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Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It's simple, the episode begins with the brief flashback of Kagome leaving to her era, all thanks to Inuyasha trying to see if she had developed feelings for Kouga. She left on Kirara home, moping during her stay. She says she feels as if she left something in the Feudal Era. Inuyasha, on the other hand, is yet the same but putting on something else. Miroku was up to his usual thing, 'bear my child' and palm reading while Sango and Shippo talk about it.

Soon, after awhile, Inuyasha is at the well, and departs. Inuyasha is then in Kagome's room, as she and her friends are in a fast food place called WacDonald's and talk about the boy Kagome describes. Kagome describes Inuyasha and finds she has developed feelings for him. Meanwhile, Souta pops into Kagome's room to find Inuyasha. Inuyaha left, telling Souta not to tell. Kagome enters and asks Souta why is he in there? He tells her it is a 'man to man' secret. Another day went by as Houtou gets told Kagome will go to the movies with him later. That night, Kagome is in the tub realizing that she has never been this mad before

As that goes by, Shippo and Inuyasha talk to Kaede. Shippo says a situation for his 'dog friend' (hint). Kaede says that he should go talk to her about it and apologize. Inuyasha leaves, goes into Kagome's room again. The alarm clock goes off. Inuyasha takes it and leaves, as Kagome reaches for it. She realizes it is gone. Nothing else matters, except for Houtou blown off. Kagome then leaves to the feudal era, meeting Inuyasha at the well. Inuyasha apologizes for the alarm clock, as Kagome thought other. In the end, Miroku, Sango and Shippo stick up for him. That is that.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
this episode is HILAIRIOUS!
the episode starts with a little flashback of kagome and inuyasha's fight, and kagome riding home on Kirara yelling that inuyasha is a jerk. then we go to kagome's era. her friends show her another kid that's been flirting with houjou. they expect kagome to be worried because they don't know about inuyasha. Kagome doesn't care about houjou and her friends rightly guess that she has another boyfriend.So they go to Wacdonalds(ya i know i had the same reaction) and they talk about inuyasha's relationship with kagome. (kagome never says his name) she decribeshim as violent selfish hot headed and jealous. she tells her friends that inuyasha tried to kill a guy who liked her too. (kouga)her friends decide that inuyasha is not good for kagome so they ste her up with houjou.

back with inuyasha.
inuyasha is complaining to kaede about kagome.he does a pathetic but funny imitation of kagome. he puts on a girl voice "i'm going home, Stupid!" kaede tells inuyasha that his imitation was pathetic. inuyasha falls off the fence yelling about how that isn't the point. ^-^. Miroku has a huge line of girls who want him to read their palms. Miroku of course asks each girl to bear his child.*shakes head* Sango comments to Shippo that Miroku is such a playboy. Miroku tells them that they can't do anything until Kagome comes back and since only inuyasha and kagome can travel through the well, they should stay away from it. inuyasha won't go for kagome if they're watching him because he's shy. *_* inuyasha is going to kagomes time to make her apologize to him.

inuyasha gets to kagome's time and goes into her room. She's not there. inuyasha is looking around when kagome's brother Souta pops in and gives inuyasha a truly funny heart attack. Souta tells inuyasha that he's happy he's here. Souta suspected kagome had a fight with him. Inuyasha looks down and thinks *she's still mad at me?* kagome comes home and souta tries to tell kagome that inuyasha was there. but inuyasha makes him shut up, not tell kagome he was there and that it's a man-to-man promise. Kagome comes up and asks why souta was in her room. souta leaves quickly saying that he can't tell her, it's a man-to-man promise. later kagome thinks to herself that inuyasha came to save her but in return she helped kouga escape.she starts to think that the fight was her fault.

back with inuyasha.
inuyasha is staring into the well and sighing. Shippo comes up and gives inuyasha another heart attack. Shippo tells inuyasha that if kagome loves kouga that inuyasha shouldn't be jealous. Inuyasha asks if shippo cam over here to give him a lecture and he throws poor shippo yelling "if you're going to reason with me, come up with something reasonable!" shippo says that they should ask kaede for advice. inuyasha agrees as long as shippo doesn't mention any names. shippo does a cute little slidshow about a dog a cat and a wolf. when kaede says that the dog should apologize inuyasha gets mad and leaves. kaede of course knew it was him shippo was talking about. Kagome is thinkig about inuyasha while trying to do her homework but she can't concentrate so she sets her alarm and goes to bed. Inuyasha comes to get her again but she's asleep. this is the best part!
inuyasha is about to leave when kagome says his name in her sleep. inuyasha stops and asks himself if she's dreaming about him. kagome rolls over and says.....sit. inuyasha gets mad (again) and says that her dreams are his nightmares. the n her alarm goes off giving inuyasha yet another heart attack. (his heart attacks are funny)
so he bites the clock and runs off with it. when he gets back through the well. he has a temper tantrum, scuffing in the dirt like a dog. sango and shippo are watching him when they see miroku. they ask what he's doing since he's the one who said to stay away from the well. Miroku says he couldn't resist watching inuyasha make a fool of himself.

back with kagome she sees footprints next to her bed and concludes that inuyasha was there (A+ for you kagome!*rolls eyes*)so she decides to go back to the feudal era. inuyasha is sitting on a hill sighing. kagome comes up and sits next to him she's about to apologize but inuyasha does it first. kagome is surprised and says that she's sorry too. inuyasha then gives kagome back her broken alarm clock (he bit it remember) kagome asks if this is what he apologized for and inuyasha says yes. Kagome is about to get in another fight when sango miroku and shippo hold her back telling her all inuyasha did when she was gone was sit around and sigh. Inuyasha is furious/embarrased and he starts yelling"YOU WERE SPYING ON ME???" the yasha gang run away yelling for inuyasha to be reasonable but inuyasha starts chasing them. kaede says that he's too proud to apologize but he's glad she's back. the episode ends with inuyasha about to pounce on the yasha gang.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out with a flashback of Kagome and Inuyasha's arguement from the previous episode. Kagome returns home, after declaring Inuyasha is a "JERK!"

Meanwhile, in Kagome's time a little seventh grader is hanging around Hojo. Kagome's friends point this out, and Kagome comments she could care less, "If she likes him, go ahead!" Her friends suspect she has another boyfriend, sceptically.

Kagome and her friends eat at Wacdnalds (MacDonalds) and her friends come to the realization that she loves someone else (Inuyasha)! One of her friends tells her "You must love him! It's written all over your face!" and Kagome just sits and wonders. "I love Inuyasha? That's impossible!" Heh, yeah, suuuure. :P

Her friends, referring to Inuyasha as a "dangerous badboy," set Kagome up with Hojo. Reluctantly, pushed by her friends, Kagome asks Hojo out for a movie.

Back in Inuyasha's time, determined to get Kagome to apologize, Inuyasha decides to go back to her time...

Once he arrives, he realizes Kagome isn't there. "What? Where could she be!?" Suddenly Kagome's little brother, Souta, pops in and says "Oh hey! Look who's here!" and Inuyasha pretty much has a heart attack. Souta refreshes Inuyasha's mind by saying he is Kagome's "kid brother" and asks if Inuyasha has come to see Kagome. Inuyasha mumbles, "Well, sort of." Souta grins, saying he was glad he came because he thought him and Kagome got in a fight or something. He smiles as he says "You know Kagome! When she's in a bad mood, you gotta stay clear!" Inuyasha sighs and looks away angrily blushing as he thinks, "She's still mad at me?"

Suddenly Kagome comes home, exhausted from the day's events.

Souta smiles. "Oh hey sis! Look who finally showed up!" But then Inuyasha covers his mouth telling him not to tell Kagome he came. It's a "man to man" promise. Souta, thinking high of having a man to man promise, agrees.

Kagome walks in her room to see Souta on the ground eating some chips. "Souta?" she looks at him strangely. She questions what he is doing in her room. Souta runs out replying it's a man to man promise. "Huh?"

Kagome takes a bath and thinks about her fight with Inuyasha. She thinks about how he came to save her and she did nothing in return - she helped Koga escape. She sighs sadly, slinking lower into the water. "No wonder he's mad at me..."

After her bath she walks down the stairs and looks down the well, thinking about returning. She thinks about Inuyasha saying, "I'm tired of wasting my time rescuing you!" and sighs. "If I go back now we'll only fight," she says to herself as she walks away.

Meanwhile, in Inuyasha's time, Inuyasha is sulking around, staring down at the well sadly. He thinks of when Souta said "You know Kagome! When she's in a bad mood, you gotta stay clear!" and sighs sadly. Suddenly Shippo pops up. Inuyasha jumps, and a little ticked off about being startled, yells at Shippo. Shippo ignores him saying that he should just go back to get Kagome, even if she might actually love Koga. Inuyasha gets jealous quite noticeably, and throws Shippo into the woods. "If you're going to try to reason with me - come up with something reasonable!"


Shippo and Inuyasha walk alongside a river as Shippo asks about telling Kaede about it, but disgusing their story. Inuyasha goes along with it, seeing as Kaede won't know it's about him.

Shippo, with some adorable pictures he drew, tells Kaede all about Inuyasha and Kagome's fight. Inuyasha is a dog, Kagome is a cat, and Koga is a wolf. Kaede says that the dog should apologize to the cat, and Inuyasha walks away, knowing what he has to do. Kaede and Shippo smile at each other, before giggling. Kaede knew the story was about Inuyasha the whole time!

In Kagome's time, she's looking over some Math problems in her room. For some reason Souta's in there too, playing with Buyo. Souta asks when she will return to the Feudal Era, and Kagome replies "when Inuyasha comes to get me." Souta says "What if he doesn't come to get you?" Kagome throws him out of her room, "How dare you say something like that!" Souta runs out of her room with Buyo, only to yell at her "Why would he? You're always biting people's head's off!" before slamming the door.

Kagome sighs sadly before setting her alarmclock, thinking she'll continue her studies the next morning. She lies down in bed thinking that it feels great to be in her bed as opposed to sleeping on the cold, hard ground. She then thinks again, "No it isn't. You love sleeping under the stars knowing Inuyasha is with you... I wonder what star he's under tonight?" She then falls asleep.

Inuyasha goes to visit Kagome again, only to find she's asleep. Kagome mutters "Inuyasha" in her sleep, and Inuyasha gets a little excited thinking she's dreaming about him. "Sit," Kagome mumbles in her sleep as Inuyasha crashes to the ground. "Her dream is my nightmare!" Inuyasha thinks angrily before her alarm goes off. Panicking, Inuyasha throws the alarm clock around before running out her window with it.

Kagome reaches for her alarmclock just to see that it is gone. "My alarm clock's gone..." but then realizes, by the dirty footprints, that Inuyasha had been by.

Kagome cancels her date with Hojo, saying that something big has come up. Hojo is sad about it, and Kagome makes it sound like she's jealous of the seventh grader who likes him. Hojo smiles, loving the fact that she'd get jealous over him. Kagome sweat drops smirking, "We-ll..."

Meanwhile, in Inuyasha's time, he's sitting on a hill sighing heavily. Kagome shows up. "K-Kagome?" Inuyasha is surprised to see her. "Hi," Kagome says happily before taking a seat next to him. "Uh, Inuyasha, I-" she's about to apologize when he frowns, "Okay okay, I'm sorry." Kagome is more than surprised to hear him say this. Kagome accepts his apology, quite happily. Inuyasha takes out her alarmclock from behind him. "Are you sure?"

With a clenched fist, Kagome stands up. "That's what you're apologizing for?" Inuyasha replies dryly, "I've got nothin' else to apologize for," as he looks away. Kagome growls at him.

Miroku, Sango and Shippo pop out of the bushes telling Kagome not to get mad at him. "He's trying his best! He went to get you twice, and since you've left all he's been doing is moping around and sighing heavily!" Sango says. "You came to get me twice?" Kagome wonders aloud.

Accusing them of being spies, Inuyasha chases them all around. Kaede approaches Kagome, telling her he's happy to have her back. Kagome smiles sweetly as she watches Inuyasha chase Miroku, Sango and Shippo. "GET BACK HERE!"
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts off with an argument bout inuyasha's jealousy of kagome protecting koga the wolf demon.kagome gets mad at him and returns back home in present tokyo.shippo encourages inu to visit kagome at her home and appologize to her.unfortunately, he gets mad a him.

later on,inu goes down the well to go talk to kagome.unfortunately,she wasn't home.but when got to her room,sota entered.inu told sota to not tell kagome that he was there.

some while after that,kagome went to bed after she had studied.she set her alarm clock and fell asleep.later that night inu went to see kagome again.he was a little mad that she was asleep.then all of a sudden her alarm clock went off.he didnt know what to do so he took it with him.she then woke up and had saw that her window was opened. she then wonderded if inu had come while she was sleeping.then she had seen the dog-like footprints he had left on her carpet.she then knew that inu was there while she was sleeping.

the next day after school,kagome went back to fudual japan to inu and the gang.she then found inu.when she went to go and talk to him he then appologized.unfortunately...kagome was still madd cuz inu was just appologizing for taking her clock!.

just when kagome was bout to go yell her haed off at him,sango.miroku,shippo,and along with kirara, held her back.they told her that inu already went to go visit her twice and can't stand them arguing with each other.kagome was a little suprised hearing that news bout inu's visit twice.juss then inu started chasing sango,miroku,shippo,and kirara for spying on him.they yelled for him to fogive them.

now that was bout it that happened in that episode!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After the arguement between inuyasha and kagome in the last episode kagome returns home becuz she thought inuyasha was a jerk that time.
Inuyasha didn't care for a moment but later on showed some signs that he really wanted her back. Meanwhile in kagome's era a 7th grader was hanging out with her old b/f and her friends relized that kagome doesnt care and she has another person in her mind!. After in the lunch bar restaurant they talk it over and Kagome talks about inuyasha but doesnt use his name. Her friends get scared from a thing she said about inuyasha and fix her up with a date with her old b/f she later on says she couldnt make it( ALL LIES). Inuyasha and shippo head out to find katae and ask her advice on what inuyasha should do but they tried to blend in inuyasha's story with a different story about a dog,wolf and a cat. Later on Inuyasha's 2nd visit to kagome's room he finds her asleep and feels he shouldnt wake up and hears her say: SIT. The alarm clock starts ringing and inuyasha tries to stop it so he steals it and clears out of her room. Kagome wakes up and relizes her clock was stolen and knew inuyasha was there. She goes through the well and meets up with inuyasha and he apologizes about the clock and gives the clock back to her, Kagome gets mad and asks: "Is that what u apologized for?" and the rest of the gang pops out and tries to calm kagome down and inuyasha wonders where they came from and starts chasing them, while katae comes out and tells kagome inuyasha is happy that your back.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Kagome got into a fight because Inuyasha thought Kagome liked Kouga,the wolf demon.So Kagome went back to her own time and Inuyasha followed her there.Kagome's grandfather soon found out that Inuyasha was there in Kagome's time and told him where Kagome was.
Inuyasha went to where Kagome was and then she found out Inuyasha was in her time.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha and Kagome got into a fight because Inuyasha thought Kagome liked Kouga,the wolf demon.So Kagome went back to her own time and Inuyasha followed her there.Kagome's grandfather soon found out that Inuyasha was there in Kagome's time and told him where Kagome was.
Inuyasha went to where Kagome was and then she found out Inuyasha was in her time.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
InuYasha and Kagome got into an argument about Koga again so Kagome went home to her time. Kagome went to school then hung out with her friends. She told her friends about InuYasha, not mentioning his name, what he was, or where he was. Kagome was also forced into a date with Hojo, but she told him later on in the show to go out with the freshman girl who likes him. He told her that she was being silly and that he was looking forward to going out with her some other time.
Meanwhile, InuYasha was having some mental problems about seeing Kagome and asking for advice. Shippo told InuYasha that he could explain the story to Kaede without letting Kaede know that the advice was for InuYasha. InuYasha accepted and they went to Kaede's house. Shippo made a story board about a dog, wolf, and cat(InuYasha- dog; Koga- wolf; Kagome-cat). Kaede said for the dog to go see the cat and appoligise. InuYasha left to see Kagome, and the clips after he left proved that Kaede knew the advice was for him.
InuYasha went to Kagome's house and found out that she wasn't home. He snuck into her room and got caught by Sota. InuYasha told Sota not to tell Kagome that he was there, and before he jumped out the window, said it was a man-to-man promise. Kagome walked in the room and asked Sota what he was doing in her room and he said he couldn't tell her because it was a man-to-man promise and he left.
Later on at night, Kagome decided to do her studying after she got some rest. She set her alarm clock then when to sleep. Just as she got to sleep, InuYasha jumped into her window. He noticed she was asleep. She spoke in her sleep and said "InuYasha...". He said "Huh! She's dreaming about me?". She rolled over and said "...sit.". He went face first into the ground then said "Her dreams are my nightmares!". Then after he stood up, the alarm went off. He grabbed that alarm, bit it, and jumped out the window with it. Kagome woke up and realized InuYasha had been there because of the alarm missing and the marks on the floor.
She decided the next morning that she was going to go back to InuYasha's time. She packed up her stuff, went back, and saw InuYasha. Kagome thought for sure that InuYasha would never apologise, but he did. Then he pulled out the broken alarm clock and handed it to her. She realised that her was apologising for the clock, not the situation with Koga, so they got into an arguement again.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu-Yasha and Kagome get in this huge fight over Kouge loving Kagome. Of coure Inu-Yasha gets jealous and sents Kagome running home like usual. Anyway, Shippo tells Sango about the well and how Inu-yasha and Kagome are the only people you can go through it. So Inu-Yasha needs to go get Kagome in order for her to come back. Miroku is in the village with guess what, the women, giving fortunes when he spots Sango and Shippo behind him. He tells them that he would also like to continue their journy but with out Kagome they are helpless. So he tells them to stay alway of the well but Inu-Yasha won't go get her if anyone is watching, "He's just a softy under!" They agree. At the same time Inu-Yasha rushes to the well saying "Kagomes not getting off that easy without apologizing to me" and jumps in.

At kagomes time she goes to school and her friends come running up to her. The show her that a 7th grader has been hanging around with Hojo like lost kitten. She says it's no big deal, that it doesn't matter because she doesn't like him. Her friends make a BIG deal about is and say " You found someone and you didn't tell us." Finally the bell rings and Kagome is saved by the bell. Latter after they all get out of school they all go eat. Kagomes says that this guy is strong and almost has moments where he is actually nice to her. And that he tryed to kill a guy for loving her. Her friends freak.they think he's dangeous and could become a stocker. Then they say that she likes him."yeah Kagome you can see it in your face. Kagome thinks Me and Inu-Yasha Together?

Inu-yasha shoots out of the well. And then goes to her room to find that she's not there. He's smell her scent everywhere. Then Sota , Kagomes brother, and scares Inu-Yasha. Sota asked if they had a fight because she was being a jerk. Inu-Yasha gets upset that she is still mad. Kagome gets home and Sota screams Kagome guess who's her... when Inu-Yasha stops him and tell him to not tell her. Man to Man Promise. Sota says okay you bet.Inu-Yasha leaves and Kagome walks in to find Sota in her room on the floor. "What are you doing in my room" Kagome asks. Sota says while running out"Uh....I can't tell you. It's a man to man promise."

Later Inu-yasha is at the well acting mad that Kagomes still mad and starts kicking dirt at the well like a dog. THe next Day Kagome goes to the well thinking about if she should go back yet. Then decides not to because Inu-Yasha and Her would just fight if she did. At the exact moment but in the fedual age Inu-Yasha is sitting at the well like he is waiting for her to come back. Then out of nowhere Shippo jumps out and Inu-Yasha gets scared again. Shippo talks about Kagome and Kouga and what happened and then asked Inu-Yasha if he thought that Kagome actually fell in love with Kouga. Inu-Yasha says no and then gets mad and throw Shippo. Then Shippo says later that he's right and that may be that they should ask someone who is older and wiser since they don't know anything about woman like Kaede, and then says he won't tell her it's about him and Kagome that it was about a friend of his. Inu-yasha says okay I guess but just for a little while and then they go. Shippo ask Kaede for help about one of his Dog friends. Inu-yasha tell Kaede that it isn't about him. So shippo tell a story through picures he drew. Then Kaede says that the Dog should go after the cat, Kagome, and tell her that he's sorry and they have misunderstud each other. So Inu-yasha goes to kagomes time to talk it out with her.

Kagome is at home doing her home work when her brother asks why she doesn't go back to the Fedual Age. Kagome says that this and her home and she can't just go whenever she wants to. Sota says that that never stoped her before. Kagome says that she won't go back until Inu-yasha comes to get her. Sota says what if he doesn't . Kagome gets mad and says how could you say that and kicks him out of her room. She decides to finish in the morning and sets her a alarm and goes to bed. A few hours later Inu-yasha arrives and finds her asleep. Kagome starts talking in her sleep and says "SIT" Inu-yasha says her dream is his worst Nightmare. Just then her alarm clock goes off and Inu-yasha grabbs it to try to turn if off. he can an leaves. Kagome wakes up and finds her alarm clock missing and her window open and asks herself if Inu-Yasha was her. Then she sees his Feet and elbow marks in her floor and decides to go back. She goes back and Inu-yasha apologizes first and then Kagomes says she really appreciate it. Inu-yasha shows her her alarm clock and says are you sure. Kagome asks if that is what he is apologizing for. He says he's got nothing else to and Kagome gets mad and stands up. Sango, Miroku, and Shippo jump out and grabb Kagome and tell her to calm down and say that all he's been doing since she left was sigh heavly and mope around and he went after twice. Inu-Yasha gets mad and chases after them. Kaede says that he is just Happy you are back.

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!THE END!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the episode continues on inuyasha and kagome arguing over koga's escape. she returns back to her time after inuyasha angers her with both of them reluctant to apologize. she is given news about another girl who is after hojo, but she doesn't care. meanwhile, inuyasha goes to visit her twice and returns twice after being scared by sota and kagome's alarm clock. kagome finally decides to return and is about to talk when inuyasha pulls out her clock and apologizes for it. she is angered that he isn't apologetic about their first argument and is about to beat him up when sango, miroku and shippo hold her back. they tell her that he went after her two times because he was lovesick and that he is really sorry for making her mad. inuyasha in turn, gets angry at all three for spying on him and is about to kill them. kaede shows up to tell kagome that he is happy that she returned and is trying to hide it.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome and Inuyasha have a fight so Kagome yells atInuyasha that she's going home!Kagome thinks about Inuyasha inher time but is afraid to go back.Shippo tells Inuyasha to go to Kagome's time and apoligize to her but he gets all mad.Shippo wanted to think of a way to tell Kaede so he makes a story about a wolf(Kouga),a dog(Inuyasha),and a cat(Kagome).Kagome tells her friends that she loves someone(Inuyasha).Inuyasha goes to Kagome's time to try to appoligize to her and her alarm clock goes off and Inuyasha tries to turn it off but takes it instead!The next day Kagome goes backto the feudal era to appoligize to Inuyasha.Inuyasha says he's sorry and takes out her broken alarm clock!Miroku and Sango(who have been spying on Inuyasha)hold Kagome back and tell her everything and Inuyasha gets mad and starts chasing them. THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome and Inuyasha have a fight so Kagome yells atInuyasha that she's going home!Kagome thinks about Inuyasha inher time but is afraid to go back.Shippo tells Inuyasha to go to Kagome's time and apoligize to her but he gets all mad.Shippo wanted to think of a way to tell Kaede so he makes a story about a wolf(Kouga),a dog(Inuyasha),and a cat(Kagome).Kagome tells her friends that she loves someone(Inuyasha).Inuyasha goes to Kagome's time to try to appoligize to her and her alarm clock goes off and Inuyasha tries to turn it off but takes it instead!The next day Kagome goes backto the feudal era to appoligize to Inuyasha.Inuyasha says he's sorry and takes out her broken alarm clock!Miroku and Sango(who have been spying on Inuyasha)hold Kagome back and tell her everything and Inuyasha gets mad and starts chasing them. THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome and Inuyasha have an arguement and Kagome goes back to her own time.Shippo tries to convince Inuyasha to bring Kagome back.Kagome tells her friends that she loves someone(Inuyasha)and thinks about going back but doesn't know if Inuyasha can forgive her.Shippo tries to tell Kaede about it by making a coloring of a story about awolf(Kouga),a dog(Inuyasha),and a cat(Kagome).Kagome lays on her bed and thinks about Inuyasha then goes to sleep.Inuyasha comes in Kagome's room when suddenly her alarm clock goes off!Inuyasha tries to turn it off then takes it!!The next day Kagome goes to the feudal era to apoligize to Inuyasha and Inuyasha says that he's sorry and takes the alarm clock out!Kagome gets mad and Miroku and Sango(who have been spying on Inuyasha)hold Kagome back and tell her everything and Inuyasha gets mad and starts chasing them!
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in the previous episode Kagome, Koga, Inuyasha and the gang were fighting the Birds of Paradice . the giant bird of paradice bit the jewel shard out of koga's arm . inuyasha killed the bird with the wind scar . kagome helpedkoga escape and that ticked inuyasah off more than he all ready was . Kaogme and inuyasha had a huge fight so she went home . ok now that i revied the last episode time for this one . Inuyasha is talking to Kaede . Kaede said that Inuyasha said bad things to kagome and thats what made her go home . inuyasha gets mad and does a stupid ematation of what kagome had said . Kaede told him his ematation was pathitic . miroku has all the village women linede up giving each on the same palm reading (about bearing his children of corse). sango and shippo are amazed at how much of a pervert he is . meanwhile in kagome's world she is at school and her friends tell kagome that a 1th grader is trying to steal her boyfriend (Hojo, so they think that he's her boyfriend)away . kagome said who caers let her have him . her friends say WHAT theres another guy isnt there kagome ?? kagome stands there making noises . then the bell rings, kagome thinks saved by the bell . back w/ inuyasha her makes sure no one is looking then jumps down the well toget kagome . he jumps to her window opens it and goes in her room (kagome is still st school). Sota (kagome's little bro) goes in kagome's room and scares the living crap out of inuyasha . inuyasha tells sota not to tell kagome he was there he says its a man to man promise . then kagome walks in her room and sees sota . kagome asks what are you doing in here . sota tells her he cant tell her its a man to man promise then runns out of her room . back w/ inuyasha he on the ather side of the well thinking about kagome wishing she would come back . then shippo pops up and scares the crap out of inuyasha too . so he goes back to kagome's world (again) . kagome is asleep when inuyasha comes in through the window . Inuyasah says oh man shes asleep already . he is looking at sleeping . then kagome says "sit" in her sleep . Inuyasha says her dreams are my worst nightmare . then kagome's alarm clock goes off and it also scares the crap out of him . so he grabes it and hes shaking it biting steping onit just trying to get to go off, finily he jumps out of the window w/ it . kagome wakes up and sees his hand and feet prints in the floor . the next morning kagome goes back to inuyasha's world and sits next to him and to her serprize he apologized first . then he pulled out the clock, kagome said is that what you are apologizing for . he said there is nothing else to apologize for .
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is furious at Inuyasha because of his jealousy. While Kagome is at school her friends try to question her about her "boyfriend". Inuyasha gos to Kagomes room and finds the place full of her scent. While Inuyasha is sniffing around Kagome's little brother Souta comes in and almost gives the poor hanyou a heart attack! Meanwhile kagome comes home and for some reason announces her arrival to the whole household.(She is in a good mood because she thinks Inuyasha likes her) Inuyasha tells souta its a promise between guys not to tell Kagome and he leaves. Inuyasha then gos to see Kaeda after almost having another heart attack Kagome then forgives him.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is back in her own time after her argument with Inuyasha over Kouga. She learns from her friends that Houjo is with another girl. Meanwhile, Inuyasha is being arrogant as he refuses to apologize to Kagome. He sneaks into the well to Kagome's house, but finds Souta in her room instead. When Kagome arrives home, Inuyasha runs off. Now, we get into three funny moments:
1. Shippo tells Inuyasha to seek advice from Kaede about Inuyasha. Shippo makes a crazy story up about a love triangle with a cat, dog, and wolf. Kaede says the dog should apologize to the cat for his jealousy.
2. Inuyasha arrives at Kagome's room to apologize only to find her asleep. In her sleep, Kagome tells Inuyasha to 'sit.' Getting ready to wake her, Kagome's alarm clock goes off and Inuyasha is in a panic trying to get it off. Not knowing what to do, he takes the alarm clock with him.
3. Kagome arrives back to the feudal era where Inuyasha apologizes to her. However instead of his jealousy, the apology is for wrecking Kagome's alarm clock. Just as Kagome is about to beat up Inuyasha, Miroku and Sango stop her and say that Inuyasha did worry about her. Angry about how they knew of this, Inuyasha chases Sango and Miroku.
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in the last ep kouga annouced his luv for kagome. kagome
said to inu that there was nothing b/t them. but inu was
doubting her. she scream (i like baka beter than fool so
i'll use that)
home riding on kirara. back in kagome time. she is eating
with her family and not saying anything. souta breaks the
silence and asks kagome to pass him the soy sauce. kagome
gives him the evil eyes and tell him to get it himself.
they continue eating until grandpa gets annoyed and says,
what is this.. this atmosphere? kagome i dont know what
happened in the other world but it has been a long time
since we ate dinnre together, cant this be more (grandpa
moves around all funny) cheerful, joyful and wonderful.
souta comments that he is not funny. kagome abruptly stands
up and says she is done. she clears her plate and leaves.
grandpa and souta sigh and ask her mom what is wrong with
her. she responds, aaaaah she is alright (she take a sip of
her tea) oooo look the steam floated (its considered good
luck when that happens). kagome goes to school. she sighs
and thinks about how it has been so long since she was last
here. yuka, erri, ayumi (her 3 friends) find her and all of
them including kagome are so happy to see each other. they
run up to kagome. one asks why kagome isnt worried. the
other says yeah there is bad news. kagome is confused by
their words. ayumi explains that while she was gone
becuase of the economic class syndrome.... kagome makes the
funniest expression and says WTF was that syndrome. LOL.
she thinks to herself that yet again grandpa has invented
another disease. houjou as unhooking his bike about to
leave. a young girl runs up to him. kagome friends a pissed
about that freshman girl cuz she is trying to steal houjou
away from kagome. LOL. kagome says it none of her business.
they go WHAT, but u might lose him if u dont do something.
the other one says, and she is younger than u kagome, and
she has better skin (LOL) guys like houjou fall for that.
kagome explains that she isnt going out with
houjou.everyone of her friends confront her shocked
shouting U HAVE A BOYFRIEND BESIDES HIM??!?!?!?!. they
discuss amoung themselves that that has to be the reason or
otherwise she wouldnt be so calm right now. yuka and erri
stick stick there head in kagome face demanding that she
tell them who the other man is. kagome gets annoyed and
tell them to shut up and that she doesnt want to even think
about him. ayumi says curiously so u do have a boyfriend.
kagome yells THATS NOT IT. the bell rings. kagome couldnt
be more happier about the timing and she runs off to class
leaving them behind. they run after her. *flashback* kagome
turns into a psycho b1tch and screams into inu yasha face
WRONG. kagome yells in his face CAUSE U R STILL DOUBTING
funny face and says fine. she asks sango if she can borrow
kirara. inu says in a taunting voice, ooooh so u r going to
kougas place. kagome screams NO I AM GOING HOME BAKA
back in inu yashas time sangoa and shippo walk up to the
well. sango looks down the well and says, no matter how u
look at it it is still a normal well. and this is how
kagome travels to her time?? shippo comments that only inu
yasha and kagome can go through the well. and only inu
yasha can bring kagome back. shippo continues, but that
idiot is being so stubborn (shippo get angry here) it
doesnt look like it will work out. back to inu yasha. inu
sneezes (LOL)(it is said that when u sneeze that means
someone is gossiping about u) inu says, dammit someone is
gossiping about me. kaede replies, inu yasha its no
surprised that people are saying sh1t about u. if u did
something stupid like that. inu gets ticked off and says R
U CALLING ME STUPID U OLD HAG?!?!? kaede responds, u r the
stupidest of the stupidest (LMAO GO KAEDE) to find shikon
shards u must have kagome. although i dont know what
happened... why did u piss her off like that. (LOL i liuke
this part)inu goes, she just left like that (does a girlie
voice to impersonate kagome) i am going home baka. *bakc to
normal voice) like that. kaede says, inu yasha u sound
nothing like kagome (LOL). inu yasha falls off the fence he
was siiting and stand back up abruptly yelling THAT IS NOT
THE POINT HERE. lol. there are several ladies standing in
line. miroku says next and reads her palm. he says that she
will have a long life and lots of kids and for her to
please bear him a son. another girl come next to her and
says that he told her teh exact same thing. miroku says
that he is asking all the pretty ladies. there are so many
possilbilities, will i be able to handle both of u. the
girls just go OH MY GOSH and smile. miroku laughs but then
stops when he sees shippo and sango are watching in the
backround. sango says wit a funny expression that he is
such a playboy. miroku walks back with them saying they
cant do anything util inu yasha gets her back. shippo
repsonds, the stupider the stubborner. (lol) i dont think
he will give in that easily. miroku says that from now on
they shouldnt go near the well. he says, we all know what
inu yasha is like, if we r watching him he wont bring
kagome back, it might not sound like him but inu yasha is
very shy. miroku walks off. sango says u cant tell from
their appearance. back to inu yasha. he is running to the
well checking to se if the coast is clear as he goes. he
finally makes it to the well saying, good no one is
looking. kagome... UNFORGIVEABLE... i will..(jumps into
well) make her say sorry no matter what. in kagome time at
wacdonalds yuka erri and ayumi asks her who she is going
out with. kagome repsonds, uuuh he is an idiot, violent
selfish always pissed off, and most importantly he is
EXTREEEEEEEEMELY jealous. ayumi says, but if he is jealous
that means he likes u right? erri says, ah it is going
well. i thought it would be more exciting. yuka asks her
if its all good. and if that means that she is his only
one. kagome replies, if that as the case it would be ok,
but he still doesnt give up on his ex girlfriend so he is
kinda undecided. kagome thinks to herself, yes thats right,
why is inu yasha jealous when he likes kikyou? ayumi smiles
and says, aah kagome is being totally adored. kagome smiles
and says aaah he did tell one of my male friends that he
would kill him. erri and yuka stand up quickly shouting
UP. NEVER EVER SEE HIM AGAIN. kagome goes, but but but. her
friends interrupt her and ask, he is voilent and selfish
right? and hes just playing with u? kagome make a weird
smile and says uh uh well, yea but he has good sides too.
he is sometimes kind and i feel safe when i am around him.
yuka and erri interrupt her again and gaze at her in a
shocked and worried look saying, uh kagome u like that guy?
kagome thinks, uh me in luv with inu yasha? ayumi says u do
luv him kagome and makes a large smile. kagome thikns to
herself, me? i luv inu yasha? (she is so stupid) inu yasha
come out of the well and does several jumps until he
reaches her window. he looks around b4 entering slides her
window and jumps in. he wonders whre she is. inu ysaha with
luvsick eye take a big whiff or her room. he says this
room has kagome scent everywhere. he turns arounf to look
at the window still with luvsick eyes. souta comes in yell
OH HI DOG BROTHER. inu yasha has a freakin heartattack his
air stands on en in every direction possilble and has a
completely terrified face. inu is stand up still scared.
souta approaches him and says remember me? kagomes little
brother souta. inu yasha calms down finally. souta asks if
he came back from the other world. inu closes his eyes and
crosses his arms and says yes. souta asks him if they had a
fight since kagome was so angry. inu sits down again
wondering why kagome is still mad and why she is like that.
kagome finally comes home. souta yells from upstairs HEY
SIS BROTHER INU.... inu grabs his mouth shakes him
frantically telling him to shut up.(inu has a very
psychotic face) he tell souta to promise him not to say a
word to kagome that he was here. souta says fine. inu jumps
out the window just as kagome comes in. she wonders why
souta is in her room. souta eats more chip and says he cant
its a promise b/t men. kagome is very confused.lol. its
night time now and kagome is taking a bath. kagome thikns
to herself, even though inu yasha came to save me i was on
kougas side. (she begins to look guilty) maybe its my
fault? back in inus time. he is resting by the well still
aiting for her. inu is angry saying, hmm kagome i am never
gonna say that i am sorry. he turns arounds goes into the
postion that dogs make when they pee on a fire hydrant and
kicks dirt into the well mubling baka baka (baka=fool).
LOL. shippo and sango are watching him. shippo wonders why
he went there. then miroku voice can be heard saying what
an idiot. sango and shippo are shocked. they say to him, u
were the one who said not to watch him. miroku smiles and
says but this moments are so much fun to watch. its daytime
now back in kagomes time. kagome is in her classroom and is
baout to sit down when houjou say her name. houjou couldnt
be more happy to see her. he asks if she is ok now and asks
her to go out with him to see a movie together. he tell her
he wishes to spend more time with her. kagome thinks to
herself, uh oh but i was thinking of going back to the
other world that day. houjou asks if she is busy that day.
she says, uh kind of. yuka and erri run up to kagome and
grab her scaring her to death. they tell houjou that kagome
really wants to go. kagome eyes widen and she sorta freaks
out. houjou is happy and says with joy, oh really? kagome
says, but.. wait wait. its too late houjou leaves. kagome
elbows her friends saying wha wha r u guys doing? they
tell him that houjou is the man for her and not that
violent selfish bf of hers. one responds, YEAH I U KEEP
IS DOOMED. (they are right 10 eps in the future) kagome
eyes become huge. erri pushes her and demands that she go.
kagome is carrying her yellow bag opens the door and goes
into the room with the well. she sighs and gazes into the
well saying to hreself, ooooh inu yasha, he must still be
mad, he is so stubborn, (she thinks of inu yasha harsh
words 'i dont want to see ur face anymore') if i go back
now we will fight again. she turns around and leaves. at
the same time in inus world inu gazes with luvsick eyes
into the well. inu yahs thinks of soutas words (kagome
seemed so angry) inu yasha sighs. shippo screams his name
right next to him. inu yasha has another heart attack and
falls back. he get up and yells WHAAAAAT SONTPOP OUT OF
NOWHERE. shippo demands that he give in and bring her back
cuase kagome will forgive him. inu says angryily but then
it would make me look like I AM wrong. shippo shouts BUT U
R WRONG, U R STILL DOUBTING KAGOME. inu jerk back looking
shocked. *flashback of kagome holding injured kouga telling
inu yasha to stop fighting cuase kouga is injured* inu
yasha sighs somemore. shippo says even though he was an
enemy she took his side, although kouga was inu yasha
enemy, and kagome was kidnapped and almost killed, (shippo
open his eyes as if he had a realization) THATS RIGHT, why
did kagome take his side after all that. (he turns to inu
ysaha) inu yasha? kagome probably likes kouga. (inu yasha
listen for a while b4 getting pissed off) inu snaps (eith
his hait flying every which way again looking very crazy)
grabs shippo twirls him around and throws him into
oblivian. LOL. in kaedes village inu and shippo are walking
together near a river. shippo apologizes. inu says, do u
ever shut up. (he bends down to shippo with his hand in a
shippo demands that he listen first. inu crosses his arms
and stands upright again. shippo suggests that they seek
kaede for advice and that he wont mention any names. inu
agrees and says, uh well just for a min. shippo drags him
there.lol. shippo is sitting next kaede with inu yasha on
the other side not saying anything. shippo asks her advice
its about a dog he knows.lol. inu sees kaede looking at
him. inu stutter uh it nn nn not me. kaede asks to what
about THAT dog. shippo takes out the crayons kagome gave
him and makes a small slideshow explaining what happened.
kouga is the wolf, kagome is the cat, inu yahsa is the dog.
after shippo is done he ask, if the cat and dog want to be
together what should they do. kaede suggests that the dog
should apologize to the cat. inu yasha stands up quickly
and says WHY? kaede say why do u care this is about some
dog shippo knows. inu feels embarrassed sits back down and
tells her to continue. that the cat is waiting for the dog
to come. (inu yasha is brooding as she is talking) the cat
and dog arent working things out cuz neither give in. 1st
go meet each other, have a little talk, thats the fastest
way to solve the problem. inu yasha calmly gets up and
leaves. shippo and kaede laugh and wink at each other. back
in kagomes time. it is night time and she is studying.
souta is on her bed playing with buyo asking if she is
gonna stay here forever. kagome get angry and says, what i
cant be here? i am studying. i cant go to the otherworld
everyday. souta says but u r there everyday. kagome says
thats because inu yasha drags her there everyday. souta
says that he isnt coming anymore. kagome snaps and yells
way with buyo on his back saying he wont come back cuz u r
always angry. souta shuts the door and kagome talks in his
words. she cant concentrate on her work and decides to
sleep. she says that her bed is always the best when she
comes back an sets her alarm clock. she lies down and
thinks about how inu yasha always stays awake to make sure
everything is ok and wonders what he is doing right now.
moments later inu yasha creeps into her room. he sees her
asleep. he kneels down right next to her watching her
sleep. she turns around and says his name. inu wonders if
she is dreaming about him. she says sit in her sleep. (LOL)
inu yasha make a huge boom. inu gtes up looking crazy again
wondering WTF she is dreaming about. the alarm clock starts
ringing. inu get inu this kung fu position. he take the
click shakes it on his left and right side chews its. but
it wont turn off and takes the clock with him. kagome wakes
up just as he leaves. she notices her alaram clock is gone
and that her window is open. (poor kagome she has a 1/2
demon stalking her.lol) she sees his sit print. lol. and is
happy that he came. back at school the next day she
apologizes to houjou saying that she cant come. she
mentions the girl that always hangs with him. houjou cals
her stupid and says he doesnt wan tto date anyone else.
houjou thinks that she is jealous and gets overjoyed.
kagome goes uh uh thats not it. but houjou has left
already. kagome thinks to herself that houjou is strong and
wishes inu yasha was confident like that. inu ysaha is
sitting on a hill sighing so much. still luvsick as ever.
but just then kagome appears behind him. he is happy to see
her. kagome thikn to herself that maybe if she gives in a
little he will apologize. he does and asks her if she is
still mad. kagome says no and is very happy. she tell the
audience wow inu yasha can actually apologize. but he takes
out the broken alarm clock. kagome gets a little
disappointed saying, oh ur apologizing for this alram
clock? inu get annoyed and says, yea what else? kagome
stnads up looking like she is about to beat the crap out of
him. sango shipo an dmiroku hold her back. they tell her
that inu has been luvsick all this time and that he stared
at the well all day and went to her time twice. inu gets
enraged and demands to know how they knew all that. sango
says uh well. miroku tell him to apologize to her. inu
yasha snaps and shouts at the top of his lungs SHUUUUUUUUUT
UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP. he starts chasing them. they run for
theire lives. sango miroku and shippo say, forgive up inu
yasha it was a misunderstanding, we did it cuz we care
about u.kaede walks up to kagome and says that she should
be happy and that even though inu is fighting he is glad
she is back. miroku goes AIR VOID. inu yells, OH U WANNA
FIGHT HUH. inu jumps into the air about to pounce on them

Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Later , Kagome goes to school as usual ( as we did ), and her friend told her about Hojo , that Hojo has a girl friend near him , but of course Kagome feel nothing about that .Her friend noticed that Kagome has another boyfriend , and forced her to tell them who ( Of course Inuyasha , who else !)But Kagome saved by the school bell and think at the classroom that Inuyasha was a jerk ( Yeah , sometimes )because Inuyasha don't trust her .At the other side , Inuyasha was with Kaede , yelling about Kagome who shouted at her .Kaede don't care about Inuyasha seriously and says that Inuyasha doesn't look like her ( At the beginning , Inuyasha shouted like Kagome shouted at him )

Back on Kagome , she has lunch with her friends , who still forced her to tell who is her boyfriend .Kagome tells them his personality only ( Inuyasha , not anybody else ) and tells them that he wants to kill her friend who come near her ( Kouga ).Her friends shouted at her , don't believe why Kagome wants to be with him , and tell Kagome to break up .Kagome don't understand why they are so angry about that .Her friends ask ,"Do you love him ?"and Kagome just silence .Her friends just thinking , oh she does .

Meanwhile , at Kagome's house , Inuyasha comes , but Kagome isn't there , so he waits at Kagome's room .Souta , Kagome's brother , open the door of Kagome's room and says hello to Inuyasha ( that surprised Inuyasha^ _ ^)Souta tell Inuyasha that Kagome was upset , and Inuyasha was thinking ,"She's still upset ?What an idiot..."Then Kagome's home , and Inuyasha tells Sota that don't tell Kagome about him .

Kagome was thinking too , at that time she 's at Kouga side , and think that it's her fault ( Maybe , I don't understand too ).She wants to go back , but she thinks that they will have another fight , she doesn't go back at that time .

At the other side , Inuyasha was waiting at well's lip ,and sighing many times .Shippo comes , and tell Inuyasha to ask Kaede's advice .Inuyasha agree , and Shippo tells Kaede the story about a dog , a cat , and a wolf .The story's line are the same as Inuyasha's fight with Kagome , and Kaede gives the advice that make Inuyasha goes out from the hut ( I guess he starts to think that it's his fault ).

At night , Kagome studies at her room , with Souta on her bed .Kagome tells Souta to get out angrily , and Souta tells her that Inuyasha won't take her back because she always angry .(Oh , that's right .I like Kagome's smile more than Kagome's angry face )Because exhausted , she falls down onto her bed , and thinks that what is Inuyasha doing right now .Inuyasha comes , and noticed that Kagome's sleep .Later , Kagome talk in her sleep , call Inuyasha's name , and suddlenly says,"Osuwari".Inuyasha falls down , and angry about that .Unfortunately , the alarm clock is ringing , and Inuyasha surprised !(And he don't know how to turn off the ring , poor boy.)He take the alarm clock and go before Kagome wakes up .She noticed that alarm clock has gone , and Inuyasha has came .

Later , Kagome goes back to Sengoku Jidai , plans to apologize to Inuyasha .But before she apologize , Inuyasha has apologized first .Kagome surprised , and Inuyasha asks is Kagome still angry .When she says not , Inuyasha takes out the broken alarm clock .( God , he don't know what is an alarm clock !)Knowing that , Kagome's angry that Inuyasha don't apologize about their problems , but the groups hang it on .Miroku tells her that Inuyasha was sighing many times .Hearing that , Inuyasha 's angry , and chase'em out .
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha & Kagome get in a fight and Kagome goes home to her time. Kagome is furious about Inuyasha's jealousy. While Kagome is at skool, Inuyasha is thinkin' about goin' to Kagome and make her apologize. Inuyasha goes the first time, but she wasn't there. Instead, Souta, Kagome's brother, finds him & asks if Inuyasha & Kagome are fightin'. Souta tells Inuyasha that she's still upset about him. So, Inuyasha goes back to his time. Inuyasha gets some advice from Shippo & old lady Kaede. Inuyasha goes to Kagome's time again but only to find Kagome sleepin'. Kagome is talkin' in her sleep and tells Inuyasha to sit. Inuyasha is about to beat her in the head when Kagome's alarm clock goes off. Inuyasha freaks out & runs away. Kagome realized that Inuyasha came to visit her and that she should apologize. She went to Inuyasha, but he apologized first! Did he change?
Episode Summary for Episode 38 - Two Hearts, One Mind. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha goes to the present after a talk with Kaede. He sees shes awake. before he can do anything, she says his name. He kneels beside her bed, wondering if shes dreaming about him. She then says sit softly. he only sqishes into the carpet, leaving indentations. Hes about to wake her when her alarm goes off. In a funny scene, Inuyasha swings and shakes the clock, trying to turn it off. He leaves with it. Kagome awakes and notices his hand foot and face prints in her carpet and goes to see him. He apoligizes for smashing her clock.