Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This is funny! WATCH THIS!!!

So, the group talks about Kagura, the wind demon. Miroku says he won't go out with her. Later on the meet up with Koharu, who Miroku met when he was doing an exosice and ((The funny part!)) asks her to bear his child. Then Sango and Kagome start yelling at him. Miroku says that he hadn't layed a finger on the girl and Sango doesn't belive him. Meanwhile, Kanna is dispatched by Naraku. Then Inuyasha comes out and explains the problem to Miroku. Then miroku asks Sango to bear his child. Koharu and Kagome are talking about Miroku. This was all I could remember.
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode starts off when Inu-Yasha, Kagome, Miroku, Shippo, and Sango arrive in this town and they find out that everyone in that village is looking for this 14 year old girl named Koharu. They mistake Sango for her and Inu-Yasha helps rescueboth Sango and Koharu. She is really greatful to him and she flips out when she sees Miroku. He tells them that 3 years earlier he walk right up to her and asked if she would bear his children. Sango and Kagome were disgusted that he would do such a thing but Koharu has this crush on Miroku and there isn't much they can do for. Miroku realizes that if they were to take her with them she would be in grave danger so he finds a temporary home for her. They were about to leave when she wanted them to stay so they did.

While all this was going on Naraku was telling Kagura his plans to kill Inu-Yasha and he said that her sister Kanna had already left. Then they she a picture of Kanna walking through the forest with her mirror.

Koharu was so happy that they were staying that she was preparing a big meal but she walked outside of the house and came face to face with Kanna who suck her soal so Koharu was under Kanna's control. Inu-Yasha and Miroku sence a demon so they go to investigate, leaving Kagome, Sango, Shippo,and Koharu alone. They're all sitting in this room when Koharu comes in bawling that there was a demon loose in the house. When they go to investigate that find Kanna. When Sango shoots her boomarang at it when it got sent back at Sango, knocking her into Shippo and sending them both flying. Sango and Shippo were out of the battle. Kanna turns to Kagime and Koharu comes up from behind her and holds her so that she can't escape and Kanna starts to suck her soal.

Meanwhile Inu-Yasha and Miroku rush to find the demon when all of the villagers attack them. They soon find out that they are being controlled by Kagura the wind goddess. She challanges Inu-Yasha to a fight and he accepts. He tells Miroku to go and help the other after being informed that they were in danger.

When Miroku arrives he finds Koharu crying and he rushes to hug her when behind his back she pulls a knife.THE END.
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts off with IY-gang talking about their battle with Kaugra and how she is part of Narkou. Then we see Kohrou being chased by villagers. Yet the mistake Sango for Kohrou. they try to take her with them, but Inuyasha saves her. Kohrou thanks Inuyasha. then Mirokou, Kagome,and Shippo come running. Kohrou sees Mirokou and starts hugging him. Then she talks about Mirokou asking her to bear his childern. The rest og the IY-gang is grossed out. Sango and Kagome are pissed at Mirokou. Then Inuyasha tells mirokou they can't have Kohrou tagging along. Then Mirokou goes off to find a family to take in Kohrou. Kohrou is trying to tell the rest of the IY-gang she waon't be much trouble. Then Mirokou comes back and tells the gang he found a place for Kohrou to stay. Yet the IY-gang ends up staying with Kohrou. Then we see Kohrou going outside and Kanna takes Kohrous soul. Then the villigers come and attack Inuyasha and Mirokou. Leaving Sango, Shippo,Kohrou(some how alive), and Kagome. The group heads off to find the demon who killed the family who took Kohrou in. Yet the stumble upon Kanna. Sango attacks Kanna with her weapon ,but it goes back knocking out Sango and Shippo. Then Kohrou holds Kagome and tries to suck out Kagome's soul Now we're back on the scene with Inuyasha and Mirokou. We see Kaugra and she tells them Kagome is getting her soul sucked out of her right then. So Mirokou goes and saves Kagome. Then the show ends with Kohrou holding a knife to Mirokous back.
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
InuYasha and gang find a young 14 year old girl namer Koharu. 3 years before, Miroku asked her to bear him a son. she was only 11 at the time! Sango gives an eye soring look at Miroku. Anyways, now that she is 14, she tells Miroku that she truly wants to bear him a child. At this point Sango is full of jealousy, even though she denies it. Miroku tells her that he says that to every girl he meets, and Sango says "All except one." Miroku begins to ask Sango and she cuts him off, now she's really ticked. InuYasha scenses jealousy and asks Sango if she was and that just really ticked her off.

Since they don't want to put Koharu in any danger by traveling with them, they find a villiage and she stays there. That night, Naraku sends out a new detatchment, Kanna. Kanna is a small girl with a mirror that steals souls and reflects attacks. InuYasha and gang stay for the night with Koharu. Koharu manages to sneak out. Kanna finds Koharu and steals her soul. Kagura attacks the villiage and Kanna steals their souls. InuYasha and Miroku go to attack them. While InuYasha and Miroku are fighting, Kagome, Sango, and Shippo search for Koharu.

Kanna appears and Sango attacks with Hiraikotsu(bommerang), but Kanna reflects Sango's attack and leaves her badly injured. Since Kanna is controlling Koharu, she has her hold Kagome while Kanna steals Kagome's souls. While Kanna is doing this, Kagura(still fighting) tells InuYasha about Kanna and Kagome. InuYasha is soon worried for Kagome's life and rushes to the cabin where she is...
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Okay, this is a good one. We meet a 14 year old girl named Koharu who Miroku once helped out, and asked her to bear his children. Sango puts it best, "You lech!" However, the girl is in love with him and wants to join their party since due to an incident where she worked the night before, she can no longer return. Miroku says he'll try to find her a home, Sango says he'd better since he asked her that stupid question in the first place and he says that he asks every girl he meets that question. Sango (sounding a little upset) says "All except one." Miroku gets an odd look and begins asking her to bear his children, but she cuts him off. Then, Miroku finds her a place to stay in a nearby village. While "saying goodbye" the other note that it looks more like seduction. Sango seems incredibly pissed and Inuyasha asks if he's sensing some jealousy (ONE OF THE BEST SCENES EVER IS RIGHT HERE!) A lightening bolt shoots from her eye, she says it's just him, and then Sango is surronded with an aura of fire while the others cringe and Kagome's like "Sure..." Miroku tells Koharu that he has a curse so it wouldn't be safe to stay with him. That night, a demon named Kanna shows up and starts sucking out peoples souls! She get's Koharu, Sango tries to attack with Hiraikotsu but her mirror reflects and hits her arm. Then she tries to suck out Kagome's soul (haven't we seen this before?) In the mean time, Inuyasha and Miroku and run into Kagura, and Miroku goes to check on the girls. He runs into Koharu who's "scared" and while he's holding her, she pulls a knife on him and...
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After having a fight with Kagura, Kagome is helping Inuyasha to to feel better. They are discusing about why if Naraku is man he could separate himself into a girl like kagura. It was all because when Kikio gave him Kagome´s shards he started learning new techniques. Then Sngo was in the lake when a group of men wanted to take her. She quickly hits them and a girl gets out of someplace. Inuyasha hits the lider and they leave. The girl saw Miroku and starts hugging him as if they met years ago. Her name was Koharu, and she met Miroku 3 years ago. She was suffering a lot and Miroku helped her. She was a nice girl and of course Miroku asked her to bare his child ( fiuf! he realy was a jerk... he asked her thar when she had only 11 years!!) Sango, Kagome´s, and also Inuyasha´s reaction was of surprise. Now that Koharu has 14 years she tells Miroku that now she can bare his child. Then Miroku goes to talk with her and he tells her that she can go with him bacause it is too dangerous. Meanwhile, Kagome and Inuyasha are spying them. Inuyasha turns to see Sango and he tells her: " Maybe it is my imagination, but you´ve been too angry since we arrived here Sango" " Ah! It´s because you have a lot of imagination!!" " au, au, au" cried Inuyasha wile Sango was very angry. Then Miroku went to a village and asked a man if Koharu can stay there. She was too sad and leaves criying. Everybody told him that maybe he must pass the night by her side. " No, if I do that the young Koharu may have a bad memory about me" " WHAT!!!???" " Why are you going to do that Miroku?" asked Shippo."Well listen Shippo..." said Miroku. " That´s not necessary! He´s too small and he won´t understand you" said Kagome. Finally Inuyasha say Koharu crying ( and you know he doesn´t like to see women cry) He tells her that she can go with them. At night she wents out and sees Kanna. Inmediatly Kanna starts taking away Koharu´s soul. Then many villagers attacked Inuyasha and Miroku. Sango sees Kanna and she trhows her boomerang, but she attacks Sango. Then Koharu takes Kagome and Kanna starts taking away her souls. Miroku arrives and sees Koharu. She hugs him and takes a knife to hurt Miroku...........
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang meet up with Koharu, a 14-year old girl Miroku met up with three years ago as she promises to bear Miroku a child (Something that Sango and Kagome get very flustered about after all she was only 11 when Miroku asked the question. Maybe he needs a nice number of wacks up the head from Sango's Hiraikotsu to set things straight.) Well anyway, the gang can't take Koharu with them on their journey so Miroku talks the village chieftain in letting Koharu stay with him. However, Koharu manages to convince them in staying the night. Meanwhile, Naraku sends another one of his detachments after the Inuyasha gang called Kanna, a young girl with a mirror that can see the location of other people and drain them of their souls and take control of them. Kanna meets up with Koharu and takes her soul. Meanwhile, Kagura launches an attack on the village with the local villagers attacking as their souls have been taken by Kanna. Inuyasha and Miroku go after them while Sango and Kagome look after Koharu, unaware that her soul is being controller by Kanna. Kanna appears and Sango tries to attack her with her Hiraikotsu. Kanna reflects the attack and Sango gets some heavy damage from the attack. Kanna then starts to take control of Koharu as she holds Kagome for Kanna to take Kagome's soul. When Kagura informs Inuyasha about the events, he gets fearful of Kagome's life and advances back to the cabin where Kagome and the others are at.
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
this episode is grrrreat ! They're talking about Kagura and how come she smells like Naraku. And then they find Koharu who wants to bear Miroku's kid. Sango is furious and hates Miroku (for a short time) The Kanna attacks and steals Koharu's soul(while Miroku is taking a bath :) and she tries to kill Miroku & the gang. So Naraku shows up and he tells inuyasha that kikyo gave him their shikon jewel pieces. Kagome is mad and she fires an arrow that breaks the mirror and sets the souls free. And Miroku and Sano fall in love some more when Miroku finds out she was jealous of him and Koharu.
Episode Summary for Episode 41 - Kagura's Dance And Kanna's Mirror. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ok. it starts out the gang talking abouthow kagura smelled
like naraku. kagome is bandaging inu yasha wound.
eventually the gang come to the conclusion that naraku has
a new ability to make offspring because of the jewel that
kikyo stole from kagome. then we see 4 guys looking for
this girl. they find sango. the leader says "she's
beautiful let's take her too"lol. but inu yasha kicks their
butts of course. the girl (i think her name koharu can't
remember) that the guys were looking for comes out of
hiding and sees miroku. she recognizes him. she then talks
about how she was so depressed and that the leader of the 4
guys was giving her dirty looks. eventually the guys made
his move so she ran. but miroku was the only one that was
nice to her and she fell in love with him. (this was all 3
yrs ago by the way). and of course miroku asked her to bear
his child when she was 11. that jerk. the reaction from the
rest of the gang is hilarious. lmao. kagome and sango
scream at him for a while. then the girl says that she is 3
yrs older now and will gladly bear his child. we see
another funny reaction from the gang. she wants to travel
with them and says that she won't be a burden. they can't
do that. so they find a village for her to stay at. sango
brings up that 11yr bear your child thing. miroku says he
does that to all the girls he meets. but she says that he
never did that her. so of course he asks her. sango (with a
hilarious expression on her face) says "hey that doesn't
mean i want u to ask me". miroku takes the girl and tells
her to stay at this village and that he does not want her
to get hurt because of all the powerful demons including
naraku that they fight. she is in his arms this whole time.
sango sees them and gets pissed off. ( I LOVE THIS PART) ok
so inu yasha has to make a comment and says that she has
been tense for a while. sango gives him the evil eye. inu
yasha with his doofiest expression yet is shaking and
hiding behind kagome. it is night time they say they r
leaving. the girl starts crying. inu yasha says he can't
stand to see a girl cry and says that they'll stay. (oh
yeah naraku sent kanna after them and tells kagura to go
back out again. he takes the jewel in his hand and squeezes
it. kagura is hurt by this. he says remember kagura i can
kill u anytime i want.) the girl is heating up the fire for
miroku hot bath. kanna comes and takes her soul. the gang
see that they are surrounded and inu yasha and miroku go
outside to fight. there are like 100's of people being
controlled by kagura's 'dance of the dead'. after realizing
that all their effort fighting is not working inu yasha
says to miroku to protect kagome while he takes care of
kagura. kanna approaches sango and the rest. she repells
back her boomerang and sango gets hit by her own attack.
miroku comes and sees the girl. the girl hugs him but takes
out a knife behind him and her eyes turn evil. kanna starts
taking out kagome's soul.