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Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Shows Koga sitting in his den with two wolfs sitting by his side. Some other wolf demons come and say a wizard(Naraku)has a big jewel shard and that they should attack! Koga: "Not now, I have some other bussinus to attend to first.(InuYasha!!!)" Koga thinking as wolfs walk out: "Damn, this wound isn't healing as fast as I hoped it would. I still can't belive that mutt defeated that bird with one swing of that sword, and then ran off with my jewel shard AND my woman!" The other wolfs then go after Naraku without Koga. (Some stayed with him.) At Naraku's Castle: One Wolf: "Attack!" They all charge. A woman then swings a fan and kills the wolfs.

InuYasha and the gang are walking. Kagome walks through a bush and points in a direction. Kagome: "I definitly sense a jewel shard this way." Shippo: "InuYasha, you should stop fighting with Kagome." InuYasha just snorts. Miroku: "They say a demon bear has been attacking villages. It started as a bear cub who wandered into a village and then grew extreamly big." InuYasha: " Why waste our time on a bear when we could be on a wolf hunt." Kagome thinks: "Koga.." InuYasha: We already know that that stupid wolf Koga has two shards jammed in his scronny,hairy little legs."They then find the bear and attack it. Kagome: "InuYasha! It has a jewel shard in his forehead!" Suddenly, Naraku's insects come and take out the jewel and run.(Cowards...) Sango: "You think it's a trap?" Miroku:"Probably." InuYasha: "I don't care if it is."

Back at Koga's den: Koga sees a wolf that went to fight Naraku standing outside very wounded. Koga: "What happened?!" Wolf stiks out his hand and reveals a jewel shard. Koga: "You got a sacred jewel shard!" (Duh!Thank you Mr.Obvious!) Wolf: "You must go Koga, if you don't, everyone will be slaughtered!" You then see Koga jumping cliff to cliff and says: "I'll put this to good use!" And sticks the jewel shard in his arm.

At Naraku's Castle: InuYasha breaks down the door and sees the wolf demons(dead of course.). They then come slive and spill they're blood all over InuYasha. Then they all die again. Koga comes over the wall and sees the blood on InuYasha. Koga: "INUYASHA!!!!" InuYasha: "Before you jump to conclusions your friends were already dead by the time we got here." Koga: "Liar! You're covered in their blood!" Kagome: "Koga! Stop! It wasn't InuYasha!" Koga: "Kagome..." He then looks back to InuYasha and yells: " Prepare to die! and attacks him."

Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episoed starts off wit Hakkaku and Ginta.Hakaku is asleep and Ginta finds him and scares him by yelling "THE ENEMY!!!" Hakkaku freaks out and falls off a cliff and into the water.Then they see they`re 'brothers' from the northern tribe.The northern tribe askes Kouga if he wants to storm Naraku`s castle to get more shards.Kouga says no but some of his tribe goes with them anyway.Then it goes to Inu-Yasha.Miroku and Shippo were telling Inu-Yasha about how useful Kagome is and that he should stop fighting with her.They start talking about the bear demon they are after.Inu-Yasha says that they shouldn`t be looking for a bear when they could be looking for a wolf(Koga).He talks about the 2 jewel shards in his legs.Shippo then says that Koga is Inu`s arch rival in love,and,of course inuyasha smacks Shippo in the head.Then 4 theives come out from the bushes.One of the theives says:Well,it doesn`t look like you got any money,so why don`t you give os the women and we`ll call it even"Inu-Yasha says that if they don`t want to get hurt then they should leave.Sango then takes out her boomerang and tells everyone to get down,The bear comes out and Inu almost gets the shard,but Narakus bees take it.

It goes to Naraku`s castle.The northern tribe says that if there is any guards don`t hesitate to kill them.Kagura then comes out and they attack her.She then kills them.It goes back to the wolf den and shows Hakkaku coming back from guard duty to see Ginta sleeping.He tries to scare him,but the wolves begin to growl.Hakkaku turns around and sees one of the tribe member that went to Naraku`s castle.He has a gash in his left shoulder.Kouga comes out and askes the dude(Don`t know name) what happened.The guy gives him a jewel shard and says:I could only get one....Kouga,you have to hurry to the castle or everyone will be slaughtered" It shows Kouga running and jumping up cliffs and sticks teh shard into his right arm.*It then goes to Naraku`s castle again*Inu-Yasha breaks down the door,and they see the wolf tribe has been slaughtered.Kagura waves her fan thingy and the wolf tribe comes back to life.They begin attacking Inu-Yasha and the others.It shows Kouga running again and then Kagura makes the wolf demons spill they`re blood on Inu-Yasha.

Kouga jumps onto the castle wall and then sees his comerades dead and Inu-Yasha in the middle of them.Kouga starts freakin out and Inu tells him not to jump to conclusions.Koga tells him not to lie because Inu is covered head to foot in the wolf tribe`s blood.Sango and Miroku then go and find Kagura and she leaves them to fight a evil Naraku puppet thing.Then it shows Koga and Inu fighting for a while and then teh episode is all over(everyone must cry now)
Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
First of course, it starts with the theme song I Am. Then Koga has a flashback from the other episode about when the Bird of Paridise tore the jewel shard in his arm right off him. Then the Northern wolf demon tribe comes out to Koga and askes if they can join forces together to fight against Naraku's castle which, obiviously they don't know. Then Koga replies no and I bet it's because he lost his jewel shard in his arm and he's afraid that he may get hurt again.
The two people from the northern tribe notices his injury and can't blame him. Then they call out whoever want;s a piece of the saced jewel shard better come with them. Almost the entire pack goes. Now to the Inu gang. Shippo shows Kagome the pictures he used to show Kaede about this Cat Dog and Wolf which were really Kagome, Inuyasha and Koga. He said that he had shown them to everyone in the village and kagome is so embarassed that she vows that she will never show her face in the village again. Then back to Koga. The tribe looking or the jewel shards go and Kagura the deadly wind soceress comes out and slices everyone up by using that fan of hers and slicing everyone up. Back to Inu and his gang. They are in the middle of a forest and Kagome senses a jewel shard. They heard rumors about a giant bear demon with a jewel shard. Inu is still mad about Kagome and Koga and shippo says something that they are so lovesick and he punches shippo soooooo hard. A bigggg bump showed. Then the hummongous bear comes. Kagome sees the jewel shard in it's forehead. Then Naraku's poison insects come takes the shard out of it and devours it. To Koga. He sees a person of his own tribe coming and handed over a sacred jewel shard which was really a poison shard. Then Koga takes off in the seach or the rest. That idiot doesn't even know that he was under the spell of the final dance of Kagura. So when Ginta or Hakaku touched him, he fell apart! That is all I know.
Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts with the Northern tribe (or something like that) planning to attack Naraku's castle and take all his shards of the Shikon Jewel. Koga says he doesn't feel like it (he's still thinking about Kagome.) When they get there Kaguro kills them. One of them manages to make it back alive and gives Koga a shard of the jewel before he falls apart and dies. Inuyasha and the gang are following Naraku's insects and find his fortress. The dead wolf tribe come to life and attack Inuyasha because Kagura is using her "dance of the dead." As soon as Koga arrives all of the zombies pour their blood on Inuyasha and collapse. Koga thinks Inuyasha killed his tribe so he starts beating him up.

Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts with the Northern tribe (or something like that) are planning to attack Naraku's castle and take all his shards of the Shikon Jewel. Koga says he doesn't feel like it (he's still thinking about Kagome.) When they get there Kaguro kills them. One of them manages to make it back alive and gives Koga a shard of the jewel before he falls apart and dies. Inuyasha and the gang are following Naraku's insects and find his fortress. The dead wolf tribe come to life and attack Inuyasha because Kagura is using her "dance of the dead." As soon as Koga arrives all of the zombies pour their blood on Inuyasha and collapse. Koga thinks Inuyasha killed his tribe so he starts beating him up.

Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
shippo is showing kagome the drawings he made to explain to
kaede what happened with kouga inu yasha and her. kagome
complements him on his talent and comments that the cat in
the picture is cute. shippo explains that she is teh cat
and that the wolf is kouga and the dog is inu yasha. shippo
explain that his story is about the rivalry of teh dog and
the wolf and the cat who shouted "IM GOING HOME". then
kagome gets very worried and embarrassed and demands to
know if he mightve showed it to other people. shippo says
innocently, yea i showed it to kaede, she said i was pretty
good. kagome becomes very embarrassed and responds, ka
kaede knows why me and inu yasha fight? shippo says,
(images of shippo with a huge smile on his face showing the
townspeople his drawings) oh its not just kaede, see i
wanted to be praised by everyone so i showed the whole
village. kagome laughs in an embarrassed tone, blushes and
tihnks, OMG how embarrassing, guess i wont be going back to
the village for a while. she then lets out a long sigh and
thinks about kouga declaring that she is his woman and that
he has fallin in luv with her. she also thinks about how
she and kouga met and when her friends asked her if she was
in luv with inu yasha. bakc in the mountain next to a
waterfall, ginta is checking things over when he spots
hakkaku lazily resting by the waterfall. ginta tip toe
over to him bend over a bit and yells in his face "THERE IS
AN ENEMY" hakkaku immediated jumps up and very frantically
searches around asking, enemy? where? is it the
gokurakuchou? (the large birds) with all of hakkaku frantic
movements his loses his balance and fall off the cliff into
the water. the is a large splash and ginta cracks up
saying, what are you talking about hakkaku? the
gokurakuchou were wiped out. what was that? that stunned
face. HAHAHAHHAHAHA. hakkaku make it out of the water his
eyes are larger and says angrily, U TRICKED ME GINTA. ginta
explains he did that because hakkaku was taking a nap while
he was supposed to be guarding the place. they stop
argueing when they see five people from their tribe
returning. back in their cave they are all resting. one
wolf demon explains, there was this one guy with a huge
jewel shard, (another wolf interrupts him and says) and he
is the lord of the castle. they all agree that they cant
ignore this. they plot that both the north and west tribes
will work together to steal the huge jewel shard and then
split it. they ask for kougas opinion on hte idea. kouga
calmly tell them he isnt interested. everyone is confused
and demands to know why. kouga is resting up again teh cave
wall with 2 wolves by his side and explains that he has
some other business to take care of. they tribe from teh
north agrees and say they will go without him and besides
he seems wounded. there is a close up of the wound on
kougas arm. its about the length of his whole arm (from the
gokurakuchou, the large bird that bit him) everyone from
kougas tribe complains about kougas desicion. they are
furious that if they dont go teh west tribe will take all
teh shards for themselves. kouga calmly responds, i dont
care let them take it. the tribe is furious and they refuse
to allow such a thing happen so the plan to go with the
north without his permission. kouga leans back and relaxes
more and says he doesnt care and they can do whatever they
want. one wolf demon yells out, FROM NOW ON WE ARE JOINING
JEWEL SHARD. and they are all off to fight. kouga opens his
eyes and look at his large scar on his arm. *flashback of
when the gignatic demonic bird bit him and how he got the
scar* kouga looking back regrets his actions. he wished he
wouldve been more careful, if he was he would still have
the jewel shard in his arm. he plans on getting that shard
back but first he has to kill that "dogsh1t" LOL. the
thought of inu yasha defeating the bird with one swing of
his sword (wound of wind) sickens him. inu the middle of a
forest the inu gang is still on the search for more shards.
kagome is leading them and point out the directoin where
she senses some. miroku and shippo both comment on how easy
this is since kagome is with them. miroku says, got that,
so inu yasha dont fight again. LOL shippo screams,
UNDERSTAND? inu looks away form thema and goes, HMPH. sango
asks about a monster like bear attacking the village.
mrioku confirms that he heard the same thing. inu is still
has his arms crossed and stil pouting. on the ground there
are several small footprints leading up to several HUGE
bear prints. miroku talks about a mischevous bear that
would raid the farms in this area. there are villagers
around the prints gawking at them. miroku stops and
says,inu yasha, it seems that u are interested in something
else inu rudely replies, OF COURSE, its important to find
the shards that kagome senses. but right now i am searching
for a wolf not some stupid bear. that skinny little wolf
kouga, i know he still has those shards in his legs, (inu
sniffs the air) if this mountain was filled with the scent
of wolves instead of the scent of bears, it wouldve been
more motivating. shippo rolls his eyes and responds, oh ur
love rival kouga? shipo get s nice punch in the head. he
has a huge smoking bump on ihs head and he falls from
mirokus shoulder screaming in agony. LOL. when shippo
finally get himself together he shouts, HEY WHAT WAS THAT
FOR. (puffs of smoke come from teh sides of shippo like he
was a bull ready to strike) inu crosses his arms, turns the
other directoin and goes HMPH. miroku whispers into shippos
ear that if he doesnt want to get hurt he shouldne get on
inus nerves. suddenly there is rustling by a nearby bush
and villagers with swords come out cackling evily. sjippo
screams, ITS THE BEAR. (idiot -.-) miroku tells him not to
worry its just thieves. one thief steps infront and
responds, THIEVES, you have got some nerves, greenhorn.
looks like u guys dont have any valuables or money. well we
will just take the ladies then. inu says in a calm voice, i
wont be rude, but if u dont want to get hurt hurry up and
run away. sango stands in a defensive position and grasps
her boomerang. kaogme senses a jewel shard approaching
closer. there is a thunders BOOM which shakes the wohle
forest. a bear claw attacks knocking down a tree and sends
it rolling at high speeds toward them all.its bounces over
the thieves and sango attack the tree with her boomerang
spliting it in 2 just in time b4 kagome and miroku get hit.
(GO SANGO GO ^_^) the bear gets up. its sevral feet taller
than the tries, it has a zombie look with red eyes. the
thieves run away flailing there arms. kagome and them are
shocked about its size. the bear roars and kagome sees the
jewel in teh bears forhead. inu yasha jumps into the air
and attacks the bear. the bear screams in agony and inu
lands ontop of a tree. just then a swarm of narakus bees
approach them. inu jumps back down to the ground and miroku
tells him to look. inu turns around and the swarm has
surrounded the bear and one bee yanks out the shard from
the bears head. the bear turns a sickly white falls to the
ground and turns back into a corpse. the swarm leaves
following the bee with the shard. sango wonders if this
could be a trap. inu responds, SO WHAT, i will get him for
sure this time (yeah right -.-) back in narakus castle.
there is someone walking in a dark corridor. its a woman.
she looks through the curtain and says, eh is loks like he
is going to sit there and watch again. well to me thats
much easier. she opens the curtain and sees a shikon shard
on a small platform. (there is a close up of her profile,
they cover up her face with her hair, she is wearinf green
earings and a blue outfit) she reaches to touch the shikon
shard but there is a barrier around it and it almost
eletricutes her. she says, he cant defeat them with this,
is he that confident or just a coward? (she gets up) he
must really luv setting traps, my master ( they finally
show her face, she has large red eyes and carries a fan and
has feathers in her hair). all the wolf demons have made
there way to narakus castle. they sense that the shards
must be here. one says, it must be here, LETS KILL THEM
ALL. all the wold demons hold up there weapons and cheer.
one of them feels very uncomfortable and feels that its
weird that this castle doesnt not have any guards. they see
the woman behind the curtain and through spears at her. she
opens her fan and with one swing of it, sends a large wind
blast pushing them all back. sheis surprised on how weak
they all are. the wind circles them all, she gets her fan
ready and demands to have someone stronger. with another
swing of her fan several wind blades charge after them
hitting them all. back at the waterfall this time ginta is
resting and hakkaku and two wolves have been on guard.
hakkaku laughs evily and begins to tip toe toward ginta.
the wolves whine but he shushes them. he starts to tip toe
again but there are heavy footsteps coming from behind. he
is shocked to see one member of his tribe with a huge scar
across his neck looking like a zombie. the rest of the
wolves including kouga come out and ask him what happened.
the wounded wolf demon says in a weak voice, i could only
get one (he opens his hand and gives kouga the shard), go
to the castle. at this rate everyone will be killed. kouga
rushes off jumping up the mountain and into the sky with
the moons light behind hind. (cool image there ^_^) kouga
plans on putting the shard to good use and jams the shard
into his right arm [bad idea kouga :***( ] kouga rushes
off to the rescue. back at the waterfall ginta and hakkaku
are shocked that he could make it all the way here with
such a large wound. ginta touches him and the injured wolf
demon smokes and suds up, his body splits in 2 and dies.
everyone is freaked out. back at narakus castle, inu and
everyone arrives and inu break down the door by punching
it. inu screams, NAAARAAAAAAAAAAKUUUUUUUUUUU. his anger
vanishes when he sees all of the wolf demons dead. the
ground is soaked with their blood. the begins to walk
around and miroku wonders why the wolf tribes were here in
the first place.kagura slwoly stands up and waves her fan
slightly, a mist travels over teh wolf demons and they ALL
come back to life. everyone is shocked, miroku comments
that he cant sense any life coming from them. they all
atack. miroku with his staff sango just hit them with her
bommerang. inu punches them, jumps into the air and knocks
sevreal of them down. kirara is standing in a defensive
position, growling. miroku get frustrated and comments that
no matter how much they fight they just keep reviving over
and over again. kagura in the back says, even if u stab
them, even if u slash them, even if u chop there head off
they still keep dancing. that is the corpse dance. hmmm u
got here already? (kouga quickly approaches the castle.)
awww i wanted to play a bit more. just then all the
corpses float into the sky surrounding inu yasha. they all
attack him at once (kagura closes her fan) and all teh
corpses suds up and splirt blood, and drop to the ground.
inu yasha is completely soaked with their blood just as
kouga arrives. kouga looking down at his from teh castle
wall is complete shocked that all his kin are dead and inu
yasha is in the center of it all. kouga says in a growl,
THAT @SSHOLE. inu yasha slowly turns around and sees him.
kouga yells out with rage burning with every word, INU
cruel!?!?! inu calmly tells kouga that when he got there
all his friends were dead. kouga responds, SHUT UP, stop
bullsh1itting, u are covered in their blood. inu yasha
look at his hand soaked and clothes that are soaked in
blood and thinks, D@MMIT, we have been framed. kagome calls
up to kouga, kouga we came here to find this guy named
naraku, and then.... when we got here everyone was dead,
then all of a sudden they came back to life. kouga responds
with rage growing with each word, KAGOME, dont even try to
protect that b@stard. (kouga calms down a bit) they were
all dead when u got there? HOW CAN U SAY THAT DOGSH1T!??!!
miroku says in a worried tone, we have been tricked, this
is one of narakus traps, (DUUUUUUUUH) we came here because
we were chasing narakus bees. and somehow the wolf tribe
got here and was all slaughtered. sango continues, and
kouga would come to save them eventually, and hed find inu
yasha covered in their blood (must they always state the
obvious -.-) mirokus continues, (kouga and inu yasha are
gritting there teeth glaring at each other) he wouldnt be
able to control his anger over losing his comrades, so they
would fight to the death. shippo and kagome are worried
that one of them (kouga or inu) will die fighting. kaogme
is trying to think of a way to stop them but doesnt know
how. (here is my fave action sequence in the entire series
^_^) kouga launches himself off the wall with his fist
ready to strike inu yasha. inu dodges just in time and
kouga jumps again. again inu dodges just in time but there
is a white glow coming from kougas arm. kouga misses and
punches the ground sending a lightning blast after inu
yasha. (this is more fast paced than any action scene in
the series, and no pause action either ^_^) inu dodges just
as the lightning was about to hit him. the lightning
continues and creates a huge explosion blowing up part of
narakus castle. inu yasha wonders how kouga right arm got
so much stronger. the aftermath form kougas attack creates
a GIGANTIC crater in the middle of the castle and the
lightning split the ground in 2. kougas right arm is still
glowing bright white. inu accuses kouga of having a shikon
shard in his arm again. kouga says angrily, even though the
one i had was stolen by u guys, it looks like this one
suits me pretty well. the jewel shard jammed in his right
arm glows an unusual black with red around it. kagome
miroku and sango run over but stop when they see the sine
of the jewel. kagome looks at the light and says, that
light... its no shikon shard. its black and the light is
all wrong. what is that fragment? kouga continues to attack
inu yasha. kouga with more speed that usual attacks inu.
inu jumps into the air so fast he was like a bolt of
lightining just a millesecond b4 kouga wouldve beat him. a
huge globe of white energy surrounds kouga. kagome demands
kouga to stop and begs him to listen to her. she alerts him
that htis is a trap and tell him that inu yasha did not
kill his comrades. kouga turns half way to her, tells her
to shut up and says he will only believe what he sees.
kagome walks over to kouga but inu yasha stops her and
says, forget it kagome, idiots like kouga cant understand
complex situations, for these kinds of idiots the only way
to fight him is with force. shippo explains that the wolves
have very strong tribal bonds, kouga who saw his comades
murdered must have lost it. (kouga is about to explode
with rage and hold his fist into the air) miroku thought
that kouga wouldve listened to kagome a bit. inu yasha
realizes that naraku is trying to make him and kouga fight,
he looks around trying to find where naraku could be
watching from. he wonder if he is inside because it smells
like him. kouga says, ur really confident arent u, WHAT ARE
U LOOKING AT?! (kouga punches inu in the chest) sango
wonders if they should back him up (idiot) miroku comments
that inu is looking for naraku. sango says in a determined
tone, then that means naraku must be inside. miroku is
worried about the trap and says that they shouldnt split up
(ur not doing anything anyway -.-) but there is not other
way. sango throws her boomerang. is lands in the middle of
a room inside. miroku and sango follow it and they are face
to face with the woman with the fan. miroku demands that
she tell him her identity and why she is here. she turns
around and introduces herself as kagura. she asks if they
are sango and miroku. miroku demands her to tell them where
naraku is.kagura mischevously tell them that naraku isnt
there but he does have something for them. he said is was
enough to keep u guys busy. a white spark comes from teh
wall and the kugutsu (narakus puppet) comes out of it.
kagura says, hmm lets check out the fight, inu yasha..
kouga, since neither is my type i dont care who dies.
kagura disappears into the darkness. the puppet stands
upright, several white spark and energy come from it and
the baboon naraku comes out with vines come from teh bottom.
Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu-Yasha,Kagoma and the others were traveling to where they heard someone say that Kikyo was last seen.They found an abandoned village and camped there for the night.Miroku was sitting around the fire with Shippo soundly asleep.Inu-Yasha was walking around the village patroling.Kagoma needed someone to talk to.So she went to see what Miroku was up to.She sat across from him trying to talk to him.But before she could say anything he asked;Do you care for him?Kagoma's eyes sparkled as tears ran down her cheeks.As she cried,Miroku said;Im going to go get some sleep.He picked Shippo up and wrapped him up in a blanket.As Miroku disappeared in one of the houses she felt a hand touch her shoulder.It felt so cold but gentle.When she turned around a hard hand swung and hit Kagoma unconscious.She woke stuck in a tree with demons holding her to the tree.Kikyo down below watching Kagoma every second.Kikyo noticed she was awake and started to speak;Inu-Yasha shall come back with me to Hell! And there's nothing you can do to stop me!Kikyo told Kagoma that she was under a spell that only she can see, and hear her.Miroku came out to the campfire to ask Kagoma something.When he went out to the campfire she wasn't there.But where she was sitting he saw a drag trail.He went running yelling for Inu-Yasha where he was patroling.When Miroku found him Inu-Yasha asked do you sense anyting unusual?They both stopped in a pause and looked at each other and said "Kikyo!"Both went rushing to the woods.But when they got to the campsite Inu-Yasha told Miroku to stay with Shippo and Songo.Inu-Yasha saw Kikyo standing alone back facing him.He yelled out; is it really you?It is all of me that you remember;Kikyo said.Kagoma tried and tried to yell to him it was a trick.But it was no use.Kikyo embraced Inu-Yasha and kissed him.As Inu-Yasha and Kikyo sank into Hell slowly.Kagoma yelled out to him as loud as her heart can take.Inu-Yasha woke up repeating Kagoma's name.He cut Kagoma down from the tree.Kikyo asked;do you love her more than I?Before Kikyo had a chance to leave,Inu-Yasha called out;maybe I do!Then Kikyo disappeared into the night sky.After she was gone Inu-Yasha embraced Kagoma.Kagome broke away and stormed off crying deeply.He ran after asking what's wrong why are you crying, what happened.All that came out of Kagoma's mouth was;I saw every minute!Then Inu-Yasha stepped infront of Kagoma and said;your hiding to many things I dont know about!Kagoma said maybe I am.1st:The thing that happened between you and Kikyo.And 2nd:I....I..Kagoma tried to finish her sentence.I...I..DANG IT Inu-Yasha.I love you ok there.There's everything I know that you don't know.She pushed Inu-Yasha out of the way and stormed further away from Inu-Yasha and the campsite.Once again Inu-Yasha stepped infront of Kagoma.He embraced her and kissed her.Kagoma's eyes filled with tears and closed as her and Inu-Yasha were loving each other under the starry sky.As they were close to each other inthat way.Kikyo watched far far beyond where the mountain were covered by the trees.When they returned to the campsite Shippo,Miroku,and Songo, were staying.Miroku asked what took you so long?Songo ran over to Kagoma who was exhausted,she led into the house to be put to sleep.Inu-Yasha said don't worry about what took us so long.Songo also went to sleep.Miroku asked;so who will it be?Who do love and want the most?Shippo said you pick...you should pick...Kagoma...Shippo fell asleep before he could finish what he had to say.Inu-Yasha answered the question.I'm finished with Kikyo.Im want Kagoma...I guess.All the group fell fast asleep.
Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku lures Inuyasha and Kouga in atrap to fight to the death. Kagura murders some of Kouga's tribe and Kouga thinks that Inuyasha killed them. Miroku and Sango confront her only to be faced with fighting a Naraku fake.
Episode Summary for Episode 39 - Trapped In A Duel To The Death. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The wolf tribe from the North(or whatever) want to attack Naraku's castle to take a shard of the jewel. Koga doesnt feel like it so he says his men can go but he will stay behind. They go there and are massacred. Naraku himself is not at the castle, but his servant Kagura the wind lady is. Kagome senses a jewel shard so her and the gang go to check it out. They find the wolf tribe lying on the ground dead. Then the dead bodies, controlled by Kagura start to fight. The circle inuyasha and then explode, getting blood all over him. Kago comes and assumes Inuyasha killed his men. Inuyasha and Koga go at it, but Kagura is really behind it.