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Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
First of all, Kagome's taking a bath in a lake and crys that the water is so cold. Kaede is telling her to get out , but she still stays in the bath. Then she thinks about what happaned the last few days. Then she gets out and get into Kikyo's clothing, she even has her hair in a Kikyo way!

InuYasha thinks she looks like Kikyo and toddels. Then a lady calls Kaede to help her and Kaede tells Inuyasha and kagome to try not to fight. Then InuYasha tells Kagome to take off her clothes, then Kagome bangs a rock on his head. "I mealt to get into your clothes not get naked!" Inuyasha yelled, pioting to her clothes. Then Kagome takes her clothes and walk away. Inuyasha askes where she's going and Kagome yells "HOME!"

Then it goes to Kaede and the lady. They were in the lady's hut and her child is ill. The lady says that she had been okay today, when she flew up and Kaede told the lady to back up. Then she notised that it looked like hair and then the knife wiggled to the child's hand and she lifed it.

Kagome is walking to the well and talking about InuYasha. Then she lays her clothes down and stands up. The minit she did, she got cut. "Looks like hair!" She said. Then a girl (a demon really,) named Yura appeared. She said to finish Kagome up and send hair down to get the box that held one shard. She opens it and finds one shard. She stays confadent and draws a sword, then jumps down. Kagome grapes and
yura hit her. Then kagome flew into the well. "That's weird, to think about it, so is that girl!" Yura said.

InuYasha is runing to find Kagome and visits the villge. He see's girls handing with knifes and spaers and stuff. They all pick it up and Inuyasha knew they wanted to fight.

InuYasha got ready, then he notised they were villge-girls. He finds Kaede, who tells him stuff like to not hurt the girls. He doesn't lisen and started trying to hit them.

Then Yura is wanting to get Inuyasha into her caletion.

The girls fly up and Inuyasha gets tigled in hair. Then he trys to beak it, but it was hard (because he's kinda getting contruded). Yura takes the hair back and finds Inuyasha's silver hair.

Then Kagome is sitting in the well at her time, when sota and grandpa were looking into the well. Then Kagome is out with Sota and grandpa and Sota is asking where she got the cute Kikyo clothes. Kagome just went and hugedf grandpa and cried "I was so scared!"
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
With the Shikon Jewel shattered, each shard has the ability to increase a separate demons powers. Inuyasha fumes at the thought of having to collect the scattered pieces of the jewel and Kagome, upset, climbs through the Bone Eaters Well and goes home.
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ep.3 Starting off with Kagome taking a bath in the lake and InuYasha watching from above. *Flashback from episodes 1 & 2* Inu. complains about Kagome shattering the jewel. Kagome and Inu. needs to work together to find all the jewel shards. Kagome notices Inu. looking at her and yells SIT. InuYasha sits. Kagome gets dressed in clothes looking like Kikyous. Inu. stares at Kagome because she looks like Kikyou. Inu. tells Kagome to get undressed and Kagome hits him in the head. Kagome is heading home towards the well. Yura the demon hair woman comes in the picture. Kagome goes to the bone eaters well, looks in and then sits down, thinking and wondering. *Flashback of the Cenipede demon in ep. 1 & 2* A peice of hair striks Kagome on her right cheek. Kagome notices it as hair. Kagome looks up at Yura the hair demon. Yura pulls out her sword and dodges toward Kagome, Kagome falls backward into the well. Inu. is in the village where Kaede is. Kaede gets injured and Inu. hides her. Kagome wakes up in the well and notices that shes back in her time. Gets out and cries to her grandfather. Inu. is on his way to go and get Kagome. Kagome is taking a bath and Yura is tring to lure her back out of the well. (To be continued on ep. 4)
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

Kagome starts the show taking a bath. thinking of all the stuff thats happened in the last cupple of days. she suddenly sees inu watching her, and calls out "SIT BOY" and iny falls down. she gets dressed up in kikyo clothes inu is astounded at how much kagome looks like kikyo. Kaeda tells them that they must work together in colicting the jewl shards. Kagome tracks them, and inu gets them back.(This is the great thing about the show how they are forced to work together and then they grow close). Inu and kagome have another fight (go figure) kagome goes to the well. inu goes to the village and finds that the women are bieng cotroled. He finds kaeda and after fighting the women and hair they escape together. kaeda tells inu that he needs to find kagome so that she can tell inu were the hair is and then he can avoid it. meanwhile kagome gets attacked be a demon women that controles the hair. the demon women takes kagomes jewl and chastices her for breaking it. after she finds that kagome dosnt know where the rest are she goess to kill kagome. But kagome falls down the well, and back to her own time again.
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in this episode kagome was taking a bath and ofcourse inuyasha takes a look and she tells him why are you looking at me you little pervert! then at the end of the episode she dresses up like kikyo and inuyasha blushes at her and she says what are you looking at?
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The ep opens with a voice over by Kagome, in which she complains that the people in the past Japan don’t know what a bath is. She is bathing in a cold water lake. On the shore, Kaede has a fire going and tells Kagome to come out before she gets sick. Kagome refuses, claiming that she is covered in blood and dirt, and her hair hasn’t been washed in a week. She dives under water. On the top of the embankment on the shore, Inu sits grumpily in a tree. Kagome flashes back on the last two eps,and believes that this is all too weird to be a mere dream.

[Flashback] In Kaede’s hut, Inu is ragging out Kagome for breaking the jewel. Kaede tells him to stop “barking” (very punny) and says that technically, it wasn’t Kagome that broke it, but rather the crow’s foot that was attached to the arrow. She says that no matter how many pieces the jewel broke into, all it would take is one in the wrong hands to cause severe trouble. Kagome apologizes, thinking that it’s all her fault. Kaede then says that only by working together will Kagome and Inu find all the pieces. Kagome’s like “huh?”, and Inu says that’s fine by him, because he’s one of the “wrong hands” that Kaede was talking about (Kaede says she knows). All Kagome wants to do is go back home. [end of flashback]

Kagome (still under water) wonders how she can get back home. She emerges from the water (naked) to find Inu staring at her from the top of the embankment. She freaks out and lowers herself back into the water, yelling “sit boy!” Inu is pulled down onto the shoreline (face-first). Kaede asks him if he is alright, and he says that he forgot about the necklace. Kagome (dressing behind some bushes) tells him it serves him right for being a peeping tom. He replies that the only reason he came was to... (Kaede interrupts and says that he only came to steal the jewel?). He turns his back on her and pouts. Kaede implies that he can’t get the shards alone. She reminds him that only Kagome can find the pieces of the jewel, but that once found, only he has the strength to take them back. Inu says “I’m still here, ain’t I”, and that he can put up with anything in order to get the jewel back.

Kagome emerges from the bushes and says that Inu really hates her, doesn’t he? When he looks up at her, he is struck silent. With the clothes she is wearing, she reminds him of Kikyo. Kaede asks Inu what’s wrong, but he says nothing.

Switch scenes, and we see the silhouette of a woman, in the midst of a red glow, who looks like she’s waking up. She says that after 50 years, the jewel has finally resurfaced, and that she’d almost given up hope. She picks up a skull (from somewhere) and uses a red comb to stroke some lond strands of hair still attached to it. She laughs evilly and we see that she is sitting on a bed of skulls (eww!)

Back at the shore, a woman from the village approaches and tells Kaede that something is wrong with her daughter. Kaede heads back to the village with her, and leaves Kagome and Inu alone, telling them not to fight. When Kaede is gone, Inu immediately tells Kagome to get undressed! She is flabberghasted, and hits him on the head with a rock (ow! poor Inu). She calls him a pig, but he retorts that he didn’t want her to get naked, he just couldn’t stand the sight of her in those clothes. She asks if it is because she reminds him of Kikyo, but he denies that idea. She inwardly thinks that even her little brother has more maturity than Inu.

She tells Inu that she doesn’t like this situation either, but that they have to work together. He implies that it’s only her who needs him, so she then says that he won’t care if she goes back home. She starts to walk away, and Inu’s ears twitch. He turns back around and asks her where she’s going, to which she replies that she’s going home. He says “You can’t just leave, you....”, to which Kagome responds that her name isn’t “you”, it’s Kagome. As she continues to walk away, he says “Wait stupid!”. She answers that her name is not “stupid” either. He tells her to just wait and hear him out. She stops, turns around, and asks why, thinking that he’s going to try and stop her, but all he really wants is the jewel shard she has. She holds up a tiny sack with a string attached to it, and says “Oh, this?” She then glares at Inu and says “Sit boy!”. Inu eats dirt once again! Kagome swings the sack around her finger as she continues walking and can’t believe Inu’s attitude, thinking that he never once called her by her given name.

Back in the village, Kaede and the woman enter the woman’s hut, where her daughter appears comatose. Kaede approaches, but stops when she hears a strange sound coming from all over the hut. She warns the mother to stay back, and the daughter suddenly flies up into the air, hanging like a rag doll. Kaede sees that there appears to be hair attached to the daughter. A butcher knife then flies up into the unconscious daughter’s hand and she attacks Kaede!

In the forest, Kagome reaches the well. She peers down into it and gasps when she sees bones. She remembers Kaede telling her that the well is called the bone-eater’s well, and is a resting place for the bodies of monsters. She figures that these bones must belong to “Mistress Centipede”. She drops her school clothes and sinks down onto the grass, saying that she can’t go in the well. She then looks up at the sun and wonders what to do. As she does so, she sees a glimmer reflect off of something that looks like a string, and when a leaf falls on it, it is ripped in two. Afraid, Kagome gets to her feet, but her face is cut by another thin strand. She looks up and sees what appears to be hair strung all around the forest. A woman appears in the air and notes that Kagome can see the “net” of hair. Kagome asks who she is, but the woman just laughs evilly.

Meanwhile, Inu is flying through the air, pretending he doesn’t care that Kagome has left. He thinks he’s better off without her. He reaches the village, and sees a bunch of women hanging in the air like rag dolls. He lands and makes a sarcastic comment (“Well, I guess I shouldn’t ask what you’re up to.”) That was classic Inuyasha again! The comatose women start raising weapons, and Inu prepares for a fight (he almost seems glad).

In the forest, the woman introduces herself to Kagome as Yura of the Hair (a demon), but says that Kagome needn’t remember the name, because she’ll be dead soon. Yura releases an attack of hair strands that whip at Kagome. Yura then uses a hair strand to take the sack containing the jewel from inside Kagome’s kimono. When Yura sees that only a piece of the jewel is in the sack, she chastizes Kagome for breaking it and asks where the rest is. Kagome says she doesn’t know. Yura grabs her sword and says that in that case, she’ll finish Kagome off. She zooms toward Kagome with the sword in hand! Kagome pushes herself backward and the sword swings just above her face. Yura has missed her target, but Kagome falls (screaming) into the well. Yura is disappointed, saying that it isn’t fair the girl escaped. She also mentions how strange Kagome is.

Meanwnile, Inu recognizes the women from the village, and asks if someone is going to tell him what’s going on (he’s ready for a fight at any rate). Inu hears his name and sees Kaede lying on the ground, crawling toward him. She says not to attack the women because it’s not their fault. He jumps over to her and asks what happened, mentioning that she looks awful (she has a wound in her left shoulder). He tells Kaede that “it’s either them or us, and I choose us”, but Kaede says that there’s someone else controlling the girls. She then realizes that Kagome is not with Inu. He tells her that Kagome said she was going home, and that he can handle this situation without her, so what’s the big deal? Kaede again tells Inu not to hurt the girls, but he replies that if she wants to see tomorrow, they have to do something. Kaede says that by controlling the strings that are suspending the girls, the girls can be controlled. One of the girls then attacks Inu. Kaede tells him to find the hair, but he can’t see it!

In the forest, Yura is sitting up in a tree, controlling the girls (the hair is attached to both her hands). She indicates that she’ll definitely want to add Inu to her collection. Kaede suddenly realizes that it is a trap. She warns Inu too late, and he is restrained by multiple hair strands. He says that whoever’s controlling the hair isn’t too smart, because even all tangled up, he can still pull out whoever’s on the other end (he then attempts to pull hard on the hair). Yura ends that way of thinking by flinging the hair, causing Inu to fall backward onto the ground. She then pulls him tight against a tree. Kaede can only look on helplessly as Yura tries to strangle Inu.

Using a powerful surge of strength, Inu is able to pull the hair away from him. The sharp hair cuts the tree in half, but Inu is freed. Yura expresses her disappointment as the hair goes slack in her hands. Meanwhile, Inu tells Kaede that he thought he was a goner, and Kaede says that he would have been, were he normal. Suddenly, some men from the village rise up into the air, and Inu says that he’s getting sick of this. Kaede tells Inu to forget about her and save himself. He tells her to quit the noble act, but then she collapses. He asks her if she is alright, but when she doesn’t respond, the always insensitive Inu says “Thanks a lot.”

In the forest, Yura is gathering up the hair from her struggle with Inu. She finds a strand of his silvery hair and remarks how pretty it is. We then see Inu flying through the air with Kaede on his back. He tells her to hang on. She sees strands of hair in their path and warns Inu about them, but he simply plows right through them. Yura is following them, using her hair to fly through the forest like Tarzan. She remarks that Inu is stubborn, but fun, and that she simply must have his hair.

At dusk, Inu and Kaede are resting in the forest. Inu asks that if Kaede can see the hair, can she tell him where it’s being pulled from? She replies that even if she can, she’s in no condition to help him, and that he must find Kagome. Inu asks her if Kagome can see the hair too. She says yes, and that Inu will need Kagome to help him. Kaede then closes her eyes and becomes motionless. Inu just stares at her.

Meanwhile, Kagome wakes up at the bottom of the well. She hears her grandfather’s voice above saying that they’ve been in there a thousand times, and Sota’s voice replies that this is where she fell in. A flashlight peeks over the top of the well, and Kagome is rescued by them. She can’t believe that she is home! Her grandfather tells her that she’s been missing for three days, and Sota asks her why she’d wearing those weird clothes. Inwardly, Kagome can’t believe that she’s not dreaming - she’s really home! She runs to her grandfather and cries in his arms, saying that she was so scared. He doesn’t know what to make of it.

Back in the past, Inu digs a hole for Kaede and starts to bury her. He says that, after all things considered, it’s the least he can do for her. She then speaks, and says that she’s resting, not dead! He replies that she can use it as a hiding place then. He says he’ll come back and get her, if he remembers! (insensitive Inu strikes again). Kaede asks him if he promises to remember, but he says nothing. He gets up and starts to walk away, and she asks again. He says okay, and that he heard her the first time, then takes off into the forest, heading for the well. He curses Kagome for leaving, right when he needs her.

Kagome is at home, enjoying a bath. Switch scenes back to Inu, running through the forest, and we see that a clump of hair is following him. It is controlled by Yura, who is telling the “little girl” to come out (she is talking about Kagome). Back in her bath, Kagome is stroking her hair, remarking about how good shampoo is. [End]
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is bathing at a river as she re-thinks about her conversation with Kaede where she would have to team up with Inuyasha to get the Shikone shards back. When she walks out of the river, Kagome notices Inuyasha looking down at her from a cliff. Surprised by the events, Kagome tells Inuyasha to 'sit' and makes him fall off the cliff. Kaede is there throughout all of the events, but she leaves when a village woman calls to her about her sick daughter. Inuyasha and Kagome have another argument which leads Kagome to leaving with the Shikone fragment. As Kagome is about to use the well in returning to the future, she is confronted by Yura, a demon girl who specializes in using hair as a lethal weapon. She tries to kill Kagome upon learning that she shattered the jewel, but she only makes Kagome fall through the well. Meanwhile, Kaede learns that Yura has possessed all of the villagers and has her arm wounded. Inuyasha arrives at the village where he takes Kaede and leaves. He decides to hide her by camouflaging her body in the forest. Inuyasha then rushes for the well to get Kagome, unaware that Yura's hair is following him. Meanwhile, Kagome is enjoying herself with a bath.
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is swiming in a river & is remembering her life. Then she gets out & yells SIT to Inuyasha. He crashes to the ground. Kaedae says that Inuyasha really came to steal the shard. A woman from Kaedae's village comes & asks for her help w her sick daughter.Kaedae goes back w the woman & leaves Kagome & Inuyasha alone.Inuyasha then tells Kagome to take off her clothes. She hits him on the head w a huge rock & calls him a pig. He told her he didn't mean it like that, he meant put on her school uniform instead. They go at it again & it ends w Kagome trying to go back to her own time. She goes to the well to find Misstress Centipede's bones in it. She realizes she can't go down there now that there's a body in it.Then she meets Yura who takes her jewel shard & pushes her down the well.Now Kaedae is at the village w the woman. Her daughter & other girls start to attack them along w Inuyasha. He escapes from Yura & he & Kaedae go to find Yura .
Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
While taking a bath Kagome remembers her experiences in Feudal Japan.She also was remembering Kaede telling kagome and Inuyasha that they both must work as a team to find the shards of the shikon no Tama.Meanwhile Inuyasha is sitting on a tree and when kagome sees him she yells "Sit' that sends Inuyasha crashing to the ground.Kagome then changes into Kaede's clothes(she looks a lot like Kikyo with them on her).Kaede deduces and says Inuyasha is just looking for an opportunity to steal the Shikon shards.Kaede tells Inuyasha Kagome's ability to detect the jewel and his strength to collect the shards of the Shikon no Tama.Then Inuyasha complains that he has to work with an annoying girl.Kagome accuses him of hating her so much,which causes Inuyasha to think of Kikyo.Meanwhile a girl named Yura is combing a hair on a skull and talking to herself about the Shikon no Tama.Back with Inuyasha,a woman approaches and asks for Kaede.She tells her that her daughter fell ill and is in need of Kaede's help.Kaede leaves Inuyasha and Kagome and tells them not to fight.Inuyasha tells Kagome to take off those clothes,which causes Kagome to hit him on the head with a rock.Inuyasha tells her that he meant for her to put her other clothes back on.Kagome asks him if its because she looks a lot like Kikyo.Inuyasha just tells her it has nothing to do with Kikyo.She then tells him him if that he keeps being so mean to her they won't work together.Inuyasha doesn't care becuse he thinks he can do it himself without her help.Kagome tells Inuyasha that she's going kack home to the present since he doesn't need her anymore.As Kagome walks away inuyasha yells "hey" and "wait,you".She tells him that her name is Kagome not "hey'or"you".Inuyasha runs up to her and tells her to give him the shikon shard,Kagome just says Sit and walks away.In the village,Kaede looks at the woman's daughter.as kaede approaches and hears a noise she tells the lady to get back.The girl floats up as Kaede notices she is being held up by strands of hair.A nearby knife flies into the girls hand.The girl then slashes Kaede.in thewoods,Kagome reaches the well and sees the Centipede mononoke's bones in there.She remembers Kaede calling it the bone-eaters well because any kind of bones dropped into the well will soon disappear.She sits against the well when she notices a leaf being cut in half by a strand of hair.As she gets up she is cut by a hair and notices more strands in the air.Then the girl who was combing the skull,is surprised that Kagome can see 'The cage of the comb".the girl has the strands coming from her hands like puppet strings.Inuyasha arrives at the village and notices all the girls hanging in mid air holding weapons.The girls raise their weapons and move toward Inuyasha,who takes it as a challenge.Back with Kagome,the girl introduces herself as Yura of demon hair,as she moves her right hand to control the girls.Yura tells Kagome that she would not have to remember her name because she is going to die.Yura cuts Kagome with some hairs and uses another strand to retrieve the pouch of the Shikon shard from Kagome,when Yura opens the pouch she is very shoced to see just one shard and asks Kagome where the other shards are.Kagome tells her that she doesn't know,Yura tells Kagome that she can die now and flies at Kagome with her katana(sword). Yura slashes at Kagome's head,but Kagome thrusts her head back and the force causes her to fall backward into the Bone eater's well. Yura throws her sword down right after Kagome.but the sword just hits the bottom of the well.Yura's sword returns to her and she wonders where Kagome was.back at the village,Inuyasha concludes that the village girls decided to finish inuyasha off,and in that case he won't hold back.An injured Kaede crawls towars Inuyasha not to hurt them.
inuyasha runs up to Kaede and asks why she's hurt.Kaede asks Inuyasha where Kagome is.He tells her that she decided to go back home.Kaede tells Inuyasha that the girls are being controlled so he shouldn't hurt them and the only way to stop them is to stop the one controlling them.The girls charge at Inuyasha,and Kaede tells Inuyasha to cut the hair controlling them but Inuyasha doesn't see the hair..Off in the distance,Yura is sitting on a tree controlling the girls.Yura then wraps Inuyasha up in the hair.The girls fly at Inuyasha trying to hit him.Inuyasha starts to jump back,figuring that he can stretch the hair out.Yura then gets Inuyasha stuck up against a tree with some hair around his neck.She tightens the hair to cut Inuyasha.Inuyasha then
jumps off the tree and breaks the hair.Yura is surprised that the hair didn't cut flesh.Just then the village men appear,Kaede tells Inuyasha that they have to retreat.Inuyasha tells her that for a dying person she sure talks a lot.Just then Kaede falls down.Inuyasha realizes that he has no choice but to run away. In the tree,as Yura pulled her hair back she notices one of Inuyasha's silver hairs on it. Inuyasha is carrying Kaede on his back and jumping through the air.Kaede was about to warn Inuyasha of the hairs but notices they break against Inuyasha.Somewhere nearby Yura is swinging on some hair looking at the silver hair expressing her desire for it. Inuyasha sets Kaede down in the forest and asks if she could tell where the hair ended.Kaede tells him that she couldn't,but she knows Kagome can.Kaede tells Inuyasha to get Kagome because without her they can't win.In the present,Kagome finds herself at the bottom of the well.She hears Souta telling her Grandfather to look in the well for Kagome one more time.The Grandfather shines a flashlight down the well,and sees Kagome,who is delighted to see Souta and her Grandfather. Kagome gets out of the well and is happy to be home again.the Grandfather asks Kagome where she was because they were all very worried.Souta wonders why his sister is wearing such wierd clothes.Kagome just hugs her Grandfather and starts crying and telling him how scared she was.Back in the Sengoku Era,Inuyashais partially burying Kaede,so she can hide.Inuyasha tells her he'll get her,IF he remembers.Kaede tells him that he better remember.As Inuyasha runs off to find Kagome he wonders where she is.in the present she is ia nice warm bath.Back in the past,Inuyasha is being followed by a mass of hair,Yura tells Inuyasha,that he can't escape her,no matter where he hides.While in present,Kagome washes her hair.

Episode Summary for Episode 3 - Down The Rabbit Hole And Back Again. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome starts off complaining about how there are no hot baths in the Sengoku Jidai (The age of the Warring States or about 400-500 years ago) and Kaede tells her to get out of the freezing water of the stream since it’s too cold. Kagome doesn’t want to since she’s covered in dirt and mud and ducks under the water while a very pissed looking Inuyasha sits in the trees watching them.

Kagome then recaps what happened over the past two episodes. Yay. We'll just skip that.

Kagome remembers what Kaede told her about the jewel that even a shard of it would be dangerous in the hands of an enemy. Kaede tells Inuyasha and Kagome that they now have to work together to find the jewel.

Kagome then surfaces out of the water and walks out, but then realizes she's being watched by Inuyasha. Kagome screams and "Sits" Inuyasha off the small cliff he was standing on. Kagome calls him a pervert and Inuyasha just "feh's" her.

Kagome comes out dressed in clothes similar to what Kikyou used to wear and Inuyasha kinda phases out of it remembering Kikyou. Kaede's then called by a villager to go see her sick daughter, so Inuyasha and Kagome are left alone. Little do they know that a demon's reawakened and senses the Shikon no Tama.

Anyway, as soon as Kaede's out of sight, Inuyasha and Kagome start at it again. Inuyasha tells her to "take it off" and Kagome assumes he means "Get naked" so she hits him with a boulder. He tells her he wants her to put her REGULAR clothes back on and stop wearing the clothes Kikyou used to wear. Kagome says he's more immature than a Middle Schooler and tells him that she's going home. Inuyasha protests and tells her to give him the shard if she's going to leave. Kagome "sits" him again and tells him that she's keeping it for herself.

At the village, Kaede inspects the girl who seems possessed and picks up a butcher knife and slashes through Kaede. It appears that hair is controlling the girl, but it's weird since only Kaede can see the stuff.

Kagome's about to jump back into the well when one of the hairs grazes her cheek and cuts her. The same youkai that reawakened earlier (A girl wearing very tight and revealing clothing) tells her that it's strange she can see the hair since most humans cannot. The girl, who's called Yura of the Hair, tells her she wants the Shikon no Tama. (Go figure. Doesn’t everybody?) She takes the shard and then takes her katana and tries to hit Kagome with it, but Kagome falls back into the well on accident and is transported to her time and is out of harm's way. Yura wonders where she went, but what does it matter? She has what she came for.

Back at the village, Inuyasha sees a bunch of people ready to attack him, but they're all like zombies and controlled by Yura's hair like puppets. Inuyasha's about to attack, but an injured Kaede tells Inuyasha that they're just being controlled and not to hurt them. Inuyasha acts cocky as usual and of course, since he can't see the hair, he's in serious danger.

Somewhere far away, Yura is manipulating the hair and uses the girls to attack Inuyasha. The hair wraps around Inuyasha binding him and Inuyasha gets tied up, but manages to cut through it. Kaede says that he's lucky he's not a normal human or his neck would've been severed.

Later, Yura finds a strand of Inuyasha's "pretty white hair" and decides she wants to control his hair. (AKA Kill Inuyasha and take his hair for her own purposes). Kaede tells Inuyasha that only Kagome and herself can see the hair and that he should go get her from her time. Inuyasha "hides" Kaede in the woods and tells her he'll return for her later… if he remembers that is. (Haha)

Anyway, Kagome's in her time and happy at returning. She goes and takes a good hot bath while Inuyasha's wondering where "the hell that girl is at a time like this". XD Till next episode.