Episode 64 - Tahou Towers, Giant Oni! Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 64 - Tahou Towers, Giant Oni! . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagome and Inuyasha and Kaede were following the jewel shards and they get to a tower that has been broken into. They are greeted by Kagura who sent a monster after Inuyasha he is fighting it when Kagura then tries to interfere she does Dance of the Dragons and sends twisters at him this complicates things. But the monsters sword that was blocking the Tetseiga was blown away. And with Kagura not interfering with Wind Scar, the monster was defeated. Kagura leaves with a wave of her fan. They forget about it and jump down the trapddor that was open near the castle.It had been Tsubakai who had broken into the forbidden temple and she used the power of the jewel shard to awaken a giant ogre locked within. She entices the ogre with the shard and as he reaches out for it, she sucks him into her right eye and begins to laugh. As INuyasha hits the ground followed by Kagome.
The red and white priestesses were recovering under Miroku and and Shippo's care. Miroku told not to touch the girls of course. They wake up as Shippo is getting fresh water nearby. Miroku sees them awaken and tries to kick it to them of course. The girl blushes and turns away. Rejected!! And then immeadiately he moves to the next girl.They then try to catch up with every one else. They reach the tower and they see someone has broken into it. The girls gasp and explain why this could be bad.
As they speak their very last words the tower breaks open Inuyasha Kaede and Kagome come flying out and a huge ugly Tsubakai comes out. She is the ogre sheis large orange and very powerful. Inuyasha probably wishes he didn't ask what was in her eye at that moment.
After many failing attempts of the Wind Scar Inuyasha uses Backslash Wave which destroys the ogre within Tsubakai and she returns to he old self. A small demon flies out of her eye carrying the jewel and Songo yells No you dont and throws her weapon at it. Th demon dies and Songo runs up to catch it. It is falling,fallinf Songo has almost got it. A wave of a fan, Kagura has returned she grabs the Shikon jewel cackles and disappears. Meanwhile Tsubakai loses her youth and her alreagy white hair is matched by wrinkled skin. She yells where did I go wrong. A flashback. To her yelling to her master "Why did you entrust the jewel to Kikyo. Why her why not me." The master tries to calm her down. IN vain. She sees herself as an ambitios young girl dtermined to be the best priestess.She is upset convinces herself she is better than Kikyo and runs out. She had tried to fight Kikyo in such nice settings trees with pink blossoms, and yet such a nasty fight. She lost and Kikyo rebounded Tsubakai's own demon on Tsubakai. She lost and as she ercalls all of this and all of her greed. She falls wrinkles and vanishes.
Episode Summary for Episode 64 - Tahou Towers, Giant Oni! . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
a.k.a. Giant Ogre of the Forbidden Tower

In addition to the previous summary, the two priestesses awaken to see Miroku, who asks them both to bear his children. He also explains that Shippo is good and they smother him with attention. He then explains about Tsubaki and they are reluctant to believe it. He tells them to get on Kilala and they could see for themselves. Also, during the battle with Tsubaki, all but shippo participated in trying to bring her down.
Episode Summary for Episode 64 - Tahou Towers, Giant Oni! . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Tsubaki fuses the power of the entrapped Oni with the Shikone no Tama turning herself into a powerful force. After a very intense battle, Inuyasha uses the Bakuryuha on her and the Oni's power is destroyed. Kagura takes back the Shikone no Tama from Tsubaki making the corrupted priestess wither away from losing her youth. After this, we learn from Kikyo that it was Tsubaki's greed for power that led to her downfall.