Episode 163 - Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, The Secret Garden Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 163 - Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, The Secret Garden. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This is a kinda sad episode where the group stops for a break. Kirara goes off on her own for a while and relives some of the moments that she, kohaku, and sango had when they were children (many flashbacks). Kirara then is ambushed by a few demons. As she struggles in the battle, Kohaku saves the day with his whip chain from out of nowhere. They then use the AWESOME tactics they used when they were training as demon exterminators. And I do stress how awesome this battle scene is!! The duo quickly defeat the demons. Kirara follows Kohaku into a field of blooming orchids, which were the same flowers kohaku had given sango back when they were kids. I cant say what happens at the end. But it WILL tug at your heart no matter how tough you are! :p
Episode Summary for Episode 163 - Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, The Secret Garden. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, The Secret Garden
Kirara has disappeared and Sango is concerned. Despite reassurances from Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo, Sango senses there is a reason behind Kirara’s absence and worries. Sango is correct in her assumption - Kirara is pursuing a personal “mission”, returning to the ruined demon exterminator's village. Elsewhere, Kohaku explores an abandoned mansion while Kagura waits impatiently. He discovers a bundle of incense and sets off from the compound even though Kagura warns him not stray too far. As Kirara nears the exterminator village, she pauses to enjoy good memories of the area during a time when Sango and Kohaku where innocent youngsters. Inside the gates of the exterminator village, Kohaku has memories of his own. Placing the incense at the graves of his father and friends, he mourns their deaths, guiltily grieving for being the instrument of their destruction. However, not all of Kohaku's returned memories are bad - after leaving the village, Kohaku passes places from his past which stir warm,
pleasant memories of his sister and friends. Making her way 'home', Kirara continues to enjoy cherished memories shared with Sango and Kohaku. Sitting in a forest glade near the village, Kirara recalls how Sango rescued her timid little brother from a bear attack, then gently treated Kohaku's wounds with a special exterminator ointment. Kirara remembers how, to thank his sister, Kohaku vanished for a few minutes, returning with a huge bouquet of white lilies for Sango. Kirara's revels are severed by the approach of a hostile presence. Suddenly the feline is surrounded by four large, ugly demons. Back at the team Sango is through waiting for Kirara’s return. In spite of urging from the others to relax and join them for tea, Sango resists, excusing herself to search for Kirara. Miroku watches her leave apprehensively. Although he'd like to follow, Miroku senses Sango must go alone. Kirara is attacked by the quartet of demons and about to be overwhelmed when help suddenly arrives from Kohaku. The
two old friends join forces and defeat the four demons quickly and efficiently. Tracking Kirara, Sango encounters Kagura, who is waiting for Kohaku to return. Kagura is surprised Sango isn’t on the offensive, but the sorceress is still wary. Sango makes it abundantly clear she's searching for Kohaku and, reluctantly, Kagura points Sango in the right direction. The reunited Kohaku and Kirara enjoy a victory meal after defeating the demons. Kohaku asks Kirara about Sango’s health after the rat attack. Relieved, he learns Sango has recovered and is well. Kohaku confides in Kirara his plan to destroy Naraku and atone for the sins he’s committed. He apologizes to Kirara for the misery he's caused. Noticing Kirara is wounded, Kohaku gently treats Kirara’s wound with the same exterminator ointment the way Sango treated his wounds after the long-ago bear. Arriving at the exterminator village, Sango finds evidence of Kohaku’s recent visit - burned incense near the graves of their father and the others.
A further search of the area reveals the remains of the dead demons. Examining their wounds, Sango recognizes the mark of Kohaku's weapon. Tearfully she recalls the night she lost her brother to Naraku's evil control and sprints into the woods, calling Kohaku's name. Meanwhile, Kohaku shares a special secret with Kirara. He guides Kirara to his special place -- a secret garden filled with beautiful white lilies. A lifetime ago, Kohaku gathered flowers to celebrate the love for his sister - now he gathers flowers to honor the exterminator dead. Kohaku bids Kirara goodbye and turns to walk his solitary road. Suddenly, Kohaku senses the approach of someone and hides. He sees Sango running down the path, calling his name. Kohaku remains hidden, suffering and torn between his desire to reach out to sister and the desire to protect her until he destroys Naraku. Kohaku's heart breaks as he watches his beloved sister rush pass. Sango’s mad dash ends when she encounters Kirara on the road. Relieved,
Sango asks Kirara where she’s been, and Kirara motions for Sango to follow. The feline leads Sango to Kohaku’s secret garden. Sango gazes at the dazzling carpet of white lilies, understanding. She remembers the bouquet from Kohaku, how happy they were, and sobs bitterly. But life, and the quest for the Shikon fragments, continues. Sango reunites with Miroku and her friends. Kohaku returns to Kagura and Hakudoshi. Fate has severely altered the lives of the siblings, but the secret garden remains eternally serene. Its flowers guard Sango and Kohaku's precious memories until a day when they can be a family once more
Episode Summary for Episode 163 - Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, The Secret Garden. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
As the episode title suggests, this episode is about Sango, Kirara, and Kohaku. The episode starts off by Kirara sitting on a flowerbed observing the sky and mountains. The rest of the group, except Sango is having lunch under a tree. Sango is visibly agitated and shaking. She is worried about the whereabouts of Kirara. Inuyasha turns around and tells Sango that where Kirara is not something to be worried about and she should quit being a worrywart. Shippou interjects and says he has noticed Kirara heading out more often. Miroku replies that they are near where Sango was born and, he speculates she is having nostalgia. The scene shifts, where Kirara is in a forest. The scene shifts again, this time to Kohaku.
Kohaku is next to a dilapidated house. Kagura tells Kohaku she will be attempting to probe out Kikyou and flies off. The scene returns to Kirara. She walks out of the forest and suddenly stops. Kirara reminisces a scene of her between Sango and Kohaku when they were adolscents. All three are lying on their backs, staring into the sky, watching the birds, and smiling to each other. The scene changes back to Kohaku. Kohaku hops from branch to branch to his hometown village. He immediately kneels down adjacent to the graves of his fallen comrades who had died from his scythe. He recalls the slaugther where Naraku had manipulated him to massacre his fellow demon hunters. The grim reminisce ends with the image of his scythe impaling Sango. Kohaku clearly has qualms over how the events played that night. It is blatantly clear the events of that night scar him profoundly. The scene shifts back to Kirara, who is now next to a stream.
Kirara has another nostalgic lapse. This time she recalls Sango, Kohaku, and the men of the village. Kohaku and Sango are trying to catch fish with their bare hands. The men of the village are next to a fire taking a rest. Kohaku spots a fish, lunges, misses, and falls over backwards as the men let out playful laughter. Kirara then remembers how she deftly caught a fish with a swipe of her paw as both Sango and Kohaku gasps in amazement and a burst of giggles shortly following after. The scene goes back to Kohaku who is now taking a stroll.
He suddenly stops and studies a cave to his right. He then recalls another childhood memory. He and Sango are taking refuge from the rain inside the cave. Kohaku let's out a sneeze, and Sango reacts by drying Kohaku's hair off with a piece of cloth. Kohaku is embarrassed but acquiescence to his sister's kind gesture.
The scene goes back to Kirara who is in a forest. She has another flashback. This time, Kohaku is trying to avoid being mauled by a bear. Kohaku crashes into a tree and barely escapes the deathblow from the bear. His sister Sango appears in her youkai killing suit and hurls her boomerang at the bear. The bear backs away from Kohaku and gawks at Sango, and Sango stares down the bear with her boomerang poised. Kirara, realizing the gravity of the situation and leaps in front of Sango and transforms. The bear is deterred and flees. Sango then spots a wound on Kohaku's knee. She brandishes a clamshell from under her shoulder pad, and opens the lid. She applies the balm inside the clamshell on Kohaku's wound. Kohaku gives her thanks and tells his sister to wait for him and runs off. Moments later, Kohaku comes running back with flowers in his hands. He hands them to his sister and smiles from ear to ear. Sango smells the flowers and tells him they are beautiful. As all this happens, Kirara is watching and meows happily. Then the flashback disappears and Kirara sits alone in a forest.
Without warning, there is sharp rustling in the bushes. The acuity of Kirara's ear quickly tone in. She turns to the rustling bush, but then hears more rustling from all the other surrounding bushes. Feeling she is being threatened, she transforms. Then a group of youkai emerge from all flanks and Kirara realizes she has no choice but to stand her ground and protect herself. The scene changes back to the group. Inuyasha complains the tea is too hot. The group turns around to Sango and informs her that the tea is ready. The group still notices Sango is agitated that Kirara is still out adventuring, and they adamantly tell her Kirara is fine and her worry is unnecessary. Their advice falls to deaf ears as Sango's intuition drives her to go out searching for Kirara. The scene changes back to Kirara who is now fending off the youkais. She seems to have the upper hand at first, but then a youkai takes a swing at her faces and leaves a wound. Kirara reels back and realizes she is sorely outnumbered. Two youkais flank her from behind poised to attack, but they are eradicated in midair. The long chain link pulling back makes it obvious Kohaku was Kirara's savior. Kirara looks up at the Kohaku standing on top of a tree branch. He jumps down next to Kirara and the youkais advances a step closer. Kahaku tells Kirara to get ready and both swifty decimate the group of youkai.
The scene changes to find Sango running in the forest. She takes heed when she spots Kagura perched on a tree branch and stops running. The scene quickly reverts back to Kohaku and Kirara who are both next to a stream cooking two fish. They both start eating the fishes. Kohaku makes conversation and asks Kirara how Sango is faring. Kirara replies with a meow and Koohaku understands the answer she is doing okay. Kohaku then finally admits he still cannot go visit to Sango.
The scene changes back to Sango and Kagura. Kagura asks if Sango knows the whereabouts of Kikyou. Sango ignores her question and quickly retorts by asking if she knows where Kohaku is. Kagura gives her a hint that Kohaku is that up ahead and Sango burst out into running. Kagura then asks what Sango will do if she found him. She snaps back by saying it is none of her business. Then Kagura proceeds to tell Sango that even if she does find Koraku, Naraku won't release his control of him until is dead. Irked by the comment, she reiterates that it is none of her business and storms off. As Sango runs, she realizes so many people are dead because of Kohaku.
The scene changes back to Kohaku and Kirara. Kohaku says that it is his fault. And thus, since so many people are dead, the least he says he can do is kill Naraku. He vows to kill Naraku. He admits he does not know the outcome and even if he would survive. The scene then changes to a recollection from Kohaku. It is dusk and the demon hunters have returned to the village. Kohaku calls out to his sister, and she waves. The two sit with Kirara in the stairs of their house watches the celebration and dancing of the youkai hunters. The scene reverts back to Kohaku and Kirara. Kirara comes forward and Kohaku pets her head. He discovers the slash wound made earlier by the youkai. He reaches inside his shirt and takes out the clamshell balm. He applies the balm on the wound and smiles.
The scene goes back to Sango who has reached the village. She goes next to the graves of her comrades and finds an arrangement of sticks and wonders if Kohaku has made it. She then runs off and the scene changes back to Kohaku and Kirara.
They are now walking in the forest and Kohaku tells Kirara that he will show her his secret place.
The scene changes back to Sango who discovers the slain corpses of the youkai that was killed earlier. She then runs off to a direction that she believes Kohaku might have taken. She is suddenly aghast as Kagura's earlier comment of what she will do if she finds Kohaku finally sinks in. She stops and ponders and has recollections of Kohaku taking a slash with his scythe at Kagome, the time he ambushed Inuyasha in the village he massacred, and the time he killed castle gaurds to protect Naraku's baby. Even from all those recollections, Sango shakes them off and realizes Kohaku is still her little brother. She then starts to run off again.
The scene changes to back to Kohaku and Kirara. Kohaku led her to a place with tall grass, butterflies, and flowers. He then says he wishes he can show his sister and his secret place. He proceeds to pick a bouquet of flowers. Kohaku and Kirara walk back to the stream, and both are saying their goodbyes. Kohaku gets teary and has to make an effort to turn away from Kirara and walk away.
Meanwhile, Sango and Kohaku are on the same road, coming towards teach other. In her passion to see her brother, Sango wails out Kohaku's name. Kohaku is in earshot and hears his sister. He is gobsmacked and runs to the nearest large tree for cover. He slowly rears his head and sees his sister running. He whispers out "big sister" and reaches out with his hand. Realizing what he was doing, Kohaku caught himself in time and jerked back his hand before can Sango spot him. The tormenting anguish of letting his sister, whom he loved, whom he had known all his life, whom he had sorely missed... To see her inches away, yet letting her run by induced the most profound feelings of torturous despair for Kohaku. Kohaku sorrowfully wept behind the tree as his nails dug into the bark.
Meanwhile, Sango is still frantically running hoping to find Kohaku, when Kirara jumps in front of her. Kirara motions to Sango to follow her and Sango follows. Kirara leads Sango into Kohaku's secret garden. Sango is in awe of seeing such a garden of flowers. Kirara fulfills Kohaku's wish. Sango pets Kirara and finds the cut on her head. She notices the ointment and immediately Kohaku comes into her mind. She then has a flashback of the time of how elated she was the day Kohaku gave her flowers. She then realizes Kohaku is with her and again wails out Kohaku's name and weeps. Sango then returns to the rest of the group, ridding of all evidences she has cried. Kohaku returns to the dilapidated house where Kagura is. The episode ends with a picture of Sango, Kirara, and Kohaku all sitting down together in the secret garden as they did in their youth.
Episode Summary for Episode 163 - Sango, Kirara, Kohaku, The Secret Garden. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and his friends came near the home village of Sango during their search for Shikon Chard, and Kirara went to visit the village and places which reminded him of the good time with Sango and Kohaku in the past. He was attacked and injured by several demons on the way, but was saved by Kohaku, whose memory has recovered somehow, without the knowledge of Naraku. Kohaku led Kirara to a field of lilies hidden in the mountain, referring to it as his "secret garden"where he used to pick up lilies for Sango. He also told Kirara he now remembers everything, but couldn't come back to Sango yet, since he has decided to fight against Naraku.

When Kohaku departed from Kirara, he met Sango on the way, who came to look for Kirara. However, he didn't show up to meet her, but hid behind a tree with the bunch of lilies. When Sango found Kirara, she recognized the ointment spread by Kohaku on his injury, which was given by her to Kohaku in the past when he's injured. She then knew Kohaku had been together with Kirara.

In the last part of the story, Kirara led Sango to the lily field, and Sango knew from the lilies this was the secret garden of Kohaku.