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Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku casts a spell over at a mountain where numerous demons are battling and when there's one left, that demon would become his new body. Inuyasha comes upon this spell and battles the powered-up demon. Kikyo is nearby and as Inuyasha is about to kill the demon, Kikyo fires an arrow at the Tetsusaiga and reverses its transformation. The demon then fuses with Naraku and Naraku proceeds to abduct the weakened Kikyo.
Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
excuse me if i am being rude but i am a spell freak and i would like to fix the mistakes like kitsunerose-chan this is how u spell the priestress' name: Kikyo and it was spelled for you right above your summary like everyone else. And for Inuyasha luver to spell Sango's friend it is Kirara and Inu sword is Tetssaiga (pronounced Tetsusaiga. If any comments, please tell.
Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this episode, the gang finds out that it has been raining blood (YUCK!) and go to check it out at a miasma. Sango gets sick by the poison gas so Kagome, Shippo, and Kilala (is that how you spell her name?!) stay with Sango while Inuyasha and Miroku go in. While their in the cave Miroku gets kind of sick from the poison gas too but keeps going. Inuyasha and Miroku get to the end of the cave to an area where two demons are fighting. When the other demon wins the dead parts of the other one connected to him. When the demon said "I am the last one why cant i leave?" he saw Inuyasha and Inuyasha jumped down to kill him. Meanwhile, Kikyo was sent to Naraku's castle to heal him but couldnt. She wasnt allowed to leave so she used her sould gather's to take the soul from a gaurd so he could fetch her bow and arrow. She goes to the Miasma and passes Kagome, who gets mad and says "If Kikyo goes in there, it will be trouble." So she goes and takes Kilala with her. On the way through, Kagome's jewel falls off nad she get it but senses another one. Kikyo comes into the battle field where Inuyasha sees her and quietly says her name and so does she. Then her souls of the dead woman come out and go into the demon. She falls down and Inuyasha tries to save her but the demon hits him. Miroku explains that the demon can use other demon parts to regenerate. The demon wants to get Kikyo but Inuysha is protecting her. Kagome comes in and Kilala tries to jump down but Miroku saves her. Then Miroku tells Inuyasha to come bakc up and Inuyasha yells "No! I have to protect Kikyo!" Then he sees Kagome and they kind of look eye to eye. Kagome is angry -_-! Then Kagome jumps down to save Kikyo since she knows Inuyasha wont stop until she is safe, even if it hurts her. Then Kikyo says she is a fool and stands up. Inuyasha is about to kill the demon when Kikyo hits his sword with an arrow and kills the demon. Inuyasha was a little confused. Then they all got sucked out. Kikyo got knocked out. Inuyasha grabbed Kagome's hand as they fell. They saw Nuraku there and the demon went into him. He picked up Kikyo, which got Inuyasha pissed and Inuyasha said "GET YOUR HANDS OFF OF HER!" He hit him with his Tetsiuga(CANT SPELL! SRRY) but it just transformed back and Inuyasha was thrown back. Nuraku takes off on that cloud thing of his with Kikyo and says to himself. "Kikyo just about gave me this body." and other stuff. then we see Kikyo's eyes open, like she wasnt even knocked out at all. HMM.
Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts in a village when kikyou is helping some people and some people come and ask kikyou to help heal some one.A village gets rained on by demon body parts so the inugumi desides to help.The person that kikyou needs to heal is naraku.she says he can't be helped and kikyou escapes and goes to a moutian when the iygumi is at.The miasma is thick, so inuyasha and miroku go into this big cave.Inside demons are fighting so inuyasha joins in.Miroku told inuyasha not to fight because the demons he was fighting were many demons put together and if he lost or won he would have to form with them.Outside the cave, kagome sees kikyou commingand she(kikyou)enters the cave and kagome enters with sango's cat.Kikyou's souls exit her body,wich knocks her unconshis.Inuyasha tries to protect her and kagome tries to help her.Kikyou shoots and arrow at the demon and starts an air void-like affect.Inuyasha saves kagome but he couldn't save kiyou.All the demons' parts are getting sucked into naraku.Since kikyou wasn't rescued by inuyasha, naraku had her and he rode off. The End!
Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
All these warriors are laying around from battle and are thanking Kikyo for helping them mend their wounds. Then these soldiers come over to them and say that their master, Lord Kagiwaki ((actually Naraku)), is really ill and that he needs treatment. And so they take her to him and Naraku is shocked to see that it's Kikyo who is trying to help him and she says that she isn't able to. Then they won't let her leave. And InuYasha and all of them are walking and notice a miasma, or poison gas i guess, on top of this mountain thing. Then they go to check it out, but Sango is still sick from the last "miasma" attack. So Sango, Kagome, Shippo, and Kirara stay outside while Inuyasha and Miroku go inside. Miroku and Inuyasha are inside and they see these two huge demons fighting each other inside, with the remains of demons all around them. Once one of the demons kills the last one, he starts to go after Inuyasha right after he absorbs all of the remaining demon parts. Inuyasha tries to fight him and Miroku starts to worry b/c the monster keeps regenerating. Kagome begins to worry too and before she's about to go in, Kikyo walks by her and goes inside b/c she knows Inuyasha's in there. Kagome grabs her bow and arrow and goes after her while Shippo and Sango stay behind. Kirara goes with her. As Inuyasha is fighting Kikyo is behind him on this cliff thing and Inuyasha turns around to see her. Then the souls she sucked away emerge from her body and into the big demon. And she starts falling off the cliff, but she surprisingly hits the floor softly. Miroku tried to grab her by the hair though to keep her from falling. Then Kagome comes in and sees Inuyasha being so defensive of Kikyo, and you can see the look on her face that she feels really bad. And then when Inuyasha tries to attack the demon again Kikyo shoots and arrow at his sword and it goes upward. Then there's this gust of wind that blows them all up in the air. Kikyo, Kagome and InuYasha are holding on for dear life, well, Kagome and Inuyasha anyway. Inuyasha takes Kagome out of the wind current but Kikyo is still in it when Naraku sucks all the demon body parts in him. And he takes Kikyo hostage. And that's when it ends.
Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kikyo awake looking at naraku as he took her alway,inuyasha was mad, thinking what naraku will do to kikyo as she is lieing to be kocked out..then the fukai_mori comes on showing kikyo and inuyasha when they use to be together and were working together...kogome looks at inuyasha with her eyes droping her tier of inuyasha when kikyo and inuyasha was together back in the old old time when she was alive..and the song is still going on then ... THE END.. then the song comes on again..
Episode Summary for Episode 32 - Kikyo And Inuyasha Are In Trouble. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After Kagome hits Naraku with one of her arrows his body is dead from the neck down.Kikyo come to try and help him but is captured by the guards.InuYasha and the gang are trying to find Naraku and kill him.Sango falls over coughing and says that the mountain ahead has Miasma in it.InuYasha and Miroku go ahead and find that many demons are fighting just to get out alive.The last demon says that he won but isn't coming out and then looks at inuyasha.InuYasha and this demon start fighting and Kikyo comes to help.She falls onto the rock floor and inuyasha tries to save her.Kagome jumps down and tries to help her and kikyo looks at her.Kikyo says to kagome that if she stays Inuyasha is in danger of losing her forever.Kikyo hits InuYasha's sword and breaks the spell at the mountain top.The demons,Inuyasha,Kagome,and kikyo are all sucked oput towards naraku.Inuyasha saves kagome and naraku got a new body.he then kidnapped kikyo.

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