Episode 69 - The terror of the man with no face Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 69 - The terror of the man with no face . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
I don't exactly remember the entire episode clearly but i'll do my best. There will be some mistakes.

This episode starts with Kagome in her era, she is taking a Math test and she finds it really hard. After the test is over, she's walking down the school hall leaving for home and two of her friends (The one with short hair and the one with hair band, i don't remember their names) ask Kagome how the test was, and Kagome said really bad and all three of em sighs. Ayami (I think that's her name) runs to them from behind and says how easy the test is and two of Kagome's friends are pissed off and grabs her cheeks.

In WacDonalds, they are all eating their food quietly (Of course because Kagome and two of her friend not name Ayami did bad in the test and is pissed off).
Ayami, sipping on her soda nervously, finally breaks the silence and asks Kagome how her relationship with that "Bad" Boyfriend of hers is doing. And suddenly Kag's two annoying friends gets excited. One ask if He's cheating on Kagome, and Kagome said no. And her friends rambles bout how bad her boyfriend is. Suddenly, one asks If Kagome's Badass Boyfriend knows Houjo and Kagome said she doesn't think so. The other asks then why is he so jealous? And Kagome quietly says "Kouga-Kun" and two of her Friends FREAK OUT. Kagome friends then imagines Kouga climbing a mountain and yelling "I LOVE YOU". Then Kagome says there's been worse. She says that there is this guy who asked her to "Bear his Child" and the friends really freaks out this time. But Kagome calms them down and says he says it to almost every women out there. Then her friends imagines Miroku being all rich and having two beautiful women in each of his side with a wine, saying "Will You Bear my child?". Her friends freak out Even More. Ayami asks Kagome why she meets these type of people. The short haired girl then start saying "Your boyfriend is a badass, Kouga-Kun is very obsessed, i guess Houjo don't have much of a chance" and the girl with hair band includes "You must like the extreme type of guys". Kagome adds that she just met those people by accident or something like that. Then the two annoying friends says that Kagome will have relationship problems and have a crappy marriage, of course Kagome just laughs and says stop making things up.

Then one of her friend once again asks Kagome how her relationship with the badboy is going and Kagome talks to herself (her friends can't hear) saying "Is it going good? Not really" and her friends says "I guess it's going good" "She must really like him". Kagome just says why do we have to talk about this and her annoying friends (Not the cute Ayami) says Do whatever you want to Kagome. Ayami then adds in "THat's Great" and the three friends imagines bout inuyasha sitting down on a army clothes with a rifle in his shoulder, Ayami just keeps smiling while the two annoying friends just sighs.

There's just a useless scene where Souta tells his mom he got a 82 in his math test, she eats dinner, takes a shower, and goes to sleep.

In the feudal era, Inuyasha and the gang (No Kagome yet) eats cooked raw fish at night. Shippo says that he feels lonely without Kagome and Inuyasha response "Really? I don't care". Shippo then calls Inu a liar and Shippo says that Inu is prolly dozing off thinking bout Kagome. Miroku asks Inuyasha when Kagome will be back and Inuyasha says tomorrow (He uses his fingers to Count, WOW INUYASHA IS SO DAMN SMART, HE CAN COUNT!!!). And they talk a little more bout Naruka and such.

Naruka and Kanna is up in some mountain, and Naruku lets one of his creation go off his body and down the ravine or whatever you call it. Naruku claims that this creation of his is a different type than the previous ones he makes.

Then this monster goes to some village where bunch of people from a evil Human gang is drinking liquor. This monster has no face and kills every one of the gang members and rips all their faces off.

Next morning, Inuyasha and his gang comes to the place where the gang members die (Inuyasha said he smell Naruku's scent with blood). When they get their, they saw that these people all lost their face (They got ripped off by that demon).

In some river, the monster (Who is naked) is putting up all the faces he ripped/carved off those gang members and putting it up to his face (the monster has no face and he is trying to find the right face for him), but none of the faces he carved up from the gang is the right one for him (Because all of the gang members are butt ugly). Suddenly this monk comes to the demon, and says that he's gonna destroy the damn yaki. Of course Naruku's creation wins, carves off that monk's face, and puts it on. The monster looks at his new face in the river and decides to keep it because he likes the face.

Next, he bums into some different monk, and tells that monk that "He (The Demon) Likes his face". The Monk not giving a damn bout how "good looking" the demon is, gets his sword out. The Demon tells the monk that now he has a good looking face, he wants the monk's sword, and what happens? The monk dies and the damn Demon gets it.

THe Demon then goes to some village and destroys the villagers and their village, getting everything he wants.

Even after he gets everything, he does not feel satisfy. So he goes to some village (Kaede) and he claims to himself that he's going to destroy that village. When he runs toward the village from some hill, Inuyasha suddenly runs in front of him, making the demon stop running.

Kagome goes inside the well.

Anywayz back in feudal age, Inuyasha asks why the demon killed all the people and asks where Naruku is since the demon has the same scent as Naruku. The demon doesn't know who Naruku is and doesn't really know much bout himself. Then they start fighting and Inuyasha cuts off the demon (Now officially naming himself Masou) right arm. But the bees coming out of nowhere in the sky, comes to Masou's shoulder and regrows a new arm. With a new arm, he chokes Inuyasha and lets him go. Suddenly, Kagome yells Inuyasha name and Inuyasha is pissed off that She's back at this time when there's trouble. So Inu tells Kagome to stay there. Masou (He doesn't remember much) looks at Kagome and he then says that he "THINKS" he saw her somewhere before, so he uses his new long arm and gets Kagome, holds on Kagome with his mulitiple long fingers up in the air.
Episode Summary for Episode 69 - The terror of the man with no face . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
This episode begins with Kagome in her world, she takes a math test and doesn't do well. Then, she is sitting with her friends at MacDonalds and they start talking about all the guys and two of her friends have really really funny mental pictures of Kouga, Miroku and Inuyasha, it's hillarious!
Then, on the other world Naraku releases from his body yet another one of his detachments, a demon with no face that first goes around killing men. He runs into a monk with a pretty face and kills him and steals his face. Then, he sets off to destroy villages... On the way he encounters a random warrior so he pops up to him and says "Yo, I have a good face, eh?" (LOL) so the guy tries to kill him but ends up being killed instead.
Then he finds a village that he senses something important there but before he gets there, Inuyasha and the others stop him and they start to fight. The guy, who decided to call himself Masou, stops cold when he sees Kagome and seems to be realizing a bunch of things but doesnt' really say anything clear. Then he grabs Kagome, says "She's the one!" and starts laughing like a madman. And that's where it ends.
Episode Summary for Episode 69 - The terror of the man with no face . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Naraku discards a demon named Masou who kills people for their faces and to recover memories he has of Naraku. Inuyasha and the gang confront him and when Kagome arrives on the scene, Masou grabs her saying that she was the key to helping him regain his memory.