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Episode Summary for Episode 59 - Sango's young apprentices . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango journeys off to her village to repair her boomerang. Meanwhile the Inuyasha and others await Sango`s return from her village. Mirokou informs the others that he is sure Sango will return to them. Meanwhile Sango finishes up repairing her weapon and goes to her father`s grave and becomes puzzled by what her father was trying to tell her when he said " Sango I want you to live a strong life. back at the well mirokou and the others start to worry about Sango since its already sundown. Mirokou sounded confident but he sure didn`t look it.

Back at the village Sango`s pet Kilala senses the nearby presence of others. Then suddenly rocks are thrown at kilala and Sango like speeding arrows! Sango quickly dodges the rocks that hurl toward her.
Kilala quickly attacks the two girls that were soon to be Sango`s young apprentices.

After being asked countless times to become apprentices of the tallented slayer ( I`m refering to Sango) she agreed to teach them. The two girls ( They were known as Satina and Suzuna) got impatient so they did what they really came to do. The girls broke into the weapon room ( The room where the parts of demons were made into weapons) and not knowing that some of the parts were giving off demonic ora, they attempted to leave the village when Sango stopped them along with kilala to by her side. The two sisters attacked with the skills of ninja skills. Sango was surprised to see what skills the girls developed. The sisters told Sango the true story of where they came from. Sango tried to stop them from taking the weapons but they disappeared.

Satina and Suzuna did not know they were big targets for hundreds of demons that were coming in search of the demonic ora. Sango showed herself once again and explained everything about the weapons the sisters were shocked when suddenly, dark clouds took over the sky and sango new she was two late. The sisters were ready to fight and as soon as Sango saw them ready she had figured out what her father meant about being strong this related to Satina and Suzuna`s story.
She told them that their father wanted them to be happy and Satina thought about it.

Sango stood in position ready to fight and with one mighty blow her boomerang cleared an escape route or so she thought. Night had past but dark clouds still shrouded the sky. Sango was tired the demons kept coming and her strength was falling and just when all hope was lost. Mirokou and others saved the day. The battle was won and the sisters journied off. Mirokou once again tried to express his feelings but his pervertic actions caused a SLAP from Sango.
Episode Summary for Episode 59 - Sango's young apprentices . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode begins with Miroku getting worried about why Sango's been gone for three days and hasn't even returned yet. The InuYasha group wonders if it's all because Miroku's always gotta grope her. Then, we get to see what Sango's up too. She in her old village repairing her Hiraikotsu(did I spell that correctly?). When she steps back, she says something like, "Not as great as my father's work... but pretty good!"... or something like that. After that, she and Kirara stop by the graves InuYasha and the others made for the dead villagers and starts to pray... Meanwhile, two young girls spot her and starts to throw rocks at her(how rude... never trust girls who throw things at ya before ya even meet them!)and Kirara. Sango gets startled, and the girls start runnin for their lives, but Sango commands Kirara to get them. Kirara transforms to monster form and gets one of the sisters. The other girl runs in front of her sister and says leave her alone!!! Sango then comes... Sango then takes them into one of the houses and feeds them some food. The two sisters scarf it all down like they hadn't eaten in ages while Sango and Kirara sit down and just stare... Then they say stuff like,"We only threw rocks at you to see if you're skilled or not, and lady, if do say so ourselves you ARE!!! Sango asks them what they're doin here and they say that their village was attacked by a bunch of youkai after clearing a forest for more land that acted like a barrier and that they were the only survivors and that they heard of a village filled with youkai exterminators.Sango sympathizes them for a while... Then... the next scene shows Sango walking out with the girls clinging to her begging her to teach them how to slay demons... Sango says NO!, and that she's got other things to do, but eventually she gives in to them. She teaches them some simple techniques on how to get rid of smaller demons, but the sisters aren't satisfied with this becuz they expected her to teach them the more exciting ways, such as using actual weapons... Becuz of that reason, they decided to bread into the weapons shed and stole ALL of the youkai bones that were used to create weapons such as the Hiraikotsu. Sango, of course, catches them, but they throw things at her(AGAIN!? They're throwing things at her again!? Obviously, they need some lessons in etiquitte!), but Sango does some cool flips and dodges them... But then she says,"Those moves... You girls didn't come from an ordinary village, did you?..." The girls than say that they came from a ninja village that tried to destroy a bunch of demons... since they didn't have the youkai exterminating skills, they only managed to kill one, but more kept coming and destroyed their village. It shows some flashbacks of them destroying the one demon... It also shows their father saying "...Be strong...!" then dying... The girls say that and than Sango recalls the flashback she was having herself earlier in the episode when her father asks her if she truly enjoys being a youkai exterminator. Sango replied,"Yes father, I think I'm quite suited for this occupation." And then her father said something very simialair to what the girls' father had told her... The girls run off, before Sango stops them... Sango walks into the weapons room and sees that EVERYTHING was taken... Sango is horrified by this new discovery knowing that some of the youkai bones weren't fully exorcised, meaning that they would attract other youkai. Sango and Kirara go off to try and get the girls. When the girls see them they take, like, and axe of something trying to threaten them. Sango convinces them that their father meant 'be strong', as in 'be happy.' The girls reluctantly agree with Sango. Sango then tells them to discard the bones and they say NO! But then Sango tells them that the bones haven't been properly exorcised and that they are attracting other youkai! The girls look scared, and immediately discard the bones. But it's too late, so there are, like, a MILLION youkai flying towards them. Sango tells the girls to stay on Kirara and runs ahead of them killing a bunch of youkai with her Hiraikotsu. There's a point where one of the sisters is taken by a youkai, but she uses a weapon to slice it apart. Then, Sango realizes that there is just too many youkai, Miroku comes running in through the trees and screams SANGO~O~O~O~O!!! while slicing apart a bunch of youkai that get in his way with his monk's staff(I forget what ya call it). Then InuYasha comes and destroys like a hundred of them with his Tetseiga(I think he used his Kaze no Kizu)and says, "Well, Sango, it's not like you to get delayed by a bunch of measly youkai!" Then, and arrow shoots out of nowhere and destroys one of the youkai... It was, of course shot by Kagome, who says, "Hi Sango!" When the youkai are FINALLY destroyed, the two girls leave to live out their lives just as their father wanted them to(Hopefully, that means that they will finally stop throwing things at people). Then, Sango begins to wonder why they showed up in the first place. Kagome smiles and says that Miroku was getting really worried about why she hadn't returned yet and insisted that they go and search for her. Hearing this, Sango blushes bright red and goes straight up to Miroku and asks,"Is this true... Miroku?" Miroku says something along the lines of this,"Well actually Sango, I just couldn't stop thinking about you and got worried that you were in real danger." Then (dun dun dun), he just HAS to start groping her butt, and she stops blushing and slaps him. Sango then says,"Thank you for your consideration." with a sarcastic expression.Miroku says,(by the way, in this scene, they're standing so that you are seeing both of their profiles, so when when Miroku's saying this next line,he turns around so that you can see the huge hand mark on his face as he's rubbing it)"Ummm... Anytime?" The End!!!
Episode Summary for Episode 59 - Sango's young apprentices . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
kagome climbs out of the well. She has three huge bags with her. she hands sum of the stuff to shippo, miroku, and inuyasha.
inuyasha: yes! dried potatoes!
shippo: (he gets a sucker) thanks kagome this is yummy! Wah! it moves by itself!
miroku: (he gets a soda) accepted with pleasure. *nods head*
Kagome: Where's sango?
miroku: she hasn't returned from her village yet.
inuyasha:mabey she ain't cummin back, CUZ OF A CERTAIN LECHER THAT WON'T LEAVE HER ALONE!!
miroku: *pacing back and forth* she'll be back.
shippo: he sounds confident but he sure doesn't look it!

~mean while~

sango is fixing her boomerang bone. kirara is flinching cuz she is getting hit with sparks.


miroku cums up behind kagome
miroku: *puts arm around her* do u belive that touching womans bottom ruins the trust between two people?
inuyasha: *cums out of well* if she dosen't cum back its u i'll be pointing the fingers at.


Sango is praying over her father grave. kirara starts to growl. two girls start to throw rox. kirara runs over and puts her fang to the older girls neck. sango yells to get off of her, then ask wut they want. the older girlfalls over. the other girls stomach growls.
young girl and sister go to eat.

they ask to be Sango's apprentinces. she says no. As she walks out they beg her. She finally says yes. during the night the apprentinces steal the bones used to make weapons. As they walk out they are caught by kirara and sango. They admit they are from a town of ninja warriors.

Kirara and sango catch up with them b/c they are in danger b/c of the demonic aura the weaons were putting off. The demons are cumming *commercials* Sango uses her boomerang bone. The girls want to fight to make their dead father proud. *dearest tune*
sango: *flashback of father* ur wrong.
sister: wut do u mean?
sango: when ur father said he wanted you to be strong he didn't mean he wanted you to carry on the tradition. he wanted you to be strong inside.
sister: wut would u know about it?
sango: there isn't a father in the world that does't want his daughter to be happy!!
apprentinces take the weapons off and get on kirara. *tune ends*
sango starts to run and kirara follows. a demon lifts one of the sister of kirara. sh cuts his arm off and falls to the ground and is not able to get up. kirara starts killing the demons. and the other sister takes her sis's weapon and is trying to defend her then miroku runs in and yells sango!! he starts chopping the demons in half with his staff. then u see inuyasha and he does his wind scar. and then miroku sux in all the demons with his wind tunnel. but then one cum out of a tree and rite b4 it gets sango kagome shoots it with a sacred arrow. FF to the end. the apprentinces are walking off.
inuyasha: miroku was worried about u so we came and its a good thing we did.
kagome: im just glad we made it in time
sango walks over to miroku
sango: were you really worried about me?
miroku: i kept seeing your face *he grabbes her butt*
she slapps him in the face.
kagome, shippo and inuyasha (weird looks on their faces)
shippo: when will he learn? please dont let me grow up to be like him!
inuyasha and kagome nod their heads.

Episode Summary for Episode 59 - Sango's young apprentices . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango's young appretices

at the begining you see the well and then kagome's hand coming out with a big bag of food,wait 2 bags.and u see her coming out of the well.the group(without sango cuz she went to fix her boomerang)was just standing there and then realized that kagome was bak they go over and inuyasha: huh?what is this?kagome: i cant go bak anytime i want to,and there's alot of things buy as a girl(wow im surprised that her family isnt broke yet lol jk)she searches and gives inuyasha a HUGE bag of chips inu: oh hoshimono(raisins???)
next for shippo is a lollypop that can rotate in circles..........
and for miroku umm...dunno hard to see(screen is fuzzy)i think its pop...kagome: where's sango?inu:she hasnt return yet(talking with mouth full and putting more chips in mouth)kagome:i thought u guys joined up by now..miroku:its been i while since the last time she's been there, she probably has more things to do then repair her boomerang inu:she might not come bak again since there is a groping pervert in our group(lmao)miroku:dont mistake me!(how each time i c inuyasha i c u rub the ass on each girl u c..)inu:is that so?kagome:its sango,so i think its alright,but..then we see the title of this show

then u see this mountain and the screen goes up and up, a gate that's opened but slanted(while watching u hear this banging)and the inside of the village but its wreaked.screen goes to a hut and inside there are alot of youkai bones and sango hammering a bone i think in her boomerang and her breathing hard.kirara looking at her while some sparks goes to her fur(i wonder why is didnt go on fire lol)she continues to bang and puts it in the oven and the boomerang is glowing brightly(duh its in the oven and its made out of youkai bones)takes it out and bang on it more and then finally put it in water and steam is everywhere sango:yup not as good how father did but to me very good, very good.then she goes outside and to to the grave of the villagers and prays and talks bout how lonley she left them*flashbak*sango throwing her boomerang. then the father says are u albe to carry on the youkai hunting sango:yup father this business fits me well.then the father gets up and saysi trained u all this time not cuz for u to carry on the business, its cuz i want u to live on strongly.*flashbak ends*sango:father wut did u want to tell me?then at the gate 2 figures run in and kirara notices and stands of and growls sango looks and then rocks come and bout to hit them but they jump and kirara transform to her big form and chases the people which are girls kirara jumps on the biggest on and the little one stops.kirara keeps on growling and the little one says stop plz forgive my sis! sango :kirara! and kirara's fang almost went in the big girl's throat but stopped and goes away.lil girl goes to her sis's side and she wakes up. sango:you..who exactly are you?the sisters stand up but the big one falls sango:wut happened?lil sis:its already been 3 days since we've last ate or drank..then her stomach growls and she blushes...

bak at the hut smoke rises.soup cooking adn the sis are eating like shippo and inu lil girl: it tastes great doesnt it sister serina?big girl:yup!sango just sits there staring wide eye(lol)sango:there's still some left wanna have more?both:okawari!!!and they both blush
the big girl intoduces im serina the older sis head down and he lil girl says im the younger sis suzuna! serina glares and force suzuna's head down serina:we left our village and used the rumors to find the youkai taijiya's hidden village(demon hunting village)sango:so u found out im a demon hunter and attacked me?suzana:i only wanted to test u ur really something anesan(a way of calling a girl get slapped if u dont know her well)serina hits her head :pserina:we really want to be ur apprentices! sango:apprentices?they go over to sango and saying ur tense and relaxing her...serina:yes,plz commander as apprentices!sango: no suzuna:plz commander sango:NO
u see sango going outside and dragging suzuna and serina outside saying plz AGAIN commander!sango: im not a commander!wen i say no its NO! i have to travel quickly!serina goes infront and head down says if we dont beomce apprentices to the commander and dont learn the techniques,we cant return to our village!suzuna:PLEASE!!!!!!
sango just looks at both of them and says sigh i guess theres a reason for this.. serina: our village worked on farms sliced open slopes on the mountain and ever since we cleared some land for farms..youkai started to come suzuna: that's not one or two of them!
already alot of villagers became sacrificed and those who escape are ok but those who are old and those who cant carry children so everyones' future is uncertain..sango:hmmm the grove of the local shrine must have been making a barrier...serina: in this problem we've heard of the rumors of the demon hunting village sango: as u can see demon hunting village is no longer here suzuna is crying i think sango:if u want, i could go instead of u serina: in the village there are no money to pay u sango,from the start we didnt plan to pay u suzuna:and the village is too far serina has head down again and saying even chasing once ot twice they will come again!instead of that plz teach us!we'll work hard for the others.forces her sis head again and says i'll work hard too!sango thinks for a while and says youkai taijiyas techniques are not something u can remember easliy but i can teach u how to keep away small kinds of youkai..both:thank u vey much!!!!sango thinking:if i delay me leave for 1 or 2 days everyone will still probably wait for me

then at the gate sango is coming and holding something and says:i will distribute youkai taijiya's equipments both:yes!sango shows and its cloth and fans...both say huh?

they go through tall grass and then sango finds a spot to try out some things. then she puts some twigs,grass,fire, and some salt stuff i think..sango:dont just look,fan!*cough cough cough*and they talk bout wut this is and is this rally gonna work?and a small youkai jumps out away from the smoke

then they walk bak up the sango's village and tehy talk bout is there any other better ways?

bak to the inu and others kagome:sango isnt bak yet... miroku:umm i wanted to ask u, does a woman lose trust in someone just cuz their butt is groped?kagome just looked wide-eye again.. and annoyed and flicked off the hand off her shoulder and said isnt keeping each other distances called trust?miroku:is it that kind of thing?inu pops up behind and says if sango is not bak then its really UR fault!miroku:she will certainly return!and stands up and walk side to side to side shippo(still licking the lollypop) says:u say she will return but u sure are restless..kagome sighs and inu growls low...

at night at sango and her "appretices"are sleeping however the sis are awake and leave the hut and go to the hut where sango was at the begining (they are looking at the youkai bones)suzuna:its just like father said that secret to the youkai taijiya's streath serina:if we have this we'll be stronger!then they leave the hut with the bones packed and serina noticed sango and kirara.they get there weapons and then sango:those moves! suzuna:yes we are from the shinobi village somthing like that it was destroyed by a demon*flashbak*a demon comes out from trees and ninjas(wuteva they are called i watched it from Naruto same meaning)and people bleeding and dying then suzuna came out and so does serina.they find their dad saying:suzuna serina even both of u strongly and died didnt finished the sentence*flashbak end*serina:to be strong and become more strongly that's wut father wanted to say (looking at suzuna)then sango has a flashbak of wen her father kinda saying the same thing and said wait! but serina throws a bomb thingy at the ground and disappered

sango goes to check the hut and says:just as i thought some youkai bones havent lost their powers yet!bones that have youkai powers will calll on other youkai!kirara(turns to big form)and sango in her exterminater outfit and runs to catch up to the girls. sango:hurry kirara those 2 are in danger!then u see that girls running and serina:wait for me! suzuna:ur always like that sis i'll carry that for u too serina:im sorry! suzuna:no wonder father wanted me to carry on the business serina:if i trained more maybe.. and then they begin to run but notice a shadow above them suzuna:lets hurry!and run while running they see another shadow above them and its kirara and sango.sango:hurry u 2 get on kirara's bak return to homeland! the girls get their weapons saying i wont return them and then sango explained wut the bones do but then its too late and thousands of flying type youkai fly above them sango:it was too late!


sango:it was too late.we have to kill the demons and survive! the girls get ready to fight and say time to show father our streath
then sango has a flashbak of her dad and their dad and finally realized wut they mean.(finally)and explained but the suzuna said:wut do u know!sango:there couldnt be any father who doesnt want his daughter's happiness its not that he wants u to carry on the business its cuz he wants u too live strong and be happy! then she goes infront and says:now get on kirara's bak and follow my path(really cool and sad music too) serina thinks again and leaves the pack and forces suzuna on kirara's bak(how many times have this happened?)then sango attacks and runs and kirara follows they keep fighting and fighting but a demon comes and flys down and carries suzuna and she uses her weapon to get free and falls and kirara goes there and runs off to fight while serina fights as well now everyone is fight but more demons come and come and who comes?miroku comes and fight as well then more demons come to sango and inuyasha unleased the kaze no kazu(i think in english its wind of blades or something) and killed the demons coming to sango and then miroku used his wind tunnel and sucked all the demons in it.there was still on demon left but kagome killed it with her arrow.then sango:everyone then they go to sango smiling.then the girls nodded and then sunrise came.

the next day came and everyone is seeing the girls walking away.inu:miroku was SO worried and it was that problem sango is surprised kagome:im glad sango blushes and goes to miroku.sango:miroku u were worried about me? miroku:sango it was like a bad feeling ur figure came to my eyes and never left then u see his hand rubbing her butt sango's face went from blushing to annoyed then the screen goes to inu shippo and kagome and then u hear a slap and miroku scream in pain and they are shocked
then bak to miroku and sango saying:thank u miroku.....(looking evil)miroku:no...no.....(he turns his face and u can see a handprint
in red)bka to inu shippo:pull urself together miroku...i never want to be that type of adult(shaking his head)kagome and inu close their eyes and agrees.
Episode Summary for Episode 59 - Sango's young apprentices . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
sango leaves the gruop for a while to fix her boomerang and miroku thinks that groping her has made her leave permanently. sango has finished reparing her boomerang when two sisters show up. the sisters want to become exterminators so sango teaches them an easy technique for small demons. the sisters arent happy with this. that night the two sisters steal some bones of demons to make weapons. sango catches them at it and the sisters run away from her even though sango tries to warn them that those bones still have demon energy and it will call other demons. sure enough a bunch of demons show up and sango is having a hard time fighting the demons and protecting the girls at the same time. but inuyasha miroku kagome and shippo show up just in time and thay take care of the demons. the sisters go back to their own village and miroku gropes sango again *rolls eyes*
Episode Summary for Episode 59 - Sango's young apprentices . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ok i haven't seen this episode but i've seen pictures so sorry if a bit of this is wrong
Sango goes back to her old village to fix her boomerang, but the rest of the yasha people are worried that miroku grabbing her all the time might make her stay away for good.Back with Sango. She has finished repairing her boomerang so she decides to say a few prayers at her villager's graves. She dodges theses rocks that two girls threw at her. Kirara pins the oldest one to the ground and they stop their attack. Sango gives the two sisters food and they ask sango to teach them to become exterminators. Sango decides to teach them an easy strategy to get rid of smaller demons. This strategy is used with a sort of smoke which you fan at the demon the smoke drives the demon out so its easier to kill. The sisters wanted something more impressive. That night the sisters steal some demon parts to make weapons. Sango catches them at it and she asks them if they're really just young village girls. The sisters reveal themselves as shinobi or spies. They runaway from Sango eventhough she tries to warn them that the parts they stole still have demon energy which will attract other demons. soon the two girls are attacked by the demons they stupidly attracted. Sango shows up and tries to protect the girls and fight off the demons at the same time. it looks like they're both going to be eaten but the yasha gang come just in time. inuyasha and miroku take care of most of them. Sango is wonders why they are here and Kagome says that Miroku was worried about her since she was gone so long. the episode ends with sango getting her butt felt (lets guess who that could be? -_-)
Episode Summary for Episode 59 - Sango's young apprentices . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sango meets up with two sisters who want to be her apprentices. However, the sisters are actually shinobi who came to get demon slaying weapons. Some of the weapons still have demon energy active which attracts the demons to the two sisters and Sango. The three manage to hold off the demons until Inuyasha and the others arrive and kill the demons. Sango has her own greeting from Miroku who touches her rear. Miroku, as uaual, gets slapped in the face for his lechery.