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Episode 71 - The battle of the three to the death Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 71 - The battle of the three to the death . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
When Inuyasha shatters Musou's body with the Kaze no Kizu, Saimyoshou take the leftover husk of his body. With his body totally regenerated in a forest, Naraku tries to force Musou to fuse back into his body. Inuyasha later shows up and Musou flees ad Inuyasha clashes with Naraku. Musou attempts a sneak attack on Naraku, but he winds up being absorbed back into Naraku's body. Naraku still needs Musou for more power and to stay alive since Musou is connected to him. Inuyasha attempts to attack Naraku, but he is unable to thanks to Naraku's barrier.
Episode Summary for Episode 71 - The battle of the three to the death . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Onigomu and inuyasha still battling.inuyasha trys another kaze no kizu but then he still recovers after each one.they fought untill miroku told inuyasha to aim for the spider mark.he aims and shoots out the kaze no kizu but kagura comes and counters it.she thens flys away with the bees taking onigumo.inuyasha and miroku went after them leaving kagome and the other behind.now we see a naked onigumo with a naraku trying to suck him back to his body.they keep on fighting,naraku for onigumo body and onigumo to be alive to see kikyo again.then inuyasha comes and fights with naraku but no luck becuase of his barrior.onigumo takes the time and runs away while naraku sends kagura after him.kagura follow him until all of the sudden onigumo stops and runs back.kagura was surprizes.inuyasha still trys to get to naraku when onigumo interrupeds and shoots a root hand into him.he then finds out that he took in his hand and soon naraku takes his whole body in.then inuyasha trys to hit naraku but is stop by his barrior.he then use his kaze no kizu but no luck.then naraku and kagura escape.

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