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Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it all starts out with the gang at a village,Kagome is fanning some kind of smokey stuff to lure out a demon rat,Inuyasha isnt really helping becuase his nose is sensitive to the smell and he doesnt like the smell.When the demon comes out Sango uses her boomarang to kill it,Miroku see's a girl in the crowd and she looks at him,the she walks away ,and miroku follows her.

then it shows Kagome rubbing Inuyashas back becuase he's still dizzy from the stuff they usesd to lure out the demon,Sango asks where Miroku is and Shippou tells her that he seen him walk off with some girl and that hes probally going to ask her to bare his child for him,Sango says "he says what?!",then the scene goes to Miroku and the girl talking,the girl is saying that she was a princees or something and her family was killed and stuff like that,then she starts telling Miroku that shes looing for a man that could grant her a child and Miroku gets excited,the girl hugs him,he hugs her back ,but then she turns into a gaint mantis demon and miroku pushes her way and says"i knew it was to good to be true"or somthing like that.

Miroku sucks up the demon with his wind tunnel but the when the praying mantis demon goes in his wind tunnel it scartches the sides of mirokus windtunnel and it hurts Mirokus hand.

the goes to the gang eating Kagome and Sango are giving Miroku cold stares and Miroku asks Inuyasha"is it just me?,or have the girls been giving me cold stares?..,then Inuyasha tells him"well i dont know (i forgot what he said sorry..)well what do you expect miroku?! you freak them out!!.

in the next secene it shows them sleeping,miroku hand still hurts from when the demon ripped his wind tunnel,then it goes to a flashback,it shows when miroku was a kid,hes running out of the house and yelling "father!"then a man(named musin)stops him he tells him that if he gets any closer he will be sucked into his fathers windtunnel,then the flashback ends..in the morning Inuyasha and the others can't find Miroku,then a man tells them that he left early this morning and that he told him to tell them that he good luck or something like that.

the scene goes to miroku on his raccon friends back(the raccon person is in a wierd form where he flys)and they are flying in the sky,miroku tells his friend to land,when they land theres a house and they into it ,miroku sees mushin,mushin is drnk lying on the floor,miroku kicks him and he wakes up,miroku asks him if e could help him,then mushin tells him that he cant do anything and hes gunna die,but he was just kidding around,miroku gets mad and tells him"do you want to get sucked in?!" then the mushin tells miroku to go get the ingerdents so he could help him.

then the scene goes to miroku and his raccon friend,miroku is under a waterfall and his friend is watching him,they are talking about something but i wasnt really lsitening to what they were saying..
then it shows miroku in the house again but hes sleeping,mushin goes to get somthing and a demon posses him,mushin gives miroku something so he wont be able to move for awhile,miroku is sleeping and mushin trys to kill him by uses a buther knife, but before he could hit him miroku gets out of the way miroku tells mushin that he isnt the real mushin,mushin tells him "no im a worm charmer,a guy named naraku said if i kill you he'll lend me a jewel shard" miroku gets away by riding on his raccon friends back when they get a little ways away miroku tells his friend to go,or else he will be killed,so the raccon guy leaves miroku by his fathers grave,the raccon guy runs off to find Inuyasha and the gang,when he does find him he tells them miroku is,

miroku waits for his death to come honourably,just when the demons are about to attack miroku Inuyasha sves him

mushin attacks with a whole bunch of demons Inuyasha kills the demons but they just keep coming they figur out that they'll have t o find the demon worm charmer in order to stop the demons from coming,miroku uses his windtunnel (even though he was told not to or else he would die)to suck up the demons,miroku closes his windtunnel and inuyasha tells him if he treis to use it agai hes gunna rip his arm off,the another big group of demons come inuyasha discovers the true poer of the tetsuiega everyone and even inuyasha is shocked by the power.

Inuyasha attacks mushin but mushin throws some kind of beads at his swrod the beads wrap around the tetsuiega transforming it back,then the beads wrap around inuyasha making him drop the tetsuiega,the beads start draining his energy,Kagime and sanog find the worm charmer kagome fires an arrow at it but misses,Sango throws her boomerang at it and slices it in half killing it,Inuyasha brakes the beads and picks up the tetsuiega.Kagome puts a bottle buy mushin and the wom charmers spell (or whatever )comes out and into the bottle Kagome closes the bottle ,mushin returns to normal and mends mirokus windtunnel,miroku goes to sleep,mushin asks inuyasha to come they go outside mushin tell inuyasha that he better kill naraku soon or miroku will be sucked up by his windtunnel,then it goes t kagome and sango they are sitting by miroku talking,miroku wakes up and looks at his right hand(the hand with the windtunnel)sango and kagome ask whats wrong,then sango makes a funny face,then it shows mirokus left hend touching her butt she hits him the head the inuyasha says "well he sure seems livly enough for me!


Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts off with Sango and Kagome using smoke or something to lure a rat deamon out of a building. The villigers are watching. Inuyasha is on the ground. His nose can't stand the smell of the rat. Sango uses her boomarang to kill the rat.

Meanwhile, Miroku is TRYING to help, he spots a beautiful girl in the crowd watching. She looks at him, and walks away, Miroku, being the pervert he is, follows him. As they walk, she says she is a survival of war and is alone, she wants to marry, and have a family of her own. Miroku gets excited. Miroku and the girl hug. Suddenly she turns into a prying mantis deamon and says she is going to kill him, Miroku has theese funny eyes as he's saying "I should've known, this is too good to be true." Then he and the mantis deamon start fighting.

Back to Inuyasha. Kagome is rubbing Inuyasha's back to calm him, but he's still dizzy.Then Sango walks in, and notices that Miroku is gone, and asks where he is. Shippo then informs her that Miroku followed some girl, and is probly asking her to bear his child. Sango is shocked and goes "HE SAYS WHAT?"

Miroku is fighting, and relizes he has to use his wind tunnel, he uses it, and while the mantis is being sucked in, it's "claws" scrape the sides of Miroku's wind tunnel. Miroku closes his wind tunnel, and says that it hurts. He heads back to the village to where the others are.

They're eating dinner, I think, and Kagome and Sango are giving Miroku cold stares. Miroku notices and whispers to Inuyasha "Is it me, or have they been giving me cold stares?" Inuyaha says something like it's just you.

During the night, when they're sleeping, Miroku is looking at his wind tunnel and it still hurts. He think about how his father died. We go to a flashback to when he was a kid, Little Miroku runs outside yelling "FATHER!" But an man (he's important, he raised Miroku, we'll just call him Miroku's stepdad since I can't remember his name.) stops him. He says that if Miroku gets any furter, he'll get sucked into his father's wind tunnel. Suddenly, there is a bang, and there is a giant crater. The flashback is complete.

The next day, everyone wonders where Miroku is, a monk comes by and tells them that Miroku left early that morning. Kagome is worried and wonders why, Inuyasha doesn't seem to care.

Miroku is with his raccoon friend transformed. Miroku is going to visit his stepdad to see if he can fix his wind tunnel cause it still hurts. As they arrive, the raccoon asks what's the big crater? Miroku answers that it's his father's grave. Miroku enters the house ahead and sees his stepdad. Miroku tries to awaken his drunk stepdad. When he is awake, he asks why Miroku is here. Miroku explains about the mantis deamon and his wind tunnel, and asks if he can fix it. Miroku's stepdad examines it and then says that Miroku will die tomorrow. Miroku looks shocked and scared. But then Miroku's stepdad says lighten up! I was only joking! Miroku gets angry, and says not to do it again or he'll suck him in his wind tunnel. Miroku's stepdad just says Miroku should go to his training, while he gathers herbs and medicine.

Miroku is sitting underneth a waterfal with his raccoon friend watching him.

Meanwhile, Miroku's stepdad is gathering stuff, a deamon comes and posessed Miroku's stepdad.

Miroku is back, Miroku's stepsdad applies the medicine. Miroku falls alseep. The posessed stepdad looks at him, and laughs saying it was too easy, that this is what Naraku wanted him to kill, for jewl shards. He has a knife and just as he's about to kill Miroku, he wakes up and gets out of the way. Miroku is numb because of the medicine. He runs, but then the deamon that posessed Miroku's stepdad, unleased loads of deamons. Miroku falls into his dad's grave, the giant crater.

Elsewhere, Inuyash, Kagome, Sango, and Shippo decide to look for Miroku. Mayoga shows up, and Kagome tells him to come. Mayoga hops onto Sango instead. Kagome's like "Is she more safe then me?!" Mayoga sort of laughs nervously. They start looking for Miroku.

Miroku is trying to hold off the deamons using his Budda powers. Making a barrier. He tells the raccoon to go. The raccoon leaves hopeing to find Inuyasha. Deamons attack him. He is flying scared in the sky, and Inuyasha and the gang see him fall. They ask where Miroku is, and he leads them to him, and explains why Miroku had to go. Miroku's barrier is gone, and he thinks he is gonna die. But then inuyasha saves him. While everyone is fighting, Miroku's stepdad comes out and attacks Inuyasha. Inuyasha tries to kill him but can't because he's the only one that can help Miroku. Mayoga tells Kagome to look for the deamon that posessed him, and get it's jar, so that they can get the evil spirit form Miroku's stepdad. Miroku takes off the beads and stuff and unleased his wind tunnel. Inuyasha knowing that if Miroku did that, he would die, tells Miroku, that if he did that again, he would rip Miroku's arm off. Sango manages to kill the demon responsible for possesing Miroku's stepdad. The jar falls from the sky, but Shippo catches it. Miroku tells Inuyasha to save himself. Inuyasha telling Miroku that he won't leave cause he didn't want no guilt trip later on, gets angry. He uses Tetsaiga and uses it's ultimate attack. Everyone is surprised espessially Inuyasha. Kagome then say's "Inuyasha...you've discovered Tetsaiga's true power."

We are then in Miroku's former home, afer getting rid of the spirit that was possesing Miroku's stepdad. He gave Miroku some medicine, and Miroku was resting with the girls watching him. Miroku's stepdad then talks to Inuyasha outside. Saying that Miroku lives a cursed life, and that his wind tunnel has gotten bigger, and that he may die next year or so. Inuyasha listens and tells him that they'll kill Naraku before that happens.

Inside Miroku wakes up, everyone is happy. Suddenly he gaspes as he looks at his wind tunnel. Everyone is scared that something is wrong as they sit up wondering what is wrong. Then we get a close up of Sango's face. She has a funny expression. We then see that Miroku was only faking it, so he could rub Sango's rear. Sango then hits him with a wooden bowl. The raccoon's like "Oh master, Miroku" Inuyasha and Miroku's stepdad watch and Inuyasha comments that Miroku is better already. Miroku's stepdad then ends the episode by saying that Miroku's family is feared.
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango and Kagome are about to slay a demon-Inu yasha get very nausiouse from the smoke they used to lure out the demon-and Miroku finds a cute girl in the crowd(big surprise) He tries to flirt with her,And she wants him to bear her child...But then she turnes into a giant Praying mantace((sorry for the spelling))As Miroku tries to suck it up through his wind hole the Demon`s sharp Claws cut the entrance,then Miroku goes to his old place to get it sewn up but his friend is controled by a demon and tries to kill Miroku,so in the end Miroku`s wind hole gets repaired but Miroku will still oventually die...Unless they can kill Naraku-DAMN NARAKU!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ok, in this episode, Sango is trying to smoke out a demon from a village and Inuyasha is all swirly eyed. Then we see miroku, and he sees a beautiful "woman" . He follows her, and she turns out to be a demon (kinda like a praying mantis). Well anyways, Miroku trys to suck her into his wind tunnel, but the demon rips it. Then Miroku runs off, and is seen flying on the transformed raccoon dude. Then he goes to get the wind tunnel fixed by this other monk guy. While Miroku is sleeping (zzzzzzzzz) Jaken does something, and possesses the other monk guy. The dude trys to kill Miroku while he is weak. Then bla bla bla .... a whole bunch of demons attack, and it looks like InuYasha might die (noooooo!), but Miroku isn't able to do anything, cuz if he does, his wind tunnel will completely engulf him. A few dead demons and a weak InuYasha later Miroku does use his wind tunnel to save everyone. But he doesn't die, instead the no longer possessed monk dude sews up the rip and says " he's very weak, but he'll be ok" (or, something like that). Then Sango (oh yeah, the gangs all in the temple where Miroku is "sleeping") leans over Miroku, and he wakes up. Suddenly his eyes get wide, and we see a scene of him grabbing her butt. She slaps him, and says " well, he's back to normal". The End
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The inu gang fight some demon, rather unaventfall. Miroku meets a girl that ACTUALLY seems to like him. They flirt for a wile, until the girl turns into a demon. Mroku sucks the demon into his wind tunnel, but then for some reason his hand gets injured. The gang are sleeping at the villaige, Miroku is looking at his right hand. Shippo notices this. The next day Miroku is missing. He went to some old friend monk who rased him, and can fix his injured wind tunnel. The old guy gives Miroku a drug to parilize him. Then shows that he is bieng conroled by a demon. miroku fights him of but the drug is starting to take affect. Meanwhile the gang see Naraku bugs flying and figure there going to wherever miroku is so they follow the bugs. miroku cant continue fighting, and with the aid of a demon friend gets away. But the demons are right behind him. He tells his friend to save himself and that he will stay here. the demon friend finds Inuyasha and gang and tell them whre miroku is. Inuyasha gats there right in time to stop a demon from killing miroku. Miroku is surprised that Inu is there. after some fighting miroku uses his wind tunnel, even though it could suck them all up. Inu stops him, and tells him if he did it again he would rip the arm of of miroku. Demons continue to come and are starting to overpower inu. Then suddenly inu uses the swords ultimate attack. and kills all the Demons finally they stop the demon that is controling the monk, and the monk fixes mirokus hand before it destroys everyone. Miroku makes a woried face as he stares at his right hand everyone wonders whats wrong. and they soon find out that he was only making a destaction to tuch Sangos butt.
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode first starts off by Sango and Kagome finding a demon rat. Miroku sees a mysterious girl and walks toward her. Sango kills the rat with her boomerang and it shrinks.

Kagome rubs Inuyasha's back comforting him because he couldn't stand the smell of the rat. Kagome asks Shippo where Miroku is. He says he went to follow a woman. Miroku finds the girl. She tells him that she is a survivor from a war. She walks up to him and hugs him. Sddenly a giant green mantis emerges from her body about to attack Miroku. He opens his wind tunnel and sucks the creature in. While it was coming in, the claws scraped the sides of Miroku's wind tunnel. When Miroku gets back, he notices Kagome and Sango have been staring at him for a long time. Inuyasha tells him that its from all the women he's been seeing. (I mean give it a rest Miroku!). They fall asleep. Miroku is worried about his wind tunnel. When they wake up, they notice that Miroku left. Miroku goes to his old friend Mushine to repair his wind tunnel. Kagome insists that they should find Miroku. Meanwhile, Mushine is attacked by a demon charmer in which the demon can be disguised as him. The demon Mushine walks up to Miroku and draws a knife. He swings it at Miroku but Miroku evades the attack. Inuyasha and the rest find one of Naraku's insects and follow it. Miroku and Hachi run off from the temple. miroku tells Hachi to run away so he won't get hurt. Naraku's insects surround Hachi in the air and he falls. Miroku sits near a statue, thinking that if he hadn't been flirting with women, he wouldn't be in a dangerous situation. Hachi takes Inuasyha, Sango, Kagome, and Shippo to Miroku. Miroku remains calm and prepares to accept his death as the demons dash toward him. suddenly, he is saved by Inuaysha as he slices the demons to pieces. Everyone rushes to Miroku knowing that he is safe. The demon monk Mushine attacks Inuaysha with magic beads. Shippo spots the demon charmer. Kagome shoots it with her arrow but misses. Mushine threatens Inuyasha when he sees that the beads are draining his power. Inuyasha goes to attack Mushine but he tells him that he cannot kill him because he is the only one who can help Miroku. Miroku sucks in the demons. Inuyasha punches Mushine and rushes toward Miroku. Miroku loses his balance and falls. Inuyasha picks up his Tetsusaiga and slashes all the demons. The demon charmer tries to flee, but Sango destroys it with her boomerang. The jar used to make the demon disguise itself as Mushine falls, but Shippo catches it. Kagome uses it to cure mushine. Mushine tells Inuaysha that Miroku's life has been shortened. It was because of a curse by Naraku. He says that if they kill Naraku, the curse will be over. Miroku wakes up and pretends his wind tunnel still hurts. He raises his hand and rub's Sango's butt. Sango smacks him on the head with a wooden bowl.
(Miroku, you're foolish ways can get you in trouble around the girls sometimes).

Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku get hurt his kazaana with a woman youkai and watch his hand all the night. next day morning he went to his uncle`s house and told him what happened with his kazaana ande his uncle gave him some medicine and miroku gets sleepy. inuyasha and the others looked for him but they didn`t find him. miroku`s uncle stuck under the control of a demon and inuyasha saved him and bet the youkai who controled miroku`s uncle.
miroku was in the bed and kagome, sango and shippo were with him. miroku woke up and grabes sango`s rear and she hits him
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in the begining of this episode Miroko sees a beutiful young woman she runs and of course he follows her when they are alone she transforms into a giant praying mantis demon (just his luck right) and attacks him then he gets his wind tunnel nicked trying to suck it in!!! so he go's to Mushin's temple the place where he grew up to get it repraded of course when he gets there the guy who raised him is drunk "wake up you drunkin old B******"when he finally does wake up a worm demon enchanter uses him like a puppet then he trys to cut of Miroko's head and Miroko can't use his wind Tunnel soon he is to tired to move and he can't fight off the millions of worm demons attacking him then here comes InuYasha out of nowhere and uses the power of the tetsiaga (which he still hasn't mastered) and they all die with one strike!!! they destory the bottle that the worm enchanter is useing to control the old man and Miroko gets his his wind tunnel fixed but he still cant use it for awhile he's lucky he didn't get killed!!! and now everyone is on there way again!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
While Sango,and Kagome were slaying demons Miroku saw a beautiful young lady that was standing in the crowd that was watching them slay demons.He followed her,and found out that the women was a giant demon in descaise.he sucked the demon in to his wind tunnel,but his wind tunnel got injured by the sharp wings that the demon had. He leaves Inuyasha and the others in the middle of the night,and goes to Mushine,who had raise Miroku.When he goes to gather some medicine,he is stuck under control of a demon,and tries to kill Miroku for the sacred jewel Naraku promissed to give him if he killed Miroku.He gets poisoned with the medicine the demon gave him.Miroku then tells his buddy kashi to leave.He goes to Inuyasha for help.He goes,and finds Miroku in danger.after getting trapped with big prayer beads,and Miroku using the damaged wind tunnel Inuyasha says stuff,and swings his Tetsusaiga,and somehow activates Wind Scar.then Miroku is in fine shape,and gets his wind tunnel stitched up.
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
While Inuyasha and company tend to a demon in a town, Miroku becomes attracted to a beautiful woman who lures him out of town. The woman turns out to be a praying mantis demon. Miroku sucks up the mantis with his hand but the blade of the mantis bruises Miroku's Wind Tunnel. At night, Miroku sneaks over to his old shrine where he hopes the drunk priest, Mushing, can help repair the bruise. While there, a demon worm charmer takes control of Mushing who was summoned by Naraku to kill Miroku for a Shikone jewel shard. Miroku is prepared to die to the demon worms but Inuyasha and company later show up. After a tough battle where Inuyasha finally unleashes the Tetsusaiga's true power, the worm charmer is eventually killed. The next day, Mushing repairs Miroku's hand and asks Inuyasha to find and kill Naraku quickly so that Miroku doesn't die because of the Wind Tunnel. When Sango and Kagome go to see Miroku, the monk still can't help himself with lechery as he grabs Sango's rear. She gets mad and hits Miroku in the head with a water bucket.
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku is hitting on this woman who is really a praying-mantis demon. He sucks her up with his wind tunnel. It rips so he goes to see Munsin so he can fix it so that it doesn't swallow him up like it did to his father. But Munsin is possed by a demon & tries to kill Miroku. Miroku sits on his father's grave to die "because he likes to flirt with women." but then Inuyasha comes & saves him with the wind scar.
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku rips his wind tunnel open after sucking a praying-mantis demon through it. He leaves the group to go to his old teacher Mushin, who can repair the rip. Unfortunately, a demon possesses Mushin, who then paralyzes Miroku and tries to kill him. Miroku escapes with the help of Hatchi, but decides that there is nothing he can do and sits by his father's grave, waiting "honorably" for death. Inu-Yasha and company jump in to save Miroku, and Inu-Yasha uses the wind scar for the first time, unknowingly. He kills the possessor demon and Mushin is back to normal He fixes Miroku's wind tunnel, but tells him he can't use it for a little while. Miroku goes back to the group.
Episode Summary for Episode 28 - Miroku Falls Into A Dangerous Trap. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After a fight with a demon, Miroku rips his wind tunnel and leaves the group to go back to his old mentor, Mushin. Who can repair the hole. Mushin is very weird for some reason. it turns out he's being controlled by a demon. Mushin paralizes Miroku and gets ready to kill him. Miroku tries to run but can't so he sits and waits for his death. IF he uses his wind tunnel it will grow bigger and absorb him too. so he sits near his father's grave and waits to die. Mushin come and is a second from killing him when Inuyasha come and distroys the demon controlling Mushin. Mushin is back to normal and he repairs Miroku's wind tunnel. Miroku can move again and he and Inuyasha go back with the gang.