Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ep. 56 starts out with Miroku giving a lady with a stomach ache a "Massage" which later changes into Miroku groping her rear and the usual question "Will you bear my child?" *Laugh* She leaves with an evil look on her face after saying good-bye.

Later, Miroku looks for his wallet but doesn't find it and asks "But how?" (It was the lady smart one...that should teach you to grope without a penalty or price. *laugh) So as Miroku passes by a shack, he sighs as he looks in at the soup boiling in the shack.

While the others are walking, they notice that Miroku isn't behind them so Sango goes back to find him. Sango finds him talking with a lady from a village where the men have all disappeared. Miroku being the person that he is agrees to bring them back if he can. They also tell the gang of the Princess in the mountains that was bringing them all away.

Later as Inu and Kagome are sitting there talking, Sango comes out in her battle clothes with Kilala, following Miroku. Kagome and Inu begin talking about Sango's feelings towards Miroku *kinda* then redirect part of it to the legend of the princess and the relationship between Sango and Miroku.

Meanwhile, Miroku who is busy sighing and upset about Sango following him eventually comes to the gateway to the "Princess's" realm. He hands Sango some beads and they run into the portal. Miroku arrives at the palace where the princess asks why he is there. After talking a little, he follows the lady into her mansion.

Sango however ends up in a grassy plains area with Kilala. She finds some old men who claim that their not old *laugh, never try to lie about your age! whippersnappers ;[* They tell about the princess of the mountain and about how she lulled them into the stealing of their souls. Kilala stays with the men as Sango goes running towards the mansion trying to find Miroku. Miroku is busy drinking and talking to the princess to know about Sango. The princess gazes at him and she gets him to promise to spend the night. Just as their about to kiss, Sango runs in. *THIS IS THE SEMI-FUNNY PART! PAY ATTENTION*

Sango gets all mad at Miroku and veins start popping on her head *I counted 4... :/ coulda been more* She prepares to throw her boomerang, but the Princess stops and jumps back saying "A woman's voice?" all shocked. She turns into a wild dog or wolf demon and looks around for Sango. Miroku throws some of his magic seals at the demon. Sango throws her Boomerang at the demon, it gets agitated and looks around for her, the beads break and she is revealed to it's view. The demon attacks her and Sango tries to defend herself, her boomerang cracks though. Miroku uses a few more of his seals, then Sango throws her boomerang one more time, killing the demon. As she catches it, it cracks more.

The Mist leaves as does the mansion and Miroku is seen hugging the princess as he says "It must've been scary for you, living all alone" She replies "yes, but now I'm free..." She disappears as Miroku sighs. He holds her soul in his hands and then holds a funeral.

*NOW THE FUNNY/ROMANTIC PART!!!* Kagome tells Miroku that Sango was kinda down, so Miroku goes to see her. Sango looks at the river as Miroku sits down by her. She looks up surprised as he says "I'm really glad that you were worried about me...It means so much to me Sango" Sango turns away blushing as Kagome *who is lying on the grass with Inuyasha and Shippo* says "that's it Sango..." Then the moment is Ruined as Miroku ends up groping Sango's Rear again. She get's all mad and thinks "That hand again...rrr I'll show u" *She slaps Miroku* Miroku ends up walking away with a large red hand-print on his face as he sighs. Sango looks at her boomerang and things "Well, better get this fixed..." THE END
Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
First, Miroku is helping a woman on the road who seems to be suffering. Then, the woman leaves after Miroku asks her to bear his child. Kagome stops at a hut and suggests that they should rest for a bit. Miroku searches for his money but can't find it! Shippo said that that woman must've been a pick pocket.

Later, they reach a forest and Miroku is nowhere to be found. Inu Yasha says that he was behind. Sango finds him talking to a woman and says'mind explaining what you're doin' there,monk?'

They reach a village where all of the womans' husbands are missing and Miroku says that he'll find their husbands. One of the ladies said that the demon who took their husbands was disguised as a beautiful princess and Miroku says that he'll go alone.

Later Inu Yasha and Kagome are sitting on a porch like thing and Kagome says that Sango has the hots for Miroku and Inu Yasha says no way. Kagome says that he had gone for her butt too many times and says that women need atmosphere and Inu Yasha says," like clouds and stuff?". Sango appears out of the hut and says that the womanizing monk(Miroku) is up to no good.
Sango runs and finds Miroku and tells him how the soldiers used to go up to the mountain and that a princess was with them.The princess was still alive and the soldiers all died and they say that she too died.
The two find a little blue portal and Miroku gives Sango a green bracelet and says that it'll prove of good use once they are inside.
Sango nodds and the two find themselves inside a foggy place.

Sango can't find Miroku anywhere and neither can Miroku. Miroku sees a mansion and sango finds some old men that say they aren't old, Sango is confused. Miroku sees a princess and the princess welcomes him in. They drink tea and then the princess asked if he could stay with her because she is so lonely. Miroku is about to kiss the princess when Sago comes in and tells him to snap out of it.
The princess turns into her demon form and can't see Sango because the bracelet made her invisible. Sango starts to throw her boomerang type thing at the demon(which happens to be a coyote) Miroku uses his magic stuff to release the princess because he realizes that the princess is inside the demon. The coyote is set on fire and the princess fell to the ground. Sango throws her weapon at the coyote again and the demon dies.
Miroku is talking to the princess's soul and then she moves on. Sango decides to fix her boomerang because it was cracked.
Miroku find Sango on a hill and sits down next to her. Sango says that she worries about him and Miroku is happy. Sango turns around and starts to blush. Kagome says to Inu Yasha "now thats atmosphere". Miroku starts to look at Sango's butt and touches it. Inu Yasha says " See, I told you!" Sango slaps Miroku and then they start walking. Sango is in front of everyone else. Miroku starts to talk about stuff and that's when this episode ends.
Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku stops to see a 'damsel in distress', whose stomach is hurting. Miroku who helps the lady and touches her butt and asks her 'to bear his child'. The lady says she should get moving and leaves Miroku. Later, Kagome suggests to take a break when everybody reaches a cute little hut. Miroku is searching for is wallet and discovers that it's missing, Shippou thinks that the lady took his money, and Inuyasha says that they have to move along.

In the forest everyone is walking until they notice that Miroku is missing. Sango says that she'll go look for him and finds him talking to a lady from a nearby village.

Walking along Inuyasha and the others are stopping in a village where the husbands in the village are missing. Miroku says that he'll help get the husbands back and Inuyasha and the others follow him. Miroku overhears a lady saying that a youkai took their husbands and it was a 'rare beauty' and stops and says that he'll go alone. Sango says that she'll go with him give Kagome a thought that Sango likes Miroku and starts to talk with Inuyasha and Shippou about it. Shippou says he 'sorta suspected it' and Inuyasha is clueless.

Meanwhile Sango follows Miroku and tells him the story about the Princess and her guards and died alone. They stop at a portal and Miroku puts a braclet on Sango's wrist and goes through the portal and get separated, Miroku who is on the mountain and sees the princess, and Sango who is stuck with the men from the village (who look like old men) and getting clues on what happened. Miroku is invited to have tea with the princess, Sango who goes to castle where Miroku is. Miroku and the Princess are about to kiss and Sango comes and busts in and yells at Miroku to wake up. The princess turns into her demon form (which is a wild dog) and Miroku uses his buddist powers to release the princess from the dog's body and Sango who slices it. The youth is released from the demon and returned to the men.

The princess is release and moving on to the next world and brings her remains to the village and makes a shirine. Kagome tells Miroku that Sango has been depressed since she came back. Miroku goes near a riverback (where Sango is) and starts talking to her (which makes Sango blush). Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippou who are watching. Sango turns her back and wonders what to do. Kagome who cheers and thinks that Sango should 'do it'. Miroku looks at Sango's butt and starts touching it. This gets Sango mad (Uh-oh...) and Miroku gets slaped.
Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku wanted 2 look 4 the beautiful Demon! But Sango insisted 2 go with him. Then while they travel they get seperated Sango goes 2 these old man and they tell her where the castle is but they say it's not a good idea 2 go there. While Sango's headed 2 the castle Miroku's already there , led by a beautiful women. When Sango finds him she finds him almost kissing the princess @ the castle
(How Rude) Then the princess turns into a wolf demon and Sango and Miroku frees the princess from the demon, so the princess turns back 2 herself!!!
When they go back they have a ROMANTIC evening except it got ruined by Miroku touching her ass and then SLAP!!! Miroku got another salp!!! LOL!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The group are lookong for a palce to stay in the night, oonce they found the place naraku ,sango, and shipou went to look for food they were only trying to let inuyasha and kagome be alon for few a moments inuyasha and kagome were talking about dimons until inuyasha said you know what kagome i relly like you i know i act stupid and mean to you but i really loved you
Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku and Sango team up to combat a wolf demon who has taken over the spirit of a princess which is drawing youth energy from a local village's men. Afterward, Sango and Miroku share a romantic moment which is ruined when Miroku grabs Sango's rear. Sango decides to have her Hiraikotsu repaired since it was damaged in the battle with the wolf demon.
Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The group comes across a village where all the men seem to have vanished into the woods never to return. The village women tell them that a beautiful demon apparently lives in the woods and has been taking the men. Miroku decides to investigate alone, but Sango insists on accompanying him. In the woods she tells him of the local legend that soldiers protecting a noblewoman became lost in these woods and all died and perhaps this is somehow connected to the demon living here now. Miroku gives Sango a rosary to protect herself, and once they cross the barrier the demon has set up they become separated. Miroku is lead into a castle by a beautiful young woman while Sango stumbles across a group of elderly men. They tell her they are actually not old at all but were made so buy the woman of the castle. Sango continues her search for Miroku who seems to be preparing to make out with the lady of the castle when Sango arrives. The woman changes into a giant dog demon but cannot see Sango because of the rosary Miroku gave her. The two work together to free the woman's soul from the demon. Sango feels bad for doubting Miroku's true intentions
Episode Summary for Episode 56 - The lure of beauty over the fogs . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
As usual, Miroku is tryin' to get the heart of a young woman, only to realize he was pick-pocketed. So the depressed group arrive at a village where the men have mysteriously disappeared. The wives tell Inu and pals that a beautiful demon is terrorizin' the mountains. Miroku decides to investigate this on his own. But, Sango won't allow him to go alone and follows him. After walkin' into the fogs, Miroku finds the demon princess while Sango finds all the men w/o their youth. The men tell Sango that they had a good time with the princess. Sango knows Miroku that he would probably fall for her so she goes off to the rescue. Sango finds Miroku almost kissin' the princess and she stops him. Miroku and Sango fight the demon terrorizin' the princess' soul. Once the princess' soul was freed, Sango & Miroku try to have a romantic talk but....
(Inuyasha, Shippou, & Kagome theoretically talk about Sango's crush on Miroku thru the entire epi)