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Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
When the episode stated Inuyasha and the other were about to fight a huge centiped and Miroku sealed his power the centiped was so weak that Miroku was able to kill the centiped. A village was watching then while they were destorying the centiped and was going to show their happiness by letting then say at their village Inuyasha was sitting there eating with everyone but Miroku was asking girl would they have his baby. Kagome said I did not know they have family gathering Inuyasha did know what that means so Kagome had to explain what it mean Inuyasha said I can not image me and Sesshomaru eating together ok later when everyone was sleep a little boy came to Miroku room Miroku was about to hurt the boy then the boy told him he has to go to the bathroom and Miroku was like not here he toke the boy to the bathroom and when back to his room saying if I am up at this time of the night I want to be doing something else then someone came into the room Miroku through it was the little boy again he was saying go to the bathroom by yourself like a good little boy when he looked up it was Sango Miroku as the person he is invited her into bed with him. Then Sango stated to attack Miroku. Miroku was like is this about early the lady was just joking.Then Inuyasha and the others came out of their rooms to see what was going on they were about to go back in their rooms when Miroku said Sango is under a spell or something When Sango came to she did not remeber a thing Sango said my father said some demon true power come out when ther dead. They went back to seal the demon power again and then all of a sudden Miroku starts to attack Sango . Then it's Inuyasha turn he was chasing Kirara and Shippo and barking like a dog he catches Shippo and was taking his shirt off talking about you are trying to run Shippo was like I plan to marry a woman then Kagome said sit and inuyasha was what was that for Miroku then asked Inuyasha what he has in his hand it was Myoga then another flee jumped on Inuyasha's hand and Inuyasha and veryone was like who are you she said are praents wanted use to get married and Inuyasha was like you knew she was doing this stuff to use then Kagome said why don't you get married here and now Myoga ran away so he would not have to marry her
Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts out with the gang sensing a "strong demonic aura". They all ready themselves for the demon. Suddenly, a large centipede demon jumps from the ground and everyone attacks. The demon stops moving and Kagome orders everyone to stop attacking. The demon then falls to the ground and Kagome wonders why the demon didn't put up a bigger fight (Inuyasha, of course, is upset that he couldn't slice it to pieces). There is cheering behind them and all the people of a small village thank them for defeating the demon that had been terrorizing their town. The head man asks Miroku to join him and his family for dinner and Miroku politely declines. But, when the man mentions all the "beautiful young ladies" that were waiting for Miroku's arrival, Miroku quickly changes his mind.

Miroku is seen asking a woman to bear his children, but the woman is moved aside by an OLD woman who agrees to have however many children that Miroku wants. Miroku pleads for Sango to help him, but she is too upset that he was asking girls to bear his children. The woman makes a joke about her "not being rusty" and everyone in the room but Sango and the gang laugh. Kagome comments on how she didn't know that they had family reunions in the feudal era. Inuyasha asks what a family reunion is and after she explains it to him, he gets an image of him and Sesshomaru eating together. Very funny! Myoga then appears and says that he has been having trouble lately, and then starts laughing.

They all go to sleep and Miroku is woken up by a little boy who has to go "wee wee". Miroku takes him to the bathroom (He'd be a good daddy!) and goes back to bed. You see another person (just their feet) walking into his room. He tells the person, without looking at them, to be a good boy and go to the bathroom on their own. He turns around and Sango is standing there, staring at him. He asks her to sleep with him and she attacks him. Inuyasha and the rest wake up and Inuyasha stops Sango. They find out that she was being possessed. They go back to the carcass of the demon they had defeated earlier and seal it again. Miroku becomes possessed and attacks Sango, but he trips and becomes himself again (after rubbing Kagome's butt). Inuyasha then becomes possessed and chases after Shippo. He catches Shippo and starts talking sort of dirty to him and starts to strip. Kagome yells "Sit boy!!!!!" and he becomes himself again.

It turns out that the one who was possessing them was Shoga, the flea that Myoga was supposed to marry. The two fleas have a long fight and the gang finally get them married. But Myoga, not wanting to get married, runs away and Shoga chases after him.
Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
First it starts with a giant dark demon aura that swirls around Inuyasha and the gang. Miroku hits the demon once with his staff and the demon dies. The head of the village gives them food and shelter and *girls for Miroku* When Miroku was embracing a young girl and he askes if she wants a baby, a old woman appers and takes Miroku's hand and takes off. Sango just watches and dosent say anything. When Miroku askes Sango to help, she says that he finally finds a woman who accepts him and likes him, *she looks away and continue eating*
Inuyasha finds Myoga in his ear and slaps him, Myoga starts to act funny so Inuyasha throws him into a candle...Than in the night sango comes into Miroku's room. Miroku invites her over to his bed. Than Sango brings out he boomerang bone and attacks Miroku. Miroku starts running, Kagome, Shippo , and Inuyasha awakes because of all the noise. When Sango was about to finish Miroku Inuyasha stops her. Than Myoga appers in Miroku's Kimono. They find someone has possesed her. Than in the morning something posseses Miroku and starts to attack Sango Kagome and Kirara. Kirara runs away too fast for Miroku to catch her and Shippo. Than something posseses Inuyasha and he starts laughing histericly. Than he starts going after Kirara and Shippo whick they start running away... Inuyasha catches Shippo and like his voice changes and he start taking off his Kimono like a girl who takes the thing off (*if you know what I mean*) Kagome yells *SIT*!!! and Inuyasha sits.they find that another flea was after Myoga and possesed them to get to him. The gang gets mad and force him to a marrage with the female flea. But Myoga runs off and swiches with another flea. The story ends with Myoga in a cat and the female flea run after him. (The End)
Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Miroku killed a gaint centipede demon in about 10 seconds and some people from a nearby village came to thank him. The chief asked the gang to stay for supper but they refused. When the chief mentioned the beautiful ladies who made the meal, a certain pervert(no prizes for guessing who, I think the chief mentioned the ladies on purpose) changed his mind. So the gang and the villagers were eating in a huge room. Miroku was asking a pretty girl to ear his child when an old woman pushed her out of the way and replied that she'd be happy to do it(Miroku's face is frickin' hilarious). Everyone was laughing when the old woman was dragging Miroku and saying she wanted kids. Miroku begged Sango to save him, but she just had a you-deserved-it look(don't worry, Miroku won't do it with the old woman, that'd be scary). Kagome said how nice it was to have a family meal and when Inuyasha tried to imagine sharing a meal with Sesshomaru it freaked him out.Then Myoga showed up. At night, a little boy snuck into Miroku's room and almost did "business" on his bed. Miroku took him out so the boy could pee. When Miroku went back yo bed, Sango came in. He said that there was plenty of room on his bed(I'm sure you know what he means). Sango answered by attacking him with her boomerang. Miroku realized that Sango was still asleep. He ran outside with Sango chasing him. The commotion woke up the rest of the gang and Inuyasha went to help Miroku. Then Sango just stopped and fell into Miroku's arms. He rubbed her butt and Sango slapped him in her sleep. Shippo commented how her mind's eye improved. The next day, another centipede demon attacked and Inuyasha killed it. Miroku suddenly attacked Sango for awhile and then stopped. Kagome checked on him and he rubbed her butt. Then Inuyasha started laughing hysterically and chased Shippo, who was riding on Kirala. Sango said that he was hopping like a flea. Inuyasha got Shippo and pinned him to the ground. (This part is creepy but funny)Inuyasha said in a female voice how he was gonna offer his body and he started to strip. Shippo screamed and Kagome said to sit. Inuyasha turned back to normal and a female flea demon came out of Inuyasha. Inuyasha was holding Myoga, who was desparatly saying to release him. The new flea said her name was Shyoga and that Myoga was her fiance(oooo). Myoga said he didn't want to get married. Too bad the gang said he deserved to be married after all he did to them(negative tone). The two were about to get married at the village but Shyoga discovered that Myoga ran away and got another flea to repace him.
Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Ok, The whole episode is spent with the gand getting possesed by myogas <-(cant spell)girlfriend. BUT, the funiest one is when Inuyasha is possesed. He chases after Shippou ,and when he catches up to him, he starts talking in a rreeaallyyy girlish voice,all the while STRIPPING!! 0.0= He says stuff like "He'll *give* himself to Shippou", and " He'll bear him many childen" omg... Anyway I *think* that Miroku was cracking up in the background, and Inuyasha continued to say grosser things. Finally Kagome told him to sit, and he was back to normal.
Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Myouga's fiance posesses some of the Inuyasha crew to get to Myouga pereched on each member of the group resulting in some hilarious situations.
Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
the gang notice that there is a demon approaching. inu
yasha demands that it shows itself. it is a huge centipede.
miroku hits it on the head. kagome stops sango and inu
yasha right whent hey r about to attack and says it is not
necessary. the demon falls to the ground dead.the bury it.
a bunch of villagers come and thank miroku for saving them
and that people in the village have been possessed and
think that was the culprit. miroku says no at first but
when they mention the beautiful girls there he changes his
mind. (such a pervert). anyway int he village the gang is
chowing down and is enjoying every bite. miroku is reading
a girls palm and says she has a high produtive power. but
an old lady comes out of nowhere and says oo how many do u
want 15? 16?(the expression of his face is soo funny)
kagome tells inu yasha that this reminds her of the times
she'd eat with her family. inu yasha pictures him and sess
eating together (giving each other the evil eye) and says
they still do that? inu yasha feels something on his neck.
oo it's myouga. inu yasha asks what's he's been up to. and
he says doing some very devilish things and starts
chuckling. inu yasha throws him onto a candle. the gang
goes to sleep. but someone comes into miroku's room. miroku
thinks it's the soul of the centipede he killed. it's
little boy who needs to go to the bathroom. good thing
miroku wakes up and turns around in time before he got peed
on. he takes the kid to the bathroom. comes back and goes
to sleep. just then sango comes into the room. her eyes are
vrey weird. miroku is so happy he says oh sango come there
is plenty of room. (in his bed) she takes out her boomerang
and starts attacking him. he is shocked and says nothing
happened between me and that old lady. lol. he runs
outside. all the noise wakes up the rest of the gang.
miroku is cornered up against the wall. good thing inu
yasha grabs her in time. of course miroku has to 'check' to
see if she's alright and he gets a good slap on the face.
we see myouga hop out from mirokus robe.they go dig up the
demon that attacked earlier and see that it has not moved
and figure that the centipede did not possess sango. myouga
does some palm reading and insult sango and kagome. just
then miroku comes but his eye r weird. he starts attcking.
first sango then shippo. he trips and stops. he comes back
to himself, kagome checks on him but gets groped in the
process. she says it would have been better if he did not
come back. then another centipede demon attacks. just like
the other one it spits a liquid that melts things. inu
yasha saves kagome and kicks its butt. once dead. miroku
goes to seal it. we hear a flea jumping noise. then inu
yasha gets possessed. (this is the funnisest part OMG
LMFAO u'll love it) first he starts laughing like a maniac
and focuses his attenion on shippo and kirara. he chases
after them hopping. sango notices that he moves like a
flea. he screams come back here myouga. myouga says that
this is not really inu yasha. inu yasha jumps and stops in
front of kirara. shippo goes flying and lands at his feet.
inu yasha says in his most girlish voice "i haven't
excercised so much in a long time .. my body is yours. i'll
give you my first time" shippo screams "i still have
dreams! i still have hopes for the future! don't do this to
me!" kagome comes and sits him in time before he can do
anything gross. inu yasha shouts what the hell r u doing
kagome. she says with a smile that he turned back to
normal. inu yasha is so confused (as usual). shippo is
still figiting under inu yasha's hand. just then inu yasha
picks up myouga. myouga demands that he let him go. just
then another flee comes out of inu yasha's kimono. she says
you thought u could run away from me myouga. no anymore. (i
love this pic of a super close up of kagome and inu yasha
next to each other) they look at her confused and ask who r
u. the flea turns out to be myouga's fiance. she says that
myouga has been doing perverted things. myouga says please
let me go do want her to keep babbling to me? of course his
fiance gets pissed(what did he expect). the gang suggest
that they marry and myouga not to run. Myouga starts
sweating his fiance's face turns red. (inu ysaha makes the
craziest expression) the gang says come on become a flea
couple already. geez. at the ceremony. 2 fleas come on
kirara. but the male flea is someone else. myouga has
caught a ride with a cat. his fiance chases after him. the
gang sighs. then they so his fiance jumps after him
Episode Summary for Episode 65 - Goodbye to the days of the young . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The group is attacked by a youkai. They all go to attack it, but it is defeated by Miroku's attack alone. Then leader of the nearby town invites the group to come stay their and Miroku accepts on promise of beautiful young girls.

During dinner, Myouga-jiji shows up and says he's been getting out of some nasty situations lately before going on a laughing fit.

That night, Miroku hears footsteps approaching as he sleeps and finds it to be a boy wanting to pee, though he was prepared for it to be the spirtit of the youkai he defeated earlier. When he's gone back to bed again, he hears what he believes to be the boy again, but who is really Sango who he immediately invites into his bed. Instead of slapping him, though, Sango, who is sleepwalker, attacks him with Hiraikotsu until Inu can stop her and she wakes up with a slap (for Miroku feeling her ass).

The gang tries to figure out what's happening, since similar incidents have apparently been happening in the town. Myouga, who has been in Miroku's robe, says something about "Makoto" but quickly brushes it off. Inu and Miroku suspect it to be the centipede and go to reseal its grave, at which point Myouga hops onto Kilala.

At the grave Myouga reads Kagome and Sango's palms and tells them their love lives look dim. Sango agrees. Then Miroku, who appears to be sleep walking attacks Sango. He keeps pursuing her until Myouga jumps on Shippou, after which Miroku rans after Shippou but then falls on his face. He says something about not being able to keep up with young bodies "at this age". Something hops off him and we have the lovable mischievous monk back.

Then, another centipede youkai attacks, but is quickly dealt by Inu. Miroku goes to seal it, we here the bouncing-flea knows, and then guess what--- Inu's possessed! He chases after Shippou and when he catches up to him, starts to strip. Then "Osuwari!" and he's back to himself. With Myouga in his clutches, we sea another flea, Myouga's fianceť jump out.

The gang promises to make Myouga marry Shyouga for her angst and for the trouble he caused, but in the end he runs off and we see her chasing after her