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Episode 44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
see sesshomaru has kaijinbou the evil sowrd smith fordge toukijin from goshinki's fang at this time inuyasha was full human and was trying to stay out of danger as they waited untill morning kijinbou show's up just befor the sun came up and when totosi get's there he hands tetsiga to inuyasha and tetsiga was to heavy for him and inuyasha says what in the hell did you do to my tetsiga old man. and thats all i rember
Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts out with inuyasha thinking about how he was as a demon...how his heart wasnt human and he was filled with pure anger...then all he remebers is killin the demon..thenkagome come with fried fish and gives it to inuyasha..he says thakn you and shippo yells at him for being such a loser and to stop thinking about that..then he hit shippo on the head...ouch...next thing they know is the sky turns grey and the cow of tottosi turns up..is he alone they thing the myoga turns up and asks what happened to tetsiggia...he sees the broken sword and cries.."you must see mater tottosi and fix your swond!!!!!!" and so off inuyasha goes..then myoga explains to the rest of them that how the tetsiggia keeps inuyasha's demon half inside..and when it is broken his death is inevitble...and now it will be harder to control his demon half..also the sword protects its owner..next scene we hear master tottosi crying and yellin at inuyasha for breaking his swordthen he tell him he can repair it over 3 days but he needs somehting to bind it with so he pulls inuyashas fang...but it will grow back in a mere half a day..so inuyasha goes back....next scene is the evil sword maker and fluffy came in with the head of the deamon inuyasha killed...he brings it to life so the bad sword maker can use the fangs..but when he makes it..the sword posses him...and he is very powerfulhe goes after inuyasha and tries to kill him...(forgot to mention but every new moon inuyasha turns human..tonight was a new moon)so he is powerless...sango throughs her weapon and he breaks it..the maroku uses spirtual powers but the sword brings him to life again...then inuyasha goes and right then tottisa comes and gives him his sword..but it wont change until he has demon powers..so he fights and the sword holds..then he turns deamon when the sun comes up and the sword changes but it is very heavy...he gets it up and then it ends
Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru asks Kaijinbou the swordsmith banished by Totosi to make him a sword out of Goshinkis fangs. InuYasha becomes human when all of this happens. InuYasha goes to a hill to think and Kagome follows. She starts asking him if he still wanted to become a full fledged demon. He of course said yes. But then he began to think how will I react to Kagome and the others If I do become a full demon? Oh well then Kaijinbou appears to be possesed by the sword made out of Goshinkis fangs. Kaijinbou tries killing InuYasha. InuYasha soon becomes a hanyo again and tries fighting Kaijinbou but has a hard time because while totosi had possesion of the tetsusaiga he made it hevear so InuYasha has a hard time carrying it. Then it ends with InuYasha and Kaijinbou fighting.
Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out by showing us the remaims of a slain demon. Then Rin runs to the demon and sid " I beat you"to Jaken who was right behind her. He says"Fool, we wern't in a race. Then sesshoumaru walks up and picks the demon Head and says come with me. He goes to a swordsman and tells him to make a sword out of the demon's fang's. Later Inuyasha was human again and the tetsiagu was at totsia's for fixing. Then the swordsmith shows up and attacks Inuyash with the sword that was controlling him. Then Totosi shows up and gives Inuyasha the fixed tetsiga. Then the sun comes up and Inuyash starts fighting the swordsman with his tetsiga.
Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru has the evil swordsmith, Kajinbou, make a sword for him out of Goshinki's fang. However, the sword's hatred for Inuyasha takes over Kajinbou. Kajinbou faces a human Inuyasha, but Miroku and Sango stall Kajinbou until sunrise allowing Inuyasha to return to his old self. Toutosai gives Inuyasha the repaired Tetsusaiga which is heavier than usual. Despite this, Inuyasha decides to clash with Kajinbou with Tetsusaiga.
Episode Summary for Episode 44 - Kaijinbo's Evil Sword. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in the last ep the ogre goshinki broke the tessaiga causing inu yashas demon blood to awaken. inu yasha defeated goshinki with on swipe of his claws. when the was done kagome sat his back to normal.lol. this ep starts out with a view of all goshinkis remains. rin and jaken are running toward it. rin say yes i win. jaken says are u stupid we werent racing.lol rin is shocked and tell jaken to look at the remains. she is surprised that sesshoumarus pediction was right. jaken says who in the worl did this. sesshoumaru comes from behind saying that it is inu yasha doing. sesshoumaru picks up the head of the ogre and rin starts screaming her head off. sesshoumaru notices that the smell of tessaiga is on the ogres teeth. his prediction was right that the ogre broke the sword. rin put her hands on her cheecks and starts screaming again.sesshoumaru tells them were leaving sesshoumaru says be silent rin fo it for me. (AWWWWWWWWWWE) rin abruptly stop and say YES while jaken gives her the evil eye lol. sesshoumaru thinks to himself i knew what happened here using the smell of the wind. but then what was that? the smell of inu yashas blood changed. that right that wasnt the smell of a half demons blood. it was more like my own or fathers. they cut to a small river and ew see smoke in the backround. it is from a fire that the inu yasha gang it using to cook fish with. shippo bites into a fish. inu yasha is sitting away from everyone else looking at his broken sword thinking when goshinki bit through my sowrd i thought i might die. when i thought i dont want to die my body grew hot. when i got ahole of myself again it was after killing gosihnki. at the time i felt something unusual that i have never felt b4. (during this time they r showing flashback of the fight b/t inu and goshinki.) inu stares at his hand and continues i was simply enjoying destroying goshinkis body. kagome interrupts his thoughts and gives him a fish to eat. shippo says why are u staring at that broken sword all day. inu ysaha steals shippod fish and eats it. shippo screams.lol
the sky suddenly becomes pitch black. a huge bolt of lightning come down near them. they gang is in shock. when the smoke clears we see toutousais cow. sagno wonders just the cow? myouga jumps off the cow and gets a taste of inu yasha blood. inu flattens him. miroku asks if myouga ran away to toutousais side. myouga gets pissed and yells what on earth are u saying? inu yasha with a funny expression say u did run away. kagome agrees. myouga all of a sudden becomes serious and says that inu there is something wrong with ur sword. myouga is shocked to see it broken. inu tells him that goshinki broke it. myouga thinks to himself as i thought i came her b/c i heard that the smell of inu yasha blood changed. he tells inu yasha to bring the broken sword to toutousai. thats why he got the cow to take him there. kagome is happy that it can be fixed. inu leaves riding the cow. night falls over the land. myouga asks if inu ysahas blood changed. kagome says yes does it have to do with tessaiga breaking. myouga comfirms yes and that tessaiga is a guardian sword that his father gave him. it was created in order to protect his body from enemies and also to seal up his demon blood. miroku asks seal up the blood? myouga explains that a broken tessaiga means death. but his will to continue living unsealed the dmeon blood of inu yasha and that awakened the demon blood evnen if the sword get fixed, he wouldnt be able to control it as he has till now. after all he has learned the joy of killing and enemy. kagome looks as if she is about to cry when she think that means inu yasha heart will become like a demons? hre memories of inu yasha appear in the fire. at toutousais we hear crying coming from toutousai. huge tears drips from toutousai while he says R U STUPID OR SOMETHING? inu yasha just pouts. lol. toutousai continues what did u do to my cute tessaiga? inu yasha yells SHUT UP if u have time to cry, hurry up and fix it old man. toutousai yells back YOU BRAT it is easy to say that. inu yasha has a worried look on his face and says u u cant fix it? toutousai respons what do u think this toutousai is? if i work 3 days and nights i can fix it. but i need material to connect them together. inu yasha asks connects? toutousai hold up this weird plier like tool and tells inu yasha to open his mouth. we see this bolt of lightning and hear this zap sound and inu ysaha screaming OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. inu ysaha tooth is in the pliers toutousai says this fang should be fine. inu ysaha punches him in the head and this big bump half the size of his head forms. inu yells WTF R U DOING? toutousai tells him his tooth will grow back in a half days time. inu says really i cant find any kindness in u old man? B BACK WITH A REPAIRED TESSAIGA IN 3 DAYS. toutousai goes uuh why in 3 days. inu yells u said u can fix it in 3 days and nights. toutousai goes aah. inu leaves while saying please old man i beg u. sesshoumaru and jaken are walking in this swamp area carrying the head of the ogre. there is a man in the place they r going to. wen sesshoumaru arrives the man says who the hell r u? sesshoumaru asks if he is kaijibou? he heard that he was expelled by his teacher toutousai because he created evil swords. kaijibou says r u talking about toutousai i havent heard that new in a long time and it still sickens me. sess drops the head and asks him if he can forge a sword from this. kaijinbou says dont be snobbish no matter how hard u try a sword can not be made from these dead teeth. so sess takes out tenseiga slashes the little demons of the dead. the eyes glow bright red and the teeth are revived. kaijinbou is impressed and says he will gladly make a sword out of this. sesshoumaru tells him that the sword he just used was made fromt toutousai and that the monster broke the tessaiga which was also made by toutousai. kaijinbou says cool this will make an amazing sword. sess has a small smile on his face. kagome refills her water bottle and says that inu sword will b repaired by tomorrow. shippo says the timeing isnt good cuz there is a new moon out tonight. human inu yasha is sitting by the fire annoyed saysing that toutousai is late. sango has this funny shocked expression saying wow u really look human. miroku smiles and says i have heard of it but this is my first time seeing the real thing. miroku walks up to inu and stands behind him, miroku explains a 1/2 demon like inu yasha appears with out his demon energy every once in a while. (miroku takes his fingers and opens inu yasha mouth and starts playing with it lol) look he doesnt have fangs isnt this interesting. inu yasha is making weird noises when miroku plays with his mouth. inu abruptly stops and yell miroku r u playing with my mouth? miroku says u noticed? LMFAO. miroku continues if u get attacked by and enemy at a time like this u will be in danger of losing ur life. so the fact that inu yasha loses his powrs like he has tonight is a complete secret ok? inu aska how miroku knows all that. shippo stick his head out from behind a boulder. inu yasha say shippo was it you and smacks shippo head into the ground several times saying stop worrying about unessesary stuff. shippo whining says he didnt mean any harm. inu yasha says good if he did then u r dead. inu yasha a little freaked says oh no more people know my secret. kagome shows up behind him and tell him that means he has more friends. inu is sitting by himself looking at the star when thinking it is hard to lessen his anxiety when he is in his human form. he though he wouldnt have to deal with this if he became full dmeon. but then again if i became a real demon then i wouldnt be able to see kagome and everyone else. kagome comes and brings him something to drink. kagome sits next to him and says that he should stick around with them for tonight. inu tells her to be quiet sometimes he needs to think too. kagome moves closer to him. she gazes at him with sad eyes and says do u still want to become a full demon? i was scared. inu interupts her and yells what is with u and that way of speech? if i hadnt changed my form everyone would have been killed by goshinki. kagome responds that no it. ur face might have looked scary but that is not what i am talking about. inu yasha wonders was my face really that scary? kagome continues i felt like ur heart would leave to somewhre far away because i thought u would forget about me too. i was scared. inu yasha thinks that when i transformed my heart was..... R U STUPID OR SOMETHING? (i luv when the characters say that. LMAO) no matter what happens i am me. i wont forget about u or anyone else. kagome nods and thinks never forget please inu ysaha. jaken is at kaijinbous to pick up the sword. kaijinbou is holdind the sword but his eyes are bright red. he slices jaken in half and kills him. there is this pink mist around the sword. kaijibou says the sword is finally finished. sesshoumaru arrives at kaijinbous place and sees jaken sliced in half at the entrance. sess wonders if it is kaijinbous doing. he takes out tenseiga and saves jakens life. the top half of jaken has revived.sesshoumaru trying to be funny says put urself together (eh eh eh that was lame sess) jaken asks if he saved his life using tenseiga. sess responds it there anyone else besides me that would do such a thing. jaken cries and says oh sesshoumaru u saved me. sess asks if kaijinbou finished the sword yet. jaken repsonds he did but his eyes were weird as if he was being controlled by the sword. sess say hmm like i thought. everyone is sleeping by the fire except inu yasha sitting awake. miroku tells inu yasha to get some rest. inu tells him that he never sleeps in his human form. miroku makes the funniest and voice and says r u scaaaaared? inu in a funny voice says yeeeees i a scared anything wrong. lol. mrioku says well at least u r honest. inu yasha explains since i have a number of enemies, if i get attacked like this i will be finished b4 i can fight back. sangoa nd kirara wake up. sango says miroku did u notice? there is an enourmous evil energy. someone is slicing down trees aprroaching them quickly. a line of red energy is shot at them. kaijinbou appears and asks whiich one of u is inu yasha. kaijinbou introduces himself as a swordsmith. kaijinbou explains this is my gifted sword i forged called toukijin. he is crying saying he wants to suck up inu yasha blood. inu wonders why this guy is after him. the sword pulses and points to inu yasha. kaijinbou says oh so u r inu yasha the sword told me. what? i thought u were a demon but u r a human child. mrioku asks if inu yasha offended this guy. inu yasha confirms no. kaijinbou reiterates that the sword wants to slash inu yasha into pieces. this sword was made from the ogres fang that destroyed tessaiga. inu is shocked.sango says that the sword has the hatred of goshinkit in it. inu yasha charges at kaijinbou and challenges him. but miroku puts his staff infront of inu yasha stopping him. miroku says leave it to me and sango. kagome runs up to inu yasha and holds his shoulders. shippo says that inu yasha has no chance of winning. sango attack but misses. the boomerang is about to return and hit kaijinbou. the sword pulses and kaijinbou slices it in half. mrioku throws wardings at him. it hits kaijinbou in the face and miroku attacks his head with his staff. GO MIROKU GO. lagome is impresses and says wow i thought he was only good at air viod but he also has spiritual powers. the sword pulses and kaijinbou revives. inu yells for miroku to watc out. the sword pulls kaijinbou up. miroku barely misses getting sliced in half. kaijinbou says that toukijin is such an amazing sword. inu ysha thinks that the enemy isnt kaijinbou but the sword itself. shippo is shocked and says his head got smashed and he is still moving. the sky lightens up little by little. kagome says yeah it looks like he is being controlled by the sword. kaijinbou say what is wrong inu yasha r u scared and unable to move hiding back there with women and children. inu yasha is highly angered by the comment. shippo tells him not to fall for that. inu says i am not that stupid (yes u r) bnut he came after me in the first place. inu grabs shippo on his shoulder and rops him. lol. inu yells that he wont run away and hide. shippo with a bruise on his nose says what a bullhead.lol lightning strikes b/t inu yasha and kaijinbou. toutousai arrives just in time to give inu his repaored sword. inu just on the cow and yells toutousai u frekaing slowpoke give me that. myouga jumps on his shoulder and says he should not use it b/c he cant transform it when he is human. toutosai say long time no see kaijinbou. kaijinbou says oh u r still alive toutousai? toutousai gives kaijinbou and angered gaze and say o it looks like u made another evil sword. kaijinbou says i will show u who is the better swordsmith. miroku asks toutouai if he knows kaijinbou. he explains that he is ones of his bad disciples. and that he expelled him. anyway that guy killed 10 kids just to maek one sword in order to pour blood and oils in the sword so that hatred would dwell upon it. kaijinbou says that he will break inus sword. inu takes out tessaiga and says there is no reason for me to go easy on u. shippo asks toutousai if tessiaga is more powerful cuz he fixed it. toutousai says a little bit. lagome yells at him saying THAT ISNT ENOUGH. sango comments that sword is made from the ogre that broke tessaiga. inu yasha attacks and is thrown back. we see blood drip to the ground. kaijinbou attacks inu has some trouble but knocks the sword back. inu says i am relived that tessaiga got stronger. inu says to kaijinbou yes it is a great sword but ur skill doesnt suit it. the sun rises and inu changes back. inu says u shouldve cut me in 1/2 the first time b4 i became this. inu yells the true power of the new tessaiga let me test it. tessaiga trnasforms but for some reason inu yasha cant lift it. inu demands that toutousai tell him wtf he did to it. toutousai asks is thre something wrong? inu explains that it is heavy as h#ll. toutousai explains that it is heavy because of his fang that was used as a filler. kaijinbou says having a sowrd u cant even swing is pretty useless. once again i will rip u apart and ur sword as well. kaijinbou charges at inu yasha. toutousai says if u cnt lift it u will die. (isnt he just so reassuring) inu has a lot of trouble lifting it and finally get it on his shoulder. inu and kaijinbous swords meet. the end


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