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Episode Summary for Episode 75 - The elite cat's secret plan . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
EP.75 Starts off with A-un walking towards a cliff where Ryuukotsusei was sealed. Sesshomaru knows that InuYasha defeated it. Kouga and his pack are in the woods and they all smell cats. Louyakan sleeping in a cave, woke up, also smells cats. Hatchi the racoon shows up. The cats want Kagome because she has the jewel shards. And to use her as bait. Kagome gets kiddnapped and the fire cat demon(Shurran), Tells Inu. to meet at the castle to fight and get her back. The ice cat demon(Koura) tells Sesshomaru too also meet at the castle to fight. Kouga gets involved because Kagome gets kidnapped. Louyakan also wanted to help Sess. but Sess. said no. Sess. tells Jaken he's the only friend he needs. The fire cat demon(Shurran) hands over Kagomes jewel shards to the ice cat demon(Koura). Kouga finds Kagome and starts attacking the cat demons. Inu. shows up. The cats with Kagome gets away. Inu. and Kouga ends up at a dead end. The rest of Kougas pack arrives. Inu. notices there is a barrier and takes out his sword, it turns red and Inu. slices through the barrier. Kouga was very impressed.... TO BE CONTINUED on EPISODE 76...
Episode Summary for Episode 75 - The elite cat's secret plan . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
EP.75 Starts off with A-Un walking towards a cliff where Ryuukotsusei was sealed. Sesshomaru knows that InuYasha defeated it. Kouga and his pack are in the woods and they all smell CATS. Louyakan sleeping in a cave, woke up also smells CATS. Hatchi the racoon shows up. The cats want Kagomes because she has the jewel shards. And to use as bait too. Kagome gets kiddnaped and the fire cat demon (Shurran) tells Inu. to meet at the castle to fight and get her back. The ice cat demon (Koura) tells Sess. to also meet at the castle to fight. Kouga gets involved because, Kagome gets kidnapped. Louyakan also wanted to fight but Sess. told him no. Sess. tells Jaken he's the only friend he needs. The fire cat (Shurran) hands over Kagomes jewel shards to the ice cat demon (Koura). Kouga finds Kagome and He and his pack starts attacking the cats. Inu.shows up. The cats with Kagome gets away. Inu. and Kouga ends up at a dead end. The rest of Kougas pack arrives. Inu. notices there is a barrier and takes out his sword, it turns red and Inu. slices through the barrier. Kouga was very immpressed. TO BE CONTINUED ON EPISODE 76
Episode Summary for Episode 75 - The elite cat's secret plan . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
After having dinner in the modern era, Kagome and Inuyasha learn from Sango and Miroku that they were attacked by cat demons who are after Kagome. They later capture her and the Inuyasha gang go after them along with kouga. Even sesshomaru is confronted by the cat demons who he seems to bear some sort of rivalry with.
Episode Summary for Episode 75 - The elite cat's secret plan . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

at the start of this ep u can hear heavy footsteps and
grunting noises. it turns out that was ah un with rin
riding on his back.they are in a mountainous area. its very
dark and misty as they all stop at the edge of a cliff. rin
asks where they are. jaken explain to here that this is the
place where ryuukotsetse was sealed (that the demon in teh
end credits called fukai mori. the same demon that killed
sess and inus father) but jaken notices that the demon isnt
there and asks if inu yasha couldve done this. (in eps
53-54 inu destroyed ryuukotsetsei with tessaiga greates
power called, bakuryuuha. he also fought him to make
tessaiga lighter and not let his demon blood take over when
he is away from his sword) sess tells jaken that nothing is
certain. jaken starts to get angry. he is in shock that
something sess powerful dad could only seal inu yasha
destroyed and lived. jaken freaks out when he notices they
left him behind and yells for them to wait up. the leaves
are rustling and there is a sligth breezes. but something
in moving within the darkness. they have red eyes. kouga
hears them and ginta asks him whats wrong. the wolves start
growling. kouga asks them why they havent picked up on the
scent yet. hakkaku and ginta sniff the air and realizes its
from the cat people. one of the wolves looks over the cliff
and sees a stampede. ginta wonders why the cats are here.
kouga says he doesnt know and doesnt care. he walks away
and tell them not to worry about it. it is unnecessary
trouble. there is very loud snoring coming from the cave.
(its the demon naraku put 2 shards in in ep 20-21 when sess
put a hole in inus stomache and when inu sent kagome back
to her own time.) he hears rumbling noises, wake up and
looks outside. he is panicking when he sees the stampede of
cat people. its daytime again. and inu and shippo are
sitting on the roof complaining that it is very late. inu
is very impatient and says it has been 3 days. inu jumps
off the roofs and goes off. shippo asks him where he is
going. inu says he is going to get kagome back. shippo
smiles. inu reaches the well and jumps in. back at kagomes
house. kagomes mother and souta just arrived as grandpa is
reading a newspaper. inu is sitting down with buyo in his
arms. souta is glad to see him. they both welcome him. inu
asks where kagome is. they says that she should be
returning soon from school. kagome crosses the street and
waves goodbye to her friends. kagome is walking up the
stairs to the shrine. (I LUV THIS PART inu is freakin
hilarious) inu is making the strangest noises as he is
playing with buyo. inu goes, (rolls buyo back and forth
with his tail) hurrrrrrrrrde hurrrrrrrrrrrde hurrrrrrrrde
(moves buyos ass up and down) dooooo daaaa doooo daaaa
(moves buyo tail around in circles while saying)
heheheheheheheheheeheheh . LMFAO. good thing kagome just
arrives to stop inus nonsense. inu has a big smile on his
face when he sees her and welcome her. kagome is shocked
and asks him why he is here. inu calmly tells her that he
came to bring her back. kagome responds uh the old age is
fine but.... inu puts his hands on his hips get angry and
STAY HERE? kagome tells him that since she is always there
sometime here should be fine. inu stands up and says,
whatever, lets just go already. kagome says, eeeeeh right
now? her mom offers inu to eat with them. inu crosses his
arms and says, if its food, its fine after returning. her
mom says with a smile that they are having steak. inu is
interested. back with sango miroku and shippo. shippo told
them that inu went back to get kagome. shippo is very
disappointed and says he would like to go over to her time.
at least just once. hachi terrified voice can be heard. he
asks miroku for help. miroku asks him whats wrong. hachi
tells them that he doesnt want to be found because it seems
like its the ones from the west. miroku is confused by his
words and tell him to speak in a more understandable
manner. hachi screams that its the cats. hachi couldnt have
a more scared expression on his face. he says that the cats
have come here in search for jewel shards to defeat the
local demon group. he continues by saying he knew he
wouldnt survive and didnt want to be captured so he ran
here. miroku asks him what kind of opponents they are.
hachis shout in a frustrated tone THEY R CATS THEY R CATS.
shippo akss if they are monster cats. sango notices
soemthing approaching them and alerts miroku. its one of
the cats demon and she asks where their prietess with
shards is. hachi is totally freakin out. kaede i watching
from inside. she comes out and asks the cat if she has
something with her. teh cats demon looks at her and in very
disappointed and shouts NO NO a younger with a flappy dress
person. miroku wonders if she is talking about kagome (duh)
hachi is tugging on his arm. shippo tells miroku that she
has a cats scent. hachi starts screaming and point at her
yelling, ITS THE CAT FROM THE WEST. she explains to them
that she is from the fire cat clan and demands for then not
to group her with some run of the mill cats. miroku and
sango ready their weapons. shippo runs away scared and
lands on sangos boomerang. kaede demands to know why she
came. the cat simply tell them for the jewel shards. with a
snap of her finger several cat demons appear out of no
where and land behind her. she demands that they give up
the shards. miroku refuses and shippo tell them that the
shards are not here anyway. the cat asks with a mischiveous
tone where the priestess is. sango gets angry and say that
she refuses to answer. the cats ready there claws and she
tell them to attack. they charge after them miroku blocks
each attack with his staff. sango swings her boomerang
around but the cats dodge. hachi runs away screaming his
head off but cats come on either side of him. he decide to
jump in the water. the cats chase shippo. shippo is running
as terrified as hachi was. kaede shoots off an arrow at the
fire cat but she easily dodges. she tells all her cats to
return. they all do backflips and land on the ledge next to
her. she tell the cats that it seems like the priestess
isnt here, she takes out a small ball and drops it. it
explodes creating smoke and by the time the smoke clears
they are gone.shippo stops running and wonders if they
retreated. sango comments that it was good kagome hasnt
returned yet. back with inu making his funny noises playing
with buyo. he has each of buyos front paws in his hands and
makes buyo dance. but buyo scratches his hand and inu
scream OOOOOOOOOOOUCH. grandpa readin the newpaper next to
them demands that inu stop irritating the cat. inu says he
is only playing with it. grandpa explains about a cats
grudge that it is scary and u dont know how long it will
last. inu brushes off his comment and says a cats grudge is
nothing to worry about. he continues playing with buyo
holding buyo by his hind legs upside down this time. inu
has his craziest smile yet. kagome comes in, realizes what
hes doing and sits him then calmly tells him dinner is
ready. lol. during dinner, they offer inu to stay with
them tonight. souta gets excited and tell inu that they
should sleep together. (that really didnt sound right
souta. LOL) inu is eating the steak like mongral. lol.
kagome is very embarrassed. back in inus time. its night
time and there are four cats discussing about the strange
prietess and the jewel shards. the four cats are standing
next to each other making a diamond shape and 10 cats are
behind each one of them. the fire cats asks shuun (wind
cat) to come with her. shuun accepts. a large male cat asks
anija (ice cat) what she is goind to do. she says she
knows the area she'll go and have a meeting now. he asks
her if she'll be alright alone. she says she is fine and
he can help karen (fire cat) as well. they all accept the
plan and anija tell them they will meet at the entrance.
with a flick of her wrist they all disperse and go off on
their missions. its daytime again. and inu and kagome just
arrived at the feudal era. inu jumps out of the well first
and reaches for kagome and pulls her out and asks if she is
ok. b4 she can answer shippo welcome her. inu is shocked
that they are there and falls out of the well landing on
his @ss. lol. miroku sango shippo are playing cards while
hachi is resting on the ground. kagome asks what has been
happening. miroku responds, if anything will happen it will
be from now on. inu yell at them telling them to make more
sense. shippo calmly tell him that its cats. hachi gets
scared again. kagome slowly hides herself in the well. inu
yasha is very confused. (as usual) back with rin. she is in
a river with teaching jaken how to fish. jaken keep
reaching and missing. rin is still dancing around in teh
river giving driection to jaken on where to grab them.
jaken get very frantic and frustrated. sesshoumaru i
resting up against a tree watching them but then his eyes
begin to wander off to the side. jaken is holding a fish
above his head as he is doing the victory dance saying, I
DID IT RIN I DID IT. rin compliments him saying he is a
great hunter. sess in the backround is walking the other
way. someone is walking on the river. with each step the
person takes the water turns into ice. all of the water
next to sesshoumaru turns into ice and a figure surrounded
in mist approaches him. its anija the ice cat. she says
with a smile, been a while eh sesshoumaru? sess says, oh u
r still alive eh? she tells him that she is planning to end
their fights now. sess tell her he doesnt cae about the
fights. sess says, fine this time it wont be like 50 years
ago. anija responds, unromantic as usual, but i will also
say it wont be like 50 years ago, teh lord is waiting for
u. sess asks her who that is. she tell him that the lord is
the surpreme commander. she points in his face telling him
that HIS father is dead but their lord will so be
ressurected...finally. he asks her what will happen after
its resurrected. she explains that they will continue their
conquest of this land and (she glares at him) get revenge
against ur lot. sess tell her that this time the living
ones will stop them. she opens her arm and say with a big
smile on her face that she is glad to hear that he will
stand against them.sess reaches for his sword. she tells
him to wati and fight them at their castle. she sends ice
at him and disappears. sess just stands there glaring. all
the ice from the river is gone and its back to flowing
water again. rin is running up to sess with a smile holding
up a ton of fish. when rin reaches him she gives him all
the fish. jaken demands that he not get left behind again.
jaken reaches them out of breathe. sess tells him that the
fire cats have come back. jaken screams in fear. sess
calmly tells rin to wait there for him with ah un. rin
smiles and obeys while jaken and sesshoumaru head off. back
with inu yasha. inu asks hachi about the cat demons. hachi
explains that it happened 50 years ago and that the cats
had come from the west. inu says he doesnt know about this
and asks him if it really happened in this area. miroku
asks inu if i happened during hte time he was sealed. inu
stops pouting asn says oh yea then i wouldnt know about it.
(duh) shippo tells him that even he doesnt know about it.
inu says in a taunting voice that shippo was a kid then.
shippo runs up to and starts beating him telling him to
stop with the kid stuff. kagome asks hachi what happened.
hachi has his hands on his head saying that he ran away.
miroku rolls his eyes. lol. hachi says that after a while
he heard rumors that the cats actually left. inu asks why
that happened. hachi says he doesnt know. just at the
moments karen voice is heard from behind him and hachi
freakes out. karen sees kagome and says, aaah so that is
the strangely dressed priestess. shippo screams. ITS THE
CATS. karen tells, cats cats! stop with that u raccoon.
shipo yells, IM A FOX. lol. inu finally stands up from
sitting on the well and asks them what they want. karen
points to kagome and tell him he wants that strange
priestess of his with the shikon shards. inu gets angry
and says that if they want her they have to get through
him. shuuran (the electricity cat) laugh and says, heehe so
u r a half demon eh? karen comes to the realization that
hes inu yasha. inu is shocked she knows his name. miroku
asks him if he knows these cats. inu says he doesnt. karen
says that he is definately sesshoumarus younger brother.
karens tell shuuran that she will take care of inu while he
gets teh priestess. inu charges after them. a fireball
almost hits him. karen mischiviously tells inu that she is
his opponent but wont be killing him. she begins to blow
fire out of her mouth and it makes a fire barrier around
her body. shuuran attack miroku and sango but they both
dodge and shuuran is shocked. shuun comes and a breeze of
flowers goes by kagome and kagome falls down unconcious.
kirara standing beside her also cant take it and is in the
ground growling in pain. shuuran is happy to see that shuun
has arrived and begins to charges up his electricity. there
is a huge explosion of light that swallows them all. when
the light disappears the 3 cats are next to each othre with
kagome in shuurans arm. inu recovers form the light and
realizes they have kagome. he reaches out for her and
in an evil voice, hmmm seems like this woman is important
to u inu yasha. inu yasha barely gets up and demands that
they let kagome go. karen tells him to go to their castle
to get her back. they all disappear and several other cats
surroung inu yasha giving more time for them to escape. inu
attacks but the cats are to fast and dodge. inu becomes
very frustrated and runs after them. shippo catches up to
inu an djumps on his shoulder saying he will come as well.
sango miroku finally recover from the light. miroku asks if
kirara is ok. sango says kirara is fine just unconcious.
hachi runs over to miroku bows and tell him that he will
leave them now. miroku has a very freaky angry expression
as he tells hachi that he IS coming as well. hachi tries to
get away but miroku grabs him by his shirt and drags
him.lol. inu with shippo on his shoulder is running through
the forest. he is still pissed and wonders where those cats
got to. shippo tries to knock some sense into his head
telling him to calm down and that the cats scent is very
clear. inu yasha stop running sniff the air and finds the
driection. miroku, hachi, and sango catch up to him. sango
is holding kirara in her arms. they ask inu where kagome
is. inu says in a deteremined tone that he WILL get kagome
back.ryokan, the forest protector (demon form ep 20and 21)
is looking down from the cliff as sesshoumaru and jaken are
there. jaken wonders if sesshoumari is planning on fighting
them alone. jaken stops and ryokan has come down to where
they are. ryokan tells sesshoumaru that he would like to
help him. sesshoumaru just walks past him saying he doesnt
need him. ryokan looks very upset and disappointed. sess
tells ryokan to leave b4 he gets killed. ryokans eyes widen
and he has a scared expression. jaken tells sess that
ryokan is on hie side and that he should take help. sess
calmly tells him he doesnt need it. tears fill ryokans
eyes. jaken reminds sess that inu yasha is available this
time. ryokan begins to weep and cry. sess says, jaken.....
its enough having u with me. (WTF?!?!) jaken just stands
that shocked for a bit. then HE starts to cry because of
sess words. jaken runs to sess with his hand over his face
wiping away his tears saying, i will come anywhere with u
sesshoumaru. jaken suddenly stop and thinks, hmmm but at
this rate i might die. a sweatdrop rolls down his face.
kirara is back on her feet. miroku and sango are on kirara.
shippo is on inu yasha and hachi is in his transformed
state following them in the sky. a tornadoe approaches
them. shippo says, hey inu, isnt that kouga. inu stop and
kouga comes out of his tornadoe and demands to know where
kagome is. inu yells, yea like i am going to tell u. kouga
tells inu that there has been a scent of disgusting cats
around but (kouga yells) today he sensed kagomes. inu shuts
up for a bit looking a little guilty shippo has a funny
expression. inu then yells back SO WHAT ABOUT IT? kouga
squeezes his fist and yells, HEY DOGSH1T U B@STARD U R NOT
is speechless and begins to get mad)(kouga points at inu)
WHAT THE HELL WERE U DOING? inu tells kouga to shut up and
that the cats were using weird techniques. ginta and
hakkaku finally catch up to kouga. but kouga runs away in
the opposite direction. hakkaku demands that kouga wait and
they start to run after him again. miroku and sango explain
to inu that this is a good thing. they have more help now
since kouga is worried about kagome. shippo says yea and
kouga is also very strong. inu grabs shippo by the head and
throws him back. he flies screaming and miroku catches him.
lol. inu angrily tell them that he doesnt need kouga and
that HE will save kagome. the four cats meet up in a
mountainous area. kagome is struggling to get free and
demands that they let her go. shuun hands over the jewel
shards. kagome reaches out demanding the shards back. anija
asks whats up with her. they tell her that she is inu
yashas woman. anija responds, inu yasha? the dog fathers
violent son? shuun says yea he was alive!! what a surprise!
karen explains that this girl would be good bait so they
brought her along also. kagome demands to know what they
want from inu yasha. shuun smiles and calmly tell her that
they want him to die. kagome finally shuts up. anijs looks
up to the sky and says that they dont need bait and that
inu will definately come. kagome wonders what these cats
could be planning. kouga is ontop of the cliff smiling
down on kagome. he is encase in sunlight. kouga says that
he will save her. karen sends a fireball at him. kouga
dodges and jumps down from teh cliff calling karen an
@sshole. when kouga jumps down 4 more cats show up. kouga
beat them up as he is falling. the cats retreat and kouga
follows. just then inu yasha arrives. inu gets ahead of
kouga. inu says i dont need ur help. kouga responds, who
said i was helping u i am helping kagome. they comes to a
gigantic wall. kouga and inu call out her name. ginta and
hakkaku catch up with them asking what has happened. kouga
explains that the cats have gone and their scent has
disappeared as well sorta like narakus barrier. inu gets an
idea. he takes out his sword. kouga says, WTF r u doing.
but just then kouga is in shock. inu closes his eyes,
concentrates and makes his sword red. and we can see wind
energy going towards the wall.