Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kohou try to kill kogome and then inuyasha defeated the demon and just
when kohaku tryed to kill kogome inuyasha came and they just started fighing like crazy
Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
InuYasha and the gang are searching for Naraku's Castle. They arrive where the evil castle had once stood. Sango noticed something half burried in the dirt. It was part of her father's armor. As you may recall, Sango's family and friends were murdered by her younger brother who was being controlled by a demon. He was supposidly killed and Sango was the only surviver. Anyways, in a nearby villiage, Kohaku, Sango's brother is alive! He is entertaining an elderly couple by chopping their firewood with his weapon. Kohaku was working with Naraku, but Naraku erased Kohaku's memory of Sango and his father. Later Kohaku runs away from the villiage. Somehow InuYasha and the gang find Kohaku. They hide him away in a cabin. Sango stays with him and loves him so dearly. She looks almost as though she is going to cry she's so happy. Well when she leaves the cabin, Kohaku sneaks out as well. Then demons attack and InuYasha and Miroku try to fight them off and Kagome and Sango realize Kohaku is gone! They go in search of him. They find him and Sango and Kohaku have a real sweet big sister and little brother kind of moment. Kagome takes Kohaku and they hide. All the others are fighting off a bunch of demons. Kagome doesn't have her arrows with her so she cna't do anything, and then Naraku takes control of Kohaku's mind. The next thing you see is Kohaku holding up his weapon like he's going to kill Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha,Kagome,Shippo,Miroku,Sango,and Kirrara are walking to Narakus wanished castle.They all looked around and saw no clue of where Narakus castle is now.But Sango saw something that she had thought that she wouldnt ever se again it was a part of her fathers armor.She toold Inuyasha and the others that this was the place that her father and the rest of the demon extirminators were killed.After Inuyasha and the others left we saw Kohaku Sango's little brother who was also killed by Naraku's castle.He was in a village where two elders lived in.Kohaku was slicing wood in half for the elders.And he got something good to eat,and they talked about who Kohaku is.But Kohaku forgot everything even Sango and Naraku.The grandma fought that Kohaku came from the castle where Naraku the fake lord lived in and then Kohaku finaly remembered that he did live there.Kohaku didn't even remeber his own name.But then Kohaku sensed that there were demons coming to get the sacred jewel inveted in Kohakus back that Naraku put,Kohaku didn't know that there was a jewel in his back.He said goodbye to the elders and left because he din't want them to get hurt.Kohaku ran as fast as he could and then Sango saved him right before he was hit by one of the demons.Sango was surprised to se her little brother alright but Kohaku didn't even know who she was.So they finshed the demons of and left to a safe spot so the sacred jewel doesnt get taken.Sango talked to Kohaku and asked him some questions,Kohaku couldnt remember anything except Naraku saying to him that he doesnt need him anymore.That happend when he was running away from the demons,and he also remembered his name.Then Kohaku fell asleep and Sango went outside and Inuyasha was coming right at her.He was talking to her about Kohaku if it was just a trap set up by Naraku again.Then the demons came again,and Kagura came with them also she knew that this was a trap setup by Naraku to kill Kagome.Kohaku ran away so that Sango and the others wouldn't get hurt.So sango and Kagome went to find him.Kohaku was running away from the demons again and Sango and Kagome saved him.Sango toold Kagome to take Kohaku and run to a safe spot and they did.while Sango was fighting the demons.Inuyasha and Miroku were also batteling demons and Kagura.Lots of them were coming by miroku even poison insects,but Miroku sucked them in with his wind tunnel for Sango.Shippo was hiding some place safe.Mean while Kagome and Kohaku were talking and Kohaku returned to him evil self again and tried to kill Kagome.Kagome sreamed raly loud that Sango and Inuyasha heard her and were coming to her rescuse. TO BE CONTINUED....
Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
soMiroku and Sango are talkin' to each other on how Inuyasha ans Kagome patched things up and Inuyasha justs looks at them madly. They stop to a place where there was traces of Nuraku's miasma still there and they look around and they were all thinking(except Sango) that maybe this was a trap but Sango pulled something up which was Sango's father's armor and tells them that they were attacked by Kohaku and her father and her people died. Then miroku takes off the blue part on his outfit and puts the armor in and help her to move their bodies some place else (away from the miasma) and then it shows Sango thinking bout her brother. then her brother is with some people and has lost his memory. and they want to know if he used to live somewhere by the castle that dissolved but he didn't remember n*e thing about where he lived or his name. then at night he was sitting by a tree and saw the venom wasps coming he tells them that he was leaving and it was to dangerous there. then he runs away and remembers about the castle . then he was cornered by the wasps and sango attacked all the wasps. and he asks her who she was. ok.. then she just stared at him. inuyasha and miroku were outside and inuyasha said that it was on of nuraku's trap's miroku doesn't think it is and Sango tries to help Kohaku get his memory back and then she embraces Kohaku and he gets embarassed(he doesn't know they're siblings) then Sango goes outside and has a fight with Inuyasha and Kohaku leaves then Sango and Kagome try to find him and Inuyasha and Miroku try to fight off Kagura . Sango and Kagome find Kohaku and Sango leaves Kohaku with Kagome and a lot of demons attack them then Kagome runs out of arrows while tring to fight off the demons,so they hide under a tree and Kohaku wanted to try to remember Sango and Kagome tells him how she's always been wanting to be with her brother ever since they frst met her. Then, suddenly Kohaku pulls out his weapon and tells Kagome "What a shame that you're all out of arrows" and Kagome got scared Kohaku was under nuraku's spell again.
Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

inu the last ep inu dumped kagome. he didnt have to say a
word to her she new automatically and was heartbroken. she
ran back home and cried the whole time but later she
gathered her courage and told him how she felt. she
explained that she and kikyou are different and that she
wants to be with him. inu explained that if it wasnt for
her he wouldnt trust anyone ubt he feels so guilty about
kikyou he just cant let her go (guilt isnt luv
stupidass.:B)kagome agreed to stay with inu and they walked
back holding hands. awwwwwwwwwwwwwe. at the start of this
ep everyone is riding on hachi who is transformed. (mirokus
raccoon friend) shippo tell kagome that he was worried she
would nevre come back again. kaogme apologizes. shippo
forcefully asks inu if he apologized to her yet. inu
ignores him and tell him to shut up. sango is sitting next
to miroku and wonders how inu and kagome worked things out.
miroku assumes that kaogme gave in. sangos eyes widen she
cant believe her ears and says, WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!??! she i
going to allow him to 2 time with kikyou??????????!!!
(sango sighs and says in an irritated tone) unbelieveable,
how can kagome tolerate such a thing? miroku explains, inu
yasha mad eup his mind after considering it, she probably
didnt want to pressure him anymore (miroku is so smart ^_^)
miroku and sango look behind them at inu and sango comments
on his bad temper. this wakes inu up and he glares at the
with the most hilarious provoked expression (LMFAO) saying
in an irritated tone, why are u guys looking at me like
that? inus group are looking at the remains of narakus
castle. the stone wall is all broken down, the aftermath of
the wound of wind is still there. bird begin tweeting in
teh backround. even though its faint miroku can still sense
narakus miasma. inu and shippo are walking together
(imagine that) and inu comments after looking at the
remains wonders if the castle was really here. they walk
over to miroku adn hahci. miroku gets up after observing
the ground and says, now that i think about it, we have
been in false castles b4. kagome is kneeling down still a
bit sad, she throws a rock on teh ground and wonders it hte
castle was an illusion. sango says firmly that is wasnt.
this comment shocks kagome and she stands up and turns to
sango. sango faces kagome replies that there was no
mistaking it narakus castle was here. sango find something
in the ground next ot her and pulls it out. inu miroku
hiachi and shippo meet up with them. inu asks sango what
she found. sango sadly gazes down at the round piece of
metal she found and explains it was her fathers armor.
*flashback of when sango and her vilage fought the spider
demon, and kohaku was controlled and killed everyone she
ever knew and luved* she continues to explain that their
bodies were buried in a corner of the castle grounds.
kagomge feels sorry for her. miroku walks past them and
kagome asks what he is doing. miroku takes of his purple
robe (sorry he is not shirtless ^_^) and put all the
remains onto it saying, i will move them to an appropriate
place and pray for them (awwwe) would that be alright
sango? sango quietly says its fine and thanks him. kagome
begins to think, if this was narakus castle, then all the
people that were in tha castle, *flashback of when naraku
first let kohaku out and controlled him* they were being
controlled by naraku along with sangos brother kohaku. were
they taken with the castle? now everyone is by a cliff
and miroku has set up the site at the edge and is praying
for them now. sango looking pensive puts flowers beside it
and thinks, someday for sure, i will perform a proper
burial in my town, although ther eisnt anyone there, kohaku
and i are still here, we could both be there and guard the
tombs *sango imagines kohaku being spun in circles
screaming and going farther back until he cant be seen and
naraku in his babboon suit comes into view* kohaku
training with his sickle helping 2 old people chop wood. he
slices the wood in half and balaces it on his foot and
head. he does a superb job ^_^. the sky turns from blue to
a beautiful pink orange. the 2 old people he is staying
with asks if he can remember anything yet. kohaku takes a
bite of his food and replies no. the old man asks where he
came from and what his name is. the old lady guesses, hmmm
perhaps u lived by a castle. kohaku look up with interest
his eyes widen as he says, castle? the old lady explains
that about 10 days ago the castle of hitomi mysteriously
disappeared and then we found you collapsed on teh floor
the next day (image of kohaku lying face first on the
ground with a large bruise on his face and rays of sunlight
beaming down onto his body) so its likely u have suffered
frightening things. that might be why u forgotten
everything. kohaku is still staring at them with interest
his eye WIDE open. the old man explains that its ok and
tell him not to worry abou it. the ols lady says he can
stay here until he gets his memory back and offers him more
food. they are all sitting by the fire. the room is filled
with orange light. kohaku smiles and is ready for seconds.
the moon hovers over the sky. kohaku is leaning up against
a tree gazing at it thinking about a castle and that he
feels he used to be there. just then there is a loud
buzzing noise and a swarm of narakus bees heads his way.
all of there eyes are glowing blood red. kohaku runs over
to the hut and makes it inside yelling GRANDMA GRANDPA U AM
LEAVING NOW. they both look confused. grandma asks him
where. kohaku explains that he cant stay here, that its
dangerous outside and thanks them. as kohaku runs down the
hill he remembers that he was running away from the castle,
the night the castle disappeared. *kohaku remebers naraku
telling him he has no reason to keep him alive anymore and
follow te path of ur father and friends (and die)* kohaku
continues to run down the hill in the dark forest and
wonders, kohaku? my name is kohaku? just then there is a
rumbling noise, something is charging at kohaku from
underground. kohaku jumps back, holds the top of his left
arm and whines in agony. there is a huge red monster
infront of him with several long legs. just then kirara
stands up. everyone else is sitting by the fire. sango asks
her whats wrong and if there is a demon nearby. kagome
senses a jewel shards and alerts inu yasha. they all go off
through the forest. inu asks her where the shard is. kagome
tells him it is pretty close like at the end of the forest.
narakus evil bees fly above them. inu yasha assumes that
the bees are after the shard as well. back with kohaku he
is in a defensive position ready to strike the demon with
his sickle. teh demon says in a low creepy voice, kohaku, i
wont miss again, be good and give the my shard in ur back.
the demon attacks with his legs. kohaku barely dodges it.
then the beasst attacks him with his tongue which knocks
kohaku down and his sickle goes flying into the air. kohaku
turn around and looks up at the monster with terror in his
eyes but sango arrives just in time. kagome alerts inu that
the demon must want to take the jewel shard. sango is
concerned and starts thinking that kohakus life depends on
that shard. he will die if its takes away. sango jumps into
the air launches her boomerang slicing the demon into
pieces. the pieces land right infront of kohaku as is look
at them in total shock. sango catches her boomerang and
gazes at kohaku *flashback of when naraku told her that
kohaku was being controlled by him and she stole tessaiga
and brought it to the castle* and wonders why he isnt at
the castle. kohaku looks back at her asking if she knows
him. sango gasps. back in teh building sango is sitting
next to him and says, oh you were injured can u show me ur
arm? kohakus wrists and the upper part of his left arm are
wrapped. he looks up at her confused and asks if they met
b4. sango nods. kagome asks if he can remember anything b4
he left the castle. kohaku looks down and apologizes. sango
asks if he forgot naraku as well. just then naraku name
triggers his memory the time when naraku said he had no use
for him so he would kill him. kohaku is baffled and wonder
if that could have been naraku. miroku and inu yasha are
outside and inu sits down (he has tessaiga leaning against
him) and says, this is suspicious he must be putting on an
act. teh night sky hovers over them. miroku says that he
doesnt think kohaku is acting. inu is suprised and asks,
what do u trust him? miroku looks away from inu and
responds, well of course not its just theat when we saw
kohaku b4, he was like a puppet without a soul. but now....
there is a sound coming from behind and both inu and him
turn back to see what it is. its kagome with shippo on her
shoulder walking outside toward them. shippo looks toward
the building and asks if it is ok to leave sango and kohaku
alone. kagome explains that that is what sango wanted.
kohaku is sitting in the middle. with sango on his right
and kirara on his left. sango explains where they used to
live (a demon exterminators town) (kirara jumps onto his
shoulder) kohaku looking interested asks if he exterminated
demons as well. sango looks outward and explains he did but
at an apprentice level. *memory sango is moving her arm
around after a tough time trainging. their father comes in
with kohaku by his side telling her to rest there is a task
coming soon. the father tells kohaku to get ready as well.
kohaku gets nervous and says, uh me? the father explains he
is 11 now its about time he experienced a real battle.
there is an image of 3 bowls ontop of 3 pieces of wood. the
bowl in the middle has a white butterfly on it. kohaku
takes his sickle and easily breaks all of the bowls in one
swing. the white butterfly flies up in time. kohaku catches
his sickle and sango is lying down behind him playing with
kirara. kohaku asks if demons really spit out fire and
poison. sango tell him they sometimes do.kohaku doesnt
think he can handle that and becomes upset. sango crawls
over to him and asks if he is scared. kohaku abruptly
replies, N NO NOT REALLY. (kohaku turns away from her and
sighs again) sango sits next to him and pats him on the
back saying he will do just fine and explains the only
demons they usually fight are spiders and snakes. the
butterfly flies passed tehm and sango turns her gaze toward
it and says, father told me that the most fearsome demons
are teh ones in human form, (sango looks back at kohaku
with an alerting expression) if those demons were to get
their hands on the shikon jewel that would mean utter
disaster. (kohaku nods) back with sango she thinks about
that night they were called up by naraku adn how that was
kohakus first fight. kohaku interrupts the thoughts racing
through her mind. he has smiles at her and asks her to tell
him everything she knows (he picks up kirara from his
shoulder and holds her in his hands) and taht he feels
helpless and wonders why he ended up like this. (kohaku
slumps his shoulders) sango smiles back at him and is glad
that he is like teh old kohaku quiet and timid. sango puts
his arms around him and pulls him closer to her in a
hopeful tone she says, oh its ok just remember little by
little, (sango gazes happily at him) since.. we can be
together from now on. (awwwe) kohaku is blushing and says,
uh uh um this is a little embarrassing. sango in an amused
tone, why are u embarrassed? we are brother and sister.
sango looks away from him still smiling. sh eis so relieved
and happy and think that her kohaku has finally come back
and finally escaped narakus grasp. 9sango gazes back at him
but then her smile fades when she notices he is sleeping
after noticing this she smiles again) back outside, inu
being a jerk says, oh come on wouldnt he show his true
nature if i punch and kick him a few times? kagome is
sitting next to him and responds forcefully, inu yasha
REALLY. miroku explains that this matter isnt that simple,
whether its a trap or not, sangos dear little brother has
come back. kagome looks down a bit sad and concerned and
says, if it is a trap, sango will get hurt. the crickets
chirp in the backround. miroku talks about how naraku likes
to mess with peoples feelings. sango and kirara come
outside and sango slowly closes the door trying not to wake
kohaku up. inu yasha walks over to her. kagome asks what he
is doing. inu replies that if they wont speak up HE will.
kagome has her right hand in a fist and shouts, DONT DO IT
INU YASHA. sango looks down on the ground as she walks but
looks up when inu finally reaches her. inu glares at her
and has his arms crossed. sango asks what he wants. inu
replies, well u know about kohaku, this is obviously one of
narakus traps. sango gasps and looks back to where kohaku
is sleeping telling him she trusts kohaku. inu responds,
and he's after that. sango yells back, WHAT CAN I DO
BESIDES TRUST HIM RIGHT NOW? inu warns her that its a
tactic naraku might use. sango yells, IF WE HADNT REACHED
resting inside) inu replies,YES, AND THAT IS WHAT U WOULD
CALL A TRAP. sango refuses to believe its a trap. kohaku is
awake and hears every word and thinks, if i stay here this
person will suffer, i cant stay here. (kohaku grabs his
sickle) inu explains that she cant tell whats right or
wrong because its her little brother.sango demands that he
shut up and doesnt know anything. inu demands that she get
a hold of herself. kohaku watches in the backround adn
whispers, farewell. sango continues shouting at him but inu
sense something and shushes her. miroku gets up and feels
something coming toward them. inu realizes its a swarm. the
sky darkens as several demons and narakus bees fly out.
sango wonders if they are after kohaku. sango rushes toward
the building and goes inside to find him gone. only kagomes
bag bow and arrows and sango boomerang are there. inu jumps
into the sky and slicing some of the bees with his
claws.kagome runs over to her an alerts her that the shikon
shards presence is moving. kagome runs over and grabs her
bows and arrows telling sango to go and they must protect
kohaku. the sliced up bees fall to the ground then wind
blades come through the swarm and fly over to inu. inu
dodges and miroku picks up shippo and dodges just in time.
when the smoke clear kagura fall from the sky with a wicked
smile and lands on her feet. kagura laughs and inu demands
to know why she is here. kagura stands up and says, u r
hiding kohaku right? hand him over. inu replies, what?
kagura demands that he pretend that he doesnt know the boy
that naraku was taking care of. that little brat kohaku ran
away while they were busy with the shikon shard still in
his body. all the demons land next to and behind kagura as
she comments that naraku is so imprudent sending this huge
swarm just for one shard. inu bein stupid asks if its the
shikon shard narku wants. kagura closes her fan and says in
a taunting voice, oh yea without the shard kohaku would
die. he told me to throw the corpse to his sister
afterwards. inu and miroku are disgusted by that thought.
back with kohaku. there are several of narakus bees chasing
him. he stops when the bees surround him. kohaku looks
terrified as he gazes at all teh bees around him. the bees
begin to fly at him. kohaku screams but sango being totally
awesome destroys all the bees in one launch of her
boomerang. the bees drop to the ground and sango takes a
deep breathe. kagome riding on kirara just arrives behind
sango.kohaku shouts, WHY WHY DID U COME THOSE GUYS WERE
AFTER ME. sango walks over to him and smiles telling him
not to leave again.kohaku demands to know why she is being
so nice. sango comes closer toward him and explains that he
is her brother that one and only brother she has. kohaku is
frightened. kirara begins to growl just then another swarm
comes after kohaku. sango and kohaku glare up at the
demons. sango orders kagome to take care of kohaku while
she takes care of these demons. sango and kirara go off to
fight. as sango rides into the air after the demons she
back to kohaku and tell him not to die. kohaku looks up at
her in shock but kagome grabs his hand and drag him away.
kagome and kohaku are running through the dark forest when
a purple snakelike demon attacks. kagome nails it with her
arrow. several more demons surround them. kohaku is doubful
that they can make it out of htis alive. kagome says its
alright and destroys the 3 demons attack them with 2
arrows. another demon attack from behind but kagome
destroys it also. but the a huge troll like demon flies
toward them but kagome destroys it and a huge ball of pink
like shines in the sky. kagome reaches for more arrows but
she doesnt have anymore. she spots a cave and tell him they
can hide in there. 2 bees fly past the cave and dont notice
they are there. kagome looks out to see if the coast is
clear but hides again as 2 more bees fly past the cave.
kagome thinks that they will wait her until inu yasha
comes. kohaku says in a quiet voice, eh will she be okay?
kagome smiles at him and says, sango is strong and will be
fine. so dont worry.... you still dont remeber that sango
is ur sister? kohaku nods, smiles and responds, but that
woman.. (kohaku looks up at kagome) i somehow like her very
much. kagome tells him, well u should know that sango, she
has been worrying about u all this time, she always stays
strong, but she does get depressed from time to time,
(kohaku looks upset and kagome looks at him with a hopeful
expression) so i am glad, you came back. kohaku looks up,
gasps and asks if it would be ok for him to stay. kagome
says excitedly, OF COURSE U CAN. and you will remember
about sango. kohaku nods and feels regretful and thinks,
but i want to remeber about her and everything else. but...
what is this feeling? its a little scary, i'm rememering
something i shouldnt. suddenly naraku flashes into his mind
telling him to kill kagome, the shard on his back begins to
glow brighter and causes kohaku pain. kagome is looking out
of the cave waiting for inu yashas arrival. kohaku picks up
his sickle and says, oh so u have run out of those arrows
eh? kagome looks behind her worried. kohaku lifts up his
sickle ready to strike. he is standing up inside the small
cave with that possessed look in his eyes. kagome gazes up
at him wondering what changed. she quietly calls out his

Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
An amnesiac Kohaku arrives to see Inuyasha and the others. Sango talks to him, releived to see her younger brother back. However, a pack of demons led by Kagura attack the group. Sango tells Kagome to protect Kohaku from the demons. Using all of her arrows on attacking demons, Kagome is left with no defense as Naraku is being controlled by Naraku again to kill Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 49 - Kohaku's Lost Memories. Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Everyone decides to investigate the former site of Naraku's castle. While searching, Sango uncovers remnants of her father's armor. Nearby Kohaku has wandered away from Naraku. He has no memory of who he is or what has happened to him, when suddenly a demon attacks him and attempts to steal the Shikon shard in his back that is keeping him alive. The group saves him, and Sango insists on bringing Kohaku with them even though Inu-Yasha is adamant in his believe that this is another one of Naraku's traps. Kohaku leaves them because he does not want to cause problems for the group, when suddenly they are attacked by a swarm of Naraku's wasps with Kagura leading the charge. While Sango and Kagome search for Kohaku, Miroku and Inu-Yasha attempt to deal with the demons. With Kohaku found Sango heads back to the battle and leaves Kagome to take hide out in a cave with her little brother until the coast is clear. Suddenly Kohaku remembers that Naraku has ordered him to kill Kagome.