Episode 60 - Black Miko, curse of 50 years Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 60 - Black Miko, curse of 50 years . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well Naraku and Tsubaki the dark pristess make a deal. Tsubaki kills Kagome in exchange for the jewel.She sends a snake demon to get some of Kagome's blood. Than she takes the blood and drips the blood on the almost finished sacred jewel.While Tsubaki drips the blood it gives her bitter memories.How when Tsubaki sends the same curse on kikyo 50 years ago Kikyo sends the curse back at Tsubaki....

When Kagome looks at the shards the shards turned black and goes into Kagome. She is unable to move and she feels pain.Sango and Miroku goes out and look for the demon who cursed Kagome. But then they crash into a barrier and fall down. Than nearby they see Kikyo walking towards the barrier......

(thats how the story ends)
Episode Summary for Episode 60 - Black Miko, curse of 50 years . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
A dark priestess that puts curses on people is introduced. It turns out she hates Kikyo, because Kikyo had turned her own curse bak at her when the priestess tries to steal the shikon jewel. I forgot the name of the curse >__<) wich she can control her or kill her. The Inu group figures its a curse and Miroku and Sango go to find the dark priestess while Inuyasha, Shippo and Kaede are left w/ Kagome. Shippo and Kaede go to get water when Kagome's body is finally able to control(Kagome was resisting it). She is ordered to kill Inuyasha by the priestess and Naraku. Miroku and Sango find where the priestess in only to slam into a barrier. Kikyo makes an appearance(clay Kikyo) and Inuyasha is forced to decide whether to run from Kagome or stay(get shot by her arrow). Naraku decides that if Inuyasha runs then Kagome will be killed....end
Episode Summary for Episode 60 - Black Miko, curse of 50 years . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku makes a deal with a black priestess named Tsubaki. Since she specializes in evil curses, he gives her the power of the Shikon Jewel(which is almost completed) so that she can put a curse on Kagome(Tsubaki holds a grude against Kikyo). Meanwhile, Kagome is coming out of the well after returning from her world when she's suddenly bitten on the leg by Tsubaki's shikigami(a serpent-like spirit that Tsubaki uses for her curses). Using Kagome's blood that the shikigami aquired, Tsubaki begins her curse and the Shikon Jewel becomes tainted with darkness. The few shards that Kagome has turn a pitch black color and embed themselves into her neck, allowing Tsubaki to start the curse. As Kagome lies painfully in Kaede's cabin, Inuyasha and Shippo stay behind to take care of her while Miroku, Sango, and Kirara go off to find Tsubaki. While Kaede and Shippo go outside to get some water, Inuyasha laments that he can only watch while Kagome suffers. Suddenly, an arrow goes flying by him and he quickly turns around to see Kagome pointing another one right at him. As Tsubaki uses the curse to control Kagome, Naraku watches, wishing that Inuyasha be killed once again by the arrow of his beloved; either be killed by Kagome's arrow, or run away and Tsubaki will curse-kill her. Meanwhile, Miroku, Sango, and Kirara reach Naraku's castle, but they're unable to break through its barrier. As Kagome continues to point her arrow tentatively at Inuyasha, she manages to overcome Tsubaki's control long enough to tell Inuyasha to run away. However, Inuyasha refuses to leave her.
Episode Summary for Episode 60 - Black Miko, curse of 50 years . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku summons Tsubaki, a corrupted miko who was a rival of Kikyo, to kill Inuyasha and allows her to use his chunk of the Shikone no Tama to do the job. Tsubaki has her snake bite Kagome allowing her to take control of Kagome's mind and cause pain to her. Tsubaki plans to use Kagome to kill Inuyasha and cause enough pain to Kagome to the point where she will die.
Episode Summary for Episode 60 - Black Miko, curse of 50 years . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

its night time. there is an old lady with long grey hair
chanting near a fire. as she continues to chant the fire
becomes larger. in a nearby village a man in is serious
pain. when the old woman put a small piece of paper into
the fire the man suffers more. the 4 men around him ask if
there is anything they can do to help him. the fire has now
blown out and kagura shows up behind the old lady. kagura
asks, arent you a black priestess, tsubaki? the old lady
slowly gets up and tell her that if she is trying to stop
her curse it is too late. kagura tell her that that is not
the reason she is here, she came to pick her up. tsubaki
demands to know if kagura is a demon and quickly unleashes
a snake after kagura. kagura easily destroys the snake and
teh snake blows up and turns into several pieces of paper.
kagura tell tsubaki with a smile that she wants to borrow
her power for a bit. tsubaki ask her what would a demon
want from her. kagura asks her if she still has a grudge on
kikyou. this catches tsubakis attention and she turns to
kagura. back in kagomes time she is in math class. kagome
is horrified looking a tall these problems. she doesnt
understand them at all. in every class that she goes to she
keeps thinking that she doesnt know any of this. kagome has
a stressed out look on her face. her english teacher calls
on kagome to read the next part. kagome doesnt answer and
just has the most stressed out expression yet. school
finishes and kagome is walking home thinking, (she sighs) i
have forgotten everything i have learned before, i feel so
far behind. all of her friends are behind her. ayumi
whispers to yuka and erri that kagome doesnt look to well.
yuka whispers back that it must be that ex boyfriend of
hers. erri says, oh u mean that two timing jealous selfish
rough guy that dumped her? yuka responds, yea she must
still be thinking about him. the three of them walk up to
kagome, the tell her to keep her spirits up. erri puts her
hand on her shoulder to comfort her. yuka finally catches
up and says, thats right especially with that boy. kagome
wonders who she is talking about then finally realizes that
its inu yasha yuka meant. they all tell her to dump him
completely. kagome says, uh well we um.... yuka quickly
interrupts her and demands to know what is going on with
them. kagome says with a smile, it looks like we are
getting along just fine. erri and yuka have the funniest
'say what?!!?!' expressions on their faces. ayumi just
stares at kagome. LOL. they go off to wacdonalds. they ask
her if the are together again.kagome talks about inu yashas
gentle side. they are surprised by her words. they ask if
he is not bothering re then why is she so depressed. kagome
tells them it school that is stressing her out. erri and
yuka says that even thought they are there everyday there
are still parts that are confusing. kagome erri and yuka
all sigh together. ayumi as positive and hopeful as always
tell her that if she review and studies she'll be fine,
and that lessons are fun. erri yuka and kagome totally
freak out and scream.LOL. ayumi wonders why they are
acting like this and if she said something weird. yuka put
her hand on her head and says, uh uh nnnno. kagome looks at
her watch and says she has to go and if she comes late,
that guy is going to come meet her. aymui gets all excited
and says, wow he is coming to meet u, he must be a gentle
person. erri has a funny expression again. lol. yuka and
erri roll their eyes and think to themselves, he must be
selfish and jealous. kagome with a big smile on her face
waves kagome. they all hope that kagome will be already
going back to him. ayumi is confused again. tsubaki is
riding on kaguras faether with her. they make their way
through thick purple smoke. tsubaki is impressed by the
barrier. kagura tell her to hold on tight. the purple smoke
disappears and there is narakus castle. naraku is sitting
by himself next to the window as always. kagura comes in
with tsubaki and tells naraku that she went and found her.
tsubaki slowly approaches him and asks him what he plans o
do with her.naraku says , about 50 years ago, u should
remember a prietess named kikyou, to steal the jewel.
tsubaki says with a smile, wow u seem to know alot about
such old things. naraku asks her if she would use her
wicked powers for him. tsubaki asks him what good will come
to her if she offers her powers. naraku says that she will
gladly give her the jewel. tsubaki is shocked and her hair
starts to blow around wildly. as she slowly stands up her
hair becomes healthier, all the wrinkles in her hands and
face disappear. she has returned to her young form. tsubaki
asks him if he has it. kagura says in complete shock, that
old hag has changed herself.tsubaki turns around to look at
kagura and says angrily to watch her mouth and that THIS is
her true appearance. narkau this to himself, that in order
for tsubaki to retain her youth she mustve sold her soul to
a demon, and ontop of that, the parnter is not an ordinary
demon, this woman must be looking for a stronger one.
tsubaki calmly tells naraku to prove that he has the jewel.
he asks her is she wishing for eternal youth from the
jewel. naraku opens his hand and shows her his almost
completed jewel. tsubaki asks him what he wants from her.
back in kagomes time, kaogme is packing up her bag with
junk food. her mom goes over to her offer hre to bring
something healthy. kagome thanks her. grnadpa suddenly
opens the door with a long thin silverish object and a
handful of charms. he smiles and tells kagome to take
these. souta sighs kagome tell grandpa she doesnt need
those. grandspa looks very disappointed and sad. buyo walks
over and scratches her ankle. souta asks her why she is
leaving already. kagome tells him that everyone is waiting
for her. souta asks about inu yasha. kagome says yes yes
him also. everyone is waiting for me. kagome keeps on
packing when she says that she wants to go back to the
feudal era. souta ask if he can go. kagome says that if he
went he still would be a scaredy cat and would want to go
back immediately and ur still very young. souta asks, and
why is it ok for u to go? kagome finishes packing and says
she is used to it. kagome bag is completely full of
supplies. she tries to carry it on her back but it is to
heavy and takes out all her school books. in the orange
purple sky several birds are flying over head. inu yasha is
annoyed that she is late and thinks about kagomes promise
to return by sunset. inu and shippo are both sitting on the
roof of a building. shippo just repeated what inu was
thikning about. inu gets his fist ready to strike shippo
and punches him in the head. LOL. shippo scream WHAT DID U
DO THTA FOR. inu tells shippo to shut up, jumps off the
roof and leaves. suddenly a gust of strong wind blows.
shippo wonders what that was about. sango comes out and
asks shippo if he is ok. shippos tail is shaking crazily.
LOL. as inu continues to find kagome he stops and smells
something weird and head off to find what it is. kaede also
senses something strange. miroku comes up behind her and
asks if she senses it as well. she tell him, yes an evil
aura is sneaking in. wind is blowing and kaede says its as
if the evil aura is coming on the ground. miroku asks her
what it could be. kaede says that she has no idea.kagome
comes out of the well and lifts her bag over the side of
the well with difficulty. something on the grass spots
kagome and approaches her.kagome put one foot out of the
well and a see through snake squeezes her ankle and bites
her. kagome rubs her leg, looks around wonders what bit
her. the grass sways back and forth but there is no sign of
what bit her. inu yasha arrives and is annoyed that she is
late. kagome tells him that she was bitten by something and
points in the direction infront of her. inu yasha runs off
to find it. he sees a shadowy figure and uses iron reaver
on it. but the figure was just paper. inu can believe his
eyes an look around. the wind starts blowing harder. the
snake slithers over to tsubaki and rest on her shoulder.
tsubaki presses its head and kagomes blood drips from its
fangs. kagura asks her if she is done. tsubaki smile and
says yes. she tells kagura to carry her again. kagura says
in an annoyed tone, feh to self important. she pulls out
her feather more forcefully than usual and tsubaki and
kagura fly off. kagome waits patiently for him and inu
returns tell her that it was strange and he defeated it. he
hold out his hand infront of her and three are bits os
paper with words on them. darkness covers the land and
kagura and tsubaki land near a small building. tsubaki tell
her that she can handle it from her and kagura turns into a
tornadoe and disappears. kaguras feather flies overhead
when tsubaki opens the door. she place the jewel on a small
square surface and starts cackling evily. everyone is
around kagome. kagome tell everyone that she was bitten.
shippo asks her if she is sure because there are no bite
marks. kaede asks inu yasha to show him those papers. inu
yahsa looks at her curiously while she examines the papers.
kagome reaches for her bag and tells everyone that they
brought stuff for them. shippo screams with excitement.
kagome gives him a box of doughnuts, inu yasha potatoe
chips, and passes out teh rest of the food her mother made
for them. kaede tells that all that this is shikigami (
ceremonial god, enscripted onto a sheet.) kagome asks her
what that is but then kagome begins to pulse and realizes
that it mustve had to do with the shards. inu abruptly asks
her what wrong. kagome takes out her bottle of shards and
they are all black. tsubaki squeezes her blood onto the
jewel and the bottle shatters and the 3 shards fly into her
neck. everyone is concerned about her as she limply falls
to the ground. inu quickly stands up yelling her name
hoping for a response. tsubaki drips more of her blood onto
the jewel and says that the shards went into kagomes body
will respond to this ball (the jewel) that has been defiled
by naraku and kagome will be binded even in heart and body.
black smoke fills the jewel. there are 3 black circles on
kagomes neck where the shards went in. tsubaki continues
that when this happens the fate will be at her beckoning.
the head of narakus puppet appears behind her telling her
no to underestimate kagome. tsubaki responds, dont make me
laugh she didnt even know she was under a curse. (the snake
slithers around the surface the jewel is on and the jewel
darkens even more.)u say that she was teh reincarnation of
kikyou, so i thought how much of a prson but... now what r
u going to do? i could continue to curse-kill her or..
naraku laughs and tell her that they should show inu yasha
a nightmare, an old dream of a beloved woman. darkness
fills the jewel. every tells kagome to hold on. kaede
explains that something is cursing kagome. kagome starts
breathing heavily. inu asks her what she means. kaede
explains that this must be the work of a black priestess
and the one that bit her at the well must have been
summoned by the black mikos shikigami. inu yasha looks up
with interest and asks kaede about black priestesses. kaede
tell him that he should know of their existance, having
interest in a curse specialty, a wicked priestess, it was
because of her power that teh jewel was defiled. a large
black circle covers her neck. shippo realizes that the
shards are completely into her body. sango is afraid that
if this continues kagome will die from the poison. miroku
stands up and tell sango that they should look for the
black priestess and defeat her. that is the only way to
stop this curse. inu says fiercely that he will go as well.
kagome barely utters his name and inu turns toward her.
miroku tell inu to stay here with kagome. inu agrees and
gazes at kagome with concerned eyes. miroku is outside, he
closes his eyes, sticks out his palm, moves it around. he
stops and says and find the direction the evil aura is
coming from. sango is riding on kirara in her demon
exterminator outfit and tells him to get on. tehy fly off
into the night sky. kaede and shippo watch from outside.
shippo says, i beg of u. back inside kagome is still
breathing heavily with her eyes closed. inu yasha is by her
side and yells out her name. kagome hears tsubaki voice in
her head saying "kill" and finally opens her eyes. kagome
thinks who? tsubakis voice tell her to kill inu yasha
(tsubaki voice gets more fierce) KILL INU YASHA. and
kagomes neck blackens again. kagome thinks STOP IT STOP IT.
tsubaki is annoyed that kagome is resisting. narakus puppet
behind her remind her not to underestimate kagome and that
she is a priestess. *flashback of tsubaki (her snake is
brownish green not grey and her hair is black not grey)
unleashing her snake after kikyou. kikyou simple hits the
snake with her bow and the snake flies into tsubaki right
eye tsubaki screams and blue energy comes out of her eye.
kikyou tells her not to bother her again or she will kill
her.* tsubaki is full of rage and thinks about kikyou
unconcerned look and her scar on her right eye begins to
appear. back with kagome her whole body begins to pulse.
kaede is patting kagome head with a moisened cloth. shippo
says very quickly is she is alright. inu puches him in the
head. lol. shippo is angry with inu but once he sees how
concerned inu yasha is he stops and looks back at kagome.
kaede leaves to change the water. back with miroku and
sango. miroku is move his staff around with his eyes closed
so he can keep the direciton of the evil aura. miroku tells
her to go to the right and off the fly into the night.
outside,kaede is filling up the bucket with water and
shippo is sitting next to her.shippo asks calmly is kagome
will be alright. kaede tells him that kagome is probably
fighting the curse. shippo is a bit relieved and says that
kagome is strong. kaede worries that if this lengthens
kagome might now be able to endure it. back with naraku and
tsubaki. naraku asks her if she is still haveing
difficulties. the snake is squeezing itself more tightly
arounf the surface the jewel is on. tsubaki says that all
the difficulties should end about now. tsubaki puts her
hand over the completely blackend jewel. u can see tsubakis
power (a blue mist surrounding her) she tells naraku that
she will grant him his wish. inu yasha looks outside and is
frustrated that miroku and sango havent returned yet.inu
yasha punches the wall an dis angered that kagome is in
pain and he cnat do anything to help her (awwwwe). an arrow
is shot inu yasha sense it looks back and sees kagome
standing up with her bow ready. the arrow just misses his
head and hits the wall. inu wonders what is going on with
her.kagome pulls back her bow reluctantly and gets ready to
shoot. kagomes eyes look like kohakus when he is being
controlled. kaogme is breathing harder and harder by the
second. *flashback of when inu thought kikyou betrayed him*
tsubaki voice comes back into her head and demands that she
kill inu yasha. kagome weakly tells him to escape. but inu
doesnt move. tsubaki is frustrated that even though her
mind is being controlled her heart isnt. naraku laughs
behind tsubaki saying that this has become more
interesting, if inu yasha escapes he wouldnt care, curse
kill kagome. kagome weakly tell inu to escape again. inu
(while standing in an alert position) realizes she is being
controlled by the black prietess. inu yasha moves to the
right and kagomes bow and arrow follows him. he slowly
moves to the left and the same happens. inu is angry that
still miroku and sango havent gotten back yet. back with
miroku and sango miroku feels that the evil aura has
thickened. sango tells kirara to hurry up and kirara speeds
off. they find where tsubaki is but there is a HUGE barrier
surrounding the place. kirara tries to go through but is
knocked backwards and they all fall to the ground. sango
checks to see how miroku is doing. kikyou is walking
through the forest with a determined expression on her
face. she stops at a cliff that looks outward towards the
barrier. she remember this evil aura. tsubaki tells narkau
that kagome could be cursed killed any day now. naraku
laughs and says, inu yasha, what r u going to do? be killed
by kagome that way (tsubaki power can be seen again) or
escape and let kagome die. kagome tells inu to escape
again, inu doesnt know what to do, naraku laughs even
harder now and says, be in pain inu yasha. kagome more
forcefully tells inu yahsa to escape.