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Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out with Kagome narrating about how Naraku tricked Kikyo into believing that Inuyasha betrayed and killed her. Inuyasha swears that he will find her killer and avenge her death.

The next scene is where a band of outlaws, who had just raided a poor village, are riding through a land where demons supposedly come out at night. They see someone ahead and assume that it is merely a human and they start to attack. The man kills them all with one stroke of his arm. The man is Sesshomaru. Jaken walks up to him through the grass and congratulates his master on destroying the men so quickly. Sesshomaru throws his arm, that he used to defeat the men, on the ground. He had defeated a demon and had stolen it from him. Sesshomaru cannot find a permanent arm to use after Inuyasha had cut off his arm in the 7th episode (I think it was the 7th...) A man appears behind Sesshomaru and offers him a human arm. It is Naraku. He says that Sesshomaru could not touch the Tetsusaiga because he's a demon, but if he used a human arm he could. He also gives him a hive that would be used to block the hole in Miroku's hand. Naraku asks Sesshomaru to use his gifts to defeat Inuyasha for him. Sesshomaru agrees.

The next scene is with Kagome, Shippo, Miroku, and Inuyasha who are staying in a nice tavern. Miroku had gotten them the place to stay by pretending to see a black cloud above the tavern and "purifying" the place. The room shakes and they figure that it is a large demon. Miroku then says his best line ever.
Miroku:Yes, let's run.
Inuyasha: What? No way! You can't just eat and run!
Miroku: If the demon is large and we are truly no match for it....It's irrational, it's impossible, it's against my religion.
Inuyasha: You oughta be arrested.

They go outside to find Sesshomaru, Jaken, and their big demon. Inuyasha and Sesshomaru fight for a while and Sesshomaru uses his human arm to take the Tetsusaiga. He shows Inuyasha how to kill a hundred demons with one stroke of the blade. They fight for a while before Miroku steps in and uses his wind tunnel. Sesshomaru releases the hive and the insects from hell (which look like huge wasps) fly at Miroku's hand (not sucked in!). Miroku is poisoned and he cannot fight. Kagome runs to get him an antidote. Inuyasha continues to fight with Sesshomaru and Miroku and Shippo fight Jaken, who uses his staff to throw fire at them.

Sesshomaru is about to kill Inuyasha with the Tetsusaiga when an arrow comes flying at it and stops its transformation. Kagome is seen standing on a hill with her bow and arrow out. She says the next one will go in his heart and warns Inuyasha to move away. The episode ends.
Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode begins with flashbacks about how Naraku made Inuyasha and Kikyo believe that they betrayed one another. Inuyasha misses Kikyo, and Kagome thinks sadly about what happened to Inuyasha in the past. Then we go to Sesshomaru and Jaken.. Sesshomaru has a Blue Dragon's arm and destroyed the interfering men with it. Sesshomaru says that the dragon arm is now, useless, and rips off it off. He orders Jaken to find a more suitable arm, or he'll kill him..(y not kill em now??)

Jaken is thinking that it is all Inuyasha's fault, because if Inuyasha didn't slice off Sesshomaru's arm, he wouldn't be in this perdicament. Then, Naraku says,"It's such a problem isn't it?" to Sesshomaru. And Sesshomaru says, "What do you want?.." Naraku says that he can help Sesshomaru..

Naraku revealed a human arm, with a shard of the Shikon Jewel inbended in it. And says that he hates Inuyasha as well. Naraku says that you will be able to wield the Tetsusaiga, and have a more suitable arm. Sesshomaru is interested since he mentioned he hated Inuyasha.

Sesshomaru asks if he is helping him get his revenge on Inuyasha.. and Naraku says yes, pleased. Naraku says, "Only if you find this object, known as the Hive of the Saimyoushou, and will be good use to Sesshomaru. *Back to Inuyasha*

Miroku, Kagome, Shippo, and Inuyasha are in some shelter, with a lot of food. Kagome is happy that Miroku found this nice and cozy place to stay. And Inuyasha gets jealous. Then the ground begins to shake, Inuyasha says whatever it is, itís big. Miroku thinks they should run, but Inuyasha says no way, Miroku just canít "eat and run".

Miroku says, "Itís irrational, itís impossible, itís against my religiion". Inuyasha replies, "You ought to be arrested." Then Kagome says that she senses a jewel shard, and itís approaching quickly. Miroku says that since a jewel fragment is involved, heíll make the effort, and he runs outside, followed by Inuyasha, who claims that this shard is his.

A huge shadowy claw then zooms across the sky and starts wreaking havoc on a town. It turns out to be another of Sesshoumaru's shadow beasts, and the villagers fled in fear. Sesshomaru is releasing poison from his hand and Inuyasha covers his nose ith his sleeve. And coughs, while Kagome, Miroku and Shippo back away.

Sesshomaru says that he came to claim the Tetsusaiga.(altho he should kno dat it will neva he his..)Miroku proclaims that they know each other.. Kagome says that Sesshomaru is Inuyasha's brother. Kagome wonders why Sessomaru is back to claim the Tetsusaiga, since the previous attempt, he couldn't even touch it, yet wield it.

Sesshomaru tells Inuyasha to draw his sword and fight. Or will he surrender without a battle.. Inuyasha says that he will lose more than his arm.. Inuyasha strikes, and Sesshomaru easily avoids the attack. And Sesshomaru is taunting Inuyasha and saying that Inuyasha doesn't know the full power of the Tetsusaiga..

Inuyasha said, "Oh yeah?!" and had this 'just watch what i can do' expression on his face. They battled and then, Sesshomaru got hold of the Tetsusaiga and said, "Let me demontrate the power of the Tetsusiga".. then then uses the Wind Scar, and demolished 100 demons in one swing of the sword.

Miroku, Kagome and Shippo was impressed indeed, but Inuyasha wanted to take back of what truly belongs to him. Kagome and Inuyasha, and Shippo didnt understand how Sesshomaru could've wield the Tetsusaiga. Sesshomaru proclaims that the Tetsusiga belonged to him. Inuyasha, still shocked, attempted to attack Sesshomaru once more.

And used his Blood Blade to attack, Sesshomaru blocked the attack, and Miroku decided to stop the foolishness and used his WindTunnel. But then, Sesshomaru released the Hive and when Miroku sucked the poisonous insects, he became poisoned himself. Jaken wondered about the foolish monk.

He recalled Naraku telling them about a troublesome monk. But that cannot be him.. Jaken thought, he doesn't look tough, nor challenging. Sesshomaru left Jaken to kill Miroku, and Jaken rodered Sesshomaru's shadow beasts to crush him. Kagome says that Miroku was the best, and Inuyasha looks at Kagome, and she said "Oh, and you did well too, Inuyasha."

Inuyasha was not amused.. Kagome said that she'll get the antidote. Kagome got the antidote and Miroku said that he can't sit up, and tells Kagome to use her mouth to give him the antidote. Kagome makes Shippo give Miroku the antidote instead.. *nice try Miroku..*

And Kagome gets her bow and arrows, and shot it at the Tetsusuiga and the sword transofrmed back into normal.. And Kagome called out Sesshomaru's name and told him to drop the sword, but Sesshomaru just stares, and Kagome was ready to shoot, and said.. "If you don't drop that sword, this time my arrow will pierce your heart!!".. GO KAGOME!!

Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode, Sesshomaru is standing on a mountain, looking out at the sunset *sigh* (great picture, sorry, i'm obseessed,& apparently not alone*looks around @ all the freaky Sesshomaru fan girlS*) anyway, some random humans come riding up & SUFFER THE WRATH OF LORD SESSHOMARU, MWAHAHAHA! But after he kills them, the demon arm he had attached to his body in replacement 4 the 1 that stupid Inu chopped off(SORRY INU!*Dodges as Inu fan girl throws a book at her head*) is rendered usless to him. He removes the arm (ouch!) And tells Jaken to bring back a better arm. But then, NARAKU shows up, and offers Sesshomaru a human arm w/ a jewel shard in it so that he can take ahold of tetsusiaga, in exchange Sesshomaru must kill Inuyasha. Sesshomaru asks 4 his name, & he answers, "call me Naraku." & then Sesshomaru answers, "very well, Naraku. You have your self, a deal." (NNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!NONONONONONONONONO,NNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!SESSHOMARU, I THOUGHT U WERE SUPPOSED 2 B THE SMART 1 OF THE FAMILY! DON'T MAKE A DEAL W/ THAT SCUM! HE IS SO BENEATH U!! DEAR LORD, HAVE MERCY ON MY SOUL!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *gets Larungitus* OH SH@T!) Anyway, so then Kagome and Inu and Shippo r feasting in a house & Miroku puts a seal on the wall b4 joining them 2 relax. Inu recalls that every time they begin to look 4 a place 2 sleep, Miroku suddenly detects a black cloud over the finest tavern in the area. & Miroku acnowledges his untruthful ways. Then, the lights go out and Kagome senses a jewel shard coming their way. Miroku says they should run, but Inu says no. (U should've listened to Miroku, Inu! He's a monk, he knows these things.*sighs heavily*) They run outside 2 find, guess who? SESSHOMARU!(Oh, crap, that rymed!*Swears loudly*) Seshomaru is sitting cross-legged(so wrong, no guy should ever sit like that!) on his giant demon thingy. Somehow, he gets ahold of tetsusiaga, and uses it's best attack so far, on a # of demons. Miroku tries 2 use his wind tunnel on them, but Sesshomaru pulls out his trump card. POISON INSECTS! They purposly fly into his wind tunnel, to poison him. *softly cries* As Kagome runs 2 get an antidote, Inu grabs Miroku's poor, trembling body & him & Shippo hide b-hind the demon (who is dead.) Sesshomaru chops up his slave w/ the tetsusaiga, & the gang is covered in demon parts. Inu gets up out of the dead mess, and starts confronting Sesshomaru, (who, by the way, still has tetsusaiga!!!) Meanwhile, Miroku gets ahold of Jaken & pionts out that even thou they have never met, him & Sesshomaru brought along the poison insects just 4 Miroku. Jaken slowly reaches 4 the staff of skulls, & shoots out flame @ Miroku's face, & Shippo. They run from the flames. Meanwhile, Inu is getting the crap beat out of him by Sesshoumaru, when all of a sudden, an arrow shoots out of nowhere a& reverses the tetsusiaga's trans4mation. Inu & Sesshomaru look up, and it was Kagome who shotted the arow, & she has another 1 already on the bow, which she claims is going throu Sesshomaru's heart. (DON'T U F#*KING DARE, U B@ST@RD) THE END!
Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The ep begins with flashbacks of previous eps in which Kagome explains (in a voice over) about how Naraku made Inu and Kikyo think they betrayed each other.

At dusk, a band of outlaws is travelling down a road on horseback. They have just raided a tiny village One of the men says that they should hurry out of the area instead of setting up camp for the night, because it is said that the monsters come out when the sun sets. Their chief thinks that they are cowards.

Suddenly, they see someone standing in the middle of the road, with the setting sun making him a silhouette (we can tell that it is Sesshomaru). The chief orders his men to attack the person and strip him of his weapons. As they charge Sess, his left arm turns into a blue wolf-type claw, and in his silhouette, his eyes turn red. With one foul swoop, Sess takes them all out.

Jaken emerges from the grass and commends Sess on taking out the men so quickly. He says that killing the blue demon earlier and stealing his arm was a great idea. Sess calls Jaken a fool and then rips the arm off, tossing it to the ground. He says that the arm has already been rendered useless, but the hand of the blue arm grabs Jaken! Sess tells Jaken to find him another suitable demon and bring back his arm, and if he doesnít, Sess will kill him. Sess then walks away while Jaken has to free himself from the gripping hand.

Jaken is thinking that all of this is Inuís fault for cutting off Sessí arm (in ep 7). There is a flashback of the scene where Inu used the Tetsusaiga to sever Sessí leg (while he was in his dog demon form), which means that his left arm was gone in his human form. Jaken indicates that itís not the sword he hates, but the beast that wielded it (Inu). He says that Sess, by rights, should have the Tetsusaiga and that they will get it back from Inu.

Sess says that even if he gets another arm, it will be rendered useless after a short time. A voice suddenly says ďA vexing problem, isnít it?Ē. Sess turns around to find a demon sitting behind him. Jaken hides behind Sess. The demon (who is just a man with a monster suit on) asks Sess if he is the elder brother of Inu, Sesshomaru. Sess asks the demon what he wants, and if he should know him. The demon says that he also hates Inu, and that he can help Sess.

The demon holds up a human arm and suggests that Sess use it. Jaken thinks heís crazy. The demon tells Sess that it is indeed a human arm, but that it is embedded with a shard of the Shikon jewel. He claims that if Sess uses the arm, he will be able to wield the Tetsusaiga. Sess says that the demon mentioned he hated Inu, and does that mean that he wants to use Sess to get his revenge? The demon says yes, and Jaken begins a forceful protest at his masterís exploitation, but Sess says it sounds interesting and agrees to the proposal. Then the demon adds one more benefit. He gives Sess a small round object which he claims to be a hive, and says that Sess can make good use of it. Sess says that he wishes to know the name of the one he is making this pact with. The demon apologizes and says to call him Naraku (whoa ho ho....). Sess tells him heís got a deal.

Meanwhile, Inu & Co. have stopped at a tavern to spend the night. In their room, Kagome and Shippo are eating. Kagome thinks this is much better than sleeping in the forest, and Inu sarcastically excuses himself for making them sleep outside all the time. Kagome calls him ďtouchyĒ and asks what his problem is. Shippo thinks Inuís mad because it was Mirokuís idea to come to the tavern, but with food like this, who cares whose idea it was? Inu tries to ignore them.

Outside, Miroku is putting up talismans and tells the innkeeper that with this last seal in place, the ominous clouds over his tavern should disappear for good. The innkeeper thanks him and says now that Miroku has performed his ďexorcismĒ, the innkeeper can sleep easy. Miroku just smiles and takes the compliment, saying that itís all in a dayís work. (he is so terrible!)

Miroku goes back to the room and Kagome asks him how the exorcism went. He says ďuneventfulĒ and that heís now ready for some rest. Inu then questions Miroku about his ďpowersĒ and about the fact that whenever they need to bed down for the night, Miroku suddenly detects an ďominous cloudĒ over whatever tavern is the nicest. Miroku says ďYou noticed that did you?Ē, and claims that a lie is sometimes the fastest way to get what he wants. Shippo is surprised, but Kagome knew it all along. Inu tells Miroku that heís shiftier than he thought, but Miroku tells Inu that if he partakes in the results, his opinion of Miroku will soften (he says this as he offers Inu some food). Shippo seems excited about the dumplings that they got, and Inu says heís as bad as Miroku.

Kagome tells Inu to calm down, but then the room starts to shake. Inu says whatever it is, itís big. Miroku thinks they should run, but Inu says no way, Miroku just canít ďeat and runĒ (classic!). Miroku says that if the demon is big, theyíll be no match for it [there is some great verbal banter here]. Miroku says ďItís irrational, itís impossible, itís against my religiionĒ. Inu replies ďYou ought to be arrested.Ē (this is so great!)

Kagome says that she senses a jewel shard, and itís approaching very quickly. Miroku says that since a jewel fragment is involved, heíll make the effort, and he runs outside, followed by Inu, who says that this shard is his. Outside, the townspeople are wondering whatís going on. A huge shadowy claw then zooms across the sky and starts wreaking havoc on the town.

It turns out to be another of Sessí shadow beasts, and the people run in fear. Inu and Miroku arrive, and Inu sees Sess sitting on the beastís shoulder. He seems surprised that Sess is back. Sess jumps off the monster and lands on the ground, emittnig a poisonous fume from his hand. Inu & Co. all jump back (Inu doesnít jump back that far) and Inu covers his nose with his sleeve.

Sess tells Inu that, as usual, he was slow to take action. Inu coughs as a huge black circle appears between him and Sess (result of the poison fumes). Sess says that he's come for the Tetsusaiga. Back behind some rocks, Miroku notes that the two know each other, and Kagome says that Sess is Inuís brother, but that heís a full demon, not a half demon like Inu. Inwardly, Kagome wonders about Sessí second attempt to get the Tetsusaiga, when before, he couldnít even touch it. She wonders what has changed.

Sess tells Inu to draw the Tetsusaiga, or is he going to surrender it without a battle? Inu draws it, claiming that this time, heíll take off more then just one of Sessí arms. He attacks Sess, who easily avoids him. Sess says itís a pity that Inu hasnít been able to fully unleash the Tetsusaigaís power yet, and Inu is like ďOh yeah?Ē, and attacks Sess again. Sess reaches out and stops the sword stroke by grabbing Inuís wrist with his right hand. An energy begins to emit from Sessí hand, and it starts burning the flesh on Inuís wrist. Kagome says itís because of Sessí poisonous nails.

Sess asks Inu which will drop first, his wrist or the Tetsusaiga? Inu says it wonít be the sword, and then reaches up with his left hand to grab the end of the hilt. He is able to free his right hand from Sessí grip. He begins pushing Sess backward, and the others are surprised that Inu overpowered Sess. Inu tells Sess that heís going to cut him in half, but Sess replies that Inu should have surrendered. Sess then leaps up, away from Inu, and uses his energy whip to knock the sword out of Inuís hand and it goes flying. When it lands (blade-first) in the ground, it transforms back into its steel form. Inu runs for it, but Sess gets there first. Sess then reaches out and grabs hold of the swordís hilt with his human hand.

The others are shocked, because Sess shouldnít be able to touch the sword. As Sess pulls it out of the ground, it transforms back into its energy form, and Sess uses it to send a flash of energy at Inu. Inu is forced to jump back. Inwardly, Inu canít understand why Sess can hold the Tetsusaiga, when he is a demon. Sess proclaims to be the rightful owner of the Tetsusaiga, and tells them to stand back while he demonstrates its full power. He signals to Jaken, who rides forth on the huge shadow beast, and it smashes its claw down on the side of the mountain. The ground begins to shake, and suddenly a host of lights emerge from the mountainside. The lights turn into demons, and they all rise up into the air.

Sess then tells Inu to watch and learn from a master, claiming that with one stroke, he will slaughter 100 demons. He pulls the sword back and then forcefully swings it in front of him, sending huge bolts of energy crashing toward the demons. All the demons are destroyed. Inu canít believe what heís seeing. All thatís left in the wake of the Tetsusaigaís power is a huge crater where the mountain used to be.

Shippo, Kagome and Miroku are still shocked. Miroku canít believe that Sess slayed all those demons, and split the mountain. Sess tells Inu that the sword forged from their fatherís fang is unbeatable, but also says that the sword canít choose its master, and that perhaps now Inu realizes that he canít control it (because heís a half-breed). Inu is furious with Sess.

Kagome calls Inuís name and starts running toward him, but Miroku stops her and says that he will go. He tells her and Shippo to stay behind him, and Kagome figures that heís going to use his hand. Sess tells Inu that his blood will stain the sword, and that itís a fitting end for him. Inu vows (to himself) that Sess will never keep the Tetsusaiga. He seems ready to do something, when Miroku suddenly steps in front of him. Miroku claims that he is going to put an end to their foolish sibling rivalry.

Inu tells Miroku to butt out, and Sess seems to recognize something about Miroku. Inu tells Miroku that he can handle it, and pushes in front of him. Miroku tells Inu that he canít do it on his own, and steps in front again. They start bickering back and forth. Meanwhile, Jaken remembers that Naraku said something about a monk, and wonders if Miroku is the same man. Naraku had told them that a monk was travelling with Inu and that he could be even more troublesome than Inu. Jaken doesnít think that he looks that tough.

Jaken moves forward on the shadow beast and asks Sess to let him finish the monk off. Sess agrees, and Jaken orders the shadow beast to crush him. It raises its claw, but Miroku takes the beads off his hand and unleashes the wind tunnel. Sess jumps back and plants the Tetsusaiga in the ground to hold himself, but the shadow beast starts getting sucked into the wind tunnel. Jaken panicks. Shippo cheers Miroku on, and Kagome says that heís the best, then turns to Inu and says ďOh yeah, you were good too.Ē Inu is not impressed.

Sess starts thinking that this is a good time to use the secret weapon that Naraku gave to him, and which he called the Hive of the Saimyoushou, which contains ďinsects from hellĒ. Naraku had said that it would be useful in plugging the hole in Mirokuís hand. Sess tosses the hive up in the air, and hundreds of wasp-like insects appear out of it. They swarm toward Miroku. Kagome notes that theyíre not being sucked in, but that theyíre flying right at Miroku! As they continue to enter his hand, Miroku suddenly feels a huge pain in his hand. He steps back, halting the wind tunnel as he cradles his right hand and sinks onto the ground. He tells Inu that heíll have to take over again, and Inu wonders what the insects did to him.

The shadow beast, who was almost sucked into the wind tunnel, falls foward onto the ground and Jaken goes flying. The insects zoom in for another attack, and Inu uses his iron reaver soul stealer attack to shred them. Kagome asks Miroku if he is alright. He says that the insects have poisoned him with their venom. Kagome tells Miroku not to move, and that sheís going to look for an antidote. As she runs back toward the tavern, she yells to Inu to watch Miroku. Inu continues to destroy the insects, then lands and asks Miroku for ďa little help hereĒ. Miroku apologizes to Inu but says that the venom has gotten to him. He wonders how insects could block the use of his hand.

As most of the insects have been destroyed, Inu throws his blades of blood at Sess, but Sess blocks them easily with the Tetsusaiga. Inu grabs Miroku and they take shelter with Shippo behind the shadow beast (which is still incapacitated). Inu angrily tells Miroku that he owes him big for this, but Miroku seems seriously hurt, and doesnít answer. Inu remembers what Miroku said about the venom and wonders if heís really in trouble. Shippo warns them that Sess is coming, and as Sess approaches, he figures that Inu has no hope. Inu wonders what he Ďs going to do, knowing that only one stroke from the Tetsusaiga will destroy them all. Sess says that this is the end, and tells them to die as he swoops the Tetsusaiga forward. The shadow beast is completely destroyed and an explosion rocks the ground.

Surprisingly, Inu emerges from the earth that has fallen on top of him, and growls at Sess. Sess laughs, saying that Inu is stupid. He tells Inu to run and hide because that is the only option left. Sess then says that, on the other hand, Inu could stand and face his death, and that in doing so, he would die with honour. Inuís reply to this speech is so awesome. He says ďBlah, blah, blah. The guy starts swinging a big new sword around and suddenly heís looking for a soap box to stand on and preach to the world.Ē That was so great! Inu then gives Sess a piece of advice.... when he kills someone, make sure he does it right the first time, because if the first attack only maims the person, they have a nasty way of coming back to make you regret it! Go Inu!

Inu then leaps up completely out of the dirt and attacks Sess, forcing him up into the air. Sess says that heís heard enough, and brings the Tetsusaiga down on Inu. But Inu blocks it with the Tetsusaigaís sheath! Sess is surprised that Inu is holding off the Tetsusaga with its own sheath. Inu starts laughing at Sess.

Meanwhile, Jaken emerges from the dirt and canít believe that Sess almost killed him too. Jaken worries about his future! A hand then reaches up and grabs Jaken by the head. Miroku emerges from the dirt, followed by Shippo. Jaken canít believe that theyíre still alive. Miroku asks Jaken how, when heís never even met Sess or Jaken before, they knew to use the insects to stop his wind tunnel? Jaken plays stupid for a moment, then uses his staff to knock Miroku down the dirt hill with a fire blast. Shippo runs to Mirokuís side while Jaken stands at the top of the fill, claiming that he can handle a weak monk and a puny fox child all at once.

Sess ridicules Inu for trying to hold off a powerful sword with a sheath, but Inu claims that itís no ordinary sheath. Inu promises to crack open Sessí head with it. Meanwhile, Shippo is trying all of his usual tricks on Jaken, but is getting nowhere. Miroku tells Shippo to save himself, but Shippo says that heís staying. They duck and then run as another fire blast comes at them from Jakenís staff.

Sess tells Inu that if he thinks he can kill him, prove it. Sess then takes a sideswipe at Inu, forcing Inu to jump backward into the air. When he lands, Sess renews his attack, and after several hits, he knocks the sheath from Inuís hand. Now weaponless, Inu is at the pointy end of the Tetsusaiga, and Sess tells Inu that with one more strike, it will be over. They regard each other for a single moment, Sess with an expression of confidence, Inu with complete anger. Sess raises the Tetsusaiga up for the final blow.

Suddenly, an arrow strikes the tip of the Tetsusaiga. Then another one strikes on the blade. Everyone watches in awe as the Tetsusaigaís glow goes out and it transforms back into its steel form. Inu canít believe it. As one of the arrows lands in the ground behind them, they hear Kagomeís voice calling Sessí name. They turn to see her standing up on the crest of a hill near the tavern, and sheís got another arrow knocked on her bow. She tells Sess to drop the sword, or the next arrow will pierce his heart.

Inu calls her name, and as she draws the arrow back more, she shouts to him to get out of there quickly. Inwardly, Sess canít believe that this girlís arrow cancelled the Tetsusaigaís transformation. Miroku marvels that it must be true.... Kagome is the reincarnation of the Priestess (Kikyo). As everyone looks at her with awe-struck expressions, Kagome stands ready to loose her next arrow.
Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode Narkau talks to Sesshomaru and gives him a hand with a shikon jewel shard in it so Sesshomaru can hold the Tetsusaiga and have more power. Narkau also gave Sesshomaru the "Hell insects". Narkau said that there will be a monk with Inuyasha and the monk has a powerful wind tunnel. Narkau told Sesshomaru to let the insects out when the monk (Miroku) uses the wind tunnel. Sesshomaru took the tetsusaiga and uses it to try to kill Inuyasha. Miroku used his wind tunnel but Sesshomaru released the insects and Miroku got some venom inside him. kagome went to get a cure for Miroku but instead Kagome came out and she used the arrow and transfromed the Tesusaiga back to normal and she tells Sesshomaru to let go of the Tetsusaiga
Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku gives Sesshomaru a human arm with a Shikone shard embedded inside allowing Sesshomaru to wield the Tetsusaiga. He goes after Inuyasha and the others and manages to take the sword from Inuyasha. He demonstrates the sword's power by wiping out a bunch of minor demons with the Kaze no Kizu. Miroku tries to use his Air Void on a giant demon Jaken is riding on, but his hand is poisoned by Saimyoshou. Inuyasha can't stop his brother and just when Sesshomaru is about to go for the kill, an arrow flies in from nowhere aimed at the Tetsusaiga as its changed back to its normal form. The arrow was fired by Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This ep. starts out w/ Sesshomaru trying out his new arm on some thieves. Jaken praises it, but it's already useless. So then Naraku shows up. He gives our fav. fluffy a human arm w/ a jewel shard in it and a hive 4 the hell bees. Great! like Sesshomaru isn't evil enough. Then we see the gang at a house and they are eating while Miroku is putting spell scrolls everywhere. He goes to join the rest of them, and here we find that our loveable monk isn't as innocent as we thought. Then, Sesshomaru comes on a giant monster and he and Inuyasha begin to fight. Pretty soon, Sesshomaru gets Tetsusiaga from Inuyasha and does wind scar w/ it. Then poor Miroku steps in and gets piosoned by the hell bees. As Kagome runs to get medicine, Fluffy and Inuyasha begin to fight. Inuyashsa uses Tesusiaga's sheath 2 block, and he's losing. Then, out of nowhere, Kagome shoots an arrow at tesusiaga and reverses the transformation. The end!
Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Maraku was hurt badly from the insects that Naraku gave Sess. While Maraku was trembling with the poison in his air hole. Inuyasha had a bigger problem. Sess was asking for a fight against Inuyasha. Sess wished too have the tetsiga for his own purposes. He had already taken the sword. but as they fought with all there might, Kagoma watched in terror. She suddenly couldnít stand it she garbed her bowmen arrows and went too get an angle. Maraku suddenly shouted stop Kagoma. Shippo said Kagomaa come back! She ignored them and had a mad face put on her. She got on a rock and shouted Iím going too bound you too a tree with this arrow. She hit the tetsiga then tetsiga returned too normal. But Sess headed an attack right at Kagoma. Inuyasha rushed toward her right as the rock blew up. Inuyasha grabbed her and rushed her too a safe area. Kagoma was unconscious but Inuyasha thought she was dead. He shut his eyes in anger and returned too the fight in his full demon form. He grabbed the tetsiga and fought. Sess attached him in his stomach. He plunged the sword in the ground that created zaps all around. Suddenly Kagoma woke up and shouted INUYASHA! Inuyasha said thank goodness and fell too the ground, then returned too normal. Sess had already run off. Kagoma was so worried. She felt relieved until she saw his terrible injury. A bloody hole in his stomach
Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the epp begins with a group of bandits talking about there latest plunder of a villager then move onto to talking about demons when whom do they see non other then Sesshomaru-sama. They assume that Sesshomaru is juat a human and go to kill him but it seems Sesshomaru has a new arm and quickly kills the humans. At this point Jaken arives and comments on how good that new arm is. Unfortently the arm is already useless to him Sesshomaru rips it off and it proceds to atk Jaken. Jaken as a flash back on Sesshomaru getting his arm getting his arm sliced of by Inu. And then Sesshomaru talks about how quickly his arm would become useless when a man dressed in a baboon cloack precceds to talk to him and gives Sesshomaru a human arm and the hell insects and Sesshomaru ask's for his name and it is here we discover that he is non other then Naraku

the scene cuts to Inu and gang in an Inn having dinner after some conversation a loud rumbling noise is heard and Kagome senses a jewl shard and they go to see whats going when they see Sesshomarus giant demon and of course Sesshomaru on it

Sesshomaru startes whoopin Inu dirty and takes Tetsagia*to which all of them are shocked* and Sesshomaru then orders Jaken to summon demon's from the nearby mt and Sesshomaru kill sthem all with 1 swing of his sword

Miroku plans on ending this fight with his wind tunnel but Sesshomaru uses the hell insects and they posin him so Inu's left to fight Sesshomaru alone they run off and Sesshomaru use's the kaza no kizu again and after some more conversation Sesshomaru atks Inu and Inu holds tetsagai off with the sheath and then Sesshomaru easily knocks the sheath out of Inu's hand goes for the killing blow but Kagaome shoots an arrow and cancels tetsagi's transformation

Episode Summary for Episode 18 - Naraku And Sesshomaru Join Forces. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku gives Fluffy a human arm with a shard in it. The shard for strenght and the arm so he can touch tessaiga. Naraku also gives fluffy the 'hells insects' to keep miroku at bay.