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Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well ... I'm not gonna tell you the entire story but the ending part at least: Kikyo hands Naraku the shards of the Jewel that she stole from Kagome. She then tells him that he needs it to become a full blooded demon. Then Naraku asks her why she gave him the shards after all he was the one who killed her and she replies, "it was only my body that died. I may have left it behind that day, but with this new one I am even stronger." She than tells him as she is walking out of the castle, "I am returning to the temple. Send a messanger if you need me. I will neither run nor hide." After she leaves, the spider mark of Onigumo reappears on Naraku's back and he says, "It's returned. No matter how often I change flesh, the burn marks of Onigumo will not leave my back!" Then it shows Kikyo again standing in a field (starts playing Fukai Mori in background) and Kikyo says to herself, "Go Naraku. Go and gather the shards of the Jewel, and once you have found them all, I will send you to hell!" "I am free to hate! My soul is so much freer than it was then." (flash back to Inuyasha sitting in a cherry blossom tree watching over Kikyo and Kikyo watching Inuyasha as she walks in a field) "Free to hate ... Free to love."
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After Naraku set the whole plot thing with the Miasma and everything and Kikyo broke the spell saving Inuyasha, Naraku took her and fled to his castle taking her with him. Then Inuyasha and gang went to go and find her before Naraku did anything to hurt her. So Naraku set a trap so Kikyo's soul gatherers and other uninvited people could not get through. Then he opened the window and let one of the soul gatherers come in. He took the soul and shot a jewel shard init and put it in Kikyo and told her to go after Kagome.

Well because of the spell every one was living their worst fears(stupid tree roots), all except for Kagome, she was untouched and soon met up with Kikyo who tried to kill her!
Miroku was dreaming his cursed hole in his hand was spredding and swallowing him.
Inuysha re lived the night when he and Kikyo became enemies, then he said he would always protect her, of course he rememberd Kagome and broke the spell.
Sango was fighting Kohaku and well it was not a pritty sight.
Shippo was left alone and he found everyone's clothes, but not them.
So Inuyasha freed Miroku and told him to find everyone else and that he was going to find Kagome.

Well Kikyo took Kagome's shards of the jewel and was gonig to leave just when Inuyasha showed up. He told Kikyo to give the shards back to Kagome and asked Kagome if she was alright. Well Kagome was shaking and scared, Kikyo laughed at Inuyasha and told him she tried to kill little Kagome, and Kikyo left saying, "When we embrace death tougether, now thats a day I'll wait for..." and she flew off back to Naraku.
Inuyasha asked Kagome if Kikyo really did try to kill her and she said she could not tell him, she felt like she was telling on her. They left and met up with Miroku and gang and left.

Kikyo took the shards back to Naraku and told him, "Perhaps you want the shards to become a full demon.." then she left and said she would not run, in her mind as she walked away she said, 'Go Naraku gather the shards of the jwewl, once you've gathered them all then I will send you to hell. Free to hate my soul is so much freer now then it was then... free to hate and free to love...' (My favorite line in this episode)

Then Naraku was all pissed off because he found out he was only a half demon and the spider marks reappeared on his back...(ONIGUMO!!)
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku sends Kikyo to take Kagome's Shikone fragments while the other Inuyasha group members are entrapped in an illusory spell cast by Naraku where they experience their worst fears. Miroku's worst fear is being sucked into his Air Void. Sango's fear is being killed by Kohaku. Shippo's fear is being all alone. Inuyasha's fear is experiencing death by Kikyo, but he sees through the illusion and breaks free. He later frees Miroku and goes after Kagome whose fragments have already been taken by Kikyo and has fallen victim to the illusionary spell. He frees Kagome and Kikyo admits that she was attempting to kill Kagome before he arrived. She then flees. A scared Kagome thinks about her worst fear of Inuyasha and Kikyo being in love as her life was insignificant. Meanwhile, Kikyo hands over the fragments and confesses that she wasn't affected by Naraku's control. She then flees and says that once Naraku has the whole Shikone no Tama, she will kill him.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku saved Kikyo from the Masia.InuYasha and the gang followed.Kikyo and Naraku made a deal that if Kikyo took the jewel from Kagome she could kill her,then Naraku cast a spell over them to see their worst fears confirmed. InuYasha saw the day Kikyo killed him.The villagers shouted"It's InuYasha!"InuYasha suddley felt something cold in his hand,thejewel!"what"InuYasha Thought"this is the village I attced 50 years ago,this is the day Kikyo killed me" Sure enough a voice said "how could you betray me InuYasha" He turned around and there stood Kikyo with her arrow drawn she shot him in the heart he fell down,then he got up and ran to her saying"I swear I'll always protect you". All of a sudden he saw Kagome "I'v forgotten about Kagome!" "Does she mean more to you then me" KIkyo asxed.InuYasha woke up soon after he found Miroi and woke him up "go find Songo and Shippo I'll find kagome" and off they went.Meanwhile Kagome had found Kikyo who tried to kill her
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This ep. is about Kikyo. The gang is walking and they see Kikyo's little rat faced soul gathering @holes. Sango finds out that they are really Naraku's hell bees. The group accedentally walks into the territory of Illusory Death. They each picture their deaths. Miroku sees his wind tunnel suck him up, Inuyasha sees Kikyo kill him, and Sango sees Kohaku kill Inuyasha and Miroku(but not Kagome, just the guys. Hmmm! Interesting!) before he kills her. Well, Kagome has jewel shards and so she isn't affected. She meets up w/ Kikyo who takes her jewel shards and turns her over to the illusory death. Then Inuyasha breaks out of it. He saves everyone and then he saves Kagome. They see Kikyo one last time and then she leaves. She gives Naraku the rest of Kagome's jewel shards. We find out that he is just half demon!!!! The end.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
(I typed it with just a little difference)
Kikyou is now with Naraku in the his hideout, while Kikyou's soul gatherers are trying to reach her.
Naraku: I have eracted a barrier, those servants of yours may not enter.
(Kikyou just opened her eyes)
Naraku: Without your souls of the dead, You remain helpless.
(Naraku sat down next to Kikyou)
Naraku: Kikyou...What can you be thinking?
(Flashback to the last episode)
Naraku: There in the mountain, where the magic was broken, where the demons were to create my body, Inuyasha stumbled into the scene, lured by the miasma.
Naraku: They began to do battle...Then you appeared.
Naraku: Your sacred arrows has the power to break whichever spell you choose.
Naraku: And yet, you wanted to prevent that unholy fusion. You aimed your arrow at the demon, the demon would have disintregated, and the spell would have been easily broken.
Naraku: But before the one was complete were you trying to see what lay beyond?
Kikyou: And there you were (Flashback ends) Your disguise is fine... Onigumo.
Naraku: Huh...Onigumo, now that brings me back 50 years ago. You saved me, took pity on me, and sheltered that fugitive in a cave.
Naraku: Onigumo offered his body to the demons. Who latched on to his evil soul... And thus was born Naraku.
(Naraku took a piece of the jewel shard out of his kimono)
Kikyou: That's...
Naraku: Yes indeed, the very thing you gave your life to erase from this world... A shard of the sacred jewel.
Kikyou: They say it was your desire to posses it that brought you to kill me.
Naraku: Disguising it with one who is no more, but a collection of dead souls is unseemly.
Naraku: But the search for the remaining fragments frustates me.
(Naraku just got up, opened the window and let one of Kikyou's soul gatherers in. He then killed it and he injected the sacred jewel into the soul. The soul then turned red, and was transfered to Kikyou, so he could control her)
Naraku: That girl who is so like and yet unlike you. A battle between those who can purrify evil.
Naraku: If you yearn for this world. I bid you go after her.

(Meanwhile where Inu-Yasha and the group was)
Sango: Well wouldn't you say those two have been acting strange:
Miroku: Yup
(Scene Now goes to where Inu-Yasha and Kagome was. Standing next to the river Kagome, and sitting down Inu-Yasha)
Kagome: I...Inu-Yasha, Hello!
Inu-Yasha: What!
Kagome: Inu-Yasha let's go, we have to save Kikyou.It's still early they can't have gone far.
Inu-Yasha: I'll save her on my own.
Miroku: Stop being such a stubborn fool! You forgot who it was who kidnapped Kikyou. I want my own revenge. I wouldn't even have this hole in my right hand if it weren't for Naraku.
Sango: He's an enemy to all of us remember?
Shippou: What makes you think you're so special?
Kagome: Look... We all know what happened between you and Kikyou. You don't have to sneak around trying to fix everything behind our backs..
Inu-Yasha: I don't sneak around OK! I never sneak in my life!
Miroku: Inu-Yasha! Over there! (Kikyou's soul gatherers was in the sky)
Inu-Yasha: It's Kikyou's soul gatherers!
Kagome: Then she's even closer than we thought.
Inu-Yasha: You Coming?!
Kagome: Uhuh.
(They then started to chase after the soul gatherers, through the woods)
(Instead of going with Inu-Yasha Kagome went with Sango on Kirara's back)
Sango: Not that I'm complaining or anything, but why aren't you with Inu-Yasha?
Kagome: I..Um...Uh
Kagome: *Because right now he cares only about Kikyou**That's Why*
Kagome: *Why hang off him anyway? He's not Even my boyfriend!*(Kagome starts to blush)
Kagome: *Oh no! I think I'm starting to blush!* Hah! *I am! I am blushing!*
Shippou: What's the matter with Kagome?
Sango: Don't ask me.
(Scene goes to Inu-Yasha running)
Inu-Yasha: (Scene goes to the flashback when Kikyou was kidnapped) Kikyou died because of him!
Inu-Yasha: I will not let Naraku have her! (Flashback Ends)
Sango: Look more gatherers!
Sango: (There started a buzzing noise) Uh Oh...
(Sango jumped off Kirara and killed one of the gatherers who was actually Naraku's insects)
Sango: Was that?! Look out it's a trap!
Kagome: Be careful!
(They started to enter a fog, and started to lose each other*without realizing*)
(Scene now goes to Inu-Yasha)
Inu-Yasha: What is that up there?! I can't...
Inu-Yasha: Huh?
(He lands on top of an entrance, or something, music started playing )
(He sees the village, where he tried to take Shikon No Tama)
(The village was all burned.)
Inu-Yasha: Where am I?

The Villagers: That's him the one who attacked us! Inu-Yasha! It's Inu-Yasha!
Inu-Yasha: This place. I don't know where I...
( He then looked down into his hand, It was Shikon No Tama, he was holding it.)
Inu-Yasha: It can't be?! The Shikon Jewel!
Kikyou: Inu-Yasha! (Inu-Yasha turned his head towards the voice of Kikyou)
(Inu-Yasha then was shot by one of Kikyou's sacred arrows. The jewel then fell out of his hand, the jewel landed on the ground.)

(Inu-Yasha then tried to sit up)
Inu-Yasha: Ki...Kikyou
( and he then looked straight, and there she was Kikyou)
Inu-Yasha: Of course! It's fifty years ago! The day Kikyou killed me...
Inu-Yasha: And this is the village where I attacked! So I can steal the Shikon Jewel.
Inu-Yasha: Kikyou wait! It was all just a trap! Kikyou don't do it! ( Kikyou raised her bow and arrow, aimed at Inu-Yasha)
Inu-Yasha: No! Is this hell? Is it a dream? How did I get here?

(The camera now goes to Miroku. He was walking in the dark forest)
Miroku: Inu-Yasha and the others...gone.(wind starts to blow)
Miroku: The wind is starting to pick up.
(Then a blow started to circle around Miroku's right hand)
Miroku: It's so close...too close.
(Miroku then looked at his right hand, the wind then pierced through Miroku's right hand and broke the beads that sealed Miroku's wind hole)
Miroku: (It broke and Miroku's wind tunnel went berzerk) Ah..Ahhh!!!Uh!!
Miroku: It's pulling me in!

(The Camera now goes to Shippou and Kirara)
Shippou: Look Kirara see there's noboby behind us.
Shippou: What's wrong? (Kirara started to dissapear)
Shippou: Why are you..Ah!(Shippou fell) Uh...
Shippou: Huh?
Shippou: What! where Kirara go?
(shippou then saw everybody)
Shippou: Kagome, Sango, wait up!
(Shippou started ran toward them when he got there he only found their clothes)
Shippou: They all left their clothes.
Shippou: Where'd everybody go?! If heres where their clothes are...where did the rest of go?!
(Shippou started to run back and forth)
Shippou: Inu-Yasha! Miroku! Kagome! Sango!

(The camera now goes to Sango)
(She was running, and then found a trail of blood)
Sango: Huh?
(She started to walk toward Inu-Yasha and Miroku who were dead)
(She started breathing hard)
(She then sensed somebody behind her...She then looked around and saw Kohaku.)
(Kohaku then tried to kill his sister with his chain sword. Sango then fell down)
Sango: Kohaku...

(The camera now goes to Naraku and the sleeping Kikyou in a tree. While her soul gatherers try to get to her)
Naraku: The evil spell that urusuen(I'm sorry I don't know how to spell that word) death. The soul was such a fragile thing. Sadness, Fear, Confusion ( It started to go over the people who were in the nightmare) If even the slightest doubts exists and is touched by the creepers of this world then that soul be consumed with dark.

(Now the camera goest to Kagome)
Kagome: Where can everyone be?
(She almost stepped on a root)
Kagome: Huh? Eww! What's that?!
Kagome: Ahhh!!!!!!
Naraku: Maybe because of the jewel shards. That girl alone is unaffected.
(The scene goes back to Naraku)
Naraku: Only she shall make it here. The stage has been set for you.
(Kikyou then opened her eyes)
Kikyou: Aren't you the clever one.
(Kikyou then used her hand to kill the demon puppet Naraku)
(The scene now goes back to the real Naraku)
Naraku: So she's destroyed the golem, how dare she defy me!

( Back to where Kagome and Kikyou were at)
Kagome: Kikyou...
(Kikyou then grabbed her bows and arrows)
Kagome: Kikyou! (running towards Kikyou)
Kagome: Kikyou! You're Ok! Kikyou)
(Kikyou then aimed her bow and arrow at Kagome)
Kagome: We've been, so worried about you...
(Kikyou then shot her arrow and cut Kagome's cheek, The arrow then landed behind Kagome. It then made a hole and Kagome fell in)
(Kagome started yelling, and then she grabbed a piece of the root)
(As Kagome was dangling, Kikyou went near the hole)
Kagome: Kikyou
Kikyou: Naraku finds himself frightened of you, he tries to control me, with the sacred jewel. hoping I might turn against you.
(Kikyou's soul gatherers then circled themselves around Kagome)
Kagome: *Will she save me?* euh.
(they brought her up)
Kagome: The jewel shard in your chest.
Kikyou: Surely the priestess who wants to guard of The Sacred Jewel of Four Souls. Have not fallen so low, to be controlled by a mere jewel shard.
(Kikyou then purrified the jewel in her chest)
(She then took Kagome's jewel shards)
Kagome; Huh?...
(The roots then took a hold of Kagome's body and brought her down into the hole)

(Back with Inu-Yasha)
Kikyou: Uh ( she then knelt down as the pain from the wound in her right arm came back)
Inu-Yasha: Kikyou
Kikyou: Uh Ueh...
Inu-Yasha: (while hugging Kikyou) She came to me in her pain. All alone.
Inu-Yasha: Kikyou you will never be alone again...I swear it. I will always protect you.
(The fire stopped and Inu-Yasha saw another spotlight that wasn't theirs)
Inu-Yasha: Uh...But I don't...You mean there's someone else I should protect?
Inu-Yasha: Who though? Who is this other person I'm suppose to...
(Then Kagome appeared in the spotlight)
Inu-Yasha: Kagome..Of course...How the heck could I have...
Inu-Yasha: Where's Kagome! Tell Me!
(Inu-Yasha then pushed Kikyou off him, and she started to look like the root version of Kikyou)
Kikyou: (Her voice sounds echoing) Inu-Yasha is she more important to you than I am?
(she then started to burn)
Inu-Yasha: It's all been an illusion!Hasn't it!
(He then destroyed the root)
(He then heard Miroku's scream)
Inu-Yasha: Miroku!
(Miroku still screaming, because of his wind tunnel)
(The creepers of the world tried to kill Miroku, with a sharp root coming from above)
Inu-Yasha: Miroku!
(Inuyasha then took out the tetsusaiga and cut down the roots)
(He then used the tetsusaiga again to cut the roots from Miroku's arm)
Inu-Yasha: Hey, are you Ok?!
Miroku: My arm...The wind tunnel...I...uh
Inu-Yasha: He's scared, reallly scared.
Inu-Yasha: Wake up, snap out of it!
(Inu-Yasha then slapped Miroku's face)
Miroku: It was swallowing up my entire body.
Inu-Yasha: It's that dream... those roots...
Inu-Yasha: Quick! you go find Sango and Shippou, Bet you anything they're under the same spell that got you and me.
Inu-Yasha: I've got to find Kagome.
(Inu-Yasha then went searching for Kagome)
Inu-Yasha: Kagome! Where are you?!
(He then found where Kagome was)
Inu-Yasha: Kagome! Kagome!
Kagome: Inu..Yasha?
Inu-Yasha: Those roots caused some kind of illusion.
Inu-Yasha: Seem you got away from it OK though.
Kagome: Uh...Uhuh
(He then brought her to the top)
(When they were up there Kagome saw Kikyou)
(She was shocked and then Inu-Yasha looked straight ahead too)
Inu-Yasha: Kikyou!
(He then looked at the jewel shards Kikyou was holding)
Inu-Yasha: Those are Kagome's Jewel Shards!
Inu-Yasha: Kagome.
(She was still scared from before)
Inu-Yasha: You did it! Don't tell me it was you!
Kikyou: What's wrong Inu-Yasha? Tell me why is it I feel you're unhappy to see that I'm well?
Inu-Yasha: Answer me what did you do to her?!
Kikyou: I tried to kill her, what is it you're planning to do about it? Will you try to kill me?
(Inu-Yasha just looked angry at her)
Kikyou: Tell me, when Naraku had you under his spell what was it you thought about?
(Flashback to the burning Village)
Inu-Yasha: I...I swear I'll always protect you.)
(Flashback Ends)
(Kikyou laughs in an evil way)
Kikyou: Now, would you have said that if you were going to kill me?
(Kikyou's soul gatherers then came to her and took her uo in the sky)
Kikyou: Embracing death together, now that's a day I'll wait for.
Inu-Yasha: Kagome, tell me what she did to you...
Kagome: She took the sacred jewel back from me...I'm sorry...
Inu-Yasha: That's not what I'm asking! Did Kikyou really tried to...?!
Kagome: Then don't ask me!!!
Inu-Yasha: Huh...Kagome.
(They were silent for a moment)
Kagome: I can't do it..I feel like I'm telling on her.
(Miroku, Sango and Shippou on his back on conscious then came to the place where they were. He had this weird expression on his face)
Miroku: So...Uh... are you two finished talking?
(Flashback to when Inu-Yasha saved her)
Kagome: To Kikyou my life, it has no meaning.
*Inu-Yasha: Those roots caused some kind of an illusion.*
*Inu-Yasha: Seems like you got away from it OK though.*
*Kagome: Uh...Uhuh*
Kagome: The elusary (I still can't spell it) death, our pain,and confusion put us all on the test
Kagome: Mine too. It gave me a small look into my own heart.
(Now we see Kagome's nightmare. Inu-Yasha and Kikyou together)
Kagome: Into a place where, Inu-Yasha and Kikyou, were in love with each other .(Inu-Yasha just kissed Kikyou)
(Nightmare Ends)
(Now, to Naraku's hideout)
Kikyou:(Kikyou behind his door screen) You're careless Naraku.(Naraku looks at Kikyou)
Naraku: So Kikyou...
Kikyou: Once your little puppet is broken you see nothing. Remember that. Your petty feet of minor sorcery cannot affect me.
Kikyou: As for the barrier around the castle, the one you eracted to keep out Inu-Yasha, That was easy enough for me to break.
(Kikyou then gave the jewel shards to Naraku)
(Naraku just looked at Kikyou)
Kikyou: You wanted it didn't you?
Kikyou: I leave it to you to stand guard over. Afterall who needs it's power more than you? And you do need it, don't you?
Kikyou: Demon Naraku...Or is it half demon Naraku?
(While smiling she said that)
(Naraku then glowed blue)
Naraku: A mere half demon, I Naraku?
Kikyou: True, you disguised yourself well, but you're still that fugitive human, and the blood of who you once were can never be erased.
(Flashback to Onigumo)
Kikyou: You seek the sacred jewel to become a full fledge demon, do you not?
Naraku: If so, why give me the shards? Am I not the one you seek, to avenge your death 50 years ago?
(Flashback Ends)
(Kikyou laughs)
Kikyou: It was only my body that died, I may have left it behind that day. But with this new one I'm even stronger.
Kikyou: I don't ask you understand.
(Kikyou just went out of the palace)
Kikyou: I will be returning to the temple, I will neither run nor hide. Send a messenger if you need me.
(Back to Naraku who's still glowing)
Naraku: It's appeared again. (he took his kimono off, the burned scar of Onigumo) No matter how often I change flesh, the burnt scar of the fugitive Onigumo will not leave my back.!
(Back to Kikyou)
Kikyou: Go Naraku, gather all the jewel shards ,and once you find them all. Then I will send you to hell.
Kikyou: I'm free to hate... My soul is freer now than it was then
(Now a flashback to when Kikyou and Inu-Yasha was in love 50 years ago)
Kikyou: Free to hate, free to love.

*The End For This Episode*
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode isa little bit confusing, but I´ll try to explain it. The group were searching for Kikio, but a group of Kikio´s snakes appeared an Inuyasha and the rest followed them. Sango start hearing a busing and jumped from Kirara and killed the " snake" in that moment she saw it was one of Naraku´s bees. The group started having alusinations after they entered to Naraku´s trap " the ilusion of death" Inuyasha saw the village. Everything was covered with fire. Then he opened his hand and saw the Shokon no tama in his hand. A woman shouted Inuyasha!!! and threw an arrow. Inuyasha fell and saw she was Kikio. Even though her tried to talk to Kikio she continued pointing an arrow to him. Meanwhile, Miroku was alone. The wind blew and then the necklace tha keeps Miroku´s dark hole brakes and it starts absorbing Miroku. Sango is in a red place. Everything is covered with blood. Then she sees that Inuyasha and Miroku are dead. After that she sees Kohaku. Kohaku takes his weapon and hurts Sango. Finally, Shippo is with Kirara, but she disappears and Shippo is alone. He walks right to Kagome, Inu, Sango and Miroku but they disappear and he only sees their clothes. The only one who didn´t felt in Naraku´s trap is Kagome sees that the trees move and she quickly hits them. Naraku has Kikio on his arms. He explains about his trap and then Kikio hits him and destroys the puppet. Now Kagome finds Kikio but she threw an arrow and a big hole started appearing. Kagome fells but Kikio helps her. At least Kagome thought that, but Kikio just took Kagomes Shikon shard and leaves. Now Inuyasha is again with Kikio but he discovers there´s another person he protects. Kikio disappears and Inu sees Kagome. Then he helps Miroku and finds the real Kiko. They stated discusing about Kagome, but Kikio escapes. Kagome also had alusinations and she saw Inuyasha and Kikio kissing each other. Naraku is in his palace when Kikio gave him the shards. She tells that because one part of Naraku is Onigumo she thinks Naraku is also half demon. Then she leaves. Naraku saw how the spider in his back is appearing. Now it seems that Kikio has an strategie to kill Naraku. She knows she is too powerful and that she can hate as she loves.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
"kikiyo" "wait" "thats inu-yasha " " but he's kissing kikiyo" kagome awoke to find that she was held hosstage by kikiyo "wait give back the jewel we need it" kikiyo put kagome down "in my eyes you only seek it for inu-yasha do you not" "but" "I under stand inu-yasha only needs you to get the jewel" "for him self" kagome stared at kikiyo "well what do you need it for" "I need it to kill naraku" "that's why we are searching for the jewels " "give it back and we will help you" "help" "that is the last thing I would say to inu-yasha" "after naraku becomes a full demon " "I will distroy him on my own " "even if it means death" kagome couldn't talk but in her mind wonderd if kikiyo really meant it "inu-yasha coming" "tell Inu-yasha to not interfer with my plan to kill nuraka" "kikiyo wait" kikiyo got carryed away and then disaperd "kagome" "are you alright" "yes inu-yasha" "but"
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
When Kikiyo was captured by Naraku he took her to a place somewhere in the woods. When the Inuyasha gang found the woods, Naraku's bees disguised as Kikiyo's soul snather's where fling above the IY gang then turned into the bees. As they flew over head of them the bees were holding a red light. Then all of a sudden the gang are a place and they all have different nightmares except for Kagome. As Inu-Yasha is in his dream he's at the place where Kikiyo killed him or made him fall asleep for 50 yrs. Sango was in her dream about her brother. Her brother is trying to kill her but she won't touch him. Miroku has a dream about his wind tunnel is trying to suck him up and also everything around him. Shippo's nightmare is about when he's riding on Kiara and he disappears, then the rest of the gang is in front of him and then they disappear. As the gang disappears Shippo calls their name but they don't hear him so he runs up to them but they only leave their clothes when they disappeared. (Back to Kagome) Kagome is walking through the forest when she sees Kikiyo. Kagome says " Kikiyo! Kikiyo we've been looking all over for you! Are you ok?" Kikiyo turns around and faces Kagome. Kikiyo says to her, "What are you doing here?" Kagome says, "We're here to rescue you Kikiyo from Naraku." Kikiyo gets her bow and arrow and aims it at Kagome and shoots it. The arrow barely hits Kagome but gives a scratch. The arrow hit the ground and forms a big hole. Kagome almost falls but Kikiyo catches her and takes her jewel shards. Kagome becomes surprised at Kikiyo and roots come up from the hole and grabs Kagome's legs then pulls her down. (Back to Inu-Yasha) He sees Kikiyo and runs up and hugs her. He said "Kikiyo I will never let you go and I will always protect you." (Then a light shines on another spot) "What? Is there another person I must protect?" Inu-Yasha asked. (Then Kagome appears, turns around and smiles.) "I must protect Kagome!" The image of Kikiyo screams "Is that girl more improtant then I?" Then she turns into a tree. Inu-Yasha quickly destroys the image and gets out of the nightmare then goes to find the others. Miroku is screaming and trying to get away then Inu-Yasha wakes him up and tells him to go get Sango and Shippo while he goes to get Kagome. (Back to Kagome.) Inu-Yasha is calling Kagome's name then he finds her in the hole. He wakes her up and asks her if she's okay. She hesitates and says "Yeah I'm fine." He tells her that the place is like an illusion. They get to the top and Kikiyo says that she has taken Kagome's jewels and leaves. Miroku comes into the picture with Sango and Shippo on his back. Kagome thinks to herself. Was that dream true?(flashback to her dream) Was it really true? Kikiyo and Inu-Yasha looked so happy and peaceful together. (Shows Kikiyo and Inu-Yasha hugging then they kiss.) They looked so happy. Then Kikiyo gives Naraku the jewels. "Here take your jewels and be happy. Once you have all the jewels it will kill you." Then Kikiyo leaves.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo is taken by Naraku and inu yasha and the other go to save her,but to their suprise naraku puts them in a nightmare.inu yasha dreams the night kikyo kills him, miroku drems that his wind tunnel breaks and he is sucked in, sango dreams that all of her friends are killed by kohaku, shippo dreams that he is riding on kirara and that she and everyonelse leaves him and when he catches up he sees all of their clothes on the ground, and kagome is not affected by the magic.When kagome seeskikyo she tells them that everyone is looking for her but kikyo takes kagomes jewel shardes she trappes kagome ina hole and gives it to naraku.kikyo puts kagome in a dream that inuyasha and kikyo are kissing.inuyasha wakes up and gets miroku up as well he tells miroku to get the other while he gets kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu-yasha and and the other look for kikyo and they fall into horrible nightmares and inuyashas is the night that kikyo shot him and he scream no kikyo dont it is a trap no. and mirokus is that the pray beads burst and he gets suck in it
and and shippos is that he is sitting on kirara and the others disapeare including kirara and kagome does not have a dream (at first) then she finds kikyo and she grabs the shards and trys to kill her and then kagome fall in a dream of InuYasha kissing Kikyo passionatly and she is hurt (her feeling hurt) and Inuyasha wakes up and find kikyo with kagome and kagome is lying on the ground and scream at kikyo what did u do to her tell me!!!! and she give the shards to......NARAKU and i think he leaves and she says that he is have demon and when he gets all the shatds he will die cause his body cant take it.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In the last episode, Kikyo gets kidnapped (or preistessnapped) by Naraku, and so Inuyasha and the 'gang' go chasing after her and Naraku.
But whenever they all got to Naraku's castle, they started to have Nightmares. Miroku dreampt that the blue beads on his hand and arm broke, and his wind tunnel started to suck him into it.
Sango dreampt that her little brother-Kohoku- who died a little time bofore but was now back at Naraku's cammonds, was killing all her friends. Then, he came after her.
Shippou started to dream that he was riding Kilala (Kirara) and all of the sudden, she dissapeared. And his friends, who where ahead of him, dissapeared to, and only there clothing was left behind.
Inuyasha had a Nightmare that started out where he had gotten shot by Kikyo's arrow, and Kikyo was there. (Need I say any more?)
Kagome wasn't dreaming though, and as she ran towads Kikyo, Kikyo shot an arrow, wich made a hole from underneith where Kagome stood. Kagome grabbed onto a peice of root, and Kikyo stole the sacred jewel shard. (Kikyo tried to kill her)
Then, Kagome dreampt that Kikyo and Inuyasha kissed. (o.o) and when Inuyasha came to save the day,,lol, Kagome was breathing hard.. :(
(sorry, didnt see the rest.. mwahaha)
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha,Kagome,Miroku,Sango,and Shippo all go looking for Kikyo when they see her Soulgatherers.Then all of them get caught by Naraku's illusion.Inuyasha arrives at the village where he attacked fifty years ago.He holds the shikon-no-jewel in his hands,and finds kikyo trying to kill him. he says"No, wait it was all a tric don't do it Kikyo!"However kikyo shoots the arrow,and Inuyasha falls into a conversation.While that is happening Miroku is caught by a wind that breaks his prayer beads and releaseing his wind tunnel which was injured before and was told not to use it for a while,and got sucked in.Sango finds her self near Kohaku which killed Inuyasha,and the others.Then she gets shot by Kohaku's weapon.Kagome was the only one to escape from Naraku's trap.She finds Kikyo,and talks to her.However she takes Kagome's jewel shards,and trys to kill her.Then Inuyasha finally awakens from Naraku's illusion's,Saving Miroku.Then he gets to Kagome and finds Kikyo standing.Kagome falls into sadness after the conversation.Naraku gains the jewelshards by Kikyo at last Kikyo talks about killing Naraku after he finds all of the jewel shards.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kikyo is captured by naraku (the worst scum on earth)inuyasha is'nt happy in the beging he gets agery and Miroku gets mad when inuyasha thinks he's the only one with problems shippo says to inuyasha why do your think so special after that kikyo's soul servents came but it was naraku's insects inuyasha,shippo,miroku and sango get trapped in this kind of nightmare of there fears kagome is the only one that gets out of of the forest of dreams naraku tells kikyo to get the jewels from kagome and kill her. kagome sees kikyo and says "hey look it's kikyo kikyo hey kikyo we've been so worried about you" kikyo shoots her arrow right at kagome she missed her the arrow went beside kagome's check then it's in the ground and makes a big hole kagome falls but grabs a root (that was a close one)kikyo's soul servents pick up kagome .kagome sees a jewel in kikiyo's chest then kikyo takes kogomes jewel shards and the roots come up and take kagome down in the holes inuyasha had this dream that he got the jewel in his hands (oh boy it's going to get ugly)kikyo shoots an arrow but her arm is bleeding then there's nothing but inuyasha and kikyo huging each other then there was another person to take care (geuss woh it is)it was kagome then kikyo got agery then inyasha cuts the roots and hears miroku scream and frees him he looked very scraed inuyasha smacks him (ouch! that got to hurt)inuyasha told miroku to find sango and shippo inuyasha was shooting out kagome's name he find her and takes her up on the ground kikyo sees them inuyasha is surprised to see kikyo inuyasha says ''what did you do to kagome'' kagome has a hard time breathing inuyasha says don't tell me it'you '' he sees kikyo with kagome's jewel shards then kikyo says she'll what when they die together then inuyasha ask kagome if kikyo was relly trying to kill her then kagome cryed out and said then do'nt ask me and thats all
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku kidnapped Kikyo from the Miasma, and the gang goes to save her. Kikyo makes a deal with Naraku to steal the Shikon shards from Kagome and give them to him. When Inu-Yasha and co. enter Naraku's castle, he gives them all nightmares except for Kagome. Inu-Yasha dreams of the night that Kikyo killed him. He stands in a battle field when Kikyo appears with her bow drawn. Inu-Yasha runs over and hugs her, promising her to never let go and always protect her. A spotlight appears on the other side of the battle field and Inu-Yasha realizes that he has to protect Kagome too. Sango dreams of Kohaku. Kohaku is continuously slashing her and she won't hurt him, even though he is killing her. Miroku dreams that his wind tunel opens. He is standing in a giant field when all of a sudden, his rosary breaks apart and his wind tunnel starts to grow and suck him in. Shippo dreams that everyone disappeared except him. He is riding on Kirara's back and everyone else is in front. The gang disappears, including Kirara, and Shippo finds their clothes. He then sees strange shadows in the mist and runs back and forth between them. While this is going on, Kagome finds Kikyo alive, and tells her how worried they were. Kikyo, to Kagome's surprise, traps Kagome in a pit, steal her jewel shards, and gives her a nightmare of her own. Kagome runs up to a tree, and sees Inu-Yasha kissing Kikyo. Inu-Yasha wakes up and helps everyone else, then they go to find Kikyo over Kagome with her jewel shards. Inu-Yasha runs up and helps Kagome, then starts screaming at Kikyo to know what she did to Kagome. Kikyo gives the jewel shards to Naraku. She says that once the jewel is complete it will destroy him.
Episode Summary for Episode 33 - Captured Kikyo And Naraku. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Every ones nitemares are as follows:

Inuyasha: the day Kikyo killed him. He is the only one to snap out of it on his own, cuz when hugging Kikyo(who sees this in reality) he suddenly thinks of Kagome.
Miroku: being sucked up(i belive he was the most terrified. even more than Shiipo was.
Sango: Kohaku has killed Miroku and Inu Yasha. And now comes to kill her.
Shippo: riding on Kirara(kiara) who suddenly vanishes. Sees the gang walking away. When he runs up to them sees nothing but their clothes. He starts crying.
And Kagome, once Kikyo takes the jewel fragment, she sees Inu Yasha kissing Kikyo, pashonatly.
Since Inuyasha was the only one to snap out of it, He goes and wakes up Miroku, He tells him to go get the others, while he goes and finds Kagome.
At the end of the ep we find out that Naraku is actually a half demon(when she said that, he looked really POed) and she gives him the jewel fragment. Wich would give him more power, enough to make his 'offspring'