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Episode Summary for Episode 76 - Target is: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
EP.76 Starting off with throwing Kagome in the prison cell.*Flashback Of Episode 75* InuYasha using Red Tessaiga with the wind scar, breaking through the barrier. Kouga in his tornado form being impressed, runs past Inu.. Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kiara finally arrives where Inu. is. They all leave to find Kagome. They are walking through an empty town. Cat demons arrive and surrounds them. They all start fighting. Inu. uses wind scar and they run away. They all meet up again. Theres a strange dark misty fowl smell around Inu. and his gang. Inu. is paralized. The cat demons start attacking Sango and Miroku. Sesshomaru shows up and strikes his sword. The fire cat demon(Shurran) tells Sess. and Inu. that there leader is waiting for them at the castle. Then the cats leave. Sess. strikes Inu. down, says a few words and leaves. Myouga arrives. Inu. and the gang is riding on Hatchi and Myouga is speaking to everyone. "This involves the war your Father started long ago. More than 50 years ago. It was when your Father was still alive. In Saigoku, there was a group of cats called, Hyounekozoku, which tried to rule the lands. Your Father was the one that stood up against them. The Hyounekozokus leader was named, Oyakata. Your Father fought him, and he won. The demons who was under the cats control was really glad for the victory. The cats revenge said to haunt your Father and his allies." Sess. was there in the background when there Father and Oyakata was fighting. Myouga also said that Sess. came to battle because of the revenge. "It should be best that both, Inu. and Sess. battle together against the cat demons," Myouga also said. Myouga leaves. Fire cat(Shurran) attacks Inu. and the gang. Louyakan meets up with Kouga and his gang. Sess. meets up with the Ice cat(Koura). Jaken uses Nintoujyou on the ice cat demon. Sess. attacks and they fight. Inu. is fighting the fire cat demon(Shurran). Sess. and Inu. Father helped Louyakan and the other demons the first time his Father fought. 50 years later Sess. fights and Louyakan and the other demons came to help him. Jaken runs up to Sess. and says,"I went to call for Inu.'s help, even though he's a half-demon, he's still a son of your Father. Inu. was sealed to a tree by a human Priestess who he fell in love with." Kouga goes and fights the flower cat demon(Karren). Miroku and Sango gets captured and put in the same prison cell as Kagome was in. The whole town is also in that same prison cell aswell. The ice cat (Koura) puts Kagomes jewel shards in a basket and places it in front of Oyakata, there leader. Sess. comes and meets with the fire cat (Shurran). The thunder cat demon(Shuuran) fights with Kouga and his pack. He tells them to go home because the cats have no business with them. Inu. walks up to the flower cat demon(Karren). The flower cat says," They came". Inu. takes out his sword and says where's Kagome......TO BE CONTINUED on EPISODE 77....
Episode Summary for Episode 76 - Target is: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
The Inuyasha gang, Sesshomaru, and Kouga clash with the cat demons. The demons plan to use Kagome as a sacrifice to revive their leader who was killed by Inuyasha's father many years earlier.
Episode Summary for Episode 76 - Target is: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor

in the previous ep kagome was kidnapped by four cat demons.
inu and kouga went to save her and sesshoumaru went to
settle an old score that he had 50 years ago with the cats.
at the strt of this ep they show a dark and gloomy castl.
two cats throw kagome into a prison cell. when kaogme gets
up from the ground she bangs on her cell. anija tell kagome
to stay there and leaves. kagome remembers that the cats
were the hyounekozoku. *flashback of when kagome was
kidnapped and how the cats escaped* kagome look very sad
and thinks that inu will come to save her. the is this
growling sound, kagome quickly turn around to fine a bunch
of glowing blue eyes staring at her. back with inu and
kouga inu yasha uses red tessaiga and destroys the barrier.
inu starts bragging but kouga runs past him saying, WOW for
dogsh1t that is pretty good. lol. ginta and hakkaku run to
catche up with kouga. inu is about to go but just then
shippo voice comes from behind him. inu complains that they
are all late. miroku asks what happened. inu explains that
this is the entrance and that the cats are futher inside.
they all go off to the rescue. its late and inu miroku
sango and shippo are walking through in what seems an
inhabited village. miroku wonders if this is a village
thats center is a castle. shippo and sango look around and
find no one around. miroku says that it seemed as if people
were living here and wonders where kouga is.just then
meowing is heard and is begins to get louder and louder as
more and more cats appear. karen (fire cat) appears and inu
attacks. karen does a backflip and lands ontop of the roof.
the other cats begins to attack. sango and miroku are
holding up while shippo is running for his life screaming
kagomes name. just then two cats block his path. shippo
uses his fox magic to creat smoke and runns away again. but
the cats are closing in. inu sees this and sends a wound of
wind attack toward them all. it engulf the cats and almost
kills shippo.lol. miroku demands that inu stop being
foolish and that they stil dont know where kagome is. inu
turns around to fight the other cats but the run away. inu
runs after them saying he wont let them escape. kirara and
inu land infront of the cats. karen teases inu that he is
so impatient and break the barrier and invites himself in.
inu demands to know where she put kagome. karen smiles and
says that kagome is safe now. inu yells ANSWER ME. karen
explains that when the moon is in position they will hand
kagome over to their boss as a sacrifice. inu calls her a
b1tch and grits his teeth. karen smiles menacingly and says
that he will be a sacrifice as well. just then black smoke
begins to surround them all. sango just tell them its just
has a strong scent and not to worry about it. but shippo
cant take it and kirara transforms back to her small form
growling in pain. inu yasha is shaking having trouble also.
shippo tells him to hang in there. inu feels his strength
leaving him. karen busts out laughing and explains that
cats cant handle the smell either but its more effective on
dogs. miroku realizes its a trap for inu yasha. all the
cats on the roof throw spear at them. miroku and sango
block and destroy them all but suddenly a HUGE blast
destroys the buildings the cats were on. karen manages to
dodge and out of the smoke appears sesshoumaru. sess asks
what this is all about and thought they only had business
with him. karen smiles and says its great that he and inu
both showed up and tells them to wait for her at the
castle. the cats retreat. inu demands to know why he is
here. sess responds, that my question GO HOME. inu is
confused. sess tell him that he will not allow him to join
into this story. inu yells back WHAT DO I NEED UR
him a pitiful fool and quickly sends a huge energy blast at
him which sends inu yasha flying crashing him into a
building. inu shaking a bit demands to know why he suddenly
attacked him. sess yells INU YASHA SHUT UP. sess has lost
his calm cool self and he glares at inu with such anger
behind his eyes saying, remember this inu yasha, a person
who fall in luv with a human and gets himself sealed does
not belong in this story. jaken runs over to sess and tell
him they dont have time for inu right now. sess starts
walking and flattens jaken by stepping on him. lol. shippo
is shaking in fear with tears in his eyes. sango says, it
seems that it was not an unusual rage. miroku asks inu if
he did something. inu says he doesnt have a clue. hachi
arrives. he goes from his yellow flying form to back to
normal. sango is confused and thought he ran away. hachi
rubs his head saying he wanted to but... myouga jumps from
hachis head and lands on inus shoulder and get a nice drink
form inus left cheeck. inu rolls his eyes and flattens him.
inu asks him why he came. everyone is now in the air riding
on hachi. myouga explains that this involves the war with
his dad a long time ago. shippo remember that hahci said it
was about 50 years ago. myouga says it was earlier than
that when inus dad was still alive. myouga explains that
there was a group called hyounekozoku which tried to rule
the lands and his dad was the one who stood up against him.
the opponents leadre was called oyakata which was a very
HUGE cat. (they r showing inus dad in his dog form fighting
oyakata.) his dad won and the demon who was being
controlled by the cats was greatful. (the oyakta is
engulfed in flames as it dies) but the cats revenge is
awful and said to haunt father and his allies. myouga still
sitting on inus shoulder continues, that sesshoumaru came
inot battle which was also for revenge. inu says in a
taunting voice what he (myouga) was doing then. myouga
jumps up and down saying he was protecting the empty house.
lol. miroku asks inu why sess told him to go home. inu says
in a annoyed voice, KEH he probably doesnt want a half
demon like me to be part of his demon matter. myouga says
the opponent inus dad killed it should matter if BOTH of u
went. inu tell him that he doesnt care about his dad battle
or sesshoumarus thoughts and that the only reasome hes here
is to get kagome back. myouga sighs and leaves. myouga uses
hi small cloth as a parachute. they realize he only leaves
when it is not safe and begin to worry. just then several
fireballs hi hachi. hachi cant take the heat and transforms
back. karen is there and laughs that inu wont give his
brother some help. back with kouga, he is getting
frustrated that he cant smell kagome anywhere and wonder
where he is. hakkaku asks him if this is the cats territory
and if it is its unsaef to move around be themselves. kouga
asks them what should they do then. ginta states that they
should go find inu and join them. kouga explodes and
FORM THAT DOGSH1T? hakkaku and ginta geta bit scared and
say they didnt mean it that way he meant just to lend THEM
(inus group) a hand. kouga grits his teeth saying, oh u
think i am no that helpful. hakkaku explains that it would
be easier for them to help kagome that way. someone says
kougas name. hakkaku and ginta hold each other shaking in
fear. kouga can now smell cats. but is rouyokan the forest
protector. kouga asks what he is doing here. ryoukan asks
if he is sesshoumarus helper. kouga asks, who is
sesshoumaru. ryoukan is surprised by his words. back with
sesshoumaru. he says, u tell me to come and ......... i
wont get to meet ur boss???? anija (ice cat) tell him that
the preparation isnt ready yet. jaken with determination in
his voice tell sesshoumar he will have this fight. jaken
send fire at anija. anijs just put up hi left had and sends
ice at the fire and easily knock jaken backward. jaken
screams but sesshoumaru cuts teh ice saving him. in anijs
right hand an ice sword appears. anija smiles and attacks
seshoumaru. but with inu yasha. the whole village in
covered in flames and karen jumps into the air with inu
closely behind her and start throwing fireballs at him. inu
dodges andpunches her in the face. everyone else is riding
on kirara and calls out for inu hoping for an answer. they
think they have spotted ihm but its shuuran (electricity
cat) he sends a bolt of lightning at them and hits them all
knocking the off kirara. sessshoumaru and anijas sword meet
aqnd there is a ball of electricity coming from the sword
colliding. anijs smiles and tell him that it reminds her of
the last battle they had when they shared pain but not this
time. sess calmly says, sharing pain eh? u guys ran away.
sess easily knock her backward. anija is falling from the
sky telling him that time she didnt try that hard since
they have oyakata. sess turns around and sends a huge ball
of energy at the cats attacking him. the entire village is
now destroyed. *flashback, sesshoumaru is standing on a
cliff looking outward. ryoukan and several demons tell sess
that they all came to help him. sess turns around and
demands to know what they want. ryoukan explains in the
last battle sess dad helped them so they wanted to return
the favor.sess just glare at them all until jaken scream
out his name with word of an emergency. *flashback done*
sess turns back looking for jaken. back with ginta and
hakkaku. ginta asks, what do u mean u guys pulled his leg?
ryoukan explains that he told sess they were strong when
they werent, sess side was doing fine but there side wasnt.
*flashback, there are several demon trapped in flames
screaming for their lives. karen sends a bunch of fireballs
at them. every demon that cats torture scream in agony,
they are too weak and demands that they all retreat. ginta
and hakkaku rolls their eyes and whisper to each other that
they lost and ran away. ryoukan hears ther comments and
creates an earthquake with the sound and loudness of his
TRICKS. kouga with his eyes closed says, who cares about
that stupid story anyway.(he opens his eyes and look
around) how long is this forest. hakkaku feel like they
have been walking in circles. ryouka spits out wolves and
tells kouga that the wolves will find it. kougas shards on
his legs grow pink and he says leave everything to him.
kouga jumps on the tries but just then a cyclone is slowing
him done. he kicks it and the cyclone disappears. kouga
reaches the top of all the trees. he look down to find
shuun (wind cat) staring up at him. kouga lands in her area
and realizes she was surrounding them with evil aura. kouga
attacks her but shuun dodges. as she is in the air she
smiles at him saying, aaaah i see u have some jewel shards.
she sends wind at him filled with pink flowers. hakkaku and
ginta start to feel very dizzy. kouga tell them not to
smell the air. kouga jumps into the air. shuun just laughs
at him. kouga punches her but she turned out to be wind and
pink flowers. they realize it was jsut an illusion and that
they are trapped in this forest. kouga is angry that now
all he can smell is flowers. back in the jail cell. sango
and miroku are thrown in with her. shuuran tells them that
they will also be sacrfices. kagome yells out their names
but they dont respond. shuuran explains that with them and
the shikon shards their boss will be revived, and he then
slams the cell door. jaken is out of breathe walking around
the destroyed village whispering, sesshoumaru where are u?
sesshoumaru?. he hears a thud behind him and several cats
are there. teh cats have completely surrounded jaken. jaken
runs and sends fire at them but the cats easily dodge. but
inu yasha arrives and slices the cats to bit with iron
reaver and ends up saving jaken. :S inu looks very very
creepy. he start gritting his and growling. the cats
retreat. and inu notices jaken running in the opposite
direction. inu jumps and lands in front of him with an
angered expression. several sweatdrops appear on jaken face
and he starts to run the other way but inu reaches out ant
picks him up. inu asks if he has seen any of his friends,
jaken asks if he has seen sesshoumaru. inu becomes curious
and asks why sesshoumaru is here anyway. jakn says, how
dare u speak of that u worthless son. inu demands to know
that means. jaken explains that his dad fought the
hyounekozoku. inu get frustrated and tell jaken he knows
that already. jakne explains that 50 years ago the cats
came for revenge. and that even though his dad wasnt there
they came back to try to rule again, but then u were at....
(jaken points at him) inu is even more confused.
*flashback, jaken is running toward sesshoumaru telling him
about the emergency. jaken comes infront of sess, gets on
his knees and tells him he went to get inu yasha for help
even though he is a hald demon he is still the son of ur
dad. sess asks, where is he? is he not here because he was
afraid? did he want to help his brother? jaken still on his
hands and knees tell sess that inu is sealed. sess is
completely shocked. jaken explains that he got sealed by a
human priestess that he fell in luv with. sess glares and
says, how pitiful. jaken agrees that inu is an idiot and
looks back to all the demons and asks who they are. sess
explained that his dad rescued them long ago. jaken is
relieved that all the demons are on their side. sesshoumaru
flattens jaken by stepping on him. LOL. end of flashback*
jaken is out of inus grip and tells inu that sess wasnt
seeking his help at all but wanted to battle with tessaiga
and easily win. inu crosses his arms and says that sess
cant use the sword. jaken get hyper and angry as he yells,
turns his back to jakena and tell him to stop mumbling
about the past. inu yasha jumps into the air and leaves.
jaken tells inu to wait up. miroku finally wakes up holding
his head. he notices sango next to him and taps her cheeck
to wake her up. asngo finally gets up. and miroku rest
against the bars of the cell. miroku says he has no clue
where they are. kagome walks over to them glad that they
are awake. sango and miroku are glad to see that she is
fine. miroku realizes htat this must be the cats prison.
kagome tells them that alot of people have been captured
and point out where they are in the cell. several people
are sitting down. sanog stands up and asks if these are the
townspeople. miroku says, no wonder we didnt see anyone in
that village. kagome explains that htis was their hiding
place and that the kyounekozoku took over this location.
the villagers begin to talk and are scared and upset that
they will be killed by cat demons. kagome tell them to feel
better and be more positive, help is soon on the way. but
the villages are still down. kagome smiles and tell thme
that a demon stronger than the cat demons is coming. two
villagers are pressing their hands to their hands saying in
a terrified tone, scaaaary scaaaaaaary. one viallge stands
up and asks about this stronger demon. kagome says in a
hopeful tone that inu yasha an dkouga will certainly come
to rescue them so dont worry. miroku is standing next to
her wondering about sesshoumaru. sango explains that sess
is fighting the cats as well. kagome he a funny expression
and asks why? Anija is getting everything all set up for
the ceremony and places the jewel shards on a table near
oyakatas corpse. sess arrives at the gate to the castle.
karen notices him. shuuran sends nolts of electricity at
kouga,ginta,hakkaku, and ryoukan. kouga dodges and gets
ready to attack. inu yasha and jaken are at the other gate
of the castle and fine shuun waiting there for them. she
just puts her hands cloes to her face and laughs. inu
demands her to tell him where kagome is. she sends wind at

Episode Summary for Episode 76 - Target is: Sesshomaru and Inuyasha . Written by inuyashaworld.com visitor
By the end of this episode, we learn another reason why Fluffy dislikes Inuyasha: cuz the war happened 50 years previous, Fluffy and his father fought the cat. Inuyasha was a bit busy being sealed to the tree so he couldn't help.