan...where are you..? Rin...
Jaken-Yes? Oh! You have returned Sesshoumaru-Sama! *He turns around and bows before his master*
Sesshoumaru- Did something happen to Rin?
Jaken-Well, it's like, um-
*Sesshy glares at him. Jaken, looks startled and bows again*
Jaken-This is likely the doing of Ongokuki.
Jaken-Yes. He is a demon that kidnaps children with the melody of his flute. After he takes them, he sells them to other youkai. I did hear his flute. But not to worry! I, Jaken will look for--Oh, Sesshoumaru-Sama! Um, p-please, wait!
*the toad runs towards him, but trips in the forest*
Jaken-At this rate, my future as minister is unknown....

*Now we head on over to a clearing of cliffs. We see Ongokuki and Rin heading over to what looks like a door. The demon bushes out of the way to unseal a cave to where all the stolen children are. Rin walks in, and we hear the cries of the children. Rin then snaps out of her trance..*

Rin- Huh? What am I doing here? *looks over to the other children* Huh? Who are you guys? What are you doing here?
Boy#1- So you also were caught by the yokai?
Boy#2-We're gonna get eaten by the yokai!
Boy#3- I'm scared! I'm scared!
Ongokuki- Shut the hell up, you idiots!
*wailing stops*
Rin- It's okay. Don't be scared
Boy#1- OF COURSE we're scared! It's a youkai!
Rin-That's okay with me. *Walks over to a wall and sits down*
Boy#2-It's not okay! It's a youkai!
Rin-Bandits are a lot scarier
Boy#1- Bandits? THEY'RE scarier than youkai?!
Rin- It's because bandits kill for no reason at all.
Boy#1- What are you talking about?
Rin- My dad, mom, and brother, and the others were all killed by bandits.
Boy#1- But right now, we are supose to be afraid of the youkai.
Rin- It's all right. I know someone will come and save us.
Boy#2- Who would that be?!
*Rin just smiles*

Jaken-Riin!! Seshoumaru-sama! Riii!! Sesshoumaru-sama.... *tumbles back to a tree*
Kagome-Hey. *the Inuyasha group just pops out of nowhere!*
Jaken- Ah!! Wait, it's you guys.
Kagome- What happened to Rin-Chan?
Jaken- Rin was abducted by Ongokuki.
Miroku- Ongokuki?
Jaken- A child-snatching oni! Did you people happen to see Sesshoumaru-sama looking for Rin?
Jaken- Ohhh....Rin! Sesshoumaru-sama! *walks away tired*

*Back to the cliffs. Ongokuki stands up and looks outside the cave. He sees a bunch of children. He takes out his flute and begins to play his melody. He stops suddenly and walks over to them! It's a fake! Nothing more but mere dolls!*

Ongokuki- A trap!

*The monks rush in and runs around the demon in a circle pattern. The monks all take out his rosary beeds and Ungai-sama blasts some sort of energy to Ongokuki and kills him off!!*

Ungai-Sama- Be gone! Youkai!
Ungai-Sama- All of you! *to the children* We've come to save you!
*The children all smile. cept' for Rin that is*
Ungai-Sama- The youkai has been slain. It's fine now.
*All the children runs to the monk*
Ungai-Sama-Now, Now. *Picks up boy#3* There, there. Is this everyone?
Boy#3- There's still one more.
*Ungai-Sama walks over to the cave to see Rin*
Ungai-Sama- What are you doing? *Gasps* It's you... Come! Let us go back to the village.
Rin-I'm fine...
*Ungai-Sama picks her up. Rin struggles to get out of his grasp*
Rin-Let me go! No! No!
Ungai-Sama- Why do you do this?
Boy#2- She said she was more scared of bandits than yokai.
Ungai-Sama-What? Why do you say such a foolish thing? You can't survive in the wilderness alone.

*We see Sesshy somewhere out in the woods*

Rin- I do live here! I survive out here! I'm perfectly fine out here!
Ungai-Sama- Don't say things no one wants to hear.
Rin-No! LET ME GO! Sesshoumaru-sama is...Sesshoumaru-sama is going to save me!!
Ungai-Sama- Sesshoumaru-sama?
Rin- I have no desire to come back to a human village!! Sesshoumaru-Sama! Sesshoumaru-Sama!

*Sesshy somehow was able to hear her cries and turns around to Rin's voice

Ungai-Sama- Hmmm...*throws a spear like item into the forests and reveals Sesshoumaru to be near by!*
Rin- Sesshoumaru-Sama!! *She smiles happily. Though Sesshy doesn't look too happy*
Monk#1- It's the youkai from the other day!
Rin-Let me go!
Ungai-Sama- You damn youkai!! Have you fooled this child?!
*Sesshy just keeps walking forward*
Monk#1- Ungai-Sama!
Ungai-Sama- This youkai's maloven youki...is something I will not forgive!
*Sesshy looks around as the monks gather around him. He smirks. The monks starts to run around him*
Ungai-Sama- Children! Go hide somewhere!
Children- Right!!
Rin- Sesshoumaru-Sama!!

*Once again the prayer beads....*

Ungai-Sama- Be gone! Youkai!! * Points his staff at Sesshy and power bursts*
Rin- Sesshoumaru-Sama!!

Kagome- What was that sound just now?
Miroku- That monk and the other are fighting!!
Inuyasha- Human attacks are nothing to him! Sesshoumaru will just kill them all off!

*After that energy blast, it seems Sesshoumaru is still standing on his feet perfectly fine*

Monk#2- He's still alive!
Ungai-Sama- Do not falter! Bind his legs!
Monks- RIGHT!

*And as they run around him, they succeeded at binding his legs*

*Power almost too strong. Sesshoumaru tries to take out Toujikin. However, instead his true form is lurking out. His eyes become crimson red!*
Ungai-Sama- His true form..
Sesshoumaru- ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!
*Sesshy manages to somehow break his bound and frees himself. The monks all tumble back!. Rin crawls out of the monk's arms and looks at him. Ungai-Sama loooks suprised...*
Ungai-Sama- This kind of power....is too strong..

*Inuyasha group watches behind from the trees*
Sesshoumaru- Rin.
Rin- Yes?
Sesshoumaru- Do as you like. *Turns around, walks away*
Rin- Okay! *She smiles and runs after him. Ungai stops her*
Ungai- Wait! This is a mononoke! A youkai! They have no need for a human child's companionship.
Rin-Let me go!
Ungai- Wait! Human and Youkai live in a different world.
*Rin stops running and thinks about what Jaken has said earlier that night.*
Ungai- That's right...now come back...
*Rin just turns around and waves bye*
Ungai- Why?! Why would she?!

*Morning has come, and all the children are back in the villlage*
Boy#3- Dad! Mom!
Lord- Thank you all so much! For saving the children!
Ungai- Oh, no. *looks over at Inuyasha's group*
Inuyasha- You got a complaint about me?
Kagome-*pulls on Inuyasha's ears.* Really! Work on your manners.
Inuyasha- What? I didn't do anything wrong!
Kagome- That's the attitude that's wrong.
Ungai- Young lady. Why are you with a youkai?
Kagome- Eh?
Ungai- No...nothing...

Jaken- Riiiiinnnn!! Sesshoumaru-Sama!! See...shhooou..maaruu...saamaaa...
Sesshoumaru- Jaken.
Jaken-Huh? Sesshoumaru-Sama! Oh, and Rin!
Sesshoumaru- Where's Ah-Un?
Jaken- *Gasps* I will go get him. *Runs off*
*Rin smiles at this, Then she walks over to some graves.
Rin- Hey,Sesshoumaru-Sama.
Sesshoumaru- What is it?
Rin- If..Rin should ever die..would you please not forget about me?
*Sesshy looks startled for once!*
Sesshoumaru- Such a foolish thing...
Jaken- Sesshoumaru-Sama!! Ah-Un is here. Uh, Sesshoumaru-Sama? Where are you going.
Sesshoumaru- Obviously you know. To look for Naraku!
Jaken- Yes...That's true... Is is all right if I still go with you?
Rin- Obviously you know!
Jaken- Eh?
Rin- It's fine, Jaken-Sama! Let's go?
Jaken- Wait for me!!

*Rin runs off to Sesshoumaru's side happily along with Jaken....*

*Ending...Brand New World.....*

Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In these episode Rin and Jaken have a chat-and Rin realies that she will not be with Seshoumaru for ever-she'll eventally die-that makes her sad =(. Inuyasha and the gang are camping when a very known and powerful "yokai killer" arives-fortntaly theres a fullmoon-inu is a human. a yokai caputers kids and by the way caputers Rin-the monk and his team go to distroy the yokai-sesshomaru goes to find rin.
te monk kills the yokai-and takes the kids home-but rin wont go-she says "I'm not scared of yokais i'm waiting for sesshomaru-samma" the monk takes her by force but then sesshomaru comes-they try to fight him-but are deffited- sess tells rin to do as she like and begin to walk. the monk dosent get it why she is with a yokai-he hates them-rin answeres with a smile and goes with sess.
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts off seeing a group of monks walking towards a village and they see a bright orange light. one of the monks askes the leader monk Ungai- sama what he thinks it is and he says to go and check it out . it actually is a group of bandits setting the town on fire and killing off people.while the bandits are killing a dark figure is standing near by its the one and one sesshomaru^^. as sesshomaru walks off one of the bandits [ propbably the most stupid]shoutes at sesshy and askes him to stay right ther with no hesitation sesshomaru grabs the green whip and plunges it into the bandit . the others are angered by this and plan on taking him down .but sesshomaru kills them all. the group of monks arrive and see this and Ungai- sama asked if this was his doing [sesshomaru].
sesshomaru just walks off ungai tries to stop him witht he sutras but fails misrably. The next morning Inuyasha and friends come to [i dont know if its the same or different but yeah i'll just say same] the same village. It appears that all the children ofrom the village have disappeared .Miroku offers to help but the village headman has asked the other monks to help.

the group of monks are walking through the forset and sees rin putting up some vegetables. and questions her if she is the children of the villiage she shakes her head and runs off he tries to chase after her but Rin has alreadt got on to ah-Un [one of the youkai that sesshomaru owns.]and has flew away . Later that night rin is eating with jaken and he askes him what happens after sesshomaru beats Naraku . Jaken says that sesshomaru is awayz looking for ways to become stronger and to become the strongest youkai . Jaken says the Rin would be dead by then, rin is appartnly a bit upset. while they are sleeping rin is thinking of what jaken sed and she says [good part do0de] jaken sama you dummy i'll be with him forever [sesshomaru she means then she hears a flute and fall s in a trace and walks off into the forest.Jaken notices this and tries to follow her but cant. She see and youkai and follos him. in to a cave.

While this is happening we take a look at inuyasha and friends
who are cooking their dinner and the group of monks walks up to them. They know they are and shippo gets a bit shaky. Ungai is asking why they are staying in company of youkai [shippo and kirara].
He asks Kagome is she a Mikoand stuff like that all of the sudden u hear inuyasha [0oOOo00] say "keh" and he lookz over to see him sitting in the darkness Ungai tells Inuyasha that tessagia [???] is a demon sword and inuyasha tells him to shut up and that he dosnt care. Unigai leaves and tells hem not to get in his way.Then miroku say "thank goodness tonight is the new moon and Inuyasha is human.

While that is happening Jaken is oing crazy looking for Sesshomaru and rin finally he bumps into sesshomaru and he asks where was rina nd jaken explains what happened that its was the doing of ongokuki he carries a small flute and whistles it to trance children to sell to other youkai.Sesshomaru walks off to look for rin. Rin s trapped in a cave with other children they are crying and what not. Rin is calmly sitting down and saying that Bandits are alot scarier and about her past;. and says that bandits kill people for no reason and yeah. while jaken is still looking for rin he happes to bump into inuyasha and friendz and kagome asks what happened to rina and etc

Ungai set a trap for the demon and destoryed him the children came and where crying and laughing ungai asked them idf that was all of them and one little boy sed that there was Rin ,sesshomaru was coming and ungai and his studens were battling him but of course sesshomaru bet them. As rin is following sessomaru Ungai says to her that h has no need for her and that they live in two different worlds. Rin stops from running and turns around [ go down to see ]
and waves goodbye the unjai and runs towards sesshomaru ..

The nest morning they are on a grassy hill and rin sees some grave stones and she runs towards thema nd knees in fromt and thm and says : Hey ! sesshoumaru sama and sesshoumaru says :what is it ? . rin : if rin should ever die please dont forget me Sesshomaru : huh? sucha foolish thing [awwww cute]

and so they continue to look for naraku!

Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode Rin gets kidnapped by a youkai named Ongokuki. This guy uses a flute to charm childs and take them back to his cave. He also kidnapped several kids from a nearby villlage. Jaeken is searching everywhere for her when he rans into the gang and tells them what happend. He informs Sesshoumaru about the situation, too. Further more a group of monks trained in slaying youkais finally finds the cave where Ongokuki is hiding. They set up a trap and finish him off. The leader of the monks wants to take Rin back to his village but she does not want to. She start shouting for Sesshoumaru, who arrives at the cave a moment later. Sesshoumaru and the monks start to fight, but the monks cant stand a chance vs his powers. In the end the monks learn that not every youkai is evil and Rin asks Sesshoumaru:"If Rin should ever die, would u please not forget about me?" He says:"What a foolish thing" But how can he ever forget Rin. I couldn't ^^ :D
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
*This is a cute ep!* Ok, breifly this is what happenes. This ep starts out with some monks traveling through the woods. they see smoke and go towards it. The sceen changes to some bandits destoying a village and killing everyone. Sess is watching, but not doing anything. The bandits spot him and try to attack him. Sess kills them all. the Monks then show up and think Sess did all the kill. Sess leaves before anything happens and the monks find the dead bandits. they then wonder who killed who.

The sceen changes again to Inu and the gang. They are talking to a village head man (i think) and are discussing the missing children. The village thinks demons might be behind the kidnapps. Miroku says that they can help, if they may stay the night but the village guy says that they are already hired a group of monks (the best there is according to the guy) to take care of the problem.

The sceen changes again to a group of monks walking through the words. (they are the same group from the begining) They spot Rin pulling roots and the leader asks is she is one of the children from the village. she shakes her head no and then run. The monk tells her to stop and says he can sense demons. then Aun appears and flies him and Rin away. The monks then continue on their search.

Sceen chages again. Rin and Jaken are sitting by a fire cooking foos. Rin asks what Sess will do after he kills Nuraku. Jaken says that Sess will build an empire and that he will be a minister there. Rin asks what she will be, and Jaken is surprized that Rin will follow them that long. Rin gets upset and asks why? Won't she be allowed to come? Jaken tells her that it will take many years, and by then she will probably be dead. Rin says that it is not true.

later in the night, both are sleeping. Rin wakes and thinks to herself that she and Sess will always be together. A weird flute song is being played and Rin (being controled by the sound) gets up and leaves. Throught the trees a demon waits. He lead Rin off as Jaken follows calling he name.

Sceen Change. Inu's group is sitting around a fire cooking fish. at a sound they look up and see the group of monks approaching. Miroku says that this is not good cause these monks have no mercy for demons. Any kind. Shippo looks scared. (no sign on Inu yet). The head monk says that relying on demons is dangeropus. Sango says that Shippo and Kirara are friends. The hean monk says that a priestest should no better. Inu then sticks his 2 cents in. he was sitting in the shodows. He is in his human form. The head monk says a demon sword will destroy a human. Inu is unconcerned. the mi=onks leave, and Sango comments that it was a good thing inu was in his human form.

Sceen change. Jaken is still loking for Rin. Wandering around in the fog he bumps into Sess. He tells him that Rin has been kidnapped by a demon that sells human children. Sess then leaves him. Jaken comments that his position as a minister is in trouble.

Now we at at the demons cave. He lead Rinin and then lays infront of the door. Inside are all the children from the village. they are crying. Rin snapps out of it and asks them what is wrong. the children say the demon is gonna eat them. Rin looks around and says it will be ook. She then comments that bandits are scarier. She explains her family was killed by them. She then says He will rescuse them. When asked who, rin just smiles.

Back to Jaken who is still wandering around the woods. He bumps into Inu's gang. Inu is hiding in the shadows and Jaken tells them what happened to Rin. He asks if they has seen Sess, and then keeps wandering.

Back to the cave. the demon wakes and outside he sees children. walking up to them he sees they are fake. the monks then attack and blow him up with a prayer. the head monk then gathers up the children Rin looks almost sad that Sess did not save her. When the monk asks if they were all there, a little one says there is still one in the cave. The monk heads in and finds rin sitting there. He notices she is the child from before and grabs her. she says she does not want to go. she says she can live on her own. she does not want to go to a village. She says Sess will find her and save her. She starts calling out for him. The monk says that she can't live in the mountains alone, that she needs to be with people. Sess is in the words listening to the whole thing. The monk senses him and attacks. Rin is happy to see him, and the monk says it is the demon from before. The monk accuses him of bewitching Rin and they try to blow him up like the other demon. does not work.

inu and the gang here the noise and come running. they know Sess is looking for Rin and worry he might kill the monks.

the monk then try a barrier like attack. Sess converts to his demon/human form (red eyes, fangs, not dog form) and then blowes the monks away with his own force. Rin runs to Sess who tells her to do what ever she wants. She smiles and starts to follow but the monk grabs her again. He says she should not follow a demon. humans and demons live in different world. Rin remembers Jaken telling her she will be dead. The monk syas to go back to the village. Rin just smiles and keeps following Sess. the monks wonders why.

Back at the village parents and children are together. the monk spots Kagome and inu and asks her why she likes demons. He then says nevermind and walks away.

*this is soooooo cute* Back to Jaken who is still looking for Sess and Rin. He then again bumps into Sess who tells him to get Aun. Jaken says yes and runs to get him. Rin then spots some graves and asks Sess that when she dies, will he promise not to forget her? Sess gets the cutes shocked look on his face *i will be enternally grateful if someone can get the screen cap for me!!! Please!!!* Sess then gets back to normal and tells her not to be foolish. Jaken arrives with Aun and Sess leaves to hunt Naraku. Jaken asks if he can come and Rin says it is all ok. They all leave then to find Naraku.
Episode Summary for Episode 162 - Together with Lord Sesshomaru, Forever. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode begins with bandits attacking a town, but during the attack one spots sesshoumaru. The bandits attach him but, of course sesshourmaru kills them all whith his whip. Shortly after he destroys the bandits he is approached by some special monks known for slaying demons. They attack, thinking it was sesshoumaru that attacked the town, but are unable to touch sesshoumaru, who imediately leaves. Next inuyasha and company find out about a town that has had its children stolen. They are eager to help but the town has already hired the monks. Next the monks discover Rin in the forest and want to question her about the children dissapearing, but she escapes on Ah-Un. In the next scene, Jakin explains that Rin will die long before Sesshoumaru and she would have no place in his future empire. During the night Rin is charmed away by the same demon responsible for stealing the children of the town. Mean while Inuyasha's group is confronted by the monks. Fortunately it is a new moon and Inuyasha is human. The monks are upset that they are in the presence of demons (shipo and kirara), but they don't attack and leave. Sesshoumaru finds out about Rins disappearance and leaves to find her. Rin finds herself in a cave filled with children, gaurded by a demon. The monks get to the demon fist and destroy it. The monks take all the children out of the cave except for Rin. One of the monk tries to force her to leave just as Sesshoumaru arrives. At first he doesn't help. He doesnt step in until he is attacked by a monk. They attack but their attacks dont even make sesshoumaru flintch. They try an even more powerful attack that tries to bound sesshoumaru's legs. He begins to revert to his true form but the monks are knocked back and defeated before he completes his transformation. One of the wounded monks tells Rin that she is meaningless to sesshoumaru, but she goes anyway. Rin asks sesshoumaru if he will remeber her when she dies. Suprised, he esponds "Dont be foolish." They are off again to find Naraku.