Episode 25 - Naraku's Insidious Plot Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Naraku's Insidious Plot. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku and Sango are travelling together to find and fight Inuyasha. Sango is still badly hurt and has difficulty walking.

Inuyasha and company are walking around Taijiya Village. They come upon a cave that Myouga tells them was used to store dead demon remains. Inuyasha tries to enter the cave but is immediately shocked by a magic barrier.

Back to Naraku and Sango, they keeping walking along until Sango falls to her knees, unable to keep going. Naraku offers Sango a Shikon Jewel shard, which she hesitates to take.

Inuyasha keeps trying to get through the cave's magic barrier, until he finally gives up and accepts defeat. He then gets the idea to travel to the nearby castle and see if anyone there knows how to pass the barrier. Everyone is walking through the forest to get to the castle when, all of a sudden...BOOM!

Sango's boomerang almost takes Inuyasha's head off. The boomerang returns to her hands and she announces her intention to kill Inuyasha. Myouga tells Inuyasha that he can't harm Sango, she's a good person. So Sango attacks and Inuyasha is forced to just defend. Miroku tries to suck up Sango's Hiraikotsu, but poisonous insects appear on the scene to stop him. It is then that Inuyasha and company see Naraku looming nearby.

Inuyasha rushes Naraku but is immediately chained by Sango and hurled to the ground. Miroku creeps up on Naraku and the two of them duel. Miroku severs one of Naraku's arms and thinks himself to be victorious. That is, until Naraku's arm hurles itself toward Kagome and siezes her Shikon Jewel shards. Naraku's arm then returns to its own body and Naraku blasts away, telling Sango that he will be at the castle.

Sango tells her cat demon, Kirara, to follow Naraku and make sure he doesn't do anything fishy. Miroku also follows Naraku. Sango then focuses her attention on Inuyasha.

Sango and Inuyasha have a short fight, but Inuyasha emerges victorious and tells Sango that she is badly bleeding. Sango is stunned to hear this and has multiple flashbacks about her little brother.

Meanwhile, Miroku jumps on Kirara's back and the two of them lung toward Naraku. The baboon-clad demon proves to be too powerful though and hurles them both to the ground. In doing so, Naraku reveals part of his true form: a gigantic, dark brown, tentacled monstrosity.

Miroku and Kirara then fight against Naraku to the best of their ability. Inuyasha and company arrive on the scene to help out. (Sango has finally realized that Inuyasha wasn't responsible for any of the village's destruction.) Inuyasha severs Naraku's head, but the demon still moves. Sango yells to Inuyasha that the creature before them is just a puppet and to attack its chest.

Inuyasha slices Naraku's chest and "Naraku" dissipates. Everyone sighs - the real Naraku is somewhere probably far, far away. Miroku walks to where the demon was hovering above and finds a piece of wood with some of Naraku's hair tied around it. Miroku rightly figures that this was the puppet.

We cut to to the Prince's castle. We see that right next to the Prince, there is a piece of wood with some hair tied around it. The piece of wood immediately gets sliced into half. We hear inside the Prince's mind - he is really Naraku under a perfect disguise. The Prince walks into another room and we see his silhouette transform into that of a baboon's.

Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Naraku's Insidious Plot. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts out with Naraku and Sango on a mountain.Then it goes to Inuyasha,Kagome,Shippo,and Miroku they go into a fort and find a hut Moyoga tells them about the weapons and corpses.Then they come accross a cave and go in they found something that appered to be a mummy.Miroku:appears to be human but in the end it seems we will have to ask a villager after all.

Then it goes back to Naraku and Sango Sango falls to the ground in pain but Naraku gives Sango a Shikon Shard to releaf the pain.Inuyasha and the gang wher walking through the forest and all of the sudden a boomerang flys over teir heads and cuting three trees down.Sango:So you are Inuyasha! Well,Im your death!!

Inuyasha:Who?! Moyoga:Sango! Lord Inuyasha! you mustn't fight her!
Inuaysha:She hasn't given me a choice!! Fang of Steel! yhe boomerang hits Inuyasha's Tetsusaiga .Miroku:The Tetsusaiga...Is being pushed back! Inuyasha:Why are you attacking me?!! Sango:Shut up, Half Breed!
Sango throws her boomerang at Inuaysha agin.Kagome:we've got to do something about that weapon... Mirouku:Indeed Wind Tunnel! Miroku uses the Wind Tunnel to suck in the boomerang bone but Naraku's poison inscects show up.

Shippo:No Miroku if they sting you the venom will kill you! Then Naraku shows up from behind Sango.Naraku:heh heh heh, Inuyasha do be good and die for once, will you? Inuyasha:Let's End this...NOW!!But befor inuyasha could get to Naraku Sango throws her boomerang at Inuyasha but he dodges it.Sango got her chain and therwew it and it waped around Inuyasha's foot and he fell to the ground. Sango: I am your opponent Beast! Inuyasha:YOU! GET out of the way or I'll KILL you first! Sango:TRY IT! Sango and Inuyasha kept fighting whiel Miroku chased after Naraku Miroku was abel to cut Naraku's right arm off.

Naraku's arm with the sord flew at Kagome but Inuyasha cut it up the boomeang hit the spot they wher standing but Inuyasha doged it.Naraku's hand took the Shikon Shard.When Naraku was leaving he told Sango to defeat Inuyasha and then retun to me... Kirara went to Sango Sango:Follow him,Kirara! and if he should do anything suspicous...KILL HIM! Inuyasha:Naraku Wait!! Inuyasha was runing after Naraku but Sango stoped him.Sango:Prepare for extermination here and now! Inuyasha:Can't you give it up!? Sango throw's her boomerang agin but Inuyasha dodges it. Inuaysha:Don't be an idiot!

Inuyasha thows his sowrd at Sango but she dodges it Sango tries to get her boomerang Inuyasha:Now's my chance! If you can't reach your weapon your mine! Sango throw's poison dust at him but he cut off her filter mask.Inuyasha pulls Sango away from the gas but Sango pulls out her Kenta(sowrd) and stabs Inuyasha through the right arm.Inuaysha:you fool!! You still don't get it,Do you!? Naraku's duping you!! And mean while......You're BLEEDING TO DEATH! Sango:Wh...at... I didn't realize it was so bad... why havent I felt... the pain...? Sango fainted from bleeding alot.

Mean while Miroku is still chasing Naraku but a gap bettwen the cliff.Miroku:Blast it!! Then Kirara comes and helps him accross Miroku was fighting Naraku till Inuyasha came but it was to late Miroku had been impaled Miroku:Whew...Tthoght I was going to die! Inuyasha:Huh?! Huh? There's not even a hole! Miroku:Now that was close...BAM! Inuyasha:What's the idea of collapsing with a dead look on your face!? Miroku:YOU'RE the one who decied to look dead!

Sango:Naraku! The demon at the castle...Was that your doing,too!? Naraku:Well...I did need a pretex to lure you exterminators out....And a means to get rid of you before you realized the truth. Sango Father...Kohaku...! MURDERER!! The Shikon Shard popped out of Sango's back and Sango fell to the ground in pain. Kagome:Sango! Inuaysha:YOU MONSTER!! Always playing with people's hearts!!

Naraku:What DO you mean,Inuaysha?Are you remebering Kikyo!? Inuyasha:FEH! SHUT UP,YOU FILTH! Inuaysha cut off Narakus head. Naraku: HEH HEH HEH... It was the fake Naraku the whole time the body is still moving and the heads alive too. Sango(thinking to her self):How could I have been shuch a FOOL?!I can't believe I traveled with that wretched deomon......And never sensed a glimmer of an evil aura!but even now...I still DON'T!He's Still not emanating any Demonic Power!What can he BE!That's it--I see it now!HE'S...Sango:Target the immobile part!!Target his chest!! Inuyasha sliced the fake Naraku apart and destroyed him

Back at the castle where the real Naraku was hiding was sitting down and then the wooden doll sliced in half fell with a *komp* Naraku:So...It was destroyed...Servent:young Master,what was that sound...? Naraku:It was nothing old man...nothing...(thinking to himself) Heh...I have destroyed the exterminator's village,taken possession of some shikon Shards......conguered this castle,and borrowed a form that gives me concealment...and power.As for the Exterminator...Sango...I have plenty of uses for Her yet....
Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Naraku's Insidious Plot. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
inuyasha and co. are finishing up buring the people from the village when they come upon a cave. inu wants too go into the cave but there is a barrier and so sets out to find the only surviving villagers to discover more about the jewel.

after setting out from the castle, sango and neraku (i can't spell any of these names...) are walking alond to find inu. neraku gives sango a shard of the jewel to ese her pain so she can kill inu easier.

sango attacks inu (who is side-tracked by neraku) and starts to dought neraku's loyality when inu saves her from the poison gas (which she put out to kill inu). she then tells her little cat thingy to follow neraku when he leaves to see if he does anything strange. miroku also follows and him and the cat thing fight as a team against neraku while inu is still fighting sango.

sango faints because she was bleeding but didn't feel any pain (because of the jewel shard in her back). inu carriers sango, kagome and shippo on his back to find neraku.

miroku is having a tough time fighting neraku when inu comes to help. neraku then confesses to killing all the villagers and sango jumps to kill him. the shard falls out of her back and she feels all the pain again. inu is still fighting and cuts off neraku's head. neraku is still fighting though, headless.

sango gets mad at herself becasue she hadn't realized neraku was a demon when she 1st met him. she then realizes thats becasue he's not really there; this demon is just a dummy being controled by the real neraku somewhere else. she shouts to inu to aim 4 its heart becasue it is just a decoy. inu does, and they are left with a puppet handle thingy and their jewel shards.

you then go back to castle where the prince is sitting telling his servant to assume neraku and sango are dead. you then know that the prince is neraku; he had the puppet thing (sliced in half) and then he walks over and leaves the room, and in the shadows you can see that he changes in a monkey suit, neraku's true form.
Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Naraku's Insidious Plot. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay, this episode starts out with Sango journeying with Naraku to return to her village and gain revenge on Inuyasha for destroying her village. She has a flash back of the Lord of the house telling her that they should return to his palace after they have defeated Inuyasha. Then Naraku decides that he should give her a shard of the Shikon Jewel to supress the pain from her wounds. Meanwhile Inuyasha and the gang are talking to Miyoga (flea dude) about the villagers inhabitants. They discover that the village was attacked by demons as soon as their most powerful warriors were away from the village and had no chance to defend themselves. So they decide to try and find the castle where they journeyed to to speak to the exterminators. During their journey the large boomerang comes flying at them through the forest. The run out and find Sango standing there. Naraku stands behind her. She tells Inuyasha how he shall pay for destroying her village. Miyoga informs them that Sango is one of the most powerful exterminators in the land and that Inuyasha should not fight her.

Inuyasha, (being his egotistical self) attackes her anyway while trying to get at Naraku. But her boomerang proves to be a formidable opponent and begins to push the Tetsaiga back. Then Miroku comes running up to Naraku and attacks him. He swings at him and manages to chop off the arm that holds the sword but strangely the hand goes flying at Kagome, rips off the Shikon jewel shards she carries and connects itself back on Naraku's arm.

Inuyasha, becoming distracted by Naraku's taking of their shards tries to attack him but Sango attacks him again and tells him that his fight is with her not Naraku. So Naraku goes flying off in the air telling Sango that he trusts she can kill Inuyasha before returning to the castle. Miroku runs after him and Sango frowns, she tells Kilala to go after him and if he does anything strange, to kill him. So Kilala transforms and goes running off. Miroku, having chased naraku already stops as he reaeches a gap in the rocks but Kilala runs up and he jumps on her back as she flies in the air after Naraku and attacks him. Meanwhile Sango has trown poison powder at Inuyasha as her boomerang is deflected and Inuyasha cuts off her mask. Then he pulls her from the powder and she falls to the ground after losing alot of blood that she could not feel for having the Shikon Jewel shard in her back. Kagome runs up and then she faints to the gorund.

So, Naraku has dropped back to the ground and Inuyasha is carrying Kagome and Sango on his back as he chases after them. So Miroku is being attacked after Kilala and him fall to the ground. So Inuyasha comes up as Kagome and Sango stay back. Inuyasha confronts Naraku about lying to Sango and how he actually told the demons that their top exterminators were away and to attack them, when he was after their jewel shards. Sango attempts to throw her boomerang at him but she collapses (again) and Naraku takes back the jewel shard. Inuyasha then jumps up and chops off Naraku's head. But the body keeps moving and suddenly the head continues to talk.

Sango suddenly notices how it is not really Naraku himself but a puppet and to attack the heart. So Inuyasha jumps up and chops the body in half and it turns to dust. So seeing, a wooden piece fall to the gorund beside their jewel shard Miroku picks it up. He explains how the hair wrapped around it is Naraku's and that helps him control it.

Suddenly they show a copy of the wood thing cut through and break. The Lord of that palace is shown and he stands. "This body and place will hide my true identity until I can gain possesssion of the entire Shikon Jewel" He walks to the door, slides it shut and transforms into a baboon costume.


Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Naraku's Insidious Plot. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku sends a puppet of himself to steal Kagome's Shikone shards and kill the Inuyasha gang, but the puppet is destroyed and Sango learns of Naraku's lie.
Episode Summary for Episode 25 - Naraku's Insidious Plot. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango ,goes along with Naraku(who tricked her,and made her think Inuyasha was her sworn enemy)to attack Inuyasha.Naraku then lends Snago a shard of the jewel to sepress her pain from the woons.She finds Inuyasha,and attacks him with her weapon.Then Miroku uses the wind tunnel to stop the weapon(like a boomerang)Sango has,however he finds Naraku's poisonous insects,and stops.After Inuasha,and miroku sees Naraku they both go after him.Sango attacks Inuyasha,and he fails in fighting Naraku.Miroku attacks him,and breaks his arm off.Although,the arm flew to Kagome,and Naraku took her sacred jewel shards.then he runs away,but Miroku,and Kirara go after him.At that time Sango's weapon goes out of control,and she uses the poison powder Inuyasha gets in trouble but attacks Sango's poison shielding mask.Inuyasha carries her out of the poison,but Sango attacks with her sword.THen she stops attacking.THey all go after naraku.Although they attack him he reverts back each time.The Sango notices that it was a puppet,and not the real Naraku.Inuyasha attacks straight into Naraku's shard,and the puppet was destroyed.Then the Demon Puppettree was left.The real Naraku sees his puppettree broken,but he dosen care,and starts in thinkig of a diffrent plan...