Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode starts with Kegome at school and forgetting her books and then starts saying how annoying her brother is. After all this she tells Sango,who then starts talking about how nice it is to have a brother. After this they see a wounded villager stagering down the road, he falls down and dies.They then all go to this village and find hundreds slaughtered and traps are everywhere and then Sangos brother steps out of a building and attacks Inuyasha he tries to fight back while Sango stands there and watches.

After all this Sango chases after her brother, when she catches up she runs into Naraku, he then tells her to steal Inuyashas sword and he will grant her brother everlasting life.
Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome's grandpa is thinking of new excuses for her absence while shes in the Fuetle era.blah blah blah.she takes a hot bath with Sango
and says"ouch.What a bad scar."Oh my little brother gave it to me at
teh bad ass baboons castle(not exact words)"
Sango expects that Miroku is watching them(what else would you do with his reputation)a throws a rock but it was only a monkey(HAHAHAHA)
then teh boys cum runnin to em not know tht they were naked and both get slapped(Inuyasha didn't deseerve it.well okay from sango but not
Kagome,after he'd already spoonned with Kikyo and Kagome is a recincarnation) miroku says"What we saw back there was a beautiful sight."and Inuyasha gets all pissed and said"HEy I didn't wanna see that monk!"shippo complaines bout K's school bag.any ways I'm skippin
to my favorite part.Kagome said"Oh Inuyasha.Trying to put on a tough
guy act all the time when really your sensitive down inside"she puts her arm on his shoulder.he reaches up and grabs her hand and thinks"
After what I did back there,it's not safe.Who knows next time I transform,I could end up atacking you with these claws."so you can tell in about 13 episodes of it,theres a love seen or about to see kikyo's boobs(so sweet)
Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode first starts off by Kagome's grandpa thinking of excuses for Kagome's school on why she is always absent because she is always going to the feudal era. But insted, she goes to school. She forgets her books but the teacher walks in and gives the books to her from Sota that she forgot. She realizes that she can do better in the feudal era than in school.

Meanwhile, back in the feudal era, Naraku plots to send Kohaku, Sango's little brother to kill Inuyasha and his friends. Inuyasha practices on how to figure out Tetsusaiga's true power. Miroku tells Inuyasha to be alert by Naraku's attacks. While Miroku and inuyasha are talking, Sango and Kagome are ready to go into it. Sango tells Kagome that Miroku would peek at them (like a pervert he is) but wants to know if Inuyasha would. Kagome says he wouldn't because he is not like that. While in the hot spring, Kagome notices a scar on sango's back. Sango said that she got the scar from her brother. At that moment, Sango notices Miroku and Inuyasha listening to them. She picks up a rock and throws it at the bush. But it wasn't them, she hit a monkey. But then, Miroku and Inuyasha step out to see what happend. Kagome and and sango smack them on the head because they saw the girls with no clothes on.

Kagome and Sango get redressed. Then they start to leave. Shippo notices Kagome's bag is heavy with all her school books in it. Shippo tells Kagome that Miroku tells her to skip school, but she doesn't want to because she thought it would be embarassing if sota would be in the same grade as her. Just then, they notice a man walking toward them, but now dead. Inuyasha smells blood. they go to a village and find all the villagers slaughtered. Sango throws rock in a house and it explodes. She notices that there are traps set everywhere. When Inuyasha slashes another house with his sword, a boy jumps out. Sango recognizes that the boy is her brother Kohaku. Kilala also recognizes him. She follows him through a spirit shield. Naraku comes into the scene. He tells Sango that he saved Kohaku, but it was the shikon Jewel that is keeping him alive. If the jewel is taken from him, then he will die. Naraku tells sango that if she wants Kohaku to stay alive, she has to bring the tetsusaiga from Inuyasha. Sango walks back to Kagome and the rest. They were worried about her. Inuyasha tells miroku that he has to kill Kohaku beacuse he really isn't real. While at the cabin, where they are sleeping, Sango plans to steal the tetsusaiga. End.
Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
sango's bro comes back to life by the tricks of Naraku.... he kills a whole town. she follows kohaku and find naraku... he says the only way to let him live is to bring the tetsusaiga to him...
Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
During the night, Kagome and Sango are bathing at a hot springs. Kagome notices a scar on her back which came from Kohaku's weapon attack. Both chat about their lives to each other until they hear rustling in the bushes. Assuming that it's Miroku, Sango tosses a rock at the bush and it turns out to be a monkey instead. Miroku and Inuyasha go to check on the situation but they get hit in the head for seeing them naked. Miroku claims that despite the pain, it was worth the sight. (Okay!!)The next day while the group is traveling, Kagome and Sango are each talking about their brothers until they come to a village where all the people were killed by Kohaku being controlled by Naraku. Kohaku runs off after a short confrontation with the group where Sango chases after him. When the others try to follow, Naraku sets up a spirit shield to keep them from following. Sango confronts both Naraku and Kohaku as Naraku promises to restore Kohaku's life if she stole the Tetsusaiga from Inuyasha.
Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts with Sango remembering what Naraku has done to her brother Kohaku. She has to bring him Inuyasha's sword if she wants to have Kohaku back to his normal self. She awakes and decides she needs to choose whether or not to take it. Inuyasha wakes up and asks her whats wrong. Sango says everything is okay. Inuyasha says he knows that they have to kill Kohaku and if he was in her shoes he couldn't do it. Kagome wakes up and knows that he is thinking of Kikyo as he says this. Then Miroku says to Inuyasha to be on his guard that they are surrounded by demons. They all run outside and see the demons gathering. Thats when Inuyasha says that if they kill the ring leader that the demons would be able to be defeated. Then Kohaku appears and begins to fight Inuyasha. Inuyasha knocks Kohaku to the ground and Inuyasha is about to kill him when Kagome screams not to kill him. Then Inuyasha says he shouldn't of caved in and says he should kill him. Then Kohaku agrees and takes his weapon and begins to hack away at the shikon shard embedded in his back. Sango feels the pressure and knowing that if it is removed he will instantly die she takes her giant boomerang and hits the tetsaiga with it. Kohaku jumps and rides out to return to Naraku. Sango grabs the sword hops on Kilala and follows. Inuyasha and company follows the scent of Kohaku's blood. Sango arrives and begins to fight Naraku then he uses Kohaku to fight her. When Sango is given the choice of fighting Kohaku or dying she chooses death. Thats when the gang arrives and saves the day. Kagome gets really ticked and shoots an arrow at Naraku which blows up the bottom part of his body. He disappears and Sango tries to go after him. Thats when Kagome and the others try to convince her that they need her. Inuyasha evens tells her (in his own bizarre aggressive yet cute way) to stay. Thats when Sango breaks down in Kagome's arms.
Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It all started when Naraku (the D@nm baboon) told Sango to steal the Tenseiga (the sword)from Inuyasha so that he can save her little brother Kohaku's life .Then in ep.29 (every one is asleep in a little hut) she wants to steal the tenseiga but Inuyasha woke up and asked her,"what's wrong Sango?" she answered,"Oh nothing,I just couldn't sleep." Then sooner or later Miroku(the perverted 19year old monk)woke up and told Inuyasha,"You better have a look out Inuyasha, we are surrounded." Then Kagome wakes up. The whole gang goes out side to see wants happening. And saw Kohaku with a bunch of ugly @$$ demons behind him.

Then they starts to fight and Sango being a total dumb @$$ takes the Tenseiga from Inuyasha,and goes after her brother on Kilala(I think that's how you spell her name.)N-E-WAYZ…
the other part of the Inuyasha gang starts to run after Sango.They arrived at Naraku's castle.(finally!)then they start to fight but when Inuyasha and the gang came Sango was injured badly by her little brother.(Hey!Kohaku's memories were earased by the D@MN baboon ok?!)Kagome goes and help Sango out. While the "MEN" goes on to try to kill the stupid/ugly @$$ Naraku. But then the Baboon sprayed out his poison gas surrounding the Inuyasha gang.Then POOR Sango getting her mask out trying to give it to Kohaku.I think he accepted his sister's offer.(This is MY favorite part in this EP.!)ON the other hand… Kagome couldn't take it any more and took her arrows out and shoots the baboon Twice! And it hited him both times!everyone was so surprised! Inuyasha was the one that was surprised the most!(You go Kagome!GIRL…you sure did show that ugly Baboon!)

When Kagome shot Naraku he said,"This girl reminds me of KIkyou! (shoots him the second time) this is KIkyou's arrows!"Duh you stupid Baboon!she is the recarnation OF kikyou! (not exact words but....oh well you get my point though right?)Then he disapears wounded.Then the whole Baboon castle disapears with him. Now the whole gang is Ok,except Sango.(Kohaku disapeared with the Baboon earlier)Then guess whats happens next?!Inuyasha complaments Kagome!He said,"Kagome!, I'd never seen you fight like that before!It's like me fighting!" can you believeit? he can be nice some times too! Sango wants to leave the group but the said no! so now she's staying.THE END!

Episode Summary for Episode 29 - Sango's Suffering And Kohaku's Life. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
While Miroku and Inu Yasha is having a conversation, Sango and Kagome is about to take a nice, hot bath in the hot spring. Sango hears something, suspecting that it is Miroku
(he's a pervert)…..Except it was a monkey!
Inu Yasha and Miroku hears the girls (but they didn't know that they were taking a bath!) and saw them naked!

The next day, Sango, Kagome, and Shippo was walking (leaving Inu Yasha and miroku behind).They start talking about little brothers, but Sango is looking sad. She tells how she had a little brother named Kohaku, who dided with the family, killed by Naraku.

Then a villager who's leg is bleeding comes to their way, asking for help. Kagome yells over to Inu Yasha.

Inu Yasha says "This blood is fresh. I can smell blood in the air. "

Inu Yasha and his gang go to a village that has been slottered by someone or something.
They begin to search for clues until Sango tells them to stop and throws a rock or something to a little house. The house explodes. "There are traps in places. If you make a move, your leg could get blown off," says Sango.

Guess what happens next? Inu Yasha won't listen (like always) and attacks a house. Kohaku jumps out with his exterminator uniform and his sharp, pointy thing. Kagome wonders why he was wearing a uniform just like Sango's and was surprised he was Sango's little brother.

Sango says his name quietly and Kagome hears her say it. Kohaku runs away and Sango chases after him into the forest. Inu Yasha chases after him too except there was a sacred wall or something. Sango was the only one who could enter it (I wonder why…)

When she enters, she asks Kohaku to take off his mask, wondering why he was still alive.
Few secons or minutes later, Naraku in his baboon mask form appears behind Kohaku.
Naraku explains that the shikkon jewl in his back is what made him live again just like Sango. Then he says "in order to save your brother's life, you, Sango must steal the tesuaiga, that precious sword of Inu Yasha."

Sango returns to the gang who was waiting outside the sacred wall. She doesn't mention anything that happened between her, Kohaku, and Naraku.

At night while everyone is sleeping, Sango is telling herself that she must steal the tesuaiga from Inu Yasha no matter what in order to save her little brother.