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Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in this episode the gang ends up in a village where they sacrifice human childs to the water god. the gang battles the water god and take back the sacrifice (that was soon to become dinner)
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
sango desides to join their geoup and they team up to destroy a evil water god and return the real one.there where only 2 scenes worth telling about.1 Inu shouts to meriko that saving kagome MUST! always come first!!!! (so cute!).2 meriko keeps hitting on sango.LOL!!!
(she really didnt mind that much to tell you the truth!!!)
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango joins the Inuyasha gang as they confront a water demon posing as a village's water god.
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Their waiting for shippo 2 return and Miroku starts rubbing Sango's legs.(lol) Shippo comes and says that he saw a hudge shrine in the middle of a lake. as they're walking they see people cleaning up some floud damage. they're taking a child to be sacrificed to a water god. the people refuse to let them help. a boy hires them to kill the water god and save the kid. when they get to the shrine I.Y. beats up the gaurds and come just as the wtr god is about to eat the kid. I.Y. attacks him with tetsiaga but the wtr god transformed it back. the wtr god used the trident 2 drown them out of the shrine. Inuyasha tried 2 save Kagome but a big rock fell on him and knocked him out. only kagome and the 2 boy are still in the shrine when the water resiedes. the wtr god tried 2 eat the boy so kagome shot him with her arrow and they run for it. Miroku wakes up with Sango lying unconcious next to him on a rock. when he tries to wake her, she dosent move because she swallowed to much water. in a some what perverted way he tries to heip her breath, but she wakes up just as he gets to her lips and she slaps him. then to fish carry inuyasha to the rock also. they learn from the fish that the wtr. god is a fake & that real one is a goddess that was sealed in a cave. Inuyasha rushes off to save Kagome and miroku,sango,and kirara go to free the real wtr goddess. I.Y. gets there just in time. the wtr god turns into a giant snake and poles Inuyasha under the the water. meanwhile Sango and Miroku get to the cave and free the goddess but shes very small. they return to the shrine where the fake WG. is trying to drown I.Y. the wtr goddess parts the water to help IY he and Sango manage to get the trident the I.Y slices him in half and they difeat him. at the very end U see Miroku with a bunch of goods that he got for black maling the headman. THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
inuyasha and the gang are on a cliff taling while miroku is busy flirting with sango.shippo flies up as an illusion and tell them he say a castle in the middle of the lake.they start there journey and finds a village that was beeing protected by a water god who demands a chid sacrafice.as usual the gang comes to the rescue to help out the defenseless village.as they start to walk again a young boy lures them into the forest and demands that they work for him to destroy the water god.they al go to the shrine in the lake that shippo saw earlier that day.inuyasha eagerly jumps uup and cuts the guards they saw in frot of the castle and rush toward the water god to stop him from eating the water god.suddenly he use the trident of armacoy to drown the but they survie. miroku awakes finding sango unconsious from swallowing to much water. In a despriite and pervertive way he tries to braeth air into it but sango awakes and slaps him.than two former sevents of the water god bring inyasha to were they brought miroku and sango.they tell them about what happened and how the fake water god sealed the real one in the rock by the lake. inuyasha wakes up and goes to help kagome while miroku and sango go save the real water god.they unseal the cracked rock and join inuyasha and kagome.hey all work together and defeat the water god once and for all.in the end inuyasha starts to fuss about they did all that work and no jewel shard .than they all walk away into the next village.
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts when the gang is waiting for Shippo 2 return from looking for narokuos castal. Miroku tries 2 convince Sango 2 jion thier group. He starts rubbing her leg(lol) Shippo returns and says that he say a shrine in the middle of the lake. they skip to villagers carying a child to be sacrificed to there water god. when they offer to help the village yells at them that its not fair to the past sacriffices becaus it was his son's turn to be sacrificed. the villagers went on their way. a boy told them to follow him and them he offered them some things to hire them to kill the water god. the boy says something smart and Inuyasha repeatedly hits him in the head(lol:)they find out that the boy was the real headmans son and that his father told him to go into hiding and he secretly used another boy in his place the next sceen their in a boat. their follow the boat with the sacrifice. Inu easily beats the gards and theyrun in. the water god realizes that the sacrifice isnt the headmans son and hes about to kill him when they arive. Inu attacks him with tetsaiga but the water god turns it back with his trident. he uses a water atack thing and they'r washed away in the water. Inu tries 2 save Kagome but a big rock hits him and knocks him out. some how Kagome, the boy, and shippo end up on the floor of the shrine. the water god tries to eat the boy but Kagome hits his arm with her arrow. they run into a small room in the shrine to hide. Meanwhile Miroku,Sango, And Kielala are on a rock in the middle of the lake. Mirokou tries to wake sango up but she dosent move so he tries to give her cpr(lol) but she wakes up just befor he gives her mouth 2 mouth and she slaps him and then he states that his intentions were noble(ya right). 2 giant gold fish things carry Inu to the rock as well. they tell them that the water god is a fake and that the real one is sealed in a rock. Inu goes to save Kagome & Sango and Mirokou go to free the real water god. the Fake Wtr god turns into a snake and attacked Kagome but Inu stoped him . the fake wtr god pulled Inuyasha under the water. Mirokou & sango freed the real wtr god who is a very tiny woeman. they return to where The fakeWG is trying to drown INU. the real wtr god separated the water. the fake WG made a bunch of water tornados. they had to get the trident from the fake to stop the tornadoes. Inu managed to get it back but it falls in the water. the headmans son dove in to get it. Inu finaly slices the Fake WG in half. the real wtr goddess gets bigger when she toutched the trident and she calmed the storm. as their leaving they show Mirokou with a bunch of thing that he got for blackmailing the headman. The End
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
At the begining, the gang, including Sango, are sitting on a hill. They try to get Sango to join them, and Miroku starts rubbing her legs. Then, they begin to walk and they see a flood. They talk to a group of people who tell them to back off. Then, a little boy employes them to kill a fake water god, so his friend won't take his place as the sacrifice. They go to the fake god's shrine as he's about to eat the sacrifice. Inuyasha begins 2 fight w/ him, but he uses his trident and almost drowns them. Somehow, Kagome, the kid and the sacrifice aren't drowned, and they begin 2 fight the water god before running away. Then we see Sango and Miroku alone on a rock, and Miroku tries to use CPR on her B4 getting slapped. Then, fish come carrying Inuyashsa who then goes to help Kagome(again!)as Miroku and Sango go to rescue the real water god(ess). They find she is a little godess and Miroku ays he wants 2 try it, which pisses Sango off. They take her to where Inu's fighting the fake god. They help fight, and then they beat the fake god. They leave the town w/ a lot of stuff they got from it because Miroku blackmailed them into it.(hehehe!)the end
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode, the gang is at the top of a hill waiting for Shippo, who went to find Nuraku's castle. Inuyasha yells at Sango, telling her to join them. Miroku goes up to Sango and tells her to take it slow. Then she says, "I understand, but, is it neccasary to keep stroking my legs while you talk?" as she pinches his hands. Kagome says to Inuyasha, "At least he didnt hit on her until after she got better." Then Shippo appears and says he saw a shrine by a lake and Inuyasha says, "Is it Nuraku's castle?" In the next scene we see villagers reparing flood damage when the Inuyasha gang arrives. They see a bunch of villagers carrying a thingy and one says, "Behold, the human sacrifice." Kagome is really surprised by this. Inuyasha suddenly appears on the back of the thing carrying the child as the headman talks about the sacrifice. Inuyasha says, "It's probably soem demon with a jewel shard." and jumps down. Miroku comes in and hits him with his staff. Miroku says he could do an exocism but the headman refuses cuz its his sons turn to be sacrificed. Everyone gets suspicious of that. Then a boy tells the gang to follow him and Inuyasha thinks he has an attitude. The boy then gives them fine silk and stuff. Then he says, "Consider yourself hired to save the boy." Inuyasha punches his head. Then keeps puching it. (It is really funny!) The kid explains how the water god asks for a sacrifice to stop the floods when a white arrow lands on your roof. Then Miroku says how the kid looks like the headman. He says they have the same eyebrows and forehead. And Inuyasha says, "And the same attitude." The kid said that when the arrow landed on his roof his father told him to hide. Miroku says, "What a stupid, selfish parent." and Inuyasha says, "I agree with you there." They are all on a boat when they see guards. The kid says to hide but Inuyasha beats all the guards up. When they run inside, one guard says, "You cant enter here, its a sacred shrine!" and Inuyasha says, "Aw, shut up!" as he punches him. Meanwhile the fake sacrifice is found out and the water god is going to send him back in peices but Inuyasha bursts in. He attacks with his sword but it is transformed back becuase of the trident. The real sacrifice says for the water god to take him but the water god summons a flood of water. Inuyasha tries to save Kagome but is hit by a rock and knocked out. Kagome lands back in the shrine and hits the water god which makes him want to kill her. Sango and Miroku washed up outside the shrine on a rock. Sango doesnt move so Miroku goes to breath air into her. Just as he gets to her lips, she wakes up and slaps him. Then two fish carry Inuyasha to Miroku and Sango. The fish explain how the water god is fake and the real one is trapped in a rock. Miroku and sango are going to go save it but Inuyasha says, "NO! Saving Kagome has to come first!" and runs off. Sango and Miroku unseal the rock where the woman water god is. She is tiny and Miroku said it would be a first and Sango gets pissed. Anyhoo, just as the water god is about to kill Kagome, Inuyasha comes. The water god goes into the water and changes into a snake and Inuyasha says, "You are showing your true colors now fake!" Miroku and Sango arrive with the water goddess as Inuyasha is dragged underwater. The water goddess parts the waters and helps Inuyasha. The water god (the fake one) starts to summon a twister and the water goddess says she needs her trident to stop it. Inuyasha grabs the trident and throws it. But the snake hits it with its tail and it falls in the water. The headmans son jumps in after it. After some struggle, Inuyasha cuts the snake in half and Miroku uses his wind tunnel to suck the snake in. The water goddess uses her trident to become big again and stops the twister. Inuyasha kind of angry though cuz there was no jewel shard. So all he was doing was a good simaritan act.
Episode Summary for Episode 27 - The Lake Of The Evil Water God. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ok, it starts off with the gang waiting for Shippo to come back with what he sees. (oh yah while waiting Miroku hits on Sango for the 1st time) When Shippo comes back he reports that he saw a lake with a shrine in the middle of it (Shippo looks like a pink puff when he comes back but then he returns to his normal look) Then, they go to a vilage right next to a lake. But the village is destroyed by a giant flood Next they see these people carring this red cabana (normally used for roalty) Then they over here vilagers talking about time for the child sacrifice Then out of no where I.Y. pops out ridding on the cabana and then he starts yelling at the people holding it. Miroku stops him and they say that its the headmans son going to be sacrificed Then they say they are going to save the boy (once the men leave)A boy appers and wants to hire I.Y. and gang In return he offers them rich goods so they can destroy water g-d (then I.Y. starts hitting the boy over the head til he lerns who is boss constantly) In the next seen the offerd boy is sent to the water g-d shrine then it returns to the gang for a lil and they find out that the boy who hired him is the real son of the headmans and the one being sacrificed is the friend of the son and that the water g-d demanded sacrifices a half of a yaer ago and a child was selected when a white arrow fell on the top of a house and when it landed on their house the father told the child to run away Then they take another boat to the shrine where I.Y. beats up some guards and breaks in Then it goes to a small sen where the water g-d figures out that the boy is not the real brothe r and thretensd to shread him in tiny pieces Then it goes back to the gang and they destroy more guards until they get to the water g-d and I.Y. attacks him with Tesiga (excuse my spelling) but he blocks it with a his Trident. And I.Y. attack did not work. Then the water g-d sepersts all of them with his water attack Kagome is with the 23 kids and Shippo while the others are taken to a rock by these fish (oh yah second time Miroku tries to hit on Sango) The fish tell them that the water g-d is not the real water g-d but the real one is in a rock and that the demon stole the Trident from the water g-d. Then I.Y. goes off to save Kagome while Miroku and Sango go off to save the real water g-d Meanwhile Kagome shots an arrow and damages the fake water g-ds arm and runs away to a sheed with the kidsbut the water g-d finds them and attacks them but inuyasha gets in the way and saves them Meanwhile Sango and Miroku go to the rock and free the water g-dess (the g-d is a woman) (this is where things get weird) The water g-dess is tiny and Miroku says That she is beautiful but so tiny and that it will be hard for him to do it but he is willing to give it a try then Sango says that Try what in load voice then he repeats to himself rsit all temptations. (real scary) any way we get back to the gang and I.Y. is being drowned when Miroku, Sango, and the water g-ddess return wter goddess saves I.Y. by parting the waters then they Fight the fake Water G-d and beat him while returning the trident to the Water g-ddess Once they give the Trident back She turns to normal size again Then it goes to the lil boys wishing the could say a proper good bye before they left and wanting to be like them. And then it goes back to gang and they find out that Miroku did some last minute black mailing and got great stuff. Then he suggest that they sell the stuff and have a party. Then it ends
The End

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