Episode 165 - The Best Clue to Defeat Naraku Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 165 - The Best Clue to Defeat Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The origin of the Yadori Sanagi continues to mystify team further, as they discover a gaping hole in the earth that smells of Naraku and another, unidentified demons. Elsewhere Kagura and Kohaku destroy a seemingly endless infestation of the Yadori Sanagi. Kagura is puzzled by Naraku’s order to slaughter the parasites, pumping Kohaku for answers. Kohaku doesn’t respond to her - he doesn’t know and he’s distracted by something massive moving in the distance. Later, at Hakudoshi’s hideout, Kohaku deduces the Yadori Sanagi, moving mountain and Naraku are all connected. Kagura leaves to find her own answers. Hakudoshi dispatches Kohaku to protect Kanna. Inuyasha follows the new demons’s scent trail and solves the mystery of the Yadori Sanagi. While Kagura eavesdrops nearby, the team encounters Gakusanjin - a demon mountain. Inuyasha mistakes him for one of Naraku’s minions infuriating Gakusanjin. The creature is angry with Naraku, too, for violating his body, spreading miasma, waking him from a 200-year slumber and stealing his protecting stone - Fuyouheki. (Fuyouheki masks demons energy, making it undetectable.) Gakusanjin calms after Inuyasha and the team convinces him they’re on the same side, and promises to return his Fuyouheki. Gakusanjin presents the team with crystallized demon aura - if they get close to the Fuyouheki, the demonic aura in the crystals will vanish, to indicate the Fuyouheki stone is nearby. Although Inuyasha hasn’t figured out why Naraku would want the Fuyouheki, Kagura has: Naraku stole the stone to hide the baby. Kanna hides in a cave with the baby, monitoring Kikyo’s advancing shikigama. On the ground, Kohaku chases the two shikigama, lead by the Saimyoushou. He cuts the duo down in mid-air. The spell broken, two paper shikigama float gently towards the ground, caught by their irate mistress, Kikyo. The priestess confronts Kohaku, recognizing him as Naraku’s underling, but realizing there’s more to Kohaku than meets the eye. Before Kikyo can take action, vicious talons crash into the ground imprisoning her. Naraku! Inuyasha and company charge ahead quickly: the crystallized demon aura in the detecting stones are vanishing, and Kagome senses a shard of the Shikon Jewel and Inuyasha can smell Kikyo. Caged by his talons, Naraku taunts Kikyo and she shoots him point blank with an arrow, blowing his body to bits. Naraku survives and orders Kohaku to take Kikyo’s head. Kohaku hesitates just long enough for Sango and the others to arrive. Naraku escapes in a cloud of miasma, abandoning his plan to kill Kikyo - for now. While Inuyasha brings Kikyo up to speed on the Fuyouheki, Kagome simmers in a stew of jealousy. As Kikyo and Inuyasha innocently compare notes about Naraku and strategize, Shippo stirs the pot of suspicion, further agitating Kagome. Kikyo leaves abruptly once her questions are answered. Inuyasha watches her fade into the mist, worried about her next move. Naraku, meanwhile, has joined Kanna and the baby, presenting the infant with Fuyouheki. The infant accepts the stone with an evil smile. Elsewhere, Hakudoshi and Kohaku hunt a giant Hitodama, a soul eater. Hakudoshi orders Kohaku to kill the beast and open it’s gut. Inside are round, glowing objects that look like eggs. Hakudoshi explains the orbs are “haku’” - the part of a living creature’s spirit which moves it’s body. The haku are to be harvested. Inuyasha and the gang attempt to catch up with Naraku. Miroku watches the demonic crystal intently; hoping for an indication Naraku is near. Shippo continues to provoke the doubt between Kagome and Inuyasha, creating tension so tangible Miroku and Sango can sense it. Before Shippo’s meddling escalates further, Inuyasha catches the scent of demons. Following the trail, Inuyasha and the team pass an increasing amount of demonic body parts until a creature attacks them, appearing to be a mishmash of demons. Inuyasha slices through the beast, releasing a swarm of haku. Although they don’t know why, the team is convinced that Naraku must also be behind this mystery, too. In nearby town, villagers are attacked by a group of weird demons. Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango rescue them, observing the dead demons are becoming more human in appearance. Worse, they reek of Hakudoshi. Inuyasha follows the scent outside the village where Hakudoshi awaits with the result of his haku ‘experiments’ - a creature called “Moryoumaru”. He sets Moryoumaru upon Inuyasha, who retaliates with the new Kongousouha attack. Moryoumaru dodges the assault by taking flight. From his aerial advantage, Moryoumaru drives an enormous talon down at Inuyasha who pulverizes it with Tetsusaiga. The blasted bits of talon adhere to Inuyasha until he breaks free, using a more powerful Kongousouha. As the blast travels towards Moryoumaru, Hakudoshi receives a message from the baby, blocking the Kongousouha all by himself. Moryoumaru and Hakudoshi’s remains flee, but not before attacking Miroku and stealing the crystallized auras used to detect the Fuyouheki stone. While the team recuperates, Hakudoshi and Moryoumaru return to the cave where Kanna hides with the baby. Hakudoshi is already whole and quite pleased with his day’s work - Moryoumaru is a success and to celebrate, Hakudoshi asks Kanna to give Moryoumaru a ‘soul’. Holding up the baby, Kanna prepares to honor his request.