Episode 61 - The appearance of Kikyo and the demon creator Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 61 - The appearance of Kikyo and the demon creator . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome has secon no tama in her neck. she has an arrow pointed at Inu-Yasha. Naraku laughes at their situation,mocking them saying"Inu Yaha if you run Kagome will die, if you stay she will kill you" Though her body isunder a spell her heart and mind are still hers. Kagome whispers, "run, inuyasha please go now." he responds "No! Kagome I'm staying with you" he rushes forward Kagome closes he eyes and fires dirctly at Inu Yasha. his eyes eyes bulge and he gasps. Miroku and Sango hover on Kirara above a huge blue dome. Sango asks "Can you break through?" "I don't know" he responds then he chants something under his breath."Kirara, take us down" he comands. they go down but hit the dome. he tells Sango that it is too strong for him when Kikyo shows up. she sees them in the sky and thinks 'those are Inu-Yaha's friends'she looks forward and walks right through the forcefeild. It then shows Naraku and the dark preastest. Naraku says "So Inuyasha has chosen death at Kagome's hands." the young woman with him says "Naraku you are truely evil, making Kikyo's reacantion kill the man she loves agen!" Some one distroys the demon puppet from behind, it is Kikyo. then it shows the real Naraku sitting safely in his castle with Kaugra standing near and Kannasitting on the floor with her mirror. Naraku chucls and says "Kikyo's made her apperance" then back to Kikyo. the woman starts talking abou the curse she put on kagome. Kikyo says that her weak magic will have no affect on Kagome.

Inu-yasha stares at Kagome and glances back at the arrow onthe wall that hs a piece of his shirt on it. Kagome colapes. he runs to her and holds her in his arms she mumbles "the voice in my head has stoped. Inuyasha I can sense it the jewl is near. he disaproves for amoment then agrees. he puts her on his back and they run off. when they reach it kagome purifys the dome thing and it disappers. The huge peice Naraku gave the witch began to puriffy just because Kagome was coming closer. the witch bragges about how she got Kagome to fire an arrow at Inuyasha. Kikyo shoots an arrow at the witch pinning her sleave to the wall she tell her she wouldn't interfear with her killing Kagome but if Inuysha would be hurt she would presonly kill her. then Kikyo disappated. When they reached the hut Inuyasha went to draw his sword the witch told him she would curse Kagome to death if he drew his sward. Then she releases a demon out of her eye. It's a big huge dog like thing with white fur and two tales Inuyasha begens to fight bare handed.TO BE CONTINUED
Episode Summary for Episode 61 - The appearance of Kikyo and the demon creator . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well pretty much Tsubaki is still in controll of Kagome's life. When IY comes Tsubaki calls him a "Kikyo LOver" Witch ticks Iy off. What also takes him off that he can't draw out his sword or Kagome will die. Duh. What else is new?:( Then Tsubaki pulls out her demon and her scar. Well. That didn't sound right. Her scar appears. And so IY is fighting the demon. Kagome thinks her self. "What can I do?" And that's were the ep stops basicly.
*Don't forget that the new theme song came on in this episode*
Episode Summary for Episode 61 - The appearance of Kikyo and the demon creator . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well, Kagome falls over and Inuyasha catches her. She tells Iy that she can sence the sacred jewel shard. So Inuyasha says he'll take her. She walks out when Shippo and Kiadea (I think that's how u spell it Oo?) Stops them. Shippo tells her to "Get back in bed. Because she's to sick." And Kagome replies back that she's fine. And Inuyasha says that he'll take care of her. So they ride of. On the way, Kagome says that she so sorry for shooting the arow. Inuyasha says. "It wasn't your fault. Don't even think that way." Well back with sango and Miroku. Miroku informs her that Inuyasha and Kagome are here. In the hut with Tsubaki, She's calling Kikyo a witch. Kikyo shoots arrows at Tsubaki because she told Kikyo that she wanted Kagome to shoot Iy. Kikyo grabs her hair and says do what you wish to Kagome and don't kill IY Or she'll make sure of your demise. And then Kikyo fades away. Then we see Tsubaki coming out with the sacred jewel. And it's black. Then She shows Iy that she has controll over kagome's life and If IY Pulls out Tedsiga then she'll kill Kagome. So IY is practicually useless. Then TSubaki takes out her demon and Iy is fighting it. DON'T FORGET THE NEW ENDING SONG COMES ON AT THIS EPISODE.

Episode Summary for Episode 61 - The appearance of Kikyo and the demon creator . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kikyo confronts Tsubaki as she breaks Kagome free of Tsubaki's control. She warns Tsubaki that if she kills Inuyasha, then she would kill her personally. Kagome leads Inuyasha to Tsubaki's location and uses an arrow to break through her barrier. Ignoring Kikyo's warning, Tsubaki sends a demon to kill Inuyasha and warns him that if he uses the Tetsusaiga, then Kagome will die.
Episode Summary for Episode 61 - The appearance of Kikyo and the demon creator . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

at he beginning of this ep they show the gigantic green
barrier surrounding the building where tsubaki and puppet
narkau are. there is a close up of the black jewel around
it is a dark aura and below it is black liquid. naraku
says, hmmm interesting, the feeling of that arrow pointed
at u again by ur beloved woman. *flashback of when kikyou
pinned inu to the tree* naraku continues in his menacing
voice, just like when u were 'killed' by kikyou, right
now by kagomes hands, you shall follow the same fate as 50
years ago. get the full taste of agony inu yasha. miroku
and sango are still flying on kirara. they become
frustrated since they cant get through the barrier. sango
asks if the black priestess is there and asks him if he can
break the barrier. miroku put his right hand vertically to
his face and mutters something very quietly and tell kirara
to try to get through again. kirara charges into the
barrier buts get flipped backwards. amazing miroku an
dsango dont fall off. miroku says its impossible for him.
sango notices kikyou walking over to teh barrier. kikyou
stops wen she is about to enter and think to herself that
she can feel the evil aura of defilement. sango and miroku
wonder why she is here. kikyou looks up to the night sky
and sees them there and recognizes them as 'inu yasha
friends'. kikyou continues to walk toward the barrier and
wondrs what this is all about. the barrier opens and kikyou
easily goes in. sango and miroku are shocked. there is a
purple barrier around the building where inu and kagome
are. kagome still has that controlled look in her eyes. she
is very angry and is trying desperately to hold back.
kagome starts breathing hard again and the black on her
neck flickers on and off. an image of them appears in
narakus left eye as he says evily, choose as u want inu
yasha, to be killed by kagome or escape fomr there to save
ur life, but if u escape, kagome will die by the black
prietess' curse. kagome pulls the arrow back more and
demands that inu yasha escape. inu repsonds, kagome u
idiot, how can i ever leave u behind, (kagome is about to
shoot) AND ESCAPE. (inu yasha runs towards kagome.) kagome
is shocked by inus actions and narakus voice in her head
tell her to kill him. kagome shoot off her arrow closes her
eyes and tears fall out. the arrow pierces inu and he
screams. the screen goes black and then we see tsubaki
again. tsubaki says that apparently inu chose to be kill be
kagome. naraku laughs menacingly. tsubaki looks behind her
towards him tell naraku that he is a very mean person, to
make the reincarnation of kikyou yet again kill her beloved
man. naraku puppet explodes, tsubaki turns back to find
kikyou. there is fear in tsubakis eyes when kikyou
approaches her. back at naraku castle, naraku smiles and
says, so kikyou appeared. kanna with her mirror is on his
right and kagura is on his left side. kagura tells him that
kikyou power can not be challenged. kikyou and tsubaki are
in kanna mirror. kagura asks, is it going to be ok? just
for something like tsubaki? narkau looks up at her with a
mischivous gazes telling kagura, let her be, that cna be
after watching what she's planning to do. the purple
barrier around the building where inu an dkagome are
disappears. kagome is standing limply while her hair covers
her eye. inu is kneeling down the arrow to part of his
shirt on his right arm. inu looks up an dcalmly says her
name. kagome starts to fall down but inu catches her with
her head resting on his arm. kagome weakly says his name
look as if she is about to cry. inu asks her in a concerned
voice if she is ok. kagome weakly tells him yes and that
the voice inside her head is gone. kagome looks into his
eyes and tel him to bring here there, she can sense the
shikon jewel. kaede and shippo are carrying buckets of
water. inu holds kagome to help her walk outside. kaede
tells her that she shoudlnt walk yet. kagome tell them that
the voice in her head has stopped. kaede tell her to be
careful and that fighting a black priestess shouldnt be
taken lightly. he then puts her on his back and tells them
that, kagome will be protected by him and they go off.
shippo looks up at kaede and asks her if kagome will be
alright. kaede says she will because kagome is strong, and
inu yasha is there to protect her and that they should wait
for them to return. kaede thinks to herself that kagome is
holding on with her life. and hopes that inu wont let her
die. and that they can to break the curse and protect
kagome. yasha is running trough the forest and jumps high
into the sky. kagome apologizes to him. inu lands on the
ground in another forest and tell her not to apologize and
that the arrow wasnt shot by her and yell to her not to
ever worry about it. miroku sango and kirara are still
hovering over the barrier. sango and miroku are getting
annoyed that they cant do anything and that if this lasts
any longer kagome will die. sango says that they should
just hover here and watch. miroku agress. sango tell kirara
to fly off and they go around the barrier. back with
tsubaki and kikyou. on the floor are the remains of narakus
puppet. tsubaki and kikyou just glare at each other for a
long time. and tense inusilence fills the room. tsubakis
voice break the silnce and asks kikyou about kagome and if
she was kikyous reincarnation. kikyou asks her is she was
cursing kagome. tsubaki smiles and tell her that its
useless without her powers adn for kikyou not to
underestimate her and that she was not the one like the
black prietess back then who was beaten by her. (the scar
on tsubakis eye comes back again) kikyou tells tsubaki that
she must have sold hre soul to a demon for youth. tsubakis
scar over her right eyes slowly gets bigger and bigger as
she says, yes for youth and for beauty. *flash back* we see
a youg tsubaki with black hair. she is admiring herself in
a small circular mirror. she then becomes angry when she
realizes that beauty doesnt last forever. tusbaki looks
upwards and wonders, is this what 'god' wills? but if i
have the shikon jewel that is in kikyou possession, this
beauty could be made eternal. *flash back of kikyou asking
nu yasha to become human and kikyou saying if he turns
human the ball most likely would be destroyed and she would
be free* tsubaki continues, right then kikyous heart was
stolen by a half demon, at that time she could be defeated.
there are trees covered in pink flowers and tsubaki is
faving kikyou . she call forth her shikigami (her snake, it
is brown this time and wraps itself around tsubaki) she
tells it to go forth and steal the jewel. the snake quickly
goes after kikyou. kikyou slowly turns around and hit the
snake, tsubaki is in shocked and the snake goes into
tsubakis right eye and blue mist comes out of it. tsubaki
remanicing says, kikyou, i was hit by ur curse reflection.
tsubaki slowly walks back to the room where her mirror was
with her eyes closed terrified of what she might look like
now. she puts the mirror up to her face and opens her eyes,
there is a large web like scar on her eye and she drop the
mirror and presses her hand up against her right eye
screaming. *flashback over* back with tsubaki her webscar
fades as she looks at kikyou menacingly and says, even
though i couldnt steal teh shikon jewel from u, i ave
joined with a demon, and this way, the youth and beauty,
(tsubaki looks very psychotic here) and the youryoku is in
my hands. kikyou calls her a fool. tsubaki asks her why she
is here. but just then tsubaki stops for a bit and sees
kikyous energy and realizes that she is dead and that her
body is neither human or demon. kikyou just glares at her.
tsubaki says, so kikyou, u came dead to lecture me? kikyou
responds that she simply came here to find out where the
evil aura was coming from and that w/e happened to tsubaki
is none of her concern. kikyou senses inu yasha
approaching. the jewel is slowly beginning to purify
itself. kagome asks inu yasha why he didnt escape. inu tell
her that he could never leave her alone and escape. kagome
says, that if he made the wrong step she wouldve been like
kikyou. inu tries to drill it through her head that even if
he dies in the process he will never leave her alone and
that he is always with her. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe. inu jumps
into the sky and they se the barrier. miroku notices them
and sango turns around. kagome senses the enemy inside the
barrier and get her arrow ready to shoot. the jewel is
starting to turn its normal pink again and the black is
slowly disappearing. tsubaki is angry and shocked and
demands for kikyou to tell her if kagome is doing this.
kikyou responds, i told u tsubaki, with just ur power u
cant curse kagome. tsubaki is starting to freak out now and
refuses to believe that kagome has such power and blames
kikyou for all this. inu is gliding in the air slowly
landing almost hitting the barrier but kagome shoots, her
arrows glows pink and the gigantic barrier is completely
destroyed. GO KAGOME GO. tsubaki looks outside to find her
barrier gone and is shocked to find inu yashs alive. kikyou
smiles and shoots to arrows at tsubaki just barely missing
her. kikyou is enraged that tsubaki tried to kill inu yasha
by using kagomes arrow. tsubaki smiles evilly and asks,
whats the matter kikyou? bad memories? tsubaki admits that
she did try to kill inu by using kagome. kikyou puts her
hands down into a fist and there is so much rage that her
whole arms begins to shake. kikyou walks over to her
reaches out and grabs tsubakis hair telling her, whatever u
do to kagome, i have no intention of bothering, (kikyou
looks really evil here) but, if u throw a hand at inu
yasha, at that time, i will kill u. tsubaki is very nervous
and her face is covered in sweatdrops. tsubaki quickly
turns around grabs one of kikyou arrows that was stuck to
teh wall and swings it around. but kikyou moved out of
harms way. tsubaki yells that she is not the type to be
afraid of her (yeah right).kikyou tells her to understand
what she just said and that is was not just a threat.
kikyou disappears into thin air. tsubaki relaxes herself.
sango and miorku land on the ground calling out to inu
yahsa and kagome. kagome weakly tells inu that the shikon
jewel is in there and that one that cursed her as well.
wind begins to blow as tsubaki opens the door. tsubaki
shows herself with her grey/white snake around her. inu
asks her if she is the black priestess. she introduces
herself and says that he is inu yasha the person that
kikyou cares. everyone gasps. miroku demands to know what
she did to kikyou. miroku and sango say that they saw
kikyou go in with their own eyes and demands to know what
she did to her. tsubaki tell inu that it seemed that kikyou
came to plead for his life. tsubaki says, with her dead
body she cant seem to completely die with her beloved man.
inu yasha kneels down and gentle lets kagome off tell
miroku and sango to protect her. they run over to ask if
she is ok. kagome says she is fine. inu yasha approaches
tsubaki saying, b1tch, i have be litening to u for some
time and it seems that u know alot about us. to say that u
controlled kagome to try to kill me. THE ONE BEHIND IT ALL
IS NARAKU ISNT IT?!!??!tsubaki says, so what? inu reaches
for his sword saying that he wont be merciful and that he
will cut her up. just as inu is about to unsheath the sword
tsubaki says that if he does kagome will die. and inu puts
it back. tsubaki tell inu that as long as she has the
jewel in her hands she can control kagomes life. the jewel
quickly purifies itself half way and tsubaki closes her
hands around it. she pulses and kagome screams in pain.
tsubaki reopens her hand and the jewel is black again.
tsubaki smiles as she think that kagome doesnt even have
the power to repurify the jewel. miroku and sango are close
to kagome comforting her with concern. she thinks about
kikyou comment that she cant curse kagome. tsubaki has a
mischiveous smile and think that kikyou was overestimating
kagome. inu is angrier than b4. she tell him that she would
do anything to get a hold os the shikon jewel. tsbaki
slowly awlks down the stairs approaching him saying that
she will start with him. the webscar on her face begins to
show and her right eye turns red and glows. huge beams of
red light comes from her eye. and a white misty creature
appears. and it shoots out almost hitting inu yasha. inu
dodges but it follows him. miroku is surprised that she is
holding demons inside her body. inu runs but and stops when
the creature show up infront of him. it is misty anmore but
a large, greyish dog. inu attacks with his claws. tsubaki
reminds him that if he uses his sword kagome dies. inu
takes his hand off tessaiga and his fist begind to quiver
in frustration. kagome cant stand this curse (she touches
her neck) and thinks that their must be a way to solve
this. kagome yells to inu to just defeat it. the demon
attacks but inu dodges. the demon keeps attacks inu does
several flips dodging it. inu does iron reaver but is
thrown backwards. kagome is still suffering. tsubaki
couldnt be anymore happier. she thinks inu cant do anything
without his sword. tsubaki cackles very loudly. the smoke
clears the demon is unharmed. and inu glares at it