Episode 20 - Despicable Villan! The Mystery Of Onigumo Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 20 - Despicable Villan! The Mystery Of Onigumo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Back in Kagome's time, Kagome's grandfather is picking up phone calls and if it is one of Kagome's friends he makes up excuses about Kagome being sick. Kagome tells her grandfather to stop doing it but her grandfather tells her that she should be in the feudal era with Inu Yasha.

Back in the Feudal era, INu Yasha sticks a tree down The bone-eaters well so that Kagome will not come back. Shippou refuses to leave until Kagome is back with them, so Miroku and Inu Yasha just leaves him there.They Went to Kaede's village to heal Inu Yasha's wound and Kaede tells them about Onigumo. She said that Onigumo was a person who could not move and Kikiyou and herself were helping to feed him and stuff. Then No long after Inu Yasha was stuck to the tree, Onigumo's body was burned and not even one of the Ashes were left in the cave.

While Inu Yasha, Kaede And Miroku was in the cave, They hear Shippou coming and he was chased by wolves. Then they find out that Ryokhan( not sure how to spell it) was behind this. ( But Ryokhan was really sent by Naraku. While Inu Yasha was battling him, he fainted and Miroku used his wind tunnel and tried to suck Ryokhan in, but he ran away before he could do so.

After the fight they seal Inu Yasha inside a hut with Shippou and Shippou tricks Inu Yasha by turning into kagome. When Inu Yasha saw his Shippou's tail he finds out it was a trick. Later Ryokhan comes back even stronger and Tries to take the Shikon shards away from Inu Yasha. But Shippou runs away with it before he could get it.

Episode Summary for Episode 20 - Despicable Villan! The Mystery Of Onigumo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
While Kagome adapts to being back in modern times, Miroku and Inuyasha learn about a thief named Onigumo that Kikyo tended to 50 years ago from Kaede. The site where he laid contained demon energy and as they question this, they are attacked by Royakan, a wolf demon who is being manipulated by Naraku's Shikone shards. They scare him off the first time with Miroku's Air Void, but are left in a deadlock for the second battle as the episode ends with Shippo heading for the well with Kagome's Shikone fragment being chased by wolves.
Episode Summary for Episode 20 - Despicable Villan! The Mystery Of Onigumo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is in her time and she is very frustrated that her grandfather is lying to her friends and telling everyone, including hojo, that she is sick, something about a back injury.

Back in the feudal era, InuYasha is faced with the demon that was sent by Naraku, and Kaede and Miroku are telling him to attack the jewl in the demon's body, but they can't locate it and Miroku and Kaede are telling him that Kagome would have been able to help. Shippo is being attacked, and climbs down the well to find Kagome, and drops the jewl, so when Kagome goes to the well cause she senses something, she goes back to the feudal era. She does, and Inuyasha smells her and rescues her. Kagome gets frustrated because InuYasha didn't miss her (much).

Kagome senses something and it is Naraku, and InuYasha corners him, and he claims to recognize Kaede. He begins to talk about Onigumo wishing to see Kiyko angry. He called forth the demons to feast on his flesh and such. and in exchange give him their mobility and strength.. (something along those lines.) To become the demon Naraku, who was formed by countless Demons. He says her power was weakened because she was in love with our favorite worthless half-breed. He even admits to setting them up without any regret, and says Kikyo got what she deserved, and InuYasha calls him a bastard. He's angry, I'd call it furious.
He says their anger fueled their betreyal.
"The sacred jewl grows even more beautiful when tainted with malice. "
Kagome says there are more jewl shards within him then she can count. Naraku is revelaled once Inuyasha slices his monkey suit. Naraku uses a cloud of destruction +so forth.
Episode Summary for Episode 20 - Despicable Villan! The Mystery Of Onigumo. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
naraku sends this wolf demon after inuyasha.kaeda tells him not to fight but he did it anyway.shippo was the first to attack him.then the wolf demon sends his little wolves to attack shippo(the poor thing)then inuyasha saves him.when he saves shippo he started to bleed again.

back in kagome time:kagome is at P.E. class (i think) and Hojo (i think) the guy that likes kagome ask her if she can go to the movies on saturday.she didn't answer.then her friends pull her away and ask her whats wrong and stuff.then she went back to Hojo and say ok i'll go.