Episode 26 - Secret Of The Jewel Of Four Souls: Revealed Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Secret Of The Jewel Of Four Souls: Revealed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Putting down the pieces of rubble that he was carrying, Inuyasha complained about Sango in bed, healing for nine days already. He said he would be up in three. Miroku said he would not be up in months. Inuyasha muttered about disturbing Sango and Miroku threw a piece of wood at him. Meanwhile, Kagome discovered that Sango was gone from her bed. Then she saw that the demon exterminator was kneeling in front of the graves Inuyasha and the rest had worked on to bury the dead. Sango held a yellow flower while telling Kagome how grateful she was that they marked the graves. She said for Kagome to call her friends over to listen to the story behind the Shikon no Tama, the Shikon Jewel.
Carrying Sango on his back, Inuyasha stepped forward towards the opening of the cave after blowing Myoga off Sango's sleeve. He asked Sango to lower the barrier he had tried to get through earlier. Sango said that at the beginning, the people of her village also thought that it was some kind of spell that the demons left behind. But they found that it was the soul of the woman blocking their way. She was filled with sadness. But she would let you through if you had sympathy.
Inuyasha stepped through the barrier, followed by Kagome and Miroku. When Myoga jumped, calling out enter Myoga, he got shut out. Inside, at the end of the cave, they found a scene in rock. The tableau was ancient. It was of a huge demon and in the center, a woman.
Sango told the story of this formation and the origin of the Jewel of the Four Souls.
War tore the country. Demons devoured the dead and the near dead. But one priestess by the name of Midoriko was able to purify the soul. She reached within the demons in order to purify their souls and render them harmless. It was here that she fought with the huge demon. The huge demon was a combination of many smaller demons. They united in hopes of destroying Midoriko. They fought for seven days and seven nights, until at last, the demon had the priestess in its jaws. This time, Midoriko reached deep within herself and grabbed the demon's soul. But that forced out her own soul, through the hole in her chest that could be now seen. She could no longer purify the demon soul, only able to capture and imprison. Both their souls are in the Shikon Jewel, still in battle. Inuyasha thought it weird for someone to battle demons by purifying their souls. He preferred fighting with a weapon.
Miroku in turn explained the Shikon no Tama. The Four Souls are aramitama, megimetama, kushimetama, and sakimetama. Aramitama was courage, megimetama was friendship, kushimetama was wisdom and sakimetama was love. He teased Inuyasha about going over his head with this deep stuff.
But when Inuyasha said that he wanted the Jewel for himself in order to become a full fledged demon, the spirit of the priestess Midoriko, who was considered the most powerful priestess in that era, threw him out of the cave.
Sango continued the story inside the house, with Inuyasha lying on the roof.
The Shikon Jewel went through the hands of many humans and demons. Sango's grandfather slayed a demon who had the Jewel, but as a price, her grandfather and many many others died. Then, the Jewel was fouled with evil. That was when they gave it into the keepings of a young priestess with extraordinary powers, Kikyo.
At night, Kirara sneaked into the cave with the Shikon jewel on her neck and Myoga on her back. Myoga bundled the Jewel shards and began his climb up the stone scene towards Midoriko's chest, where the Jewel came out. But he dropped it and woke the spirit of the demon. It rose up.
Kirara transformed and fought it. But she was caught. Myoga saw the spirit of the priestess also rise and wound the demon spirit with a swipe of her sword. But just as she landed, her form turned into Inuyasha's. Inuyasha had heard the commotion.
Searching through Kirara's fur, Inuyasha found Myoga. Myoga lied that it was Kirara who took him and the jewel shards into the cave and that he was asleep. A growl from Kirara proved it false.
Inuyasha said that he did not know why he bothered to save Myoga at all. But the flea demon insisted that it was Midoriko who saved him. Kirara looked at Midoriko with a familiar look, then curled up at the foot of the priestess's form and slept.
Kagome and Miroku did further research on the priestess Midoriko and found that it was impossible for anyone to be capable of such a feat no matter how strong their spiritual powers are. She must have had help. From a demon pet, Kirara.
Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Secret Of The Jewel Of Four Souls: Revealed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango tells the Inuyasha group about the origin of the Shikone no Tama. Here's the story: Hundreds of years ago, a powerful priestess named Nadoriko had the powerful to purify demons with one touch. A bunch of demons fused into the body of Nadoriko's lover and they slain her. In a final attempt to beat the demons, Nadoriko sealed the demons and her very soul into the Shikone no Tama which burst through her chest. The Shikone no Tama represents the four souls of the human heart: courage, wisdom, friendship, and love. When all four souls are in perfect harmony, the heart is at peace.
Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Secret Of The Jewel Of Four Souls: Revealed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out in the demon slayer village.Inuyasha is complaing because Sango is still healing her wounds so he's yelling at Miroku about it. Meanwhile Kagome goes to check on Sango, when she enters the hut she finds sango's bed empty so she goes around back. She finds Sango, Sango is sitting infront of the graves of her companions in the village. " You buried the villagers." Said Sango. "Gather your friends I shall tell the secret of the shikon no tama." Sango continued.(Next scene) Inuyasha, miroku, kagome, kilala, Sango and myoga. Stand in front of the limestone cave. "This place is a gravyard and it is she who keeps out all intruders." Said Sango. "Who's she?" asked Miroku. "The priestess midoriko the pearson in whom the sacred jewel was born in." said Sango.
"Go ahead step through." said sango. "Ah, are you sure about this?" asked Inuyasha. "You show sorrow for the victums who come in contact with the sacred jewel the same sorrow that midoriko shows and that is why I belive that she will allow you to eneter. Inuyasha and all the others except myoga enter."Hey she's right." said Kagome. "Yes finally we will be able to unlock the secret of the sacred jewel. Enter myaoga!" Said myoga jumping at the barrier but he couldn't go through.Meanwhile in the cave Sango is sitting down and is telling them "The woman in the stone is midoriko she was the pearson whom the sacred jewel was born in, she was said to be the most powerful human of her time. In here she fought off alot of demons the fight raged on for several nights and days.She belived that everything,tree's people stones were created throught the for souls." "Well her powers really werent to good if she was defeted." said Inuyasha. "She hasent lost the battle yet." declared sango " When she fought on the final day and the last demon remained she hardly had any strengh left so she gatherd up what was left of her energy and tried to purify the demons soul but in doing so she forged her own soul out and instead of purifying the demons soul she trapped it in the shikon no tama with her own soul." Then Miroku said " The four souls aramitama, megimetama, kushimetama, and sakimetama.Aramitama courage, megimetama friendship, kushimetama wisdom and sakimetama love. When housed inside the heart of a pearson they become one and this process is called nyobi in which a pearson can loose there ways. are you keeping up with me Inuyasha?" "Uh, No not really." replied inuyasha. "Well once I get the shikon no tama and become a full fledge demon midoriko can rest her soul." Said Inuyasha. Then he immediatly was thrown from the cave and flew over the trees. "It seems people who talk of selfish gain with the jewel are thrown out of the cave."said miroku. "That must be Midoriko's version of sit."said shippo.(LOL)Later that night Kilala awakens and goes into the lime stone cave with myoga on her back. Myoga then carriying the sacred jewel hops onto the stones of the demons.As soon as he did that the demons souls started to reserect.Kilala immediantly changed form and tried to attack the demon but was caught. Then myoga saw midoriko reserect and attack the demons but instaead of Midoriko landing Inuyasha landed.Then he searched through Kilala's hair saying"I only know one idiot that would have done somthing this stupid." then he found myoga. Myoga started to blame it on Kilala but Inuyasha picked him up and shook him around and threw him at the wall.Then myoga said Midoriko saved me. Then myoga did research and came to a conclusion that no priestess could have taken on so many demons so maybe she had a brilliant helper at her side. (Kilala) who slept in the cave the other night.
Episode Summary for Episode 26 - Secret Of The Jewel Of Four Souls: Revealed. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha starts complaining that Sango is still resting after 10 days, when he would've gotten up after 3. He says that Sango should hurry up and take them to the cave or tell them about the castle. It turns out though that Naraku put a spell on Sango to make her forget the location of the castle. Miroku tells Inuyasha to be patient, since she's also recovering from emotional wounds.

Kagome goes to check on Sango and finds her at her village's graves. Sango later leads the group to the cave and says they should be able to pass through the barrier. The barrier was created by the Priestess Midoriko. Sango explains that Midoriko was the most powerful priestess several centuries ago. She had the power to purify demon souls. Miroku then explains the soul is made up of 4 parts; courage, friendship, wisdom, and love. The soul could become evil at any time. Kagome realizes Shikon means 4. Sango continues that 1 day many demons combined into 1 and fought Midoriko for 7 days and 7 nights. Midoriko ended up forcing out the demon's soul, but also forced her own out. This became the Shikon Jewel, where both Midoriko's and the demon's soul still fights. Inuyasha doesn't care about this and says he will use the Shikon Jewel to become a full demon. He is thrown from the cave. Later that night, Myoga and Kirara enter the cave. Myoga drops the Shikon Jewel and the spirit of a demon revives and attacks Kirara. Myoga sees the Priestess Midoriko save them, but it turns out to be Inuyasha. While Inuyasha and Midoriko walk away, Kirara sleeps in the cave.

Kagome voiceovers that Myoga concluded the priestess couldn't possibly have defeated so many demons by herself. Kirara appears next to the priestess on a grassy hill and the 2 walk off.