Episode 63 - The red and white miko blocking the way Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 63 - The red and white miko blocking the way . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
It starts out when u c Tsubaki walking through the forest and then u c her go toward this temple and then u c these 2 girls cum out and they r the red & white priestesses and they find out tsubaki used to train there just like them... then the red & white priestesses go after inu and the gang...miroku is like omg(lol) and then he goes behind them and.. being the pervert that he is... he gropes them...(wow big surprize there)... and they both slap him and hes sitting on the grass with these handprints 2 on his face.. lol then they make these tiny shikigami men but they were just a distraction so the 2 priestesses could get a strand of inu and kagomes hair then from their hair the priestesses make these giant shikigami that r supposed to look like inu and kagome... then miroku and sango r talking miroku says i think inu would be easiest to beat or something like that... and then inus like that thing is not me! and he says hey.. wat do u mean easiest to beat! oe something along those lines... and wen inu went to attack his big figure thingy(dont no wat they're call srry ^_^) kagome goes"inuyasha sit boy" and inu crashes to the ground and gets stepped on by the figure and inus like KAGOME WTF DID U DO THAT 4!?(lol) then they defeat the figure things and go to the temple where Tsubaki is trying to get into a sacred tower where a demon was locked up... and then inuyasha and the gang get through the barriers and u c the doors open and u c the inside is like empty and thats where it ends...
Episode Summary for Episode 63 - The red and white miko blocking the way . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
it starts off with tsubaki(sorry if thats not how you spell her name)walking toward a shrine and two girls who are protecting the shrine stop her.They say go away,then tsubaki shows the girls something that lets her enter because it shows that she is a follwer of the shrine(sorry if that doesnt make sence).Once Tsubaki is in she tells the girls to find inuyasha and co. and kill them.

next we see inuyasha and friends on there way trying to find a sacred jewl,when there stoped by a barrier that demons cant pass.Next we see the two girls saying all this junk like were gona kill you and stuff like that.this part is soooo funny, the girls send little paper people at them its funny b/c the paper things fall over if you touch them, and inuyasha is saying that this is all you got.then 2 of the paper things go back to the girls and give tham inuyashaand Kogomes hair.next they do something with the hair witch makes these things that look like inuyasha and kogome but there bigger(this part is also very funny)the thingsare so funny its to hard to explain you just have to see the show.when inuyasha is trying to attack the bigger him ,the bigger kogome shoots a arrow at inuyasha and inuyasha says"kogome dont do that" then the real kogome says dont call that thing my name, and so on, then real inuyasha uses wind scar wich kills the bigger inu. and kog. and makes the girls faint, so Miroku goes over to see if they are ok, and he rubbes there butts.so miroku volunteers to stay w/ them so shippo and kelala stays to(to mack sure Miroku doesnt do anything perverted)

we see tsbukai openin a place where a great demon lies, she plans to use the demon and controll it w/ the sacred juwel.

The End
Episode Summary for Episode 63 - The red and white miko blocking the way . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Tsubaki met 2 priestesses-in-training at the temple where she was raised when she was young. She lied to them and somehow got them to attack Inuyasha. At the village, Kagome woke up and remembered how she was cursed, and soon everyone else was up. Kaede said some stuff about Tsbaki's past, but Kagome sensed a shard. Inuyasha was a bit rude to Kaede and so Kagome said the magic word. Everyone, including Kaede, went out, but they forgot poor Shippo(don't worry, he caught up). They got to a place that was surrounded by an anti-demon shield and Inuyasha got blasted by it. Then the 2 priestesses showed up armed with poles and they said they were gonna kill the demons that Tsubaki mentioned. The gang tried to tell them what an evil jerk Tsbaki is but they didn't listen. They said that Miroku was a monk, Sango a demon exterminator, Inuyasha a demon, Kaede a pristess, and Kagome,uh, unsure(the clothes probaly), also a priestess. They called Shippo and Kirala cute and adorable, then they called Shippo a monster in a wierd way and scared him. Miroku went over to them and tried to reason with them, but who's gonna listen to a guy that rubs your butt? Double smack attack for the perv. Then they sent tiny paper figures at the gang but everyone just stepped on them, except Inuyasha, who(overdramatically) sliced them with his sword. Two of them ran back to their masters, one with a strand of Kagome's hair and the other with one of Inuyasha's. With them, the priestesses create giant but chubby clones(you can see what they look like at the screencaps) that have the same powers as the original. Kagome screamed, saying she wasn't that fat. Chubby Kagome and Chubby Inuyasha attacked Inuyasha. Kagome tried to sit Chubby Inuyasha but it only worked on the real one(hehe). Chubby Inuyasha stepped on his counterpart. Inuyasha finally blasted them and the priestesses were knocked out. The perv struck again, and Sango pulled his ear. They all went to the temple, looking for Tsbaki, who was further up the mountain, using a spell to open a tower. Kagura showed up, demanding the shard that Naraku lent her. Tsbaki said to wait.
Episode Summary for Episode 63 - The red and white miko blocking the way . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Tsubaki tricks two priessteses (red and white)to attack inuyasha and the gang. when the found the gang the two priessteses fall in love with kilala and shippo they fight over who should get shippo and who should get kilala while that, they call shippo a monster in diguise.then miroku comes and touches the girls butt and he gets a pretty bad twin!! slap!! after that they take inuyasha and kagome and leave giant replicas of inu and kagome.

A miko was keeping inu's gang back. sango and miroku watch over the replicas because inu and kagome were so touchy about them.Inu got anoyed of the two priessteses so he dicides to use his fang on them, but the miko that was there freezed inuyasha. sango throws her boomerang at them and knocks them out freeing inuyasha.Sango had to stop miroku from touching the girls butt again!!!!.Shippo and miroku stay behind to explain what happened to the young miko when they wake up.

Inuyasha goes right ahead and bumps into a ati-demon barrier.tsubaki is telling kogura about the oni that was sealed by the residents of that temple. kogura knows that tsubaki is going to use the shinkon shard to control it like a pet. the gang finally finds the temple he bursts into anther barrier. they looked behind the complex in the forestwhen they saw like an evil tower rising.
Episode Summary for Episode 63 - The red and white miko blocking the way . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
When this episode starts it shows Taubaki walking into a temple gaurded by to young miko, Momiji and Botan. Then she tells them lie about her powers.

Back with Inuyasha and the gang Kagome can't get to sleep thus willing her to sit up. When they are all about to eat breakfast Kaede informs them about Tsubaki's past, when she was a good person. before they can get any further Kagome sences the presents of a shikon jewel shard nearby. Everyone goes searching for it. Then Inuyasha is rude to a older miko and Kagome says sit before going back up and going towards the shikon jewel shard. After that it shows a little bit of Tsubaki's past. When that was over she sent Momiji and Botan out for the Inuyasha gang. Kagura says that she knows the best way to use the shikon shard.

When the young miko show up Inuyasha and the gang try to tell them what kind of person Tsubaki is but they refuse to listen. They soon find out that Miroku is priest and point at Sango saying she is a taigiya, and they decide to call Kagome a Miko like them, and (old) Kaede is a monster like Inuyasha and Shippo. Momiji and Botan then start to love Kilala and Shippo. Soon after they call Shippo a monster in disguise. Miroku came up to the girls and explained why he is there with youkai while groping them, and he got twin slap marks. Then they send out tiny,weak shikigami. After they take Kagome and Inuyasha leaving fake giant chibi replicas in their place.

Meanwhile Tsubaki is working on some kind of spell, and the miko are keeping Inuyasha's team back. Sango and Miroku watch the replicas because Inuyasha and Kagome were so touchy about them. Inuyasha was getting annoyed by them and decides to use his fang on them, but the miko freeze him. Sango throws her boomerang at them, freeing Inuyasha and he used his kaze no kizu attack to crush the giant chibis. The two miko are knocked unconious from being swipd by the attack. Sango has to stop Miroku from groping them again. Shippo and Miroku stay behind to expain about what happened to the young miko whe they wake up.

Inuyasha whants to go ahead and bumps right into the anti-demon barrier. At the temple Tsubaki is talking to Kagura about an oni who has been sealed away by the residents of this temple. Kagura then guesses that Tsubaki is going to use the shikon shard to controll it li ke a pet. Inuyasha and everyone find the temple and Inuyasha bursts through another barrier. Looking beyond the forest behind the complex they could see an evil energy tower thing rise.

Episode Summary for Episode 63 - The red and white miko blocking the way . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Tsubaki tricks two priestesses to attack Inuyasha and the gang while she revives an Oni that was trapped in the temple where she was raised. The priestesses were mostly comic relief. Here are just a few comical scenes inolving the two: 1. They fight over wanting to have either Shippo or Kirara. 2. They create ridiculous looking giant copies of Kagome and Inuyasha 3. Miroku grabs their rears twice (Gets slapped by both of them the first time and he gets pinched in the ear by Sango for the second time.)