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Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Wind Scar Defeated. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The show starts with kanna tring to steal kagome's soul, but can't because her mirror was to full. As Inuyasha fights kagura, Kagura fads her controled wind creating the wind scar. Inuyasha has no idea about the second demon which can deflect his attack back at him. As Inuyasha weilds the tessigua, Miroku appers with Sango and Kagome. Miroku already knew about the second demon, but he was too late to warn Inuyasha. Inuyasha already sliced through the wind scar. Then Kanna(the second demon) apeared with her mirror, and she deflected the wind scar right back at Inuyasha. Inuyasha got hit, and was badly injured. And then Naraku appered with the desier of Inuyasha's head as a trophy. Naraku showed the almost complet Shikon Jewel in his hand saying Kikyou(the woman Inuyasha is in love with) handed over the chards she stole from Kagome. And ha also said she is now working for him. Then, Kagura sends her dance of the blades, Miroku gets hurt trying to protect Inuyasha. On kagura's second shoot of the blades, Kagome appers on kilala's back. Kagome's still weak, but shoots a sacret arrow infront of Inuyasha protecting him from the blades. Luckly Inuyasha is still alive, but so badly hurt, he couldn't move. Kagome shoots arrow towards Naraku. Kanna tries to deflect the arrow, but because the arrow it made of souls, the arrow peirced through the mirror. Causing the mirror to break and letting all the souls out. Miroku runs up and uses his wind tunnel right after the souls have returned to the bodies. Kagura sends a buch off rocks in the wind tunnel, allowing Naraku, Kanna and herself to escape. The show ends with Kagome, shippo and kilala going out to search for some herbs, and Inuyasha thinking about why Kikyou handed over the chards she stole from Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Wind Scar Defeated. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
inyasha is useing the windscar when kogajumps in the
way and the windscar goes back.then koga grabs kogoma
and then runs inuyasha yells kogama.koga meets kikyo
and trys to kill her but kikyo puts him to sleep with
a kiss and inyasha sees them and kikyo turns around and
says good by inuyasha starts to crykogama comes and hugs

Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Wind Scar Defeated. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
IF you didn't get the background from the last episode, then you won't get this episode. Inuyasha is off fighting the villagers and Miroku is at the house. Koharu tries to kill Miroku but he escapes. Meanwhile, Kagome is having the soul sucked out of her. Sango is unconcious and Shippo is as well. Miroku comes in and saves Kagome. But, we must back up a few minutes before Miroku enters the room, Kanna is confused why Kagome's entire souild was not subdoed into the mirror.
Inuyasha finds out Naraku's plot to destroy Inu-gang. Inuyasha tries to get back to the house but then...NARAKU IN PERSON appears. Then, Inuyasha uses the Tetsusaiga but, unfortunately Kanna reflets the attack with her mirror! Inuyasha is hit full blast with the Wind Scar. Although the Tetsusaiga saves him, he is so weak, he can' even move! Kagome, Sango, Shippo, and Miroku enter the scene. Kagome goes up to Inuyasha. She then fires her Sacred Arrow at kanna's mirror. The Arrow is made up of souls and the arrow almost made Kanna's mirror break! Then, Kagura, Kanna, and Naraku escape. With Inuyasha injured so badly, they hide inside a hut. Inuyasha lays in the bed thinking about Kikyo. Once again, we must back up. While Naraku is still in the scene, he tells Inuyasha that Kikyo gave him a large fragment of the Shikon no Tama. Back to the present, Inuyasha says, "Where are you, my Kikyo?"
Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Wind Scar Defeated. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in the previous ep miroku met up with koharu. (the 11 yr
old he asked to bear his child) she is fourteen now and
agreed to bear his child. kanna came onto the scene and
stole her soul. kagura then appeared and used the dance of
the dead to bring all the dead vilagers back to life. inu
and miroku went out to fight her. inu said he could handle
it and told miroku to protect kagome. inside the building
kanna was there. she reflected sango boomerang right back
at her and began to steal kagomes soul with her mirror. at
the start of this ep kanna continues to steal kaogmes soul.
her soul is a stream of white mist floating into her
mirror. kagome has a dead look in her eyes as she lies
there motionless. kanna notices something strange about
kagomes soul. the mirror cant hold it. she stops collecting
kagomes soul and thinks that kagome shouldnt be able to
move. kanna says in her creepy whisper as she slowly
reaches for kagomes shards, "the shikon shards, give them
to me" to kannas surprise kagome gets up and aims an arrow
at her head. koharu is still in mirokus arms. from behind
him she pulls out a large knife and strikes him. miroku
catches her hand just in time and pushes it back. koharu
doesnt give up and tries to push it back toward him. miroku
slaps her hand which knocks the knife out of her hands and
falls to the floor. he then punches her in the stomache and
catches her wondering what in the world happened to her. he
then becomes worried calling out to kagome and shippo
asking where they are. sango is still on the ground
motionless from getting hit by her own boomerang. kagome is
shaking as she aims for kanna. kanna is still in shock that
she is still able to move. just then miroku and kirara find
them. kanna disappears into the darkness. whe kanna leaves
kagome falls to the ground shaking and breathing heavily.
miroku asks kagome what happened here. kirara walks over to
shippo and moans over his face. shippo finally wakes up and
rememebers that kagome was in trouble and shouts out her
name. miroku then asks shippo what happened here. shippo
explains that there was this white demon (kanna) and kagome
sould was stolen by her mirror. back with inu yasha he is
still fighting the villagers controlled by kaguras dance of
the dead. kagura sends several wind blades at inu. inu
jumps out of the way in time but the blades hits the
villagers. inu lands on his left hand, twists a bit and
does a backflip and prepares himself for the next attack
(he is too cool ^_^) smoke fills the air from kaguras last
attack. she taunts him saying, whats wrong inu yasha? u r
only dodging. does that mean u havent recovered yet? (kouga
punched a hole through his stomache and broke all the bones
in his right arm) inu wonders what he can do. he thinks if
he does it (wound of wind) in only one shot his right arm
should be able to take it. *flashback of kouga and inus
awesome fight from ep 39+40. kouga broke his right arm
because of the fake shard he had * kagura sends several
tornadoes his way. inu dodges them all.*flashback from ep
40 when kagome shot her arrow at inu missing him but
purifying all the wind in teh castle so he could use the
wound of wind* kagura has made a funnel of wind around her.
but again kagura controls all the winds so inu cnat use the
wound of wind. but all of a sudden w/o the winds colliding
the wind scar appears infront of him (NO INU DONT DO IT
*cries*) inu wonders why it has appeared and why her
control over the wind has weakened. inu takes tessaiga out
and is about to cut the wind scar (NO INU *cries*) just
hten miroku carrying kagome, shippo and kirara carrying
koharu and sango, run up the hill and find inu. they notice
inu has taken his sword out and is trying to use the wound
of wind. miroku worried and says that inu doesnt know about
the white demon yet. just like how sangos boomerang was
reflected back at her inu wound of wind will be reflected
back at him. kagura keeps enticing inu to cut it when kanna
walks over to her. inu cuts it (NO INU *cries*) sending the
wound of wind right at her. kagura laughs manically. kagura
turns around which exposes kanna. her mirror shines and
sends the wound of wind right back at him. inu yasha is
shocked but its too late he cant dodge in time. the wound
of wind hits him directly and he screams with agony as he
is sent flying back. inu is motionless on the ground still
holding his sword. the wound of wind blast is still over
his body and he has a pained expression. miroku and shippo
run over to him to check if he is alright. but there is not
response. (inu gets really f#cked up in these eps, my god)
in the clear starry night sky several dark tornadoes
appears. the flow down behind kanna and kagura and naraku
walks out. he has his baboon suit only on the bottom half
of him. miroku sees him and become furious. the wind stops
and naraku says in his normal evil tone, that was
disappointing, i wnated to ask u how it feels to have ur
own attack backfire upon um hence i came, but... mrioku
steps infront of inu and replies, ooooooooh what is this
instead of a puppet the real thing decided to show up. teh
coward who never does any work himself (miroku sticks both
fist into the air like he is about to punch him) and know
nothing but setting up traps, it seems that u are pretty
comfident this time. (miroku takes off his prayer beads)
naraku has an evil confident smile when he says, air void
eh? its up to u whether u want to suck up everything or
not. (naraku gazes down at kanna) but monk u arent that
stupid, (miroku realizes that the souls of the villagers
and kagome are in that mirror, and puts the prayer beads
back on) narkus continues, u guys are already down by the
wind, and the nihility, the detachments that were made from
my body how vain that is. miroku glares at him wondering
what he means by detachments and that his guess was right
that naraku developed more abilites. he thinks about kagur
awho controls wind and kanna who has nihility she has to
aura or smell that how she was able to do anything she
wanted without them knowing. shippo is by inus side
yelling, INU YASHA WAKE UP INU YAHSA. inus bangs are
covering his eyes (man i hate when they do that >O) kirara
is watching over kagome , sango and koharu who are
motionless on the ground. just then kagome gets up with a
lot of difficulty. she calls out to kirara. kirara moans as
she walks over to kagome. kagome in a weak quiet tone asks
kirara to do her a favor to take her to inu yasha.kagura
opens her fan and says that enough talking and asks if they
should take inu yashas head now. naraku has a confidnet
smile as he looks at her. kagura asks that should thye tell
that girl that inu yasha is dead. naraku says, hmm thats
true i wouldnt have been able to make u and kanna w/o her
help. what would her reactoin be (he takes out his almost
completed jewel) if we give her inu yashas head. miroku is
shocked that his shikon shard is almost its original shape.
narakus responds, didnt u say i never do dirty work myself?
however there are alway those who are better than the best,
there was a woman trying to kill inu yasha by using this
narakus hand. she is really strong the woman called kikyou.
miroku steps back inus eyes burst open but he quickly
closes them back when the pain gets to him. shippo says he
is glad he is alive. narku explains that kikyou with her
own hand gave him this shard. narakus closes the jewel in
his hands. inu opens his eyes again but there is sadness in
them now. kagura lifts her fan ready to kill them all. she
sends wind blades at them. miroku blocks most of them with
his staff but get hit in the face neck and stomache and
goes flying back. kagura sends another wave of wind baldes
straight at inu yasha. kagome shoots off her arrow, it
lands right infront of inu yasha creating a purity barrier
infront of him. the arrows light disappears as kirara flies
downward towards inu. narakus and kagura both glare at
kanna for not doing her job. naraku realizes there is a
soul that is overflowing the mirror. he begins to think,
that means her soul is THAT big? the is a soul at the
center of the mirror that cant be sucked in. kirara lands
and kagome gets off and lands on her knees. shippo runs
over to her and asks if she is ok. kagome out of breathe
says she is fine and asks aout inu yasha. inu lifts his
head slightly and gazes at kagome slowly approaching him.
kagome keep saying, thank god your alive, thank god. she
gazes happily into his eyes and wondered how this happened
why is the shikon shard in narakus hand. *flashbakc of when
kikyou stole kagome part of the jewel* she figures out if
must have been kikyou who gave naraku to jewel. kagome is
hurt that no matter how horrible kikyou treats him inu
yasha still luvs her even if he has to suffer like this.
naraku demands kagome to tell inu that if he has a grudge
he should bear it against kikyou and that inu death was her
desire. kagome becomes enraged, grabs for her arrow and
aims it at them saying, your words, whenever i hear then,
SICKEN ME. shippo warns kagome that her arrow will just get
reflected back at her. kagome in a determined tone tells
him not to worry because it only hits the bad guys. kagome
fires it and kanna catches it in her mirror. the arrow
begins to get sucked into the mirror until it has
disappeared completely. the mirror begins to whine very
loudly. kanna is disappointed that she couldnt bounce the
arrow back. there is a blue light surrounding the mirror.
naraku and kagura are shocked. there are crackling noises.
kanna explains that htis mirror is full of souls and has
gotten full, if she doesnt let souls out the mirror will
break. the mirror begins to crack. kanna lets out all the
souls. several white balls of light fly all over the place.
they land in koharu, kagome, and all the villagers.
everyone who got their soul back begins to glow. koharu
finally wakes up and calls out for miroku. kagome orders
miroku to use his air void now. koharu watches miroku and
think about his words telling her he has an air void in his
right hand that will suck up anything and one day it will
consume his body. kagura uses her wind power to break up
the ground so that only the boulders fly into his hand.
naraku kanna and kagura turn around and walk away
disappearing into the distance. miroku closes up the air
void. naraku voice echoes in the distance saying, ur lives,
i will let u hang onto them for a little longer, the
shikon jewel, will give me more and more power, from here
on lets enjoy it together, the infintate power of the
jewel. the sun begins to rise over the land. the villagers
have just recovered wondering where they are and why tere
minds feels so empty. beams of sunlight peek through the
clouds when koharu starts to walk away. she is carrying a
piece of paper and holds it close to her heart. (sorry if i
could read japanese i could tell u what is said LOL) sango
and kirara ans sitting next to each other. miroku is
brooding up in a tree. and sango is resting in the shade.
shippo sudden get up shouting, I WANT TO SHOUT CHEEP UP
ALREADY, but maybe i shouldnt, since naraku colletect most
of the shards. shippo shakes himself saying he should says
such depressing things and that everything depends on how u
think of it. he begins to thikn that they did survive a
fight with narkau just now and turns and asks kirara.
kirara gives a confident meow. just then kagome comes
outside. shippo asks how inu is doing. kagome tell him the
inus fever has went down and the herbs seem to be working.
kagome goes off to search for more herbs. shippo says
confidently that she can leave everything to him and kirara
since they are in the best condition. back inside. inu
wounds are all wrapped up. he slowly opens his eyes and
begins to think,(during this time the show flashback of
when she died was revived, tried to bring him to hell, when
she stole kagomes shard) kikyou handed the shards over to
naraku, kikyou who died once, kikyou who was made again
with clay, kikyou who hates me, kikyou who tried to kill
kagome, (the romm begins to darken) where are u, my kikyou.
(man dont u want to slap this idiot. its my KA GO ME. idiot

Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Wind Scar Defeated. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome manages to have some of her soul still in her body thanks to the Shikone jewel shards when Kanna attempts to take it. Unfortunately for Kanna, her mirror is overloaded with souls thanks to Kagome and the next absorption could shatter the mirror. Kanna departs when Miroku shows up. Meanwhile, Inuyasha clashes with Kagura as he attempts to use the Wound of the Wind on her. However, Kagura deflects the attack with her mirror and seriously wounds Inuyasha. Kagome and the others arrive at the battle along with Naraku. He boasts how Kikyo had given him the jewel fragment that Kagome had before. As Kagura is about to attack Miroku with her Fujin no Mai, Kagome blocks the attack with a spiritual arrow. She then fires an arrow at Kanna's mirror and the mirror is at its limits with holding souls as Kanna is forced to release them. Miroku then attempts to suck up Naraku, Kanna, and Kagura with his Air Void but the three escape. Miroku leaves a note for Koharu and the Inuyasha group rest at a cabin so Inuyasha and Sango can recover from their injuries. Inuyasha starts to question his loyalty to Kikyo after everything she has done.
Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Wind Scar Defeated. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
inuyasha and the guys were fighting and kanna the girl who has a mirrior that can steal soul and bounce back powers hurt inuyasha the way he was lying waz very sexy but i wanted to cry seeing inu lying there almost died well naraku and kanna stole kagome soul even though kagome soul was stolen she could move they all won but was hurt badly especally my baby boy inuyasha. kikyo she is a son of ahurting inuyasha feelings like that even though you know it was not inuyasha fault she died it was naraku and she still gave the shards to naraku and left none for the group that is really mean inuyasha need to know kagome is the best for him she always got his back and i know both of them love each other very much.
Episode Summary for Episode 42 - The Wind Scar Defeated. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Uh-oh. Judging by the title of this episode, I think we’re in for a bit of trouble. Just a quick recap: the Inu-gang bumped into this woman named Koharu who knows Miroku. Seems she accepted bearing his child a few years ago (when she was ELEVEN). She wants to travel with the group, and though they said no, they agreed to spend one night with her just to get her accustomed to her new surroundings. We see this new scene with Miroku talking to her, telling her about life being a struggle and all that crap. He does mention his Kazaana though, and actually looks kinda scared as he tells her it’ll eventually sucking him up. Unfortunately, Naraku rears his ugly head in the form of this albino kid Kanna, who uses mirrors to suck out unsuspecting souls. She’s got little Kohura working for her-Koharu is about to stab Miroku, who doesn’t know it’s coming-and she’s about to snatch poor Kagome’s soul. Sango was hit by her own Hiraikotsu, which was reflected by Kanna’s mirror, and the Taijiya fell into Shippo, knocking him out (that’s funny in a cosmic way). Inuyasha is busy fending off villagers in the albino’s control. Someone’s got to save everyone!

Okay, five minutes later, the episode really starts. Kanna’s got Kagome’s soul, but the little thing is really trying to escape. Kanna goes to take Kagome’s Shikon shards, thinking they’re the reason she can’t hold onto the soul. Kagome recovers somehow and holds a cocked arrow up to the white kid. In the next room, Miroku realizes Koharu’s trying to stab him, and knocks the knife out of her hand. Then he sucker punches the poor thing and knocks her out. Miroku rushes to go find Kagome. Kanna looks kinda startled that Kagome is still moving and all, and as Miroku and suddenly Kirara come into the room, she turns and retreats. Kagome falls, trembling uncontrollably. Kirara wakes Shippo, who tells Miroku that there was some white youkai around with a mirror, and she’s got Kagome’s soul! Egads, call the Ghost Busters!

Inuyasha is still knocking away villagers when Kagura attacks with her wind blades. He dodges them and does this super neat handspring. I was impressed. Kagura asks why he’s only dodging her attacks-ah, that means he must not have fully recovered from his last battle. Inuyasha decides that his poor right arm-broken in the fight with that stupid Kouga, who I know longer like for harming our favorite hanyou-can only do one shot with the Kaze no Kizu (Wound of the Wind). He’s gotta make this count. Kagura keeps attacking; she too remembers last time, and how he actually used the Kaze no Kizu against her, a Wind-user (whatever that means. Humph). Last time Kagome’s purity arrow made the wound. She figures that if that stupid arrow doesn’t come around again, Inuyasha won’t be able to use the Kaze no Kizu, since she controls the clouds of youki.

Inuyasha suddenly realizes it too-she does control the wind, after all, so he won’t be able to use it. But then he sees it-undoubtedly, it’s the wound of the wind! But how? I smell a trap. Inuyasha reaches for the Tetsusaiga, preparing to do his attack. Over a hill comes Miroku with Kagome on his back, Kirara totting the unconscious Sango. The monk understands that Inuyasha wants to use the Kaze no Kizu, but he doesn’t know about the white youkai-ack, that’s right! Kanna’s mirror will reflect the attack, just like it did Sango’s Hiriakotsu!

It’s too late to stop Inuyasha, though. The hanyou swings. At the last second Kagura moves out of the way and Kanna’s mirror reflects the Kaze no Kizu! So she was planning it all along! Inuyasha is hit with the full force of his major attack! OH MAN! He hits the ground, yellow streaks running over him from the blow. Eyes lifeless, clothes tattered (hot but sad), he looks dead. More dead than last time, and I really mean it. Get up, Inuyasha! This is so bad! Miroku and Shippo rush to his side.

Up above dark winds gather. A black tornado appears and out of it comes the bastard (sorry) himself, Naraku. Naraku laughs, that evil dark chuckle, and says he wanted to see what it was like to reflect the hanyou’s power back on him. Miroku chides him for coming out instead of sending a puppet. He goes for his Kazaana, but Naraku confidently tells him to go ahead, sparing a knowing look to Kanna. Miroku remembers that Kanna’s mirror still has Koharu’s, Kagome’s, and all the villagers’ souls. He can’t suck Naraku in, for Kanna would go too, and the souls would be lost. Naraku says that they’ve lost at the hand of his detachments-so he has learned how to make new copies with new powers. They’ve fought Kagura, with her winds, and Kanna, which Naraku calls a ‘nihility’. *whips out dictionary* Nihility: nothingness. So she has no soul or aura or smell. Gosh, that’s kinda sad. That’s how they couldn’t figure out who it was-no one, not even Inuyasha could detect her.

Speaking of Inuyasha, man, he still looks dead. Get up! Get up! Kagome sits up and tells Kirara to take her to Inuyasha. How is Kagome moving without her soul? The power of love!

Kagura wants to take Inuyasha’s head. Yeah, I love the ears and silver hair too, but that’s a bit extreme. But that’s not why Naraku’s there-what would ‘that woman’ say? What woman? Naraku says that this ‘woman’-we don’t know who it is yet-enabled him to make his detachments. And what would she think if she learned Inuyasha was dead? I have an inkling of who this dead witch may be. He pulls out Kagome’s old Shikon shard, a huge hunk that’s almost a full orb. “There was a woman who was trying to kill Inuyasha by this Naraku’s hand,” Naraku says. Ooh, player getting played. That’s right. It’s everyone’s favorite living dead girl: Kikyou.

The mention of her name wakes Inuyasha up (boo!). He shakes, trying to get his body to get up. Naraku said Kikyou gave him that huge Shikon shard, and the hanyou can’t take it anymore. He stops moving again. Kagura throws her wind blades at the group. Miroku blocks a few before getting knocked down. She moves in for the kill but an arrow comes out of nowhere and pierces the ground before where Inuyasha lays and Shippo crouches. It blocks the blades. Kagome’s up and fighting!

Kagura yells that Kanna failed. Sibling rivalry. Naraku looks at her mirror, which is shining. It’s overflowing with souls-is Kagome’s soul that big? Hey, it’s not the size, it’s how you use it! Kagome crawls over to Inuyasha, thanking god he’s still alive. But how did Naraku get that big shard? Kikyou took it from her, and handed it over to Naraku! But sadly she notes that no matter how she treats him, Inuyasha still likes Kikyou, even though he suffers due to her actions. Oh unrequited love, ravager of heart and soul, give you not the poor kid a break? Hey, Emily Dickinson I ain’t.

Naraku yells for Kagome to tell Inuyasha that if he’s bearing a grudge, bear it against Kikyou. She wants him dead, after all. Kagome pulls another arrow from her quiver, saying that Naraku’s words make her sick. Shippo tells her not to fire-won’t the arrow get reflected? Kagome says her arrows only hit the bad guys. Yeah, tell that to Inuyasha, if he’s still conscious. She fires. Kanna holds out her mirror to deflect it, but wait! The arrow is getting sucked into the mirror? Kanna laments quietly that she couldn’t bounce the arrow back. It was made of souls. Now the mirror is full-yeah, she got a little soul-happy in the village back there-and if she doesn’t let the souls out, the mirror will break. As it cracks the souls escape and speed back to their mortal bodies.

Upon realizing everyone’s soul is back, Kagome yells for Miroku to use his Kazaana. Koharu wakes up just in time to see the monk use that black hole in his right hand. She remembers what he said about it-how it will eventually kill him. Kagura conjures up some wind and makes a crater so that all Miroku sucks up is rock. Then the three just kinda walk away in a scene that’s somehow quite hilarious to me. Maybe it’s because I’m just so dang worried about Inuyasha that I can’t think straight. Miroku stops using the Kazaana since they’re gone. Naraku’s voice rings out: “Your lives-I will let you hold onto them for a little longer. The Shikon no Tama will give me more and more power. From here on out, let’s enjoy it together, the infinite power of Shikon.” Arrogant little son of a gun, isn’t he?

The next morning the villagers wake up on the hills alongside their huts, confused and sore. Kohura holds what must be a note from Miroku-it’s in Japanese and I can’t read it-and tears brim in her eyes. They’re gone.

Some distance away, I don’t know how far exactly, the group has found an abandoned single hut in which to sit around and lick their wounds, so to speak. Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara are outside in the shade. Shippo exclaims he wants everyone to cheer up, but maybe he shouldn’t, seeing as Naraku’s gotten so much of the Shikon jewel. But he shakes his head and decides to be painfully optimistic. Hey, they lived through that last fight, right? That’s a sad way to look at things. ‘We lived!’ Kagome comes out of the hut and tells Shippo that Inuyasha’s fever is down and he’s asleep. She wants to go look for more herbs, but Shippo offers to go, since he and Kirara are in the best condition. Yeah, see, they don’t do anything in the fight, so they don’t get attacked.

Inside the hut Inuyasha lays on a bed of straw, shirtless but covered in bruises, cuts, blood, and bandages. He thinks about Kikyou, Kikyou who gave Naraku the shards, Kikyou who died and rose again in clay, Kikyou who hates him and tried to kill Kagome, that evil heartless bitch whom everyone hates…OK, so that last one is mine. Because, see, Inuyasha still loves her for whatever reasons, and wonders, “Where are you? My Kikyou…” ::sigh:: Come on, hook up with Kagome already. :( ::cries::