Episode 74 - The red Tetsusaiga that breaks the barrier Episode Summary

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Episode Summary for Episode 74 - The red Tetsusaiga that breaks the barrier . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
When Shiori learns that her grandfather killed her father, she ejects him from the barrier. Inuyasha proceeds to kill the bat demon with the Bakuryuha. Howeever, the ball in Shiori's hands becomes corrupted by her grandfather's spirit. As he tries to kill Shiori, the spirit of her father intervenes and creates a barrier to protect her. Inuyasha destroys the old bat demon's ghost and absorbs the power of the barrier-creating ball to learn about the barrier-destroying Red Tetsaiga.
Episode Summary for Episode 74 - The red Tetsusaiga that breaks the barrier . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
ni the last ep inu had to kill a powerful demon and soak
tetsusaiga in the blood to make it stronger. turns out the
the demon he had to kill was a half demon girl(shiori). u
know he could never do that. at the end we see 100 bat
demon fly out of their cave to attack a village with the
half demons girl mother in it. it startd out with the inu
gang noticing all the bats approaching. inu yasha comes
running toward them yeeling 'why r u stnading there let's
go'. they head off to stop the bats rampage. we see a huge
bat,taibokumaru (shiori's grandfather) carrying her in his
hand. hte bat arrive and immediately attack. everyone in
the village is running and screaming. the bats grab a few
villagers and suck them dry. taibokumaru explains that he
is attacking because these people picked on her so if u
relax and protect me with ur barrier i will spare ur
mother's life. then he demands all the bats not to hold
back and eat everyone in the village. then inu yasha
arrives. he uses iron reaver soul stealer (sakontessou) to
eliminate some of the bats. after he's done he
says 'geezer i wont forgive u'. taibokumaru send some bats
to attck inu. one bat knock him down. but kagome arrow
saves the day. miroku attacks. inu kagome and miroku at
back to back. inu comments on how many bats are there. in
the back it looks like an endless amount of bats. sango
comes and says that she will take them on. her boomerang
destroys some and head for the grandfather but the barrier
reflect it back. the barrier that shows up is gigantic and
everyone is shocked. miroku comments that since shiori is
there he can't uses his air void. inu yasha tries to think
of a way to get shiori back. taibokumaru says that they
cant win. then the villagers beg the inu gang to save
them. they dont want to b killed. inu comments that he
will cut him up anyway once he gets shiori back. the
villager say no that's bad. shiori is on the bats side.
inu asks if they want him to kill her too. they say that
they have no choice, shiori is a child of a demon so...
kagome comments on how cruel the villagers are, they gave
her up for the village, seperated her from her mother, to
give away to the bats nest and still... shippo with anger
blazing in his face says that they r so selfish. sango
asks miroku 'aren't those kind of people that inu yasha
hates the most?' miroku confirms and says inu yasha was
treated the same way. inu starts talking to shiori
saying 'u hear that shiori.what do u want to do? do u want
to go back to a village with THESE people?'u still want to
come back?' shiori recognizes inu as the guy who came with
her mom to the bats nest. inu continues by saying that if
she does want to come back he'll help her. taibokumaru
laughs at inu. saying u think that u can defeat me. an
engery balst forms in his mouth. inu saves kagome in time.
taibokumaru comments to inu that u r a half demon too. i
could smell it on you. inu yeels so what about it.
taibokumary says thats why u feel empathy and compassion
for shiori. inu says i dont gve a damn i hate rotten
geezers like u. shiori think to herself inu is just like
me. inu demands that shiori decide what she is going to
do. shiori thinks to herself that shew wants to come home
with her mom but.. she sees he mom below running.
taibokumaru remind shiori that if she doesnt protect him
with her barrier her mom will be killed. she looks at her
red ball (thats what makes the barriers) and says i dont
know what to do. taibokumaru send another energy blast at
inu. inu takes out his sword. he first tries to cut the
demon. but the barrier blocks it. everyone is shocked by
the power of the barrier. taibokumaru compliment shiori on
her good work protecting him. inu says that he thought he
could at least get a chance if he could get a part of
taibokumarus body outside the barrier and maybe shiori
cant control the size of her barrier. taibokumaru makes a
huge line on gignatic energy blasts. inu tells everyone to
run away. the energy blasts crash down onto the village.
hurting some villagers in the process. taiboku says i have
no use for this village anymoer destroy all of them. the
mom yells at him demanding him to stop. she comment that
the village was peaceful when tsukuyomaru (shiori's
father) was alive because he was protecting it he wwanted
our family to live in peace in this village. she demands
that taibokumaru keep that village like her husband wanted
to. then there is a flashback of tsukuyomaru, baby shior
and the mother. shiori is in her arms. tsukuyomaru pats
her head. taibokumaru says 'do what my son wanted? and
laughs. ur right he was my son. but he was stupid for
falling in love with a human. he had to die faster. (then
his eyes turn red)' the mother asks why? taibokumaru
responds 'just like what u said he was going to protect
the village, he also said that he won't carry the job of
setting up the barrier and leave our tribe is i didnt keep
my promise.(they show tsukuyomaru making the demands to
him with fire in his eyes) he lost his guts when he fell
in love with u. so... Inu says you bastard, you wouldn't
have!it's ur sonwith the same flesh and blood. taibokumaru
comfirms yes i sent tsukuyomaru to the other world. shiori
is shocked the mother is about to faint. taiboku says as
long as i have shiori i dont need him. kagome runs over
and help the fainted mother. she makes sure she's ok. an
angry inu yasha yells i wont forgive u. i'll kill u.
taibokumaru laugh and says go ahead. shiori cant adjust
the power of the barrier. so even if u cut through the
barrier u'll cut shiori too. inu yasha hesitates. miroku
yells to inu that is there any chanceof winning. kagome
thinks the same question. is there a way to kill
taibokumaru w/o killing shiori. taibokumaru sends out
another energy blast and inu does bakuryuuha (send the
demon energy back at it with inu energy combined). inu
observes that there is a hle in the barrier right
now.because of the attack that taiboku made. inus attack
hits but not in time. there was no effect. taibkoumaru
laughs. taibokumaru compliments shiori. shiori tells him
to get out. revenge for my dad.(her eyes golw whiet and
her body is suround with her energy) taibokumaru was
discharged out of the barrier and shiori starts falling
from above. taibokumaru say how dare u. a half demon like
u. i cant believe this little girl could have so much
power. even i couldn't control a barrier like that. the
mom runs over to catch shiori. taibokumaru says that he
doesnt want a human to have shiori. he sends an energy
blast at the mom. inu does bakuryuuha again and
taibokumaro i gone. mirokus raccoon friend brings shiori
to the mom. we c them running to each other. u can c the
happines in their faces. inu says time to go. myouga asys
what r u doing. dont forget why u came here. u have to
make ur sword stronger. the mother shocked says u came
here to kill shiori. inu responds of course i cant kill a
little girl like that. miroku and sango comment that of
course he cant cuz she is a half demon. inu yasha says
he'll find another demon that can set up a strong barrier
and kill it. myouga comments that inu wasnt like that b4.
miroku comments that inus grown up a bit. kagome smiles.
kagome waves good bye and says that they r leaving.shiori
runs over saying cut the ball. she says yes and that it
helps her makes strong barriers. it hold the power of my
father and grandfather in it. so if u cut it i think it'll
make ur sword stronger. myouga jumping up and down on
inu's shoulder says this is our chance. let's cut it up.
inu says its best that we destroy it. evil forces start
coming from the ball. the spirit of taibokumaru comes out
and attacks everyone. inu tries to cut it but it doesnt
work. it comes after shiori but a barrier blocks it and
damages the spirit. then we see a hand patting shiori. inu
rns over yelling let shiori free and destroys the spirit.
the ball cracks in half and we see the power go on to the
sword turning it red. miroku and kagome, full of
excitement comment that the sword got stronger. shiori and
inu yasha thank each other. inu says that u weakend the
spirit powers. she says is was a nice person who hugged me
and protected my mom and me. the mother says it was the
fathers spirit. kagome says that ur dad wanted u to be
free. kagome looks up smiling at inu. inu is confused. she
shakes her head that it nothing. inu smiles and says that
he's hungry and they leave. then we see shiori and her mom
holding hands as the sun begins to rise in front of them.
kagome think that inu yasha also wanted to help shiori and
he probably forgot all about making his sword stronger.so
maybe shiori father lended him a hand. we then see the
gang riding on miroku raccoon friend. shippo says what is
inu yasha thinking about. myouga says ooo inu is thinking
how rare. inu put his fist up with an angered voice
saying 'what'. miroku comments that they will have
hardships in the future. inu says 'feh how can u be a half
demon and afraid of a hard ship' miroku put his staff on
inus head and rocks it back and forth saying what a great
example we have here. inu has a funny expression on his
face. sango agrees and says yeah i hope she wont turn out
bad like that. lol. inu getting extremely pissed looks at
them and starts growling. lol. (i love that part). shippo
says that inu yasha alright. an angered in says what is
that supposed to mean. shippo says i mean a pondering
person isnt inu yasha. myouga continues by saying yeah u
should do anything that u r not used to. inu has had
enough and starts chasing shipp and myouga yelling come
back here. he tries to grab them but shippo escapes each
time. while this is going on myouga say we say that
because we care sbout u. the raccoon thingy says i dont
care it u fall off. kagome comments that inu yasha didnt
say anyting when we left. like encouraging her he could
have said so much. inu yasha probably wanted tell her so
much but not in words. i hope that she got the message. we
cut to inu yasha and shippo. inu is pulling on shippos
tail. and shippo is pulling on inus hair. in looks up at
kagome. and asks what is the matter. she rubs his head
saying 'good boy' inu pissed yells dont treat me like a
dog. shippo say good boy. inu yells oh shipp not u to.
miroku says good boy. inu scream all u guys r piising me
off. the raccoon says sheesh i shouldnt have come with
them. lmao.