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Episode Summary for Episode 62 - Tsubaki's bottomless spells . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Just to make one thing clear,

Kagome says at the end,

"It's okay. I am with you by choice."

That right there automatically proves how strong her feelings are for Inuyasha are!!!!


Episode Summary for Episode 62 - Tsubaki's bottomless spells . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome is trying to battle the curse while Inuyasha battles the big dog demon. (He isn't doing to well.) He can't draw the Tetsuiga or Tsubaki, the Dark Preistess will kill Kagome with her curse! Inuyasha uses his clawes to make a big scar on the face of the dog demon. Tsubaki, really mad, tightens her grip on the Shikon Shards, putting Kagome in more pain. Tsubaki: "You forget Inuyasha, that I hold Kagome's very life in my hands." Inuyasha: "Damn you..." Sango, who is caring for Kagome tells her to hold on. Kagome passes out. Kagome thinks: "I hear you Sango.... I'll wake up in a minute..."

Kagome wakes up in her bed. Kagome: "What am I doing here? What's going on?" She goes downstairs. Kagome's Mom: "Good Morning Kagome! Sleep well?" Kagome: "Yeah. Mom, when did I get back from Mideval Japan?" Everyone looks at her. Kagome's Mom: "Poor thing, your still half asleep." Kagome: "No! Remember,Inuyasha? The man with the dog ears? Or the Shikon Jewel?" Kagome's Mom: "It was all just a dream dear. Now get ready for school." So she goes to school. Kagome's Friend 1: "Kagome! Hi!" Kagome: Hi guys! Listen do any of you remember my boyfriend?" Kagome's Friend 2: "Sure! It's Hojo!" Kagome: "No! Remember my jelouse, boyfriend with attudide problems?" Kagome's Friend 3: "Nope."

It's after school. Kagome passes a couple while walkin home from school. Get this! It's Miroku and Sango in modern clothes. Miroku look-alike: "I want lots of children!" Sango look-alike: "You Joker!"
Kagome now is walking up the steps. You hear a kid say: "Grandma! Can I have a Shikon Keychain?" Now you see them from behind. Old Lady: "Sure." They walk way. This is SO cool! The kid is Shippo without the puffy tail and the Old Lady is Kaede without the eye patch! But once Kagome hears the word Shikon Jewel, she passes out.

The next day goes uneventful until Kagome is walking home from school. She is with Hojo until she sayz she has to go. She sees an archery class. The instocter is Kikyo! Kagome: "Are you me?" Kikyo: "Who are you..."

Kagome wakes up and fires an aarow at Tsubaki!It misses.Tsubaki: "You are just a Kikyo replacement.Worthless!" Now she's mad! Kagome: "No! I AM KAGOME!" She fires another aarow but it misses again! Tsubaki: " Eager to die? Fine." She puts some venom on the Shikon Shards. Kagome falls to the ground holding her neck. Inuyasha: "No! Kagome!" He grabs her and brings her to a safe place. Inuyasha: "Grr... I'll never let you kill Kagome!" (He is really mad! Don't want to be in his way!) He kills the dog demon and chops off the snakes head. Inuyasha: "It's over Tsubaki." Tsubaki: "Ha! Do you really think that would break the curse?! Bah!" Inuyasha looks at Kagome. She's still cursed! The snake body has regrown it's head and is heading strait for Kagome. Inuyasha: "No!" Inuyasha runs as quick as he can! Inuyasha thinks: I wont get there in time! Kagome says: "No, you got me once, not,not again..." She grabs her bow. It deflects the snake and it goes flying back into Tsubaki's eye! Tsubaki, runs and gets away.

In Naraku's castle:
Naraku watched the whole thing through the Kanna's mirror! Kagura: "Are you just going to let her get away with your jewel shards?" Naraku: "No, I will reclaim them, but let Tsubaki get her revenge first..."

In a forest, you see Tsubaki. Tsubaki: "Kagome and Inuyasha, with these jewel shards, I will have my revenge..."

You see Kagome on Inuyasha's back walking towords the village. Inuyasha: "Kagome, it's because your with me that your in so much danger. Im sorry..." Kagome(We thought she was out cold): "Dont worry Inuyasha... I'm with you by choice..." Inuyasha: "Thanks for sticking with me Kagome."

The End
Episode Summary for Episode 62 - Tsubaki's bottomless spells . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
As Inuyasha fights the shikigami, Kagome is getting worse. He cant take out Tetsusaiga, or Tsubaki will curse-kill Kagome.

Kagome seemingly dies. But then she wakes up in her bed, to her mom telling her to wake up or she'll be late for school. She comes to the table, and to her surprise, her family seems to not remember anything about the Sengoku Jidai or Inuyasha and the others. Confused, she goes to the well, which is all boreded up like it was before she first went through it.

When she walks to school, she meets up with her friends, who dont even remember anything about her "rude, jealous, violent boyfriend".

On her way home, she sees Houjo, who gives her yet another present for her health. After she thanks him, she starts walking back home when she passes Miroku and Sango. She didnt seem to notice. Then she sees Shippou and Kaede talking to her grandfather. When they said "Shikon No Tama" She passes out.

Then she wakes up in her bed again, this time with Buyo looking up at her. She says in her mind "I cant remember anything..."

On her way out of school, she's walking with Houjo, and sees Kikyou. Kikyou is apperently teaching students how to shoot an arrow. When Kagome shows up, Kikyou tells her to try and shoot an arrow at a target. "Good enough to hit a target", she says. Then Kagome asks "Are you me?" Kikyou replies "Who are you" Then it goes back to Sengoku Jidai, with Inuyasha fighting the shikigami, but not doing too well.
After Kikyou asks again "Who are you" Kagome wakes up. She tries to shoot Tsubaki, but misses. Then Tsubaki tells Kagome she is only a substitute. That gets her mad. She shoots again, but just misses her. She colapses again, and the shikigami charges at her. Inuyasha saves her just in time and takes her to a safer place. Inuyasha gets really angry and rips the shikigami in half with just his claws. Then he cuts off the snakes head. But it grows back and tries to kill Kagome. Inuyasha couldnt make it in time, but Kagome blasts the snake back into Tsubaki, and the spell is broken. Tsubaki gets away.
Inuyasha runs to Kagome and holds her. (Kawaii^^) And on the way back home Inuyasha says he's sorry, because being with him is so dangerous, but then she says it's alright because she likes being with him.

Episode Summary for Episode 62 - Tsubaki's bottomless spells . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Inuyasha continues to battle Tsubaki's demon without Tetsusaiga. When Miroku attempts to kill Tsubaki's snake to free Kagome of her curse, the demon gets in his way and Tsubaki puts more pain on Kagome making her unconscious. Kagome dreams that she is back in her time without any memory of her journies with Inuyasha. There are several hints of her memories in her dreams (a couple looking like Sango and Miroku, Kagome's cat Buyo becoming Kiara). Later in the dream, Kagome meets an archery instructor who looks like Kikyo. The instructor asks who she is and Kagome responds with a similar question. The instructor says that Kagome was her. Then, we have a look at Kikyo watching the battle scene a top a cliff (Prediction: She must have entered Kagome's dream to alert her that she has the power to escape Tsubaki's curse.) In a rage, Kagome wakes up and fires off two arrows at Tsubaki which miss her. Angry at this development, Tsubaki pours snake poison on the jewel containing Kagome's life energy making her totally weak. Enraged, Inuyasha destroys Tsubaki's demon and the snake. However, Tsubaki's curse is still effecting Kagome and more demons start to emerge from Tsubaki's eye. While Inuyasha and the others clash with the demons, Tsubaki's snake regenerates itself and is ordered to strike Kagome's neck. Kagome overpowers the effects of the curse yet again and strikes the snake with her bow launching it at Tsubaki's eye, the same way that Kikyo defeated Tsubaki 50 years ago. As Tsubaki is about to depart with her demons, Inuyasha uses the Wind Scar to wipe out nearly all of Tsubaki's demons. Despite her failure, Naraku gives Tsubaki a second chance to kill Kagome and Inuyasha. Arriving back at Kaede's village, Inuyasha tells a weak Kagome that he was sorry of putting her in such danger, but she says it's alright because she likes to be with him.
Episode Summary for Episode 62 - Tsubaki's bottomless spells . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
two episodes back kagome felt a bite on her neck. inu
destroyed what bit her and it turned ou to be pieces of
paper. she got a curse from it. and the 3 jewel shards she
had turned black and went inside her neck. of course inu
was worried for her so the rest of the gang went to find
out who put this curse on her while inu stayed to take
care of her. awe. this kurimiko (black priestess) named
tsubaki and naraku were behind it. tsubaki had a snake
with her and naraku jewel when she put the venom on the
jewel it became black and the curse hurt kagome even more.
now that that was done she used the curse to
tellipathicaly tell kagome to kill inu yasha. so kagome
stands up takes her bow and tries to shoot an arrow at inu
yasha. but kagome fights the curse and tells inu yasha to
escape. inu says that he wont leave her by herself even if
he dies in the process. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe. kagome shoots
the arrow just barely missing inu head. inu runs toward
kagome she shoot off another arrow slightly hitting him.
kagome collapses and inu takes her to find who has done
this to her. miroku and sango find the place but cant get
in because of the barrier. when inu and kagome get there
the barrier opens and they go in. tsubaki makes a huge dog
demon. and tell inu yasha if he takes out his sword kagome
will die. inu tries his best to fight it but to no avail.
ok now we are at episode 62. inu uses his blades of blood.
but it doesnt do anything. tsubaki hurts kagome more witht
he curse. inu is contimplating what to do. miroku says
that there isnt a way to dispell the curse. miroku goes
after tsubaki. sango back him up. he throws those paper at
her but it doesnt work. she destroys them easily. the dog
demon comes after him miroku gets pushed back. inu saves
miroku just in time. taubaki says that if the keep
rebelling her pain will just last longer. kagome goes out
like a light. kagome wakes up and she is in her bed. her
mom tells her that she will be late for school. kagome
asks what happened to inu yasha and the gang. mom answers
what in the world are u talking about u must still be half
asleep. u have only been here. she asks them when did i
return here. everyone says here? what r u talking about.
kagome explains that world from 500 years ago. everyone
looks at her likes shes a nutball. she explains about the
well. she mention inus name and his ears,. everyone says
that kagome is sick and that she shouldnt go to school
today. lol. the weel is closed up with wardings. her
friends ask her whats wrong. she mention her boyfriend.
they say ooo houjou. kagome scream no no the self short
tempered one. kagome in class asks herself if her
adventures have all been a dream. kagome think to herself
exams, that what i have to live for. houjou comes and
gives her a gift to maintain her health. 2 people pass
that r mitoku sango look alikes. at her shrine there are
kaede shippo look alike. kagome sees them and then
collapses. a very depressed kagome comes out of bed. she
says that a lot have thing have been going through her
mind. a kirara cat walk by. in a sad voice kagome says she
cant remeber anything, it sounds like someone is
knowcking. this mustnt be happening but it is only my
feelings. but .... just what in the world is this feeling.
(during this time they show the city and the life she now
leads). kagome feels a pain in her neck. it comes
gradually. and she also hear someone crying. houjou has a
huge smile on his face while he is walking back with
kagome. kagome asks herself who am i? why am i here? what
am i doing? kagome feels something and runs away. there
are arching classes taugh by a kikyo look alike. kikyo
teaches her how to shoot. kagome hit the target but not
the cneter. she mention inu yasha. kagome feels huge
painon her neck. back to inu and the gang inu is stil
fighting. sango is still by kagomes side making sure she
is ok. back with kikyo and kagome al of a sudden what
kagome sees is this physcodelic purple and kikyo
walkthrough it. kagome doesnt seems to get closer no
matter how much she runs toward her. kagome tells her that
she is lost in this world. kikyo consistenly tells her WHO
R U? WHO R U? in inus time kagome finally wakes up. kagome
is pissed and grits her teeth. kagome shoots an arrow and
just misses tsubaki. kagome extremly mad ssay u lost ur
comcentration didnt u. tsubaki says hehe u will never be
as powerful like kikyo u are only her reicarnation u cant
compare. this stir kagome up even more. kagome calls her a
bastard. kikyo again asks her who is she? kagome shouts i
am kagome and just misses tsubaki again. tsubaki and more
poision to the jewel which hurts kagome so much that she
is on the ground again. the dog goes after inu. inu saves
kagome in time. inu tells her to hang on. kagome smiles
and says she'll try. tsubaki tell the dog to destroy both
of the. inu gets enraged and all of a sudden destroy the
dog easily. then slices the head of tsubakis snake off.
miroku smashes the snakes head with his staff. tsubaki
laughs and says u think u can dispell a curse like that.
the curse is still going. kagome will die. her right eye
begins to glow a bright blue and etching starts to come
around that eye. she unleashes serval demons out of her
eye. inu, miroku and sango attack the demon. kirara.=
watches over kagome. just then the snake begins to move
and heads over toward kagome. the snakes head
regenerates.. inu says sh1t these demon were only bait.
the snakes speeds toward kagome. kagome slowly gets up as
pissed as ever. yelling SOMEONE LIKE U several times.
think about the rude comments tsubaki made about the
difference between her and kikyo. her bow begins to glow.
kagome screams SOMEONE LIKE U I WONT LOSE TO. she smacks
the snake with her bow the snake goes flying and it lands
into tsubakis right eye. everyone is stupified. this same
thing happened to tsubaki a long time ago. kikyo did this
to her b4. tsubaki is shocked saying this is the same
thing that happened 50 years ago. the same as kikyo. but
she only the reicarnation. why? this little girl? (they
show the flashback of kikyo doing that) the jewel gets
purified. and the curse is broken and the jewel shards
come out of kagomes neck. tsubaki runs over to get the
jewel. several demon come under her to help her escape.
inu takes out his sword and uses the wound of wind to
destroy them all. inu is mad that she got away. he
immediately runs over to kagome. she opens her eyes. and
slowly says inu... yasha. back at naraku place. naraku
has an evil smile saying that he will give tsubaki (the
black shrine maiden) a second chance. kagura says that he
is so kind. tsubaki says she used up all her powers but
she still has the jewel. she plans her revenge. the gang
return to where shippo and kaede are. sango says kagome u
must be exhausted fighting that curse. shippo sees them
return and runs over to them. inu says sorry kagome..
being with me only makes u... kagome responds ... its ok
because i luv being with u. inu smiles and says kagome.
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe. the end. sorry
that this one was shorter than the other i type. i tried
something new when typing my spoilers. i hope this is
still ok.
Episode Summary for Episode 62 - Tsubaki's bottomless spells . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Some hints she sees are a couple who look like Miroku ans Sango, Buyo turning into Kirara, an old woman and a young boy working at a temple who look like Kaede and Shippo, and finally an archery teacher, Kikyo. In someways she remembers things from the past, she asks the teacher if shes still gonna kill Inuyasha. The teacher questions her and Kagome snaps out of it.