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Episode Summary for Episode 68 - Shippo's battle royale . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Shippo gets a letter from Souten (The only surviving relative of the thunder brothers)saying that says she wants to challenge Shippo to a one on one battle. He gets scared thinking that Souten is a hard to beat as the thunder brothers. The rest of the cast looms over Shippo reading the letter discussing what they should do. Shippo (being as proud as he is) says he doesn't need help. So they slowly make their way(suggestion of Shippo) to the castle.

Meanwhile you see Souten (you can't see her face)tells her plans of getting the cast out of her way to capture Shippo. She tells the plan to her pet dragon (he hits himself on the head three times turns into a cloud)and he floats off. Shippo is in ballon form floating
and gets caught in a net. The cast sees this and goes to look for him. Next you see him he's in a cage in Souten's caslte. He sees Souten and finds shes just a kid Souten claims shes not. Shippo starts playing with some of his toys and Souten askes if she could play too. Shippo yells she is a kid and they get into a drawing battle. Souten likes Shippos crayons and demands he gives them to her he says no and Souten challenges him to a battle for the crayons.

Meanwhile Sango, Miroku, and Kirara getting caught in the traps
and Inuyasha and Kagome meet up with a Kagome wannabe(the dragon)with a badly drawn face yelling "Oswari!". Inuyasha runs up to it and grabs the dragon by the tail and tries to make it talk.He starts insulting Inuyasha and refusing to talk. Inuyasha beats it over the head two times. The dragon (trying to get Inuyasha to hit him a third time) starts insulting him more Inuyasha almost hit it but Kagome stopped him. But Inuyasha (being very irritable)hits him again the dragon yells at Inuyasha and tells him if you hit me 3 times I turn into a cloud. He starts shooting a barage of arrows Inuyasha (protecting Kagome)gets shot Kagome thinks he's hurt but he gets up and asks her to touch it. When they realise it's a fake Inuyasha jumps up and hits it on the head(three times)and makes him take them to the castle.

The fight between Souten and Shippo continues they seem to be evenly matched (Throwing mushrooms and Acorns at each other)When inuyasha and Kagome come in. Kagome runs over to Souten saying "He's so cute!" then Souten complans that she's a girl. Shippo seems verry dissapointed and throws the crayons at her and says "Here...you be a good girl." Souten stares at him and smiles. Sango, Miroku, and Kirara are getting out of the traps and the screen blanks.

Souten is drawing a picture of an older Shippo (with the crayons)
and smiles when shes done. Later Shippo is sitting on a hill and Inuyasha tells him to stop moping (I think) and hits him on the head. Shippo starts crying and he tells Kagome and she tells Inuyasha "Oswari."

Episode Summary for Episode 68 - Shippo's battle royale . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In the beginning of the episode they show Shippou walking down a path, eating a lollypop, and indroducing himself. All of a sudden everything gets dark and Shippou looks up. A bright flash erupted and Shippou spazed and ran around in a circle a few times till something threw him off. A yellow arrow appears with a note attached to it and Shippou toke it of and read it. It was from a Thunder Beast called Souten of to get revenge for Hiten and Maten. While Shippou was reading the card the Inu gang appears behind him reading the Duel Invatation as well.
At Liam Village, where Souten is, Shippou was scared at couldn't walk so Inuyasha pushed him along, with the Tetsusaiga ^__^;;;
Souten made a plan to seperate Shippou from the group by dropping a boulder. The plan suceeded and Shippou was taken to Soutens place by his minion dragon, Koryu.
Shippou figures out that the Thunder Beast was a kid the same age as Shippou and under-estimated him. While a few fights Koryu was sent with more plans to trap the Inu gang.
First was Kirara and they attemped to make her drunk, it worked so Sango and Miroku were stuck. After that they run into a women (not real) with Koyru being the voice to lure Miroku over and of course it worked and Sango and Miroku were trapped in a hole. Souten though that Osuwari would work on Inu so Koyru made another fake body that looked like Kagome and yelled Osuwari a few times and it didn't work.
Back at Souten's, Souten asked about Shippou's drawing tool which were crayons, and he wondered if he could have them. And Shippou made a deal if that he defeated him in battle, he could have the crayons, so Souten let him out of the cage.
Back with Inu and Kagome...They were asking Koryu questions but Koyru lied about the fact that he belonged to Souten. So Inu hitted him three times and he transformed in that cloud and started shooting arrows at Kagome and Inu, later they figure out that the arrows were fake and finally got Koyru to take them to Souten's...
At Soutens, Shippou and him were fighting. Both of them getting nowhere and both of them got tired after using an attack. Inu and Kagome appear at Soutens soon after that and Kagome spazed over how cute Souten was and asked how old he was. Then he said how rude she was and said he was a girl, so Soutens a she ^___^;;; Shippou leaves after this and gives her the crayons anyway even though none of them won. With the crayons Souten draws a pic of Shippou all grown-up like with Shippou narrating in the background, saying stuff and Inu hits him in the head for looking all 'manly' like. Then Inu gets a nice Osuwari from Kagome.
Episode Summary for Episode 68 - Shippo's battle royale . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The episode starts off with shippo narrorating about how good he is and so on and so forth. Shippo recieve a duel invite from the misterious Souten-Sama (a relative of the Thunder Brothers). Shippo is forced, by every one, to duel this Souten-Sama in Thunder Valley. On their way there they are serprated and Shippo is kid knapped. The other go to find Shippo. They fall into many traps. While that is going on Shippo finds out Souten is a kid and the have a drawing war and soon fight over a box of crayons(kids). InuYasha and Kagome get pass threw the trap set up by Souten and Kouru (a tiny red dragon) and force Kouru to lead them to Souten. Inuyasha and Kagome come while Shippo and Souten are still fighting. They both stop, Souten freaks out at Inuyasha and then is hugged to death by Kagome who thinks Souten is such a cute little boy. Souten tells them that she's not a boy she's and girl and Shippo gives up and leaves, telling Souten to be a good girl. The group returns on their journey ending with Shippo narrorating the ending.
Episode Summary for Episode 68 - Shippo's battle royale . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
In this ep. Shippou gets a strange letter from some one named souten. This Souten person claims to be the last surviving member of the thunder brothers. Shippou decides to take up on the invite to a battle which the letter states. He takes forever to get where he is suppose to go so inuyasha gets impatient and pushes Shippou, until a boulder came flyng down the mountian and seperated Shippou from the group, the boulder was caused by Souten's loyal drangon snake thingy, if you hit him 3 times he transforms in to a cloud. the gang spilts into 2 groups, Miroku,Sango, in Kiara and Inuyasha and Kagoma. They try to search for Shippou. Souten has researched and found out the gruops weaknesses. Mean while Shippou was kid-napped by Souten which turned out to be no older than Shippou and weak, but smmart. Shippou is put in a cage and starts playing with a toy, Souten gets jealous and demands the toy Sipp. refuses and shows it off. Shipp. and Souten got into an drawing insult fight,and when they get tired Souten realizes Shipp. crayons that Kagoma gave him, Souten demands them Shippou challenges him to a battle for the crayons. Meanwhile , Miroku and Sango are w/out Kiara cause the dragon thing lit some leaves on fire which kinda gets demons drunk, and then miroku sees a young lady asking for help, Sango says it might be atrap, but he doesn't listen and says it is his duty to help those in need, so Sango follows him and the lady turned out to be a dummy and they fell through a hole, and Kagoma and Inuyasha are waiting for Miroku and Sango to get back so they can go find Shipp. but thier paths cross with a really ugly Kagoma puppet that is telling inuyasha to sit, but it fails and the dragonthing comes out inyasha hits him 3 times and he changes and start to shoot lightenng arrows at them. Inuyasha covers Kagoma with his robe and tries to fight the cloud when the cloud throws the arrows out at him. Inu falls to the floor thinking he's dead, and Kagoma runs to him thinking the same thing, but it turns out that the arrows were fake and inyasha hit the cloud three times it changed and forced it to show it where Shippou was. Shippou Sout. was hving a crying mushroom/laughing Chestnut throwing fight, until they got tired. At that moment the gang, all of them walks in the thing apoligizes for his insuboardination, and Kagoma picks Souten up and starts saying oh he's so cute , and Souten goes Put me down and i'm a girl and then kagoma hugs her harder saying a girl even cuter. Shippou is so shocked that he starts to walk away. Souten notices and asks where he was going , and what about the crayons, Shippou throws them and says takecare kid, and walks away. After ward Shipp. starts acting all macho thinking and inuyasha catches him hits him and shipp. yelled to kagoma and she sat inuyasha. Then Souten back at her castle in the feilds draws a picture of an older Shippou with her new crayons and admires it.
Episode Summary for Episode 68 - Shippo's battle royale . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This unusual episode features Shippo being challenged to a duel by Souten, a younger sister of the Thunder Brothers killed by Inuyasha earlier in the show.
Episode Summary for Episode 68 - Shippo's battle royale . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode is about Shippou getting a letter from Souten(a relative of the Thunder Brothers) that she wanted to face him. Shippou was confindient at first but then got a little worried. Souten later caught Shippou and he was surprised that Souten was just a kid. Inuyasha and the group split up into two groupes:Miroku,Sango and Kiarra and Inuyasha and Kagome.Souten and Shippou decided to fight for a crayon.Meanwhile Inuyasha run into a dragon and Inuyasha hits it three times. It changes into a cloud shouting many arrows at Kagome.Inuyasha jumped in the way and got hit.Then Souten and Shippou hit each other with Mushrooms.Kagome looks at Souten and hugges him. Then they found out that Souten is a girl. So Souten drew a picture of an older Shippou and gave it to him.