Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inu Gang were sleeping near a temple or something. Kagome was dreaming that she got 100% on her exam ( Like that's going to happen!) The next morning the gang were near cliffs and Kagome begged Inuyasha to go home because she has an exam in 3 days. He said no and she kept begging him . Sango decided to go back to her home village to fiw her weapon that was damaged in the last episode. She asked Inuyasha if she can go away for 3 days too. He look very stupid and said that it's okay for both of them to go. Sango took off first but Miroku found weird looking fruits in the river so Kagome stayed for a while. Miroku said that the fruits were human fruit because there were human faces on them. They look everywhere to look for the human fruit tree. Then they saw it on a cliff. Meanwhile a dude from a village was running away from someone who was a fatass sage who chased him . The sage said to the guy that he betrayed him and he should be punished. So he took out this bottle thingy and sucked the guy into the bottle( the guy obviously had shrunk). Then Inuyasha jumped high up on the cliffs and really rushed to get up the cliff. the others were really pissed from being ditched by Inuyasha. Shippo told Kagome that tonight was the new moon and that's why Inuyasha is in such a hurry. He had to hurry because in the new moon Inuyasha turns into a human (which he looks pretty cute) and he can't use any of his demonic powers. When he got there he saw the sage pouring a purple liquid to a tree. He was talking to the tree about how much longer will he become a better sage yada,yada. Inuyasha burst out behind the tree and took out his tetsaiga. The sage told Inuyahsa that he was Tougenkyo( Some people have problems but that's actually how you spell is name). Then Inuyasha tried to cut him in the stomach but it repelled because it was to big and fat. Tougenkyo sucked Inu. inside the bottle and when he was shrunken he had a funny sqeaky voice. The others got on top by riding on Shippo's head when he expands ;which is really sad! They went inside a little building and found a miniture area of the village they were in. Then little people came out of the houses . The 3 of them got too close to the mini village and got sucked into the place. They shrunk and realized they were in a training ground for sages. Meanwhile Inu. was inside of the bottle in human form . OH Yeah ! I forgot Tougenkyo took the tetsaiga earlier (sorry)! So Inu. tried to get out but he kicked into the purple liquid and it stung his foot like if it were acid. He used the sheath of the blade to cut open the bottle. He got out and turned into normal form. He tried attacking Togenkyo but he was too weak and Toukenkyo found Kagome's two jewel shards. He stucked them into his bellybutton and turn into a stone-like monster. He body slammed Inu. and broke some of his bones. (End)
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ok at the beginning the gang is walking then Inuyasha goes "What you want 3days?!" and you have Kagome asking to go back so she can do the tests for school. Sango says "3 days..." then asks inuyasha if she can have three days to go back to her village.Kagome goes "the demon slayers village?" and Inuyasha submits to both of the girls.

Later on the guys and Kagome are walking into the mts. and Shippou pulls this fruit out of the water and says "This is the creepiest fruit ive ever seen!" Then Miroku says its the fruit of a NUMENKA (or demon tree that feeds of humans thus the human faced fruit.)They continue on...Inuyasha jumps to the top,Tetsusaiga bounces off the sage,he gets stuck in this gourd thing,and the sage walks away.

Inuyasha calls Tetusaiga using the sheath,gets out meanwhile Kagome,Miroku and Shippou are stuck in the miniature village. Inuyasha(now human)gets body slammed and the episode ends with Kagome saying "Let this nightmare end!"
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Fateful Night in Togenkyo Part I
Kagome is taking a test, and all the questions are really easy to her. She gets a hundred. Then she is in a stadium, with hundreds of people. They are holding a... a... a whatever in her honor. Then she wakes up. She realize she is still i the fuedal era.
Then it is morning and she begs InuYasha to let her go home for 3 days to study for exam. In the middle of the argument, Sango walks up and asks if she can go back to her village for 3 days to fix hairiakotsu(sp?). InuYasha finally agrees, but Kagome doesn't go.(Sango does)
They walk up to a river and finds these fruits with faces. They are made from human.
Then the screen changes. This man rus into a giant and says that he doesn't want to become a sage anymore. The giant sucks him into a bottle which makes him small then he pours the botte out on the tree. The man turns into a fruit and the giant eats this fruit.
Then InuYasha starts to climb up a mountain to find the giant
Shippo tries to bring the others up on his back in bubble form, but isn't strong enough. they fall but Miroku is able to grab Kagome and jump oto this platform. Shippo follows. They discover a small village. LITERALLY! The people in it are shrunken. They get sucked in and discover that these people are training to be sages but when they get even the smallest amount of power they will be made into fruit for the demon tree.
InuYasha sees the giant and it attacks him. He tries to use wind scar on it ,bu the giant use... are you ready?... flowers, yes flowers, to stop it. He then sucks InuYasha into the bottle to shrink him. InuYasha starts trying to claw out the sides but it does nothing. He turns human, and doesn't know what tto do. Then the Tesusiaga(sp?) sheath starts pulsing, and InuYasha uses it to call Tetsusiaga to him. It breaks the "wall" of the bottle and InuYasha gets out and becomes normal sized. He tries to fight the giant, but using the jewel shards(it had one, and it stole Kagome's), it turns into stone. It crushes InuYasha. And that is pretty much where this epy ends. Can't wait for the next one!
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts off with kagome dreaming that she's at school and just aced a test, but she wakes up. she tell inuyasha that she has a big exam and need to go home for 3 days to study and take the test. inuyasha tells her that she must really like taking test. he says that she knows it's an important time(turning into human) and starts arguing with her. sango says that she has to go back home to the demon slayer villiage to fix her boomerang(that big thind she carries around). she says she needs 3 days also so inuyasha says okay they can go.sango leaves and miroku notices fruit in the river. they have human faces on the front of them. miroku tells them about the demon tree of the human faced fruit.kagome wants to go check it out. she and miroku and shippo leaves inuyasha and he yells WAIT FOR ME!!!! inuyasha leaves kagome and mirokua md shippo on the bottom of a cliff. he jumps up to the top b/c he didn't want to carry them.shippo says inuyasha is in a rush b/c it is the night of the new moon.he's gonna turn into human. kagome says she forgot. inuyasha gets up to the top and meet tokajin. tokajin uses this peanut-shaped thing to shrink inuyasha and suck him into it.kagome and miroku are riding on shippo and he can't hold them anymore they plumit to the ground. they find some stairs and walks up them. they see a small village with lil people in it.THEN they begin to shrink and got sucked into the small village. they meet a samerai in the village. he tells them about the men that are walking around in a daze and how they'll be feed to the tree.they all look for a way out but can't find it.inuyasha has turned human and the liqiud in the tube is desolving his kimono. he gets the tetsagia's sheef and starts clawing the side of the bottle. the sheef calls the tetsagia, which cuts a hole in the bottle. tokajin pulls it out and out jumps inuyasha.then tokajin has placed kagome 2 jewel shards into his tummy,with his jewel shard, and turns into a rock thingy. he jumps on inuyasha and crushes him.
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well Sango goes to repair her boomerang and Kagome is having some sort of dream about her getting a 100 on her test.Then she wakes up to only find herself in Fuedal Japan.She says,Shoot I knew this was too good to be true...Anyway,Kagome and Inu-yasha get in a argument about going to take a mock test.Miroku goes into the water to find heads floating in it.They then find a tree that instead of peaches have heads.Well,Inu-yasha goes away to fight the guy...I think his name was the something but i'm gonna call him Peach Man.Inu-yasha ends up getting shrunk and eaten by the Peach Man.Kagome,Miroku,and Shippo get transformed into a mini-garden.But Kagome's jewel shards get left behind and the Peach Man finds it.Inu-yash then gets regurgitated thanks to the Tetsusaiga.But he turns into a human.The Peach Man then body slams him...(OWWW!)Then when Inu-yasha wakes up he is trapped in vines and can't move or he'll bleed.Inu-yasha notices that the Peach Man has Kagome's shards and asked,Who did you steal that from?I did not steal this from anyone...I found it in my house.The Peach Man then goes to his garden and picks up Kagome and takes her to the kitchen.The Peach Man then brings Kagome's clothes out.Inu-yasha begins to think that the Peach Man ate her.But then the miniature Miroku and Shippou tell him that she's in the kitchen.He runs in and she is naked.He stares for about acouple of minutes and then looks away blushing.He then hands her the outer part of his kimono shirt.And that's about all I remember...
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After Sango leaves to go repair her Hiraikotsu, Inuyasha and the others follow after a trail of fruit cflowing down a river coming from the human energy-gathered Ninmenka tree. Inuyasha winds up facing the undead mountain priest, Toukajin, who seals him in a pot. Despite the new moon turning him human, Inuyasha uses Tetsusaiga's sheath to call Tetsusaiga and break the pot. Unfortunately, he gets crushed by Toukajin's rock-hard body. Meanwhile, Miroku, Kagome, and Shippo wind up trapped in Toukajin's mini-garden.
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts out at kagome's school. she is surprised that she
got a 100 on her test. the teacher compliments her, the
whole class is clapping for her, her test becomes a huge
flag and there is like a pep rally in her honor, and then
she wakes up. lol. she looks up at the ski and the moon is
almost gone. (and we all know what that means). the gang
starts walking and inu yasha is pissed that she wants to go
back to her time for 3 days. he asks her what an exam is.
she explains that it is a test basically. he screams 'do u
really like tests that much' she screams back at him 'of
course not'. then sango approaches and says that she'd like
to go back to her town to fix her boomerang. (i got cracked
in the last episode). sango leaves. kagome is shocked that
inu yasha got persuaded so easily. they start their journey
again. then it cuts a guy running frantically. tripping all
over the place and breathing heavily. he crashes into a
giant with green hair. the giant siad he was being nice by
accepting him as his disciple and is mad that he is
skipping his training. he continues by saying ' I refuse to
die like a worm in battle after going through all that
starvation and poverty. wasn't it you, WHO SAID THAT.' the
frantic guy begs him to let him go. the giant
continues 'you sai you were sick and tired of this world.
and that's why i was trying to turn you into an ascetic at
this togenkyo' the giant grits his teeth. the guy slowly
backing away says that he does not want to be an ascetic
anymore. and screams that he hates these creepy places. the
giant takes out a bottle. and opens it. it starts sucking
up the guy making him smaller in the process. and
eventually the guy gets trapped inside the bottle. back to
the inu yasha gang, they notice nimenka fruit floating in
the water. in order to make them you need people. (the
faces of the people are on the fruit) they notice the treee
has a huge amount of fruit which means that a lot of people
had died. kagome decides not to go back. they go to
investigate. inu yasha is screaming at the top of his
lungs for them not to leave him behind. (yeah right) inu
yasha says he will quickly chop down the tree and come
back. the want him to slow down but he says he need to do
this before the sun sets. (DUH) the giant poor out the
bottle that the guy was in, it makes a vase type thing on
the ground and a fruit in the tree. the giant wonder why
the fruit of eternal life hasn't come yet and that he is so
sick of the nimenka fruit. he eats the fruit that was made
from the guy before. inu yasha finally climbs up the cliff
and challenges the giant. inu yasha can't feel his youki
(it's like evil energy) but the smell of death on him. inu
yasha tries to cut the giant but it bounces off his fat.
hehe. inu yasha says 'this flabby sh!t tetsusaiga doesn't
work on him. the he tries kaze no kizu but the giant
defeats it with a swirl of flowers.the giant says you can't
beat an ascetic. i am tha ascetic of togenkyo. then the
giant takes a bottle traps inu yasha and makes him small.
the giant is really happy he has a youki to make fruit
with. then we cut to shippo he transformed into his balloon
thingy and is slowly taking miroku and kagome up to the
cliff where inu yasha was. the compliment him on how strong
he his. not for long though. they plunge down and land in
this secret staircase. they see the yard box and are
freaked out to see really small people living in there. but
the get to close and become small and get sucked in which
light up the whole room. kagome's shards get left behind.
they are asking people what in the world is going on but
everyone says shut up i'm training to be ascetics. the
giant has tetsusaiga and puts it with the other swords he
has from the soldier he turned into fruit. (don't worry he
can't become full demon for 2 reasons he is going to be
human soon and he defeated an extremely powerful demon that
killed his father in doing so he can't become a full demon
anymore). we see tiny inu yasha in the bottle using his
claws to try to escape, and becomes very frustrated. but to
no avail. he become human. the giant comes in, see the
shards and uses them for himself by putting it in his belly
button. back with kagome, miroku, and shippo. the
eventually find a guy that tells them what's going on. he
say that these people are training and they will eventually
become fruit. b/c the giant is trying to get the furit of
eternal life. human inu yasha is trying to use his sheath
to break the bottle and slips into the purple juice. now it
starts to bring him pain. the sheath starts calling
tetsusaiga. he then gets an idea and calls tetsusaiga to
him. the sword starts floating and punkchures the bottle.
the giant is trying to pull the sword out. when he does inu
yasha comes out and is regular size again. the giant is
surprised to see inu yasha's new form. inu yashay as
always basically says i am going to kick ur @$$ no matter
what form i am. he punches him in the face. inu yasha
realizes that he has shards and that he must have stolen
them from kagome. the giant thingy uses the shard to become
a huge rock concrete thingy and does a ground pound ontop
of inu yasha.(do ask me why he survived a force like that
in his human form. who knows?) the giant with an evil
cackle, talks about how he loves his new power. inu asha is
flat on the floor in pain. the rest of the gang tries to
find a way to escape. but can find anyway. the guy they
talked to comes and says ur only choices are to become an
ascetic, become friut or die. he also mentions that there
is no dream or hope hree. everyone is very upset and
frustrated. the last hing we here is kagome screaming "I
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome heads home to take a test and Sango must leave to have her boomerang repaired because it was damaged by the dog demon she just battled. While they are away the others come across a stream with peaches floating in it. The peaches have human faces though and tell Inu-Yasha, Shippo and Miroku that they were captives of the Peach Man. They travel up the mountain to investigate and find a box where the Peach Man has shunken his human hostages so that he can use them to feed his peach tree that grants him immortality. Inu-Yasha and the others become trapped in the magical box. Inu-Yasha escapes. Soon thereafter Kagome arrives but also finds herself trapped in the box leaving the shards for the Peach Man to find. He places them into his body. The shards make his skin rock hard, and when Inu-Yasha escapes the box he is crushed beneath the Peach Man's massive weight. Normally this would not be a problem, but this is the night of the new moon and Inu-Yasha has reverted to his human form.
Episode Summary for Episode 57 - Everything about the night at the Dougenkyo, Part 1 . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inu-Yasha and the gang except for Sango and Kirara
find a tree with peoples faces on it Kagome thinks it is a demon tree but really some fat guy turned the people into a tree.A couple of hours later Kagome is captured by the fat thing.He then undresses her while she's uncontious. *can u believe that* She then wakes up in a tub of some sort and figures out that she is being prepared to be eaten.She screams and Inu-Yaha breaks down the door.But when he comes in SHE'S IN THE NUDE.

So he turns a round for a couple of minutes and starts to blush.But then he goes in and kills all the creatures that are preparing her.He then goes back do the door and sits down facing the other way.Kagome walks over trying to hid her cough cough's.Inu-Yasha then takes of his outer jacket and gives it to Kagome to use as a dress of some sort.I forgot the rest but they sell copies of this comi8c in Japasn town that's where I gotb mine.