Episode 73 - Shiori's mother and Shiori's feelings Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 73 - Shiori's mother and Shiori's feelings . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang learn from Myouga that Tetsaiga's power can increase if it takes the blood of a bat demon creating a barrier near a town. It turns out that a bat hanyou girl named Shiori is being forced by her demon grandfather to create a barrier around the demon cave in exchange for not attacking the village. Inuyasha doesn't have the will to attack Shiori since she's only a girl and causing no harm. A couple of times in this episode, Inuyasha has flashbacks of how he was shunned by both humans and demons for his hanyou status. The bat demons however break this promise as they start to attack Shiori's town.
Episode Summary for Episode 73 - Shiori's mother and Shiori's feelings . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
Myouga tells Inu-Yasha that if he wishes to make Tessaiga stronger, he has to cut a strong barrier with it. He tells them of the barrier of the Hyakki bats, so the group sets out. They find that the Hyakki bats are attacking a local village. They leader Hyakki bat is a half demon childs Grandfather. The child lives in the village and her name is Shiori.The grandfather says that if the village gives up shiori and she'll make their barrier they wont attack teh village anymore.The Hyakki bats break their promise and continue attacking the village, and when Inu-Yasha goes to break their barrier, he finds that Shiori is the one creating the barrier.He tehn trys attacking the bats but not shiori.
Episode Summary for Episode 73 - Shiori's mother and Shiori's feelings . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
we see these people carrying child. then the sky starts to
become dark. this gigantic bat comes out of no where
asking if they brought it. the child looks up scared. we
see the gang sitting around the campfire. kagome is
nervous for some reason. she sticks he hand out, pulls out
a card and wins the game. miroku is always a sore loser.
inu yasha being a punk tells them to be quiet. kagome asks
him if he wants to play. but he doesn't feel like it.
miroku says that all that pouting won't make tetsusaiga
stronger. if he can't break naraku's barrier he won't be
able to reach him. inu yasha think he's so cool stands up
and says 'don't worry, i'll do something about it'
everyone asks how? he becomes very quiet for a while.lol.
they say u have no idea do u. myouga comes.inu yasha
becomes anxious and demands that he tell him the secret
and he can suck as much blodd out of kagome that he wants
to. bum. he says for him to go to the 100 bat beasts nest.
he tells inuyasha that he has to destroy a strong demon
and let the sword be absorb the blood. then he can't break
strong barriers. inu yasha gets excited and tells everyone
that they are going demon slaying. then we see villager
smacking and hurting this lady. they says 'you said that
when you gave ur daughter to them we would not be attacked
anymore. how dare u lie to us' the villagers go to kill
her but inu yasha stops them. inu yasha asks them where
the nest is. they don't know and point to the lady they
say she is human and made a child from that demon she
should know. back in a little hut thingy she asks him what
he will do when he gets there. he tells her he's gonna
kill them. miroku asks why she gave up her daughte to
them. she talks about the bats and how they suck up humans
blood. they lost a lot of people to them. but tsukuyomaru,
shiori's father, after shiori was born he convinced the
deons not to attack the village. then tsukuyomaru died and
there was no one to stop them from attacking again.
taibokumaru shiori grandfather and tsukuyomaru always
passed downt he traditions of protecting the nest barrier.
so now it is shiori job to protect it. ango wonder why the
grandfather didn't take the job. but shiori's mother
explains that as u get older u lose powers. we go to a
flashback of when shiori was a kid. everyone picked on her
and pushed her down. she walked back home crying. her mom
wondered why r there marks on your face. shiori just says
she fell down. her mom gives her a hug and they both cry
on each other shoulders. flashback ends. the mother says
that after she pondered about this she decided to give
shiori to the bats. the promise was she give shiori and
her grandfather wouldn't attack the village. but they
broke their promise very quickly. shiori refused to go b/c
grandpa looked scary. her mother thought she'd be happier
w/ them. inu yasha wonders if shiori has that kind of
power. the mom confirms that even if u r a half demon
doesn't mean you r weaker than a demon. inu yasha asks the
mom to guide him. kagome says that she will come too. inu
yasha confirms that it is his problem and he'll go alone.
as they are walknig we see another flashback. this time
inu yasha is a child running away from 3 demons. he comes
to a cliff and the demons are right behind him. he hides
under the cliff and eventually the deons go away. myouga
asks him what wrong. inu yasha says 'yeah whatever. hey
what are u doing here?' then we see shiori holding a red
ball in the bats cave. a bat drops some food at her and
tells her that he doesn't want her to die of hunger and
leaves laughing. the mom and inu yasha arrive and shiori
sees her mom and is very happy. then the grandpa shows up.
the mom is pissed and says how could u trick us. the
grandpa says u actually believed that story? i am a demon
u r a human u think i'd keep my promise? the mom wants her
daughter back but the demon refuses and says that shiori
is doing a wonderful job of protectnig the nest barrier.
inu yasha uses wound of wind but i HUUUUUUGE barrier
blocks it. inu yasha demands that he give shiori back. the
bat start sending energy blasts at him. inu yasha saves
the mom. shiori starts crying and demands that grandpa
stop. and that she'll do her job so don't hurt mommy. the
granpa says that oh you rather have her back in the
village. u know they despise her cuz she is a half demon i
don't want shiori to in a village like that. do u think i
can give back my granddaughter that i love? the mother is
crying on the ground. inu yasha puts away his sword. back
at the house. the mom say she gives up. she says that the
village wont accept her so she is better off with the
bats. inu yasha says demons don't accept hafl demons
either even if they are family. miroku says nothing will
happen in u can't break that barrier. but the person he
has to kill to make his sword stronger is shiori and he
can never kill a half demon girl. we see shiori crying she
think to herself that if daddy hadn't died no of this wuld
have happened. her grandpa plans on completely destroying
the village and her mother. all that bats start to leave
the cave to attack. inu yasha sitting on the rocks by
himself has another flashback. he watches as the humans go
away from him. he runs over to his mother asking what a
half demon is. she gives him a hug crying. just then
kagome comes. she asks if he was thinking about shiori. he
says no. kagome says i can't imagine how hard it must have
been for you. not just me but the rest of the gang accepts
u. he says i know. kagome then pats him on the head and
says 'good boy' he demands that she stop treating him like
a dog. just then they see the back about on their way to