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Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru and InuYasha are locked into another battle when Kagome uses her sacred arrow to transform Tetsusaiga (Sesshomaru has the Tetsusaiga) back into it's original form (a rusty old sword).Sesshomaru then charges at Kagome when InuYasha steps in front of Kagome and takes the blow that would've killed her.Kagome rushes over to the poisioned monk, Miroku and is about to give him an antidote for the poision venom wasps (given to Sesshomaru by Naraku) that Miroku sucked into his wind tunnel.Claiming that he is too weak to sit up, the lecherous monk suggests that Kagome give the antidote to him by mouth.Kagome then has Shippo give Miroku the antidote (he didn't see that coming!)

Standing at the Bone Eaters Well,InuYasha embraces the somewhat injured Kagome and says to her "I thought I'd almost lost you."Then he shoves Kagome into the well that connected their two worlds.Kagome,shocked, tries to get back to the frugal era, but cannot because InuYasha stole her jewel shard.Looking sad and distorted, InuYasha says "You'll never see theese dangerous battles again,Kagome!" (hinting that he has somewhat developed feelings for Kagome).
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay, this all starts out with Inuyasha and Sesshomaru still in battle. Kagome fires an arrow at Sesshomaru and he goes at her ready 2 attack, but Inuyasha steps in front of her and takes the blow. He tells her 2 go help Miroku. She goes over to give him some antidote and Miroku tells her he's too weak to sit up to take it and that she must transfer it to him through her mouth. When Miroku looks up he's see Shippo holding the antidote bottle and he looks like he's bout 2 kiss Miroku(Shippo's cute and all but that's sick). We see Kagome on a boulder that's between them and the battle. She thinks 2 herself that since Miroku's acting normal that he'll be alright. She gets another arrow to fire at Sesshomaru. She lets it go and she gets really close 2 hitting him(I think)and he uses the tegsuaiga(can't spell that) and it sends this HUGE blast towards her and Inuyasha tries 2 get over there but doesn't and it hits the boulder and we see Kagome on the ground. Inuyasha goes over 2 her and sees if she's ok. He holds her face in his hands and says, "Kagome?"(it appears that she's knocked out). He sets her down gently and says to Sesshomaru that he's gonna pay for that and manages 2 tear off that fake arm.(HAHA! GO INUYASHA!) Then he gets the tegsuaiga and he like passes out but his eyes are still open. Jaken looks at him and goes, "Master it appears he has fainted," and he goes closer but these burst of energy comes from it and he goes 2 hide behind Sesshomaru. Sesshomaru says something like even though he's unconscious he can still use it's power(I think). Then he leaves(chicken).

The next day they're back at the village and Inuyasha tells Kagome to come walk with him. Miroku and Shippo begin 2 follow and Inuyasha shouts, "What are you two doing? Can't we be alone for a little bit?!" and they leave them there. While they're walking Kagome says to Inuyasha, "You know you shouldn't be walking around until you're wounds are better." Inuyasha says, "Don't worry I'll be fine." Kagome stops to pick a few herbs and she says, "These herbs will make you're wounds heal quicker." Inuyasha replies, "You've gotten stronger, Kagome." "Well it's hard not to while we're chasing demons all the time, " she says. Then they come up to the well and Inuyasha sits down. Inuyasha says something like Kagome I was really hoping you wouldn't get hurt yesterday(I think he says something like that). Kagome gets close to him and says, "Are you feeling ok?" and she feels of his head. Then(I LOVE THIS PART)he grabs hold of her and pulls her into an embrace she goes, "Inuyasha?" and he says, "I was scared, Kagome, I was scared I was going 2 lose you and I never want that to happen(aaawwww!)and I'm going to make sure that doesn't happen," and he pushes her into the well(NOOOO!!!). Of course Miroku and Shippo were hiding in the bushes the whole time and they run out saying stuff like, NOOOO, Inuyasha why'd you do that?, Now we can't find the jewels. And Inuyasha goes, "I coud never fight at my best with Kagome around, now I can," and he walks off. Kagome at the other side yells, "Inuyasha when I get back you're in big trouble!" and then when she looks for the jewel she finds that it's missing. Then she wonders to herself in he hugged her only to take the jewel??? Then she remebers all that he said to her and so on....ok well that's it The End!
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in this episode inuyasha is still hurt after the battle with sesshomaru. he tells kagome that he was very afraid of losing her and so he`s sending her back to her own time because he wants her to be safe. kagome gets very mad at this because inuyasha has taken her jewellshard so she can´t go back. but she´s also very worried about him because he was still bleeding when she left...
after a battle with a big demon shippo drops the jewellshard in the well. kagome can sence them in her time and is able to go back to inuyasha. she´s really happy to see that he´s ok. but then they start to arguing as usual *lol*
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Sesshomaru are locked in battle. Inuyasha is trying to take off Sesshomaru's human arm to take the jewel shard. Kagome has just reversed the Tetsigas transformation with her preistess' arrow. Sesshomaru charges at Kagome but Inuyasha jumps in front of Sesshomaru and takes the blow for Kagome. Kagome runs to Miroku who has been poisined by Narakus insects, to give him an antidote. Miroku has beaten some information out of Jaken. He learned that Naraku gave the wasps and the jewel shard to Sesshomaru. Kagome gives Miroku some antidote, but Miroku says he is too weak to sit up. He tells Kagome to apply the antidote to him through her mouth. She makes Shippo give Miroku the antidote. (Sucker) Meanwhile Inuyasha, has managed to take off Shesshomarus arm, but got stabbed by Sesshomarus poision claws in the process. Shesshomaru and Jaken leave and the insects retrive the jewel shard in Sesshomarus arm. Hachi (Mirokus racoon friend) takes Miroku, Inuyasha, Kagome, and Shippo back to Kaiedes village. Inuyasha takes Kagome to the Bone Eaters well and hugs her, saying he was afraid he was going to lose her. He suddenly knocks Kagome down and pushes her into the well. Kagome tries to go back to the Fuedal Era but Inuyasha took her jewel shards, so Kagome cant time travel through the well anymore!
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
(excuse my spelling please)

PArt2 inuyasha and shesomure are battling for tetsiega now that shesomure has a human arm and is able to grab it well kagome has just struck shesomure with her arrow braking his armour he goes to attack her but inuyasha stops him and thanks kagome she goes to help mirku then shoots at shesomure again but this time he ctches it and it disinagrates he then takes the tetsiega uses it on her but inuyasha blocked it now hes worried about kagome and starts to rip off shesomures new are sess. sticks his hand through inuyasha inu. has the tetsiega back in his possesion and sess. leaves kagome takes care of inu. but he thinks its to dangerous for her takes the jewel and pushes her back down the well home.
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
well as you know inuyasha and shesshomaru are in a battle and from the previous ep to this 1. n-e wayz shesshomaru had poor inuyasha's hand to grab tetsusiga with those poisinous claws who wouldnt the thing is that shess take tesuiga from inuyasha and now kagome try's to retrive it by using one of her arrows and treatens to shoot sheeshomaru with it i dont rember what hap[pens next but kagom shoots at sheeshomaru with her arrow and misses his human arm which this demonb named naraku gave him with a shard of the shikon jewel embbented in the arm. foolish sheeshomaru did yu think you were going to beat inuyasha ha dont make me laugh but breaks his armor!then sheeshomaru tells kagome to back the hell of or he will kill her with out a dought kagome throws another arrow at him but he catches it and demolishes it into thin air with his posinous claws. omg the he uses tetsuiga on kagome and just about when kagomes life is about to be shorten then comSe inuYASHA of course saving her ASS AGAIN! BUT SHE GETS KNOCKEC OUT JUST A BIT!and inuyasha has a worried look on his face and then he goes and throws himself at his brother and get ppunced in the face with his posinous claws !omg! well then he bits shesshomaru and buys time for miruko who was wouned for suving up naraku bees and then shess being a jackass as alwayz rips through inuyasha'stomach and leaves him bleeding alot he might die well his half dead anyways after that scene but the he tell shesshomaru that HE'S IGNORANCE HAD SURPRISE HIM BECAUSE HE SHOULD HAVE NOTICE THE THE SWORD WAS BACK IN INUYASH'A HAND! and then shesshomar decides to retrieve he knew even if inuyasha was wounded he would strike him with tetsusiga and then inuyasha fall to the floor when he notices kagomes ok she'always trying to help poorgrl ! they like each other by the mabe love each other certainely if you havent notice then inuyasha lays on top of mirrkos friend hache and rests thinking a how naraku decievd him and kikyou 50 yrs agohuh thati dont like her but i dont hate her i just thinks she's the biggestin the world you know.then inuyasha takess kagome into the woods but shippo and pervert man sexy by the way go go miruku its your birthday lol!
get nosy and inyasha gets pisst saying that they werent alowed to come or somethin. he tells kagome that things are getting modangerous by the day and she says porbably your rite then inuyasha says hey your not SCARED!?!? i guess not then he suddenlyhugs kagome for 25 second or more if you count slow and then he pushes down the welll but not b4 snaching the piece of the jewel she wears around her neck. then mirruko and shippo ask him why the F**K DID HE DO THAT 4 HUH ! THEY WERE PISST EOPACIALLY SHIPPO! but we inuyasha fans know that he did it becuz he was afraid kagome would get hurt or even die cuz it was beginnng to get dangerous, umm i forgot what happens next i think its ends!

Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome stands on this rock telling inuyasha to move. she tells sesshomaru that she is going to take off his arm with her arrow! she shoots agian and this time sesshomaru tries to get kagome but inuyasha gets there and saves kagome. the battle goes on and on and inuyasha gets his sward back he was run through by sesshomaru but inuyasha sits down with the tetsusaiga in the ground so if sesshomaru comes near he can blast him. sesshomaru leaves and akgome runs over to inuyasha who fell over into his pool pf blodd! miroku's freind carryies them to the well. inuyasha tells kagome to come with him and made sure miroku and shipo wpuld not follow. kagome finds some plants that will hlep miroku's poison and inuyasha tells her that she has learnd alot. then he sits by the well and tells her that things are geting more dangerous and she says that she will be ready to fight. inuyasha takes her hand and pulls her toward him he says that he was scared that he might lose her and holds her for a long time (wow wow) then he pushes her away (what is up with that?) and take the shards and says "i'll take these" and pushes her into the well, miroku and shipo come out from spying and miroku gets mad saying "what did u do to her!" but inuyasha told him that he made her go back to her home.
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Recap of what happened on the last ep. Then, Kagome tells Sess that she’s going to shoot his left arm off. Inu wonders why his arm? She releases her arrow, but Sess avoids it, then jumps toward Kagome, ready to strike her down. Inu jumps after him, and forces him to abandon his attack on Kagome. Inu lands in front of Kagome as Sess returns to his position back down at the bottom of the hill.

Sess is amused by Inu’s concern for Kagome. Kagome tells Inu that she’s sure she can hit the jewel shard in Sess’ arm. Inu tells Kagome to forget it, because Sess isn’t that easy to strike down. He tells her to go and help Miroku, because the remedies from her era seem to be powerful and perhaps she can save him. Kagome agrees, and then Inu thanks her for her help in reversing the Tetsusaiga’s transformation. Kagome inwardly thinks that that can’t be good. She runs off, wondering if Inu’s appreciation is a sign of weakness. Meanwhile, Sess marvels that the Tetsusaiga’s transformation was stopped by a mortal girl.

Jaken thinks that Sess is wounded, but he’s suddenly knocked down by an angry Miroku. Jaken tries to run away, but Miroku grabs him. Shippo takes Jaken’s staff and throws it away. Miroku shakes Jaken violently and asks him where he got those poisonous insects. With more questions, Jaken reveals that Sess got them from Naraku.

Miroku is surprised, and angrily asks Jaken about Naraku’s whereabouts. Jaken says he doesn’t know, and that it doesn’t matter, because Miroku will die soon anyway. Shippo asks Miroku if he’s in pain. Miroku replies that the pain is nothing, but it’s death that concerns him. Jaken tells Miroku not to look for sympathy from him, and Miroku then beats the crap out of Jaken!

Miroku lies back on the ground, noticing that it’s getting harder to breathe. Kagome runs over and asks how Miroku is doing. Shippo says he’s gotten worse. She rummages through her backpack and finds a bottle of medicine. She asks Miroku if he can sit up, but he claims he’s too weak and says that she’ll have to pass it through her mouth. When Miroku opens his eyes, it’s Shippo that’s all puckered up! Miroku changes his mind and says that he can manage on his own. Big surprise!

Kagome thinks that if Miroku can joke around, then he’s okay for now, but she wants to end the fight between Sess and Inu fast. She nocks another arrow onto her bow. Meanwhile, Inu has figured out that Sess fused a human arm to his body with a jewel shard so that he could hold the Tetsusaiga. Inu figures that if he can remove Sess’ left arm, Sess won’t be able to hold the Tetsusaiga anymore, and Inu’ll then have another shard of the jewel is his possessoin. Inu attacks.

Sess meets the assault head on, saying he’d like to see Inu try and take the arm from him. They spar for a bit, and Sess uses his energy whip to lash at Inu. Inu avoids several close calls, then takes one last lunge at Sess, attempting to use his iron reaver attack. Sess avoids it and plants a forceful blow on Inu’s face. Inu is knocked to the ground.

Suddenly, an arrow comes flying at Sess and hits the left brace of his armour, breaking it off. Shippo cheers Kagome on, but she says that she was aiming for the jewel. Sess tells Inu to make Kagome stop and that he shouldn’t be accepting aid from a human. Inu tells Kagome to back off, because Sess is totally ruthless. She says she can handle it, and looses her next arrow. Sess catches it between two fingers and it disintegrates.

Sess tells Kagome that she had her warning, then swings the Tetsusaiga forward, sending an energy blast in her direction. Inu runs for her and reaches her just in time to shield her from it, but they both go flying, and land forcefully on the ground. Inu sits up and asks Kagome if she is alright. She doesn’t answer, so Inu reaches down and cradles her face in his hand. She appears to be unconscious.

Inu turns and tells Sess that he’ll regret doing that, and that Kagome didn’t deserve it (wow!). Miroku, crawls over to them using his staff, and prepares to use his wind tunnel on Sess. Inu tells Miroku to rethink that, then tosses a rock over to their left, where more of the venomour insects rise up from the ground. Miroku is surprised that they’re still there. Shippo tells Miroku not to do it, because he’ll be doomed if he takes in any more venom.

Inu then tells Miroku to take Kagome and run for it, and to guard her with his life. Sess says that he will destroy them all with a single stroke. Inu charges him as he brings the Tetsusaiga forward. Inu takes the brunt of the attack (he seems to be shielded somewhat by his kimono), and Miroku and Shippo only have to shield themselves from some flying debris. Miroku seems surprised that the blast subsided, then sees Inu grappling with Sess.

Inu has a hold on Sess’ left arm (in which Sess is holding the Tetsusaiga), one hand on his wrist and one under his bicep. Miroku remarks that Inu is holding off the sword, then Inu looks over his shoulder and asks what they’re waiting for, and to run for it! Miroku lifts Kagome into his arms and he and Shippo start running away. Sess ridicules Inu by saying that it’s touching how he’s trying to buy time to save his friends. Sess then raises his left hand and plunges it right through Inu’s stomach (ow!). Inu groans painfully as Sess’ hand comes clean out the other side of Inu’s back.

Miroku and Shippo look back over their shoulders as they run, and Kagome then wakes up. She sees what Sess has done and yells Inu’s name as she mavoevres herself out of Miroku’s arms. She starts to run back, but Miroku stops her, saying that Inu wants to deal with this on his own, and that’s why he told them to run for safety. Kagome still looks worried.

Sess removes his hand from Inu’s stomach and asks Inu if he has any last words before he dies. Inu tells Sess that his ignorance is surprising, and then proceeds to rip off Sess’ left hand, reclaiming the Tetsusaiga. Inu removes the dead hand from the Tegsusaiga’s hilt and tosses it to the ground. Jaken runs up behind Sess and says that without the human hand, he can’t hold the Tetsusaiga.

Inu, who is shaking badly, sinks down onto one knee, planting the tip of the Tetsusaiga in the ground in front of him to hold himself up. Kagome says that Inu is weakening. Jaken says that it appears Inu has lost consciousness, and takes a few steps toward him, but Sess says not to get any closer. The Tetsusaiga then suddenly emits a small blast of energy which forces Jaken back. Sess inwardly notes that Inu still has power over the sword, even though he appears to be unconscious. Sess believes that if he attacks now, Inu will strike him down. Inu, whose face is half in shadow, still appears (to us) to be awake and is simply staring at Sess.

Sess tells Jaken that they’re leaving, because he can’t yet reclaim the Tetsusaiga. Jaken agrees and they float off into the air, followed by Naraku’s poisonous insects. Inu holds his position, unmoving. Miroku says that they must have given up, and Shippo calls it a “lucky break”. Kagome runs toward Inu. He sees her and thinks to himself that he’s glad she’s alright. At the same time, the Tetsusaiga transforms back into its steel form. Inu then loses the rest of his strength and collapses onto the ground, falling into a pool of his own blood. Kagome calls his name.

As Sess and Jaken continue through the night air, Jaken wonders how far Naraku’s insects will follow them. Sess tells him to be patient and says that it’s the jewel they’re after. He peels down his kimono from his left shoulder and says that they’re waiting for him to discard the arm. Jaken notices that the arm is burning at the joint. Sess says that the cursed arm will burn him alive, so he rips it off and tosses it away. It disintegrates in thin air, revealing the jewel shard. One of the insects grabs it and the swarm then proceeds to fly away.

The swarm returns to Naraku (who is still dressed in his baboon suit), and the insect deposits the shard into his hand. Naraku calls Sess a “pitiful soul” and claims that he failed. Suddenly, Sess appears behind him and Naraku jumps away, saying that it’s a “pleasant surprise” to see “Lord Sesshomaru”. Jaken is angered at Naraku for tricking his master. Naraku claims that he was only trying to help, and of course, he wanted his jewel shard back. Sess figures that Naraku’s claim makes sense, but then comes forward and slices the head off the baboon. Jaken says it serves him right for tricking Sess, but Sess says that Naraku has escaped. Jaken sees that the demon suit is empty.They then hear a voice from above them in midair. Naraku asks Sess to contain his anger, and that he might call on Sess again. should another opportunity arise to destroy Inuyasha. Sess calls Naraku a “crafty and audacious character”.

Meanwhile, morning has come, and the gang is being carried through the sky by Hachi, who has taken the form of a huge, gold, balloon-looking thing that is wide at one end, with a face, and narrowed down at the other end (like a tail). Miroku remarks that he and Hachi have been friends for a long time. Kagome asks Miroku if he’s feeling better, and Miroku believes that her antidote is starting to take effect. He says that she saved his life.

Kagome then heads toward Hachi’s tail, where Inu is laid out on his back, still unconscious. Shippo is sitting in the basket on Kagome’s bike, watching him. Kagome asks if there is any change, and Shippo says that he’s hardly moved at all. Inwardly, Kagome remarks that Inu asked to be taken home, and that for him to ask that, his injuries must be serious. She then asks Shippo for more info on the hive. Shippo tells her what Jaken said about Sess’ alliance with Naraku. Kagome remembers that Naraku was the one who set Kikyo and Inu against each other. She knows that Inu wants revenge for Kikyo’s death.

Kagome asks Shippo if Inu knows about all this. Shippo says no, because Inu needed all his strength to battle with Sess, and that such news would infuriate him and become a distraction. Kagome tells Shippo that they won’t tell Inu right away, because if he finds out, he’ll want to go after Naraku immediately, but he’s too weak to do that yet. She says that they’ll tell him eventually, but that right now, they’ll concentrate on helping him recover.

Meanwhile, Inu has actually heard their conversation. Inwardly, he realizes that Naraku is very close, the very same demon who disguised himself as Inu and ended Kikyo’s life. Inu then has a flashback to when Kikyo was struck down by Naraku (in Inu’s form). The real Inu tries to voice to Kikyo that it wasn’t really him, and that he didn’t betray her, but it’s only a vision and she can’t hear him. She calls him a traitor as she did before. Inu comes back to reality and figures that Naraku shows up when a shard of the jewel is around.

Hachi floats down to the ground and returns to his normal form. Kagome thanks him for the ride, and Miroku then gives him a “token of their apprecation”. Hachi says he hopes it’s a roll of currency and not a roll of leaves! Inu stands up and asks Kagome to come with him as he heads into the forest. Kagome tells him he shouldn’t be up, and runs to his side, grabbing his arm. She says that even though he’s stronger than humans, he has a serious injury and it’s too early for him to be moving around. He takes another step and groans painfully. Kagome says “see?”, and continues to walk beside him as he goes into the forest.

Miroku and Shippo start to follow them, but Inu turns around in annoyance and tells them that they’re not invited. He then stalks off quickly into the forest. Kagome wonders if he’s not as bad off as they thought! As Inu and Kagome walk through the forest, she sees plants on the wayside and stops to look at them. She remarks about how each one is good for curing poison or for an antiseptic. Inu seems impressed, saying that Kagome has learned a lot. He then tells her that she’s gotten stronger. Kagome’s like “You finally noticed?”, and says how could she not get stronger, running from demons day after day? She says she’s learned more than an average teenager, and that her archery’s not to shabby either.

As they continue walking, they come across the bone-eater’s well, and Kagome inwardly reflects on it. Inu walks over to the well and sits down painfully, leaning his back against it. He asks Kagome how she’s feeling, because she’s hurt too. She claims that it’s just a little lump on the head, and apologizes to Inu for not listening to him when he told her to stay away from Sess. She says that if she had run away like he said, Inu wouldn’t have been hurt so badly.

Inu tells Kagome that it was she who saved him with her arrow, and that he’s grateful to her. Kagome’s thinking “he’s grateful?”, and tells herself that he’s officially “freaking her out”. She kneels down in front of Inu and tells him that he’s acting weird. She puts her hand to his forehead, asking if he’s got a fever. Back amid the trees behind a small hill, Miroku and Shippo are secretly watching them. Shippo wonders why Inu took Kagome so deep into the forest, and Miroku just shushes him.

Inu tells Kagome that she knows the story of how Naraku deceived him 50 years ago, and that Naraku is the one behind Sess’attack. Kagome is not surprised that Inu figured it out. Inu says that he’s made a decision, and that things are getting more dangerous by the day. Kagome agrees, and Inu seems surprised by this. He asks her (seemingly a bit angry) “Aren’t you scared?”, and says that this time they were lucky, but next time who knows! Kagome comes right back and says that she’s not afraid. She says that Naraku is a terrible demon and they have to do what they can to destroy him.

Suddenly, Inu grabs Kagome’s wrist and pulls her forward into an embrace. Totally shocked, Kagome is speechless as he wraps his arms around her. Inwardly, she wonders what’s going on. She whispers “Inuyasha, what are you doing?” In a totally surprising admission, Inu whispers back to her “I was afraid. I thought I was going to lose you. I was terrified.” (whoa!)

Back behind the hill, Miroku has buried Shippo’s face in his arm. Shippo wants to see what’s going on, but Miroku says that it’s not something for children to see. Inu holds onto Kagome for a bit longer, then moves aside and tosses her to the ground. He gets to his feet, and Kagome looks up at him in bewilderment. He has the jewel (he took it from her) and says that he’s going to hang onto it. Kagome gets to her feet and asks him what he’s doing. He puts the jewel in his pocket and then shouts at Kagome, telling her to go back to her own era. He then pushes her backward, causing her to fall into the well! She screams as she falls.

Shocked, Miroku and Shippo come running out to the well and Miroku asks Inu what he’s done. They all stare down into the empty well. Softly, Inu replies that he’s sent her back home. Back in her own time, Kagome has climbed to the top of the well, and wonders why Inu pushed her. She claims that he’s more than just half demon, and says that she’ll go back and teach him a lesson. She jumps back down into the well, but lands on the ground. She then suddenly hears the school bell ringing, and realizes that she’s back in her own time. She wonders why she can’t get back to the feudal era, and then it dawns on her....she doesn’t have her jewel shards anymore!
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Continueing,inuyasha got hurt badly because he protected kagome from getting hurt and has a hole in his stomach.Inuyasha ripped off sesshomarus arm when sesshomaru put his arm through inuyashas stomach.When that happened inuyasha fell on his knees with his sword holding him from falling.Sesshomaru knew he cant fight inuyasha anymore so he escaped.when the inuyasha gang was going back to kadaes villige,shippo was telling about how he got the arm,and the jewel shard.Inuyasha looked knocked out but he wasnt so he overheard the conversation.When they was back,inuyasha told kagome to go with him alone.They both went to the well.Inuyasha told kagome that he overheard the conversation.then he told her that he got worry about her that she was gonna be gone from him forever.Kagome got really suprised when inuyasha said that.After that inuyasha hugged her!(aww......)Kagome got very suprised.Then inuyasha ripped the necklace off her neck and told her that he will be holdig the jewel shards for now on.Then he pushed her in the well!Kagome went back in her own era.Kagome got so angry that she jumped in the well but she did not go through. Then she realized she cannot go back in time without the jewel shards.the end.
Episode Summary for Episode 19 - Go Back To Your Own Time Kagome!. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode we join the sence with kagome about to shoot seeshomaru with her sacred arrow, she notices the shard of the jewel in his left arm, that is how he is able to hold up the tetsigia, she aims for the shard but misses, seeshomaru goes after Kagome, but inuyasha is there to stop him, inuyasha tells kagome to go care for miroku, and also thanks her for her help.
kagome thinks to herself, that cant be good, she goes to Miroku to heal him from all the poisonious insects that were drawn into his wind tunnel, he brings him the medicane. Back on the battle field, inu final figures out everything about sesshomaru, he goes to fight him just then kagome shoots sesshomaru and brecks his armor . She trys again but this time Sesshomaru caught the arrow and melted it, Sesshomaru tryes to kill her again wit a blast from the tetsigia, inuyasha runs to kagome and then they both get blasted, inuyasha is fine but kagome got knocked out. Now Miroku is back and inuyasha tells miroku to get kagome outta there, to guard her with his life,
Sesshomaru trys to stop tell but inuyasha stoped him b4 he could swing the tetsigia, while inuyasha is holding sesshomaru arm from swing the tetsigia, sesshomaru takes his hand and puts a hole thru inuyasha, just then Kagome wakes up and calls for inuyasha, miroku tells her that he wants to fight alone, back on the field Sessomaru says " any last words before your tragic dimize" and inu says, " ur egerness suprises me, i really thought u would have realized it by now" Sess says " realized what?" just then inu twests the rest of the human arm and gets the tetsigia back, but inuyasha was weakening do to the hole in his stomach, but he still holds power towards it, so Sesshomaru leaves, kagome comes running towards inuyasha, but then he faints later the Sesshomaru and jaken notice that the human arm is burning at the joint, Sess take the arm of and throws it up to the poisions insects so that they can bring the jewel shard that was in the arm back to naraku then the sence changes to naraku were he finds out that Sess has failed him, later we go back to the group with hotchi carrying Miroku kagome shippo and inuyasha back to inuyasha home, as they arrive inuyasha tells kagome to follow him, as they walk along they make there way to the bone eaters well, inuyasha says, Kagome i havent asked how ur feeling ur hurt too"{do to Sesshomaru tryin to kill her b4} Kagome says,"its just a lil lump on the head, im sorry inuyasha, u told me to stay away from Sesshomaru, but i didnt listen and made matters worse, if i would have stayed away like u told me u wouldnt be so seriously injuried" inu says, no but in the end it was u who saved me with ur arrow, im grateful kagome" kagome gets freaked out and wonders if he has a fever or somthin, miroku and shippo spt on inu and kagome, then kagome finds out that inu knows how naraku and Sesshomaru joined forces, then inu says, " ive made a desion, things are get more dangerous by the day" then kagome says" yea ur probably rite" then inuyasha says" whats that supose to mean, arnt u scared we r in serious danger, this time we were lucky but who knows about next time, kagome says " well im not afraid, maraku is a terrible demon, we got to do what we can to stop him" just then inu takes kagomes arm and hugs her saying that he was afraid he was going to lose her, the inuyasha takes her jewel fragment and tells her to go back to your own era and he pushes her down the well, then miroku and shippo jump out saying" inuayasha what have you done as they were both shocked and upset that see was gone, back on the other side of the well in Kagomes time she wonders y he pushes her back here, she trys to go back but remembers that she doesnt have her jewel shard anymore!!!!
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Kagome and Inuyasha struggle against Sesshomaru and manage to get back the Tetsusaiga despite Sesshomaru lodging his hand into Inuyasha's chest. Naraku takes back the Shikone shard in Sesshomaru's human arm which is burning up. Meanwhile, Hadji flies Kagome and the others back to Kaede's village. Once there, Inuyasha asks Kagome to come with him to the well. He explains to Kagome that things would be more dangerous from that point, but Kagome doesn't seem to mind. Inuyasha then hugs Kagome and admits that he was scared of Kagome dying. He takes Kagome's Shikone shard and pushes her into the well back to the modern era.
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After being hurt in a battle with Sesshomaru Inuyasha is afraid Sesshomaru mit come back and kill Kagome so Inuyasha toke Kagome to the bond-eaters well hugged her grabed her jewill and pushed her in the well so she can't come back.
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After being hurt in a battle with Sesshomaru Inuyasha is afraid Sesshomaru mit come back and kill Kagome so Inuyasha toke Kagome to the bond-eaters well hugged her grabed her jewill and pushed her in the well so she can't come back.
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during a fight with inuyasha's half brother
kagomea puts her self in danger to save inuyasha
after shashomeru punches a hole through his chest.
inuyasha either has'nt reilized his feelings for kagomea or does not want to admit to them. he was really scared of losing her . so he took her into the woods by the well alone and tells her how afraid he had been. then he takes her into his arms. while he was hugging her kagome was shoked but felt glad inuyasha was finnally opening up. then he pushed her down the well .thats when she realized inutasha had taken tha jewel shards while he was hugging her . she was mad at herself for letting him trick her . confused because she did't know if what he told her was true.
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After a long and bloodey battle with sesshomuru, Inuyasha recovers. He asks Kagome to come with him. He leads her to the well and talks to her about how dangerous it's now becoming on their adventures. Suddenly he grabs her hand and pulls her to him and hugs her. "I was terrified, I thought I was going to lose you," Inuyasha said. While he's hugging her he grabs the jewel shards from her. "I'll hold onto these," he said. Then he pushed her into the well.
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. He was unconscious for a while. but he eventually woke up and asked too speak too Kagoma in private. As they spoke Inuyasha said I was scared that you were dead. He grabbed her and hugged her. He pushed her into a well he grabbed the shekon jewel. Maraku and Shippo were behind the bushes and came out then said I understand your reasons but did you have too do it so violently. Inuyasha just turned away.
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This episode starts off where the last episode left off where InuYasha was facing his older brother Sesshomaru in a battle over the tetsusaiga and Sesshomaru is now in control and about to kick InuYasha's butt but then a arrow comes flying and hits the tetsusaiga and cancels its transformation. It was Kagome and she was just about to throw another arrow at Sesshomaru but then he(Sesshomaru)attacks Kagome and InuYasha dives in front and saves her. InuYasha was afraid that Kagome would get hurt so he took her to a safe place but not that carefully because she fainted in the process. InuYasha told Miroku and Shippo to watch Kagome and to take her as far away possible. By the time Kagome woke up InuYasha was already getting back to the fight. She finally came to and found the antidote for Miroku and that he would survive. Back on the battle field you see InuYasha getting his butt kicked and then he rebounds and grabs Sesshomaru but only to feel Sesshomaru's hand going right through his stomach(OW I told you it wasn't for kids). Badly hurt and on the brink of unconciousness he continues the fight. He manages to rip off Sesshomaru's arm and takes out the shard. Sesshomaru goes off and after InuYasha notices that Kagome is alright he faints and falls to the ground.

After getting back to the village he asks if he could have a minute alone with Kagome and that he meant it, even thought he said no Miroku and Shippo followed them. When they caught up to them you see InuYasha sitting by the well and Kagome nearby. Now Kagome is curious about what is going on, InuYasha said that he is glad that she is safe and Kagome checks to see if he has a fever because he never acts like this. So InuYasha takes Kagome by the wrists and hugs her! During that time he tells her all of his feelings and that he was afraid that he was going to lose her. Miroku covers Shippo's eyes and said that children shouldn't see this. Then he pushes Kagome into the well but has taken the jewel shards and said that he would take care of it but without the shards she can never return. InuYasha is then confronted by Miroku and Shippo who have now ran over to see what happened. He said that he didn't want to see her dead and only did it to protect her(AWWWW).

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It leaves off from yesturdays fight with Inuyasha's brother vs. Inuyasha. Fluffy(i forgot his real name)attacks Kagome because she shot a aarow and broke his armor. So he took the sword and stroke at Kagome, Inu jumped in front of the blow and moved kagome out of the way, he gets up to find Kagome unconsious, and gets up, now ticked, he attaks Fluffy and takes off the human arm along with the tesiga, but before he rips te arm off of fluffy, fluffy sticks his hand through inuyashas back through his stomech, then pulls his hand back.(the inu gets the sword)Inuyasha had told the perverted monk and shippo to take Kagome away while she was unconsious while they were carrieing her away she woke and saw Fluffy stick his hand threw inuyasha, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, and then Inuyasha askes Kagome to come with him into the woods, they walk and he sites and leans up against the well in which kagome came from. Inuyasha starts talking about how its getting more dangerous, then he grabs her hand pull her forward and hugs and say "I was terrified, i though i was going to lose u.." But, inuyasha hears miroku and shippo watching(too mutch noise making) and take her wrist again and pushes her to the side she stands up and looks at him, he has her shikon jewels, "ill keep these" he says and then he puckes her down the well into her own time..
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sesshomaru launched an attack at kagome with tetssaiga, inuyasha imediately dodged in front of kagome to protect her, the blast got them off guard and they rolled down the tiny rocky hill. kagome was unconciounse, he checked to see if she was okay and told miroku and shippo to take kagome away from this place because it was too dangerous. Inuyasha went back to fight sesshomaru, he got tetsaiga back by slicing sesshomaru's arm off with his claws. sesshomaru countered attacked by stabbing his whole arm into inuyasha's back and through his stomach, ouch! not only that, but sesshomaru had his poison claws attack going on. kagome heard inuyasha yell and tried coming back for him, but miroku wouldn't let her. inuyasha got away and just kneeled there on the ground, stunned, like he was paralized or something. sesshomaru knew if he came near inuyasha, inuyasha would strike him down. so he flew away while inuyasha fell down into his puddle of blood. Back to sesshomaru, he took of his arm and the jewel shard imbedded in it was removed by one of naraku' bees. Sesshomaru found naraku and tried slicing him, but it turned out that naraku had already escaped. back to inuyasha he and his friends were flying on this badger that took form of an orange flying demon. inuyasha was really hurt and when they got to the forest with the wll that kagome came out of, he gave her one last hug, took the jewel shards and pushed her down the well into her own time. miroku and shippo ran out from behind the bushes and asked inuyasha why he pushed kagome down. inuyasha said it was for her own protection, he dosen't want her seeing these battles again. meanwhile, kagome back in her time was at the top of her well, she jumped down again and didn't go back into time. she knew that she needed the jewel shards to go back, but inuyasha took them, so kagome is stuck in her time forever,until someone can go back into her time with the jewel shards.
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Well, after a fierce battle with sessumarou Inu-yasha figured out that he was scared... he was scared that kagome might get hurt. Finally he decides that it's too dangerous for kagome so he gives her one last hug. Inu-Yasha noticed that miroku was watching ( him and shippo were making too much noise, you forget Inu-Yasha has dog ears, he can hear VERY well)so he quickly snatched the shard necklace off of kagome's neck and pushes her into the well.
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While Kagome is threatned by Sesshomaru on staying out of this, Miroku badgers Sesshomaru's little newt friend for information on the bees that attacked his wind tunnel. After hearing Naraku's name, Miroku starts to feel the posion even more. Kagome helps him with mediciene and asks if he could drink. Being the sneak heishe says he can't and that she should pass the liquid through her mouth. After noticing Shippo was to do it, he reluctantly admits that he candrink himself. ::KAWAII MIROKU::::

Kagome tries to help Inuyasha again, but Sesshomaru has had enough as he attacks Kagome. Inuyasha runs to her in time to save her, as they both end on the hard surface. Kagome lays unconcious as Inuyasha tells Miroku and Shippo to run off and protect Kagome.
Within minutes of the fight with Sesshomaru and after recieveing a painfl hole through his body by his brother, Inuyasha tears his Sesshomaru's arm off and regains the sword. He stands there, and falls unconcious, yet the sword reacts to his wishes. Sesshomaru leaves, as Kagome now revived, runs to Inuyasha, wo after noticing Kagome's saftey, falls unconcious.

Later, after Inuyasha is recovered a bit and Miroku feeling better they head off back home for Inuyasha. Later, Inuyasha asks Kagome to come with him. Even though Shipo and Miroku attmpt to follow, Inuyasha orders them to stay behind. Kagome is curious on what is wrong. Inuyasha sits and replies on how she is feeling and that hes glad she's ok. Shippo and Miroku watch from afar listening in. Kagome checks Inuyasha's temperture feeling that something is wrong. Inuyasha then grabs her wrists and takes her into his embrace. Kagome is TOO STUNNED TO SPEAK.

Inuyasha replies that he was afraid that he was going to lose her. Kagome can only utter Inuyasha's name, as Miroku covers Shippo's eyes. (HEE HEE ^_^)

Inuyasha then pushes her back and takes her piece of the Shikon no Tama, saying he'll keep it and he pushes her into the well. Shippo and Miroku retreat from their hiding place, and run towards the well, seeing Kagome is gone. Inuyasha did it to protect her, because he didn't want to see her die.


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after a battle with Sesshoumaru,inuyasha got hurt VERY baddly.then all of them return back to the well where kagome came out of.when they made it there,inu yasha hugs kagome real tight and told her he was afaind he was going to lose her(kagome).during the time inu yasha was huging her,he also took the jewel.then he push kagome into the well.kagome try to come back put u could not cause she did not have the jewel.
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After Inuyasha was in a hard battle with Sesshoumaru, he was afraid he (Sesshoumaru) might hurt Kagome. So for the sake of her life, he hugged her, then grabbed the jewel and pushed her in the well. She couldn't come back.