Episode 67 - The wind of betrayal blowing out of control Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 67 - The wind of betrayal blowing out of control . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Kagura kicked Kouga's ass and stole his shards. She offered them to Sesshomaru in return that he would kill Naraku for her, but he refused. All the wolf demons found about Inuyasha's human form. So, Kagome was tending Kouga's wounds and Inuyasha was trying to convince her to leave him(oo, Mr. Considerate). Later, the gang plus the wolf demons went to Naraku's castle when they ran into Kagura again. Stupid Kouga jumped into the fight when he didn't fully recover. Deja vu. Kouga got his ass kicked(again). Inuyasha wanted to fight Kagura but Shippo begged him not to fight in his human form. Inuyasha got in just as the sun rose, still, Kagura saw him in his human form. They fought and Inuyasha managed to make her drop Kouga's shards. Kouga grabbed them and inserted then in his legs. Kagura flew away on her feather back to Naraku, who was aware that she attempted to betray him. She decided not to tell him about Inuyasha's secret.
Episode Summary for Episode 67 - The wind of betrayal blowing out of control . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
in the last ep kouga was close to reaching narakus castle
but kagura stopped him and kouga lost his shards and was
severely injured. inu is human and has shown his human form
ro ginta hakkaku and kouga. kagura takes the shards goes ot
sesshoumaru and asks him if he'll take them so he can kill
naraku and set her free. she tell him htat after he kills
naraku he can get all teh shikon shards that naraku
collected. sess doesnt say anything, he just stares at her.
kagura ask him again if he will do it. sess says, so u r
saying u want to betray naraku? kagura break her eyes
contact with him and stares at teh grounding saying, heh,
its not like i enjoy obeying him to begin with. kagura
gazes up at sess with a smile saying, so will u do it
sesshoumaru? there ae no disadvantages working with me?
sess stare at her coldly telling her he has no interest in
teh shikon jewel and if she want to defeat naraku she
should use the shards and do it herself. kagura says in an
angered voice, what r u afraid of naraku? sess replies in a
calm voice that he has no obligation to rescue her. (kagura
looks as if she will explode with rage) and that if she is
not prepared to do it herself she should think about
betraying narkau. kagura shouts, U COWARD AND TO THINK U
CALL URSELF A MAN. (rin and jakens jaws drop. LOL) hmph it
seems i have misjudged u. kagura pull out her feather more
fiercely than usual and flies off calling him an @sshole.
jaken gets agree because she didnt treat sesshoumaru
properly and he shouldve expected that coming from one of
narakus detachments. rin say in awe, wooooow sesshoumaru is
so strong he doesnt even need the jewel shards. sess look
up to the sky wondering if kagura can defeat naraku with
only 2 shards and that whatever happens he doesnt care.
sess statrs walking again. jaken asks if they r leaving and
he and rin follow. but jus tthen jaken slides back into
view saying he forgot something. lol. rin catch up with
sesshoumaru saying, i am not alone anymore but that woman
looked very lonely didnt she? sesshoumaru doesnt respond
rin looks up at him waiting for an answer. jaken far behind
them asks what he should make for dinner tonight. back with
kagome and kouga. kagome is treating all kougas wounds. she
asks him if she is wrapping his legs to tightly. kouga
smiles at her and says, with u treated me i cant even feel
any pain, thank u kagome. (he grabs her arm) human inu walk
up to them saying in an annoyed voice, leave that jerk
alone kagome he cant even die right, (i luv how human inu
looks in this ep, mm mm good. lol) if u have nothing to say
run home wimpy wolf. kouga stands up and yells to inu, like
u can do anything in that weak human form, u want to take
me on? inu yells back U BETTER BELIVE IT. kouga yells in
inus face, BRING IT ON MORON. inu yells in his face, I'LL
BEAT U DOWN RIGHT HERE. their noses are about an milimeter
apart. theire faces are shaking with rage. kagome says in a
funny voice, uh can we get back to finding kougas shards
now. they start there search. kagome and sango are on
kagome bike, miroku is running and shippo inu and kouga are
on kirara. kouga is sitting right behind inu yasha. inu
looks back shouting at him, why do U have to come with us.
AM LETTING U GET THEM. miroku speeds up so he can catch up
with kagome and sango. he wonders why kagura hasnt returned
yet. kaogme says, yes the shards aura is moving away from
teh castle. miroku thinks, what does this mean? why hasnt
kagura handed over the shrads yet? inu asks them about why
they think kagura is running off with the shards. miroku
says it is possible but its very weird, and the barrier as
well. miroku explain that the barrier is weakening because
naraku demon power is weakening. inu takes in his words and
finally realizes that naraku is also a half demon. kagome
and sango expain that the human part is onigumo and the
demon r naraku. kagome states that inu loses his demon
power with the new moon and wonders what narakus time is.
inu gets excited that narkau has a weak point. (during this
time they show narakus castle and all teh skeletons lying
around) back at narkaus castle. they show a door leading
to the basement. u can hear bubbling noises. naraku is in
his hideous true form. each part of him except his face are
bubbling and pulsing. narkau looks up and sees kanna
holding up her mirror showing kagura betraying him. he says
that its useless to run away from him. kagura is clutching
the shards in her fist griting her teeth thinking, that
jerk.... insulting me like that, dammit. she then thinks
about what sesshoumaru said to her. kouga catches kaguras
scent. he jumps off kirara and starts runnning away. (no
tornadoe cuz he doesnt have his shards) he thanks kagome.
kagome asks him if his legs are ok. he yell back to her
that they have already healed and unlike that loser hes a a
real demon. inu stick his fist in the air shouting HE WHO U
CALLING A LOSER. lol. miroku tells sango that kouga doesnt
have his shards and it would be a monumental task for him
to bat her. sango get the point and tell kirara to drop off
inu and shippo. kirara leans to the left and inu and shippo
drop to the ground. sango jumps off the bike and onto
kirara, she tells inu to wait there and flies off to help
kouga. he yells that he wont stay and will come with her.
inu gets BEAMED in the head by mirokus staff. LOL. inu fall
to the ground. mrioku tells inu not to be hasty, he then
notices narakus bees and hope that they dont se inu is this
form. kagura is flying over the tries sango catches up with
her throws her boomerang (hiraikotsu) it hits kagura
feather, kagura feahter becomes small again and kagura
lands on the ground. kouga catches up with her. kagura
says, whats wrong? is there something else u want? (kouga
has 2 bandaids on his face) kouga yells, U B1TCH GIVE ME
BACK THOSE SHARDS U TOOK. kagura says in somewhat of a
confused tone, oh? so u r getting help form inu yashas
friends now? without these (she holds up the shards) u r
afraid to fight me alone arent u? kouga yell up to sango to
leave him alone so he can defeat her himself. he reminds
sango that he still has his fangs and claws. he charges at
kagura and she gets her fan ready. she sends wind blades at
him. kouga is having a tough time dodging. kagura gets very
frustrated and sends more blades at him. kouga barely
dodges teh first one. the second one knocks him to the
ground. kouga gets frustrated saying that it takeing all
his strength just to dodge. kagura is getting even more
frustrated now and send more blades at him. kouga is out of
breath and barely dodges her attacks. kouga gets hit again.
sango is about to help but kouga demands that she stay
back. kouga barely gets up for the ground and begins to
sway as he tries to dodge but gets hit again. kagura thinks
about sesshoumarus words to kil naraku herself. kagura gaes
at the shards and finally understands. kouga is in agony on
teh ground barely able to move. several demons come out fo
teh sky. sango is shocked to see narkau demons come. sango
attack the demons. kagura is confuesd and wonders if naraku
noticd that she betrayed him. sango and kirara are fiercely
attacking the demons. kagura wonders if naraku might be
trying to dispose of her. kouga charges at her yelling,
WHAT THE HELL R U LOOKING AT? kouga punches her in the face
the shards fall to the ground. kouga runs to get them but
kagura sends 2 tornadoes at him. and the tornadoes goes
across his arm that was about to pick up the shards. kouga
screams in agony. kagome and eveyrone arrive and are
worried about him. even inu yasha :P. kouga falls to the
ground the tornadoes push him. each time a tornadoe hit him
he shouts in agony. inu says htat he knew kouga couldnt
compete with her. kagome get worried and says that tehy
must do something to help. inu demands that miroku not stop
him this time. miroku is confused and ask inu if he is
going to save kouga. inu says, r u kidding? i am going to
grab the shards. inu starts running. he says that if kagura
kills kouga there will be nothing to stop her form getting
away. inu keeps running as he yell, I JUS TWONT SIT BACK
AND WATCH. kagome is worried about inu yahsa now and tells
him to wait. shippo jumps on kagome shoulder and shout out
to inu to stop. sango hovering over the forest on kirara
sees inu and asks, inu yasha? why? at the point the sun
begins to rise. kagome hopes that the sun will rise in time
b4 kagura sees him. inu tihkns to himself, kagome, miroku,
sango, u have fought event hough u were normal humans, its
because u trust ur own strenght right? well now its my
turn. the sky brightens even more. four tornadoe lift kouga
into the air they disappear and kouga falls to the ground
even more injured than b4. he can barely move any movement
bring him pains. he is just lying on the ground gritting
his teeth. kagura stands over him smiling saying, u dont
knwo when to quit. rest in peace. she lifts up her fan
ready to attack and makes a huge tornadoe and it lands
right ontop of kouga. sango and kagome shout out his name
and r worried about him. smoke is all around. kagura
wonders if she destroyed him. the smoke clears and she sees
human inu yasha standing there while miroku is tending to
kouga. inu yasha claws grow back his eyes become gold and
his hair is now white. inu has an evil smile saying,
kagura... it was probably boring messing with that wimpy
wolf. kagura is still shocked about what she just saw. inu
yasha takes out his sword and tell her that her new
opponent is him. kagura wonders if she is going crazy, for
just a moment inu looked human. shippo on kagome shoulder
says that inu is such an idiot showing his human form to
kagura. for awhile inu and kagura just stare at each other.
kouga is breathing heavily now saying, inu yasha r u a
complete moron showing up in that form. miroku tell kouga
that if he waiting any longer kaguras wind wouldve sliced
him to death. kouga really looks f#cked up. he says in an
angered voice lower than normal, dont make me laugh, in
order to save me he showed her his secret? kagura figures
out that inu transforms during the new moon and asks him if
her guess is correct. inu smiles again and says, what if i
do, theyve returned so it doesnt matter. he then charges
after her. kagura smiles saying, yea i doesnt matter since
u r going to die right here. she sends 2 tornadoes at him.
inu uses wound of wind to push the tornadoes back at her.
his attack shreds her tornadoes and the wound of wind is
about ot hit her when the demons step infront os kagura and
save her. bits of the demons fall to the ground. inu is
frustrated that kagura escaped he yurns back and says, he
wimpy wolf, take this as ur lesson and stay out of my
fights with naraku. kouga isnt even listening to inu. inu
see him rumaging around in a hole and is very confused.
kouga grabs his shards inu charges after him but kouga
dodges and put them into his legs. kouga yells at inu,
DOGSH1T dont forget that naraku is the ENEMY OF MY FRIENDS.
(inu just stares at him annoyed) AND I AM DEINFATELY GOING
TO GET NARAKUS HEAD B4 U DO. kouga runs off but kagome
stops him. she begs him not to say a word about inus human
form. kouga closes his eyes and says that he doesnt care
abtou what dogsh1t looks like. kouga runs away and leaves.
miroku and inu walk up to kaogme. miroku says that they
shouldnt worry about kouga but kagura. back at narakus
castle kagura returns. she wonders if naraku noticed her
betraying him and why he used the demons to save her. she
walks through the hallway of skeletons. kagura notices
kanna wonders where she is going and follows her. kanna
goes through the trap door leading to the basement where
naraku is. kagura is surprised to find a door leading below
the dungeon she opens it and part of narkau grabs her neck
and drags her down. kanna with her mirror shows up where
she was. kagura struggles to get up. narkau asks her if it
as fun outside. kagura is completely shocked and terrifed
to se naraku in this form. kagura thinks to herself, th th
this body its all the demons that he was made from? he mus
tbe a half demon. naraku with accusing eyes say, u left
when i was sleeping didnt u? parts of naraku grabs kaguras
arms body and legs hold her up and thrust her to narakus
face. kagura is completely terrified. narkau with accusing
eyes asks her is she would like to return to his body.
(narkau looks really creepy, goo drips form his face)
kagura promises that she wont ever betray him again. naraku
get a bit more angry and say, hmph do u think u will get a
second chance? kagura is still terrified and her dream of
escaping narkau has been shattered. she think of inu human
form and allow him to live a bit longer because he is her
best chance. back with inu yasha and everyone. miroku
remind inu that things iwll be difficult now that kagura
knows his secret. inu has a arrogant smile and says not to
worry about it, and that it will be HIM to finish off
naraku in the end. kagome says, just ignore him he is just
shooting his mouth off. (inu has a crazy smile on his face)
inu yasha b4 u met us u wouldnt show anyone ur human form.
u trust us all a great deal dont u? inu yashas smiles fades
his eyes start to wander saying, i didnt ask for this.
miroku tells inu he doesnt have to be embarrassed about it.
inu says he isnt embarrassed. sango in a teasing voice
says, yes u r, u r being shy. inu stops walking grits his
teeth and makes a fist and says, what would U know about
it. shippo responds, its ok if u ALWAYS depend on us. thats
it inu cant take it. lol. kagome smiles while watching them
thinking that even though inu quarrels alot it means he
trusts them (miroku walks up to inu with a huge smile put
his arm around inus neck, inu throws him off still mad.
LOL, shippo jumps ontop of inu. inu is still arguwing with
them. LOL) sorry but they didnt translate the argument just
kagomes words. :*(
Episode Summary for Episode 67 - The wind of betrayal blowing out of control . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Sesshomaru refuses Kagura's request to kill Naraku. Instead, Kagura goes to attack Inuyasha and the group. She discovers Inuyasha's secret of being human, but chooses to keep it secret from Naraku who warns her that the next time she leaves the castle, then she will be killed.
Episode Summary for Episode 67 - The wind of betrayal blowing out of control . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Episode Summary for Episode 67 - The wind of betrayal blowing out of control . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Well once Kagura gets the jewel shards from Kouga she goes to Sesshomaru and offers him the jewel shards in return for Naraku's death. When he declines her offer, she goes back in the hope that Naraku hasn't noticed her betrayal. But unfortunately Naraku does find out and gives her something to cry about.(someone got into trooouuuble.)
Episode Summary for Episode 67 - The wind of betrayal blowing out of control . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Up to this point the following people know of IY's secret:
the whole gang, Koga and his 2 comrads, and Kaguya, who doesn't tell Naraku about it.